Volume IV, Bian Tang Fertile Land, Chapter 092: Take the lead

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua


Have to say, Chu Qiao’s Little Prince impression has been poor, from the first meeting at the school, the evil man with her inexplicable hatred, the next few meet, both are also in a  tug of war. The powerful prince does not seem to deal with swaddling, even with it, he has been squinting at Chu Qiao, repeatedly confronting each other, and his beard is quite entangled.

At the time of the Daxia Emperor’s birthday feast, he did not have a palace, and avoided the turmoil. For the relationship between King Little Prince and the court, Chu Qiao was always looking at the flowers in the fog, so for this little prince, she never figured out the details. 

For example, now she can’t understand why this man came to Zhan in a hot head, and knew that she was not revealed, but there is one that can be sure that this man is absolutely uneasy about her.

Moved all of his things out and set them up in the same way. When finished all of this, the sky was already dark and the ship was already docked. Chu Qiao’s heart troubles can be imagined, but she still barely looked back, looking at Jing Hao’s sullen face, and resisted the temper and asked: “Little prince, is there anything else?”

“Yes,” Little Prince slanted and smiled, his face was evil, and his head was erected with a white jade crown. It looked very neat and handsome: “You will pack everything up and put it back.”

Chu Qiao did not move, and even laughed and laughed too much. She stood in the same place and threw down the things in her hand. The woman frowned at him coldly and said: “What do you want to say?”

The King’s Little Prince took the nose and proudly said: “Is there a slave who talks to the master?”

“Is there a master who you are not so tempered?”

“Hey,” King’s Little Prince stood up, and as he walked forward, he smiled and shook his head: “Little Joe, you should be glad that you met the master. I don’t care about, if you changed becuase of the bad people you can’t stand here like  Zhao Che or Zhuge Yue that you have to pack things at this moment.”

Chu Qiao raised his eyebrows: “Why not reveal me?”

“Why should I expose you?”

“I heard that the outside bounty has risen to hardware, and then killing me as a traitor, isn’t it a great achievement?”

“No interest,” The King’s Little Prince shook his head and smiled. “I am wondering. How did a slave who was swallowed from the rubbish in the early days become a baby?”

He looked up and down to Chu Qiao and smiled. “You are really good at wearing men’s clothes. Little girl, I haven’t seen you for a few months. You not only hit the Zhao family, but also let the king feel the heart.”

King’s Little Prince suddenly stepped forward one by one took Chu Qiao’s waist and his eyes went down: “I appreciate your legs.”

Chu Qiao frowned and leaned back slightly, said screamed: “Let go!”

King’s Little Prince was full of evil smiles. According to the hand on Chu Qiao’s waist, he tapped his head slightly and shook his head and said, “No.”

“You’re welcome without letting go.”

“What do you want?” King’s Little Prince smiled: “Imagine beating like Li Ce.

King’s Little Prince a pair beautiful sword eyes slightly narrowed, with a child’s play luster, gently picked his brows and laughed: “Do you think that comparing me with the kind of stallion is a big insult to me? ”

Chu Qiao snorted and kicked his leg. King’s little Prince had already expected that the shot would be like electricity. Chu Qiao’s right hand grabbed the thigh kicked by Chu Qiao and forced it to the waist side, slamming hard, then a pair of eyes shows an inntoxicated look: “It feels so good.”

“Hey!” Chu Qiao suddenly became furious. This man usually plays pigs and eats tigers. He often provokes a wave of enthusiasm. He did not expect himself to be a good hand. He used to be a small man.

Before the hand was thrown, a small handcuffed the hand knife and slammed it. He didn’t want the scene, but suddenly the whole person rushed up. Chu Qiao was too close to him. He couldn’t push him away for a while, and he was pushed to him. The pressure of death is below. The King’s little prince probes up, open mouth to kiss Chu Qiao’s ear beads, Chu Qiao suddenly went to the left side, King’s little prince fluttered empty, but the face did not change the strong sniff, said: ” So sweet.”

“Looking for death!” Chu Qiao snorted, kicking his leg to his then reached out and blocked, horrified and shouted: “Little Joe, do you want to ruin my happiness for the rest of my life?”

“I want you to die!”

The King Little Prince sees the move, I don’t know if Chu Qiao’s recent injuries are often physically weak, or whether he is familiar with such entanglement and stalking, he has not eaten anything.

“As the saying goes, the poisonous woman’s heart, I have a deep understanding today.”

When the two of you came to me to fight, the door was suddenly pushed away without warning. The two were shocked and looked up from the messy quilt. They looked up saw someone. She saw the Zhan’s young ladies Zhan Zikai and Liang Shaoqing’s two big eyes went on narrower eyes, and they looked at the scene in the room so doubtful.

King Little Prince, after all, is a long-time person, and he doesn’t know much about the origin of the little girl who is always standing behind Zhan Ziyu. At one time, he was annoyed and slowly frowned: “Who told you to come in?

“You? You?” Zhan Ziyu’s tender white fingers twitched at the two men, and the eyes were red when they arrived, suddenly shouting: “How can you do this?”

Liang Shaoqing is also filled with indignation, daring and pointing at the scene, shouting: “You are a beast!”

When this was just an exit, Chu Qiao suddenly was shocked, and it was only when Zhao Song’s face changed, and the gloomy cold voice said: “Great courage!”

King’s little Prince (Zhao Song) is different from Li Ce. He can’t just make jokes. At this moment, his life will master his hand. When there is no way to escape completely, Chu Qiao doesn’t even dare to put down his hands to prevent him from being annoyed. At this moment, the nerd beams suddenly sings out such a sentence, isn’t that looking for death?

“She is Miss Zhan, she is my friend, you can’t hurt them!”

King’s Little Prince slowly turned his head and looked at Chu Qiao coldly. The evil charm smiled: “Give me a reason, why I should not hurt them?”

Sure enough, Chu Qiao suddenly in a language plug, because even herself, at this moment is like the lamb to be slaughtered by others.

Chu Qiao took a deep breath: “Because they are my friends,”

The girl’s eyes were firm and she looked at King’s Little Prince calmly. She said slowly: “Unless you kill me now, even if you hand me over to the Daxia Zhao’s royal family, as long as I am not dead, I will definitely come back to take revenge. I said it was done.”

King’s Little Prince seriously looked at Chu Qiao, after a long while, suddenly laughed: “Joe, I’m really more and more reluctant you.”

At this time, Zhan Ziyu suddenly grabbed his mouth and turned and ran out. Chu Qiao frowned and wanted to go out. He heard the sound of Little prince voice faintly said: “You don’t want to run away, my people have already taken care of this ship closely. Even if you can go, you must not take your scholars and friends, and Master Zhan Ziyu is good to you, you should not be tired of him.”

Chu Qiao stood in the same place, walked sideways about to go out. She look at the eyes of the enchanting charm, the man sitting in the bed wearing a very sly smile.

“As long as you stay honestly with me, follow me to Tang Jing to join the excitement, I guarantee you safe and sound.”

Chu Qiu did not say anything, turned and walked out of the door.

At this moment, she suddenly knew what Zhao Song had intended.

The independence of Yanbei is a heavy blow to the Great Xia Empire, but it is a blessing to all the feudal monarchs who have been facing the danger of being cut down. King Little princes great influence, so many years has been the crux of the Zhao royal family, and now with Yanbei in front they can breathe, sit on the tiger waiting to see the opportunity. Chu Cho, is an important figure between the two parties. She has her hand. It can not only clamp the swallows when Yanbei gains momentum, but also invites rewards when the big summer gains momentum. Why not do it.

But why should he take him to Tang Jing? Don’t you be afraid of being buried by someone else? At this time, the good way to handle it is not to secretly send her back to Zhao Song’s bed chamber?

At this time, Chu Qiao has come to the deck, looked around, but did not see Zhan Ziyu’s figure.

However, the people who came and passed by, but they all cast strange eyes on her, and she saw her, and hurriedly bowed her head, for fear of being seen by her.

Chu Qiao had no choice but to smile. It seems that he is the news of Zhao Song’s male pet, and it has been widely spread and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

“Little Joe!”

A cry suddenly came from behind, and Liang Shaoqing came up with a strange look. He whispered, “How is he doing to you?”

Chu Qiao pushed him impatiently and said, “Don’t bother me.”

Chu Qiao is upset, and there is no other meaning in this statement. However, I heard that Liang Shaoqing’s ears were completely changed. I saw that the nerd suddenly felt like the grief of being robbed of money. He was full of touches, his eyes lit up and picked up a stick, and he turned to the room of Jingjing. Going, walking and saying: “I am going to fight with him!”

“You are crazy!” Chu Qiao grabbed him and frowned: “You have a problem with your head!”

Liang Shaoqing eyes flushed, it seems like to see it cry out: “He bullied you!”

“He did not bully you!” Just finished speaking,  Chu Qiao realized that he had a language problem. She took the stick in the man’s hand and said, “How do you fight with others? What do you want to fight with others?” You can’t even beat me, but how do you play with so many people? You are Peopl’s princes!”

“What about the Prince yan Xun? He should be reasonable! The emperor fights the law and common people with sin, not to mention he is a district prince!”

Chu Qiao shook her head, thinking that she could not communicate with this man, and she would like to ask him which Emperor he had seen from the past to now had been severed his head. He felt that it was not constructive to discuss such problems with the bookworm. Shaking his head and stick the stick back to his hand, weakly waved: “You go hard with him, kill one less one.”

Finish, turned around and went to his own cabin. Who knows just turned a corner to see the little girl named Xiao Yun slapped in the face of Jin Lian, inlian carrying a bucket of water, slamming on the ground, all the water sprinkled on his body, and he was embarrassed.

Chu Qiao smashed the fire all day, and the seven-year-old smoke that had already been angry was no longer able to endure. At the moment, he grabbed Xiao Yun’s collar and hit three slaps and slammed her. Chu Qiao’s eyes of Venus and Xiao Yun’s nose and face swelling.

“If you dare bully him once more, I’ll kill you!”

One foot kicked Xiao Yun down to the ground, Chu Qiao pulled up Jin Lian, turned and walked to his cabin, and then stayed behind for a while.

Back to the room, Chu Qiao full of anger, wash a face towel to Jin Lian face. Jing Zi Su not around, Jin Lian seems to be afraid of this woman disguised as an extraordinary man of martial arts for a long time did not meet and was rumored to be in relationship with King’s Little Prince Zhao Song. He carefully looked at her, but one word did not dare to spit.

After a long sigh of anger, Chu Qiao gradually subsided. Her temper is very bad today, and her mood is very bad. She has not been like this for many years. Perhaps it is because of the calm life in recent days, there are not so many worries and intrigues, let her relax her vigilance against this lonely Sui and Bian Tang nobles, never considered any resistance if she wants to leave. So suddenly, under the disappointment, it will be so annoying.

Now the situation is very bad, bad to her some helpless. She raised her eyes and looked at the opposite of Jin Lian. An evil mind suddenly came out. Perhaps she should ignore this and slip away and immediately return to Yanbei. The idea was like a mad poisonous snake, screaming in her heart, seducing her, and sweating her palms. Now on the shore, the sky was immediately dark, and she did not believe she could not escape the King’s little Prince guards under her full familiarity with her abilities. However, she remembered again resorted to the harsh tactics of Little Prince Zhoa Song. If she really escaped, Zhan Ziyu may not be an obstacle, but Liang Shaoqing is absolutely unavoidable. At this thought, she took a deep breath and pressed the idea down.

Even if you want to go, she must find opportunities to leave with Liang Shaoqing.

At this moment, someone suddenly knocked on the door, Chu Qiao slammed, opened the door, but suddenly saw the terrible smile of Miss Zhan Zifang.

Zhan Zifang stood in front of her with a smile, holding a big tray in her hand, and said with a smile: “Liang Xiao brother, I have already seen that you are a talent, and Qing Shu died for so long. A housekeeper, I have discussed with them, and everyone agrees that this position is not for you.”

After all, pull down the red cloth on the tray, and a heavy key and account book suddenly appeared.

Chu Qiao stunned, looking back and glanced at Jin Lian, then turned his head to point to his nose and asked: “I?”

“Yes,” said Zhan Zifang with a crowd of people, far behind even Gu Gong-en and others: “In addition to you, who else can do? You do not refuse.”

Catch the tray to Chu Qiao’s hand, Zhan Zifang laughed: “In this way, I was relieved.”

There are strange things every year, this year seems to be particularly large.

Zhan Zifang brilliant smile, a moment, the lights shone behind her, actually a bit divine light.

In the distance, suddenly there was a sound of a sound, and Zhan Zifang turned back and smiled: “It is the five sisters who came back, Liang Guan family we went to pick up Miss Wu.”

Chu Qiao picked up the tray and was about to quit. She only heard a series of rushing shouts shouting from afar: “Lesser master! Big things are not good!”


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