Volume III, Real Ancient Capital, Chapter 47: With friends coming

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

The youngster woke up already late at night, in the room stood two braziers, the air is dry, Chu Qiao throat is dry, groping to find water to drink.

Small warm cages on the table as usual a pot of milk produced from the South Blue Temple breeding snow deer one of very precious commodity. Chu Qiao pour a small cup to drink, suddenly it the milk warmed up her dry throat from top to bottom.

The room is very dark and the moon above is very big tonight, shining in the sky, according to the Ying song other homes on white light as she opened the window bright moonlight came in. She sat in her chair, stretched her elbow, tummy on the window, and lifted her lips.

Countless times how many times she looked at this yard and time passed and many times she cannot tell in the end if all of this is a dream, or past memory is just a fantasy like a blink of an eye. It has been eight years she came into this world. Eight years of time, enough to change a lot of things, including a person’s thoughts, beliefs, vision, and struggle to strive for the goal of ideals.

There are two stakes in the yard, standing there for more than seven years, even if this is the night, by the white moonlight or can clearly see the stump on the deep shallow knife marks. It is the years she and Yan Xun, it is the place where they practiced their martial arts. Looking back for the first few years, they dare not practice during the day, only in at night, quietly holding a knife, a man out of the wind, a person quietly practiced Chu Qiao painted those who blend the essence of the martial arts of the world (Yan Xun) out of fine knife. Often one or two of the people through the time will be scared on his blue hair, and then when others leave a long breath of cold.

The side of the West warm room, always prepared with two sets of bedding, that time, they do not have a trustworthy servant. Often, the two children will have a sword to live in a room, one fell asleep when another must be awake, the door of the door bolt always tied with a thin line, even in the hands and feet of the two, as long as it becomes a little alarm, the two will pull out the knife from the bed to jump up.

The antique vase on the shelves of books is always filled with all kinds of emergency first aid for wounds, ready and prepared from time to time. Although they rarely used, but gradually developed such a habit, even the chopsticks are like meant like silverware, and feeding a lot of small rabbits, every time the food must be the tested to the rabbit first to eat, and so on the day served and a half, they do not dare to eat until the rabbit  shows no symptoms of poison. The first few years, they seem to have never eaten a new pot of hot rice.

Whether it is hot or winter, inside the shirt will always be covered with a layer of soft armor. Whether it is to eat or sleep, the body always have a most handy weapon. Time is so slowly, no matter how difficult, they still shoulder and shoulder to grow up. Hope suddenly no longer slim, the future is no longer hopeless, and in her heart slowly breed a trace of warm expectations. Chu Qiao faintly pouted in this so-called sense of belonging, after so many years, so many killings, so many cold arrows of conspiracy, she finally can say she is no longer as an outsider who want to escape and wants to stay out.

In fact, when she entered the imperial city of the moment, their fate has long been tightly linked together.

Think of here, Chu Qiao cannot help looking toward the northwest of the sky, there, Yan Xun countless times with her description of the back to the mountains, the original fire, they have been longing for the Yanbei grassland. In every cold night, in every humiliation of the plight, in every case of full hatred, up in the sky is looking into their bright future.

She took a deep breath, the window closed, the girl came to the book before she spread out a chart then she carefully looked down.

The door was squeaky and slowly opened, the man a cotton white gown, neck collar on a circle of fine camel hair, clothes Leixing Qing Jun, it is very handsome. Chu Qiao looked up to him and smiled, she got up and sat and greeted: “so late and yet still awake?

“Do not you sleep?”

Yan Xun carrying a food box came in, open the lid and said: “You sleep in the middle of the night and did not eat dinner, are you not hungry?

After his voice is just falling, a loud belly drum sound suddenly sounded, Chu Qiao rubbing his stomach throwing an embarrassed smile: “Ok, if you just did not say it then it won’t began to declare rebellion.

“So be it, here eat and see if they are not appetizing.”

“En,” Chu Qiao put down the pen and paper, stood up and took the food box, on her  probe look, suddenly pleasantly cried: “Yes! Pear dumplings wow!

“Well, I know that you love to eat, I am ready with the throwback of the past, has been frozen for several days outside, waiting for you to come back and they are just under the pot.”

“Oh,” the girl ‘s eyes narrowed into a line, smiling and said: “Yan Xun, every time I eat this, I have a feeling of home.

Chu Qiao ate a few dumplings, Yan Xun hand her down a cup of deer milk, quietly watching the girl eating. The window of the moonlight beaming at the  window sprinkled the light of the two people as the corner of the candle crackling became more safe and quiet.

“A Chu,” Chu Qiao almost finished, Yan Xun handed the side of the white handkerchief, it is natural for her rub her mouth of any food leftover, coldly said: “Those who bought you to the stone businessman … …”

“Yan Xun, although you did it, don’t start with me.” she said it before Yan Xun finished, Chu Qiao suddenly said: “This is my thinking and it is not careful, I cannot do this so cruel, but if such person is to stay, it was unwise when we were not able to confront the mass, and it was unwise to leave under such circumstance. I led them back and wanted you to help me with this decision, so you do not have to explain to me.

Yan Xun smiled, eyes suddenly become soft: “Well, I just do not want to hide from you.”

“Yes,” the girl smiled and said: “We agreed, and will not hide anything else, conceal all the misunderstanding and the cause of painful chest, regardless of whether the starting point of goodwill, we cannot make this mistake.

“Oh,” Yan Xun lightly laughed: “Well, then you now take this trip to the South Ji Shan, the original book told me there is no size andso  regardless of size.

“Well,” Chu Qiao smile to Yan Xun in the desk, pointing to the above chart, began to carefully examine meticulously.

The opening of the day is misty, quietly he drink a tea, Chu Qiao draw the last one, pointing to the chart and said: “Here is Meng’s family as long as on this day or Meng Tian generals does not head to this place, we do not have to worry too much. What I am looking  at to worry about is the Shen Jin palace and Wei valve, not to mention to worry about Zhuge Huai to my pulse.

Yan Xun raised his brows, coldly said: “Zhuge Huai is not just from Beijing? Zhuge Muqing in recent years has gradually fade out of the elders circle, the size of the matter to Zhuge Huai is to take care this time, he will surely intervene “

“Chu Qiao shook her head:” The Empire of three hundred years, the Elder’s family was repeatedly easy to master, the original founding fathers, only Zhuge is like a pulse and like this followed by Peiluo the Great From the prairie to kill out of this, that is Zhuge home wrist, they know how to weigh, never put themselves on the cusp, not like Mu He’s so popular. It is like the ancient king who want to recover to the right and start only from the limelight of the most people who start, they are able to keep the family of the empire over the years, despite of continued disputes, Zhuge Muqing seem moderate, but often to avoid the scourge of these, will not rely on luck.

“You see here,” Chu Qiao fingers on the chart: “This is my collection of information over  this past few months, if Zhuge is a pulse on the surface they do not see any action, but the southeast of the forage, river salt, iron ore, often have a small-scale deployment, although the movement is not big, but very often. Zhuge’s interest from the Song water (a place of body of water) transferred to the West cold city levy Tian Mu grain tax, and has not come back in two months. The above was the only interest of Zhuge to blunt this unbearable people. In my opinion, the city is very small, but it is the only way we go back to Yanbei, Yao water, Fusu, Chishui Road, the central hub of the strategic location is extremely important, absolutely these things cannot be left unseen.”

“And you look here, the eighth day of last month, the elders agreed to Zhuge to ran from the military essay, Zhuge Mu Qing did not send his son to Zhuge home southeast camp to look over, but went to the southwest camp for the southwest and northwest neighbors. Southwest Camp where the location of the Batuja family territory, Zhuge family if not and Batuja family would perfomr a dark pass to Song, how can the outskirts of outsiders to their own heart camp? And, and most importantly, you did not you notice that Zhuge Yue would soon be back?

Yan Xun nodded his head, “I have to pay attention to this, you said these a few days ago after the girl you sent to me.

“Oh?” Chu Qiao eyes suddenly light up, “Yu girl” is that how to say her name?

“She said the time is still early, Xia Wang Tai Shou (name of a group of elite) of national elite gathered, the situation is complicated and changeable, we can only respond, see the movements.

Chu Qiao ‘s brow suddenly frowned, she raised his face to see Yan Xun, slowly said: “Yan Xun, so can you? I worry about the accident, we should not be prepared in advance to be fully prepared.

“A Chu, the world ( Yan Xin codename) simply do not have all the best policy. We said to prepare but on these years did we not prepared enough?” Yan Xun looked at the girl’s bright eyes, he reached out, hold Chu Qiao’s shoulder, coldly Said: “A’Chu, you do not believe me?”

Chu Qiao nodded: “I believe.”

“Then you break the already broken,” Yan Xun faint smile: “This matter to me, the trip to the South Ji Shan looking on  your body is too much loss, you are sick and cannot work hard.

“Yan Xun … …”

“I do not want the only person I want to come back to Yanbei die.” Yan Xun suddenly his voice is low: “I have no half family, A’Chu, you are my most important person in my life.

“A’Chu, you cannot remember just entered the holy gold palace that year, I have no serious illness fever treatment but you told me the words?”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, Yan Xun look mild, slowly said to her: “You said let me rest assured that you will always wake up until I wake up. Results are I sleep for four days, you still insist on eyelid care I have the ability to take care of you now, and you will be asleep, and I will be awake until the two of us can close their eyes and sleep together.”

Chu Qiao bowed her head, gently picked up her mouth, long before she looked up with faint smile: “Well, then if I do not go, I stay here with you, waiting for you to take me away.”

Yan Xun nodded his head, eyes bright, smile like the thawed lake in March. A few bored months passed suddenly flew away.

“A’Chu, we can come together, we will be able to get out together, you have to believe me, because in this world, we can only trust each other.”

At that time, Long winter snow, long night Enron, true Huangdi became calm. However, no one knows the potential under the undercurrent of how the surge of fierce edge, those strange unpredictable counter-current quietly dormant in the ground, at any time will be boiling of all covered into the sky. People walking on the shore can only walk carefully, trying not to let the clothes get wet under muddy waters, when a person’s ability is not enough to fight the tide, what he can do is just to get away from the tide.

Off to the door of Chu Qiao, watched the lights inside extinguished, Yan Xun’s eyes suddenly become cold up, he looked up, looking at the direction of Xia Hua Dian (a place in Wei), eyes have a fierce edge. Fingers slightly hard, a dry branches were broken, Yan Xun looked up, close your eyes, suddenly remembered many years ago, a night. That day, only nine-year-old A’Chu in order to give and find him medicine when he is sick  when she has been secretly monitored by Wei Shu You and found her and more than twenty biao-shaped Han Wai(external hired men) furiouslykicked her. A’Chu in order not to deal with his excuse, even she did not escape she did not fight back, her whole body up and down her flesh rolled, blood dripping. When he arrived, the child was almost dying, but also clutching the pack of herbs.

From that day on, he secretly swear, from now on, he will not let him pay attention to the people who left his side, and he attached it to the people on this life, they no longer have a second chance.

The time to come, he has been waiting for too long but still have to wait.

The man opened his eyes, eyes clear one, tomorrow, that is, Zhuge Yue also toward the time, seven years they have not seen his old friend and he does not know if he is okay.

His shoulder wounds have long been healing but some hatred in his heart have rooted. Yan Xun cold smile, turned to the big step away from the dark,  his stature and demeanor his clothes swaying with the wind.



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