Volume IV, Bian Tang Fertile Land, Chapter 104: Lifelong Faith

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

The next morning, Zhuge Yue was out early enough to control his rich and heavy gold, but throughout the city, he did not buy a horse, hired a car, the entire horse market, or even the horses who bought the dealers were left alone this evening. In an angry manner, Zhuge Yue tried to buy some other means of transportation, such as scorpions, and even cattle, he condescended to ask for inquiries.

The result is the same.

At the same time, Chu Qiao sat on the second floor of the inn and looked at the people in the Escort. The Malays walked back and forth, shouting loudly, her brows wrinkled, and she noticed that it was so bad.

When Zhuge Yue returned, the two looked at each other and no one spoke.

When the team left the city, it was far from the followers of the four or five hundred people mentioned by the darts. The people in front of them had already left the city, and the people behind them had not yet launched. There were more than two thousand people in all, and a great deal of weight, grain, and gold silver, jewelry, money goods, and more than 300 carriages were installed. Behind them were women and children who couldn’t see their heads. The clothes were very expensive,  bustling and complicated, one after another carriage surrounded by the scene, the scene is spectacular.

Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue arranged to accompany at the end of their entourage, a relatively worn carriage was apparently just bought, and there was an unpleasant smell inside.

Their fears are simply not necessary, because in their current status, there is simply no chance of being close to Liu’s family

In the morning, Chu Qiao followed several people carrying luggage and saw a man in a blue-and-white gown riding a carriage under the guard of the guards. The weather in Amber was already very hot. However, the man was wearing a large cloak, his body was somewhat thin, and his hood was half-covered, covering his face. However, the half-shadow figure in the morning fog immediately gave Chu Qiao a heart in shock.

Unconsciously, she stopped and watched as the backline faded away. Then she got on a magnificent grand carriage that had not moved for a long time.

“what happened?”

Zhuge Yue walked in front of her and turned back to ask.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Chu Qiao smiled at herself and shook her head. She seemed to want to throw some unrealistic ideas out of his head. “Let’s go.”

As the carriage pulled slowly out of Amber City, Chu Qiao squatted in the window and opened a curtain, looking across the faint veil.

“Oh, yes.” Suddenly remembered something, Chu Qiao took out a small bag and handed it to Zhuge Yue, and said calmly: “I went out to buy it in the morning.”

Zhuge took over the baggage. After opening it, he saw that it was a hood that sheltered the wind. Although it was out of date at this time, the workmanship was fine, the materials used were very thin, and it was not very hot to wear.

“Careful is always good.” Chu Qiao whispered, then smiled: “Although there may be no chance to use it.”

With more than 2,000 men and horses, hundreds of carriages were heavy and stretched on the ramp. From here, there was no way to see the front of the carriage.

Zhuge Yue put the hood on the side, but the hand did not withdraw it, but kept pressing it.

“The merchants in Xianyang have to escape.”

Chu Qiao smiled and turned his head and said: “You see it.”

“Yanbei and the big summer war will begin soon. These old foxes will have to hide away from the Sui and Tang dynasties. They dare not proceed on a large scale from Yinyang, but they can only disintegrate to the point where Amber’s gathering takes place. Beijing, those cars and horses are probably their lifelong savings.”

Chu Qiao nodded lightly and said softly, “Yes, they want to stay out of trouble.”

Unlike Zhuge, Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly felt a panic. He knew the identity of several merchants in Xianyang and knew how they were in these years. Now they are going to escape.

Remembering the figure he saw before, Chujo’s heart suddenly felt like he had a big fire. She was eager to jump out of the car and run to see it. But she laughed and laughed herself, then shook her head and slowly closed her eyes against the shaking carriage.

Chu Qiao, are you too tired? Since the beginning of the Zhenhuang Uprising, this road has come, you can’t hold on, so will you come up with such unrealistic fantasies?

Yan Xun, they are going to escape, just in front of my eyes, what should I do, how to stop it?

what can we do about it?

It is already in midsummer, and the sun is very long. Everyone has come to the west and it has been camping in a valley and setting up a fire.

Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue two people assigned to a small tent, short and small, sit up and meet.

It’s a few people who live with them. When you inquire, you know that this team is not just Yinyang Liu, but also Wang, Jia, Ouyang and so on.

After a bumpy day, Chu Qiao’s body became weaker and the air in the tent was not good. Zhuge Yue helped her out and leaned on a low tree stump. She bought money from her hands and bought a rabbit that she had just called. It takes a moment to set up a fire barbecue, and the delicious flavour of the meat floats in the air.

Tearing off a piece of meat and handing it to Chu Qiao’s mouth, Chu Qiao opened her mouth and wanted to take it, but she had a pain in her head. She was shot by Zhuge and his man said with a calm face: “hot mouth!”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao smiled, screaming and snoring gently blowing twice, then picking up his fingers, the entrance was delicious, Chu Qiao could not help but raise her thumb and said: “I don’t think you still have this. One hand.”

“The mountain has learned this for a few years,” Zhuge said casually, taking out a shackle and cutting the rabbit into small pieces, handed them to Chu Qiao.

At night, the night fell, and the sun was slowly engulfed by the darkness. She sat in a blue grass, starry sky, knowing the tweet, and occasionally the Lingbu Valley at night, the valley was quiet, and there were a large number of guards in the distance. The voice is full of people, but full of calm and warmth.

Chu Qiao took a deep breath, then intoxicated smile, like a simple child, suddenly sighed: “Good miss!”

Zhuge’s casual interface: “What do you miss?”

“I miss this feeling,” said Chu Qiao, leaning against the stump, with a peaceful face and a smile. She said quietly, “I missed the long grass, the green trees, and the wilderness camp. A group of people gathered and set fire to cook. After dinner, they ordered Sitting on a campfire and chatting together, drinking a little wine and eating the hare that came in, I missed the day when we didn’t have to worry about tomorrow and not have to fight for survival.”

Zhuge Yue quietly looked at her and said: “Have you lived like this?”

“Of course,” said Chu Qiao, with his head up, smiling quietly, and said, “A long time ago, I had three friends and I was in such a valley and I ate such a roast rabbit, but our craft is better than you.” Well, the seasoning is better than you.”

“Hey!” Zhuge’s disdainful glimpse, turned his head.

“The little poetry has learned cooking with a French chef, and the craftsmanship is superb. The barbecue is OK.”

Zhuge Yue’s eyebrows were picked, and coldly said: “French? Is it a restaurant?”

“Well?” Chu Qiao smiled and nodded. “Yeah, it’s a restaurant.”

Zhuge said disdainfully: “I haven’t heard it before, so I am certainly not a famous restaurant.”

There was a huge campfire in the distance and it was ignited. The sound of hula-la was loud and lively.

“go on.”

“Well?” Chu Qiao said.

“Continuing to say that idleness is idle anyway.” Zhuge Yue lowered his head and continued to cut the rabbit: “Talk about your friends.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded. I do not know why. Her feelings were heavy tonight. Perhaps it was because the actions of the elders of the Great Colleagues had hurt her. She must think of something else to distract her. A hundred herbs swayed, and they murmured at night. She said calmly and quietly: “They’re better than me.”

Zhuge Yue picks his brows: “They are women?”

Yeah,” Chu Qiao glanced at him with a squinted eye. “You can’t look down on a woman.”

Zhuge Yue did not make a sound, Chu Qiao continued: “But that was the year. If it is a test now, it is estimated that I should be similar to them.”

“Xiao Huang (means little yellow)  is good at shooting, well, even if it is a bow and arrow. The poem is close enough to fight. Once a person defeated seventeen agile Han. Cats are not good at both, but if the killing skills, she It is the best.”

Zhuge Yue slightly raised his eyebrows: “What about you?”

“I?” Chu Qiao chuckled: “I’m all-rounder.”

The man glanced at her impatiently: “I don’t say anything.”

Chu Qiao was not angry and turned to ask: “What are you wishing, Zhuge Yue?”

Zhuge Yue frowned at her and finally said coldly: “I hope you will roll back immediately. Never let me see you again. Finally, I will not come out in the mountain valley of Yanbei.”

“Impossible,” Chu Qiao smiled, as if the two were talking about something very common: “Even if you don’t come to Yanbei, we’re going to fight it.”

“Then you want Yan Xun to lose his reputation. Yanbei is annexed by the Batuja family. You wander around and you must go to my door.”

Chu Qiao glanced at him: “Good poisonous man.”

“But this is not possible.” Chu Qiao gently smiled: “If it is really such a day, I may have been killed, it is absolutely impossible to come to the meal.”

Zhuge Yue stunned the moment and suddenly stayed.

“At that time, we four people also asked this question.” Chu Qiao looked far away and quietly recalled the past in his mind, his hands propped up, and said softly: “The poem looks cold, but actually it is We are the most vulnerable person in her life. She likes to collect dolls. It is a kind of expensive doll. She will always make the monthly expenses very tense. Her greatest wish is to get a lot of soothing after she leaves the organization in the future.  Marry an ordinary good man and be a good wife. She has a friend who grew up together. If there is no later thing,  she may have done it.”

Suddenly, Chu Qiao smiled slightly and said, “Little Huang is the most disturbed person. She has good conditions at home and is very adventurous. She was preparing to climb a mountain. Her wish was to make her name on the top of the mountain.”

“The cat’s desire has always been simple. It is making money.” When it comes to this, Chu Qiao suddenly smiled and said: “She is the most greedy money, she is bold, and she dares to pick up any business. She also has no sense of loyalty to the organization. With her argument, it is nothing more than raising a family.”

Zhuge Yue gently raised his eyebrows: “What about you?”

“I?” Chu Qiao gave a brief glimpse. After a long time, he said slowly: “I don’t know. I was planning an operation at that time. I just hoped that the operation would be smooth and the task would be completed as soon as possible.”

Zhuge Yue grunted and his voice was quite disdainful.

Chu Qiao turned around and said lightly: “In fact, I have always been like this. I have no desire. I am very dogmatic and rigid. I only hope that my faith is correct and it is worth my life to have this goal. Go hard and work hard.”

“Just like…” Chu Qiao thought about it, and then said: “If you owe me, I will get it back. I owe you, and I will return it to you.”

“I’d better appreciate the cat,” said Zhuge Yue. “You’re talking about a big peer organization. You have the opportunity to introduce her to me.”

Chu Qiao shook her head quietly, smiled and said: “I’m really strange, I would even say this to you.”

Zhuge Yue said: “I didn’t force you to say it.”

At this time, there was a sudden and careful footsteps in the distance. Both were alert and raised their heads. At the same time, they only saw a little girl of five or six years old. She was dressed in a red pimple and had two small pigtails. She had a chubby little face and she was staring at Zhuge. The rabbit in his hand bit his finger.

They know that there are several masters of the giants, and there are many slaves of these people, and some slaves also carry their own family. This child must be the servant’s child.

Zhuge Yue smashed his brow and was about to speak. Chu Qiao suddenly waved and said: “Come here!”

The child suddenly had a good time, opened two small hands, and swayed and ran over.

The girl’s eyes are like grapes, big and bright. Chu Qiao smiled and asked, “How old are you?”

The child looked at Zhuge a bit nervously and immediately said, “I am six years old.”

“what’s your name?”

It seems that the elder sister is very amiable. The child puts his finger in his mouth and says: “I’m called the Xinger.”

The voice of the child just fell and the two made a slight glimpse.

Zhuge Yan looked at the child impatiently and said quietly: “Go back and talk to your mother-in-law and don’t call this name in the future!”

The child was shocked and saw Zhuge’s face sinking, suddenly licking his mouth, his eyes screaming, and it seemed to be crying out.

“Why are you scaring the child!” Chu Qiao frowned, pulled the child, and whispered to speak with her. After a while, she made the child laugh.

Zhuge Yue sat on the side and looked at Chu Qiao and the child’s appearance, and suddenly felt a little strange. Chu Qiao in his memory should not be like this. She is calm, silent, unspeakable, and intelligent. It seems that there should never be such a normal woman’s emotions. But this time the reunion, he saw more and more things in her body, perhaps, he laughed at himself, and she used to act. Treating him as an enemy has never been too real. Even if it is present, it may not be completely true. Otherwise, even under such a serious injury, she still does not leave her body and is carefully guarded.

There is never trust between them. Perhaps as she said, if you owe you, you will have to return it to you.

Zhuge sneered at the corner of his mouth, but his eyes grew dark.

But damn, he is really obsessed with this feeling.

At this moment, the child suddenly came to his side, glaring at his sleeves, pointing to the majority of the roasted rabbits in his hands, and the milk asked, “Do you still eat?”

Zhuge Yue impatiently gave her the things in her hand. The little girl suddenly smiled and said to Zhuge Yue: “You are so good!” Then I went back to Chu Qiao and stretched two fat calves and sat down. On the ground, it was very generous to share the rabbit meat with Chu Qiao.

Zhuge Yan was slightly stunned, then the child actually said he was so good? The man smiled coldly and he could not afford this good word.

After a while, someone called the child’s name. The child jumped up and ran up to the man, and he ran back and told him to say goodbye to Chu Qiao and Zhuge. The smile was sweet and giggled in the breeze of the night.

Chu Qiao pointed at the children in front and turned back to Zhuge Wei’s firm smile. He said in a word: “My wish is that one day, the children under the sun can laugh like this.”

The night breeze brought in a gentle scent of grass and learned in the summer. One hundred schools of thought contend and he could not hear it for thousands of times. But at this moment, he suddenly did not know how to refute, not because of the intrinsic meaning of the sentence, not because of her firm tone and embarrassed expression, but he suddenly felt that, perhaps, she could really do it?

Although immediately, he denied his own idea.

But he didn’t know that many years later, this world would have undergone earth-shaking changes because of this sentence. The old system was fired. The fire blazed and it was burning. The man holding the torch was stepping up. One step toward her ideals, the blood under the feet, countless people fall like wheat, become the old forces of the burial.

At that time, the people on the high stage were pale, but there was no such grin at the moment.

On the road ahead, so many mountains and rivers, to reach the other shore, we must break the waves, pass through the icy river, pass stormy baptism, war experience, be disciplined, beaten, walk through the opposition, walk betrayal, go after killing, passing desperation, and passing through all the weaknesses and goodness of the character, it eventually becomes a sword. Only in this way can we finally stand on the top of the king.

Chu Qiao looked at the back of the child in front of him and suddenly remembered many years ago, before the snowy secluded platform, she looked up and looked at the poisonous oath of the holy gold palace hidden in the shadow.

“In fact, I have always been like this. I have no desire. I am very dogmatic and rigid. I only hope that my faith is correct and it is worth my hard work and hard work.”


In this quiet moment, a panic-stricken scream came suddenly and it was like a thunder and thunder in the ears of everyone!

Zhuge Yue slammed and stood up, but at this time, numerous cold swords suddenly pulled out the scabbard, then, hundreds of bows and arrows arched into the defensive slack camp.

In an instant, the blade is cold and arrogant!


A young guardian head who looked very proud and pointed at the only standing Zhuge Yu, said coldly: “Your Majesty!


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