Volume III, Real Ancient Capital, Chapter 49: The Thirteen Princes

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

After eight years, she finally returned here.

Winter is hanging snow on Pingchuan, Chu Qiao is sitting on the horse, looking at the  flag in the fluttering snow, colorful memories like a gate of the flood is surging and out pouring. 

Eight years ago, in this snowy spot, she first came to Ximeng continent. It was bloody monstrous and disgusting killings swept her overwhelming ragged barefoot, running in the open wilderness nowhere to flee. And today after some time she sat on the horse and walking on its ground, facing the opposite cage with a group of shivering children, her hands on the bow, almost inch off broken.

“A’Chu.” Yan Xun came forward, turned around and looked with his gently wrinkled brow: “how are you?”

“Okay.” Chu Qiao shook her head, “I’m fine.”

A thunder struck loudly, even though the weather is so cold, but the distant man on the high platform is still barely wiped out the war drums, rumbling drums like drilling from the bottom of the ground, into the human spinal cord, the man is full of sweat in his head, on his head wrapped in a red towel, while drums loudly shouting at his side. Mu He family under the people shouted in unison, everyone wearing sea sand blue skin for their senior soft arm, on their waist tied a gold belt, a group of people standing together unable to speak as, the sun was actually under the glare, under the rich and powerful, inevitably an upstart of contemptible.

“Mu He’s worthy of the first family of the Elders temple, like a green sea of sand can give people as a helmet, it will be a high weight, rich and powerful.”

Chu Qiao looked side by side and she saw the flag banner covered with a dark purple fur tent with a handsome face, slender eyes, a son, eighteen years old sititng like a white jade, lips are like bloody red, a South shortage of feathers made of windbreaker on his snow sculpture collar became more graceful.

This Chu Qiao’s old acquaintance had also in this season a piece of this land.

Prince Zhao Song drink tea, smiling and leaned over his body, facing the side of the young child said: “Chung Yan, another prince can be considered a rich side, and do not know whether if there is a multitude of government official dressed in their blue equipment with a guard?”

Zhao Zhong Yan considered prudent, heard and sprinkled his lips with a smile: “The Lingxi border is like a small fan, like there will be such a large handwriting?  Powerful king, you are kinda joking me.”

Haisha (means sand collected from the ocean floor) Qing (greenish black) what is amazing, drive me with a blue off yarn to equip a guard, that is called generosity.

The King of the little princes (Zhao Song) and the young man heard a laugh and the one laughing is the general’s eldest son and like a music to reach out on the shoulders of talking crown prince still ​​laughed: “thirteenth Prince, His Royal Highness, if you really use the blue off yarn equipped with a guard, then even Bian Tang prince also have to bow to you.

Zhao Song raised his eyebrows, was about to speak when suddenly caught a glimpse of the guard flag at the back of another guard, there is a delicate and thin figure. Zhao Song suddenly jumped up from his chair, turned and ran out, while running on the side he shouted: Come back to your poisition.

“Ha, are you coming!”

Nudge by a heavy figure, the youngster pulled a girl’s hand, his eyes is excited.

Yan Xun stood behind Chu Qiao, his eyes slightly narrowed and twinkling, but nodded faintly: “thirteenth Prince, His Royal Highness.”

“Yan Shi Zi, I did not see you for a while, what did you do?”

Yan Xun smiled and nodded his head: “in the next idle one, all day in the Ying Ju school wandering, and no serious things to do.”

“Hey, you are less humble.” Zhao Song is playing a music in his ears, revealing a white teeth: “a few days before Mr. Fu also took your poems to give us when the are many things to reads, hey, you say, you use the words so uncommon, I looked for it a long time and stared at it and I do not understand, I was punished for two hundred times, small Deyu (German) child is still in the palace for me to write it.

“Oh, thirteenth His Royal Highness has not finished from school?”

“There are three months left,” said Zhao Song and looking for his side to see Chu Qiao, hey, and he smiles: “There are three months and I will be eighteen years old, and I will be opened to the government to marry a Princess.”

“Are you,” said Yan Xun, “congratulations His Royal Highness.”

“Needless to say, when you prepare a gift like this.” Zhao Song said with a smile, then pulled Chu Qiao’s sleeve: “Yan Shi Zi, I can borrow your people for a while right?”

Yan Xun looked at Chu Qiao on his side and sees Chu Qiao no objection, then he lightly nodded his head.

“Haha Yan Shi Zi, thank you! A’Chu, come with me!”

The two people figure suddenly were hidden in the layers of people, Yan Xun on his black long fur, his hair color black and bright eyes like the sea, gradually lost the feeling of coldness or hotness, looking away from afar.

“A’Chu, I want you to see what is this.”

Chu Qiao picked up Zhao Song carefully protected gold box, opened after the discovery was actually a long root of wood, the top of the red powder, it looks like a different kind but looks familiar as well.

“Matches?” Girls slightly frowned: “fire for what?”

“A’Chu, you are really powerful!” Zhao Song speechless, he gave her a thumbs up: “how come you know about it? This is the Buddha Lang Sha Sa (means a granule breaker to be sprinkled) people from the Western sea, tribute to the father of the king, it is my first time to see and so is you, it’s not very magical, just scratch it.”

Chu Qiao lightly nodded her head, next thing she did was she pat Zhao Song ‘s forehead, smiled and said: “Yes, it is amazing, these amazing things you still took it up.”

“A’Chu!” Zhao Song over his head, depressed shouted: “who told you to pat my head when you already dropped a bomb in my head.”

Chu Qiao shrugged, “Okay, no playing with me, then no bombs in your head.”

“A’Chu,” Zhao Song went in front of Chu Qiao, straightly said: “I have been looking for you, how can you follow Yan Xun to field hunting today? Do you know, Zhuge Yue is back, if you let him see you what would he do, isn’t he going to be upset?

Chu Qiao’s heart went warmer, patted Zhao Song ‘s shoulders and said: “Do not worry, I have my own way.

“Hey,” Zhao Song sighed: “Anyway, you always have a way, I have my pure heart on you.”

“No,” said Chu Qiao with a smile: “You let me know that you are worried for me, that is what friend does, I was your situation before.

“Will you pass me again ah?” Zhao Song suddenly came to the mood, smiling over his head: “Then you do not go along with Yan Xun who is going back to Yanbei, and stay with me?”

“No,” Chu Qiao declined: “Do not do anything else, it won’t work.”

Zhao Song sighed at once, shrugged his shoulders, a pair of cute eyes towards her eyes, she knows he will give her such an expression.

Counting the years, they have a full understanding of six or seven years. She had followed Yan Xun after the palace. Everyone looks at her differently when she is Yan Xun’s maidservants guard, no one doubts her identity, or to investigate the age of the child’s origin. Yan Xun side of the insiders have all died, and Zhuge home no one had the opportunity to see her when she is in the palace. Chu Qiao knows everything about Zhuge Yue, but do not know why she tight-lipped, and after a month of the incident, he left the truth dissapointed and traveled to Wolong Mountain, recuperating, and have never come back since then.

These heavenly nobles, though each have seen her in the first hunting ground. But these guys are higher than the top of the guys, how can an unruly little slaves look  for more. And even if her hatred is like the sea at Wei Shu You when she is under Yan Xun side as servant with several revenge as directed by Yan Xun after it there is no more to look forward to.

However, such a calm day, but after her encounter with the prince, she sees Zhao Song has changed. This is only the edge of the two sides of the little prince at a glance to recognize the repeated fun of their own Zhuge House small maidservants, but it is not right to say it, but also royal aristocracy collective insult to the time, secretly help Yan Xun and Chu Qiao through the difficulties.

Seriously speaking, he can be considered the only one in the Royal Park, as a friend.

Unfortunately, Zhao Zhengde is his father, he is the big summer prince, for this point, Yan Xun is probably never going to let go.


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