Volume IV, Bian Tang Fertile Land, Chapter 082: Half Way Scholars

By Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Arranged and translated by Angel Chua

Chu Qiao not only underestimated Zhao Chun’er hatred for her, a smaller look at the wisdom of Zhao Che, and her word Chu Qiao is currently in the hearts of the Grand Xia Clan status. After the release of Hyberton Buddhism, the Great Xia Empire, which had fallen apart, immediately showed an unprecedented unity. The defenders of the various localities responded to the call of the empire, actively preparing for the war, and arbitrarily arguing with the military exercises of tens of thousands of people. He has held more than ten times, impassioned speeches, inspiring mobilization meetings, and a spectacular parade of surnames. The big summers are in full swing, as if they are facing an unaccompanied woman, but ten thousand men. In the past, the morale of the Yanbei army was so high that the soldiers sang the war songs and listened to the drums. The tears of the lords of all places were sent, and the arrogant and arrogant out of the city gates, and they plunged into the boundless wilderness, began their arduous dangerous ten thousand men in power hunting.

Uninformed civilian surnames thought that the Yanbei Army had come over, everyone was panicked, and the valuable items in the family had already been packed, ready to follow the chaos.

Chu Qiao knew that she did not have such a big face, that these Big Summer army people were so scared to such an extent. The reason was that when the Emperor was in the early days of the emperor, there was no response from the entire dynasty. Now it is obvious that Yan North Army did not immediately plan to return to the east. Zhao Yang also got a firm footing in the cloud (means soldiers) and gradually became stable. Of the defenders have been withdrawn from circulation, gathered in the true city under the command of Zhao Che, before the rebel imperialist turmoil caused, it gradually passed. Of course, these families must find a retreat for themselves. Just a few days ago, Lingnan Mushi, Huaxi Zhugeshi, Yinchuan Weishi and other giants sent sent messengers with a large number of grain and grass to go to Yundu and Zhenhuang. If you still don’t know for yourself to be a loyal retreat, it is not a fool or an idiot.

Therefore, the generals who did not dare to directly lead the army to Yanbei, have directed the spear to the woman who escaped from the seven emperors and the eight princesses. It seems that as long as she kills her, the Yanbei Army will follow. The fall is the same. Even the guardians of the southeastern part of the empire that had not received the notice were loyal to the same enthusiasm. They sent a large number of soldiers to investigate closely, and they had to dig three feet to smash people.

However, it was the actions of the Southeastern lords who showed the show to the emperor, but it brought great trouble to Chu Qiao, because at this moment, she was in the southeast of the junction of Xia and Tang.

The horse was so tired that his mouth was foaming, and Chu Qiao stopped helplessly, letting the horse drink water and rest. She didn’t have an appetite, but in order to maintain her strength, she still ate a piece of dry food, and it was cold water, and the stomach was very uncomfortable.

Today is the first day, and two days away, she will enter the Sui and Tang Dynasties. However, before this, she had to go through two jurisdictions, with a large chaotic no-man’s land in front, and then, the first pass in the north of Sui and Tang Dynasties – Bailuguan  (means ethnic group route mountain pass).

For thousands of years, Bailuguan has become an important barrier against Donglu (means nother ethnic group route) orthodoxy by the East against the aliens of the north,. It has never known how many major battles have gone through its strict precaution and is comparable to Yanbei’s first Mountain pass. So far Chu Qiao has still not come up with a complete solution.

Chu Qiao was right when thinking, hoofs suddenly sounded in the distance, Chu Qiao surprised, looked up and looked forward to, suddenly pale.

Dust flying in the distance, more than hundreds horses rushed quickly. Fortunately, in the southeast, it is not as strong as the northwest, waiting for itself to be cast in the jungle. Where the jungle is everywhere and its mountains and valleys fluctuate, it must have been exposed for such a close distance. Chu Qiao bit her teeth, turned over and jumped on the war horse standing upright, driving the horse to run wild.

Marching stream on the streams and more than three miles away, causing the enemy lost track of the footprints, but just a breath away, a drowsy hoof ringing behind her. Chu Qiao frowned, she decisively hugged two huge stones, with rope Tied to the back of the horse, and then forcefully beat the horse stocks, urging the horse to leave.

This horse has been with her for many years, a few times with the same life and death, deep feelings. The horse ran a few steps, stopped in place, turned around, looked at her, constantly tossed his tail.

Chu Qiao took up his bag and turned to go deep in the jungle. Who knows that just stepping, the horse is reluctant to follow up with the back, the girl is frowning, and the head is not going back, oh Along the throne of the horse. The warhorses was frightened and screamed and turned around!

Listening to the hoofs behind him, Chu Qiao took a deep breath, carrying the baggage, and walked into the dense woods.

“The sea of ​​the king of the king, the education for the world, the holy road of the kingdom, the righteousness and justice, the decline of the rise and fall…”

In the early morning of the early summer, the birds and flowers are fragrant, and on the green mountain road, there is a beautiful reading sound. Far away, a young man dressed as a scholar riding on a pile of green hair, holding a roll of slightly yellowed books, shaking his head and screaming.

This is really a good weather, breathtaking, birds flowers, just under the rain, even in the air are drifting with a nice smell. Liang Shaoqing closed the book, slowly looked up, narrowed his eyes slightly black and white, handsome young face with a good smile. He reached out and spread his palms. There were a few pieces of finely-crushed rice on it. A tender yellow skylark saw his wings and fell on his palms. He looked down on the rice. While eating, he secretly turned up the mung bean and looked at Liang Shaoqing’s face without any malice.

“There is a good life in heaven, you go, don’t fall into the hands of the bird catcher again.”

The bird hovered around him, but never left. The morning sun sprinkled the young man’s face along the sparse leaves, his face soft, with a kind smile.

At this very moment, a sudden sound of fighting broke out in the distance, and the scholar slightly surprised a moment and shook his ear for a moment, screaming loudly at the sound of the fighting sound. Liang Shaoqing frowned and secretly muttered: Going out, gossip, safety first. “

After all, the scholar nodded hard and seemed to be sure of the correctness of his thoughts. The horse turned and went to the same path, trying to escape this innocent disaster. However, just after two steps, he stopped again. In the dark, if there is a strong man who is bullying, he is a big man, but he can’t help but die. Is it against the chivalry? Thinking of this, the scholar sits on the horse’s back, silently contemplating, and looks very serious.

The fighting still continued. Liang Shaoqing’s heart was fiercely engaged in the war of the heavens, that is, he was afraid of getting into trouble, but he ignored it, but he was somewhat unwilling to go. For a while, the young scholar suddenly bit his teeth. The secret road may be just two groups of farmers fighting. Going forward to discourage them, they will know what to do with the righteousness of the righteousness. Even if the situation is critical, they can go to the newspapers and they will not have an accident. Therefore, holding the state of watching the situation, the man gently patted the green squat, and gently said: “Xiaoqing, let’s go and see.”

Heaven bless good people, a little skylark who has been hovering around waiting for the rice, waited but impatient, not knowing what it stimulated, rushed down and stretched his mouth and licked the eyelids. The green donkey screaming at Liang Shaoqing was shocked, hoof was raised and ran wildly toward the front!

“Ah! Xiaoqing! Xiaoqing! What are you doing? The direction is wrong! Tap it!”

The violent wind blew from the ear, and the whistling sound began. Liang Shaoqing held his neck tightly and almost spit out the lungs. The lush forests flashed in front of him. Liang Shaoqing never knew that his youthful speed could be so fast, but when he sighed, the donkey screamed and stopped at the time.

Quiet! Deadly silence!

There is a taste of pig iron in the air, and there is a suffocation that just happened to kill the pig. Liang Shaoqing slowly released his hand, and then the thief raised his head and opened his closed eyes with a few cautions. Fear of fear, and a few curious eyes look around.

Everyone lived, and the blood-stained soldiers turned their heads to look at the uninvited guest, together with the girl who was surrounded by them, and looked with strange eyes.

Two consecutive days of chase, more than a dozen uninterrupted battles, these people have been exhausted. At this time, any wind and grass is enough to make them scared. In front of the great achievements, the key to the problem is who can be tenacious. Stick to the post. Therefore, this may be the appearance of the other party’s reinforcements, it seems to be different.

“I … pass by.”

Liang Shaoqing bared a white teeth, smiling at the hands of the people looking at the bloody knife, tone trembling explained: “I … I traveled to this, the horse was shocked, bother you … I go, this? Go, you continue. “

Liang Shaoqing squatted straight and turned his head and wanted to leave this right and wrong quickly. The moment after turning his head, his eyes caught the girl who was surrounded by the crowd, his eyelids suddenly jumped, and a current quickly rushed all over the body. At that moment, he didn’t have time to see the girl’s looks and dress. He only saw a pair of eyes, clear as the autumn water. The eyes were still so young, but they were so calm and calm. She looked at him and turned away. Her eyes were like a cold spring, pouring from his head and connecting with the bone marrow. It is cold.

“Little girl, let it go hand in hand, so go on, if you do not die in the hands of our brothers, will also be excessive bleeding died.”

The soldier’s head said in a cold voice. Chu Qiao slowly moved her heavy footsteps. The other party was indeed a follower. When he was slightly overwhelmed, he was entangled by the enemy. Although she killed by more than thirty enemies in two days, two days without eating, a lot of physical overdraft, has been unable to fight again, her display is full of courage.

Her hand slowly touched the knife at the waist, breathing deeply, like a leopard waiting for the opportunity, waiting to be determined.

“It seems that you do not know how to eat an drink wine!” Man coldly drinks: “Brothers! On the promotion of fortune, this day suffers, and killed on the spot, life and death, regardless of!

“Bang” while a powerful, heavy combat blade head-on! However, at this moment, a loud cry suddenly heard, just listen to the voice of a man of Qingpi (means clear but weary sound)shouted: “All stop!

Everyone was shocked by the electric light stone fire, and they turned their heads and looked at it, but suddenly they were shocked!

The young scholars went back and returned, riding back and swearing, although the face was white but the righteous words said loudly: “You so many people get together and bully a little girl, it’s awful!”

The leader of the soldier frowned and said, “Who is this son and why should he rule the government?”

You are the official?” Liang Shaoqing seems to notice the military uniforms of the soldiers at this time. He is quite embarrassed and frowns: “Lower Liang Shaoqing, passing through this place, seeing you fight, I went up to ask one or two. I didn’t expect you to be an official.” The official difference of the family is disrespectful and disgraceful.”

“Liang Shaoqing?”

The confusion of soldiers as their head doubts, but for a time can not remember which one has the courage to intervene in the matter of the family is surnamed Liang. Sinking suddenly sunk, anger and said: “The idlers waited to roll aside, and watch the sword without eyes!”

“Yes,” Liang Shaoqing said quickly, just wanting to turn around and leave, but couldn’t help but go back and whispered: “The fight is basically insulting. I don’t know if you have any misunderstanding, can you follow? Let me talk about it for everyone.”

I see you are looking for death!” The head of the collar screamed, and the knife slammed down!

“Ah!” Liang Shaoqing was shocked, holding his head and even hiding to hide.

“Stupid!” Chu Qiao snorted and threw a flying knife. He saw a white light and went quickly. He slammed his neck into the neck. The man’s eyes were round and squatting, and he snorted. On the ground!

“grown ups!”

Soldiers were shocked, ran neatly together. Chu Qiao took advantage of the chaos, a few steps forward, flying leap on the scholar green donkey back from the scholar waist, grabbed the reins, snapped: “Go!

“Ah! Girl, how did you get on my horse?

“Bang” sound muffled, Chu Qiao a fist punch fiercely hit the man’s chest, kicked his legs, mouth shouted: “Driving!”

This green donkey is also disappointing, ran away, the speed was not much slower than the average horse.

Soon after the chase came from behind the chase, Chu Qiao act decisively, a pick up the baggae behind the green donkey on the ground.

“Ah! Girl! That’s my book, my baggage, my clothes, my poems, ah! Girl, that’s my pass!”

Green donkey fast paced, in such a difficult mountain, the speed was even faster than the horse a little faster, a moment later, the enemy will be left far behind.

The first of these, too sleepy, continue more during the day, must make up twelve thousand.


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