Volume III, Real Ancient Capital, Chapter 73: The Queen’s Death

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Chu Qiao waited for a while, but Yan Xun did not come back, unavoidably anxious. For a while, A’Jing lifted the carriage curtain, said Yan Xun ride on the carriage of Prince Li Ce and asked Chu Qiao not to wait for him. He would go first.

The spring of the Red Plateau always come late. At this time, Bian Tang and Huai Song have long been the flowers of the warm sun and the warm summer, while the land of the big summer is still chilly. Sometimes a trace of cold wind blows from afar.

The Jade carriage and horses cannot moved on to Yuhua gate. Chu Qiao got off the car and walked in front of the house with the man from the palace who came to lead the way, into the front corridor.He turned all the way to the front hall.

Perhaps time is still early, The golden palace sanctuary is quiet. There are white birds flying in the sky, cool breeze blowing on the clothes, sleeves fluttering like a butterfly. 

“White father!”

Suddenly a small eunuch came running from the direction of the camphor hall, and said to her old man, who was leading the way, said, “The princesses, the ladies and gentlemen”

“What?” said the white male grandfather. He was shocked. His hands were suddenly falling on the floor and stuttered. “What happened?”

“The person in the Shuyi Bureau said that the Zaoni cake they had eaten in the Western house made them suddenly sick, and now the House of the people have entered the palace.”

“How could this happen?” The husband kept his eyebrows locked.

Turning around and just about to speak, Chu Qiao said: “The father-in-law has something to do with it. I know the way to the front hall.”

“I would like to thank Chu Fangyi.” The husband performed a ceremony and said to the eunuch: “Go away.”

Chu Qiao is the fourth female official, official Miriam Yeung, coupled with the palace for many years, is familiar with these empresses.To be precise, the emperor of Daxia was not lustful, and the women in the palace had always been not particularly favored by anyone. She vaguely remembered the Shu-Yi Bureau’s Qin Shu-yi, the name of the call, no significant leakage of water, Shuyi Bureau’s 80 song and dance has always been the most has always been a quiet and harmonious, often come to their Shangyi Square to take book.Unexpectedly, people who are outside of everything can escape the curse of death.

No longer think much about it, through the Camphor Temple, is the Eight Canal Qunming Lake, the willows on both banks have been pumped, crisp and green, breeze slowly, and the rippling blue lake. Chu Qiao standing on the eight canal gallery bridge, dress as the wind, floating to fly, inevitably give birth to a few inches of open heart.

After passing Rung Wah Court, you will walk forward to the Former Hall of Forment. She is on the sidewalk. She is quiet and has few pedestrians. She walks down a row of lacquer-painted golden porches, distant mountains and clear water, willow flowers, and women’s white Shirts and ink, it is very elegant.

However, at this moment, a shrill screams suddenly came, suddenly disrupted the pace of advancing girls.

Chu Qiao stopped, looked up and saw a white carved Eagle fell from the sky, Bang! cry fell to the ground, the chest and abdomen was a profit through the piercing of arrow, bloody.

However, the door of the room was just a light, a strong force suddenly hit, palms with wind, sharp like a knife.

However, the door just a light room, an instant hit vigorously, palm with the wind, sharp knife.

The strength of the other side is extremely great. Chu Qiao was not made under the control of man. She responded so quickly that she couldn’t see who the other person was. She turned back and picked up her wrist. A snake snaked her throat, but in the moment she got it, a slender but cold hand gripped her white neck tightly.

Shots such as electricity are evenly matched.

Doors and windows are closed, without a trace of light, the room was dark, one cannot see each other’s facial features. The faces of the two men were hidden in darkness, with sharp eyes flashing faint light, like two wild beasts in narrow streets.

Even if it is restrained, there is no smashing hand. Almost at the same time, the two sides opened a finger with a tacit understanding. Seeing that the other side also had the same move, they continued to let go. Finally, they stood against each other, but they still couldn’t hide the tension in the air.

“Ye cloud sister, why are you so.”

The gentle voice suddenly sounded in the courtyard. The woman was dressed in a blue and colorful phoenix dress. The purple gold was carved in the crown. The water sleeves were like clouds. The waist was shining. If you faced the peach and plum blossoms, you could see the eyes of the Yuelan Lake. Slowly came forward.

“You and I have a sister. How can your sister be patient with seeing you make a big mistake?” People lifted up a Nanmu lounge chair. Shu Royal Concubine sleeves, and slowly sat down with a smile and took it from the white eagle. After solving the letter, he took a close look and said: “The private transmission of the harem woman and the outsider is a big sin. The sister is in charge of the palace for many years. Do you not know why? Why did you make such a mistake?”

In the former emperor’s distinguished women’s station courtyard, dressed in a deep purple purple color Jinhua clothes, her neck was straight, and behind him were two maids, still undaunted by the magnificence of her royal face, but her face was clear and slightly pale. Mu He Yun did not look at Shu Concubine, and said to the two people behind him: “We will go.”


Mu He Yun reminding us of scenes, he will continue to move forward. Several of the attendants immediately came forward and stopped him in front of the Mu He Yun, divinely said: “Queen please stay, the empress have something to say.”

“Snap!” The cry of a ring rang at once, and Muhe Yun’s face slaps on the face of the waiter. When the Big Summer Queen of the Phoenix picks up, coldly shouted: “What is your identity? Also dare to block the palace this way?”

When the waiter gave a glimpse, a moment of surprise, suddenly knelt on the ground. Mu He Yun under the accumulative power of many years, actually scared these people under arrest.

Shu Concubines eyes were cold and she said lightly: “Jiangshan easy to change, the nature is difficult to change, my sister Feng Wei is not reduced, and her style remains the same. It is gratifying.”

Muhe Yun’s face was cold and on her cold voice said: “You and I never knew each other, and there was no friendship. In the past, this palace has never been afraid of you, and I am not planning to look down on you. The woman in this palace is prosperous but it is normal for the decline to flourish. Since everyone is an enemy or a friend, you don’t have to be sweet with your sister.

Shu concubine smiled and said: “Cloud sister’s sex is like a burning fire and her mouth is straightforward. My sister really likes you more and more.”

“Don’t dare to, there is something in this palace, not to accompany you to chat.”

Finish saying it, turn around and want to leave.

“Slow!” Shu expensive princess face is looking cold, slowly stood up, holding a letter in her hand, divinely said: “My sister is not going to explain?

“Do you want to add the crime, who suffers from no words?” Mu He Yun coldy soon, slowly said: “If you like it, you can take it to the emperor. The emperor’s a saint, he will have a wise decision.”

“However, I want to hear my sister’s explanation.”

Mu He Yun slowly turned around, (Fengsuanruyue means) Phoenix eyes like snow, cold eyes watching Shu Concubine, Heaven’s family’s graceful air blowing. She smiled arrogantly, puffed lips, a faint smile: “If I were you, I would never do this today.”

Shu concubine did not expect her to suddenly say this, and at one glance, suddenly surprised a moment, Mu He Yun continued: “The woman in the palace saw the world, and the second saw the emperor’s favor, but she looked at what he had left. And I entered the palace the same year, together with the young Shu start, you are not inferior to me in all aspects, When I was a queen ten years ago, you are still a noble girl. Why can you think about it?

Shu Concubine face was cold, no longer have trace of a smile, Mu He Yun said: “Because you are stupid, you will only have trivial tricks. They are short-sighted, domineering, a villain delightful face. After all, It’s hard to make a big one. Fortunately, you’re just casting a good family and a good brother.”

“Bold!” She Concubine said in the Queen’s side suddenly exclaimed loudly.

The female officer behind the cloud of Mu He Yun suddenly said sharply: “You are bold! The Queen and your master talks to you like this. How is it that has she been your slave?”

“Mu He family has fallen. If I were you, I wouldn’t be standing here again. Compared to me, you don’t feel at this moment, is the person in Lan Xuan Temple is more threatening to you than me?”

Muhe Nayun’s mouth grabbed a ridiculous smile: “Do you think that the emperor will still allow the Wei valve into the next Mu He’s? Although Muhe’s fell, this house is a good candidate for checks and balances. You’ve done it all your life cannot do to be queen, regardless of the scenery outside of the Wei valve, you are only a concubine in the Grand Summer Palace. I advise you to learn how to learn etiquette, know how to advance and retreat, visit ceremony. Daxia Queen can only be I am a partner of Muhe Yun, once, now, and in the future. You will give up.”

The wind blew up and rolled up the dark purple clothes of Muhe Yun. Forty-year-old woman face fierce, hair, such as waterfall, looks like a woman in her thirties, stature filled with noble and proud.

Shu Concubinestood in the same place and looked at the back of Mu He Yun’s gloomy eyes, suddenly turned back, after that kneeling on her clothes, the side of her footsteps. She said coldly said to the people beside her: “Pull her down and put it to death.”

“Goddess!” The waiter was shocked kneeling on the ground and shouted: “God’s mother’s life!”

Shu concubine did not look back, quickly disappear in the courtyard. The sparrow on the corridor twitter, the faint lake, reflecting the soft light.

The door was opened, the light came in outside, Chu Qiao slightly narrowed her eyes and looked to the side.

The man is a long-haired man with a dark red suit and a black eagle embroidered on his clothes belt. His eyes are starry stars and his lips are red. He slowly looks over.

The cold wind passed between them with a faint coldness. The man’s eyes were as cold as ever without a trace of affection.

The man seems to have always been like this, cold like a sculpture in general.

Chu Qiao slowly retreated two steps calm, looking at the man in front, as if never know, as if he never knew, the wind in early spring blew up dust many years ago, the cold air shuttle through. Then they simultaneously shifted their gaze to each other and looked to their respective fronts, crossing each other and straight ahead.

From beginning to end, they are from different ways. Even if destiny occasionally arranges teasing of common encounters, they can only be short-lived encounters and pass by, passing like a meteor, like their own orbit disappeared in the vast sea of ​​stars.

Zhuge Yue suddenly remembered that many years ago that night, must be sent to the white elderly standing in the bleak maple, the backless, clothing flying.

“Master, why is it me?”

“Why not,” the old man looked old and his voice full of difficulty, all covered up: “Because there are some things that you do not take, no one has to take it. The child, born as a gatekeeper, you have your own responsibility.”

“Master,” said a gentleman dressed up by a palace servant, and said quietly, “All ready.”

In the dense bamboo forest, the dark red clothes move with the wind, Zhuge Yue eyebrowsare locked, but he does not speak for a long time. The weather was not hot, but the name of the person was sweating on his forehead.

After about half a column of incense, Zhuge Yan finally nodded and said, “Go.”

The cold winds rewind, and in the Golden Palace, the blood is filled.

Just walked to the front hall, and saw only the shadows. There were a lot of asters on the square, and Yan Xun was standing tall and waiting for her.

Chu Qiao took two steps. Yan Xun also saw her. She smiled at her mouth and walked over.

“Jojo!” Li Ce also stood aside, wearing a red dress, directed Chu Qiao stroked his hand.

Chu Qiao’s disgusted expression did not spread yet, and a sharp bell rang through the entire palace. all of them suddenly looked up in horror and looked in the direction of diagonal Xiefangdian.

“There is an assassin! The queen is stunned!”

Eunuch sharp eaves  and voice like a death knell with tears spread throughout the entire former Temple Square. All of a sudden,  everyone of a sudden panic. The guards wearing black military uniforms shuttled between them, and the dense guards flocked to the incident at Fang Temple direction, the crowd of people dismayed and surprised for a long while. I do not know where suddenly burst into tears, then a large crowd of daze, a dark mass, cries echoed over the Golden Temple.

The Empress Mu He Yun, who was born in the past, was a Muhe family of seven Wei Valve gates. She entered the palace at the age of thirteen, climbed to the throne at the age of thirty, held and charge of Phoenix India ten years, the sixth house  of Jie Fu, no defaulter.

When Chu Qiao was noisy, she looked up and looked at Yan Xun, but she saw the same panic in her eyes.

At this moment, that chaotic palace, it is the place she had just walked. If assassination ahead of a moment, she will not be alive standing here!

Death bells ring endless, dull nine rings, all walking, standing soldiers, maids, eunuchs. Or princes minister, civil and military officials, are looking back to the harem, crashing, worshiped the Imperial Palace, even the noisy front hall for a time lost the sound, the clock stopped for a moment, then sounded again, louder and louder .

So, first one person, then two people, ten people, one hundred thousand people, all kneeling down toward the Xie Fang Temple, bent over kowtow.

Chu Qiao opened her mouth, but could not speak. Her mind remembered the name of Mu He’s family and was high on the back seat. She had mastered the fiercest woman who had been in the country for almost a decade. She remembered her decisive silence. Discourse: The Queen of the summer can only be my Mu Yun Na Yun. It was once, now is, and it will be in the future.

Words are still heard, but people are already embarrassed. This seemingly glamorous palace, what hidden horrible blade?

A huge cry howl suddenly penetrate the sky, from the Purple Gate, far passed over.


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