Volume III, Real Ancient Capital, Chapter 78: Killing True Brightness

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

“An ungrateful beast! You say it again!”

The fierce wind blew up suddenly, and Zhao Hao tossed out a knife in his waist. A rosy, green robe slammed through the cold and fiercely, resembling an eagle, tearing a majestic hairy feather. Free and good-mannered man stood in cold winds, his eyes were fierce, his face was flawed, and the air of the great summer royal family instantly revived.

Yan Xun changed his calm and gentle expression. His face was cold and his eyes slanted at Zhao Song.

Behind the man’s back was the dark night. Under his iron hooves, the entire imperial city shuddered. In his ear, he could hear the decaying sound of the decaying building of the Golden Palace. From the corner of the mouth, the sound is cold like a blade: “Ingratitude? Yanbei and Daxia, what are you?”

Zhao Song coldly, said: “The father royal nurturing you ten years, depending on your own as oneself, not only the book covers you as the king of Yan North,  but will you also be assigned to you. How much grace should you get? You ungrateful , betraying the country, massacring the people of the imperial capital, swill, you ambiguous wolf ambition, your heart should be punished!

The cold wind blew a man in a black robe and suddenly sneered and said, “I have been nurturing for 10 years and regard me as if I have just been born out? The bloody remains of the Shang Gao Plateau, the blood on the quiet bench is not condensing. Zhao Song, this is what you call the monstrous day grace of your Zhao family?”

Zhao Song surprised a moment, then brow a pick, Lingran said: “Yanbei Wang committed treason on the chaos, the imperial army sent troops to crusade, but the division of justice … …”

“Enough!” Yan Xun suddenly took a sip, showing off the color of impatience, and said bluntly: said: “You don’t have to say more. History books will always be the winner of a family story. It’s been a thousand years, and its own descendants commented. You and I don’t need to dispute this. Zhao Song, look at the situation where you and I have been intersecting for many years, and I let you go today and go back and tell them, I am back. 

At this time, a gunfire shop in the south of the city was ignited, only to hear a bang, the sky fireworks blasted into the sky, the red sky was reflected in the fire, the time is colorful, Yan Xun’s eyes look dark like the morning star on the sky, It is brilliant, but firm as iron.

In the eight years of planning, I moved in the same direction. Do you marry in the summer and could you bear the wrath of this evil?


“Zhao Song!” The Qing dynasty girl suddenly came, Chu Qiao immediately said: “Zhao Song, go back.”

“Achu?” Zhao Song frowned and said: “Would you also be against me?”

Chu Qiao looked at Zhao Song’s face, beside jagged soldiers, behind the true empire into the sea of ​​fire, everything seems to be a big dream, the time passing around, she remembered it many years ago. she remembered for many years. Before Meilin Snow Park, the little son in green jade gown shouted at her, shouting at her: “It’s you! I call you!”

After a dazzling, many years of bloody rain, she looked up and looked at the young man on horseback with a firm voice and said: “I never wanted to be your enemy, eight years. The feeling of protection, I never dare to forget.”

Zhao Song gave a sigh of relief and looked a little calmer. He said in a hurry: “Well, then, A Chu, go back with me. Don’t follow him. I will treat you to the Father…”

“But, I have to be against the entire Great Summer Empire.” The eloquent words suddenly came out of the mouth of the young girl. Zhao Lan immediately froze on the spot and saw Chu Qiao’s stance toward the front, standing on his side: “You should understand My position has never changed.”

“Well,” Zhao Song mournfully smiled, his eyes bloodshot, hoarse voice: “Even if I had blind eyes.”

“Bang” sounded loudly, Zhao Song smashed his sword and knelt down, slashing a white mark on the long-brick brick masonry, the man in his fierce face, snapped: “From now on, I Zhao Song and you two people. With one knife and two broken If I meet you in the battlefield, I am not your friend, just a foe! Chun’er, follow me!

Zhao Chun’er eyes were straight and it was as if a doll was generally unresponsive. Hearing Zhao Song’s voice, suddenly she looked up, her eyes are watery. Out of plain white hand, she wants to pull Yan Xun’s boots. Man on horseback gently frown, retracted back. Zhao Chun’er caught in a blank, a small, white hand stretched in midair. There was even a dark red blood.

That blood in her fingers killed was the messenger, ii is the first time in her life to kill.

“Vomit” sound, Zhao Chun’er slam kneeling on the ground, opened her mouth and began to vomit madly, her stomach acid spit it out, glued to the gorgeous wedding gown, stained only symbolizes a hundred years of good habitat.

“Why is this so?”

The girl looked up at a pale little face, like a hairless puppy in the winter, and her tears fell. Her voice was not shaking, but she had a chilling sadness. The people are no longer there, just one person alone and silently said: “I blame me. It’s all bad for me. Hey, brother, why did you not have your side when the father and father were full and Chun’er is not around you?”

“In these years, I always regret, if the original Chun’er, even if I cannot save the Yan prince, I can protect you my brother from being bullied by others. But Chun’er was too small at that time, my mother shut me in the hall. No matter how I cry, they are not willing to let me out. Xiao Tao gave me cabinets and the two of us climbed up from above, opened the tile, trying to escape from the roof, but accidentally fell. it alarmed my Mother. “

Zhao Chun’er suddenly began to sob, voice trembling, fierce but tears fall: “Then … and then Xiao Tao was killed by the people in my mothers’ palace, I … I saw it, the waist was interrupted, the blood has been flowing out of her mouth … flowing … out … flowing far, wet my boots, so hot and burning. “

“Oh my brother, I’m useless. I’m not afraid to flee anymore. Even for the first two years, I’m afraid to go to your yard to visit you. I’m scared. I’m timid, I’m always a nightmare. The blood flowed in and drowned me, and my neck, mouth, and eyes were all red.”

Zhao Chun’er hands clasped his shoulders and shrank, his head flinching, as if there was really blood to submerge her. She bit her lower lip, raised her head, and tears fluttered: “But, brother, don’t Is it possible to rebel? The father will kill you, the deaf will do nothing, will not force you, will not force you to marry me, just want to live a good life, even if the deaf children cannot see, just live well. It’s fine.”

Yan Xun frowned and did not look at Zhao Chun’ers eyes. Instead, he turned his head to one side. The line of air on the side of the face looked cold and hard.

“Chun’er ! You come here!”

Zhao Song furious, shouted loudly.

Just listen to “pop” soon, Zhao Chun’er knelt on the ground, a few steps up to go, raised her hand high to touch Yan Xun’s robe, and finally cried loudly: “Hey brother, do not rebel, Chun’er is begging you!”

Zhao Song eyes blow like fire, with so much anger he shouted: “Chun’er, what are you doing?” After he finished, the horse rushed forward, Datong guild fighters Qi together one step forward, care in front of Yan Xun, arms outside, cold water in unison!

“Yan Xun brother, Chun’er begs you! Father Emperor will kill you, he will send someone to kill you!”

Zhao Chun’er is crying voluntarily but Yan Xun is indifferent, looking up to heaven, Chao Chun’er caught in her hand, only when the cold wind blowing his ink and black robes, we can see his tough outline gently wrinkled from his sword eyebrow, like a dark god.

At this moment, a violent war broke out in the distance and a golden flame burst over the south of the city. Yan Xun and Chu Qiao looked up at the same time and looked serious.

“Nineteen division rushed in! Yan Xuan, if you do not want others to accompany you to death, you can quickly get away!”

Zhao Song swore to push back a fellow paladin warrior, snapped.

“Yan Xun, cannot be delayed.”

Yan Xun turned his head and slowly nodded his head, then Le Ma turned around, did not hesitate toward the south direction. Zhao Chun’er sitting on the ground suddenly out of balance lying on the ground, Chu Qiao and black armored warriors in a swift rush behind the swallows (Yan XUn and his squad). Far, she turned around, but also saw Zhao Chun’er half-volt crying on the ground, and Zhao Song, the young man standing beside her sister, tall and straight, holding a long knife, sitting in the horse. The wind blew over his clothes, and even the tumbling ink seemed so shabby.

Eight years to get along, after all, flowers and moon,  the speculation is in vain.

The moment when you walked into the sanctuary by following the swallows, you are doomed to the end of today. Thirteenth Prince, your kindness, I finally let it go.


The girl slams and whips away and throws the eight years of wandering years together. Her eyes fixed on the front, clinging to the front of the black eagle!

The bloody and unspeakable unpleasant odor rushed forward. On the Nan’an Avenue in the south of the city, the mob of the mob had already been repulsed. The officers and men of the southwestern town government stood in front of the arrow and the stone, and the guards of the ten divisions. Rectangular white pipa held the epee, was covered in blood and took the ten divisions’ soldiers to fight. The royal regular army was like an unstoppable iron stream. It slowly but firmly moved toward the inner city of the royal capital, wherever he went. Mess, smashing all obstacles and smashing all resistance.

Quick horse scout fire back to Ben, brought back an unfavorable battlefield report, Swallow (Yan Xun) sitting on horseback, silent, looking dull, do not see what he was thinking.

Chu Qiao stared into the distance and said quietly, “Is it not yet?”

Yan Xun sound low, very quiet shook his head: “Not yet.”

“Heavy casualties, but also continue to wait?”

“Well, I still need to wait.”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath, frowning, coldly said: “Yan Xun, so go down, the southwest town government will annihilate the army.”

“The commanders of the 12th and 30th divisions also wait and see. If they retreat at this time, the imperial city will have a fresh force. Then we will not be peaceful on the way back to Yanbei, and will be treated like a funeral dog. Empire pursues.”

“But if we go on like this, our people will suffer heavy casualties too! Just transporting the wounded and arranging the retreat will cause us to chaos.”

Yan Xun frowned his brow gently, then shook his head: “Do not worry, I have their own arrangements.”

“Yan Xun…”

“A’Chu, you first out of the city.”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, then frowned, coldly said: “I won’t.”

“Achu,” killing and sleeting all over the sky, the man looked gentle and said softly: “You go out of town first, and arrange the arrangements for crossing the river beside Chishui lake with A’Jing he is rough and heavy and I am not at ease.”

“No,” Chu Qiao stubbornly shook his head: “I want to be with you.”

Yan Xun deliberately board his face, coldly said: “A’Chu, a matter of great importance, do not play a child temper.”

“The sword and shadow are here, and the 12th and 30th divisions are behind the scenes again. How can I be assured of leaving you alone?”

Yan Xun suddenly smile: “a fool, where is a person, there are thousands of soldiers in the southwest town of horses in the horse, you do not have to worry about me.”

Chu Qiao fragile voice retorted: “The southwest of the town government has just changed section, who knows they will stay will not again, how can I believe them?”

“If the southwest town government is unreliable, even if you stay, we can’t escape death. A Chu, people do not doubt, suspects do not have to use this sentence, or you taught me.”

Chu Qiao looks at Yan Xun suspiciously and wonders: “Yan Xun, do you really believe in them?”

“I do not believe them, I believe in myself.”

Huge sirens suddenly sounded, but also a fierce attack and counterattack, arrows emptied, sky blood, swallows black robe fluttering in the night sky, his eyes sharp as stars, looking calm in front of the fighting and blood, they said slowly: “Except for attachment to me, they have no way to retreat.” There will still be a glimmer of triumph and deportation in the deadly wars, but they will become traitors who will jointly be cast aside by the two sides of Yanbei and the Empire. “

“However,” Chu Qiao could not bear to say:  “This war is killing you too much, I am afraid it will damage your kindness.”

Yan Xun sneer: “My father was too wide and trusting died in the plateau of Yanbei, I will not be like him.”

Yan Xun’s face in the moment seems to be covered with a layer of black mist, Chu Qiao surprised a moment, looked up to him and whispered cried: “Yan Xun?”

Yan Xun bowed his head and looked at Chu Qiao with a smile. He opened his arms on horseback and hugged her thin shoulders. “A’Chu, believe me and wait for me at the Chishui. We will leave together.”

When the wind blew, Chu Qiao suddenly felt a bit cold, she held her hands tightly clinging to the waist of a man, his voice with a few concealed sobs.

“Yan Xun, if you do not come back alive, I will revenge for you.”

The wind blew through the dark streets, and the shouts and killings in the distance seemed to be so distant. The young king of Yanbei faced with pride and ink, flying with one hand and provoking the girl’s jaw with shallow lips. Laugh, with four eyes facing each other, can’t erase deep lyricism. For eight years, companionship, life support, life and death, and affectionateness are all engraved in the bone marrow. Yan Xun’s eyes are like deep water and quiet, and he murmured: “A Chu, there is one thing I want to do for a long time.”

Girl white cheeks, under the shadow of the fire in the sky, actually a bit crimson, she looked up, gentle smile: “What are you waiting for?


The young king hearty smile, suddenly bowed his head, lips gently printed on the girl’s flower lips.

That moment, Chu Qiao closed her eyes, let her thoughts in the endless abyss fall ups and downs, dripping in the heart of eight years dribbling. The knife soldiers were near the fire, the entire real Huangdi are howling at their feet trembling, beings sent the general grievances of the end of the beast, magnificent golden Sanctuary flames, thousands of hectares of gold floor torch, decadent nobles of the imperial elders, rubbed their eyes and could not believe what they saw.

Eight years ago, no one would believe that those two children, who have nothing but land and soil, will have such courage and strength one day.

Eight years later, no one will ever doubt this. The former tiger tiger has grown up. It is slamming its sharp minions and tearing the wall of the capital of the capital. It is about to rush out of this muddy world.

“A Chu wait for me!”

“Well,” let go of both hands, Chu Qiao smiled: “let the horse of Yanbei, tread the snow back, Yan Xuan, I am waiting for you!”

The wind whistled and the young girl whispered. Under the protection of the guards, she went to the northwest gate and drove away!

Yan Xun riding on horseback, watching Chu Qiao’s figure gradually hidden in the night, under the night sky, his stature is like a straight tree on the plateau, there is no sign of half a bend: “History will not remember living details, it will only remember the results, and this result is to be filled by the winner. “

“Son! The twelve divisions sit still, thirty-six divisions also have soldiers and horses mobilized traces!”

Scout quickly ran, Yan XUn nodded his head and whispered silence: “It is time.”

A bright light shines through the night sky. The dazzling fireworks are dazzling, and the blue brilliance flashes the eyes of everyone.

On a desolate wilderness, a team of horses is marching quickly, seeing the fireworks, and ceased.

“Full counterattack began.” Chu Qiao  tough looking, in silent meditation: Swallow (other code name of yan Xun), take care.


With the sharp winds and cold winds, the young girl took the lead toward the Chishui Red Cliff on the plain. On the tall tower, the man’s face is tenacious and he holds high-strength wine: “Warriors! Yanbei’s honors are all waiting for him. The thousands of fathers and fathers of the Yanbei plateau are all tied to our army today. Here, wait for the triumphant return!”

Tens of thousands of soldiers shouted at the same time arm: “His Royal Highness! Long live! Yan North will not die!”

“Yan North will not die!”

Deafening voice reverberated over the empire, even the crowded was confused Shen Jin Palace shrill in this shriek, Swallow (other code name of Yan Xun) pull out of the sword, crying loudly in the cold night high-rise: “Yanbian Junying (means military eagle), when flying in the earth, not bound by the gold armor, soldiers in Yanbei, not bound by Jinjia, the Yanbei warriors used your knives to tell the imperial concubines what they meant by Yanbei.”

“Yan North army soul!”

The warriors’ blood was completely ignited. They stood on their backs and turned to kill their enemies several times. They carried out fierce street fighting in the streets and lakes, and the southwest town government, which has always been known to be weak, made the officers and men let go. Like a fierce lion, growling in the streets of the imperial capital, the sharp knife into the enemy’s heart.

“Little Master,” the two brothers of the Grand Peer Association’s Fang Rui and Fang Cang went to the tower and Shen Sheng said: “The southwest town government has already killed a bloody road, and the 12th and 30th divisions have suffered serious losses. Are we not? Is it possible to go out of town. “

No, Yan Xun shook his head: “not enough.”

Xi Rui and border positions on one eye, both from the other’s eyes to see a touch of concerns, plans, this time should be retreated, the Lord so persistent, is it not hatred a blind lost dimension? In the plan, they should retreat at this time. If so, what is it like?

“The elite of the empire is still there and we can not widraw.”

“Elite?” Side storehouse doubts and said: “Do not understand, Xiaoqi and Green Army officers are gone, southwest of the town government to defeat and our side, twenty-nine thirty-six division heavy casualties, our army has been large has won the victory. “

“What if the officer is not there?” Da Xia would be able to send a regiment camp at any time. “

“What does His Highness mean?”

Yan Xun sword eyebrows, eyes cold, surrounded by dozens of torches, swallows towering towering over the tower, a white robe covered with white cloak, white cloak like the morning glory,  embroidered with a wing above the eagle.

“The grass does not get rid of the roots, and the spring breeze blows again and again, of commading all the great fellows to come and follow me to the imperial capital Shangwu Tang.  I would like to have a summer dynasty that will not be available for three years. There will be no commander in command for ten years!”

Xi Rui and the edge of the warehouse suddenly surprised a moment, looking at the black robe flew man, the endless killing is in the air, from this has always been gentle and calm man roared out, strong bloody and murderous like a surging flood, surging covered the entire Imperial City.

Monstrous killing, this moment was the beginning, the true Emperor destroy the moment, in this man’s hands open, the world’s blade, severely pierced the dark night, issued in the ancient city, only a crazy roar. Many years later, the world may not remember Zhao Zhengde, may not remember the summer Tang Huai Song, but history will definitely write down the heavy man of this moment: May 20, swaddling against the ordered massacre of three thousand Shang Wu Tang students, the Empire Most elite died in this war!

Under the red light, the entire Shang Wu Tang was dead because of the unknown situation and the absence of the leader. These elite people of the empire chose to retreat to the front after they had taken the lead and did not go out to run the order as soldiers in the Security Department. Therefore, At the moment, they still maintain full military capacity.

However, at three more hours, the outside suddenly started a fire, because the door was closed, so the young officers lost the best time to put out the fire. The fire swept the entire Shangwu Tang institution like a storm, spread unscrupulously everywhere. Pillar of fire towering into the sky, the flames swallowed the most determined hope of this one empire!

Fierce voice suddenly came, some students vainly attempted to open the door out of school, on the other hand, they were vigilant in Yanbei Datong samurai, round after round of intensive arrow rain, the whole Shangwu Tang no one escaped. Through the mass of people, they panickedly saw the Yanbians who had been standing in the least prominent corners of the imperial capital. However, at that moment, his upright spine was like a smile of death. The officers screamed in panic. Yan Xun Yan Xun come!

“Yan Xun come! Yanbei rebellion is coming!”

Everyone was panic-stricken, three thousand elite soldiers and horses, have not yet battled together, and suddenly failed. After a three-time battle, Rui Rui slowly said, “The enemy’s morale has been lost. There is no need for clash, and a fire is burned. You keep here, and don’t allow the pigs and dogs inside to escape.”

“Yan Xun children! If you have the guts, just like me!”

Wei Shu Han, a new generation of Wei valve, whistled loudly, and then waving a war sword has not yet taken a step, it was an arrow shot through the throat, his eyes wide open down in a mess of fire.

Yan Xun even did not look at him, they turned over the horse, reorganized most of the soldiers and horses, coldly said: “Follow me to Xiaoqi camp.”

This evening, the southwestern town government was instigated, the officers and soldiers of the Security Department died in the chaos of the mob, and the twelfth and 30th divisions and the southwestern town government made fierce battles, mostly killing and wounding. Later, in the same way, Yan Xiao removed all the troops and horses from the royal capital Shangwutang, the horses from the south camp, the seventh army, and the army of the Imperial Capital, who had been assassinated and guarded by the chiefs. Afterwards, because there were too many people, Yan Yan simply ordered the opening of the Nancheng Terracotta Warriors, rushing the remaining 10 battalions and 2,000 officers and soldiers into the subtle squares with bow and arrow fire, and then he rushed to the horses and trampled on with thousands of horseshoe treads. More than 1,800 people were trampled on and the remaining 2,000 people were all disabled. There was a mourning in the square where dead bodies fell.

When the sidehouse requested the removal of the roots, Yan Xun shook his head coldly and said lightly: “This crippled is left to Zhao Zhengde.”

At four o’clock, the darker the sky, the entire emperor was in a mess, and there were few living soldiers in the barracks. After the team came back from the Imperial Court in Yamen Gate, they reported that the government officials had already absconded. They had killed more than one officer and had returned.

In this regard, the entire true emperor in the Imperial City, in addition to the Imperial City was led by the lack of three thousand defenders, as well as being war with the southwest town government of the three Shiji Li (means surname of Three-Guardian Army ), there will be no armed forces.

“Lord, ordered the southwest town retreat, we should be out of town.”

“Well,” Yan Xun looked at a really scorched earth ancient city, slowly nodded and said: “It is time to go.”

“That belongs to the southwestern township that war zone warrants.”

“Stop standing.” Yan Xun faintly looked Xi Rui a, divinely said: “When did I say to go with the southwest town government to go?”

Xi Rui shocked, stunned: “Lord?”

turned around and said in a mild tone: “The southwestern town government made heroic devotion to resist fierce enemies and voluntarily stayed to resist the blade of the Imperial Three-Guardian Army to preserve Yanbei’s strength and loyalty. As a model for contemporary soldiers.”

Xi Rui frowned, stepped forward quickly said: “But the Lord … ..”

If not yet finished, he was pulled by a side bin tightly covering his mouth.

“General Xu Rui, please do not doubt the loyalty of the southwest town government, they hide the imperial capital for many years, waiting for this life and death battle, we have no right to deprive the soldiers bravely serve the country’s loyalty.”

Yan Xun’s eyes calm, gentle tone slowly said, but the discourse revealed in the blade, but like the arrow pierced the heart of everyone. Bian Chang quickly said: “The Lord said, the minor states that the southwest town government’s determination to serve the country is an exemplary role model for contemporary soldiers. We must use this as an example.”

His hand was tightly holding Fan Rui’s clothes, for fear that this colleague would say another word. After seeing Yan Xun’s method of killing him, he did not doubt that this seemingly peaceful man would wave his own hand with him.

“In this way, the entire army retreated from the north gate and the army sealed off the gates after leaving the city.”

Horses galloped out and the heavy gate closed, the whole world was changing color, and it was frightened with the southwestern town government killed by the Twenty and Thirty Divisions. They stayed on the vast expanse of the earth, for a long time, and countless desperate. The voice shouted in unison: “His Royal Highness, us, and us!”

“We were abandoned! We were betrayed!”

Fear of defeat all of a sudden dispersed in the army as the tide of water, the soldiers out of the trenches, running around, panicked roar: “What to do? What to do? We are abandoned!

“Brothers, kill me!”

The spirit of Fang Baixuan’s commander-in-chief was loud, and Li Yan quickly wiped the blood on his face and crashed forward.

“Imperial army to kill it! Imperial reinforcements come!”

The ten divisions soldiers shouted in unison, and saw only the male swordsman star eyes in front, a snow-white armor, a blue-faced sword, and awe-inspiring ambitions, like the god of war, clinging to the thorns, and killing them!

“Is the seventh princes! The seventh princes reinforcements coming!”

Zhao Che with the imperial city defenders, Zhao Xiang pulled Zhao Yang’s tightly holding the reins, snapped: “Fourteenth brother are out of the chaos and their fathers have sent you to play. Why do you want to stir this water? ”

Zhao Yang raised his sword and raised his sword, looked at his younger brother and coldly said: “Seventh younger brother, do you want to look up at others forever, or you want to stand up by your own ability if you want to stand? As a man, just go out with me.”

Zhao Xiang flushed his face and jumped to the back of the horse. He pulled out the sword and said loudly: Fourteenth brother, no matter where you go, the younger brother will swear to follow you.”

Zhao Yang nodded and looked at the gates of the towering city. The fierce cry came from outside. The young prince lifted his sword and looked at the killing and the fire in front of his eyes. He whispered: I swear, I will never follow other people’s horses in my life!

With his own palace guards out of the imperial city, less than a hundred people in this way like a sharp knife into the heart of the Southwest Town Hall, sky blood light crashing, an empire star, in the fight slowly rising!

Chu Qiao came to the Chishui River, A’Jing has been waiting in the march waiting Yan Xun’s army across the river has prepared thousands of horses, to see Chu Qiao who came without surprise, we should lead her across the river. Chu Qiao off the horse, with A’ Jing and others say hello, eyes swept brows suddenly frowned, coldly said: “A’Jing, only this one pontoon bridge, there are 10,000 people in the southwestern town government, and it is possible to cross the river before dawn. ?”

A delicate light nodded his head: “This is the World’s (Yan Xun’s military code name) command, must have been wrong, under the first girl to pass it.”

Chu Qiao standing still, a terrifying thought suddenly came to her mind, her face became pale all of a sudden, her eyes also reveals slight hint of confusion. A’Jing asked: “girl, what happened?”

Chu Qiao suddenly subdued affectionate, smiled slowly and said: “Nothing, you take them in the past, I have to wait for Swallows.” (Yan Xun liberation troops military codename)

A’Jing frown: “But His Royal Highness commanded … …”

“Needless to say, cross the river.”

A’jing naturally knows Chu Qiao and Yan Xun’s feelings, far from their own can be compared, nodded, no longer reluctant towards her.

Half an hour later, southeast suddenly sent a fierce fight sound, the sound even more intense than just just, Chu Qiao heart startled, suddenly launched, sped away toward the southeast.

“Girl!” A’Jing shouted: “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to catch Yan Xun!”

From the half way to the far end, we saw a team of troops rapidly rushing around, and the number was about 5,000. Everyone was black and black, and the ink banner blew up and danced. Chu Qiao heart next happy, stepped forward and saw Yan Yu from the horse, robes such as eagles, a Xuan Mei sword.


Yan Xun, “Chu Qiao welcomed, said with a smile:” All right. “

“Everything is fine, let’s go.”

Chu Qiao nodded, seemingly unintentionally glanced to the back: “The southwest of the town government did not make it? Why did they not keep up?”

Yan Xun naturally can not take the southwestern town government so that soldiers and horses voluntarily left behind to fight the enemies of the nonsense to deceive her, smiled and said: “Do not worry, when they arrive, we take the first step.”

“Good.” Chu Qiao without hesitation, followed by Yan Xun walked toward the Chishui.

Brigade began to cross the river quickly, although only a pontoon bridge, but half an hour later, the majority of people and horses across the river. Chu Qiao stand next to the swallows, watching the team continue to cross the pontoon bridge, looking at a fiery real city in the distance, suddenly said with emotion: “Eight years, we finally came out.

Yan Xun sigh loudly, gestures took over Chu Qiao’s shoulder, passionate, said: “Achu, you suffered.”

Chu Qiao shook her head and his eyes were as bright as a star: “No, it was you who gave me the goal of living. I had the motivation to live. Yan Hao. For the past eight years, we were relying on each other. We Support each other, take care of each other, improve each other’s plan, and make up for the other’s mistakes. Formally because of this, we can survive in the imperial city day by day. We don’t owe each other.”

“Well, we owe each other.” Yan Xun with a gentle smile: “We have long been one, for the sake of happiness, life and death go hand in hand.”

“Yes,” Chu Qiao nodded slowly: “We are fortunate enough, life and death go hand in hand.”

“Your Highness, troops have crossed the river, you can go.” A’Jing came running, coldly said.

“Well,” Yan Xun nodded: “Commanded, the whole army opened.”

“Yan Xun!” Chu Qiao suddenly exclaimed: “Do we not wait for the officers and men in the southwest town government yet?”

Yan Xun shook his head and smiled: “Do not worry, they will catch up with us.”

“If the boarding pontoon bridge is withdrawn, how do they cross the river?”

Yan Xun long had a good rhetoric, and slowly said: “The Imperial Capital has not been afraid to pursue the army. They can follow the official road to West Malaysia to cool with us and we will.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Oh, then, let’s go.”

Just took two steps, the girl suddenly pick her brows, wiped her waist, shocked and said: “Didn’t you give me the Datong token? It is missing?”

Yan Xun frowned, that token seems trivial, was no match for him. He was nervous and said, “How could you not see it? Are you not wearing it? Don’t worry, think about it.”

Chu Qiao turned two times in the same place and couldn’t find the whole body. Suddenly, the young girl patted her forehead and said, “I’m stupid, and I’m taking it in the waist pocket of the token horse.”

Yan Xun grabbed the girl’s arm, and she did not know why. She suddenly raised a hint of fear that she did not know. He said, “Let others get past it, you are waiting here.”

“So many horses, they know that one is mine? Do not worry, I’ll go.”

Too late to stop, the young girl ran up the pontoon bridge. She was very tall and she stepped onto the pontoon almost without sinking.

Half a stick of incense, the girl ran to the opposite side of the river. Yan Xun ordered the people to turn on the torch and looked across the river. He saw Chu Qiao found his own horse, and then he led the horse to the pontoon. It seemed that he was thinking about something.

Yan Yan surprised a moment, shouted: “A’Chu, found it? Come here!”

Suddenly the girl looked up, a pale face paper, but sharp eyes, such as the sword, looking at the coast of the river surely set.

Suddenly, it seems like a lightning stabbed into the heart suddenly Yan Xun pushed A’jing open in front of the pontoon bridge crazily ran.

Almost at the same time, Chu Qiao took out his sword from his waist. The silver light flashed and he knelt down. The pontoon suddenly crashed and ran along the rushing river.

“Achu!” Yan Xun shouted loudly, his eyes fiery, shouted: “What are you doing?”

Girls standing on the edge of the Chishui River, she looked like a  waterfall, eyes like sword, shouted loudly: “Yan Xun! You just said that you and I are one, for the sake of happiness, life and death. So, I can not watch you make this great sin!

Yan Xun said it is necessary to jumped Chishui River, A’jing and others pulled him from behind, the man shouted: “Achu, do not be silly, come back!”

“Yan Wei, you are able to be supported by thousands of people. Yanbei’s surnames are waiting for your return. It is all because Yan Wangye was in Yanbei’s life and he was an official of the Royal Capital. He also failed to take over Yanbei. It’s the prestige of a generation of Yan’s! Yan Xun, I can’t watch you self-destruct the Foundation, self-defeating the Great Wall!

Yan Xun furious, completely lost the calm and peaceful past, in anger cried: “Achu, you’ll be right back, we take the rope in the past, you pick over there, come back immediately, I am commanding you!

Chu Qiao shook her head, silently turned around, climbed up to the horse, and then turned back: “You made a mistake, I must correct you! Yan Xun, we will meet in the cool Sycamore .If I do not come back in two days, you take the people back to Yanbei first, I will take the officers and men of the southwest town government to go to the northern plateau to meet you.

Finished, girls snapped loudly, raised her whip, gallop on the dark wasteland above. Five thousand dominant horses follow the girls behind, but also toward the towering walls, crashing away.

“A’Chu …”

The ups and downs of the river patted the riverbank, the waves of scouring, the waves of waves, and the empty void. Only the men screamed and cracked their lungs. The sound penetrated the sky and reverberated under the dark night!

This world is not a playground, never a repeated word. What we can do is just reverse the universe before the disaster has completely caused it! Yan Xun, what I did today, maybe it will take many years before you understand that I am not the benevolent woman. I just do not want you to be blinded by hatred. Wait for me, I will bring the soldiers from Hell of many miles to meet you again.


“Command, we are abandoned!”

The southwestern town government makes it full of people running around in panic. Many people shout loudly. The voice is sharp and sharp. It is not like human voices can be heard. A desperate crowd walks, and all directions are enemies. There was no way to go before, and there were pursuers afterwards. The soldiers who had left the country for thousands of miles finally became prodigal sons who were nowhere to be found. The world is big and there is no place for them to rest!

Someone in the crowd made a hysterical scream and cry: “Why! Why give up?”

“Kill! Haha, kill! Doomsday, go to hell!”

Fire embraced the entire city, nowhere is a way out of life, nowhere is the door, the soldiers were collapsing crazy, there is no battle, no strategy, a total of their own fight a mess. Royal defenders were pressed so long hit, and finally proud and cruel, mean all-encompassing.

Everywhere there was a messy body everywhere, twenty to thirty people of the Royal Capital’s soldiers were encircling one, and the officers and men of the southwest town government were scolded and slashed their hatred for the traitors!

Zhao Che sat on horseback, looked at this brother who has always been dismissive of him, young Zhao Yang covered with blood, a handsome face covered with blood, He still held a sword in an unyielding manner, with calm and almost cruel eyes. Examine the battlefield of Shura before it.

“Seventh Brother, the enemy cannot stop it.”

“Well,” Zhao Che had nodded. “It’s time.”

However, just as he ordered the attack of the whole army, a huge roar of sound suddenly sounded. In the direction of the northwest gate, there seemed to be a thirst for millions of legions is shaking. The whole land of true Huang was trembling, and all people are dismayed in the living hand, looked up at the sky northwest.


“Bang! Bang!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The violent tremors were drilled out of the bones of the people, drilling above the spine of the people, as if the universe was in front of the anger of desolation, everyone looked up in dismay. Yanbian soldiers saber also cut in the shoulders of a Royal defender, even forgot to pull, Royal guards war knives in the Yanbian warrior’s neck, but also forgotten it should be played down!

“Boom,” the Xicheng Gate was knocked open, and 5,000 horseshoes banged. Like a tidal wave, it rushed toward the melee crowd. At once, the team broke through a huge gap!

The imperial guards suddenly remembered the method of slaughtering sixteen battalion troops by the swallows, all of them pale and legs almost trembling. At this time, while the Black Hawk flag was firmly inserted in the city head, the petite but upright figure standing under the banner of war, against the entire emperor sent a White eagle General Li Yan: “Yanbei You guys are not abandoned, listen to my orders! Follow me! Follow me! I’ll take you home!

After one second, two seconds, and three seconds of silence, huge cheers rang up in time.

“Back to Yanbei! Back to Yanbei! Back to Yanbei!”

Desperate people caught the last straw to survive, they are like an irresistible tide, toward the northwest sky, call sign away!

“Seventh, fourteenth brother, who is that person?”

Zhao Yang looked at Chu Qiao, a long time did not speak. Zhao Che sat on horseback, his eyes slowly narrowing, looking at the fierce hunting savage army’s woman, slowly said: “You remember, this woman, in the future will become the biggest threat to summer, you want to regain lost ground this will be the first majestic mountain difficult to climb! “

The sky beacon burst into the sky, that day, in the northwest tower of the imperial capital, the entire summer dynasty remembered this name together. Eight years ago, she entered Da Xia Palace as a slave. After eight years, she took away the last Yanbei Armed Forces in Zhenhuang City and left her real homeland, a Hot land.

Chu Qiao does not know now. It is her move today that has saved a revolting disaster for Yanbei and saved the newborn Yanbian regime. At the same time, she also created the first batch of her own in times of troubled times Armed forces.

That night, officers and men of the southwestern town government, each in the heart vowed to loyal to this delicate girl. From now on, they followed their masters in the war between North and South. The Cavalry swept across the entire land of Ximeng and persevered in their oaths. They maintained their loyalty to Chu Qiao without exception for any hardship and circumstances.

And this delicate young girl, therefore, took the first step of being named “beauty king” by people all over the country after many years….



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