Volume II, Big Summer Dynasty Chapter 7: Yes or Yes

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Edited by Angel Chua 01 June 2019

At the time of supper, Jing family children were called out by maid steward, Xiao Qi and Zhi Xiang were wounded but they were all called together. Chu Qiao her waist hurts, she slept in the small room. She was left in the room. After dinner, the Jing family children were tired went back to their room. After dinner, the children are ready to climb to their bed to sleep. Zhi Xiang squatting on the ground to the fire up the Kang hole gathering the firewood. With scars on her face, it became red and swollen. She looked like a vicious snake.

The room is very quiet, you can hear the sound of sleeping children then Chu Qiao borrowed Zhi Xiang clothes and climbed up to the bed, softly said to Zhi Xiang: “If your face is not dealt with, it will scar and become permanent.

While Zhi Xiang was working with the Kang’s hole to keep up the fire as a heater her little face was noticeably becoming thin and her eyes went black and big, she looked up and said: “Chu Qiao, slaves are not allowed to be treated and obtain medication, the last time Xiao Qi secretly used it. Ever since then, we did not use the medicine because we don’t know what are the risks and if they find us out, we will be dead and it will add injury to my face.

When they were talking, the Kang bed of Xiao Qi suddenly came to a burst of ringing. The two turned away to look at it and found Xiao Qi is sleeping who kicked the quilt blanket. Zhi Xiang quickly ran up to cover Xiao Qi and wiped the sweat on her forehead. Zhi Xiang continued to return to the Kang hole to balance the fire.

Chu Qiao looked at Zhi Xiang, her lips moved but did not say anything. This child is only ten years old, however, the shoulder she has to bear is such a heavy burden. Inside this room are children with their oldest sister is ten years old, and the youngest is only five or six years old. This wealthy Zhuge Household have so many five or six years old. What do these children do?

“Zhi Xiang,” Chu Qiao under her Kang bed, sitting next to the Zhi Xiang, softly said: “You have been to the south?”

“Jiangnan?” Zhi Xiang frowned, turned to Chu Qiao and asked: “Jiangnan, where is that place?”

“Do you know Huang Shan, or do you know where the Yangtze is?”

Zhi Xiang shook her head and said: “I know that from Hong Chuan, in the West, is the Red Hills Courtyard, whereunder is the Red River, sister why do you ask this?

Chu Qiao look cold and quietly thinks of it, she shook her head and said: “Nothing, I casually ask and what is the name of the Emperor today, do you know?

“The Emperor is the Emperor, how can we call the name of the emperor, but I know that those wearing black hood princes who are often hanging out or visiting our household is the seventh son of the Emperor, his name is Zhao Che, and the other is the thirteenth son, the youngest crown prince of our dynasty.”

A cold and a mocking face suddenly flashes into her mind, Chu Qiao slightly narrowed her eyes and repeated: “Zhao…” and Zhi Xiang cut her out.

“What happened to you, you came back so strange, are you in the right position to say anything with Aunt Song, how could she let go of the matter today?

Chu Qiao turned around, gave her a faint smile and said: “I have nothing to worry about. That Aunt Song fell into the ice lake and was drowned. I watched her die, so Aunt Song can’t come to us and do not go out to tell anyone.

“Dead?” Zhi Xiang got shocked and shouted at the child.

Chu Qiao put a cover over her mouth, looked around and saw the children of Jing family did not wake up, she coldly said: “I know this matter and I know you know it, so do not say anything more as her heart is poisonous, she died period and do not bother.”

“No, you did not kill her, she fell accidentally into the lake? Aunt Song’s son is the former Court of the Consulate, if we mess with her, we cannot avoid any trouble” Zhi Xiang said.

Chu Qiao had that wicked smile as she loathes Aunt Song in her heart because of the cruel actions she did to the children and she remembers the insult and curse of cheap nest embryo Aunt Song told them. She pointed to Zhi Xiang’s chest and said: “Do you think I can kill her? Well, do not think about it, she did bad things, even if no one killed her, God will be looking for someone who will. Let’s get some rest?

Zhi Xiang quickly shook her head: “No, I have to fan the fire.”

“I’ll be fine, I’m not hurt, you can be lazy tomorrow, you go.” Chu Qiao said.

Chu Qiao quietly sitting on a small bench, from time to time she is looking to the Kang hole and filling in a piece of wood, firewood crackling burning, Chu Qiao’s face turned red. She looked up, looked at the children of this room, her heart turned sour. Unfortunately, what she can do? She came inexplicable and mysterious to this unknown dynasty, but also trapped in the small child body, her martial arts all lost and also such a low identity, she is still busy taking care of herself and she is already thinking and talking about saving others? What do you do if you only eat a good meal when someone gives you out of the delivery of their kindness, then she thought she must immediately leave.

Chu Qiao slowly close your eyes, she said quietly to herself, a man doing things must be able to do so, and now she is not so back up with burden anymore but by her strength.

Now its almost twilight, Chu Qiao slowly went out of the door.

Rooster cocks and it mark their dawn, the weather is getting clear, Jing family children got up on time, put on the servants’ clothes and began to prepare for the day’s work. Chu Qiao watched them smiling away and some are sad.

Chu Qiao went out just to steal so she can eat, she looked at Xiao Ba still lying in bed unconscious she decided to turn away.

Although the vigorous skill has disappeared, the sober mind is still. Chu Qiao although not as Agent 003 action 009 super agents, but whatever the outcome is also subject to the professional training of national soldiers. In Zhuge household, it covers an area, although some of it is public. But for a short stature less than eight years old but has a strong logical analysis and space sense of people, she is still like an undefeated playground.

Not half an hour, she quietly went out of the military hall, came to see the former Court, the alert is relatively stiff and high, with the knife in the nursing home everywhere. Zhuge household is different from the ordinary family of Han household, just look at Zhuge Huai and other royal brother fraternity. Chu Qiao straightens her back, a small body like a small tree, straighten her clothes, looked up and went.

“Do you want to die?

A tall person suddenly came forward, the half face is exposed and a half was covered. Chu Qiao stopped, raised her head, a little face tender white cute, Qiushui (means girls beautiful eyes like autumn waters) double pupil black and white, sweet voice, softly spoken, said: “The big brother ordered me to come to the old man’s house, the big brother said I have one hour then he should come back.”

The nursing home person frowned, looked up and down a little to Chu Qiao and said: “this is an illegal channel when the old man changes his preferences and begins to prefer little girl and so, you do not grow.” The man was puzzled: “Who let you go? Do you know where is the old man‘s house?”

“I have an address,” the child turned his own small baggage, took out a white paper, white and tender little hand gestures, murmured: “From the house to go out to the third intersection, turn left, in front of the floating restaurant with fragrant discotheque (restaurant) … ”

“Well,” the nursing home person impatiently shouted: “Who told you, nobody took you?”

The child replied honestly: “Aunt Song told me that she had to take me here but she fell from the stone bridge accidentally, her head smashed the ice, I looked at her where she sank, I guess I’m afraid I cannot take it.”

“What?” The nursing home person suddenly shouted, the man was shocked, grabbed Chu Qiao’s shoulder, shouted: “You said, who fell from the stone bridge?

“Aunt Song, the main backstage steward.”

Snapped loudly, he put in his trousers and waved with the child’s face and cursed: “You little bastard, why did you not say it right away? Come with me, we need to save her!”

Chu Qiao was slapped and knocked to the ground, her ears buzzing, watching everyone rushed away in a mess, the child slightly pulled her mouth, with a trace of an indifferent sneer.

This slap, she will remember.

Quickly, she stood up, picked up the burden of her hands, and did not head to the door, instead, she went in another door and saw… Three high gold inlaid gold door, both sides entrenched with a mighty stone lion, Zhu (means wish) paint eye, the strange trace of blowing evil spirits, Zhuge household had three glittering characters engraved on the house above, resplendent, and the concept of bedazzling.

Chu Qiao march with a short step, struggling across the threshold, a foot outside the door, there is a door stand, the shining sun shines on the body and the air is so fresh coming inside the door. From what she saw, life will be another starting point, she reflected all she received was humiliation through the blood and tears, she will always remember. She will slowly find the benefit of the survival to the sweetest revenge, then, quietly waiting to have the power to fight back one day.

The child pursed his lips, took a deep breath, lifted her back foot, she should get out of this rotten cage.

At this time, soon, she heard familiar harsh screams, mournful sounds that pierced the sky.

Chu Qiao’s whole body startled, suddenly she rushed back to go out!


ACs Afterthoughts 

Just curious what is a slave Kang beds looks like in ancient china.


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