Volume IV, Bian Tang Fertile Land, Chapter 80: Two Ends of the World

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Arranged and Translated by Angel Chua

A group West Malaysian descent from Liang went to the official bureaucratic road of Liuhe County, a team of horses are waiting quietly. The moonlight in the sky was bleak, a shadowy, bright moonlight, according to the team. There were tens of thousands of people in the team that were quiet and without any sound. Each one looked at the official road to the east and seems to wait.

The feather girl (Ms. Yu or A’Yu) was just entering the big account. Several men inside got up and the woman’s brows were locked. The tone was as calm as ever: “Is there news coming back?”

“Not yet,” a man of Confucian trousers got up, his face thin, a little thinner, his face a little yellowish, and said: “The girl does not have to worry, Mr. Wu let us wait here. What will happen?”

“I’m not worried about the ambush,” the woman looked pale and her eyes had a clear black circle. Apparently for a long time she did not have a good rest. While she rubbed her temples and sat in the corner of her left hand, coldly said: “This is within a radius of 30 miles. All of us are scouting horses. I am worried about the injuries of the Lord of the Lord and the time Mr. Wu arrived. Otherwise, what’s the use of the quacks?

Several other people also faced a dark cloud. Yan Xun was seriously wounded but insisted that he would not leave the cool horse. The team walked halfway. The coma patient woke up and forcibly got off and went back to the other side of the cliff. The iron-headed master was so stubborn and involuntary that the people of the congregation saw it for the first time. At this time, no one was uneasy and even the interest in speaking was gone.

Yu girl (feather girl) sighed, facing the pathetic man said: How many horses Mr. Confucius brought to him? Can they be properly settled?”

“To bring in 3,000 people, in fact, you have now entered the jurisdiction of Yanbei. In front of the prefect of Liuhe County, it is Mr. Meng who has made money from the southwest of our collegiate assembly.”

Feather girl picked her brow, wondered: “Mr. Meng is not a prefectural private school gentleman? When did he became a prefect?”

Cong Xiao smiled: “Liuhe County is a small county, no wonder the girl did not know. The former Yancheng sent by Yancheng was an insatiable fellow. If he just took office, he would pay a big price and buy it. The Royal Capital went to all the counties and counties on the Yanbei road. It is today.”

Miss Yu nodded and slowly said: “I will think carefully, the plan is comprehensive.”

Suddenly came a burst of rapid footsteps outside the door, plum girl hurried forward, a large curtain opened the curtain, side positions panting jumped off his horse and said: “The gentleman said let us in place, when he and His Highness come back. “

Feather girl frowned, finally nodded and said: “You take two horses back, if something happens, quickly return.”


As soon as Bian Cang was about to go, the feather girl suddenly remembered something and quickly called out: “Bian Cang, A’Jing arranged for the 13th prince to escort Daxia back?”

As soon as this remark was made, all the people behind him did not look good at all, and even the guards at the gatekeeper exposed a few colors of anger. The members of these large-scale peer-to-peer associations are all born in barren homes. They have fallen clan, low-level civilians, and most of them are slaves of their status. The summer regime was very strict, and it used to be a tyranny all year round. The surname and the imperial court were separated from each other by virtue of their decentralization. These people living in low levels were resentful of Dashaman. The prince of Daxia today has seriously wounded his own master, but he has safely left. The whole barracks has no discontent.

I do not know where the frontier positions should not be mentioned at this time, deliberately do not care about saying: “I am not quite sure, or wait for A’Jing to come back to the girl and then ask.”

Who knows that the feather girl raised her brow and loudly said: “Nonsense! If I can wait till he comes back and ask you?”

Bian Cang old face turned to red, rubbed his hands nervously, in front of the most famous leader of the big fellow, he still did not dare to be too careless, had to murmur: “A’Jing seems to have ordered ten people in twelve camps. .”

Miss. Yu (Zhong Yu, A’Yu, feather girl) girl continued to chase asked: “is A’Jing personally?

“Ah?” Bian Cang surprised a moment, then with some vagueness in his eyes: “Yes, yes.”

“Is it still or not?”

“Yes,” said Bian Cang immediately. “It is him who personally ordered.”

Feather girl took a deep breath and said with assurance: “This is fine.”

“Girl, then I’ll go first?”


Horseshoe sound from the side of Bian Cang, a fast horse left the main account, then came to the barracks. They ordered two squadrons and headed toward the cool slopes of West Malaysia.

Cool as water, the colder the air. In many cases, changing the history is just a small lie. People who say it are not interested, and those who listen do not feel it. The things that are so earth-shattering in front of those little things are like a grain of sand thrown into the river. No one will pay attention. But in the corner where no one would care about it, the little sand was miraculously flown into the gate that blocked the flood. It became the last straw that pressed the gate, so the portal was destroyed and the floods were overwhelming. People are panic-stricken in the face of disasters, and they are unfairly ignorant of Heaven, but they do not know that disasters are rooted in their own hands.

Bian Cang did not know. That night, A’Jing did not personally select the troops to escort Zhao Song. He was panic-stricken by the assassination of Yan Xun, and the panic had given this subordinate task to his subordinates. His subordinates are superb in martial arts, playing a knives of two pounds, this skillful man deeply thinks that A’Jing, the chief guardian of this unassuming task to himself, is insulting his own ability, so with a big wave, he shouted: Whoever loves to go!

So, those half-oppressed, the family tragic death in the empire under the knife, and the great summer dynasty fierce enemy soldiers, scrambling to compete for this task.

In the end, the ten most crying voices, the most determined attitude, and the most stubborn warriors of this country took this honor to do this great task. All the way to Zhao Song and Zhao Chun’erescorted back to the Wei Royal Park.

In many cases, we have to lament the accidental nature of history. We hypothesized that if the Chief Executive Officer did not arbitrarily assign the matter to such a knight on the day, he would instead hand over to a well-performing civil servant or if this warrior did not have full citizenship Call for the same selection of these people give the warriors, even if it is a random assignment of a team, or if Yu girl can ask one, Bian Cang can answer one seriously, the outcome of the thing may not be the case today.

However, we have to sigh over the inevitability of history. At that time, Yan Xun was injured. As the security guard of Yan Xun, A’Jing have difficulty removing his own responsibility towards him. He did not have the mind to deal with such tedious matters. His subordinates are all powerful warriors who protect the safety of the Yanbei. There are not many brains to use. However, the sudden arrival of Wu dao Ya (Mr. Wu) caused the girl and the Bian Cang to lose their original vigilance.

As a result, an unavoidable result took root slowly in the Southwest, and history has changed dramatically from this moment. It seems that a big river suddenly turned a corner, and then it moved toward another direction. Many of the hands that should have been raised, many shoulders that should be tied together, many shows that should have been born, lost the opportunity and reason to accompany it. Until a long time later, the years whistled, the years passed, and the eyes of the vicissitudes of life face each other. They deeply understood the profound meaning of the word “get things in person”. “Little Master,” Wu Dao Ya slowly took to the hillside, a crimson cloak, eyebrows sparse, horns as frost, the pace is still very calm, the voice slightly hoarse said: “here is a big wind, back to the tent and so on.”

“No,” a deep voice sounded slowly, as if the cold wind blew through the woods with so much exhaustion and heavy weight. The weather is not cold, but the swaddling clothes still wear a large fur with white fur. The tail of a white marten is surrounded by his neck, and the more pale the face is, the more the face is without color. He leaned on a stretcher made of a couch and his legs were covered with a thick white satin, sighing softly: “Let me have a good blow to the wind of Yanbei. So many years since then.”

His words were not finished, but Wu Dao Ya (or Mr. Wu) knew what he meant for many years. Mr. Wu nodded and echoed: “Yes, for many years.”

Yan Xun suddenly whispered: “At the time of the imperial capital, I always told A’Chu that the wind in Yanbei was sweet because of the smell of snowdrops on the mountain, but now I can not smell it if it is coming, I will definitely blame me. “

The wise sigh of Datong Junji (means Military teacher) sighs: “The wind in the Lord’s memory is sweet, but now Yanbei is no longer Yanbei in the main memory.”

“Yeah, no one ever was there.” Yan Xun eyes went deep, looked at the front of a large dark ink, the cold wind blowing from the remote post road, blown Yan Xun in front of his black hair.

“I remember the day when I left Yanbei many years ago, I was only nine years old. At that time, the imperial government ordered that all the local guardians and ministers should send their representatives to Beijing. However, none of the Vassal authorities responded and King Jingye publicly repudiated the emperor one day, the emperor sent someone to send a letter to his father Yan Shicheng, his father was silent for a long time after reading it, and then told our brothers: Anyone of you who want to go to the imperial capital to stay there for one year. Then when you come back, you will be the one to rule Yanbei. None of us wanted to go or nobody wanted to be a ruler, and our eldest brother was old and sensible, he asked Father: “Is not the father and the emperor are brothers?” And You? “His father was silent for a long time before he said:”It is precisely because I am a brother, if I do not support him, who will support him? ‘That day, I decided to go to the Royal Park, he was my father, if I  do not support him, who will support him?”

Yan Xun suddenly smiled, with a bitter smile. His eyes were soft and watery, but his incisive vicissitudes seemed not to look like a young man in his twenties. It seemed to be an old man who had already experienced several decades of rotation.

“The trip to the imperial capital, the disaster fortune is unpredictable, brother and third brother are rushing to go, but because they have the official position in the body, and finally my father chose me. Before leaving, they have been with my Palaquin. After that, they were sent to West Malaysian Liang, Liuhe and Semarang. Finally, it stood on this cliffside. His father and eldest brother and elder sister stood together, followed by a large number of Yanbian soldiers floating in the sky. My father’s golden lion flag, I am far but I turned back, but also to see the second sister secretly wiping tears, I heard three brother shouted with a thick voice said: “be careful.” Big Brother said that Imperial is still colder than Yanbei, to I personally made a warm hand furnace, I have spent five years, and finally when Father heard the had bad news. They were broken by the officials of the Great Wall.”

Yan Xun sneered and said indifferently: “Don’t take a cliff, don’t take a cliff, it really deserves these two words. One day, don’t fall into the sky.”

“Sir?” Yan Xun turned his head, light chuckle, “Datong sent you over, is afraid I will dispose of those southwest town government officials.”

Wu Dao Ya surprised a moment, did not expect a conversation about the topic of Yan Xun to talk about it, he smiled and shook his head, said: “No, the less domineering.”

“Oh, you’re not honest.” Yan Xun laughed: “You must have ordered to stop me. After you came, suddenly you heard that the person who led the southwestern town government is Achu, so there is no such worry. Simply stop saying so as not to offend me, right?

Without waiting for Wu Dao Ya to answer, Yan Xun said straight: “In the southwest town government, I really saved the hearts of their people. When I first left them the capital, I wanted to make them fight against the armed forces of the Royal Capital and hope that they were destroyed is no longer a hindrance to the world, but A’Chu rescued them and brought them back from miles away. Hey, they counted their lives.”

Wu Dao Ya heard a happy face and smiled: “The young master has a broad mind and kindness. He can have less master leaders and is a blessing to Yanbei.”

“Less told me to come to this set of imaginary, you know I hate the southwestern town government to hate the roots of itching, but forced by nothing, if I will bring back the troops and horses A’Chu Wanli (means miles away) even pot end. A’Chu paraded the knife, it worked hard with me.”

Recalling the thin, thin but obstinate stubborn little girl, Wu Dao Ya could not help but smile, cough twice, slowly said: “This, to Chu Qiao’s personality, is very likely.”

“But, as a result, there is no way to talk to the Yanbei souls under the ground.”

The tone of the speech was very light, like a gust of wind, but the smile on Wu Dao’s face suddenly frozen. In this dull remark, he seemed to hear the bitter hatred and smelled the bloody atmosphere. Wu Dao Ya said quickly : “Lord, although the township government in the southwest was suspected of being an enemy, but most of the veterans in the camp are no longer, and…”

“Pushing into such a military camp is itself an infidelity to Yanbei!”

The young king’s face was cold and vacillating. He said in a toneless tone, “The township government in southwest China turned the front line and turned to the Great Summer to make his father’s defeat. Even though these people were mostly killed by the assassination and revenge of their peers, they were such also the people who are willing to enlist in the army under the banner of the notorious face. It is itself an embarrassment to the Yanbei lineage and a betrayal of Yan’s line.”

The cold wind blew up suddenly, and the eagle flag fluttered overhead. The young Yan Yan face was cold and his voice was low. He slowly said: “The rebellion is a big crime. It is absolutely unforgivable! Perhaps they have no other choice, but I must let Yan Bei’s surnames know that for whatever reason, betrayal is only a dead end, and no matter what the position or reason, it will not be forgiven by God! If I forgive the southwestern town government today, then there will be the second, the third, the fourth, and the first thousand southwestern town government tomorrow. At that time, Yanbei must repeat the same mistakes of the day. Once again, when they could escape from the deadly dungeon, they would have to pay for what they had done. After returning, they would send them to the northwestern sideline and join all the front camps.”

Wu Dao Ya’s eyebrows are locked and the frontier camp on the northwest side? There, it is another way to deal with condemned criminals in Yanbei. Because Yanbei people are not prosperous, and they are constantly harassed by dogs and criminals who have committed major crimes in Yanbei have been assigned to death squads and dogs. confrontation. There is no supply, no support, no weapons, only death. This seems to have become the only way out.

“Little A’Chu will not agree.”

“She will not know.” The man said categorically: “A’Chu’s face is strong, but in fact she is a kindhearted person. Even if she is against the enemy, she will never kill it. Such things, do not let her get in. Presumably, the informed person will not bother her.”

This sentence is for him. Wu Dao Ya silent sigh, but finally no longer trying to recover anything, a footsteps came suddenly heard in the distance, A’Jing came forward, half-bow body, whispered: “Your Highness, the medicine.”

Yan Xun took the medicine bowl and raised his head to drink. The black concoction flowed down from the corner of his lips. The man wiped away with the white pheasant and said lowly, “Mr. Wu, don’t always think about the support and thoughts of the surname. If the public opinion is concerned, the ten great summer dynasties will not be comparable to a major peer conference, but the large counterparts will wander on Ximeng’s mainland for several years, and it is still only a factional organization that is not a political power. This land in Hongchuan is not based on public opinion and votes, but on their hands.”

“Understand it.”

Yan Xun’s mouth rose, and chuckled: “Do you really understand?”

Wu Dao Ya did not want to talk about it again. The topic was changed and asked: “Little Lord, the sky is brightening. If the girl does not come yet, we will…”

“I’ll tell you to go to Liuhe County for your healing.” “You said it again.” Yan Xun frowned, impatiently, and the man turned away and looked at the dark cheeks. His face suddenly rose with confidence, Huacai (means resplendent): “You see, she will come!”


As Yan Xun said, at this time the southwest town government, has been less than a hundred miles cooler from the West Malaysia, the soldiers riding on horseback, night hurry, all the way!

Three more hours, the darker the night, the army docked at the foot of White Rock, in order to be cautious, Chu Qiao sent 30 scouts, to go to West Malaysia for a cool check the news contact Yanbei Army. More than 4,000 officers and men sat on-site, lit a bonfire, ate dry food and waited quietly.

It has been raining for a few days now and the grass is wet, He Xiao  came and took a piece of fur, and some cramped handed it to Chu Qiao. He said slyly: “Girl, sit the ground is cold.”

“Thank you.” Chu Qiao picked up and smiled at the young officer: “General He Xiao, did you eat?”

He Xiao sat down, some bored and said: “What do we eat.”

The girl’s brow rises: “What’s up? Does General He have a heart?”

He Xiao thought for a long time and finally said with full courage: “Girl, your Highness really will forgive us? Will Yan North, really allow the southwestern town government to make it?”

“General He Xiao, do not you believe me?”

He Xiao quickly shook his head:  “The girl has great favor for our army. Without you, we people are already dead. How can I doubt you?”

“Trust me. I said that the soldiers who will keep the officials in the southwestern town government will not be allowed to break their promises. I also believe that Yan Shizi will never fail to forgive and forgive the mistakes you made.” The young girl looked solemn and her eyes were firm. Said: “Yanbei is in a serious state. We need to unite as one to resist the wind and rain outside.”


“General He Xiao, everyone has a knot that cannot be solved, it will inevitably lead to crazy behaviors. When the southwest town government made a betrayal of Yanbei, you were forced to join the army camp of the southwest town government. You and those betrayed. It is your shame, misunderstanding, and being bullied because you are not strong enough and there is no reason to be respected. But now it’s not the same, you have killed the real emperors No one can block the northwestern mainland, you are already an iron army, and you have contributed life and blood to the Yankees.He and Jiang, people, must look at themselves before they can get the respect of others, regardless of Yanbei officials, The leaders of the great peer conference, and the thoughts of His Highness the world, you must have hope for your own future. You are their leader. Only you stand up before you can lead your soldiers to stand!

He Xiao faces flushed, suddenly stood up to poofong (means like a kiddie talk) knelt on the ground, said groaned loudly: “girl! We have negotiated, and only you to be our leader, we can safely return to Yanbei.”

Chu Qiao surprised a moment, quickly got up: “What are you doing? Get up!”

“Girl! You promise!”

Voice faded, countless voices in the back have echoed up, Chu Qiao looked up and saw soldiers not far from stood up, these experienced countless men and women who have no fear of death will return when I go home. Their faces were dark, their clothes were bloody, their swords were held in their hands, and their eyes were looking petitely at the woman’s silent eyes full of hope and hope.

“Girl, you are talented, chivalrous, bold and regardless of life and death to save us all, let us surrender to you, we were convinced, and only under your banner, we can save lives, please do not refuse ! “

“Girl! Do not say no!”

Suddenly huge roar sounded, all the soldiers were kneeling on the ground, shouting, men hit the rocky knees on the rocks, like a rumbling drum!

Chu Qiao standing on the boulder, the top of the mountain like a sharp knife, scraping through the woods, blowing in her thin shoulders. Looking at these eyes full of passion and hope, Chu Qiao finally slowly shook her head, divinely said: “I’m sorry, I can not agree.”



The noisy shouts sounded, and Chu Qiao’s palms stretched out to indicate that the people were quiet and finally said quietly: “But I can guarantee with my life that the officers and men of the southwestern town government will absolutely be matched with your merits. The duty of the military is an absolute obedience. Even if Yanbei one day will hang a butcher’s knife over my head, you will not hesitate to swing the sword down. In this way, you will be assigned to a true soldier.”

A desolate room between heaven and earth, there are cold and silent moonlight shot down from the sky, the girl’s clothes fluttering in the night wind hunt, like a roll of wings, her wordless coldly said: “I do not agree to you, just want you to know the fact that there is only one leader in Yanbei, and you can only be true to one person, and that person is the Yanbei’s Son. “

The lonely moon like silver, the woman’s figure seemed elegant and fairy, the soldiers looked blankly at this moment, that little figure seems to have the general strength of miracles.

“Girl, what about you?”

“I? I will fight with you, I have my own wishes and ideals.”

“What is the girl’s ideal?”

Chu Qiao mouth slightly puffed, with satisfaction and full of hope of a smile: “In my lifetime, have seen her in worldly realms.”

The night was cool and the dark winds on the blackish White Rocks passed through the mountains and whistled far away to the far north. Those firm beliefs, persevering words, broken winds, scattered nights.

Yanbei grassland, I am finally coming.



Suddenly shouted, I saw a scout ran quickly ran, shoulder blood, shouted: “The brothers attacked in front!

“Attack?” He Xiao stood up and yelled, “Whose people? How many horsemen and horses are there?”

“There are only seven people whose origin is unknown. The brethren have not asked yet. Those people rushed forward with the guys.”

Chu Qiao stood up, coldly said: “Go, go and see!”

The southwestern town government turned the soldiers into horses and followed the woman in front of them.

Thirty people opposed seven people and they had already been doomed to say victory. When Chu Qiao and others arrived, the scouts from the southwestern town government had already taken the seven people because they did not know each other’s identity and did not have any pain killers. Only the people were all dressed up and bloodied.

Chu Qiao a look at the eyes, I feel familiar, have not yet spoken, one of the men suddenly exclaimed surprise: “It is Chu girl!”

Teen frowned: “Do you know me?”

“I am A Guardian Officer’s subordinates Song Qiang of Agen!”

“You are A’Jing’s subordinates?” Chu Qiao suddenly realized, to other people: “It is his own person, a misunderstanding.”

He Xiao and others were shocked that they had just arrived in Yanbei and they were under their hearts and they just came and clashed with local troops. How can they not be afraid? They quickly loosened Song Qian and others, and the two brothers came close together.

“What are you doing? Why are you wearing a casual outfit?”

When this remark came out, several people suddenly looked at it. Song Qian thought for a long while and smiled. “Girl, we are on a mission. You hurry to cool in West Malaysia. Your Highness has been waiting for you, and you haven’t left yet.”

Voice faded, everyone suddenly a happy heart, Yan Shizi risked waiting for himself even its a huge risk. Didn’t he really want to abandon the southwestern town government at that time and send the girl to Chu to pick it up? Is that true?

But Chu Qiao face did not have the slightest joy or smile. She frowned and looked at Song Qian and others. Shen Sheng said, “What task do you have?”

“The girl is a secret mission.” Song Qian said: “We dare not wear military uniforms. There are many people here and there. It is not easy to say.”

“Isn’t anything to say?” The girl frowned and said sharply: “These sons and daughters have never been concealed from me. Now they are fighting inland. What are you doing when you are sneaking inland? What is your task?”

She suddenly angry, a few people are frightened, Song Qinas dry lips trembling, like a long while, or failed to find an excuse to explain.

“Say! You are not the spies of the imperial capital!”

“We are not!”

“Bang” soon as one, Chu Qiao a sword pulled out her waist, eyes glazed, coldly said: “Say it!”

Song Qian scared pop to kneel on the ground, loudly said: “Girl, we are not, we are guarding the adults ordered to go to the Empire escort thirteenth princes back.”

“Thirteenth prince?” Chu Qiao facial color suddenly changed: “What are you talking about? Where is he?”

“He is … He is …”

“Where?” Sword ice-cold, some frame in the dry on the neck of Song Qian, the girl looks like iron, full of cold advent of the storm.

“There … in there.”

Chu Qiao like an ice-cold color, strode up, He Xiao and others quickly care behind her, two soldiers took the front of the grass, a dark cave immediately appeared in front of them, took the torch lighting to see the moment inside, everyone suddenly pale.

Chu Qiao standing in the hole, holding a sword, eyebrows and heart lock, chest with dramatic ups and downs, crazy killing in her eyes surging, like overwhelming sea, fast  will and all ravages.

Three naked Yanbian soldiers looked at Chu Qiao and others trembling like a sieve, behind them, the women’s clothes have been torn apart, both hands and feet were tied, face high swollen, mouth full of bloodshot, messy hair, like a group of weeds, the body is full of traces of eating kneaded, lower body a mess. She lay there all over her, as if it was a dead body, desperate humiliation came forth from the body, tears had dried up, and a trace of white light slipped under her eyes.

In the innermost part of the cave, covered in fleshy and jerky one-man lay in the corner, the rope tied to hands and feet full of blood, a look to know before the man after what kind of struggle, at the moment, even in coma, His face is still furious, desperation and indignation with destruction of the sky!

“You three, come out.”

Chu Qiao’s voice was husky, like a broken string. The soldiers around her listened and looked at her in horror.

The girl was quiet, her fingers pointed at the three of them and nodded: “Yes, it is you three.”

The three people were like scared rabbits, all rushing out of their clothes. The officers and men of the southwestern town government gave them a way to escape, as if they had any infectious diseases, and they did not even want to look at it more.

“Bang” soon as Chu Qiao sudden loud cry, so that the whole body strength, a sword cut off the head of a soldier, a large stock of blood spattering immediately, the blood in the neck like a surging river, crazy spewing ! Two other soldiers were taken aback, picked up the knife will fight back, He Xiao, who pulled out a long knife on the waist, on the waist up.

“He Xiao,” Chu Qiao stepping on the body of a man, strode into the hole, throwing a cold: “These two people give me chaos hacked.”


Immediately came behind the fierce fighting sound, Chu Qiao has been unable to see again, she closed the messy weeds, into the cave full of erotic taste. Squatting around Zhao Chun’er, hold her up, trying to dress those broken clothes for her.

“Girl, let us go!

Suddenly screams came, and soon the two men and then painfully beg for mercy, life and death moment, the fear of death so that these people lost their reason, they shouted madly: “It is the order of the Highness, we just Follow the rules!

“Girl, spare us!”


Suddenly a tear slipped from the eyes of Zhao Chun;er, down her fair skin, fell on the body, flowing through those nausea traces. Girl like a broken doll, tears and his party came down, her head blank, those simple days like a winter wind, howling leaves from her life, those who are young and beautiful days, and finally become an incomparable irony,all she can do is to laugh at her stupidity and humbleness. Her clenched lips, the drop of tears, forcibly restrained from crying out loud.

Chu Qiao’s hand, outside the sound gradually become stiff, and her head down, but how can not wear those broken cloth Zhao Chun’er body, her eyes wide open, eyes flushed, pale Like a piece of paper, she took off her gown, dressed it for her, and wound it around her, combing her hair.

“Can you still stand up?”

Chu Qiao standing in front of Zhao Chun’er, depressing voice asked.

Zhao Chun’er finally have a glimmer of response, she looked up and looked to this one a military uniform woman. Chu Qiao reached out and continued saying, “I’ll take you out and I’ll send you home.”

Suddenly, Zhao Chun’er suddenly flashed a trace of strong hatred in her eyes, she grabbed Chu Qiao’s hand, and then open her mouth like a crazy beast fiercely bit her!

Blood suddenly fell down along the Chu Qiao’s wrist, drop all fell on Zhao Chun’er clothes, crazy girls fight and her best of bite, tightly refused to let go. Chu Qiao tight mouth, slowly squat down, the other hand Zhao Chun’er hold the shoulders, tears suddenly, the girl’s voice low and hoarse voice: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Woo … … ah!”

After a brief whimper, Zhao Chun’er finally piercing cry, the image of the day before the arrogance of the humble weeds, covered with untold untold bruises trampled, she hugged the girl who hated a full eight years back to sad desperation and crying.

“Why? Why kill me like this? Kill you! Kill you!”

Chu Qiao motionless Zhao Chun’er struggling to beat, she looked at the man lying in a pool of blood, looking at his grimy face, tightly locked eyebrows, but how can this man and memory cannot wear loose green gown teenager linked together. So many broken images in her mind swept past, like a huge storm, handsome man standing in front of her smiling, happy laugh: “A’Chu, I’m old enough to open a government building, I will marry you and you will become a princess!”

Chu Qiao’s tears finally could no longer endure, she covered her mouth, no longer can control the crying aloud.

Thirteen, thirteen, thirteen ……

That night it started to rain from the beginning of the fourth. After Zhao Chun’er and Zhao Song went to the wagon, Chu Qiao came to the open grassland behind him and was a large number of officers and soldiers of the southwestern town government full of grudges. Song Qian and others look like panic, like a wretched wild dog.

“Zhao Song’s arm, who cut it?”

“His Highness cut?”

Chu Qiao frowned, Li shouted: “lying!

Girl, I didn’t!” Song Qian was scared and tears in his face. He shouted, “It was indeed his Royal Highness. He came to slay His Royal Highness, and he was cut off by His Royal Highness. The Maid wants to kill them. Don’t let us escort them back to the capital.”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath, coldly asked: “Why did your Highness did not kill them?”

“The Chief Guardian said that he was afraid of the girl’s anger. When Song Qiangang finished speaking, he was afraid that Chu Qiao would mention her abuse of lynching. She quickly said, “But, but if the road starts, the girl will not know it. She got angry.”

Chu Qiao voice low, heavy rain poured on her hair: “This sentence is also the essence guard said?”

“This … yes, yes!”

He Xiao and Chu Qiao looks bad, suddenly said: “dare not to say nonsense, or else I cut you!”

“Do not have to say it again,” Chu Qiall looked up, divinely said: “Pull them down, execute them all!”

“There is no nonsense!” Song Qiang dryly cried:  “Girl, you look at us, who is not the worst one that the army was harmed by Great Summer. Our parents, wives and children, brothers and sisters, are all dead. If the officials of Xiaguanyu do not want us to start working, why should we deploy us from each camp?”

“Yes!” another soldier shouted: “What happened to us? We were the princess who had slept. What happened? My sister was ruined by the nobles of Daxia. My aunt went to the office. But he was beaten up! What’s wrong with me?”

“Girl! What’s wrong with us? Why punish us?”

“Let me tell you what you’ve done wrong!”

Suddenly a flash of lightning exploded, a white world between heaven and earth, the girl turned around and pointed to the carriage, word by word slowly said: “Because of the people who killed your parents, insulted your sister, bullied and persecuted you. People, not them!”

The huge screams suddenly sounded. Chu Qiao did not turn back. She just silently looked at the wagon, and she seemed to have fallen a heavy weight and could not step forward.

“Girl!” He Xiao stepped forward, wiped a water on his face, said in a deep voice: “The animals have been slaughtered.”

“He Xiao, you yourself go to West Malaysia to cool.” Chu Qica looked pale and said softly, “I can’t go with you.”

“Girl!” He Xiao surprised, shouted: “Why ah?”

Thunder thunder, heavy rain, pouring rain hit the face, covered the tears do not want to show people.

“Because I have more important things to do.”


Rising sun, rain stopped, a refreshing heaven and earth, as if all the dirty and evil are washed away by the rain.

Cliff high on the other side, a man standing long, a white long fur, pale, eyes as ink, quietly looking at the distant water.

“Lord, we should go.”

Wu Dao Ya and Yan Xun standing behind, said softly.

Yan Xun did not speak, he looked into the distance, the cold wind, the sick suddenly began to severe cough, the sound is so heavy, the air seems bloody salty.

“Little Lord?”

“Well,” Yan Zhi waved his hand and slowly turned around, refused to support Wu Dao Ya hand arm, while slowly coughing down the hillside.

Green hills rolling, behind the invisible mountain beam, green carriage slowly, high sky, white hawk whirling, followed by the carriage, and gradually left the Yanbian sky.



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