Volume III, Real Ancient Capital, Chapter 72: Iron Tenderness

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Chill wind swept through the dense jungle, like a beast deep breathing, before dawn began to rain, torrential rain, water splashes. Chu Qiao knees halfway in the grass,  looked like waking wolves, through the thick forest her sharp eyes looking forward.

A group of more than 100 men their team carefully leaned over.  Everyone was covered in black and masked, long knife on their scabbards. Four giant hounds walked in front, leading the crowd towards the front. The place where the girl hides is slowly approaching.

At this time, it was no longer appropriate to think about why he was so careful or exposed, she had converged on all the ideas, quietly lurking, waiting for the crisis to come.

The hounds suddenly raged, and the crowd suddenly stopped, then rushed toward the direction of Chu Qiao collectively and neatly!

“Bang!” sharp sounded immediately, Chu Qiao took out her broken Moon sharp pointed sword shines in the air, reflecting her pale but tough face.

“Shang!” A brief low sobs sounded, and the black man immediately came forward. The cold blade cut through the thick night, and he hurried in.

“Oh!” In the clear Jianmang, the two heads flew in the sky at the same time. The girl’s posture was vigorousand without dragging, like the lightning-sharp goshawk in a lightning bolt. She could hardly see that she was seriously wounded. The crowd’s shocking eyes, Chu Qiao shook her head and slowly pointed her knife. At that time, the two headless bodies still maintained a forward posture across two steps, and Chu Qiao ran over and swept through the muddy water. , dyed the girl’s boots.

Stepping, pulling the knife, slashing, gaining momentum, there is no bluffing cry, no extra burdens, neat and timid, one is fatal!

With a loud bang, the flash of lightning casts a pale, yet tough face on the girl. No one is desperate. In the raid, swear to death, the assassins who had no heads and no belts were never afraid, but at this moment, facing the girl in the face of the cold eyes and brave and bold moves, they were afraid.

Undeciding and hesitant only for a moment, the next moment, the leader of the black assassins rushed with a knife with a hundred people assassin stabbed clashed and their eyes like an iron.

Rolling stuffy thunder bang! heavy rain pouring down, blood in the mud, hundreds of waving sword assassin surge, the thin girl was surrounded. There was no cry, no fight, everything was overshadowed by stuffy thunderstorms, but there was chaos in the cold rain. Lightning bolt up and blood spatter, broken limbs and blood clots on the trunk, shows over her years experience, let the besieged siege the girl swim on it, although the situation is still completely reduced to the downside, but still no trace of weak submission.

Assassin’s heart pounding, blood in silent boiling, swords never got out of their sheaths, the footspets pace is moving gently. In the face of this round of strangling it has just ended, everyone is extremely cold and bloody. They formed a circle and slowly retreated. Backward, the two-eyed eagle looked at the crowd and held the attacking stance. The girl, standing under the gesture of the head collar, hurried her hands toward the lower back.

There, the sparkling silver was actually a row of javelin throwers that were half a meter long.

“Kill!” The chieftain whispered and blew a gun at Chu Qiao.

Suddenly, hundreds of people shot at the same time, countless shots fired from all directions. Chu Qiao, half-empty left a silver light!

The cold wind is bleak and the rain is pouring down. Even if this woman really has a long three-armed arm, it is impossible for him to escape her life with such a kill!

However, just at this moment, a sound of “Bang!” was heard. A sharp burst of silver and white arrows came, followed by the dark long cable fell from the sky, like a snake wrapped around the girl’s waist. In the midst of an empty space, the girl jumped up and rose up straight!

Black Assassin were shocked, responsive and on rapid rise of archery, saw midsummer, a meteor-like figure across the hands of the sword is like silhouetted streaked like a meteor. The long sword of the hand shook the sky and brilliance, blocking the rain of arrows then hooks it in his hand. Like his eyes was long, thrown one after another, with his body in the forest, it became a shuttle and ran quickly!

Rolling lightning and thunder as the same time, the assassins looked up as countless hooks came in, and another group of black masked men flitted and descended from heaven.

“Master goes first!”

The man in black used a knife to cut off the neck of the other troops in their horse and snapped at them. Several black men stepped forward to protect Chu Qiao and the man’s body just in front of him. The snowflake-like blade quickly flew, and dozens of horseshoe on earth fluttered in the mud, mud splashes.

“Go!” he man’s voice was low, and it was difficult to distinguish mood fury. He hugged the girl’s waist, jumped on a horse, whip away.

“Stop them!”

The enemy screamed and the assassins suddenly shook up. The man snorted and smashed a sword to pick up an assassin’s throat. The blood splattered out of time and sprayed on the eyes of another assassin. The man in a little panic, did not react, it has been cut arrows in his chest.

“Bang” a loud noise, men suddenly reined in the bridle,the horses ran into the sky, its legs kicked forcefully into the assassin’s chest. Suddenly, the assassin chest slashed and blood sprayed. The body went straight to three meters away far, fiercely hit two outer four assassins.

The assassin’s head leader lost sight of the enemy, and pulled out the barrel of his waist and suddenly burst into the air. A light blue fireworks fired over the field.

“Hurry up!” the man said quietly, a young horse rushed away!

Numerous horseshoe chase behind, Chu Qiao was tightly clutched in the arms of men, cold wind blew from both sides, sky wild fly, but not much hit her body. There are countless torches on the hillsides of the jungle, and she does not know exactly how many enemies surround them, and we cannot tell which of them are the Imperial Assassins.

“Little Lord!”

Suddenly, a short, sounded in front of short voices. Black-smeared men brushed past them. Their eyes crossed and respectfully nodded. Then they took out their weapons. They were chilly, the swords were like rainbows, and they did not hesitate to greet them behind. With bloodthirsty wolf.

“Lord, in front!”

“Lord, the west has eighty enemies!”

“Lord, somebody in the south wing!”

“Lord, somebody in the northwest!”

“Lord, some people collusion in the East!”

All the way to smash, and the cover of the team, the men and women are brave, the man is not redressed, the single-handedly steers, the other hand holds the young girl in her arms, gradually throwing noisy sounds behind him.

The dense forest suddenly disappeared, and the swaying grassland appeared before him. Chu Qiao’s chest was light and her hands were bloody. He raised her head and said quietly, “Your arm was injured.”

The man was still covering his face, dressed in black, and riding on the ink looking like a god in his warhorse, he lowered his head and slowly rolled his eyes slowly narrowed and said, “Where is Li Ce?”

Chu Qiao honestly replied: “Escaped.”

“You go first.” The man immediately jumped off the horse and said to the guard on his side: “Send the girl back to the city.”

“Yan Xun!”

Chu Qiao hurriedly laid off, legs a soft, almost fell to the ground. Men hand blink quickly turned around, one hold her, worriedly said: “What are you doing?

“I should be the one asking you, right?!” Chu Qiao eyebrows locked: “What are you going to do?”

Yan Xun brows went tight, on his cold voice said: “I am going to kill him.”

“Are you crazy? Green camp and Xiao Jing camp are in it, it is too late, the time has passed.”

Yan Xun shook his head coldly: “You do not have to worry, I have their own way, you go back to the city with them first.”

“No!” Chu Qiao tightly grasp the swallow’s (Yan Xun) arm, firmly said: “Although Li Ce’s death will bring huge benefits, but there will be endless trouble. I am someone involved in which, you first will be the object of suspicion, especially if you are still so blatant to get out of the city. This bad Xia Huang will use him as a scapegoat bound back to Bian Tang had died. Now get rid of Li Ce does not help the overall situation, you have no reason to do so. I cannot get you go back and risk!”

“He almost killed you, this is the big reason.”

Yan Xun’s eyes firm, low voice, hand out and hugged Chu Qiao shoulder tightly, then let go, calmly said: “This man is too dangerous, I cannot convince myself to let him stay in this world, especially to a place close to you, even if it is not a day. A’Chu, go back and wait for me. “

Chu Qiao stood still, watching the swallow’s figure with the fastest warhorse quickly hidden in the darkness, she feel like boiling hot water, heavy guilt and remorse like ants covered her heart and lungs.

She had never made such a mistake, and she clearly had the opportunity not to let it happen. Even after that, she should have the opportunity to reverse everything and move her things in the right direction. However, she did not do and this is the crisis. The crisis is at stake. Yan Yan will be pulled into the water. Her mistakes is a regret she owns.


The guards suddenly panicked and saw Chu Qiaoli climbed onto the horse and rushed toward the disappearance of the Yankee. The guards surprised and hurriedly followed up and shouted, “What did the girl want to do? The Little Lord told her to bring you back to the city.”

“Go back and take the prince of Bian Tang.” The woman said coldly, then he jumped and whip: “Drive!”

Under the dark sky, a horse riding standing on the path along the cliff, the black and white ink of the men on horseback kept the popular masked appearance tonight, and behind them were countless black knives.

Crisp horseshoe mixed with noisy rain far came screaming, snapped them over and their knees in the mud, coldly said: “Fourth young master, we follow the clues to find no trace of the target, but the woman around the target handed her hand and suffered heavy casualties.

The man’s pair of swords and eyes immediately raised his face and his face was cold and he said quietly, “What about the woman?”

The scout below suddenly nervous, stumbled and said: “We obviously are going to succeed, but do not know where to suddenly jump out of a group of black skilled people, and rescued the woman.

“Man in black?”

“Yes, it wasn’t not Xiaoqingshan neither the green camp, it wasn’t the city defense force nor is it an army and Bian Tang troops.”

The man’s eyebrows were tight and he kept silent for a long time. After a long time, coldly asked: “Is the woman injured?”

The soldier answered carefully and said, “This, the subordinate is not very clear, but she killed us more than a dozen people with one person, and there are more than a dozen brothers wounded, presumably she is not much better, even if us, can’t survive without without giving a shot. “

Men silent for long, suddenly whip the pumping horse, towards the front, sounds of hoofs heard going away.

After a while, bored thunder, heavy rains, heavy rain, wilderness, iron riding,  such as the sea, swords and mountains, magnificent.

All the soldiers shrouded in black clothes, and they had two matches, no signs on the costumes, no family titles, and no two men planned to go forward and introduce themselves.

The narrow road suddenly meets, so that both sides of the horse are slightly little stunned, almost exactly the same clothing dress, almost exactly the same cold-blooded temperament, but only to see the way lined up and the silent expression, we know the opposite of the Malay poor people are enemy friends.

Cold wind slowly blew between them, the time is infinitely slow and have an infinite speed. Somewhere, no one dared to be the first to pick a knife and no one dared to make a statement, they are just holding on to the silence, within a hundred paces. Pouring heavy rain spilled among them.

“Bang!” sounded so crisp heard a sudden crash. They do not know if its a weapon sound. It seems to be contagious, followed closely by the fire of light and stone, numerous blade uniformly brushed out of the sheaths, ice cold bow instantly aligned with each other’s horses, the horses scorned, the vocals were lighter, and after a short period of confusion, they were arrogant and warring. Explosive!


A sudden stir from the stables, the girls came to the horse and saw both sides of the cold array suddenly surprised, then quickly went to the side.

“Who is the other person?”

Chu Qiao came to Yan Xun side, quietly asked.

Yan Xun frowned: “You are doing a big loss today, how fast that you just forget all I said? 

“Only I can find him,” Chu Qiao said quietly. “If you want to get rid of him, you shouldn’t drive me away.”

The man’s eyes slowly picked up, slightly leaning head: “If you are an accident, what is the use of killing him?”

Chu Qiao in heartache, pull Yan Xun’s sleeve, whispered: “Yan Xun…”

“A’Chu, I am feeling very bad now, do not talk to me, I do not want to get angry at you.”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, saw Yan Xun hit the horse and went straight, on his straight back, but she looks silly and couldn’t say anything. The opposite darkness still conceals a large number of troops, like the bats in the dark night, this stormy night stopped their way.

Of course, the opposite person also saw Chu Qiao’s appearance when he returned to the team. The leading man, with a frowning eyebrow, was staring at the opposite darkness. Suddenly the wind blew, the rain slops and floats, hitting the body extremely cold. The man’s brow furrowed and suddenly put up a hand and gently waved.

Suddenly all the knives into the sheath, arrows drooping, nd the opposite side felt that the other side was no longer fighting, and he also put down a crossbow and sword. 

The two teams suddenly met with a team that was about to draw swords. The team immediately did not speak. Instead, they rushed forward. Seeing the other party has no objection, it only goes in the direction of its own.

At the moment of rubbing shoulders to shoulders, the two men and women looked at each other, but they could only see the sharp eyes under a pair of black cloths.

“Master,” said the guard, screaming, “The woman was the woman who had been with the target before.”


The guards looked at him with a bit of anxious look. “We have a dozen brothers who fold her hands.”

“Is an Assassin still afraid of death?” The man’s eyes were cold and he lifted his eyes. “Who doesn’t even know who the target is, and who is useless to useless hands. I can’t help but wonder if you can live.”

When the guards gave a glimpse, they couldn’t speak. Suddenly I saw a silver signal flashing over the jungle. The man’s brow was wrinkled and he went to the jungle.

Yan Xun did not return along the same route to the jungle, but toward the side door of true Zhen Huang, Chu Qiao followed in doubt she asked: “Are we not going?

Yan Xun brow frowned, coldly said: “You didn’t see the team just now? If they couldn’t even get their hands, we would be very difficult.”

“Yan Xun?”

“Do not say it, go back to the house.”

Brigade troops came from the true west, a green carriage has been waiting there. Yan Xun and Chu Qiao with a few kiss quickly dismounted, into the car, toward the gate slowly away.

All the way there is a secret response, mysteriously entering the city quietly from the west side of the door, the carriage of a brothel in the city of Zhenhuang, the carriage turned and went to the inner city.

It was already early in the morning when she returned to another hospital. The sky was white and the heavy rain of the night had finally stopped and it is dawn. Because Prince Bian Tang was robbed, the entire palace was dead, only in such a silence, how many people can really sleep, it is unpredictable.

Quietly from the West Pacific Park into the other hospital, the carriage stopped, Yan Xun did not look behind the woman should first get off, iron blue face, while walking she tore and opened her clothes collar, irritated to push open the maidservants hand over the heated towel.

Under the ignorance of people, all of them are all showing what owner’s temper is very hot, everyone is terrified and dropped their knees on the floor, the atmosphere is hot. You do not dare to come out.

Yan Xun indeed had a reason to be angry, he has always been careful and conscientious. Now this Chu Qiao wen with Prince of Bian Tang, the insecure fox out of town, and she did not send anybody to inform him before she even made a decision? Why did she not escape and waited for such a long time? With her skill and jungle combat experience why would she let herself get hurt and let people force to act in desperation? He could not imagine how he would have been if he was late. How could she get away with the dense array of guns?

In many words of a grieved heart, Yan Xun was very angry. He sat in the hall looking like blue iron and tight lips. He waited for the man who made a big mistake to come in and explain himself everything what happened last night and bear what he deserves. That is Anger.

The fire he brewed for a long time, absolutely he cannot be so unforgiving.

Yan Xie secretly said that almost all the lines to be said were muted. However, he waited for a long time and he did not see that the person who made the mistake, walked in.

What happened?

Yan Xun brow wrinkled tighter, couldn’t she even plan to explain it to herself and return to the house alone?

After waiting for a full two teas, Yan Xun could no longer sit still. Teng’s stood up and stepped out of the hall. All the people were still on the ground and none of them dared to speak up. He quickly went to Chu Qiao’s room and pushed to open the door,suddenly blurted out: “You give me out!”

There was no reply. Yan Xun frowned and looked empty.

He carefully walked to the bath room and gently knocked on the door, still no one answered.

Yan Shi Zi was really angry and had so many things. Chu Qiao didn’t even take the initiative to explain it to him. Did she not know how worried He was when she was caught in the assassination jungle? Doesn’t she feel that her own actions have seriously affected the overall situation? Didn’t she feel that she and BianTang Prince were too close to her?

Corridor, study, flower hall, warm pavilion, courtyard…

Go around in a circle, still cannot find the girl’s figure. Swallow’s (Yan Xun’s) face became more ugly. Did she not even say hello to fight back at Shangyi Square?

“The World … .. the world … …” A small voice suddenly sounded in my ears, Yan Xun turned his head and saw Chu Qiao’s personal maidservant Lu Liucarefully stood in front of Yan Xun, carefully said: “Are you looking for Chu girl?

Yan Xun raised his brows: “Where is she?”

Lu Liu raised his finger up and pointed it at the carriage in the yard.

Yan Xun surprised a moment, frowning and walked to the front of the carriage. He slammed the curtain and immediately froze the spot.

His face gradually became aroused by anger, it seems a bit funny, but also somewhat helpless, but also a little distressed, and finally sighed, all the complaints and anger, all of suddenly gone.

This day and night, Chu Qiao really tired, too much life and death to make her consume painstakingly, was seriously injured in blood loss, if you can barely hold forward, but after seeing him, her spirit loosen. The carriage had fallen asleep and it had not yet entered the city. At this moment, wearing a night-suit to grab, the girl looks paler, bloody shoulders, covered with wet hair, a show scattered on his shoulders, looked very embarrassed. However, her brow was stretched and she seemed to have finally returned home and no longer feared the weather outside.

Swallow’s (Yan Xun) full of anger thrown into the water, can no longer find a way to vent. His frown, his distressed hand, raised his hand to hold the girl up, her body light like a kitten, converging all the sharp minions, and quietly obediently lying in his arms, no longer seeing her the fierce woman shot that commandment.

Feel the warmth of the body, and all the snorts are familiar with the taste of her peace of mind. The deeper Chu Qiao sleeps, the stubborn does not want to wake up. She moved lightly and surprised Yan, but she did not wake up. She just found a comfortable posture in his arms and continued to sleep.

The man’s expression was a little depressing and he murmured, “If you mess with such a big thing, do you want to get it over this way?”

The woman in her arms did not move, and she automatically filtered out those words that were unfavorable to her. Yan Xun embraced her for a long time, suddenly sighed helplessly, and she walked toward her room.

He told the maidservants to prepare hot water for her bath, and also called the doctor. The busy sleeping people still did not show any signs of waking up. Yan Xun stood on the sweet bed of a woman sleeping, watching her shoulder’s amazing wound, on his distressed wrinkles, he frowned, his fingernails gently sliding over her cheek, helplessly sigh: “wait for you to wake up and then we forget it, if I can still feel that time.”

To put it mildly, Yan Xun pulled the quilt blanket softly, toucched the bangs in front of her forehead and turned to walk out of the door.

The room just quiet, sleeping girl suddenly opened his eyes, looked around carefully, and then took a long sigh of relief.

Nobody could be thrown naked in the tub and fall asleep. She woke up when she took himself out of the carriage. Yan Xun just kept his eyes open.

Although the wound on the shoulder was already on the medication, she still suffered from a slight pain. She slowly sat up and felt hungry. She went out to bed and went to the table. She looked around but saw no piece of cake. Chu Qiao frowned and lifted the teapot. Instead of using a quilt, he took a sip on the spout.

The entrance is cold and bitter and hard to drink, apparently a few days old tea.

However, at this moment, a sudden burst of footsteps came, Chu Qiao surprised, quickly climbed to bed, and close her eyes to look like she was still asleep.

The door was opened, while the smell of food on the boat came in, Yan Xun carrying the tray, steaming above a few stir-fried rice and a bowl of rice soup, the man’s eyes with a few lines suddenly realized he saw Chu Qiao slightly messy quilt, quietly put the tray on the table, then walked out.

“When are you willing to wake up, go to study room to find me.”

Man’s voice slowly passed in, Chu Qiao depressing opened her eyes, helpless sighed.

Blessing is not a curse, but a curse. She got up and took a deep sleep after eating a big meal.

Explanation? Talk it later

Now she just wants to sleep.

Longer dreams also awake, and when one day passes and one night passes and the sun rises again, she knows she can’t escape.

As soon as the door of the study was opened slowly and slowly, Chu was thinking to look inside, and Liu Liu behind him suddenly shouted, “Girl, you’re looking for the world (Yan Xun) ? The world(Yan Xun) is inside!”

Black clouds pressure on top, unfamiliar, Chu Qiao fate to open the door.

The study room is empty, quiet one, Chu Qiao frowned and looked around. She saw the empty bottom of the screen, a pair of white cloth indoor soft boots exposed, she knew, Yan Xun is in the next screen.

“Eh, cough,” deliberately cleared her throat, and the people inside did not respond. He said nothing. Chu Qiao looked ugly, it seems this time, Yan Xun is really angry. He himself had had several times before he did not listen to her, but he came to hide for a while and he would disappear. This time the problem seemed a bit big. She gently bit her lower lip and slowly said: I know I did something wrong this time. I apologize to you.”

Yan Xun still did not speak, and Chu Qiao was helpless and continued: “I should not follow Li Ce’s departure from the city. I knew he would have problems. I ignored the danger of potential and I did not recognize the situation. I just wanted to approach him and understand the Prince of Bian Tang’s internal affairs, to explore the views of the Bian Tang dynasty stand on slavery. Datong always wanted to open a branch in the capital of the Tang Dynasty. I wanted to explore the feasibility of this. In addition to also want to know the Bian Tang royal attitude toward Yan North, if we were to leave the Great Summer. If Bian Tang would be pleased to see a little support behind us, it would be very helpful for us to support the self-control of Yunlou (Cloud City).”

Yan Xun still did not speak, and Chu Qiao gently frowned pouting mouth, continued: “I know that I should not rescue him after the attack. I should immediately kill him by pushing the boat. I have several opportunities to start. Nothing was done, I simply missed a golden opportunity for Yan Beixing. Even if you’re tired of going out of town to save me and use Datong and Yanbei’s killer nets, I know I’m in trouble this time.”

Yan Xun is still silent, Chu Qiao heart some sad, she frowned and said: “Yan Xun, I have apologized to you, and you still refused to forgive me?


Xiaolu Luliu the small maid suddenly opened the door and shouted: “The son of the world told you to eat it.”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao said, her  expression was a bit misleading: “Is he in the dining room?”

“Yes,” said the little maid, and scared. “The son of the world just went out and I did not notice it.”

Chu Qiao’s face became very ugly, and she strode to the screen. Now it was just a pair of boots. The young girl took up the boots on the floor and threw an angry one on the ground. He said to the fury: “how things can be misplaced? What else can you use?”

After turning around she walked out of from Yan Xun’s study hall.

Little maidservants had some grievances. He picked up the boots on the ground and said in a grinning voice, “It has always been this.”

In the dining room, Swallow (Yan Xun) was sitting at the table and eating. See Chu Qiao’s anger and walked in. He slowly raised his head and gently brushed his eyebrows. Then he said, “Wake up?”

Chu Qiao looked at him, did not speak, went to the dinner table and began to eat, clanging the bowls and chopsticks.

Yan Xun slightly frowned: she made a mistake and she dared to go so far?

At this time, it happened that A’Jing entered the dining room and looked at Chu Qiao with a strange expression, and then whispered a few words to Yan Xun. Yan Xun heard and saw that strange expression, but did not say anything and continue to eat.

After the food was eaten, it was withdrawn and fresh tea was sent to the people. Yan Xun drank tea and slowly said: “Prince Li Ce is fine. He was found by the squadron of the camp, and he returned to the palace one step ahead of you and me.”

Chu Qiao silent, bow down seriously drink tea.

“He reported your courage to rescue the Bian Tang’s future emperor, the Great Summer emperor greatly appreciated you, brought a lot of reward, but also allows you to continue to recuperate, temporarily, you will not return to Shangyi Square office.”

“The assassin has not been found yet. The chaos in the real city is a mess. Even the princess Huai Song has been delayed into the city.”

Speaking here, Yan Xun slowly drank his tea, suddenly smile, mild tone, said: “A’Jing said the people saw you whispered in my study hall for a long time, what are you talking about?

“What do I say when I already said something, why should I tell you?”

Yan Xun surprised a moment, this was not the first time he heard Chu Qiao said in such a tone, gently smiled and said: “A’Chu, you are like a kid, this is not like you ah.”

“What should I do?” Chu Qiao got up and said in a cold tone. “Carefully and cautiously for the whole day? People make mistakes. I’m a human, too. I’ve already told you about it

Yan Xun couldn’t help but smile: “A’Chu, I  didn’t say anything about you. Besides, you didn’t apologize to me.”

Chu Qiao hugged her chest, quite a bit unreasonable appearance, said: “Then I said it is not. OK? Yan Shi Zi, I know I was wrong, troubled you, I’m patted to my butt to leave, but after this, there will be no such time again.”

“Stay!” Yan Xun suddenly cried coldly, rushed before the body, standing in front of her and said quietly: “What the hell are you doing, A’Chu, you have never been like this, and you shouldn’t be like this!”

Chu Qiao’s heart hurts, and her heart-pressing emotions suddenly appear on this day. Her eyes are slightly red, but she still barely raises her head: “It’s because I never did something wrong, I never dragged over your hind legs, only once, can not you forgive me? “

Yan Xun suddenly paused, Chu Qiao nodded her head, a small red eyes cheeks.

“I don’t know how to talk to you every day and night. I also hate myself. Why is it so arrogant? Why do I feel so hesitant to do something? I’m almost breaking something. I almost killed you. I missed a great deal. The time was wrong, I was wrong. Yan Xun, I know I was wrong, I should help you, but I’m helper now, I think I will regret it and hit the wall, I don’t know how to face you, how to face A’Jing, how could I make such a mistake?”

“A’Chu, do not say it!”

“A lot of people died, and some people must have doubted you. You have hidden so much for so many years, but this is almost a loss. I…”

“Achu!” Yan Xun suddenly hugged Chu Qiao, dignified, frowning, chin resting on the woman’s head, divinely said: “I am not good, I should go to see you earlier, should not let you become this cranky. “

Chu Qiao leaning on the arms of Yan Xun, feeling constantly warm from his shoulders, his eyes swollen, and even a little bit to tears.

“A’Chu, I did not blame you, I am not afraid of danger, not afraid of doubt, I say you are not afraid of all that I said. I was angry, but I am just angry of putting yourself in danger, why do you have to get yourself into such a predicament. I must say before you do anything,  discuss to me first and do not oneself into a tiger flight. A’Chu, you and I live together for many years, how can I complain about you? I just want myself enough to protect you and do not let get you bullied, but when I saw you hurt, I cannot stand in front of you for the first time. “

“I did not want to tease you or feel angry with you. I did not sleep well all day, I was just scared, what would happen to you if I was late? If those people really killed you, what’s going to happen? I could not figure out the result, and I know that once it happened, I could not control my emotions and I could not imagine what I would do under those circumstances. A’Chu, you really scared me, I saw you really want to kill when pointing at those guns.”

Chu Qiao on her tight mouth, reach out and hug the man’s waist, the sound of some boredom: “I’m sorry, I led you to become so furious.”

Yan Xun sighed: “I understand that you are just guilty, blame me, I did not tell you in time, no one was killed last night, only a few people were injured. We retreated in a timely manner, no one knew, I was out City, you do not have to worry. “

Chu Qiao left the embrace of the swallows, suddenly a bit embarrassed, has not been such a lot of years, just a moment of emotional out of control really somewhat baffling. Yan Xun have the right to say, from being ambushed, she has been regretful guilty. She was afraid to roll in Yan Xun and was afraid that he would come out of town to find her. He was afraid that his colleagues would be exposed. As a result, what she feared was her loss of control. May be due to her failure to face her own failure. In such an environment, failure can only lead to suicide. She can commit suicide without being able to pull others to die.

“Yan Xun, I will be careful later.”

Yan Xun helpless smile, and embraced her shoulder: “You do not go there, honestly stay by my side, wait for me to take you to leave.”

Chu Qiao looked up and looked Yan Xun’s eyes, all of a sudden some trance. Before the night of the fight, so she felt extremely tired, at this moment to put down the mind, heavy fatigue hit her heart, however, cannot rest and feeling tired then. After all, they have not left here, the heavily guarded Imperial City everywhere. It’s a cold arrow and a bomb. When it cannot be said, it will pierce the human heart and she can no longer allow herself to make such a low-level mistake.

“Well, we shake hands and eat well.”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment: “Is not it just finished?”

“I am finished, you can eat a few mouthfuls.”

Chu Qiao body hurt, appetite is not good, shaking her head and said: “I cannot eat.”

“You can’t eat too much so you have to eat.” Yan Xun told the next man to take another meal and sit down to see Chu Qiao for dinner.

Chu Qiao looked uncomfortable to him, frowning and asked: “You have nothing to do yet?”

Yan Xun laughed: “Today, people in the whole city are very busy. Only I am the most idle. In the morning, when Princess Huai Song came into the city, civil and military officials went to pick them up.”

“Princess Huai Song Chang Na Lan Hongye?” Chu Qiao murmured: “have you seen her?”

Yan Xun nodded: “For many years, there was a time.”

“I heard she was very powerful.” Chu Qiao whispered and said no more.

Swallow (Yan Xun) caught a piece of meat in her bowl, said: “Eat more, you are too thin.”

Woman smiled, feel a lot of ease, but also eat a few mouthfuls of rice.

Just finished eating, suddenly came a noise outside, Chu Qiao frowned, I heard A sharp rush came in and said: “Son of the world, the emperor purport to declare you go to the front hall to attend the feast.

Yan Xun brows raised: “The reception Wind banquet?”

A’Jing nodded and said: “yes.”

Yan Xun stood up and said: “A’Chu, you have a good rest, I’ll be back later.”

“No, the emperor asked the girl to go with her.”

“I?” Chu Qiao surprised a moment, did not think the emperor actually volunteered to call her. To know how big the hierarchy in the Great Summer regime, the last time or not very aggressive Li Ce, she will never have the opportunity to step into the front hall for the rest of her life.

“Should it be because you saved Li Ce Tang’s prince, A’Chu, can you or still feel hurt?”

Chu Qiao stood up and nodded. “I have to go anyway, so I’ll go back and change my clothes.”

After a fragrant incense, Chu Qiao and Yan Xun on the carriage, slowly toward the front hall away.

The day before yesterday a heavy rain, the decoration of the Holy Galleria was transformed to a new look, new shoots buds, a greener pasture, Chu Qiao wore her Imperial dress, the moon on a white background with pale blue crescent, neither gorgeous nor shabby, completely in line with her a female officer’s identity.

Yan Xun sitting beside her, sees her look a little uncomfortable, gently smile, hold her hand and slowly said: “I am here, do not be afraid.”

Chu Qiao smile, trying to speak, the carriage suddenly like a flash wen away, she fell on the Swallow’s (Yan Xun) arms.

Yan Xun surprised, quickly raised her, nervously asked: “Have you run into a wound?

Chu Qiao shook her head, Yan Xun looked up, worriedly said: “how is it?

A’Jing voice came from outside the carriage: “The Son of Heaven, the driver of Princess Huai Song.”

Yan Xun surprised a moment: “A’Jing, give way.”

Bursting sound of horseshoe slowly, Huai-Song national strength is not strong, but the country is affluent, has always been the target of Daxia. The relationship between Daxia and Bian Tang is also strong. It only depends on the carriage and horse team of Princess Huai-Song. The number will be known.

After a while, the carriage drove up and Yan Xun’s carriage was on the side of the road to make way for her. Who knows that the carriage of Princess Huai-Song suddenly stopped and one of the envoys said: “We asked the princess, “Is it possible to drive on the opposite side, but the Yan North World?

A’Jing is going to answer the question. Yan Xun opened the curtain and said to the envoy: “It is this King who has not been able to meet the princess before. It is a place of disrespect, and she also hopes that the princess will forgive her.”

“Yan Shi Zi child need not be more ceremony,” a gentle voice sounded slowly, across the carriage slowly lifted the curtain, the woman in front of the crown blocked her face with a veil, one cannot see clearly face.But if you just listen to the sound gentle water, and rumors in the sharp and decisive princess style is not the same.

“A year later, as long as ten years, the world is still the style, Na Lan Hongye deeply pleased.”

“Another dozen contained, Her Royal Highness Princess still remember the king, really flattered the other king.”

Nalan Hongye smiled lightly and said, “As long as you have seen the golden face of the world(Yan Xun), it will be very difficult for you to forget it. Why would the world(Yan Xun) be so arrogant?

Yan Yan respectfully returned: “The princess has won.”

Nalan Hong leaves nodded, put down the curtain. The attendant stepped forward and said, “We princess asked Yan’s driver to drive away.”

Yan Xun shook his head and said: “They are both guests and princesses. How can Yan Xun dare to go ahead.”

For a while, the attendant stepped forward again and said: “Our princess said thank you Yan Shizi, have the opportunity to thank one another.”

After a long while, the carriage slowly left.

Chu Qiao said: “The Huai-Song Princess has a lot of politeness.”

Yan Xun shook his head: “The families of Zhunji are all from the Song Dynasty, and Huai-Song has always been a state of ceremonies. It is extremely ethical.”

Chu Qiao disapproved: “I think she is looking at you differently.”

Yan Xun smiled, did not answer, just let the carriage to move forward, and in front of the carriage to maintain a certain distance.

At this moment, suddenly there came a cry from behind him. Chu Qiao and Yan Shi Zi frowned and just listened to the sharp shouting from behind. Obviously, they heard a hoarse and broken voice: “The carriage in front of you, wait a minute!”

A’Jing probe came in, looking gloomy, slowly said: “Your Highness, A’Chu, Prince Li Ce is at the back.”

Chu Qiao brow suddenly tight, Yan Xun is also on his ugly face, Chu Qiao  was just about to make a sound, when Yan Xun hold down her shoulder, calmly said: “You are here to wait for me, I will go down to meet him.”


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