Volume I, Military Penitentiaries Chapter 2: The Rain Comes to the Mountain

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Edited by Angel Chua 01 June 2019

At midnight, Chu Qiao shut the bathroom door, she went to the wash basin and washed her hands.

The prisoners are dead and not the slightest sound was heard, this time is one of the most tiring part of the day. Even if there are rigorous training of special forces for alertness and physical strength, it will be slightly lower than usual. Chu Qiao looked calm, washed her face, picked up the towel on the shelf and carefully dry. The sound of the rushing toilet makes her hear pulse beats as it counts the silence of time.

Ten, nine, eight, … five, four …

Time to….Chu Qiao calmly turned to the bed toward the edge.

Hushed but muffled suddenly sounded and huge water went gushing out and subtle fire from the pipe under the impact of water let it out. Chu Qiao’s body was not far from near and it hits her whole body. The next thing she knows, she was lying on the floor.

Outside the prison, the guards are suddenly surprised. Chu Qiao saw the prisoners within the prison breakout and prisoners were hit by the explosion, she cannot count whose alive and who is dead. Suddenly she panicked, her hands and feet shaking as the two prison guards quickly press the switch password, a hand-held submachine gun on a hand-held device rushed into it. However, the brief pipeline blasting destroyed the transmission of information, within five seconds, the direction of the total station can only hear the unknown signal of rustling.

When the two prison guards went to the bathroom to see the reasons for the blasting, the original fainting woman suddenly opened her eyes, as her body rises like a civet cat ready to run, suddenly she went forward to the door of the guard. Two prison guards were shocked, however, before they could shout loud, the gate of the door boomed and was shut off tightly.

Chu Qiao did not see the rage inside of the two prison guards as she walked closer to the monitoring room. It is past the hour before the video is quickly sent to the small DV, do a short, cut and delete, dragging a chair to climb out, she saw the prisoners in the prison, she took the camera outside and put the DV screen in reverse, facing the camera she opened the video playback image, and then back to the monitoring room, she cut off the radio signal transmission.

Time was just at the right moment as five seconds was just over, simple blasting device began after the blasting self-repaired itself, water pipe leaks are quickly bonded. Closed in the prison, the two prison guards were at roar inside and are not allowed to penetrate this sealed cage. The monitor returned to normal, the total station video showing an hour before the image, the woman was sitting in bed quietly, two guards in the back and forth patrol. Everything is so peaceful and quiet.

Chu Qiao on her foxy eyes, looked around if there are security prison guards.

Back to the control room, Chu Qiao found and opened a reserved box and replaced her wet clothes, she put forth the prison guards clothing, wearing a hat then picked up the arsenal of the HK pistol, fitted with silencers on her waist, turned and went out.

Two prison guards opened the gate without scruples and are reckless as Chu Qiao passed by unnoticed.

The fourth prison adjacent to the capital city is the location of secluded secret detention and are going to be the national senior military court hearing of the repeated offenders. This is the importance of self-evidence. Each of the dormitories has its own defense and tightness have been linked to the latest state of the art technology of security, independent type of detention, weapons equipped with high-end specifications, strong monitoring, personnel deployment are designed to be perfect. Each seat has three national special military guards, divided into two gates, like what was depicted with Chu Qiao’s prison were more likely to be a dormitory. So long as there a password is obtained, you can open but outside the prison, gates are locked and it is fingerprint activated through a scanner and fingerprint reader.

Three of the prison guards is following a rotation system but now there are already two people in the prison, Chu Qiao took the prepared fingerprint film in advance, facing the scanner docked up, and soon a sound was heard: “click”. Chu Qiao wearing a standard uniform, in the eyes of the two national soldiers Chu Qiao is still the glaring officer and she sneaked openly out of the prison gate.

After going out there is a long corridor as she was in the underground prison from the fourth floor, in order to complete the goal, there is still a long way to go. Watch the video for one hour and she must seize the time.

Four are detained, all waiting for military court rulings of the national senior officers and secret agents, three is a major offense, the fourth floor is where the officer’s office is located and the second floor is the prison lobby that accepts foreign guests where most of the staff meetings happen. Chu Qiao’s purpose is to get to the prison lobby and to escape unnoticed. She remembers all her innovation escape training and she begins to walk.

Took her about two minutes, she left the prisoners as she approached the end of the corridor. In the end, is 40 armed heavy machine guns, heavily armed senior fighters. In the fourth prison, there are no air conditioning pipes, there is no empty sewer, in addition to this long corridor, one can only dig a concrete hole to escape. If a prisoner attempts to escape from time to time, the probability is almost zero.

The soldier guards saw Chu Qiao’s face and suddenly she became tense. The soldiers raised a black hole as they muzzles and shout: “Stop! What is your password?!”

Chu Qiao’s head is steady and without blinking, walk towards them, her back quite straight, holding a thick file, while walking in the side coldly said: “I was in the military law department of the Colonel of Liu Fanghao, in order to file the order of 12658 stationed in the fourth. I would like to send a letter to him and I will have an important document to convey to him.

The soldier surprised a moment, was puzzled same time frowned and said: “Report to Executive Colonel Tan Zongming, he does not work tonight, his line is a private secret line, please show your password credentials.

Chu Qiao responded: “Military law in the fourth prison never had the need to produce documents, I received the fourth prison warden’s invitation to come and assist in handling the case, three days ago by the school of Colonel Liu Fanghao personally sent to the trial house, you do not know?” Chu Qiao frowned and looked up and down to the soldiers. She coldly said: “Which army are you, they are not familiar with your military code, your number, the troops told me.”

When soldiers heard this, the military level is clear, this person is extraordinary who opened the conversation about military law and  Tan Zhong Li one of the prison wardens are familiar and suddenly gave birth to a trace of a sense of awe. Coldly replied: “Report to the Executive, my number is 0475, belonging to the Southern Eighth Army 309 Army 571 brigade task force, not under the regular army of the preparation, we were assigned here just two years ago, so I do not know You are personally sent by Colonel Lui Fanghao.

Chu Qiao heard and her cold brow gently stretches, nodded her head and said: “You are the eighth army of the South? Tell me, are Liu and the deputy governor okay? You brought him in the bar, this time to Beijing, should you leave at the same time?

Xiaobing heard a moment of awe as the underground law enforcement department really have a different response: “Report Executive, Liu Jun Long all well, our group is transferred to the fourth prison, not with the army back to the south.

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded and said: “I also came from the eighth army origin, once in the Eighth Army intelligence inspection service. I say we are still comrades and I am here to see your commander, on behalf of Colonel Liu Fanghao. There are things in the group that you go to the transmission station to fax the document and to duplicate, you have to inform Zhang’s Chief of Staff and to the Commander of the Secretary, six o’clock in the morning that he will visit the military law school and Colonel Liu Fanghao will be waiting.

Then, turned and walked toward the front.

Soldiers stunned in place, holding a lot of top notes above the soft copy files.

Chinese commander … … Zhang’s Chief of staff … …

Out of the fourth floor’s dormitory, the back of her clothes is wet, she leaned against the wall, slowly panting, and then lifted her wristwatch, read the following clock ticks, ten minutes have passed, time left her so soon, she took a deep breath, with her stand straight body, relaxed, she continued to move forward.

Fingerprint decoder, infrared scanner, retina docking frequency, after layers of search and monitoring, she finally came to the second floor of the outer room. She looked at the room where the military law school was, Chu Qiao’s mouth gently picked up something that would save the rest of her life.

“Very good” she nudged herself, injustice has debt, she finally found the password and fingerprint to unlock.


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