Volume IV, Bian Tang Fertile Land, Chapter 098: Yan Xun robs

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Fragrant willow, the flowers are red and green, the grass is fragrant, the spacious long street is full of people, people come and go, merchants shuttle, shops are everywhere, a scene of lively prosperity.

Xianyang City is also a city of Yin Yang.

After many days of rushing, a team of servants finally entered the gate of Xianyang City. The accompanying guards paid the entrance fee, and more than 20 horses guarded a Qingbu (means Imperial troops) carriage and slowly walked into the streets of Xianyang City.

Although Yinyang is a border town, wrapped in a prosperous business and extremely rich. The buildings are magnificent.

The city is divided into the inner city and the outer city, the inner city mainly south of the Chishui Mongolian Palace and east of Chishui Luo Li Gong Palace to the east of Chishui. The two palaces straddle the Chishui tributary and are connected by more than 400 meters of stone bridge connection. Thick and wide, 20 cars and horses can still be parallel. Although the palaces of the Mongolian Palace and the Luo Li Gong Palace are named after the palace, they are not real palaces, but are composed of one mansion.

As everyone knows, Xianyang is rich in the world, and it is no more than a few big cities in the port of Huai Song. This city is not as good as the city of Dawu, which is one-fifth of the city of Zhen Huang, and the free trade of the Daxia and Song Dynasties. The advantage of geography has developed rapidly in less than three decades and has rapidly become the center of commerce and prosperity in the Ximeng continent. The annual tax paid to the Imperial Capital is enough for one-third of the Emperor’s team to spend all of the expenses in one year. It is said that this is the cost. The small city contains almost all the rich people of the entire Ximeng. The wealthy families who have spent a lot of money have purchased land and built luxury houses in the inner city of Xianyang. Looking at it, the magnificent buildings are grandiose, rolling, and full of brilliance at night.

The outer city covers an extremely wide area, more than ten times bigger than the inner city. It is a place where civilians and merchants walk to gather together. Commercial development and transportation are convenient. Various wine shops, banks, pawnshops, shops, fashion shops, pubs and restaurants have everything to offer.  A red-green pavilion on the edge of Chishui is a fragrant scent. Even in the daytime, there is a faint smile of a woman.

The carriage walked all the way and entered the city of Xianyang, and no longer concealed it. After all, this is a world-famous business capital, rich and rich, and more than 20 escorts in the district do not appear to be conspicuous.

However, when the carriage passed the gold and silver pavilion, an exclamation suddenly sounded behind him, and then the hooves of the guards of the city guards quickly came.

The sturdy driver is a dark blue servant’s robes. It looks very ordinary, but the eyes are very spiritual, and occasionally there are sharp and brilliant shots. He looked back and saw other guards catch up soon after whispering. The driver took the head to the front of the car and lowered his voice and said: “The Lord, the woman, she wants to follow us into the inner city and be cut off by the city.”

For a long time, there was a calm voice in the carriage saying: “Walk, she will naturally leave when she can’t get in, don’t bother.”

“Yes,” the coachman promised, and drove to the inner city in a carriage.

This team is the people of Yanbei, and the man in the carriage is naturally the Yanbei Shizi who just took Yanbei.

Yan Xun’s face was a little pale, but his eyes were not lacking in sharp colors. His brows were locked and he seemed to be thinking about difficult decisions.

“Lord, it already arrived.”

Yan Xun was wearing a simple blue robes, his eyes were sloppy, his face was calm, and he walked down the carriage and went to a magnificent house.

The mansion is located within the  Luo Li Gong Palace and consists of 18 courtyards. Although it is no more than a mansion in the city of Zhenhuang, there are fewer people in Xianyang. This house is located in the residence of the senior officials of the Yinyang City Gongqing and the wealthy merchants. With such a large area, it still shows the status of the owner of this house.

Yan Xun  went all the way, there was no one along the way, and A’Jing and other guards quickly dispersed, and the entire government was controlled and strictly guarded.

After a long while, the swaddling swallows were escorted by more than a dozen escorts of A-Jing and came to the court. I saw a man dressed in blue robes with hundreds of men kneeling on the ground, Said: “His Excellency welcomes His Royal Highness, His Royal Highness Chiaki (name of another royal), blessing  Fulu Qianshou (means Thousands of lives).”

The swallows (another code name of Yan Xun and its troops) were frowning along the way suddenly smiled. He stepped forward and took a ride on the shoulder of the other person. He smiled and said: “Rabbit, get up!”

The young man is only about twenty years old, his long eyebrows are clear, the skin is white, the two eyebrows are very thin, and the faintness is a bit feminine. Only the eyes are savvy, and the guy who looks like a fox is a savvy.

“Hey,” the young man smiled and said: “Your Highness, all the hard work, I have prepared a good food and wine, advanced to take a break.”

Yan Xun nodded. When he walked forward, he pulled the young man’s clothes while he was walking. He snorted: “Weaving the embroidered? Stinky boy, it’s a good mix.”

“His Royal Highness,” the young man looked bitter and grimaced and said: “This is already a piece of clothing when I am broke. I am afraid that you will say that I am extravagant. I found out that I am slamming the box and I am wearing it. It feels itchy.”

“Haha,” Yan Xun said with a rare laugh. While laughing, he turned back and said to  A’Jing: “I don’t see it. The so-called face on the nose is tailored for people like him.”

A’Jing screamed, smiled at the young man, punched him on the shoulder and said: “So arrogant, be careful not to copy your master from your home.”

Several people entered the room while laughing and joking. The rich food and drinks were prepared in the main hall. Everyone did not talk about business affairs. They started eating around the table and said something interesting along the way. Yan Xun’s mood today seems to be very good. Even A’Jing’s jail on the road to save Miss Helenshi is not angry.

After the meal, A’Jing retired and went down. Yan Yan and the young people went to the study together. After closing the door, the faces of the two men no longer laughed. The young man squatted on the hem of his clothes, crouching and screaming with excitement: “You, the World (Yan Xun), you are coming.”

Yan Xun’s body lifted him up, and his face had a rare soft color. The soft-eyed eyes of his mouth said quietly: “How long have we not seen the wind?”

Sure enough, this young man was a small bookworm who had been sending letters to Chu Qiao many times with Yan Xun. Outside the city of Zhen Huang, most of Yan’s attendants were killed. The Feng Mian was small, and although he was seriously injured, he escaped a life.

Subsequently, the Yanbei system was removed from the empire, and Yan Xun lost power. After two years, the pigs and dogs were not as good. Until the third year, the party bought the jailer of the guards with heavy money, and rescued the child who had been detained for two years.

If you can’t stay in the emperor, you can go south alone and come to this city. Six years later, with the help of the Great Alliance and the Centralized Yanbei secret traders, he has become the leading underworld gang of Xiangyang City. His forces have spread across a wide range of industries including bikes, horses, water transport and sea salt. Pawnshops, banks more than 80, controlling the Chishui Empire southeast of more than 20 ferry shipyard, created Megatron north and south of the water overlord caverns. Today, in the southeast generation, there may be no one to mention Feng Mian, but Feng Mian is afraid that even three-year-olds won’t be able to present some of his legendary deeds.

After all, compared with the accumulated management of generations of major families, Feng Mian quickly rises to the ranks of the rich and powerful in the city of Xianyang, and controls the wealth of the mountain. This is a legend in itself.

“Yan Shizi, it’s been years, and the minions finally waited for this day.”

The eyes of the wind are red, the water mist is full, and the hand holding Yan Xun is excited, said divinely.

Yeah, a flash of light, you have grown into an adult.” Yan Xun laughed: “The famous wind four masters claim to be slaves, afraid that it is a bit wrong. I heard that even the Little King Prince of the Emperor are a frequent visitor to this house Zhao Song, and the son of Lingwang, owed you the money of the gang last year. You actually burned the spirit king’s fleet publicly. The spirit king lost thousands of brocades and almost couldn’t get through for years.”

Feng Mian grinning laughed, there is a half-pointed gangster, like a shy little girl. Feng Mian embarrassed to say: “What the four masters are, but outsiders call. Zhao Song swore to the descendants of the Zhao family. With the title to press me, I naturally cannot let him look good. Moreover, when the emperor did not have to eat the dark fortune of the spiritual kingdom, the slaves have long seen them and it is not pleasing to the eye.”

Speaking of this, Fengmian suddenly looked a little excited and said: “There is always a slave in front of the wind, and there is no slave in today’s world. The life of the slave is the son of the world. If you dare to put the shelf in front of the world, then the slave still be a human?”

“Okay, get up.” Yan Yan smiled and said: “Just kidding you, why bother?”

If you say it, you will pull up the wind. The two of them sit on the side of the teahouse, and the tea is soaked in the hands and feet, fresh tea filled the entire room.

“Yan Shizi,” the sleepy eyes brightened, smiled and asked: “What about the girl? She is alright? Why didn’t she come? I heard that you had a big fight, and the girl was carrying thousands of people to fight north and south.” The slain of the Daxia’s officers and men was squandered, and the minions were so happy that they couldn’t sleep at night. At that time, they couldn’t wait to bring back to Yanbei, but this time you went to the Sui and Bian Tang and the girl and did not follow?”

Yan Xun looked calm and slowly said: “I lost her, Zhao Che issued a wanted order, the country chased A’Chu, you don’t know?”

“What?” A sleep, said: “But later Yanbei news that the girl has gone back!”

“That news is what I released, it is fake, I just hope that I can slightly ease the chase behind A’Chu. Let them think that A’Chu has returned to Yanbei, and no need to chase it.” Drinking the tea on his mouth, said: “I have informed all the princes before, but I am still afraid that they will not catch up and then secretly squat, so they have to prepare more.”

Feng Mian nodded, frowning said: “So the girl is still fleeing outside, the world is assured, the slaves will send people out to look for. Others dare not say, as long as the girl is still in the Great Summer, whether on land or on water, A person with a slave.”

Yan Xun slowly shook his head: “I guess she may have been out of the Great Summer and entered the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties.”

“Bian Tang?”

“Yes, if I guessed it right, she should be transferred to the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, and then bypass the Tang Jing, and fold into the southern Xinjiang, and go down the water.”

“So the world has come to Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties?”

Yan Xun nodded: “This is one of the reasons.”

Well, I immediately told me to inform the gangs in the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties to find out, as long as the girl is on the water, there will be news.”

Yan Xun smiled gently: “It is not so simple to find her. If Achu is determined to hide, Daxia’a idiot is estimated to take her. There is no way to help me find it. She is alone. I am always not at ease.”


“There is one more thing,” Yan Xun said with a sigh of relief. He said: “I wrote a letter to you last month, what did you do, how are you doing?”

The mood of Feng Mian changed and thought about standing up and going to the book case. I took out a thick piece of white paper and said, “All this, it has been checked clearly.”

Yan Xun took over, only a glance, and sneered: “They really can’t hold back.”

“Yan Shizi, the big peers will be our allies. I have strongly supported Yanbei for so many years. Do we do this? Will it be criticized?”

Yan Xun sneered, gently shook his wrist, and the white paper on his hand suddenly snorted. He said faintly: “Feng Main, do you think that the big peers will still be Datong of the same year? Now maybe only people like Mr. Wu will living with a beautiful ideal, Datong has already deteriorated. You haven’t understood it for so many years.”

Wind passed by and silence for a long while, said slowly: “The son of the world why do you think there are serious problems within Datong. Featherboar and Miss Yu-led young girl (this is A’Chu) more justice, but also holding the ideal of the world of Datong. And those old Shrine elders, eating and drinking, is really not like appearances, but outsiders have also been kept in the dark, those greenhouses casinos are open to me, other inside things, I am crystal clear about it.

Yan Xun patted Feng Mian’s shoulders, laughed: “silly boy, you are Xiangyang City so busy in the beautiful places to stay for so long, cannot afford it? This world, all politicians are pious hypocrites It may be justice for the people before the big peers, but nowadays, it is already a political bargaining chip for a group of people. No matter how loud the brand is, how good the slogan is, but it is a stupid way of saving power. The older generation, which has accumulated terrible wealth, only wants to select a political representative, behind the support of this representative, and then seek greater bale benefits. “

Yan Xun eyes suddenly a cold, slowly said: “The world Datong, hum, what a beautiful slogan. Regrettably, there are places where there are conflicts, the interests of the place there is a war. And where is Datong? Only the ignorant of the woman will believe. However, I have to say that their slogan is really attractive, especially in the precarious moment of the Great Xia Empire. All the people in the world pin their hopes on Datong. At this time, we cooperate with them. We send troops, they pay for it, and they take it. Needs of heaven on earth.”

Fengmian frowned: “In this case, why did the world have to be slaves to investigate these things?”

“Any organization, there should only be a leader.” Yan Xun turned around and looked at the branches of willow flying outside, fingers unconsciously beat the table, slowly said:  “The big peers will stretch out too long.” Their meeting turned out that Yanbei had inserted a large number of cronies as officials. Now, both the military and the officialdom are all Datong’s ties. If this continues, our position in Yanbei will be very passive.”

“Yanbei is now unstable. I am not in a position to clean and exchange blood. It is better to take advantage of this opportunity and knock on the mountain. The Datong will be a smart person. I think he will understand. Moreover, these people here are all Some stubborn old parties must have been an old man and a headache for these old guys.”

The sleepy face suddenly excited, and the appearance of the wind, the four masters suddenly smiled and said: “Yes! Do his mother! This group of old guys, I have long seen that they are not pleasing to the eye, if they did not see the face of the World (Yan Xun). I have already repaired them.”

Yan Xun stood up, chuckled and said: “Get ready, take a bath and take a rest. In the evenings, you will go with me to the veterans to meet  these big fellow associations.”

Feng Mian smiled and got up, just going out, suddenly turned back and said: “To the world, what are you going to wear tonight? Is wearing normal clothes, or wearing a common dress?

Yan Xun gently frown, said: “Or we wear Datong’s uniform?”

“However, the uniforms are a hierarchy. Although the younger ones respect you, but you are still only a low-ranking member, I am afraid they will be embarrassing you.”

“Difficult?” Yan Xun’s eye was slightly picked, his mouth was pulled up, and he smiled coldly and said: “I am still afraid of others?”

As night fell, Xianyang City suddenly became busy, and the red water fragrance that passed through the city hit people. The merchants on both sides of the strait were standing, the shops were wide open, and the brothels of various brothels were flourishing. At this time, the city of Xianyang completely reflected the view of the luxurious big city and the night.

Feng Mian’s gorgeous carriage through the Golden Pool Street, in front of even seven horses pulling a car, a series of white, very eye-catching.

Seeing Yan Yan smiled at him, and Feng Mian was a little embarrassed and said: “This, the emperor can only pull the cart on horseback.”

Yan Xun smiled and found out the thought of this kid. If he used eight horses, no matter what identity you are, you may be in trouble. However, he still refused to accept his heart, so he used seven horses.

Yan Xun turned back and, sure enough, I saw a white horse without a rein on the back of the carriage, and followed the car very obediently.

The eyes of Yan Xun squinted slightly, and the words were not restrained.

After half an hour, I arrived at the place. When Feng Mian arrived, he jumps off the carriage first, then opens the curtain, and a pair of descendants hold his hand to hold the Yan Xun and wait for him to get off.

As you can see, it was a huge restaurant. Yan Xun looked up and squinted with narrow eyes. He saw a restaurant that was showing the wine cellar in front of the door. There were two red lanterns hanging in front of the door. The facade was light and elegant, but it was solemn. The noble atmosphere, the noisy of the fireworks, and the people coming and going, it is extremely prosperous. On a piece of good Nanmu plaque, two large ink-filled characters were written on the top, named “Early.”

This is a brothel, but it has a so-called elegant name. Yan Yan glimpsed a little, and listened to the wind and sleep on the side and said: “Yan Shi Zi, this is my restaurant, the name was given on the same year when the girl came. 

Yan Xun nodded, although Feng Mian perceived this is a personal thing, but when he first came to see it, he never want any business, so all the decisions and exhibitions were taught by Chu Qiao. This restaurant, I think A’Chu took a lot of effort. .

Thinking this way, Yan Xun unconsciously frowned, and lifted his foot and walked to the store.

The owner of the store was very far-fetched and noticed that he had been waiting for the door, and with a woman with a beautiful appearance, he nodded and smiled.

I saw a glamorous woman welcoming the first, about thirty years old, but not old, full body, soft waist, eye-catching spring, twisted soft cross and came forward, Jiaoxiao Dao: “Why is there such a time for the Four Masters today? It is really a matter for the slaves to rejoice that they don’t know which one to take first.”

There is a side of the swallow, Feng Mian is inevitably a little nervous, and quickly said: “Yu Niang, Liu Lao, where are you? Let us go.”

Yu Niang is a veteran of Feng Mian, and at first glance, she knows that today is not to find flowers and ask Liu, and quickly lead the way. Seeing Feng Mian gave respectful eyes behind Yan Xun, he couldn’t help but see, but I still did not say a word, carefully walking ahead.

Within a few moments, several people walked through a promenade and stepped into an exquisite courtyard. The noisy people in the front hall became unspeakable. A variety of bonsai and flowers are planted in the courtyard, and the night wind is blowing, and the fragrance is everywhere, making you feel refreshed.

Walking to a small building in front of a single building, Yu Niang said with a smile: “It is here, the slaves will not be sent, and the four masters will go up.”

Finished, this coquettish woman turns her head, soft hand on the swallow’s arm, flattering said:  “The son is very raw, but at first glance it is not an ordinary generation. There will be time later. We must always take care of the business of Siye. We have to turn around.”

The wind was suddenly shocked and wanted to remedy. However, I saw the faint smile of Yan Xun’s face, and pushed away the woman’s hand without a trace. “It’s good to say.”

Yu Niang retreats as she twists her waist. Fengmian quickly explained: “Shizi…”

“Fengmian, you do not have to be so nervous.” Yan Xun laughed: “Also, do not call me a child for a while.”

“Go,” Yan Xun squatted on the hem of his robes, “Go in.”

The spacious hall is lit up with a round table and filled with wine.

Swaddling eyes a take a look then saw there are 89 seats on the seat, behind each one followed a security guard, see the swallows and Feng Mian came in. The voices of everyone talked for a moment, and they all looked at him, in the eyes or more or less with a bit of hostility and contempt.

Fengmian and Yan Xun took off their cloak and handed it to A’Jing behind him. Then they went to Feng Mian with the crowd and greeted them with Yan Xun.

However, before they sat down, a ten-year-old man’s words and said coldly: “The Feng Mian is too big, not only late, but also brought two guards. It seems that the business of the near gang is booming. We have not put our old man in the eye.”

The smell of gunpowder is extremely strong and unbearable.

Feng Mian’s eyes suddenly slipped through a trace of cold, but they flashed past, and he smiled and wanted to talk. Suddenly listening to Yan Xun said: “This is Yu Chang, the southeast salt transport of Datong at the helm?”

Yu Chang’s arrogant oblique eyes squinted, and he didn’t even answer the answer. He just snorted coldly from his nose.

Yan Xun is not angry, he said, “The next is…”

“No one is interested in your identity!” Yu Chang looked coldly at the clothes of the low-ranking members of Yan Xun then ridiculed: “You know your identity, there is no copy of your voice here, you are accompanied with Feng Mian. Better listen with your ears and close your mouth!”

The appearance of Feng Mian changed, Yu Chang voice stood up, but Yan Xun reached out and stopped him. He glanced at Yu’s elder, and said faintly: “Yu Chang, I think I still need to tell you. My name, because maybe you are not so strange to me, and the impression will be deepened in the future.”

After all, Yan Xun’s fingers suddenly flicked on the table.

It’s too late to say it! Feng Mian saw A’Jing, who stood behind Yan Xun, suddenly jumped forward, hitting a straight punch, and screaming at the wind, and slamming the cheek of Yu’s elder!

Suddenly, everyone can even clearly hear the voice of Yu Chang Nai nose broken, Yu elders, “ah” scream, the body suddenly inverted backward! A spirit of agility how sensitive, quickly came forward, grabbed the elders Yu collar, a few pounding bang hammer smashed down, the elders hit the nose mouth channeling blood.

At this time, a guard behind Yu Chang’s old man rushed forward, slamming out a long knife at the waist, and the wind quickly swung up, not dodging, holding the other’s wrist, a small slap in the hand, suddenly Just listening to a slamming sound, the man screamed and was dragged down by the wind. For many years, the wind and shrine of the food, clothing and food of Jade Clothing jumped up and moved neatly. He shot altogether, and soon as he heard it, he cut down a palm of the man!

In an instant, everyone was stunned. Although the sleep of the wind is young, but the work is very old, the old-age team who will be inserted into the Yinyang City will always pay tribute to them. How can they be so mad today? Is it really because his master Yanbei is gaining momentum and he will not look at his big peers? And what is the sacredness of this young man around him?

Everyone was panicked, confused, and complicated.

Yan Xun slowly stood up, and a white low-ranking member robe seemed to be awkward and strange. I saw him standing up, and then in front of the elder Yu Yu, slowly said: “Do you know that it is very rude to interrupt others?”

Then, he stood up, everyone’s horrified eyes, a foot on the face of Elder Yu!

“shua” soon, blood splashes!

Yu Chang’s old man suddenly passed out, and even the screams did not make a sound, and he did not know whether he was dead or alive.

“Tow it down.”

Swift movement is quiet. This vigorous kick, a few drops of blood splashed on his hand. He sat at the table and took out the white enamel to wipe his hand, and he told him.

A’Jing dragged one person and turned to open the door. Then he slammed the two and threw them out!

Everyone was stunned and couldn’t speak for a long time. You know, here is the second floor, while downstairs, it is a clear lake.

Sure enough, in the blink of an eye, the sound of heavy objects falling into the water sounded loudly, two in tandem.

A’Jing walked back, standing behind Yan Xun, at this time even Feng Mian p stood up, with a  pair of followers.

Yan Xun’s face was full of anger. He smiled and looked up. He smiled softly at the crowd. It was as if he had done something just now. He said calmly: “Sorry, you, the car, the horse, I was a little excited. .”

Quiet, dead and static, on weekdays, the eyes are always staring at the old heads of the sky, the eyes are faint, the head is a little insensitive, stupidly staring at the swallows, as if he is a stranger.

“Now, I don’t know who the guards of all of you are watery?” Yan Xun smiled very peacefully, and the clouds were light and windy. With the gentle calm that has been experienced for many years, such expressions can definitely make others change on weekdays. Such as the spring breeze, but at the moment these people look, but like hell and the wind is so cold.

“Because I feel that if I don’t want to fish them again, Yu Chang will be drowned.”

Man leaning back on the chair,very embarrassed and shook his head: “So sorry, we did not notice came following a pool of water.”

The voice just fell, everyone suddenly reacted, the old men picked up in the same place, and they were busy looking for people to save the people, and the time in the hall was a panic.

After a full day of work, Yan Xun had already drunk two cups of tea, and they had to drink the full stomach water and broke the elder Yu Chang no one rescued. When the people rubbed the cold sweat on their foreheads back to their seats, Yan Yan had already finished eating.

“Feng Siye, I don’t know where your friend is sacred? Since it is also a brother of the meeting, why do you not understand the rules?”

The old man in red said with a voice, this old man surnamed Liu Xiu is the important figure in the large peer association in Xianyang City. It has been rooted in Xianyang for more than 40 years, and his family business is very great. Even Wu’s girl and other people have to look at him. The face is acting, the soldiers are fighting, always need money and food. And this Liu elder is basically the money and grain manager of Datong.

Yan Xun’s tone is calm and his face is unchanged. “You, I just wanted to introduce myself, but I’m too elder, I think I need to introduce myself to you.”

The lights are flashing, the silk bamboo is melodious, and the eyes of Yan Xun are slightly raised. They slowly say: “I am Yan Xun, I have just come from Yanbei. Please give me more advice.”

“King Yan North?”

When elder Lui Lao stood up, he was so strong that he turned over the teapot in front of him, and the tea spilled on his robes. He still had no feelings at all, but his eyes widened and he looked at Yan Xun unbelievably.

“Accurately speaking, although Yanbei is independent, I have not been formally named as your king, but Elder Liu Lao has to call ahead of time and I have no objection.”

“How is it possible?” an old man said with amazement: “How can people from Yanbei come to Xianyang?”

Yan Xun  smiled: “The elders of interest, of course, you don’t want me to come, because you will soon have to transfer your family’s wealth to the Sui and Bain Tang Dynasties. If I come, don’t you dream of being empty?”

This statement is full of surprises!

Everyone looked at Yan Xun in horror, and the face was as earthy, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

The smile on the face of Yan Yan converges a little bit, and slowly said: “The big summer is resurging, and it will soon be moved back to Zhen Huang. Zhao Yang is sending troops everywhere. The military front is fierce. Zhao Che is sitting in Zhen Huang and coordinating the national horses. The battle between Yanbei and Daxia is bound to be a must, but the big peers are no longer optimistic about Yanbei at this time, so you have to retreat to the Sui and Tang Dynasties to save your life?”

“Yan, Yan Shizi,” Liu said, reluctantly said: “This is just a decision above, just in case, it will be arranged. Our big counterparts have been born and died for Yanbei for many years, and have been completely unified with the Yanbei regime. In order to rescue you, this is a countless number of members who have been killed and injured. Today, it is only a strategic plan, and it is also a preservation of strength.”

Yan Xun stared at the crowd coldly and said slowly: “In the past eight years, Datong has co-ordinated Yanbei in my name, planning for me, and setting up Yanbei people’s livelihood. Did not say thank you. For this, Yan Xun don’t dare or forget!”

“But!” Yan Xun’s face suddenly coldened, and his narrow eyes slowly picked up. He said in a deep voice: “In my name, you are justifiably collecting the taxation finance of Yanbei and opening the barrier of Baiyuguan. And the Western trade, a lot of money gathered. And, in the first half of the year, before I returned to Yanbei, you took advantage of the imperial officials’ death stage, and collected ten years of tax revenue in one breath, looting Yanbei’s surname. Now, seeing Yanbei to fight with the court, you are so sloppy, leaving a devastated Yanbei, where is Yanbei going?”

After saying this, Yan Xun suddenly eased a smile and said faintly: “The blue-and-white soldiers of Datong are in front of the bloody sand field. But you are here, the mountains and the sea, do you feel uneasy? I heard that there are some information on the hands of sleep, I don’t know if it is announced. Go out, if the feather girl let you go.”

When everyone heard it, it suddenly became like earth. Today’s big peers will be young people, although the reputation of Wu Dao Ya is high, but if it is on the wrist, it is definitely the first girl. The young woman’s slap in the face, the sizzling, the extreme hatred of the evil forces, is unparalleled. If Yan Xun was to let her know, what would it be like, they really couldn’t imagine it.

“This, Yan Shizi, the old man thinks that this matter should not let Wu Dao Ya and A‘Yu ( Codename of Miss Yu or Zhong Yu) know well.”

“Of course,” Yan Xun said with a smile: “Elder Liu, we are standing on the same stand. The road ahead is still far away. I want to fight one game at a time. The walls of the Big summer must collapse one inch and one inch. We need a strong army, and a harmonious regime is needed outside. So there are some things that should not be said to be too clear. They are full of confidence in Datong. If the illusion is disillusioned, Datong will fall apart and it will not be good for me.”

“That’s it.”

“In this case, you should know what to do.”

Liu’s temptation said: “Then we are waiting for the news of Yanbei’s victory in the city of Xianyang?”

“No,” Yan Xun shook his head. “You can continue to transport property to the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties.”

All surprised a moment, looking at him incredibly.

However, Yan Xun smiled and said: “I just want to go to Sui and Bian Tang and his party. After that, I will take the South Xinjiang back to Yanbei. I will take them back.”

It’s ugly how long is Liu’s face seen ugly. Yan Xun stood up and said faintly: “Okay, rice is also eaten, and the words are also said, I should also quit. Liu Elder, I went to Sui and Tang Dynasties this time, and went as your nephew Liu Xiu. I hope that tomorrow morning, you can be prepared. After all, the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties are married, and you need to express your opinion.

Facing a room, the old man who dreamed of being empty and white, Yan Xun slightly handed his hand: “Farewell!”

Carriage walking in the street, it is late, the street is still a bustling.

Feng Main puzzled and asked:  “Yan Shi Zi, the old guy’s net worth is extraordinary. You take these things to the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, it is too dangerous. Why not return directly to Yanbei?”

“Do you think it is not dangerous to bring these things directly back to Yanbei?” Yan Xun faintly asked: “Da Xia is now unstable in politics. From then on, all the way back to Yanbei, through multiple provinces and counties, it is difficult to keep mistakes. Once the news leaked, with the wealth of a few wealthy businessmen in Xianyang, do you think that those military sects will not be tempted?”

The man leaned on the carriage and sighed slightly, half-closed his eyes, and said slowly: “I don’t want to let this money fall into the hands of the government, and I don’t want to be filled with these old men. I only have to take the road of Sui and Bian Tang.” The Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties are relatively good, and I am on behalf of the Yinyang rich merchants to vote for the banner of Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties. In order to promote the national economy, the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties will send heavy troops to accompany the escort. In this way, all the way to Tang Jing must be safe. As soon as I arrived at Tang Jing, I had a way to sneak into the southern Xinjiang without knowing it, and then I will go down the river and returned to Yanbei.

“But?” Fengmian still said with no assurance: “Tang Jing must have gathered a lot of powerful people now, and most of them knew you again. Are you going to fool them and become Liu’s Elder nephew named Lui Xi?”

“Do not worry about this, I have my own way.” Yan Xun said: “In order to prevent the news from leaking, after I left, these elders, you have to be optimistic, find a way for them to never say anything. , remove the worries.”

Feng Mian suddenly stunned and there was no reply.

Yan Xun is still a calm expression, slowly said: “Since you have it, I am relieved. In the future, the southeast money and food stewards of the big Datong peers should also be replaced. Feng Mian you are young, but also It’s time to come out and practice.”

Feng Mian quickly said: “The slaves obey!”

Yan Xun seems to be asleep, his voice is a bit more ethereal.

“The greed is not enough to swallow the elephants. These elders are also passionate members of Datong when they are young. If they get more things, they will have greed and want to occupy things that are not their own, but not to measure their own abilities. People can live in the world, but they can have ambition, but they can’t be greedy. Ambition can help you build a great cause. Greed will only make you unable to live, sleep, you are in the upper position, I have to say how to do it. .”

The face of the wind is getting white, and he bows his head respectfully, without saying a word.

The wind blew in the carriage’s curtain, blowing on the man’s face, and there were bright shadows on both sides of the car. The face of Yan Yan was suddenly dim and people could not see clearly.

The wind was so cold that he suddenly remembered the words that Chu Qiao said when she left two years ago: “You are loyal, cautious, intelligent, bold, and sleepy. You are all good, only a little bad, that is, you are too capable.”

He never believed, and never thought about the meaning of it.

But at this moment, looking at his master, he suddenly understood. He cautiously picked up a cloak on the side and put on the body of Yan Xun. He knew that he didn’t sleep, but he still cautiously did not dare to make a little noise.

The carriage slowly moved forward, and there were many people on the street, very crowded. The wind was suddenly a little bit fascinating. He hoped that all of His Highness would be safe and smooth, and that the girl could go back to her Highness soon.

In this world, the only person who will not be scrupulous is the girl.

The summer smoke was drunk, and Yanbei’s soldiers changed the Yinyang’s clothes and horses from the inside out. On the second day, under the escort of Xianyang City’s grain merchant Liu Mingjun, they left Haoyang in a mighty manner. The city, going south from the waterway, went to Tang Jing.



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