Volume I, Military Prisons Chapter 3: For Your Country

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Edited by Angel Chua 01 June 2019

Everything turned out easy since Chu Qiao cracked the password lock and the fingerprint reader, she gently turn the door handle, sideways and went inside. Although it is late at night, the corridor was brightly lit, there are still a lot of people walking back and forth. Chu Qiao walked freely, heading to the corridor of the foreign guests, fast pacing to the fourth prison office, she suddenly bumped into staff and she nodded from the greeting of the staff. Although the staff did not know her, her looks are calm, dressed in uniforms, even the guards look past on her and did not recognize, who would have thought she’s a prisoner?

Five minutes later, Chu Qiao left the office. The staff lounge of the military officers went to greet her eyes and she smelled the air drifting with the taste of wine. Chu Qiao knows she was not at the wrong place.

On the side of the bedroom, seen with a movement, Chu Qiao took a rapid response, and told herself “I’ve got company”. A smart buddy with tattoo’s in his body was close to the door, her slender palm quickly touches the HK pistol attached to her waist.

A man wearing a short black suit was very alert. He seems to be aware of the movement in the corridor, but his reaction is stupid to find out towards the direction of Chu Qiao who looked at him. To meet him, she took out a black hole in the muzzle with the silencer intact and in place, the bullet quickly rushed out of the muzzle directed in his heart and it exploded a big bloody hole. The man’s pupil suddenly widened as Chu Qiao left his body and covered his mouth until his pulse stopped beating, she let go and walked fast.

Chu Qiao finally looks at the room before she leaves and there are people more courageous she thought, in this less than 100 of the two into the room, are sixteen years of age, in addition to the one who died before, the rest are all falling into sleep. There are insiders, forged legal status, equipped with high-level weapons with some of their companions. These people may dream one person will be bold enough to break into their bedroom and the moment of death have been standing in front of them without any sneaky consciousness.

Against the enemy, Chu Qiao have always been lacking compassion, although she has been engaged behind the work planning, this does not mean that she did not shoot the courage. With the stable mouth of the large diameter of her HK pistol, Chu Qiao’s eyes slightly squint, showing a trace of cold-blooded color, muzzle aimed at the bed of a middle-aged man, puff sound muffled, sleeping man’s body suddenly startled, forehead blood hole open, white red splashing.

The woman did not do too much to stay, she quickly walked forward, covering in her ears, ten seconds later she ran the outside of the room then finds no one was alive.

When she opened the inside door, she saw five men lying on bed and still sleeping. Not the slightest hesitation, killing in a lot of time, than to eat and take a bath should be more simple. Five guns shots suddenly sounded, the sound was boring, with blood gurgling gushing sound, the air was full of disgusting bloody gas.

From the innermost man’s bag she finds a small DV, Chu Qiao was standing between the corpse of the seven men then she opened and watched the switch go up.

After confirming right, Chu Qiao put away the DV in a large pocket, and then from the deceased bag to find the super C4 blasting expert installed in the room, she opened the boot device and the black box on the red cursor began to flash up quickly.

Chu Qiao finally looked at the room of the dead, confirmed that there were some, opened the door and went out. However, at this time, a Hanmang (means poised, accurate and fast) suddenly pulled her neck and strangled her over!

Chu Qiao’s stature fell then quickly turned over and landed to the ground, she rolled it back and watch it escape its bullet attack, Hanmang’s bucket flash, shooting without stopping. Chu Qiao kicked in the door and she banged the door to seal off tightly. Chu Qiao half kneeling on the ground as she listens to the opposite, her breathing is low, she knew that she has been exposed.

Chu Qiao’s muscle stretched very tight, breathing slowly while his enemy’s eyes tightly staring at the opposite door. She is not Agent 003, not super action Agent 009, she studied blasting, planning, how to use the favorable environment, clever intelligence, and limited staff to maximize the benefit of the biggest gains of the kill inside the military academy. At this moment, in the face of those less than three meters away from her risk, she clearly understood, hard touch is irrational.

Her eyes, slowly aiming at the name of the poor man in the sleep of death.

Bang!!! bang!!! the door was kicked open, Chu Qiao standing in front looked proudly hidden in the room outside of the two men.

They obviously did not expect her to come out of her own and suddenly looked surprised in a moment.

Two sounds of crackling were heard, Chu Qiao look contemptuous at the hand of the dagger, her HK thump on the ground, hind foot micro-side, hands forward and formed a Tai chi’s hands then facing the opposite two men, cold and a hum of cry she gently stroked. Meaning is it obvious:  Together on!

Two men can play a series of 160 rounds of bullets from powerful assault rifleman suddenly in rage, the gun was brushed and he throws it away. Poised in a Japanese boxing posture, vicious eyes, stature suddenly leaps to the lightning speed towards a match with Chu Qiao.

In that small room, blowing a trace of the stench of cold wind shaking, dark lights, huge murderous sky, with the two men’s stature quickly toward Chu Qiao, she was forced to act into a man-to-man fight. Just look at the two people that tangled its muscles and shot so cruelly. You can foresee the fate of this woman who knows the skies.

However, at this time, the deep-sounding woman suddenly smiled, her mouth coldly pulled up, turned into a trace of a while but cold smile, as if the trick is a general, a Japanese made M609 small caliber pistol suddenly appeared on her hand. M609, a close killer weapon of a king, not through the hole, always a direct headshot!

And the next thing was hearing the gunshot sound, 0.05 seconds of the spike so that the two even it screams seems heard, close to the shooting, burst out of their heads, bloody brains splashed. Thus, spraying directly to Chu Qiao’s body.

Disgusting kick landed to the open man, Chu Qiao quickly opened the bathroom door, as expected two more people showed up but the action is still very smooth than originally estimated to save twenty minutes of time, enough to make her perfectly wrap up the job.

Fifteen minutes later, a woman in a military black suit coming out of the military law room restroom walked in the second floor of the outer corridor, facing forward, the fourth prison staff wore that kind smile and then three minutes later, she calmly opened the door of the second floor. Chu Qiao finally got out.

The night wind was cool and softly blowing on Chu Qiao’s face as she walks in the fourth prison of the ground floor down to the hall and was surrounded by busy people welcoming the arrival of the country’s elite soldiers, she raised her wrist, watch according to the time, she has ten seconds remaining.

Chu Qiao looked the same and continued to go out while walking from the side, she grabbed yesterday’s newspaper. While walking and reading, Chu Qiao’s attitude always counts her steps.

10,9,8 …

“May 11, China has a case of infection with the M1N1 virus with patients diagnosed in Beijing. At present, the diagnosis of infection in China infected the forty-seven (47) persons. The ports and some flights have been announced to be suspended. Tourism suffered a serious impact, the trading stock fell heavy, Beijing and Shanghai’s market in a gloomy stance… … ”

7,6,5 …

“Xinhua statistics: the current statistics, Moses Song confirmed that the number of people that have been diagnosed and infected with M1N1 virus is 689 people, suspected number of infected patients is 1,227. The death toll arises to sixty-eight people. The number of deaths is still uncontrollable among the people who contracted the infection through a selenium teeth test and confirmed the number of three hundred and fifty people while a number of suspected at 561 people and the death toll of ninety-seven.

4 …

“M” country ugly association reported: the M countries experts informed suspected with  M1N1 virus is spread out by the Z country, because the Z earthquake destroyed the balance of atmosphere causing the breeding ground of the virus, Z government for natural disaster was not able to quickly and effectively face the alarming situation and resulting in the rapid spread of infectious diseases. M government intends to refuse to accept foreigners from Z countries trade in the short term, the expulsion of  M government to domestic Z government people that prohibits Z people arriving in the country. The House of Representatives is currently in a tensed discussion, I believe that soon there will be a proper way on how to deal with the current pandemic.


Still inside the prison perimeters, suddenly the whole earth violently shook up, a huge blasting sound impact drums, red sirens sharp and long, smoke billowing, fire collapsed the buildings, the whole fourth prison in this explosion that created violent trembling.

As ashes and smoke fans along, all of the fourth prison staff was activated to red alert status, they were trained to pick up the weapons both quick and well-organized toward the explosion site where it occurred. Chu Qiao covered with dust, with a panic look in her eyes, pulled a man wearing a uniform arm, shouted: “Comrades! What happened?”

The man looked at her and was still messy from the military law department, knowing that she was not from the fourth prisoner so he lifted her up and said, “You are in the military service department, and you will come with me and I will take you out.”

Busy with the escort, other departments and colleagues of the national soldiers do not know, at this time, in their own hands, it is the initiator of this explosion, not only that, there are more than a dozen “military law” comrades were killed in Chu Qiao’s hands.

As chaos harvests the crowd, they rushed out of the hall and was about to continue to run forward, not looking at the path when two men suddenly appeared into the hall and hit them both.

“Ah! Sorry, It is Colonel Lee!” The man holds on to each other, sorry she said.

“What happened inside?” Li Yang locked his brow, eyes glancing to his side, just to see Chu Qiao staring eyes, Chu Qiao, immediately opened his mouth: “Chu … …”

“You came to me, there was a big blast, we have the words to go out and talk about it.”

Chu Qiao quickly interrupted the words of Li Yang, the soldiers heard: “I don’t know what just happened and I did not send this two, I do not know what is the situation, I want to go back and see.”

Li Yang nodded his head and saw the soldier go away but grabbed Chu Qiao, coldly said: “How is it? Why did the Military court want to try you? How did you escape?

“M1N1 virus is not a natural disaster, but the man-made M, R, Eagle, F, and so on more than a dozen high-level western regions are involved, and even some people inside China is also interested in getting involved in the last captured X forces. The hostages are simply not hostages, but virus experts who are hidden at military research institutes, who want to spread the virus around the world, fight against the hostile country’s economy, and at the last minute by a listed company will produce M1N1 virus antibiotics, and profiteering. My agents got their evidence of the crime in it.

She coldly said: “take out the DV and see it for yourself Li Yang, the last agent poet of Tokyo is to kill the senior leadership of X forces, and finally to bring back something that our internal informants life’s in exchange for evidence, but unfortunately the agent poet died in the streets of Tokyo, it did not amount to nothing. The M1N1 virus was behind the main cause of reselling of human organs that secretly developed fatal epidemic virus X. They sent people into this country, under the cover of high – level treason leaders, disguised as military law colleagues, into the fourth prison who stole the evidence, and now I have been removed.

Li Yang stunned at what he said then said: “You mean they killed the poet and that was it?”

Chu Qiao nodded and was certain when she said: “I received the order to give up 003 agents that were hidden in the country’s high-level enemy agents. He also ordered me in the fourth prison to take the country’s criminal evidence who tried to cover up their heinous crimes. ”

Li Yang is still immersed in a huge shock, eyebrows locked, eyes got darker that betrays him with anger, coldly said: “M artillery shells experts today at Beijing for visit and study. The Beijing staff was focused on money and I have been part of it more on meeting the task and did not think of them …… ”

“What did you say?” Chu Qiao said it like a scream.

Li Yang surprised a moment, asked: “What?

“Did you say that the M artillery experts arrived at Beijing?”

Li Yang nodded and said, “Yes ah, last night it arrived.”

Chu Qiao looks at him and more than interested to find out more and said: “with no navigator locator?”

“Are you looking for that?”

Chu Qiao suddenly became furious and snapped: “You did not bring with you?

“How can I bring this kind of thing here?” Seeing Chu Qiao’s face anxious, Li Yang quickly said: “Here come with me, I know where to find it.”

Then the next thing, the two people ride on their military service rugged Jeep vehicle, very quickly in the courtyard of people where they were coming and going, it took two minutes, after Chu Qiao saw the navigator locator and it is flashing a red dot, she only felt whole but her mind went blank.

“How is this going on? You have not installed the navigator locator on the second floor of the guest room? How will you monitor the courtroom on the fourth floor?

Chu Qiao stood up quickly to find a weapon in the warehouse where she can take advantage of it when she gets outside. She coldly said: “M countries simply do not trust R Countries X forces, they are afraid that R country cannot succeed, the matter exposed and went out, so in the trial room to install the navigation locator, as long as there is time, the shells will be fired, when the whole fourth prison will be razed to the ground, including evidence, including me.

“What do I do now? Immediately go to inform the bombs experts, inform the special forces to send and make reinforcements to control the M country.”

“It is too late,” said Chu Qiao in a deep formal voice, and coldly said: “Immediately prepare me a helicopter to disperse the crowd, you have the most important thing to do now and this is to hand this evidence to the hands of the Chinese Commander. The life of the eleven of the 14, the death of the whole world and the death of the life of the M1N1 virus, all in your hands now. You must not have any slightest mistake.”

Li Yang looked surprised a moment while on the distant smoke the crowd went restless, he looked at the woman’s firm eyes and thin face, suddenly he felt a burst of sorrow and grief at heart, for a long time before the firm and in coldness said: “ What you must do Chu Qiao, what you want to take care of this.”

“You too.”

Meanwhile, the woman did not return to the warehouse as she remembers before the hardships she went through out of the four-story expedition she quickly ran to.

Ten minutes later, a helicopter took off from the helipad square of the fourth prison and quickly moved away from the fourth prison at an extremely fast pace and swept away towards the desolate suburbs.

Sitting on the sedan beside is the Chinese Commander inside the car, Li Yang holding arms with its navigator locator, watching the little red dot from the four-story courtroom move little by little, came to the helipad square, and then quickly fly over to the outskirts of Beijing. Suddenly, a huge violent explosion smokes is seen rising to the sky, the navigator locator device red dot instantly disappeared and turned into a black skeleton pattern.

Li Yang sitting in the car did not look back, but on his part he never show people’s tears but in the dark…he slowly let it out.

On the night of Beijing, everything became quiet.


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