Volume II, Big Summer Dynasty, Chapter 42: Divide into mud

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua


The blood of the youngster suddenly turned around, looking to the tall horse and a beautiful woman on top, the north wind over the earth, sky snow suddenly fell and fluttering sprinkled like white cotton floe. A woman in white snow arrived like a flowing water, he sleeves on the flying on the clouds, her full black hair was put away in the back, like the texture of the great Huai Song ink in satin color, although it is nearly forty years, and her white lotus-like makeup is so young, gentle eyes, she is like the snow-capped mountains of the top of the spring, even her eyes of the filaments of the crow’s feet also appears gentle and quiet.

The woman turned to dismount, she went gently towards Yan Xun’s side and both sides of the platform guards as if stunned, no one came forward to block. The woman picked up Yan Xun ‘s head and with her white dress gently wiped the youngster’s blood – stained face, light like a ripple of a warm smile and said: “Xuner child”

Yan Xun’s tears instantly fell, before his face is a mighty force stern and stiff but the brow of the youngster arched handsomely when he cried, he clutched the woman’s sleeve and he loudly asked: “mother, why? What happened?”

“Xuner child,” the woman gently wiped his blood clots on his eyes, softly asked: “Do you believe your father?

Yan Xun choked but nodded: “I believe.”

“Then do not ask why,” the woman holding the child, her eyes went to quietly view the nobles who cut the Yan line one by one passing, she softly said: “This world, not everything can be clear and with reason, like Tiger eat wolves, wolves eat rabbits, rabbits to eat grass and it does no reason to speak.”

“Yan!” Yan Xun suddenly turned to look at the clothes of those noble aristocratic clothes, word of the cold sound, said: “Are they? Is they off Yan North?”

The youngster’s eyes as sharp as ice and snow, an instant piercing flying snow fog at that moment all the members of the elite empire at the same time felt a hard chill, they looked at the face of the beautiful woman like blue, I saw her light smiled and wiped the tears of her child ‘s eyes: “Xuner child, do not cry, in Yan’s men would rather bleed than cry.”

“General Meng Tian, I have come to postmortem the platform above, my husband, my son, my daughter, my family, I believe in this world, there is no one more than I, who is more qualified to do this “matter.”

Meng Tian locked its brow and his eyes have black undercurrent in the turbulence of the rolling ghost dance and music. Looking at the woman’s flower, the empire of the most blood of the soldiers suddenly could not speak, those ups and downs of the past like a tide speeding in the general’s mind. Like a throwback, the general remembered that early spring, he and the world (Yan Shi Zi) is in the city, and now even his name cannot address the man together, in Bian Tang’s clear water lake, the general met a vulgar woman. At that time, they are still so young, the girl propped the ship, wearing a lake green clothes, rolled up trousers, revealing a length of white jade legs, laughing directed at the three look silly boy loudly “Hey, are you three big men, going on the boat?”

After the resplendent thirty years of many bloodbath, so many killed by  the sword, so many cunning conspiracy, the three of them were still together, from the thick black fog side by side to trail blaze they have come. At that time, they may not know that three decades later arrived today and face this situation, if they have recognized what happened in the past then they should be through thick and thin today. To die is to sacrifice the blessing of today. Did you purposedly done this things in the past just to let them raise the sword for the next day and cut off each other’s head today?

Meng Tian slowly sigh, and his head low, said: “You should have not come.”

“He said, it will not limit my freedom to come to emperor, as long as I stay in the city and do not come to my son, there will be no one to block. Mongolian General, this is the oracle, you cannot violate. It stays the same, whether you are willing or not, you have done it.”

The woman came in on their mention, her skirt on angle, step by step walked towards the high platform, the action is so light, but she fell on the ground carrying her heavy footsteps.

“Mother!” Yan Xun urgently called her, the young prince suddenly stood up to rush forward, but is not able to step out and he again fell to the ground and in pain as he was outbalanced.

Chu Qiao met his eyes, suddenly out of the soldiers guard and are no longer surrounded by it, she took steps to go forward and hold the body of Yan Xun. She was so nervous and asked: “how are you?”

Snow and the wind came, the north wind howling an eagle quivers, all over the blood, over and over the dilapidated flag and collapsed brazier, tens of millions of eyes staring at the step by step to go to Jiujia (plural means many) platform to slash the woman’s back. On the rainy threshing floor her dress rolled up, dancing to fly, like a wandering wind of the white birds. 

The woman opened the first golden box, the man’s eyebrows were bloodstained, dark red, but it does not seem so hideous terrible, his eyes closed, as if asleep in general, high nose, lips tight sip, it seems that there is nothing to say. The woman looked at her husband, her fingers stroking his face, as if there is still a stalwart body, she did not cry, but leaning her head in the box, she gentlely smiled, softly said: “This is my husband, Yanbei of the hereditary feudal lords, son of the emperor from twenty-fourth generation descendants, the empire northwest of the soldiers and horses marshal, Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang ancestral temple of the fifth hundred and seventy-six tablets, Yanbei town of West Wang, Yan World city. ”

Snowflakes fall on the woman’s eyebrows and sideburns but did not melt, her face went pale but her sound is still so gentle, eyes like water, seeing Yan’s head as if he will open his eyes at any time she smiled. Her hand across his face, in his ears, there is a small scar, it seems for many years.

“Here the scars, when the reign of the Cang Lan Wang, in the quiet doors of Golden Palace was stabbed with a sword .When the emperor was plotted to be killed, his whole body is weak in one of the city in Mongolia from the East, two was killed who went into the rescue, Yan Shicheng was the first to find the prince who was now the emperor. He was carrying an unconscious emperor, a prince alone, out of the three thousand soldiers who was besiege along with the Sheng Jin Gong, who fought more than thirty blades. Yan Shicheng was just seventeen years old and after the fight he was bed ridden for six months.

“Here is the white horse off  left to war ,” Jin Jiang Wang was sentenced at this time, an enemy of the state, its crime is treason. The woman’s hand brush the chin that had a clear red mark, went on to say: “for four hundred forty-seven years were only thrown into vain, the empire in Yao Shui worship the ancestors temple, all the elders of the nobility there have spot together with all royal relatives. On its white cold mark, three hundred thousand Rong army surrounded Yao Shui. Yan Si City led his troops from Yanbei, seven days and seven nights without unloading from the saddle, endless day and night they take the lead to liberate Yao Shui. Your emperor was on that place, in the white Shui with his white horse he vowed that the empire and Yan’s first generation of the monarch will never give up, and you who are all here, most of them are present when it happened.

The audience in the empire suddenly showed restlessness, those who were part of the past was lifted up, exposed to broad daylight, their dim eyes as if they went to see many years ago in that mournful afternoon looking back to the sunset, in bloody red, Yan North flag of the lion is roaring and barking, the enemy dissmissed to kill the people and did not stay. At that time, they were all still young, but also excitedly crowded up to shoot the young man’s shoulder in their laughing and drinking spirits.

Generals, you are the prime of life, strategizing to kill and execute the decision, you simply said you do not know their sword nor the wound, you said this person is not Yan Shicheng. On April 16th that day at noon, while on fire General Meng Tian you personally cut down.

Meng Tian suddenly became dumb and speechless, like a green cold iron, he stared and not able to say any word to respond.

“I am sure that this person is my husband from the town of Yanbei West Yan Wang City, there is no false about him.” Having said that, a loud noise was heard as the golden box  lid was closed. The woman at once buckled then turned to the next box and walk towards it.

“This is my son, Yanbei hereditary sub-king, pay respect to the fallen emperor twenty-fifth generation of Sun, the empire northwest town on their uniforms, Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang ancestral temple five hundred seventy-seven tablets, Yanbei town west Wang Yan city the eldest son of Yan Ting. He was twenty-one years old but he started to join army when he was thirteen-year-old, starting from the lower pawn after eight years he was promoted twenty-four times, overthrown the enemy sixty-seven times, Sheng Jin Gong and the Elders of the Shrine joined forces and won seven times, eighteen officials were saved when Yan Shi  led the troops guarding the empire of northern Xinjiang and never missed. On April 14th, his head and face was difficult to distinguish, he was found lying on the foam of his blood and trampled to a poor house.”

“This is my son, Yan North hereditary sub-king, pay respect to the fallen emperor twenty-fifth generation of Sun, the empire northwest town of the deputy, Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang ancestral temple five hundred and seventy-eighth tablet, Yanbei town west Wang Yan Shi was 16 years old and joined the army when he was thirteen years old. He followed his father’s southern flag, and enlisted himself to the northern barbarian three times and went against the enemy, swearing his allegience to the country and never retreated. He had forty wounds stabs and endured for the people of Yanbei he stayed in April 16th. He was part of the expedition army and was hit with stone machine, spine was hit, his legs were broken and cut off to die, lying in his own blood.

“This is my daughter.” The voice of a woman suddenly become choked, inside the golden box was a cut head so blue and white, swollen, seems she was soaked in water, the eyes and its nose are purple on the snow was drown to death, “Yan North hereditary Wang, pay respect to the fallen twentieth generation of the emperor Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang ancestral temple of the fifth hundred and seventy-nine tablets, Yanbei town of Wang Yan Shi City in the elders Yan Hong raw silk. On April 16th, she was riding to rescue her abducted mother. After Wei Shuihong Lake, was the expeditionary army 4th field army of Mu He Xitian troops intercepted, laid on her and killed then finally thrown to the dead lake.”

The snow falling from the sky suddenly become heavier, the voice of the woman became more mournful, extremely pale, one more word and as if a blood bursts out of the wind, the wind is hissing, snow flying, numerous eagle poisoned on air and flutter their wings flying in the darkness of the sky.

“These are the soldiers of Yanbei, they committed betrayal to the country, they sworn an allegiance who is in chaos and was still subjected to Meng Tian generals, was given no mercy, execute it!”

Huge bronze tripod was carried on Jiuyou high platform, strong raging, Meng Tian eyebrows locked, and finally coldly said: “execution!”

Twenty golden box was suddenly thrown into the bronze giant tripod, Yan Xun suddenly between the eyes of the fire, the throat burst out of a trace of beast-like screams, we must stand up and rushed forward. Banned by the guards who came forward, stopped in front of Yan Xun, Chu Qiao tightly holding Yan Xun’s body, stubborn children finally could not bear, tears fluttering down. The youngster was like a child in her arms, sound mournful, kneeling on the ground, stretched out filled with blue veins fist, look bitter hit the gold and silver plaza on the stone, the blood dripping but still not know, hissing roar the most terrible sound.

The woman looked back, looking at the burning bronze tripod, in her bitter tears, but she reached out, gently touch the hot tripod, looking sad, and then come back, gently looked at the table next to his son then against Meng Tian slowly said: “Meng brother, tell him, do not forget what Yan said.”

Meng Tian whole body startled, this last sentence is like calling her big brother in time to pull him back thirty years ago, how mournful words and he was frozen not able to move not even slightest but it is such a simple call. The man’s hands reached out to the subject  uncontrolled and trembling. He wanted to come forward and like a nightmare of the low call: “white Sheng … …”

But at this time, the woman dressed in white suddenly turned, the action is like a quick meteor, and hit her head on the bronze giant tripod!

“White Sheng!” “Mother!” “Oh!”

Huge screams sounded at the same time, golden wings square, millions of people at the same time hissing, I saw the woman forehead blood like a spring, her hands holding the giant tripod, soft and down.

“Fast! call the doctor!” Meng Tian holding the woman’s body, no tough expression finally on panic in front of the guards who cried out below.

“Mother!” Yan Xun struggling to climb the Jiujing platform in front of hundreds of people, a flutter in the woman’s body when his son cold, Yan Xun fiercely pushed the general and cried out loud.

Heaven and earth was in fury, vegetation and sadness, the sky stuffy thunder rolling, the ground north wind crying, sky full of snow down, the woman slowly opened his eyes, watching the child’s face, gentle smile, but only cited more blood sprayed out.

“Mother!” Yan Xun eyes burst into tears, the nerves in his eyes are full of blood, desperately shouting: “Why? Why? Father is gone, brother is gone, all the relatives are gone, even you also would want to turn from Yan Xun away? Mother! Why? ”

Woman tears slowly falling down, she is struggling to raise her hand, hold her own child, “Xuner child… … promised me to live your life in full is you won’t be dead. Live do not forget, you still have a lot of things you did not do.”


Woman’s eyes suddenly become lax, she was lying on the dark orange stone on a white flower, like in full bloom. A vegetarian like bluegrass, white almost transparent, she gently smile, the sound is low cannot smell, mosquito-like said: “I always thought my favorite is Bian Tang’s Castle Peak Hill, where there is no winter, no snow for years no time for it, no autumn and nor winter, but now, I know I was wrong, my favorite in everything was Yanbei, and now I want to go back to find them.

Suddenly, she seemed to see the blue sky above the clouds, saw the distant Yanbei grassland, the bright eyes of the man riding in the horse, far toward her run, the sound penetrated the sun, in the green grass it echoed, the distant mountains should be in full swing  along with his voice shouting: “A Sheng … …”

“A stockpile, I want the best things between heaven and earth to give you all, you say, what is your favorite?” The man sitting right away, laughing loudly.”

Fool, heaven and earth and in between are the best things I already have is our home, our children, and our Yan North.

Her wrist were weak and this is not part of the plan. The mournful north wind suddenly swept the blade like clouds looking so real over the sky, the eagle flying windward on its wings and black feathers, like hurricane blown away under the sky roaring is the snow.

“Mother!” the youngster holding the woman’s body, eyes like blood, and instantly fell into the endless long night!

Eight-year-old child in his side, her fists clenched, a small face pale, no blood. Cold wind continues a mournful hissing, blowing away the hair of the child in front, she suddenly looked up, eyes sharp toward the north of the Sheng Jin Palace there she locked her eyes in the solemn towering, fake dignified atmosphere, full of arrogance and oppression.

That day, there is a sharp thorn suddenly abruptly strangled into the child’s heart, she clenched her fist, among the people’s mouth, a long time without a word. However, there is a seed, in her mind, deep-rooted grew up, experienced years of carving, through stormy irrigation, its as if, one day, the president will grow into branches of the towering trees!

In the snow is the death knell, the towering Sheng Jin Gong Cheng Guang Temple, there is a black figure slowly turned around, along the long corridor, step by step into the heart of the big summer, the lights swaying immediately behind him, the shadow was pulled very long.


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