Volume IV, Bian Tang Fertile Land, Chapter 095: This is so bad

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua


When YanXun looked up and down the countryside in the Great Summer side city, the entire Zhan government was in chaos. Just now someone came to report, and the fifth lady of Zhan’s family went out to meet them docked at Pengcheng City. Recaptured, it was intercepted by the wife to dock in Pengcheng, and was shut down. The reason for this is naturally unknown.

When Zhan Ziyu heard the news, he was in the cabin, and Zhan Zikui took care of it for a long time before he said it was complete. A man in a white cotton gown stopped his hand and slowly and slowly frowned.

“Zi Yu, even if the five sisters are not good at all, you have to think about it. Mrs. Tian is a famous wife, in case…”

“Okay, I know.” Zhan Ziyu closed his eyes and raised his head slightly. He took a deep breath and said: “The second sister will go out first.”



The door was closed, Zhan Ziyu deeply sighed, then slowly leaning on the back of the chair.

In the afternoon, the atmosphere on the boat was very different. When the huge boat was just docked, Jingyu had already taken the boat off, and it was no longer on board. After an hour, Zhan Ziyu accompanied the two men to get off the boat, sit on the carriage that has been waiting for a while, and go away.

Until night, the lights lit, the people have gathered in the deck to eat, the carriage was far back. Zhan Ziyu be the first person to be lifted off the car, then, is a dress of Zhan Ziming, but the hair a little messy, his face still with a slightly thicker face towel. Under the automatic withdrawal of people, however, with a slight blowing of the night breeze, Chu Qiao still saw her face cheeks inflamed under the towel.

Zhan Ziming returned as a perosn and did not bring back a servant, so when Jing Zhi Su came after dinner, Chu Qiao already know what happened to her.

After all, the cabin is very small, Jing Zhi Su and Liang Shaoqing sitting on the couch, he was swearing and his eyes were straight. Chu Qiao poured a cup of tea and handed it to her. She was not aware of it for a while.

“Purple Zhi Su sister?”

Chu Qiao whispered, Jing Zi Su, and quickly took the cup, holding his hand, took a shallow drink.

Chu Qiao sighed and said: “Sister Zi Su, do you have anything?”

“Ah? I, I,” Jing Zisu said, “I have nothing.”

The cabin suddenly fell cold, and the two did not know what to say. At this time, Liang Shaoqing suddenly knocked on the door and carried a basin of hot water and said: “Little Joe, the water you want.”

“Well,” Chu Qiao nodded and went up to pick it up.

Liang Shaoqing was very polite and greeted Jing Zhi Su, and went out.

Chu Qiao sat on the bed, put the basin on the ground, then untied the leggings and took off his shoes who knows Jing Zhi Su met, squat down,  took off another shoe of Chu Qiao.

“Sissy sister!” Chu Qiao was surprised and asked: “What are you doing?”

“I? I will wash your feet for you.”

Chu Qiao suddenly angry, she brow pick, angrily: “Who let you do these?”

Jing Zhi Su surprised a moment, it seems a bit scared, she shyly recalled the hands, squatting on the ground, his hands full of wet, still dripping water, some looking at her blankly, actually could not move.

Jing Zhi Su quickly sat back on the bed, and the careful appearance made Chu Qiao sore, she frowned and said: “Say, what is the matter?”

Jing Zisu bit his lower lip slightly, thought for a long time, or shook his head: “Nothing, I, nothing.”

After that, she stood up, but her feet were soft and almost fell down. Chu Qiao quickly helped her. Through the clothes, I only feel that the woman is skinny and thin.

Jing Zhi Su walked to the door and opened the door. The wind on the river was very big. It immediately blew her head with some yellow. She is still very young, she is less than twenty-five years old, but her eyes have fine wrinkles, her skin is not clean, and her paleness is amazing.

“Yue’er, you sleep well, its a windy night, remember to cover yourself with the quilt.”

Jing Zi Su said a word, then turned and left. Chu Qiao sent her away, only to see her thin clothes, thin body, like a gust of wind can blow her away.

A trace of sadness suddenly rose from the bottom of my heart. She stood at the door for a long time and finally took a deep breath and made this irrational decision.

She naturally knows why Jing Zhi Su will come. Zhan Ziming one person back to the house, but did not bring back a servant, apparently around the next person was detained in the city Shoufu, so think about it, Zhan Ziming was Zhan Ziyu brought back, then not to leave those who follow Minions around her to bear the city’s wife anger?

Zhan family will not come back for several small slave maidservants once again, so that name is not even cut the woman to take the metal, will also be hit and a half dead, and these sisters of Jing will be separated in this regard, after the other how, the situation, whether there will be opportunities to meet each other, have become an unknown.

Zhan’s family will not back for several small slave maidservants once again. So, the woman named Jing Zhi Su will be killed if she is not dead, and the sisters of Jing’s family will be separated again. How’s the situation, whether there will be opportunities to meet, has become an unknown.

Jing Zhi Su is no way, among the people she knew, was only the sister who just reunited to her seems to be so little skill, not only won the favor of the chief Zhan family, but also with have relationship with the King Jing Wang (Zhao Song).

Chu Qiao originally did not intend to manage this matter. She has a clear understanding of her own abilities. Moreover, she is now entangled in the scene, and she is not guilty of self-consideration. However, contrary to Chu Qiao’s surprise, Jing Zhi Su did not propose it. She sat uneasy and repeatedly wanted to open her mouth, but after all, she could not speak. After that, she did not mention a word.

Perhaps, she also understands, understands what kind of power the other party is, understands how hard it is for the strong, and understands that even if it is said, it is futile, and understand that perhaps this newly reunited sister will lead the disaster.

Chu Qiao frowned, tied the leggings on the bed, and then put a sharp cut into the boots, opened the door and went out.

Chu Qiao may be such a person, she can be rational, can be savvy, can put all the powerful relations on the table theory, but can not stand others to her. It is this kind of personality that allows her to follow Yan Yan’s life and death for eight years, and it is this kind of character that makes her Jing Zhi Su’s expression of uneasiness and softness soften.

Moon is covered by dark clouds, darkness between heaven and earth, Chu Qiao fell off the stand, looking back to the two, already sleepy heard a dark whistle, then turned and ran away.

After an hour, Chu Qiao has entered the Tiancheng Shou’s house without knowing it. If it weren’t for the occasional guards and fierce dogs, this seemingly heavily guarded ancient manor, Chu Qiao’s eyes were like a huge playground without defense.

The muddy slid down from a tree, and the woman was quietly behind the garden.

The building of Chengshoufu is connected, and it is quite a style of military camp. I heard that Tiancheng Shou is a famous military commander. It seems that it is not a waste. Chu Qiao’s physique depends on a rockery, the auricles fretting, only to hear the footsteps approaching in the distance, seems to be coming towards herself.

The grass in front is dense, and the woods on the right are lush. It seems to be a good choice to avoid. However, Chu Qiao firmly judges many hidden whistle hidden there. As long as he steps forward wrongly, he will be swayed by the arrows and has no luck. Obviously, this road does not work.

Looking at the southeast direction of the seat, Chu Qiao’s eyes slightly picked up, his brow wrinkled, and he came out with a sudden force. He ran to the colony of the long cloister on the right side, and he would hit the pillar. Chu Qiao ascends her foot and slams her foot on the pillar. The body rises with the inertia and rises in three steps. When he steps out of the three steps, he gradually loses his strength. He stretches his hands and grabs the tile top and the boom. The legs were pinched on the pillars and quickly slammed. When the corner lights turned, the woman’s body quickly jumped, and suddenly it was like a gecko tightly on the tiles of the cloister!

“this way.”

Suddenly a sharp voice sounded with flattery and caution in the voice, slave full of energy, then, messy footsteps sounded, listening to the sound about twenty people, Chu Qiao brows locked, quiet dormant, motionless.

“The smell of the public is beautiful, the martial arts is outstanding, the wisdom and the courage are both complete, and it is the dragon of the people. It is better to see it today than to see it. The words of rumors are not enough to be one of the best in the world.”

The man suddenly laughed and seemed to be very happy with his words. However, the son who was praised by him was silent. The garden only echoed the exaggerated laughter of the man.

Laugh for a while, see really no response, the man with a dry laugh twice, stopped, then suddenly seemed to think of the same thing, insignificant smile said:  “When you are here, you are coming, you are coming, the official has just come from Yinyang City bought a female slave, looks unparalleled, charming and charming, has been groomed and dressed up, hey, just wait for the son to enjoy.”

The footsteps of the original walking suddenly broke down, just to the bottom of Chu Qiao, the woman suddenly tightened her muscles, holding the cockroaches in her hand, holding her breath, and frowning tightly.

A deep voice slowly came in, the owner of the sound seemed to have a cold, a little dumb sound, and a thick nasal sound, but without spoiling his awesome momentum.

“Xianyang City?”

“Yes,” the man said with a smile: “hey, this son also know that your control of slavery in the summer more comfortable, the price well, Oh, but also much cheaper than Bian Tang. By the way, I’ll take it, son, do you want?

The son was silent for a long while, and finally said in a deep voice: “Go and see.”

The official suddenly rejoiced and smiled and left with everyone.

Chu Qiao slowly breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that the government of Tiancheng Shou has come to visit the guests tonight. It is no wonder that the guards are not strict. It seems that it is the time to come. I just don’t know what kind of guests can be treated like a city guard, and it still comes from the big summer.

No longer think about it, she slowly got up and walked in the opposite direction. The crucial thing tonight is to find the jail of the city government, find the jade that is being held, and then rescue her.

Chu Qiao is like a civet cat in the darkness, light in pace and light in action. But as she was about to walk through this corridor, her feet suddenly slipped. Her frowned brows, her delicate squat stability, her finger touch, stepped on the moss.

Such a distance, no one will hear, Chu Qiao accelerated heart, is so conceived, suddenly heard only a cold language came: “Who are these people?”

The voice of the coming person is low, and it has already come to the cloister in the blink of an eye. It is the son who is ignorant!

Chu Qiao hold the dagger, take a deep breath, brow frowned, silent.

The son saw her not talking, sneered, jumped up, two steps on the column, the backhand single-arm hooked the corner, even with one arm, jumped to the roof!

The dark clouds cover the moon, dark become darker. It can only see the man’s posture is slender, his body is tall and straight, his clothes are flying, the wind is blowing, and there is a faint sharp edge.

Chu Qiao’s eyes twitched and his anger rushed from his heart. Knowing that she would only let the other’s reinforcements arrive, the moment was not awkward, the volley leaped, her arms slammed, and she slammed her knife. The other party did not talk nonsense, suddenly shot, fiercely held Chu Qiao’s arm, suddenly dragged, the other hand quickly hit Chu Qiao’s neck, fast! Super fast! Almost to the peak!

However, Chu Qiao’s movements are not slow, the body leans back, avoiding the opponent’s offensive, a rear arch, and neat, the moment of turning over the palm of the hand like a muddy slip into the other’s arms, and at this time, a palm The wind also hit his shoulders. Almost at the same time, just listening to the “嘶” (means husky voice), Chu Qiao shoulders a burning pain, she slammed her feet and kicked her feet to the other side, but slammed, on the leg kicked by the other side, the two legs The leg bones are hard and hard, the legs are numb, and the knees are back, and the eyes look cold and look at each other.

Chu Qiao hand holding a smooth silk fabric, do not look at it, one thrown at the foot.

When the other side hit her shoulder, she also punched each other’s chest and kicked each other again. No one was a little cheaper.

The footsteps underneath gradually approached. Obviously, those guards have swiftly turned around. Chu Qiao’s depressed heart sneaked a sigh of relief. I did not expect this city shoufu to encounter such a master. If you let them get together, don’t you want to marry here tonight.

The phoenix eye is stunned, just standing still, and I don’t want to think about it at all. Her movements are extremely hot, fierce and fierce, and a fatal move!

However, the other is not a good class, sneer, suddenly thrown in the hands of a thing, was actually a folding fan.

Chu Qiao’s offensive suddenly eased, and it was too late to call out a despicable one. When he saw the other side rushing forward, his hands were twisted, and he actually held Chu Qiao’s hands and wrists, and his body suddenly came up.

Chu Qiao’s eyes were cold, and the figure was instantly twisted in a strange way. The left leg turned up from behind, leaping over his head and kicking the other side of his head. The man snorted and filled his mouth with heavy alcohol. All of a sudden, Chu Qiao’s nose between the cheeks.

However, the man was not forced to retreat by this foot, a step, a clasped Chu Qiao’s waist, the top of the roof is covered with moss, the two even turned down on the eaves at the same time, suddenly rolled down together!

This cloister said that the height is not high, saying that the low is not low, and there are more than three meters. If it falls like this, it will not hurt or hurt.

The two had a tacit understanding and loosened one hand and climbed the top of the tile. At this moment, the man’s leg suddenly kicked over and suppressed Chu’s beautiful legs. Chu Qiao was about to fight back, but he saw a man turning over. It was pressed up, followed by inertia, and the elbows slammed into her chest!

Chu Qiao was shocked. He bent another leg and his eyes were hot. If the man attacked like this, he would be called a man in his life!

Sure enough, the son of the son pulled out Chu’s intentions, and even volleyed the momentum, twisted and changed!

Two suffocating sounds at the same time! The pain suddenly hits!

The man’s elbows licked the shoulders of Qiao Qiao, while Chu Qiao’s legs were also very hot to kick the man’s lap.

Fall! If you are hammered, the hand slams out a few times, and falls down the top of the sloping cloister and falls off the ground.

Chu Qiao’s wolf’s body has not stood still, and a gust of wind suddenly hits. Chu Qiao’s eyebrows are picked, and one foot turns and kicks. The other’s skills are also extraordinary. Even afterwards, they are not willing to scream. With one hand, a neat slap in the hand, grabbed Chu Qiao’s chest!

In an instant, the two men hold at the same time!

Soft, although not very towering, but the elasticity is amazing, the hand feels surprisingly good!

Even if the man has no experience, he knows the sex of the assassin at this time. He was shocked, not only forgot the hidden moves below, but forgot to retract.

“do you wan to court death!”

Chu Qiao snorted and grabbed his hand. She grabbed the man’s belt and kicked it in an explosive whirlwind. She was on the waist side of the man.

The man snorted and slammed back. Chu Qiao is about to make persistent efforts, but listened to the following footsteps already dense, she looked at the man with a cold eye, then turned around with agility, a few ups and downs, jumped off the cloister, squatting after the pursuit of the soldiers have not arrived, a few hidden darkness.

City guards escort drove up the corridor dangling ladder, Tiancheng kept the tremble and swayed forward, rubbing the cold sweat on his forehead, and cautiously went forward and asked: “What is it son?”

Surrounded by soldiers have climbed the corridor, the torch everywhere, handsome man, dark eyes, a deep purple clothes, but the chest was weird lack of a piece of cloth, the whole person looks full of evil charm handsome, lips even more paint-like vermilion


He slowly said, Tiancheng stunned and suddenly shouted: “Ah! There are assassins! Notify the whole government, chase the assassin!”

The huge humming sound rang through the entire city, and the whole city was awakened by this sound. The torch was lit everywhere, and the whole house was instantly bright and white!

“Tiancheng keep…,” the man turned his head and looked at him and said:  “Can you inform your deployment that you must catch it alive, and you don’t need an archery to fire a knife.”

Tiancheng kept a glimpse and immediately replied: “I will listen to the words of the son.”

The night wind blew, picking up the man’s gorgeous clothes, he looked at the direction of Chu Qiao’s disappearance, recalling her movements, and the sound before leaving, frowning quietly.

Chu Qiao on her headaches, and the outside was brightly lit. It was all the soldiers and horses that walked. Even if she had the skills, she couldn’t fly.

Thinking of the evil son, she clenched her teeth.

“Don’t let me meet you again!”

Chu Qiao murmured, holding a diamond-shaped jade, which was dragged down from the waist of the man just fighting time, though did not see his appearance, but only this piece of jade, she sooner or later found his identity. Moreover, as long as you ask who is going to host the city gate tonight, the identity of this person is suddenly clear.

Thinking of the one he grabbed on her own chest, Chu Qiao was angry with his face.

This beam is a knot.

At this moment, a charming voice suddenly came. After Chu Qiao hid the screen of a gorgeous room, it was obvious that the hostess of this room woke up.

The woman was very exposed, and the white flower’s chest was half exposed. She lazily stretched out and leaned toward the screen.

Chu Qiao suddenly scalp numb, had no time to escape, that woman has been with her big eyes on the small eyes of each other.

Woman’s mouth suddenly big, but have not called soon, Chu Qiao suddenly shot, palm cut in her neck. When the woman doubled her eyes, she fell softly on the floor and fainted.

It seems that we should hide here for a night.

Just a woman tied up, heard a while outside the sound of footsteps, Chu Qiao surprised a moment, I heard that Tiancheng obnoxious voice sounded outside:

“The son, this is the room of the slave girl I bought, for a clean official, no one touched, you enjoy it.”


Chu Qiao stunned, watching the outside brightly lit, suddenly silly eyes.


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