Volume II, Big Summer Dynasty Chapter 25: Killing by Knives

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

At this moment, the housekeeper  foreigner Zhu Shun looks sad holding a box, inside is his cut hand filled with a stinking smell and looks a bit disgusting in sight, a frozen green color.

At this time, there was a loud “bang” sound, he became somewhat paranoid, if a man once had a snake bite he is like anticipating to burn the tail of the rabbit. He grabbed the dagger on his bed, jumped up, staring eyes shouted: “Who is there?”

Time has passed and seems quiet where the only person around is no other than just himself. Zhu Shun turned his head, saw a white letter delivered on the ground, the letter is tied to the top of a string and above it, is a stone, the enclosure is also painted with white pear, its letterhead is elegant, emitting a far-off fragrance.

After he read the letter, his eyes suddenly issued filthy evil light, but turned to think, could not help but to throw the letter at his side and sit back to the chair. He did not dare to go out.

Meanwhile, from the window was another baggage with hand calligraphy note on it. Zhu Shun look on it to open and finds scarlet canvass, painted with a pair of sensual men and women that crossed each other, so obsessive in nature and likely to start a spark of flaming passion, hence making the whole body intensely hot.

He is looking like a thief stealing small guilty pleasure then he smiled, vigorously  leaned over, smell a bit of the canvass, his arms in his belly pocket muttered: “big day cannot wait, little Siba!” 

Having said that, he put on his robe and went out of the door.

Zhuge House, located in the Huang Cheng Tian, backed by Chishan Mountain, on the right Chishui Lake, sitting south, covering a very wide territory with its threefold trilateral government.The deep underground court have layers and layers of protection, outside the high angle hanging house, there are Zhuge guards and agents are in 24 hours non-stop monitoring defense where outside is four towers, all its corners, at the middle a small trench of fire. If a war is to breakout and is exposed, it is simply much like of a small city.

The house of Zhuge is a home to ladies and children that stays in the courtyard, planted in the safest red pine mountain. If one wants to go inside to reach Zhuge Huai bedchambers you will have to pass hardships for they are like are dungeons and stratagems not even the masters will live if they make a mistake, there is no possible way to escape. If this is the situation inside then it follows that it will be far harder to land in the outside. Simply, there is no possibility to breach the house of Zhuge.

It is noontime and its sunny, onsite are cliffs of the red pine mountain, a black shadow in a rapid slide to the bottom. Snowy flurry cliffs are covered with ice and projects glare under the reflection of snow, that little shadow is impossible to spot not even a telescope.

A trifling sound was heard, on the rope was a child swinging to the other side, feet finally landed, turned around to cautiously look and its a safe ground.

The side door opened and the gatekeeper of the nursing home said: “Hello, the original  Zhu Shun housekeeper, what brings you here?

“The other day, Asi said the Li Ranse (means pear dyed or stained house) courtyard has a leak, I went here to check the rooftop of the second floor where melted snow rundown in the stairs, I’ll take a look.”

The courtyard attendants on their flattery laughed: “how can this little leak trouble our Zhu Shun the housekeeper? Too small thing, this is maybe unnecessary.

Zhu Shun smile, shook his head: “I am also idle all day, is the young master went to his duty in the government?

“master (Huai) and fourth young master (Yue) were in the study hall to discuss things, all this morning, it seems almost half a day now and they are still inside.”

“Oh,” Zhu Shun nodded, “Well, I am going and never tell the master’s of this little kindness. Later in the afternoon, the old master is still asleep, do not disturb.

“We understood.”

Time is just right, the child hidden in the flower trees, eyes bright, with a wide grin gently laughed.

The seventh Miss of the Chunhua (means prosperity of spring) courtyard went on Duanmu (means physical position training using curtains) had a Hua (means splendid and illustrious wood) Ning (means peaceful) drink, preparing to take a nap, she took off her shawl outside as if  dripping carelessly on a cloud, on her shoulder slips and bares her skin of satin color, her full bloom bosoms, slender waist, small round buttocks, elongated legs, her bare body steals all of these private moments, fingers tinted with cardamom red, to every side of her naked body is very charming Jiaoqiao (means pleasant maid and every men’s desire), enchantingly seductive, the maidservants serves to always open a Jin (means gold) silk was always used to cover the naked seventh Miss on her sleep.

At this time, the tiles on the roof quietly stirred, but no one noticed, a small bag of things slowly put down, from the top and bag shows something like moving inside.

At this time, after covering the seventh Miss, maidservants retreated, the house is very quiet, and gradually only seventh Miss in on shallow breathing.

Puff sounded lightly, the bag fell on the pillow of seventh Miss, the pink bag was also painted with a tender and beautiful pear.

Seventh Miss sleep is so sweet but feeling cheeky as if someone is licking her fragrant ears and ears, seventh Miss just ask for little more sleep, feeling furry, thought it was a dream and did not open her eyes. The she felt her face a burst of pain, seventh Miss rubbed her eyes, and startled from her dreamy sleep she screamed from her chest, and chaos  was suddenly called all throughout the Chunhua courtyard!

“Seventh Miss, Seventh Miss!” bunch of maidservant came to rescue her entered the room and went on shock as she screams constantly. Seventh Miss was surrounded by huge rats all over her body, one by one are dark in color, fat and big not afraid of the maidservants, few went on the expensive bed linen of seventh Miss and nipping it.

“This is a nightmare!! I want them out! out ,out, out!” she cried.

This noon, the whole Chunhua courtyard called in a bureau of rodent pest control, seventh Miss to send some more of the wood Hua Ning drink and drank ten cups of sedative tea while she is catching up her breathing her whole body shivers.

“Miss, we found this in your bed.” A guard took a pink bag and walked up.

Seventh Miss took the bag, looked at one, suddenly eyes stare, still on pain and shock she stood up and snapped: “Little slut! I know you! Come here or I will be at the Li Ranse courtyard, if you see me, make sure not to cry you little slut!

Chunhua courtyard under the mighty seventh Miss intimidating the Li Ranse Courtyard. In a neglected corner, a small cabinet was slowly pushed open, exposing the child’s quiet face.

The fire has been lit, let it burn it. She said to herself while watching the seventh Miss threatening the other courtyard.

Quickly returned to the withered tree from the edge, the entire Chunhua courtyard is making some trouble like all of the chicken feather is flying and Li Ranse courtyard like dog jumping back and forth, both venting out their bones of contention and is rowdy, Chu Qiao went back easily along the same trail she walked leaving the land of right and wrong.

Within the study hall, Zhuge Huai look dignified facing Zhuge Yue who looking like a god, a more colder face said: “Fourth younger brother, this time, how do you see it?

The room quietly, without the slightest voice, Zhuge Huai frowned and smirked and he raised his brow gauging a strange Zhuge Yue, Huai said : “fourth younger brother?

““Yup?” Zhuge Yue is absent minded looking up on Zhuge Huai with his face of a fleeting shame, short and quickly said: “Yan Wangfu in escape trouble, Yan Xun is in danger.”

“Likewise here.” Zhuge Huai nodded and said: “Yan Wangfu is a big tree and it is normal he will be a big move, this is the eyes of the big throttle, the Western fief (means an estate of land, especially one held on condition of feudal service) of the Batuja family coveted Yan for their Northern territories long time ago. The water is dirty, not ten not eight and not even nine times this will cost the crown prince Yan’s head, not to mention the master of Sheng Jin Gong who has always been believing that outsiders believe they are not really brothers.

All of a sudden the noise outside was getting their attention heard the voices like there is a riot. Zhuge Huai brow frowned, loudly said: “Zhu Yong, what happened, how come its loud outside.”

Back to big young master Zhu Yong said: “seems the loud noise is coming from Chunhua courtyard and Li Ranse courtyard, it seems that seventh Miss and Li Ranse girls are fighting and third Miss and fourth Miss have gone to rush in between.”


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