Volume II, Big Summer Dynasty Chapter 31: Escape from birth

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

“what are you doing?”

Word by word slowly said with a low voice like hell dipped in the blood of the ghosts and with deep disappointment, Zhuge Yue wearing a red long fur, covered with snow, followed by a large number of Castle Peak Hill guards. She looked dreary her child hands full of blood.

Chu Qiao looked up, a pair of Xiu Mei (means attractive and beautiful) eyes slowly wrinkled up, why is the master Zhuge Yue here?

The child looked at him calmly, in a crisp voice with a faint smile: “As you can see, I killed this evil enough to forgive the bad old man.”

Zhuge Yue in a desolate face in his eyes like a dark clouds flip: “Those things were in the past, what can it do for you today?”

“A lot!” The child grinned, so sweet and pure in such an environment that is so improper, her hand was holding a broken palm, smiling said: “Unfortunately, you are too late and maybe you still want to go back first to explain and think how to face the Zhuge family members with all the interrogation of it. After all, I was your in your courtyard and in command of your people before Zhuge Xi died and the biggest beneficiary is under your pulse.

“Come!” Zhuge Yue divinely said: “I will win them later!”

“Think of all the Zhuge family after but for now, star child first!” Zhuge Yue speaking in military terms his guards came forward but did not do anything yet.

The child scoffed and with straight brow she waved and shouted: “hidden weapon!”

Aoyama courtyard of the people suddenly burst of panic, when another skillful child came out immediately to the crowd while Zhuge Yue was surrounded with his guards, the small kid came to attack him and her skill is undeniably good. Quickly, she took from the waist of one of his guards and suddenly the long sword is out. She danced in the wind and swept away after round of white light all of a sudden in the front, and splashing of ice water.

“Sheik” small and soft sound heard, suddenly hit the long sword on Zhu Qi, having a blood line drawn from sky everyone looked down to see it was actually a bloody broken wound on his palm.

Outside the window, sounded the cold child Li li (means powerful and beautiful) voice: “Zhuge Yue, I am sorry but tonight is not our time yet!”

Under the moonlight are petite and exquisite bodies, instantly hidden in the boundless of the night.

The youngster looking in his sad eyes flushed standing in place, Zhu Cheng looked at him carefully, anxious to other attendants shouted: “Are you silly or stupid, what are you looking for? Go chase after her!”

Everyone wake up, catch the child, go catch her!

Among the flowers of the other courtyard, the children’s dexterous body is like a petite cats and runs quickly on a winding trail. At this point, the front footsteps reveals someone is  approaching, as if there are many people running quickly. The child sense it and looked coldly, suddenly stopped the pace.

“Aha! It is you!” To see the identity of this people, the boy quickly ran up to: “haven’t you caught the thief yet?”

The boy who is ahead and leading saw the crying little slave girl who frowned at him and coldly said: “Get out of our way!” “You are a delay, do not block!” Then grabbed the boy’s shoulder to push and they continued to walk fast.

Back to the mansion a messenger is talking and said: “To Zhuge Xi mansion came an assassin and many were killed and they claimed to be that it is done by the young master of the Aoyama (Castle Peak) courtyard person and I came out to be the messenger.”

“What?” The man suddenly shocked and said: “It is almost nonsense, there are also thieves outside the government, about three hundred people, sneaky, looking at your own Zhuge family this will be unacceptable to the brothers and won’t be able to carry, I came back to save the soldiers.

Meanwhile, the two girl slaves is softly whispering: “outside this mansion is it still Zhuge Yue’s followers? Chu Qiao frowned but calmly said: “They are Ye’s followers, there is no way out than to go to the other side it will harm you more. Okay? So you hide here, if there are surprise attack, we are not prepared. I will let them wander first then look after you later.”

Back to the man he said: “The heart of this little slaves really have little guts. Well, after things are done, I will report this matter in complete details.”

And on the Chu Qiao still on the hide, softly responded in a whisper: “Well, as long as we can escape tonight and take off our slave status.”

After a moment, the people under the Qing Shan (means verdant hills) people  were in busy chase of the children and ordered them not to speak to anyone about what happened. And the entire Zhuge household became cold and dark and as if they do not know each other.  Zhu Qi who saw a horse approaching and a prominent man said: “Who are you? All Zhuge household under tight security and surveillance. Zhu Qi identified himself and said: “I am fourth young master’s personal bodyguard!”

“Go back to your grandmother!” A dominant Shu Ye Son expressed to mock him a way to introduce himself. I am one of the Sheng Jin Gong with troops of soldiers from the Icy Wei borders, my brothers are you with me!”

Crackling sound of banding was heard while the child’s footsteps gradually away from the Zhuge Xi’s mansion.

Soon, outside of the wall, the child frowned, surveyed around and looked for the climbing tool. Then coming from behind a sudden burst of storms, Chu Qiao skillfully had a quick response, immediately turned to dish out a rope out of her crossbow, it is necessary so as not to be grand at sight.

“Ah!” cried the child, Chu Qiao was trapped and picked up so neat before she takes off, she has been on top of the wall.

“Hey, really this is not cute, if you move, it will rip you.”

Yan Xun in a white big Qiu (means big circle of sphere), striking black hair, his lips with a trace of cynical smile. Zhuge House on sight everywhere is at its peak alarm, high-burning torches and noisy crowd, the House was like set on fire and everyone thrown to an angry mob. The prince shouting constantly when they passed over the Zhuge Xi mansion. Yan Xun looked around, shaking his head and sighed: “Look at you, so little child, yet created so big trouble. Who will be the next person? Zhuge household will really hunt you down for cutting off their harmony from its eight generations.

Chu Qiao cold, humming,  soon struggling and said: “Put me..!”

The young prince ​​grinned and was not afraid of being found, smiling and Coushang (means bring together at the above horizontally) to come and said: “little girl, you do not abide to my contract that is waiting for you to be fulfilled. Now, this little stars owes me so many favors, how do you want to repay his highness world of Yan?”

“Who wants you to help the world? Self – righteous guy!

“Yan Xun cold and humming in the moment laughed:” But it does not matter, the world is happy, the little stars is alive and able to percieve, do not move and then do not go let go. You do not want yourself to get burned, hold it!

Then, boy jumped from the wall to jump down. Chu Qiao was surprised and she cursed a fool as she hold her hands and feet suddenly tightly climbing Yan Xun’s body. Then she said on air, I hope this world really becomes legendary brilliant power, otherwise the world is such a waste.

Bang bang, sound of dropping bodies to the saddle of the horses suddenly hurdles as it cries running fast, his eyes like droopy, a smirk and a grin Yan Xun said: “if the world will have to wait for the little stars for a long time then I will be a waste.”

Yan Xun sitting on the horse, his sword eyebrows, with a jade star band on his head, with his robe, laugh out loud and said: “Then let’s go.”

Behind shouting and shaking Chu Qiao, the fire rolling, to the Yanbei of North. Subtle horse whips and they quickly disappeared at the end of the long street.

Almost at the same time, Wei Shu and Zhuge Huai also received a paper snow letters (some sort of secret letter), the lights flashing, the two younger generation of the outstanding look dignified, and then in a brief command of few words, each of the two master’s took out the gate of their households.

Over the horizon are amass cloud of  scruples, snow filled cold month but faints according to fate declared by heaven to earth.

afterthoughts – the original title of this chapter is Escape from birthday because at the beginning of the previous chapter 030 we can see that an hour glass fell and the old master in kneeling position. In Chinese culture, it is a taboo to give clocks, pocket watches or wrist watch as a birthday gift. Because it represents time is running out and sending clock as a gift means a funeral ritual is about to begin. It also means that it is the end of the relationship. It seems that Chu Qiao gave an hour glass to the Old Zhuge Yue to let him warn of his impending death at her hands. And to the child she just attended a birthday party in its opposite sense of funeral ritual for the old master. Happy for her but sad for Zhuge Yue.



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