Volume II, Big Summer Dynasty Chapter 18: Wei’s Gate Valve

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

The Zhu (means outstanding) door is built by flesh and blood but smells like wine and beyond, is a frozen road to death. The big summer empire constantly remind the foreigners that they do not have any money to support these people and threaten to kill them. However, in the inner city, these foreigners bask in the wine market, singing and dancing, enjoying fragrant flavors, a group of socialites ordering around confectioneries, infusions, decoction  and wine. Besides intoxicating beauty, are eye catching band hanging on their waist such as Lui (a gurl whose beauty looks like it could kill), shows a skin like Ruyu (a pleasant maid and every men’s desire), Jiao Qiao (means a maid who is professional and skillful) Mei (means beautiful) Xiao (means end-blow flute), a woman face that resembles like jade, women with snow white arms, full cleavage with hard nipple trace underneath. The big summer magistrates lavishes and throws themselves into these indulgence, squandering their fortunes, where they spend a dime to bare the women’s refined dress, lost in their senses and settle for their fleeting guilty pleasures, at the end of the day they look like wandering bones and still reluctant to leave the place.

Outside the snow is a tree hanging these silk sashes floating on air, the lanterns full of bright source of light decorates the skies. These is the festival of lights (lantern festival) regarded as a national celebration, not to mention where far-flung noble and low beautiful women meets and gathers. At this time, the sound of the rapid horseshoe suddenly run over Wei Yang a long beam of light that put up the entire city into a grand stage in the city of  dreams. With his white long robe to be still and clear the old man narrowed his pair of tiger look eyes, waved back in front until it reaches the back. More than a dozen woman in their dazzling cheeks and eyes, the women heard the ringing bell of the clothes, dropped to the ground and half kneeling as well as bowing their head and did not dare to look at who is passing.

Wei Guang, shining from a light coming from the beautiful lanterns took a deep breath and slowly leaned on the soft couch.

Incense burner aroma formed a spiral smoke on top of the round incense gently drift where it shaped like a dragon whirling into a vertical posture and across on the crowd who looked at him seems to be hazy like in a dream state and in a blurry.

Outside the door the subordinates respectful voice: “Elders, Shu Ye Son came.”

But the old man raised his fainted brow brow, Shu Ye Son came earlier than he expected looking like a wasted man. A low voice slowly said: “let him in.”

The side of the door was opened, with clean style, simple but almost like the nobility some of the elders wears a glimmering white robe that were bought from flower wine market from the first day of the lantern festival day. Shu Ye Major General came forward with a cheerless face and cried a thoughtless opening: “Why?”

Wei Guang, of course, knows what he refers to, his eyes slightly squint as if saying not to look at him slowly said: “Did you not see the elders and salute is forgotten, after all these years, this is how you pay us your courtesy?”

Wei Shu Ye Son slightly raised his tensed brow while the corner of the candle crackling and burst in sparks as he waited an answer and quietly took the passage of time, the young general finally bowed his head to go: “Uncle.”

“This is not everything in the world, the reasons must be clear to do it, this point, you have to be wise and Shu Ye Son should learn.”

Shu Ye Major General raise his brow and coldy said: “Then why did you choose to send me, I promised them … …”

“You are the first summer of the seven major gates of the Wei household and will be the next heir. The blood of the Wei ancestors of this empire is running in your veins, you are noble and you do not need a group of low-lying outlanders whom you have promised their life is also the right time to lose it. For the emperor’s devotion, you are not going to do any errors, no need to feel the guilt and there is no need to go here at this time to ask your uncle.”

An old man interrupted Shu Ye’s words and told him in the voice of low and resonant like a broken stone.

Shu Ye Son shook his head, frowned and said: “Uncle, this is not your way.”

“Because I was as naive as you, like your father you might die in the door of the rebellion.” Wei Guang opened his eyes, his old eyes looking up and down is fiercely flashing, he slowly turned his head and said: Come, firmly watching Shu Ye, word per word, the old man said: “the king is always a winner, the law of the jungle, welcome to this world.” Ye children in so many years, you never understood?

“Uncle,” once more he called out, Shu Ye look serious then he said: “The empire needs the people for the western reclamation, their family went together with all of their young people because they believed that I have gone to the west, why did the elders not take care of their families while I am away? Then they should all go back with me to the emperor, because you have promised me that they will be at the foot of the red river for them to build permanent room they give up their home, to give up the nature of being nomads, because I personally promise them!

Shu Ye looking annoyed and eager to pick up a small piece from Wei Guang table before the small incense, and spoke sharply: “You said the empire had no money to support them, but what is this? This is Huai Song’s fragrance, only one group arrived and paid them two hundred gold, enough to feed for the slaughtered families life to survive for ten years!

Wei Guang looking the same, quietly listening to Shu Ye vent’s to their own dissatisfaction, the air is swaggering, full of cold-shoulder angry young people, and was not able to respond for a long time, the old man smiled and slowly said: “Ye children, you and the point of the temple of the deer with the generals go out to supervise the Shang (means above) Shenmin (means clever gods deity) chaos is bleak and upon return, the deer was stripped of the rank of lie in the criminal hall. So far, life and death I do not know, but you can stand here with me all day being noisy, and tell me what is the reason.”

Shu Ye startled for a moment, angry and showing stiff expression in his face, at once speechless.

“You are still intact standing here, because your surname is Wei. I know you sympathize with those outlanders and now excluding us your family and yourself but even if you hate this identity, do not forget you are a descendant of Wei, you are the child of Wei Guang’s brother and therefore my nephew, everything you have enjoyed from the day you were born until today is provided at your the door. You get what you wanted to eat, have all the basic necessities, acquired your status,. And this is all due to your the family deserve your gratitude. Because of this, you should never change. You are not the man who is not qualified to hate or to curse it.

Wei Guang took a deep breath, leaning on the couch, the chest slightly shows heavy breathing in a low pitch of voice, slowly change its pace to remind him of the history of Wei family: “In the world of everything, there is the reason for its existence. Today is the anniversary of Wei family slaughter by the Bentra family. The Bentra family slaughtered its Wei people, because, Wei since the beginning of our ancestors has kept the interests of the family’s struggle for three hundred (300) years. Wei family protected the land from reclamation frontiers from numerous foreigner invaders. The Bentra people leisurely took all the horses and sheep. When the Wei’s children have begun to learn to ride their tactics, began to learn their ways and business, you can avoid the dark inside the cold arrow plot. So many years later, established Wei and the seven gate valve children. God is very fair, never partial to what people do, they will lose, because they pay is not enough. Because of their own weakness to curse those who strongly bully them, they don’t want to be killed and then only to gain more and become stronger. You are here today and showing compassion to them. I may have thought, if the descendants of Wei are like you, today all of them died in Huang outside the city. Do not forget today your brothers and sisters blood died in the hands of the foreigners who fought for you to survive.”

Shu Ye standing in place, frowning and staring in blank, unable to say anything, but feels his chest seems to be like a standing stone severely suppressed and worst speechless.

Wei Guang slowly stood up and reached on the shoulders of Wei Shu Ye: “Ye children, uncle is old, I cannot protect you that long, in the future uncle will have to leave, who will protect the family? Who will protect my child is not Wei Shu Ye? Who will kill my daughter so she is not being played? Who will protect them?

The door opened wide, noisy silk and bamboo began to sound leisurely as they pass in, fragrance intoxicated it and got even worse. The footsteps of the elderly gradually went away, Wei Shu Ye back to the Hall, feeling the same pain of what is hid put up to his shoulder on fire, where his spirit is crushed, he became like an invisible mountain, he tried to escape after all but cannot get rid of its burden.

In this dark night was also the dark fog of hovering in his heart, those invisible demons and monsters in the thought of walking, devouring his reason, struggling useless him after all sighed and settled into silence and reflects to what is right.

Some things are born to be and have been decided, as blood, as fate.

The man slumped to sit down, picked up the wine light, together with the full of stagnation and unwilling to do anything as he is drained in his spirit.

Chu Qiao just got back to the city gate, to see the people wearing the Zhuge family clothes. Under the people who are looking around the lanterns, they met her, they overjoyed and ran over.

“Star child, fourth young master let us wait for you here, let’s go back home quickly.”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, did not expect to Zhuge Yue that attitude to actually send someone to look and come for her. She nodded her head and went to the carriage.

The carriage rang its bell to go forward, looking at her window she saw the people still walking in the busy lively downtown, then the outside sound gradually became farther and quiet down. The child leaning against the inner wall of the carriage, eyes constantly echoed on the slain civilians, the soldiers cold-blooded eyes, disturbed people’s deep-seated hatred, and Wei Shu Ye’s unable to stop the slaughter.

In his capacity is still powerless, not to mention the small oneself. She just realized that to the individual’s ability to confront the entire dynasty it is undoubtedly hard to accomplish. What can she can do now is just be careful to live well, looking for opportunities to address hatred, and with a small eighth sister is the only thing left as her family. As for the other things, her ability is too small and therefore cannot expect to change anything yet.

Carriage wheel was drifting away, Chu Qiao she went back to her sanity from her soul spirit journey and suddenly opened the curtain, looked around, coldly said: “This is not the way back home, where are you taking me?

That kind of surprise, did not expect such a small child even remember the road, and often lost smile said: “Master in the other house, not in the government.

The child raised her brow then cautiously said: “Is it in hospital, which other house?”

“Lake West’s his other house, you do not know.”

Chu Qiao brow locked, for many years engaged in this dangerous work carefully and secretly reminded her something a bit strange, she tempted the driver and said: “Master, I have to let you know I have go home first to get something. I did not have time to take something with me, we first return home, and then go to another.

Then the man laughed and said: “Do not worry, the young master just said, you do not have to take anything, the fourth young master is waiting in the other hospital, let ‘s go, do not let young master worry so much and because he is so anxious.

The child slowly nodded his head, looking quiet, let go and put the curtains back. That driver was slightly relieved but his eyes glanced over a trace of mischief look, gently pull her pout, but she also smiled just to relax the moment, a handle of the cold dagger suddenly arrived on his neck and throat. Child became like a little barbarian at the moment, looking gloomy and cold voice said: “You are not from the fourth young master, who are you in the end?

“Hey hey,” hoarse pitch of voice like a night owl laugh suddenly sounded in the side, a gorgeous carriage slowed down from the trees after the turn around, a hat in his head but the gorgeous old man facing the side of the man nodded to laughter: Zhu Shun, you introduced this girl really good, little young temper is so stubborn, looks like, I am going to be a fan of yours.

Zhu Shun in his flattery laughed: “For like an old lady is the heart of the slave, is also like her servant, if the old man is to play this slave,  there is no way to obtain an opportunity of allegiance to this slave.”

The old man smiled, on the left and right side of his attendants he said: “This little girl won, return to the government.”



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