Volume III, Real Ancient Capital, Chapter 76: Royal regret Marriage

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

That night, Cang Yun was sobbing blood, and the state was in sympathy. The god of the heavens opened his sleeping eyes and looked down upon the mortal beings in the lower bound. In that old city gate, the north wind of the empire building shook, the roaring people of troubled times came out of their first glory, and the whole land of Ximeng was awakened at this moment, and the time was coming. It will surely destroy everything that destroyed the Old World, and then let the new order be reborn in the ashes.
The nation of heroes is an unfortunate nation, just as the peaceful life is bound to be mediocre and trivial.

May 20th, became a synonym for bloody later generations, this famous night has also successfully fed a group of senior scholars who are now under the poverty line.

Numerous historians have devoted their entire life to study the details of that night. They have digged at the door to study the ancient things and searched classics. They have jumped up and down to hold one after another debate meeting. They wrote their own historical arguments. There are even several major schools that are highly respected by the society. The origin of the so-called Yanmai, Zhuge, and Zhao Che studied in this University here.

However, regardless of the focus of debate, who should bear the primary responsibility for the massacre on May 20 or whether the social system of the Great Summer Empire will inevitably lead to the fall of the empire, or whether the swaddling of black cape that evening? One problem with the cloak or the white gown was the unanimous agreement of all the learned societies. That is, a major collegiate occupying a dominant position in future historical development played an extremely important role in this incident. Under the mentality of the veterans of the Yanma academics, the spearheads of the massacre were led to the Grand Hall of Fame. Historically, they cited evidence before the May 20 (the time was not long and the exact date could not be verified) the western comrades of the counterparts will always lead the wilderness people in the desert to fight the imperialist command of the Imperial Horse Guards, and have just died under the sword of the Empire. This great discovery provided strong theoretical support for the events of May 20, and the Yanbei historians claimed that the great Yanbei Greatness is full of mercy, genius is brilliant, and achievement is outstanding. We cannot do such cruel things. Facts are clear. The incident was led by the Grand National Assembly itself. It was entirely a private grudge between regimes. It was impossible to throw dirty water on the head of the Great Northern Emperor.

Although other factions scoff at what they call “merciful” cloth, they have to admit that the Yanbei Great is indeed a worthy “fine and brilliant, ancient and modern”. As a theoretical discussion among the schools of thought, although all scholars have reserved their own opinions and attitudes, they still do not apprehend the apparent implication of self-deception. As a result, on May 20 it was later described by historians – a great fellow avenge.

Full of rouge jade drunk, drank golden fragrant cups. Step into the Fang Gui Hall of the moment, extravagant aroma blowing, the woman’s waist and waist sleeves and dance blankly, thirty-two gather together. The conversation was happily enjoyed. The dinner had not yet officially begun. The protagonist had not played yet. The emperor parade. One day, at the moment, the apse rested, so the atmosphere in the hall was a bit lighter.

Being forced by her identity, Chu Qiao could not enter the main hall. He could only sit in the second house of the Pian Temple, and across a row of pillars, he saw the crowds in the hall, and there was a bustling excitement. In the summer, the people of the Great Dynasties thrived, their glory on the surface, and their love for heaven.

“This girl,” a delicate voice suddenly sounded around her. Chu Qiao turned her head and saw a young girl with a delicate face sitting next to her. She was dressed in a light-colored pink butterfly and looked serene, delicate, and politely said: “I don’t know who this girl is. My father is Lou He Chang Lu. and how does the girl call it?”

Girl looks gentle, the concept of amiable, Chu Qiao nodded politely, politely replied: “I’m Yan Shizi’s close friend, Chu Qiao.”

“Oh, it was the girl of Chu.” The young lady of Lo’s heard a lingering smile, but the attitude was obviously cold down. Turning around to chat with the precious ladies next to her, she even leaned to the side of the body, fearing that others would mistake her and Chu Qiao for being together.

For a moment, apparently next to the people who heard Chu Chou’s identity from her, all kinds of eyes not salty floating over, disgust, contempt, color miscellaneous meaning of deep meaning.

Chu Qiao sat side by side, smiled at the corners of his mouth, and the coldness and warmth of the world had already seen enough of her already.

A cup of tea was brewed and toasted in a toast, chewing wax, bowing and waiting for the moment.

The ladies on either side do not know that when she saw her holding a wine glass, she thought that she was drinking in public. It was disdainful, and the snoring noise of a gradual size was noisy. Nothing more than what the lower class people do not cultivate, such as, their volume control is very good, can make people hear clearly, but also cannot hear who specifically said.

Chu Qiao did not intend to follow them. They did not pay attention to what they said.

After a long while, the sound in the ear suddenly disappeared. A shadow suddenly covered the water above the tea. The water was so clear that the eyes were as bright as a star. It was like a strong sea wave, and a tidal wave bursting in the dark.

Chu Qiao slowly raised her head and saw a number of seats in the second floor of Zhuge Yue standing in front before a deep purple robe with embroidered dark moon totems on his belt. After the ink was loosely tied with a ribbon of the same color, behind is someone long standing with elegant sleeves.Between the second pavilion and the main hall there is a shallow pool of shallow water, the wind blowing from the pool. There is a scent of scented magnolia and sweeps through the man’s clothes, with a touch of fragrance.

All the daughters of the second chamber were all stunned. For them the emperor are weak clan, the seven gate valve is a living legend as compared with the imperial concubines, many people couldn’t touch them for their entire lives. Although the second court and the main hall are separated by only one pool, they still need to drill in four camps for those who want to attend national festivals. For the small family who buys seats at a high price, it is incomparable. In particular, the other side or the recent splendid Zhuge pulse of the Department son of the reins, how can they not be happier?

Zhuge Yue’s eyes swept across many seats and drifted from Chu Qiao and walked straight over. The young girl’s brow was picking and he was considering whether or not the man would come to this time to make trouble, but he saw Zhuge Yue’s footsteps make a turn and even went to a seat next to her.

The young lady’s excited face was red, and she rose and ran up and knocked over the tea in the mat. She spilled all in her skirt. The girl panicked and gave Zhuge Yue’s position to the side while pulling trying to hide his skirt, a blush, like pig liver, even the hands do not know where to put.

Zhuge Yue did not look at her glance, just sat down, knees, elbows, looking at his front lightly, as if looking at what, but also seemed to see nothing.

“Master Zhuge Yue, you, please drink tea.”

Miss He Luo lady stood beside him with a huge surprise on his face. Everyone’s envious eyes lifted a cup of tea to Zhuge Yue. The man did not speak, readily took it, sniffed it, and then he did not look up and looked at it with a slight touch.

The He Luo’s lady was overjoyed, and suddenly there was a loud discussion. The young fourth young master of the Zhuge Yue esteemed family could accept this little woman’s tea. How great is this honor?

Miss He Luo smiled like a flower, but with a shy little family timid, she took advantage of the skirt angle, slowly sat down, squatting next to Zhuge Yue, both eyes look like a knife, the girl looked blushed. Somehow proud of it, he slowly went forward and said softly, whispering: “Master Zhuge Yue just returned to the capital soon?”

Zhuge Yue did not answer, the girl said in low voice: “Last time the field hunting meeting, we had a fate, but separated very far, did not think the young master still remember me.”

Zhuge Yue did not speak, holding a white jade cup, his eyebrows wrinkled, do not know what to think.

The second court is not like the main hall. The interval between the seats is very small. Although the ladies of the other seats gather together and talk together, they all carelessly answer the questions, obviously all listening to their ears. 

Miss He Luo’s face was a bit embarrassing, chewing on the lower lip, the voice was soft and she said: “Master Zhuge, I’m He Luofei, and my father is the Ministry of Gifts and I am the Little Ho Kongdon Changlu…”

“Do you mind if you sit with someone?”

He Luofei waved in surprise and quickly said, “I don’t mind, Mayfair does not mind.”

“Oh, that’s good,” Zhuge said, nodding, then looked up and looked around, then beckoned to the farther girl who was watching herself and said, “You, come here.”

The woman came to her with a crimson smile and walked with a smile. She asked with a chuckle: “Did you call me?”

“Well,” Zhuge nodded, and asked, “Do you mind sharing a seat with others?”

He Luofei looked stupidly, but he did not understand how it happened. The name of the well-dressed woman was a little too thorough. He looked at He Luofei with a smile and said: “The sons of the Zhuge family have opened a golden mouth. Of course, the young woman will not mind.”

Zhuge Yue said: “so, it is troubling you, take her over.”

Ho Luofei suddenly dumbfounded, puzzled exclaimed: “Master  Zhuge Yue you … …”

“Well!” The coy woman smiled charmingly and pulled Helofi’s arm. “Do you really think that you have lost the pie in the sky? Go.”

He Luofei flushed his face, silver teeth clenched, was pulled by women all the way, tears, eyes and eyes dripping down, almost crying out loud. The daughters who had just talked with her had also giggled and smirked.

Fang Gui Hall is the largest main hall of the Grand Summer Palace, made up of thirty-six court water pavilion, hundreds of carved Gallery Road, twists and turns shuttle with each other, made of cross arched door of Wei.  Glass glazed tiles, cornices brackets, skillful, magnificent. The temple is dedicated to Fanggui Bacchus, which is surrounded by the main hall of Fang Gui. It is surrounded by four large side halls, connected by a clear waterway, with a fragrant blue grass, surrounded by flowers, bamboos and drums, and clear waves.

At this moment, although the momentum of the main hall has been up, most of the civil and military presence at all times, the other temple Pavilion is also crowded, only this second Pavilion, no one does not contend that Zhuge Yue here, I saw the man indifferent drinking its tea. As if did not know that I became the focus of general, black ink, old-fashioned clothing is not assertive, a faint trace of frustration.

At this very moment, someone suddenly trumpeted the main hall: “Crown Prince Bian Tang, His Royal Highness Prince Seven, and His Royal Highness Prince Thirteen arrived!”

The vocals, the entire Fang Gui Hall among the guests are all eager to wait and see, the top three unruly prince Bian Tang prince never came to a day off, the handle did not do a good thing, fully reflects the generation Prodigal deserved demeanor.

Perhaps because of the solemn feast of the day, today’s Li Ce wore a red silk gown with a black-and-white Muran pattern. Although it was still public, it was a little more precipitated. The man’s golden crown, with a smile, and a good spirit, is like him as he is married today. Instead, Zhao Che and Zhao Yan, who stand beside him, are overshadowed.

Zhao Che’s mother had just passed away and his clothing was not gorgeous. He was dressed in brown blouse and ironed on his body. The man’s eyebrows were slightly sloppy and the expression was rather impatient and accompany him. It was obviously not because of voluntariness.

Li Ce laughs out loud and ​​smiles a lot, hand over:  “Belated, please forgive me.”

The drums are filled with music and dancing, and music and dance are held together. The musicians greet guests in concert, jingle bells and melodious music. Li Ce et al. walked in with the guides to the seats they had already arranged for. They had not yet sat down. They heard a cold voice and said: “I heard Prince Cecilia Lee more than a month ahead of time has come true, so today Feast, I do not know why late?

Along the way, all I have seen and heard is the Prince Edward’s(Li Ce’s another codename) affair, I do not know today is not because of having an affair and delayed business?

When the voices just fell, the crowd burst into laughter. Li Ce turned to look and saw a main hall twenty seats seats. A woman dressed in red and put three red feathers elegant face such as Snow, looked at his eyes satirical, impressively is the southern desert nine tribes in the fire cloud patriarch of the South Wilderness tribe.

The crowd of people suddenly looked at each other with a laughter. This was the first time that Li Ling and Li Ce had had an oath. The royal courts in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties made a lot of noises, and even the Grand Duke of Baiguan who also heard a little. Li Ce destroyed the marriage of Wen Shaosong who was to be married to the Bian Tang dynasty. However, like most of the prince’s romantic affair, she did not disappear in two months. Seeing the tone of this girl today, I would like to decide that the knot is still difficult.

Li Ce looked bright and suddenly grinned and said: “This is the Great Summer Palace, and it’s not Linger’s camphor bed, Li Ce late and late to do the dry?”

Fang Gui’s hall suddenly burst into thunderous laughter. Huoyun clan chiefs with fierce eyes and bright eyes, angry seven Qi smoke, flames Linger is angry, grabbed a red whip on the seat, we must get up.

When Zhao Che took a step forward, he pressed the palm of his hand on the girl’s shoulder. He looked peaceful and lowered his voice and said: “This is the Grand Summer Palace.

The fire reached out and stopped her daughter, then looked at Li Ce with an angry look. He hated endless water, and even if it was separated, it made people feel cool.
Zhao Che got up and returned to his seat. His seat was next to Li Ce. The Sui and Tang princes, who had no way of covering up and making trouble, smiled and patted Zhao Che’s shoulders. Haha said: “It depends on you.”

The sound of music was changed, and it was a jubilant voice. Li Ce quietly approached Zhao Che. He looked around and looked around. He said, “Qiao Qiao? Do you see it?”
Zhao Chee frowned: “Who is Jojo?”

“It’s the one who is under your account as a soldier,” said Li Ce’s dancing gesture: “The one who hit me with a few punches.”

Zhao Che’s brow wrinkled tighter and looked at the live treasure of the Sui and Tang dynasties. He wondered if he had the potential for abuse. He was uncomfortable every day without being punched. Shaking his head and saying: “I didn’t see it. This is a big summer feast. Her identity may not be enough for the above house.”

“Isn’t she come to marry her master?” Li Ce shook his head and sighed: “Poor Joe Joe, Yan Xi to wife, she must hide where she sad tears.”

“Thirteenth Prince, did you see Jojo? It was the pretty little girl who was around Yan Xun and hit me.”

Zhao Song was sent by the emperor to accompany Li Ce on a stomach complaint. At this moment, he was asked if Chu Qiao was not a good face. He reluctantly turned and said coldly, “I don’t know.”

Li Ce asked a few people no one knew. Suddenly, he suddenly stood up and turned around and looked around. In addition to the dancers of the next generation, only the other dancers were standing high, and they attracted everyone’s attention. Numerous pairs of eyes puzzled and looked at them. They did not know what kind of wind this man had. Zhao Che and Zhao Song also looked surprised, fearing that he would do something amazing.

When the entire Fanggui hall was seated, the four side halls outside were full of people. Li Ce looked around and did not see the people he was looking for. When I saw the young Prince Lee’s eyebrows puckered, it was like thinking about something important. Suddenly, Prince Li Ce ran up with Dan Tian and shouted, “Jo Jo!”

The sound was loud and the music was covered. The musicians were shocked. The thriller forgot to continue playing and the music stopped. The whole hall was quiet and the audience could be heard. Everyone was amazed at the sight. Looking at Li Ce, his expression and look is even more weird than seeing a pig sitting on the throne.

“Puchi,” a chuckle came suddenly came. Suddenly, Chu Xiao came out and Chu Xiao turned to see Zhuge Yue’s face, but he could still see the corner of his mouth fighting back. The man looked at her provocatively and seemed happy to see her look ugly.

“JoJo, where are you?”

Prince Bian Tang crazy crazy loud roar, as if the entire hall on his own, did not care about the other people’s eyes.

“Joe …”

“Okay, don’t call me. I’m here.”

The young girl stood up with a cold face, and for many years she was in the hole of a tiger and wolf. The girl who had trained a steel-framed bone had seen a bit of depression and embarrassment. She stood above the side hall of the second chamber, and said in a clear voice.

“Haha, I know you this.” Li Ce smiled and turned to say to other people: “Do you continue, don’t worry about me, musicians? Keep playing!”

Prince Li CE straddled the seats and ran across the hall, irrespective of the hem of the clothes.

At this time, the numerous investors in the second cabinet only looked at the body of Chu Qiao. They were unsure and unpredictable.

“Jo Jo, do you drink alcohol? Let’s drink it!”

Chu Qiao sat back in the seat and his brows were locked. Such eye-catching attention was absolutely unfavorable for the action tonight. Now is the crucial moment where there is still time to deal with him. The young girl’s face was aloof and she said quietly: “If you are a noble woman, you shouldn’t ignore it. Please come back.”

“Qiao Qiao, I am very moved, you always think for me.” Lee said smilingly, his eyes narrowed like a fox, just want to sit next to Chu Qiao, see the girl sitting in the middle without any thought. She gave him the meaning of the place, touched his nose and went to the next seat. He said to the smiling face of Miss Qianjin, who didn’t know who it was, “Is this beauty able to give me a place?”

The girl, however, was thirteen or fourteen years old and did not know who was the daughter of the family. Where she had seen such romantic fights and stood up in vague confusion, she laughed and lauded her thanks for her supportiveness. The people in charge of the palace ceremony system hurriedly sent Li Ce’s superior golden cups and dishes to Baba’s team and rushed together.

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed, and now this second court partial palace is even more lively than the cinnamon hall, everyone’s attention after the hall came over Li Ce surprised to find that Zhuge Yue actually sit next to the various speculation words suddenly echoed Above the high roof.

“The four young masters of Zhuge, you and I are all visionary people. Come and cheer to the party. Celebrate Yan Shizi finally married.”

Li Ce strategically separated from Chu Qiao, Zhuge Yue outstretched his head to the distant toast, warmly said.

Zhuge Yue faint smile, gently gesturing, even without a word he drank wine.

At this moment, the drums were suddenly heard in front of the house. The crowd raised their heads and saw the golden curtain. The big summer emperor walked slowly out of a golden gown. Chu Qiao followed the crowd and bowed. Between them, he saw Xia Huangfu hair. Even a hoarfrost, thin face, eyes look like ancient wells, and saw Chu Qiao’s face.

The young girl immediately lowered her head, and the heart froze. The great summer emperor who had lived in the upper ranks had an emperor’s instrument, and the faint hint of intimacy was not announced.

Li Ce stood aside, he is the messenger of his country, but also Prince Edward respect, do not have to bow down ceremony. The man not only had his nose and eyes, but when he met, he quietly picked up and whispered in the long chanting of civil and military affairs in Manchuria: “Do not be afraid of him. The old man, like the one in my house, is fitted.”

If you can, Chu Qiao really want to punch him again, but unfortunately this idea can only go through her mind. After the ceremony was completed, everyone returned. Xia Huang said a few opening words and directed the spear at the second court. He said with a chuckle: “How did Prince Li Ce go there? Didn’t he give you a place to arrange?”

“Dare not dare to,” said Li Ce, haggling. “This side is cool and I’m comfortable.”

Xia Huang nodded and said, “Zhuge, then you will accompany Prince Li.”

In a word, Zhuge’s family made a round face, and Zhuge Yue did not go to see the face of Zhuge Muqing in the main hall. Divinely should say, “Follow the instructions.”

“Isn’t the car of Yan Shi Zi (Yan Xun) entering the inner city?”

An official came out and said: “My Majesty has not yet received a report from the gatekeeper.”

Xia Huang brow gently wrinkled, Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly hung up high, only to listen to Xia Huang nodded and said: “Today is my birthday, but also the day of the marriage, Yan Xun had grown up and married to his daughter , the Emperor was relieved. All of you are national bones. Although Yan Xun’s is a pulse of northern Hebei troops where, snow bloody cholera began, the child has always enjoyed it. After today, Yanbei will welcome Yan Xun as king. I hope that all of you will unite in one heart and yourselves, and that you will grow up with great strength.”

“Yes, Yanbei’s son is the only one who is talented. It will be a generation of wise king’s men.”

“Your Majesty is kind and broad-minded. You must not let it be, and Yan Shi Zi-son will be thankful to His Majesty for dedication and serve his death.”

“Princess Chun is beautiful, Yan Shizi like a Fukuzawa (means kind, home-loving, hospitable and friendly. Since you take responsibility well, you are a good organizer of social affairs.)  god, by His Majesty, will inevitably serve the country.”

“If you have a person like Ren (to bear), I will definitely enjoy the great sum prosperity.”

Thousands to wear, wear ass, a series of songs to praise the voice suddenly sounded, people pay tribute, Xia Huang face smile, apparently fully accepted, with great heart.

There is a need to do a full set of dramas. In this way, even if Yan Xun is dead, no one will doubt the head of the royal family. Chu Qiao looked around the hall and did not really see the Batuha family. However, it was strange that even the long princess of Huai Song did not arrive. This made her a bit tricky.

At this time, a Tsing Yi guards cat waist walked into the second court partial hall, came to Chu Qiao behind, volt in her ear whispered a sentence, Chu Qiao nodded, the man stepped down.

Li Ce met and flew over, a look of an old friend whispering: “Jojo, who is that? What did he tell you?”

Chu Qiao frowning at him, want to say anything, but feel that what is nonsense, simply turned around and ignored. Li Ce continued to persevere in the probe, across Chu Qiao Zhuge Yue said: “Zhuge Yue, do you know?”

Zhu Ge Yue faint smile, pulled his mouth, said: “Prince Li Ce did not know, how would you know what’s next?

Li Ce nodded: “You’re right.”

Just then, suddenly heard noisy outside the hall, it seems a woman cried aloud, the temple all turned around and looked out, the summer king picked his brow, coldly asked: “What is the outside?

A bodyguard wore a cold sweat on his forehead, came in and bowed down and replied:  “Rescuing them, yes, it is Princess Chun’er.”

Everyone heard the words suddenly surprised a moment surprised, Chu Qiao has just left the men there to glimpse the clues, I saw Xia Wang frown and said: “Princess Chun’er? What did she do?

“The princess said she must see His Majesty in a hurry.”

“Today is the day of her wedding, what she really wants to do despite her rituals? Take her back and say that Yan Shi Zi is about to enter the city.”

Shu Royal sit beside the emperor, heard the words looks cold, crisp voice said.

“Chun’er was afraid of waiting,” said Xuan Guiqi, smiling softly, looking up at Xia Huang with his eyes on the water and laughing. “Ah, after all, it’s only ten years old. Maybe it’s a little scary and maybe it’s different. It.”

“As a royal princess, what is wrong? What kind of person is she? Come on, take the princess down and take care of the princess’s servant!”

Xuan Guixuan heard tears suddenly, Jiaorou said: “The Queen of Mu He has just been gone, Shu sister treated the Queen’s daughter this way, Shu sister does not feel obedient to the sister?”

“what did you say…..”

“Father! Princess Chun’er has  something to say!”

A shout suddenly sounded outside, the hall was surprised at all people outside the uncertain, everyone looks strange, single-minded turn. Xia Huang pondered a long while, finally divinely said: “Let her come in.”

The long wind blew from the door. Zhao Chun’er was dressed in a gorgeous red robe. Because the sprints were messy, the delicate young girl was pale. Everyone looked into the hall under the gaze of the wind, and the night breeze lifted her robe like a Only the wing of a butterfly that cries blood, has a broken and messy beauty.

“Parents Wong!” The young girl stood proudly on the main hall, suddenly fluttered to kneel on the ground, a heavy knock on her head down, said quickly: “Please take back your words, Princess Chun’er do not want to marry!


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