Volume III, Real Ancient Capital, Chapter 64: Evil Heads

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Night has been very deep, over the Sanctuary of Gold is still immersed in a string of bamboo sound of vocal music, cool distant moon hanging high in the air, emitting a bleak miserable glory. Zhen Huang although never in curfew, but after JuiWei Plaza is the Imperial City range, heavily guarded, a dead silence, especially this hour, basically few people walking, and this time can move around here is not what the ordinary people does.

On this night, hundreds of cavalry, in front of a narrow path into the shuttle-shaped, quiet long street only to hear some clatter. In the cold forest, many armors clamor for about half the time spent of an incense did not enter the imperial main road, but went into the city by the pavement, along the wall while they stay in line.

Walking in the central are numerous cavalry, both guards have high shield in hand, before and after were two lanterns, the team central completely into the dark, people cannot see them, but look at this arrangement, you won’t know who is at the center but it is guarded as an important character.

In front are the striker who are holding a weapon, spear fighters escape seven in a row, ready anytime there is an instant attack and defensive.

Twenty cavalry on both sides of the left and right, like two walls generally guard the ranks of the team, all armed with swords, toward on the outside, wearing heavy armor, their armor flashing in silver light. This is a look of weight Western Regions. A cast, even if someone on the wall or road sling shot, as long as not heavy crossbow, they are fearless.

This tight precaution can almost be described as dripped. Since the death of Mu He Sein and his wife, the aristocrats of the nirvana of the capital have immediately become perilous and plunged into a panic. Wei Shu Rong You royal front knife knight, on his own little life seems to treasure his own life

Sharp winds, the snow on the  very fragrant ground but also see the serious and austere atmosphere.

“Son.” A home slave immediately before the Li Ce, facing the man immediately coldly said: “Go forward to the north side of Yuananmen, quietly into it, it  will not be found by the owner. Waiting for us, as long as the surrender handed up, Yan Shi Zi and the little girl cannot run.

Wei Shu You nodded coldly, looks like a fierce wolf, cruel and bloodthirsty, curved corners of the mouth hard, gloomy and heavy.

Mid-sky clouds pile up, and covered the moon light.

A dark man in a black nightwear, his eyes slightly squint, standing above the high palace wall, a cold wind, swept his slender body, more and more seemed arrogant and fierce, drowned.

Thirty black men surrounded the sides, or squatting or ambush hidden in the layers of shadow, waiting for the arrival of time.

Suddenly, the direction of the palace loud music, faint drums and bells ringing sound. Men know that the time has come when musicians begin to cover their actions, with only a sweet smell.

A sharp scream suddenly scratched the quiet of night, disturbing those who go forward regularly with the horseshoe.

Wei soldiers suddenly horrified, panicked and looked up at both sides of the dark hole.

At this moment, the whizzing whistled and the thirties of crossbows at the top of the wall erupted. Arrows flashed, their heart and lungs were taken, and horses were not taken.

Wailing from the horse’s hurls, struggling to keep their feet, immediately soldiers starts to fell from the  horse and screaming. Wei Shu You by the people in the central protection, exasperated, angrily shouted: “how come?”

The man in a dark sneer, raised his hand of the golden crossbow, then whizzed away. However, the arrow has not yet arrived, his body has received leaps like lightning banfing in the high walls, and the heavenly descendant on his feet down, then thrown his hand at the hook lock, volley leaps, suddenly fell to the ground.

“Bang” sound muffled, man’s sword about fiercely inserted in the armor of the opposite soldier, another soldier rushed forward, who knows that by just taking one step, the golden arrows after the its first departure fiercely penetrated his throat!

Screams immediately rang at the entire Crape Myrtle!

Followed by someone hidden in the wall above the dead who have jumped, brazenly held a knife to kill.

Wei Shu You at this time has been fallen into stampede of most of the war horse screams, horseshoe in chaos, a lot of people who were hit with the crossbow shots, fell to the ground, but was kicked to death on foot, the team has long been chaotic on their burst formation, more than a hundred people the corps immediately defeated.

“Wei Valve traitor! Framed loyalty, eliminate dissidents, steal the country evil owl, Mu He came today for Heavens Road and to take your life!

Suddenly a mess of clutches in the distance, Wei Shu You knows the imperial city of the Ban Jun is heard the voice has come, suddenly changes his mindset, brave Yongshui: “Muhe dog thief, dying, it has the ability to it, despite this! “

Just then, suddenly a big net shed from the sky, the pocket will be tightly wrapped Wei Shu You, four black warriors in a neat swap position, tighten the giant net, then suddenly throw the hook, jumped high wall and brazenly left.

Suddenly heard a light whistle, the black warriors who have been summoned, although accounted for the absolute upper hand, but still not fought back to go, fragmented sword was thrown, two black men holding two casks. The inside of the liquid rushing poured out, and then dropped a torch, no longer glanced, a few leaps and bounds, disappeared between the buildings, towards the outer city, but the instant kung fu disappeared shadowless.

The whole action happened in half-incense time, all transient moment became quiet, while the direction of the Holy Golden Palace, there is no stop in the huge vocal music, still in the midst of a peace and prosperity.

Efficient attacks and explosive means left behind the imperial army only a Wei soldiers still  struggling and moaning in the sea of ​​fire.

The Imperial Guards General looked guarded, hurriedly said: “Wei eldest son was kidnapped, move fast! Going to inform the Shrine of the Elders! The others went to the outer city with me to pursue the murderer!”

In the imperial city of the Paramilitary went stormy to go to the outer city chasing those assassins, a team of black troops and horses without hesitation ran into the imperial city, official road next to the pine and cypress forest, more than a dozen of Tsing Yi bodyguard is quiet on guard. Beside a carriage, several people quickly rushed to the Wei network will be living in a giant net swim a fiercely thrown to the ground.

“you guys……”

“Bang” muffled, Wei Shu You to be open, it was kicked by one person, fiercely kicked his mouth. His teeth smashed immediately, Wei Shu You on a bored hum soon, could no longer speak.

Two Tsing Yi guards quickly approached, Wei Shu You closely tied up, seal their hands and mouth, and then opened the carriage of the lower, even put him in the usual bloom of charcoal.

Black men led by the carriage, took off the black night outfit, revealing dressed in white, pulled down masked, face Qing Jun, sharp eyes, such as stars.

“Son of man,” the black man in a good dress wore a blue guards uniform, hugging a brazier and said: “grilled hands, warm body.”

Yan Xun lightly nodded, the brazier took over, the curtain down, he took aside the black dress, threw it into, and then reached out, gently waved to the outside, the carriage immediately on the official road, toward the direction of forbidden palace slowly getting away from it.

Violent vigil immediately sounded behind a guard stepped forward, then snapped: “What people? Happy night in the palace, do not want to live it?

The man surprised a moment, sees someone came suddenly on the interface, said: “The original is Yan Shi Zi, Wei Gongzi attack on the purple Wei Road, I was ordered to rushed to the Royal Palace to report your majesty.”

“An attack?” The carriage curtain was lifted, Yan Xun brow is frivolous: “Who can catch the murderer, where is Wei Gongzi now, is he injured?”

“Yan Shi Zi, the murderer absconded and has escaped toward the outer city, the general led the way to chase as Wei Gongzi was kidnapped, as to where they are, so far I do not know.”

Yan Xun nodded then coldly said: “Then you go to inform.”


The war horse ran whistling away, swill back to the carriage, said to the outside coldly: “Continue to go to Lu Hua Temple.”

Just go out of the carriage, we will see Wei Guang with Wei valve several officials then hurriedly walked out from the Lu Hua Dian and went to the palace late.

Yan Xun draped in his white fur, handsome face, watched the Wei valve officials leave, slowly stepped into the main hall of Lu Hua.

Xia Huang (The Emperor) has been absent leaving only the Wei vavle ministers  because of Wei Shu You was abducted and was unconscious of it, Zhao Qi is in charge of the overall situation. In the meantime, the palace ladies in their colorful clothing went to a shuttle through the metropolis to provide food for everyone. The huge royal music teacher delegation revolves around the side of the main hall.

Prince Li Ce in a deep purple Beaulieu (means royal palace) Jinpao (golden gown), and all the people laughing and joking suddenly like a cup that went dry, unambiguous, but also from time to time to reach out and tease dancing Danji, a romantic celebrity, if not the face of the scenery is too over spectacular, presumably a turbulent romantic move.

On the atmosphere of the banquet, Baiguan (means White stork bird) drink about the same, the mood is high, constant laughter , a staggering greedy reign of a soveriegn emperor.

Yan Xun quiet on the side, looked up at the faint face of Li Ce that blush, pull of his mouth, raised the glass and shaking his head, chuckling.

“How did you come here?”

Zhao ChunEr, dress with a bunch of butterflies a tender powder color on her shirt, purple color under the gold dress, covered with beads, her cheeks like a milk powder, cherrycolor of her lips, Chun Er surging like a different type of light glossy jade.

Yan Xun looking at the models came around him sitting next to the girl, slightly bent his mouth, a touch of light: “nap for a while.”

“I thought you did not come again,” Zhao ChunEr looked like water, glanced to sit on top of the Prince Li Ce like a beep said: “That guy just asked someone’s name, really, I do not know is that is an etiquette.”

Yan Xun sprinkling smile, looking up and drinking, did not answer.

Zhao ChunEr idly looked up at him, did not mind that he ignored himself, after a long time, suddenly react, its little face turned to red, pulling his clothes and asked: “Look, this is  the new Yu tribute color of silk, looks good?

Yan Xun slightly surprised a moment, but just remembered the Chishui Lake, the woman’s eyes bright, eager to call his name, and then slightly on panic said: “careful on the road.”

Yan Xun showed a gentle face suddenly on his heartfelt sigh: “beautiful.”

Zhao ChunEr think it is their own happy time together, suddenly sobbed then sits, unable to live for the swaddle of food.

Soldiers quietly came in from the side door to report to Zhao Qi who looks blue, more ugly. Surrounde by officials have carefully noticed, and gradually convergent banquet momentum weakened, but only the Bain Tang Prince Li Ce is still drunk and beside Zhao Qi’s sleeve, was not able to speak, suddenly wobbling almost all the hands of the wine are spilled on Zhao Qi’s body.

Until two more square just scattered seats, drunk Li Ce in a mess, even lying on the few fell asleep and their sleeves have food stains.

Seventh Prince ordered him to be carried to Diaofang Hall, he did not return to Forbidden Palace, but directly out of the main hall, and they marched to the city.

Yan Xun standing in the dark square, on his white fox fur, stiff face, eyebrow fly into his temple, watching Zhao Qi left the figure who touch its lips.

A rustle of dark sky, jackdaws (means a glossy, black, European bird) fly, and its sound of noise heard.

“Hey brother,” Zhao ChunEr carefully pulled his sleeve, softly said: “It’s so cold, send ChunEr back to the Palace.”

Yan Xun moved up and down respectfully retrea3ted, took the gift, and like sudden alienation suddenly opened it politely and coldly said: “Yan Xun to his vindictive request, afraid to disturb the princess or go back on their own.”

Finished, turned on his own carriage.

The carriage gradually disappeared, Zhao ChunEr still standing in place, the palace people came up, put on her big fur, but accidentally fell on the ground, the big crimson was replaced by particularly striking like a beach Blood in the snow.

Zhao ChunEr stubborn lips biting, tears spinning in the eyes, but hard to let it fall.


Jade Ma Mo sighed, stepped forward to hold the little princess’s hand and said: “Go back.”

Zhao ChunEr tight mouth, obedient she nodded, followed by Jade Ma Mo in the carriage behind without saying a word, the cold wind, a drop of tears suddenly fell across her cheeks dripping in the pale snow.

“Ma Mo,” little princess’s voice is small, with a tearful cover: “Did ChunEr do something wrong?”

Jade Ma Mo sighed, gently touched Zhao ChunEr hair, but cannot say a word.

If wrong, we can only blame you wrong people who loves the wrong people, the poor child, the future of the road and how to go?

Carriage slowly going forward, hidden in a cold moonlight.

Yingge hospital chamber of secrets, A’Jing pulled one man blindfolded in black cloth.

Wei Shu You tightly frowned, so long ago adapted to such a bright light, looked up, but suddenly saw the man indifferent chuckle on its face.

“Swallow?(yan xun other code name)” Wei Shu You eyes suddenly wide open, unbelievable cried aloud.

Swallow sitting in a chair, is smelling the tea slightly looked up, put up a light smile said hello: “Wei Gongzi recently the elegant people are busy, see you in a long time, do not go unharmed.”

“Hello big courage!” Wei Shu You suddenly furious, snapped.

“My courage has always been small, Wei Gongzi should take the hint.”

Yan Xun, Wei valve will not let go of you, you will die without burial ground!

Yan Xun laughed, as if her heard a joke, slowly said: “I will not die without burial place that I do not know, but I’m sure you will absolutely die without burial.

“Do you still remember?” Yan Xun slightly probe the body before, smile Xiemei (means harmonious and graceful), soothing slowly said: “I said, you do not kill me that day, one day you will die to my knife, you cut a finger then I’ll cut you a head. “


Huge screams suddenly sounded, sharp blade, a broken hand suddenly fell to the ground, the blood of the wolf.

A few drops of blood splashed Yan Xun’s wrist, the man frowned slightly, disgusting pick up a white silk and wipe it hardly. Facing his subordinate said: “drag it down, cut it.”

Wei Shu You dying, angrily exclaimed: “Yanbei dog! My uncle will not forgive you!”

“Wei Guang?” Yan Xun sneer: “He is too old, his head is not enough, and only you Wei valve also for him as a god for the same now his decadent head, not necessarily in doubt who.”

“Wei Shu You, you are a fool!”

Yan Xun suddenly turned around and looked at him coldly, disgusted coldly said: “You had some time to live, but you should not irritate me, in particular, should not take my most care about people to threaten me. You think you can bring me down? Innocent, you are always an improper waste before. Now, after the original will be discarded, but unfortunately you will never have this opportunity.

One will be stained like white silk thrown to the ground, swallow(Yan Xun) to the other turned away, strode out, while walking and he said coldly: “drag it!

Murmur of curse and frightened Li Xiao suddenly sounded, Yan Xun on his back straight, gave a deaf ears.

He has embarked on the path of revenge, once humiliated him, hurt him will pay a devastating price. Since then, he will not allow anyone to take away his beloved things, not allowed!

Frosty night, cold night wind, tonight, but also a sleepless night.

On the second day, the entire true city of Huang was alarmed. Wei Shu’s eldest son, Wei Shu, was ambushed in the imperial city last night. One hundred soldiers and horses were annihilated and Wei Shu Yuo was abducted. The imperial army banned earlier, even the shadow of the murderer they did not see, search and found nothing, now probably afraid.

Because at that time, the Forbidden Army heard far behind the self-report of Mu He, so a series of large-scale massacres of the remnants of Muhe’s allegiance began again.

However, at this moment, in the main room of Wei’s mansion, Wei Guang handed over a letter to his most trusted deployment of Wei Nu coldly said: “It is imperative to say to Ye Er that Wei valve life or death is in an instant, His Majesty has started a Wei pulse, if he does not come back, Wei valve is the next Mu He’s.

Riding rapid horse rushed out of the true gates, to the north dust away.

A refined report when the swallow is drinking Langmu tea, heard a cool smile, said lightly: “The more lives, the better.”

Just a few words, but suddenly let A’Jing whole body up and down ina cold, he followed Yan Xun for three years, but found himself gradually seeing what kind of the master is this.

Xiaoqi camp on the school, came and wave after wave of thunderous applause, smiling bright girl standing in the middle of the school, seven arrows together, Lianzhu projectile shot one after another to the center of the bull’s eye .

“Chu teacher arrow head!”

Far from riding a horse quickly rushed to the scene, the young soldier wore a beige dagger, turned up and jumped off the horse, gasped and said: “Someone is looking for you.”

“Looking for me?” Chu Qiao surprised a moment, put down the crossbow, jumped from the arrow stage and asked: “Where are the people?”

“Chu arrow head!” Smile hearty guy waving a bow and shouted: “still better than ah?”

“Even the robes are lost to me, I still do not know repentance, sooner or later, you lose pants did not wear!” The girl turned her head, tone crisp shouted around the Xiaoqi camp soldiers who suddenly laughed out loud, have coaxed it named taller than arrows.

Correspondent also followed as the crowd smiles, exposing a white teeth, said: “I do not know, it seems Secretary Li Jians in prison, a lot of people.”

Chu Qiao’s brow wrinkled slowly, who will come to her? Yan Xun not to say that the matter of playing the Prince Li Ce on it? Will anyone come to find this little archery coach?

“Go and see for yourself.”

Chu Qiao stood up to jump on another horse, with the communications soldiers behind, toward the Camp in the direction of the camp rode away.

From afar, today’s Xiao Qiao Ying extraordinarily lively, Jinlong banners flag, Jinyi courtesy, a woman of graceful posture carrying a huge gold plate, Secretary Li Jian’s supervisors dressed in dadian clothes to wear, respectful Respect to follow in the back of rows of magnificent boxes placed before the camp, I do not know what is this filled with extraordinary treasure.

Zhao Qi frowned on the Deputy divinely and coldly said: “Seventh Prince nad His Royals? How did they come back.”

Cold Deputy forehead sweat and direct current, and now he did not know what happened in the end, lowered his voice replied: “It is fast, it has been sent to the community.”

“Yes, the original barracks, but also do not have some scenery.”

A lazy voice sounded in the side, Zhao Qi smell suddenly headache, turned around and bitter smile: “Your Royal Highness Prince, I do not know you come to my brother here this time, in the end what is the matter?

“When you know you will know.” Li Ce in his big red Kam robes, clothing like fire, the hem is embroidered with a few 鸾 Luan (means mythical bird related to phoenix) Fengxiu dragon map, gold dazzling, fragrance coat, hood red fox, a pair of eyes evil charm, such as peach. The cold days are partial to life, shaking a folding fan, so mysterious look straight people who are like itchy roots.

Zhao Qi vowed that he really did not tolerate anymore.

The whole two days, he tossed around with the immediate presence of people, the first place where the sanctuary of the Holy Palace to sleep is not ventilated, busy for half a night at last he finally passed the wind ventilation was cold, the morning began to grow for the palace of the ladies he said they are too ugly and unwilling to eat, finally got some of the best things he did not find too good people does not talk like in poetry, eating is also picky, a tea that is not the last three days of new tea, will say that the guards boots outside did not had soft pads so when they walk in the outer city, will wake him up to sleep in his inner city. In short, full of endless tricks.

Zhao Qi a life almost to half, I feel and many brothers seem to struggle for many years without him with these two days hard, now do not know what to do, he is out of thoughts, consistently call a group of people to come to the barracks.

If before this, he still suspected this guy is playing hide and seek tiger hidden master, then now, he can be 100% sure, this guy is a pervert, without reason at all.

“Oh! Come here!”

Li Ce eyes suddenly give up light, Zhao Qi have not had time to look closely, it was a pull to the side of Li, Shua! soon closed the folding fan, the man is nervous and said: “How is my dress today? Tasted enough? You do not say cheesy? You see me this pair of boots, is the tribute to the Northwest Mohan Wang Need flower mink, but also what is the grade of it?

Zhao Qi sighed helplessly, nodded frequently: “Well, beautiful.”

Just stepped into the camp, Chu Qiao and Zhao Qi saw the Green Camp army horse, her brow gently, my heart secretly left a bit careful.

What happened after all, why Zhao Qi will personally come to find it? Will it be Yan Xun out of flaws?

At this moment, she was close to the crowd, and saw the officials of the chief eunuchs looking at her frowning one by one and did not seem to understand what had happened. She was a little relieved, if Yan Xun defeats Zhao Qi as long as the green camp with troops like, why take the Secretary Li Jian? Things must not be as bad as they themselves think.

“The end will be Chu Qiao, see three … …”

“Haha! See where you run this time!”

A flaming figure suddenly channeling out from behind, a stretch of arm her tightly in his arms, all of a sudden stunned, but they have not recovered, they saw the girl suddenly seemed to be attacked like a small beast. Thunder thumping in place, a cumbersome hand from the other side under the control of break out, a small catch followed, Kacha (a noise sound) two ring, on the counter-attack will be the main men on the ground!


Chu Qiao had a drink and coldly said.

Then, to see the big heart of Bian Tang like a humble baby looked up from the ground, still smiling his satyr expression, lazy tone said: “Really rude, is this how you treat me ah, you do not know me?

Suddenly, the officials of the big summer laughed, and they looked at Prince Li Ce Tang who was lying on the ground and turned around to see the three princes Zhao Qi with a black face. Then he went to see some dumbfounded girl Chu Qiao and others people stunned, do not know what to say.

On the contrary, Bian Tang’s messengers, but everyone sad expression, seems to have long been aware that things do not follow the direction of common sense.

Zhao Qi responded first, immediately step forward, facing Chu Qiao snapped: “Bold! How dare you to treat Prince Li Ce so rude, what a crime you deserve to die!

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, quickly let go, just want to please him. Suddenly saw a Prince Li Ce turning up neatly from the ground up, facing Zhao Qi very imposing shouted: “You bold! The prince is to marry is her, I brought the bride price, foreigner ah, lift it up!

Hundreds of huge boxes were lifted up, just opened, full of magnificent scenery, a dazzling eye-catching color, people could not help but exclaimed aloud.

Chu Qiao standing still, take a look at the foolish eyes of the big summer official, take a look at stunned Prince Zhao Qi, take a look at the prince Li Ce Tang triumphantly, finally frowned and cried.

Who can tell her, in front of all this, what is the situation?


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