Volume III, Real Ancient Capital, Chapter 60: Little Spots

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Candlestick lights, little red tears.

Three more drums have been knocked over, Yan Xun still did not come back. The little maid holding a brazier carefully opened the door, saw a lamp and the thin figure of the woman in the house, still lying on the desk, then heard the sound but did not looked up, her brows is silly that it seems she is thinking of something.

“Girl,” the little maidservant face could not bear the color of her face, although only 12-year-old age, but also ignorant to understand what’s the point, she carefully went towards the solemn master then whispered softly: “time is late, you have to go to bed early. “

Chu Qiao did not speak, but slightly raised her hand, indicating her to get out.

Xiao Li replaced the brazier, walked out of the door and suddenly turned back and said: “If the world is back, slaves will call you.”

The slender woman slowly looked up, her eyes slightly raised then touched of Xiao Li the voice slowly said: “Are you not so busy?

Little maid was surprised a moment, suddenly knelt on the ground, quickly said: “slaves in trouble, please do not blame the girl.”

“Go on.”

A clear voice suddenly heard, the girl did not speak, just bowed her head and continued to look at the letter, Xiao Liu shunned head bowed out and closed the the door and the house suddenly went quiet.

Firelight flames, from time to time burst a flash of sparks and the shadow of the candle girl was dragged on a very long, slender one with dimly visible contours.

There is no other kind of act, as usual busy, as usual thinking, even the tone of the reply, there is no slightest change. Just that Chief Yan Xun white rice paper in deep ink, thoroughly written at the back.

Winter night long, five more hours and then the front yard door sound came to open, on her writing brush moment, Chu Qiao listened for a while then stood up, all the lights in the room lit.

Light suddenly like truimph on every other distance can see, Chu Qiao stood in front of the window, raised the corner of the window, the night wind blowing down the edge of window, blowing her long black ink hair, the girl’s eyes in quiet silence.

She was waiting for a result and on one glance, she knew she had not slept, knowing that she was waiting for him. If you come over, it shows that there is room for change, otherwise, that is, she has made up his mind and will not change.

The passage of time at  the front yard of the lights has not moved the man wearing a silver fox fur cape, with his hood half covering his polite face. A’Jing stood behind him, on a green bamboo umbrellas, covered his head with snow have been fluttering above the umbrella.The wind blowing from afar, rolled up the snow on the ground, turn in the corner circling, forming a small whirlpool, sweeping his white boots and big fur clothes.

“Son of man,” the little priest bowed and came forward, looking down the hallway all the way ot its end, where there was a bright light pouring far behind Merlin(part of the Zhuge household), after the rockery of stones was entrenched.

“A girl should not fall asleep.”

Yan Xun reminding us of scenes not heard, just quietly standing, he knew that heavy housing, bamboo curtain before, there must be a figure standing silently. Between them, separated by three corridors, two Zhu (cast metal) door, a pool of spring, plum garden, someone just blink an eye.

However, the heavy sense of powerlessness has gradually risen up. Why in this seemingly short course of time thought close yet it seems so far?

His eyes calm looking leisurely like as of that water, did not speak, just quietly looking, eyes penetrating the inch of time, through the years of joys and sorrows, the past, such as dreamlike, affliction and misfortune of him is dependent.

Steep winds, A’ Jing lifter the bamboo umbrella then it was blown away. Suddenly, the young escort turned to chase the bamboo umbrella, while the heavy snow fell on the swallow’s (another code name of Yan Xun) shoulder, even though wearing a thick fur coat still felt so cold.


A short word spit out from the man’s mouth, a plum, suddenly lead the way in front, walked and said: “The girl must have not slept, son … …”

If you have not finished talking, you will see Yan Xun with A’Jing actually went in the opposite direction. Xiao Li surprised a moment, carrying a lantern, at a loss and do not know what to do.

“Puff” a light sound, Chu Qiao gently let down the window, slowly take off the robes, wearing her uniform then went to the four corners of the lantern, one by one blown it out on her slow movement but looking calm.

Finally, the last lantern was blown off with a soft and the candlelight on the book was blown out. All of a sudden, the house was plunged into the darkness of chaos.

She groped and came to her bed, opened the quilt, and sleep in. Wind is very quiet at  darkness, the girl’s eyes widely opened, cold month quietly circled dumping the coldness, dim, cool eyes without tears, but there are some things she doed not know gradually sank in her, layer by layer, like a long stretch of sand and waves.

The next morning, Chu Qiao routinely came to the front yard to eat breakfast as early as today’s Yingge hospital was quiet, it seems that everyone is careful not to make their own voice. Chu Qiao and Yan Xun on the corner relatively sitting to each other, still the same  as their own meal they occasionally looked up then tell some gossip.

No exception to the masters, as calm as nothing happened. A’Jing and Xiao Li and other people gave a confused look, eventually a helpless sigh: “maybe, really is wrong.”

After breakfast, everything tends to be calm, we all perform their duties, looks in between, it seems that also revealed a bit festive.

After all, from then on, in this huge palace, Yingge people no longer had to look at the faces of others.

At noon, Yan Xun open the door to the greenhouse and saw Chu Qiao quietly resting on the railing, a waiting for a long time appearance.

“My blood-Tiran!” Yan Xun with grief, quickly ran up, Chu Qiao surprised a moment, looked back then saw behind their own, Yan Xub holding a cut off a rhizome bluegrass, looking annoyed exclaimed: “My blood-Tiran!”

“It’s not me.”

The girls suddenly raised their hands to stay out: “I did not rely on that.”

“Did not you see the ropes between the stands?”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, look carefully still is the case, shrugged: “Even if I’m good, this is so big deal and then I have to pay you a pot.”

Yan Xun nodded and shook his head, put the flower pot aside, sitting in a chair, in a daze and said: “On this thing, what do you think?

Chu on the end of term thought for a long while, then said: “The emperor is killing you.”

Yan Xun faint smile, mouth lightly telling: “If He will kill me it is not more than a day or two.”

“This time is different,” Chu Qiao shook her head, coldly said: “He did not really want to be with you, but to block the world’s (Yan Xun’s codename) long lead, find yourself a step to ease, it is necessary to get rid of you, you have to stay out of trouble. “

The Maiden looked dignified, well-structured analysis: “Now the clan is huge, vast territory, the emperor in addition to the army in Gyeonggi Province, almost no military power. Military financial power are in the hands of the Elders of the Shrine and dispersed in the family, Zhao Zhengde want to recover the monarchy. In addition to relying on the Mongolian Le Xing and a handful of generals imperialists, we can only hope that the princess seal in the margins. Hence, he must not blatantly kill you, a fear of causing Yanbei restless, inspired by the great fellow. After all, the clans are waiting for the initiation of the princes of various royal families, so as to seize the opportunity to compete for the fiefs and expand the family forces. Once the princes have been eroded by their clans, the royal family will have more difficulty recovering the imperial power. “

Yan Xun nodded his agreement, the girl continued: “So he wants to kill you, you must take the falsehood of others, to be deceptive and then blame others, put themselves out of the matter, but now as long as you die, all over the world the spearhead will point to him, so he chose to marry his daughter at this time, to make the illusion of wanting to let go of tolerance, to let the world (Yan Xun codename) thinks he really want to let you back to Yanbei, the past things are not going to hold on, and then personally shot, until you die. If you die, his most beloved daughter became a widow, then naturally no one will doubt him.

Yan Xun gently smile, drank his tea then said: “You are right.”

The flower room is very warm, swaddled by love indigo plant, a room of Frankincense fragrance, warmth, like airing to get drunk.

Yan Xun beautifully raised the tip of his brow, slightly up, softly asked: “Let A’Chu thought, how should I do.”

“Your mind already care about, why come ask me?” Chu Qiao slightly raised her eyebrows, coldly said: “marry Zhao Chun, he will kill a curse on the day you will not marry her, but it is against the imperial edict. Refuse to marry the enemy of the daughter and the world’s heart of treason inversely exposed and it is the moment of imminent disaster. Who is such a clever man, how can we not weigh the pros and cons of this one?

Having said that, Chu Qiao smiled and slowly said: “The past seven years, how much insult and difficulties you have survived, not to mention is now a woman in the district? Oh, the emperor is looking for him to retreat for cover, we What is not a delay in time, poor silly child Zhao Chun child always being trampled.

Yan Xun looking slant, indifference and brought loneliness and hard, slowly said: “This is your true idea? You have already planned for me.

“You and I have done well over the years for a long time, life and death, honor and disgrace have long been one. I naturally planned for you.” Chu Qiao said quietly: “Moreover, even if I do not say, you will make the same decision. You already told me.”

Yan Xun heard and for a moment surprised, then a faint smile: “A’Chu really knows the world most.”

Chu Qiao stood up and smiled, patted Yan Xun’s shoulder and said: “Of course, we grew up together and know the meaning of life and death, which will never change.”

Yan Xun looked at Chu Qiao relaxed smile, nodded and said: “yes, never change.”

“I’ll go first, and soon I will go to Xiaoqi Camp, go ahead and say hello to Zhao Song.”

Yan nodded and stood up and said: “On behalf of me, say hello to him.”

Chu Qiao turned to go out, just walked to the door, and then stopped, slowly hold her fist, and then release, repeated three times, but still did not go out. Yan Xun seems to know that she has something to say but he did not ask, he is just quietly standing.

“Yan Xun, out of  love will inevitably heroic shortness of life. You still have a lot of wish is not completed, this is big event.”

Yan Xun’s heart turned cold, he did not say anything, just looking at the girl’s back gradually hidden in the flower shop layers of green, long time no movement.

A’Chu, my gracious drip with you, you have reported me to use and pass on. So, in the face of your monstrous grace, how should I repay?

Sunny afternoon , but suddenly, Yan Xun thinks everything is so glaring.



Suddenly she heard a brief light drink, Chu Qiao surprised, looked down, she saw a bridge under the stone bridge stuck a head, the crown crest, two Jianmei (means healthy and beautiful) dark and thick, tall nose, eyes angry some swelling on his forehead, it seems it was smashed with a hard object in general.

Chu Qiao’s heart whispered, her brow immediately crinkled and thought: illegal channels really bad luck today, dismissed the idea of ​​turning around and escaped, stood up to her commanding salute: “Chu Qiao to participate in the seventh highness command,  I do not know His Royal Highness under the bridge, if I offend you in some way, please forgive me. “

Zhao Che on his azure (purplish-blue) robes, purple gold ribbon jade belt hanging on his waist with blue jade blocks, good color, the whole aura is handsome and outstanding, and in his week days dress very different. If his expression is too angry and appears in such a snowy landscape this is a rewarding pleasure to see him.

“Is it you?” Zhao Che’s rushed his brow, looked up at the bridge on Chu Qiao, under a gloomy expression coldly said: “Your mean I appeared not on time and should not stay in the bridge, is it not? “

“Seventh Prince made the following remarks, the king all over the world is not a mud that frequently travels to the other side of the coast to visit its old monarch, the whole world is looking at the royal family, where His Royal Highness should love and naturally willing to turn around.”

Zhao Che surprised a moment, he murmured then repeated “the king all over the world is not a mud that frequently travels to the other side of the coast to visit its old monarch,” its quite a word, he thought.

At this time do you still want to go then?

Chu Qiao  realized and coldly said: “His Highness did not bother to rest, its your retreat.”

“Stop!” Clear voice suddenly sounded, Chu Qiao paused and her step is like a life and death, Zhao Che turned around a big circle, from the end of the ice to the other side of the lake to climb up, went as far. The Great summer prince slightly panting, Yuan Chun shouted all the way across the old bridge: “silly you who is standing there, what are you doing there? Come!”

Chu Qiao heart sighed, and then have to be another, she tries to make some evil thoughts, this is not good mood even worse, looking depressed, slowly off the stone bridge.

Both sides of the branches withered, a lukewarm, snow-capped, edge of the lake frozen, Qi Yue Bridge across the lake, white and transparent, from afar, actually like a ribbon generally magnificent and eye-catching.

Chu Qiao left the Yingge hospital, and did not go to Zhao Song, but came alone to the Royal Garden. She wants to be quiet, to think of something. Xia State summer time is extremely short, winter is cold, this Royal Garden is boring and decaying, has always been a small number of people smoke. She does not want to throw a stone from the bridge, but actually hit Zhao Che.

“What do you mean by your self-professed subordinates, who do not call slaves?”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, did not think what he had to ask is turned out to be same matter, she quickly replied: “On the day of the Hunting ceremony, the emperor honored, and personally gave me Xiaoqiaying camp archery position. Xiao Qi riding camp commander, although not formally known, but also you are also my boss. “

Zhao Che raised his brow and coldly said: “Xiao Qi camp archery teacher? You?”

He was surprised, Chu Qiao was even more surprised, frown asked: “Your Highness, I wasn’t aware you don’t know about it. No one told you?”

Zhao Che thoroughly raised his brow suddenly wrinkled, slightly angered, looked at Chu Qiao coldly and did not answer.

Just such a short period of two sentences, but virtually revealed to Chu Qiao too much information, the heart of the vibration almost speechless for a time, too many thoughts have been summarized, now she feels dizzy. The same day, Zhao Cheng Yun retreated, did not have time to watch her and Zama what the two girls did in the battle and they did not actually tell him afterwards?

Is this how Muhe’s relationship with Zhao Che has already broken up and arrived at this point? The Emperor’s original favorite son is not also intimate with him? Zhao Che in Beijing cannot survive without a spy, then who is hoping to hide from him? Swallows (Yan Xun another coadename) are under the command of military commanders and such a big event he was not informed which in turn shows what’s the problem on it.

Just looking at the gods, all of a sudden his eyes, Chu Qiao suddenly surprised, she pinted at Zhao Che’s forehead, feeling embarrassed she said: “Seventh Prince, His Royal Highness, you … …”

Zhao Cheng frowned, wondering: “What’s up?” Then touched his forehead, suddenly some streaks of blood in his hand.

“Do not move.” Chu Qiao quickly stepped forward, she pulled out a white veil from her arms, irregardless of respect, she touched Zhao Che’s forehead.

“Stop!” Zhao Che is in disgust, never abandon the slave, self-identity of the imperial seventh prince, his brow frowned and coldly snapped Chu Qiao: “Who allowed you to touch the king?”

Chu Qiao heard, and she went into a moment of surprise, suddenly stopped what she was doing and stepped back on one side, looked down at the top of the Quanzi (means circle) of blood of the seventh prince, she faintly said: “Since His Highness is not allowed to be helped under his order, but from here is a far away distance from the main hall. Some people smoke from the harem also have two incense time, to His Royal Highness who is clearly injured, were not able to do the estimates and have died out of blood loss.

“ShuShu!” Zhao Che distracted by the rapid loss of blood so he was a little dizzy, almost standing instability, Chu Qiao dropped before the stones hit, but slightly painful, and no bleeding, do not want now Blood flow more than. But in spite of this, the seventh Prince is still stubborn coldly said: “did you dare to hurt the king, I will punish your people nine times!”

Chu Qiao gave a cold smile, disagreed, said: “This indigenous person has long been your best, now only me can save your trouble, but your highness if you do not let me help, you may not even tell others to help you and this chance of revenge is gone. “

Finished speaking, Chu Qiao came to him already with a small packet of gold sores drug, went forward.

“Step aside!”

“You give me a honest point!” Quickly Yan’s servant girl shouted, a small catch with a bloody dizziness is like a painting under the arc of the bridge for big summer Prince and the tone of the nurse coldly said: “You think I am willing to save you, I just do not want to be implicated because of your death.”

For the first time in Zhao Che’s life encountered such brave and provoking girl that in this moment of surprised he forget he is struggling.

Chu Qiao grabbed a handful of snow, click on the wound in the Zhao Che and he went like dumbfounded prince suddenly screamed he shouted: “What are you doing?

Chu Qiao in a cold hum, but also think what kind of tough guy he is and call this pain. While thinking of it, while quickly brushing the snow, pour gold sore drug, and then covered with a handkerchief, pulled a handful of Zhao Che’s golden gown, took out a dagger 一 soon pulled off a cloth, the seven princes raging a roar while being bandaged up.

“Bold minions,” Zhao Che sat on the snow, bitterly whispered: “Unauthorized tear royal robes, you know what crime?

Chu Qiao frowning at him, slowly shook her head, her face gave birth to a few pity mercy. Count this time, but also this is her sixth meeting with Zhao Che. For the first time, came the first day of this era, when Zhao Che was still a child. He was cruel and innocent. Several times, he pointed forward to her and pointedly wanted her to take her life. The second time, it was with the swallows captured the night of the night, Zhao Che troops ambush outside the snow field, beating them in one fell swoop, and their suffering is also starting here. At that time, he was lonely and full of conceit. Thirdly, on the day when Zhao was leaving Beijing, he and Yan Tu secretly hid in the corner of Imperial City and witnessed the moment when the child was introduced to the palace gate. That is the first time for himself and Yan Xun shot the royal family, when the main target is not Zhao Toru, just to cause Zhao Che and Wei valve of the grudges, by Wei valve removed Zhao Toru, and then by Zhao Tong Going to Mu Wei’s hatred of Wei valve to limit Wei Shu tour, so as to win the power of respite. Subsequently, is his recent several times, in the imperial corridor and once in the paddock.

This man, each meeting gives people a different feeling, people can not ignore, before her, is deeply afraid of this person, but now, she felt a little funny, looking at his clothes bloody blue and white but still from bitterly look, a heart of distress, but also gradually relaxed.

“I’m offended enough today, you tore my clothing so badly.”

The girl on her faint smile, sitting down by the trees down, white big fur covered in the shoulders, like Empty Valley Orchids under the wilderness of tobacco trees.

Zhao Che heard then ask if like he is surprised at this moment looking puzzled he raised his eyebrows: “I see it, you are not really afraid of death.”

“No, I am afraid of death.” Chu Qiao shook her head: “I just do not believe you will kill me.”

Zhao Che coldly asked: “Why?”

Chu Chiao said: “Those who truly takes revenge, will first be mindful in their heart, I save them, and then when they are saved after, I kill you for a revenge. And this person though some arrogance, self-righteousness, eyes above the top not to mention bloodthirsty, but there is still a little strength and conscience, so you will not come to me after for the revenge. “

This gold sore drug really so that for a while, even stopped the blood, Zhao Che heard then asked her coldly, he said: “Do you know just by this time you insult the royal family, it is enough to kill You ten times. “

Chu Qiao smiled and stood up: “No harm, anyway, I have even hit the prince today, nor worse than insult two.”

“Bold!” Zhao Che suddenly stood up, looking furious.

“Do not come.” Chu Qiao is also a cold one: “You should know that I am not a physical force of the ordinary woman, you are not my opponent at full time but also be apart, not to mention you are now seriously injured. I do not want to punish you and hate you for hating me.”

Zhao Che showing some teeth he said: “a bold woman.”

“Thanks for your compliment.”

Chu Qiao smiled and turned to stone bridge, loudly said: “If I was wrong with you, you are really kind of unlucky and bad bully, then I advise you best not to send someone to catch me because I am not at will to be recognized, maybe in the crucial moment will bite you, if I remember correctly, this is the place where the Princess Empress voted in for me, in front of the lake, if Queen empress would know about this event, what do you think? “

The woman’s voice crisp far came, standing on the shores of the Lake, Zhao Che fiercely looking Chu Qiao left  ta his the back, his eyes almost like a jet on fire.

That day the sun is very good, a rare sunny winter and in the afternoon, good weather on its gentle cold breeze.


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