Volume IV, Bian Tang Fertile Land, Chapter 108: We can see Yan Xun

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Rainstorms raging, the wind whistling, the world is fascinated, cold wind blowing through the bones, people back chills, lonely entrenched in the top of the head, those depressed, low, whistling rain as if the wolf’s Warcraft is generally crazy to wash with Everything in the world. The blade reflected the red light, with bloodthirsty bleakness, and a cold face reflected those different faces.

Moer’s voice was muted. The child was mad and desperately beat Zhuge Yue’s back. The family’s child finally tore the child’s innocence. He was like a beast that was forced into a desperate situation. A pair of red eyes, desperate howling.

“Xinger! Xinger!”

The child screamed hard, tears flowed, and the sound was like coyotes deserted by his mother. He held out his hand to face the soft little girl lying on the floor, swelled and swelled, swelled, and swiftly showered with rain. With his face, his eyes, and his body, everything is reddish, and the blood of his confluence grows into a red vortex on the ground. The heavy rain constantly erodes, and the bloody taste reverberates in the air, overflowing in the ups and downs. In the cold wind.

At that moment, Chu Qiao tightly grasped the knife in his hand. The lightning bolts in the sky exploded one after the other, and her face was bright and white. She breathed deeply, but she couldn’t restrain her body’s trembling. Her face was pale, her lips were bloodless, and her eyes were dark and bright. She suddenly remembered the child’s appearance when the child left. She smiled at herself and took care with her. She said, “I’m leaving, I’ll be back tomorrow.”

I’ll come back tomorrow…I’ll come back tomorrow…I’ll come back tomorrow…

A sorrowful grief rushed into the throat, she slowly raised her head, then jumped off the horse, threw the scabbard, raised the top of the sword, clasped her hands, her eyes so cold, coldly staring at the gold Yellow big account.

“Bad man! Bad guy!”

The child was still crying and Zhuge Yue also jumped off the horse. The man was very calm. He patted the child behind him and in a deep voice said:  “The kid, save some strength, tears to the enemy to see, is a coward’s behavior.”

Ouyang Mo stretched out his hand and wiped the tears from his face. It was only in his eyes that he could no longer see the simplicity and innocence of a child.

The body of the little Xinger was randomly thrown in a ditch in front of a large account. There was only a fatal knife wound on his body. He had already been white by the rain. Her eyes were wide, but there was no hatred, only that. There was panic, fear, fear and unbelievable worries. Her body was so small, she hadn’t wore shoes yet, and the pale little feet were outside her little skirt and she had a thin leg.

And she still held a dagger in her hand.

It was the time that Chu Qiao gave her.

Two middle-aged people lying beside her, a man and a woman, must be parents of the Xinger.

The cold wind blew, blowing the green skirt of Chu Qiao’s body, the luxurious skirt was soaked, and her body was tight, she looked up, took a deep breath, and then stepped forward. There is no hesitation or sorrow in the blink of an eye. It is the courage and perseverance of the past, but it destroys everything and destroys all faith and suffocates!

In an instant, the bright light of the knife, the terrible murderous, instantly flooded the audience. Chu Qiao’s whole person leaped in an instant, and a white knife cut through the darkness, slammed down, and killed all the doubtful voices and eyes.


The silence of the rainy night broke with sharp shouts, the wounded soldiers issued wild beastly tragedy, and the young girl tossed the weakness of all the women. At this moment, she was a warrior and a cold-blooded killing machine. Her knife was stuck on the soldier’s chest and under the force of her feet. She leaned forward and the knife edged on to the soldier’s body and sprinted forward.

“Enclose them! Protect the owner!”

Chaos, some people shouted, everyone’s eyes were maddening for a moment, and now they have become a shackle, as long as they are under the knife, it is a great achievement.

But this enthusiasm is just a flash, and in the next second, people are scared to find how funny their thoughts are, because just as they hurriedly deployed, the other party has started a mad slaughter!

From beginning to end, they have never thought of running away!

A gorgeous knife cut through the void, and the two soldiers in front of the screaming back at the same time, one of them was even cut off a leg, bloody, screaming. A soldier touched it from the back and wanted to attack. Chu Qiao’s head did not return. He had a knife in his backhand and slammed into the heart of the man. The girl bowed slightly, stood in heavy rain, and stood in shape, then suddenly pulled out. A bloody spurt came out instantly, and all of them spurred her.

She had no wrinkles in her brows, her eyes were as cold as a hawk, and she was frightened when she went. Slowly stand up straight, and then dragging the sword, slowly walk forward.

“Catch her!”

One of the heads of the guards shouted again, Zhuge Yue gave a cold cry, picked up his arm, and only listened to the loud sound of the call, and the scabbard of the broken sword suddenly whistled away, and then jerked in a horrific manner. Pierced the guard’s stomach!

“Uncle, kill them!”

The child had no trace of fear, but he cried with red eyes.

After the cruel slaughter, even a child of childhood lost his original compassion and kindness. He waved his fist and shouted loudly, like a war-torn madman.

“The Shaodong family has orders, who can win the heads of these three people, and rewards taels of gold!”

A servant came out from the big account and told the crowd, but before he finished speaking, Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue rushed forward and jumped into the crowd, smashing time, a lot of people from all directions, countless hands and feet knives shot at them. However, the screams suddenly rose to the sky, almost for a moment, countless snoring resounded through the heavens and the earth, broken limbs spurting around, people are like wheat Falling to the ground, the cruel slaughter makes people’s hands and feet shake. No matter what the temptation of money, the crowd flew around, many people almost fled and fled, a blank area, only Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao stood side by side, looking with contemptuous eyes from the black crowd.

The man was covered in blood and calmly asked, “Are you still alive?”

“Can’t die.”

Chu Qiao looked coldly at the crowd in front of him and said in a screech: “You’re trying to pin down these people. I’ll enter the big account.”

Zhuge Yue smashed his brows and tried to refute them. He saw Chu Qiao’s shadow momentarily radiating like an arrow from a string.

Another round of fierce killing, Zhuge whispered, or a few steps to catch up, sweeping out a short space for her.


In the big Yellow account, Yan Xun frowned on the warmth of the couch, leaving only the original A’jing holding a knife standing aside, listening to the outside movement, screamed said: “Master, let Yan Xun shoot, this two people are very hard.”

Yan Xun gently rubbed his temples with his hands and said coldly, “No, these Liu Xi’s minions are here to stay.”

“However,” A’Jing frowned. “There can’t be no one in Liu Xi’s native country. We can’t do anything in Sui and Bian Tang dynasties.”

Yan Xun waved his hand and said lightly, “Be sure to wait.”


At this time, Chu Qiao had rushed to the front of the big account. Only five Liu Xi’s personal guards remained in front of her. However, she only looked at them coldly and then slowly extended her tongue. The blood on the cheeks, the careless attitude and the arrogance of not keeping everything in sight, completely destroyed the confidence of these people.

Then, once again, she raised the blade and was no exception to it. She was the perfect killing machine in the cold weapons era.

There was a silence in the big account, only to hear the smashing from outside, A’Jing sweated slightly on his forehead and finally couldn’t help but once again asked: “Little Dong…”

Yan Xun frowned and wondered why a trace of grief rose from the bottom of the heart. It seemed that something had been forgotten by him. It seemed that there was a voice that was mad at the bottom of his heart. But he could not hear what the voice was saying. The screaming outside was so loud that he remembered a lot of memories that he did not want to remember. Finally, he waved his hand gently and said, “Go ahead.”

A’Jing called for a tone and was about to speak.

But at this moment, a voice that was cold and snowy sounded suddenly, and it seemed as if an empty sword had broken through it. It broke through this dead night and shot a terrible sharpness between heaven and earth!

“Liu Xi! You get out!!!”

On the day he fled from the real city, under the canopy of the empty sky, Yan Xun said to himself that he would never fear anybody again and he would never fear any more. All the forces that stopped before him, will be ruthlessly torn by him. He will use his knife, his fist, and his strength to declare to the world that the king of Yanbei is back, and that all the sins and humiliations that have been imposed on him will be rewarded ten times and a hundred times.

At this moment, however, he was afraid. He didn’t even wear shoes, he jumped up from the warm couch so fiercely, and then he stepped forward and rushed to the door like a madman who ignored him.

“Shaodong family!”

The guards in the large account were shocked and rushed forward. A’Jing stopped Yan Xun. He did not hear the voice, but simply thought that his master was angry and rushed out to fight with the enemy.

“Master! Don’t be impulsive! That kind of person can’t make you!”

The sound of weapons and the sharp sound of iron collisions, Chu Qiao’s voice once again resounded: “Liu Xi! You get out!”

This time, even A’Jing was in the same place.

The strong winds were encouraged, and a burst of broken voice came at once. The curtain of the big account was cut open by a knife, and a lightning flashed across the sky. It exploded behind the woman’s back, and there was a whiteness between the heavens and the earth. Extremely tall and straight.

She stood in the doorway, her eyebrows were lightly disdained. She proudly held a sword, and the knife pointed straight at Yan, and the cold contempt: “Liu Xi, I did not expect it.”

Yeah, I didn’t expect it to happen.

The candlelight in the large account was blown out by the wind and rain outside. The faint light reflected on the woman’s pale face. At this moment, the language was no longer enough to express the mood of Yan Xun. He stood like a piece of wood, wanted an opening, but do not know what to say, but only frowning, looking deep into her, but a word can not spit.

Chu Qiao looked at him coldly, her tone was not humble, and there was no emotional fluctuation. She just pointed at him with a blade: “Betray Yanbei, betray Datong, kill the same sect, you said, should you die?”

At this time, the Yanweis who had hidden the big accounts were all dispatched. These soldiers who have experienced countless battles are naturally not the ones of Liu Xi’s guards. Everyone is dressed in black, wrapped in the face and hand-held weapon from the side. The two camps rushed out and surrounded Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao. The bow pickers were ready, but when they saw the woman at the station, everyone was surprised and they forgot to shoot.

Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao naturally cannot see this. Liu Xi’s guards have already retired at this time. The camp is silent and quiet.

“Xinger!” Zhuge Yue rushed forward, holding a sword in front of her body, and the other hand stopped in front of her, for fear that she rushed out to run and desperately. It’s just a simple gesture, but the protection doesn’t mean anything.

Chu Qiao looked at Liu Xi in the darkness and said in a screech: “Liu Xi, I’m taking your life on behalf of the big colleagues.”

Chu Qiao pointed coldly at him, and his expression was very calm: “If I can’t kill you today, he will also take revenge for him! The betrayer will be slaughtered and there will be no way out!”

With a bang, a flash of lightning crossed the sky, and the white man in the large account suddenly smiled. He looked up at the pouring rain, the shadows and the canopy of darkness. The smile was filled with mocking and bitterness.

Is this fortunate? She finally stood in front of her and was still completely trusting herself.

However, how should he face the current chaos?

God seems to have never been kind to him!

Chu Qiao suddenly glimpsed, his expression, this look, seems so familiar, but such a killing, her mind is somewhat rigid, some things, she would not think about it will not doubt.

She just frowns at the man in the darkness, and then with a knife, slowly, slowly, step forward.

With a bang, Yan Xun stepped forward.

At this moment, the man suddenly reached out his hand and gently waved to the left and right.

In the instant, everyone was shocked because the gesture was to let them go!

“Shaodong family!”

Liu Xi’s housekeeper panicked and stepped forward and in a deep voice said, “How can…”

The man’s eyes suddenly sharp and icy, and watched the housekeeper coldly. With anger, disgust, and even crazy killings.

Lin Guanjia’s back was cold, and he quickly turned his head to follow his instructions. He said to Chu Qiao: “The Shaodong family promised to let you go.”

Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue were surprised. There was no surprise in their eyes, but they looked at the strange man like a monster.

Lin Guanjiao impatiently shouted: “Cool! Do we still want to send you away?”

“Xinger, let’s go.”

Chu Qiao frowned, still puzzled looking at the dark big account, Zhuge Yue pulled her arm and said quietly: “Follow me!”

Before the attack on the center account was only a tactical reason, since at the moment they actually promised to let themselves go, then no matter what the reason, there is no reason to hesitate.

Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao rode on two horses without any owners. Zhuge Yue looked back at the dark, big bill and said quietly: “Liu Xi, if you fall in my hand, I will give you once.  You have a chance to survive.”

There was no sound in the darkness. When Chu Qiao was about to leave the horse, a sigh suddenly sounded softly, so tired, so helpless, as if the whole body’s strength was spit out of the body.

The man whispered: “Be careful.”

The voice was so small, so slight, but Chu Qiao still heard it. Her body suddenly shocked, and then rushed back.

The black oppressive soldiers were in the middle, and they could not see the figure of the man. The smell of the rain in their ears was full of dripping rain. The sound of thunder rang in a row, echoing back and forth in the open earth.

The cold wind blew her cold, wet hair, with a strong blood scent that was pungent and unpleasant.


Zhuge Yue slammed a cold tone and rushed away.

Chu Qiao’s brows were tightly locked. Finally, he turned his head and followed Zhuge Yue’s body, stepping on the mud and mud all over the place and rushing toward the camp.

The storm is getting bigger and bigger, and there was heavy breathing everywhere. The soldiers looked at each other and watched the enemy grow up. For a time, everyone had a short embarrassment.

“Little Lord!”

A’Jing turned and anxiously shouted, “That is a girl! How can you let the girl follow Zhuge Yue?”

“What else can I do?” Yan Xun turned his head and smiled bitterly. “Don’t take off the mask and tell A’Chu that everything is what I do?”

Clouds were dark, heavy rain continued, and the sun was dark. The long cold night was finally over.


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