Volume IV, Bian Tang Fertile Land, Chapter 117: : Cold Lake

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

For the whole two days, Li Ce did not step into the harem halfway. The front hall became louder and louder. All the forces seemed to be deliberately hidden in the shadows. They only waited for someone to take the lead to break the silence of this place before they rushed into the palace gate.  Well, the arrival of Zhao Yuer finally confuses the lake still water of Tangdu Lake. The closer the marriage ceremony of Li Ce, the closer it is.

As Li Ce and Chu Qiao expected, Da Xia did not make any statement about Li Ce’s rude repatriation of Princess Zhao Wei, but rather decisively sent and pre-enactment groups, all kinds of water-like dowry were ridiculed. Staying up late and rushing to send it, only later than Zhao Yuer, one day, the atmosphere is strong and strong, and there are still a few more solemn than before. The two countries made a warm feast on the National Palace in Tangdu as if everything had never been born before, and the thriving scene of the party was suddenly dispelled by the public’s worries and speculations about the war.

However, only a few people clearly understood that Li Ce’s reckless move was obviously not consistent with this. The scenery and calm were only temporary. The palm fan was on the face of Daxia, and the remaining pain and troubles. After a long time, you can see clearly.

In this way, Chu Qiao Tang Palace has been stranded for two days, the body has recovered more than half, and the spirit is getting more and more profitable. Li Ce found a lot of cures for the wounds, the wounds were all scar-free, and even the old wounds were better than seven or eight. Under the many days of conditioning, the look was much better, no longer as before. As skinny, seeing the wind.

Zhao Yuer will come to Sui and Bian Tang. It is beyond Chu Qiao’s expectations.

There are many kinds of summer princes, and there are six or seven princesses of the right age. It is far-fetched to send out a princess that was once separated from the chaos. However, the officials of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties were obviously pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Zhao Yun’er. Yu Shitai’s hundreds of pens shook his head and shouted. He praised the historical significance of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, and the civil servants in the battle were eloquent. An article was made. The friendship between the Daxia, Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, and the fact that they speak straight can be traced back to the ancient times. They completely forgot who broke the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties and seized the 18 counties of Hongchuan, forcing the imperial family of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties to withdraw. The emperor caught the country and lost the entire northwestern barrier.

After all, for the spouse Tang who pays attention to blood and gentry, Zhao Yuer, the only real daughter of the Queen of Great Harmony, still got a lot of attention for her.

But there is one thing that others don’t know. Chu Qiao slowly frowns, and the sallow fingers gently pinch the green gauze of the window, and a gold foil stains the eyebrows. Don’t add a bit of beauty.

Zhao Haoer was insulted by the chaos during the day and now is not the end of life. As a big summer princess, she may not need to be identified as usual before the election. However, once she is in the same room and has a lot of experience, such as Li Ce, it is impossible to find out.

Of course, even if Li is aware of this matter, it is impossible to pursue the big summer afterwards. After all, the princess of Daxia went to Li Ce’s bed. Afterwards, he was rushing out to say that this woman is not a virgin, and no one would believe it. Moreover, Li Ce has always been strongly opposed to this marriage. This incident is likely to be regarded as another slap in the face of Li Ce. With Li Ce’s cleverness, he will not go out and swear to publicize himself. Wearing a big green hat, Zhao Yuer will also be married with such a name. But as an unclean and pro-princess, what will happen to her future destiny is simply imaginable.

Is it true that Zhao Yuer’s character will automatically endure all this shame?

Chu Qiao secretly kept a bit of caution, but unfortunately, she was unable to say this worry, even though she knew that all this was wrong, but also has a difficult friendship with Li Ce, but she can not go After exposing Zhao Yuer’s aching foot, even if she had had a bad hand on her, she could not do anything to make such a villain.

The situation in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties became more and more confusing. Chu Qiao, on the other hand, carefully converged and did not hurry to leave the palace.

After all, if you can’t leave quietly, then it’s better to stay here and stay safer for the time being. For this matter, you can only wait for the arrival of Yan Xun.

At night, when the cool breeze picked up, Chu Qiao dressed in a soft shirt and sat in front of the carved window cage. The night breeze gently lifted her hem and was a bit cold.

The footsteps sounded slow in the outer corridor. Only one person who can come here at this time did not do the second choice. Sure enough, Li Ce was a navy blue gown with a slightly reddish look. With a bottle of alcohol, standing at the door and looking at her, but did not come in.

Chu Qiao looked back at him and saw him stepping slightly. It seemed that even the station would not stand up. He quickly got up and went to his side and tried to help him. When he knew that he had just reached out, Li Ce suddenly pulled her. Sitting on the threshold, he lowered his head and placed his forehead against her shoulder. He murmured in his mouth: “JoJo, I’m exhausted.”

Chu Qiao was a little embarrassed, his hands reaching in midair and suddenly she did not know what to do.

The night wind blew, there was Du (means poison) Ruo’s (means a kind of cattail) aroma and faint scent between the air, Li Ce’s sleeves embroidered with light golden enamel, fine stitches smooth as water, Chu Qiao took a deep breath, then whispered: “Li Ce, what happened to you?”

Li Ce shook his head and did not speak.

Chu Qiao’s tentative question asked: “Is it because of Dai Xia’s marriage? Do you not like Zhao Yu’er?”

Li Ce still did not speak, Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed, and then took him to sit on the threshold, letting Li Ce lean on her shoulders, and did not say anything.

In the autumn, the sorrow and sorrow of the grass is faintly overflowing, and the moon outside the window has a frown, faintly through the window, the white light blew out of the ground, the palace lantern is dark purple, a flash of gloom, candle tears, along. The silver-white candlestick ran down slowly.

The more the bells of the autumn insects appear to be deserted, the empty palace, after all, has never lived for a long time.

“Jojo, have you sent someone to look for me the day before?”

Li Ce suddenly said that the voice was a little low, but it was not so tired. He sat upright, his eyes dark and bright as if the once soft man was not him. Chu Qiao knew that his weakness had passed and that he was now the Sui and Tang Princes.

“Yes,” Chu Qiao nodded. “I want to leave.”

“Well, I’ll send someone right now, and I’ll send you to Yanbei tomorrow.” Li Ce nodded without hesitation and said quietly.

“No, I don’t want to go back to Yanbei for the time being. I’m still in trouble here.”

Li Ce’s eyebrows suddenly wrinkled. He decided to look at Chu Qiao. Had more habitual inquiry and thoughts. Chu Qiao said: “You don’t have to guess. I’m waiting for someone. As to who this person is, You don’t have to ask.”

Li Ce smiled and said: “You are afraid that you are going to carry the Yanqin apricot to go out of the wall. Zhuge Yue is coming. Are you looking for him?”

Chu Qiao gave him an impatient look. “You guessed it.”

“Hello, be careful,” Li Ce said on the doorpost. “I can still protect you under my eyes. If I go out, it will be difficult to protect. The people of Daxia entered the city. They obviously learned from Zhao Yu.” The news of your palace, how many Xia people hate you, no need for me to remind you.”

Chu Qiao nodded his head and suddenly remembered Zhao Yu, who had broken her arm. She looked blankly and whispered: “I understand.”

Li Ce looked at her with her eyes crossed and saw her silent. He suddenly stood up, grabbed her hand, and shouted, “Go, take you to a place!”

The night fog was gray and the dim lanterns were hidden in the darkness, like a group of warm and open fire. Li Ce robe, wearing her hand, and ran with a big stride. The night breeze passed through their hairlines and floated like the finest brocade.

Both came to a yard where Chu Qiao had never been to, wearing all the way through the flowers and sticking to the dew on the beginning of the fall. Turning a few small doors, and helping a cluster of blue willows, a clear blue lake suddenly appeared. In front of me, I saw a heap of lotus leaves that filled the sky. The bright white lotus flower under the moonlight was like a snow sculpture and the fragrance is compelling, and it is fascinating.

Chu Qiao suddenly got a bit stunned. She turned her head and asked, “How do you do it?”

Li Ce smiled, took her hand down and reached into the lake. Chu Qiao screamed, very surprised.

Li Ce smiled proudly: “I am smart. I buried people early in the morning and buried lotus roots underneath. Then they brought water from hot springs. The flowers were opened overnight.”

Chu Qiao shouted and smiled: “Great, rich money can make the ghosts push, the right to make the ghosts, you have the right to money, so even the gods have to listen to you.”

“There is money that can make a ghost push it. This is a fresh idea.”

Li Ce smiled and said, “Go and follow me.”

The two walked along the stone path and went to the lake. Li Ce was obviously familiar with this place. With a touch of moonlight, he took Chu QIao along the way to a small boat, then stood on the bow, gently bubbling. The boat slowly left the shore and slowly slipped into the clear lake of Bihu.

The breeze came slowly, with the fragrance of the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, the smoke and water ten miles, the mighty, thousands of winds and waters hidden between the water vapor, the moonlight is like a wash, clear and bright, quietly shaking like a mirror ice.

The boat shuttles between the green and the lotus leaves, and the large lotus flower pushes it around, with a kind of almost extravagant sweetness. After all, Chu Qiao is a woman. She has handcuffed a few white lotuses, her eyelashes are bent, and she smiles quietly.

Li Ce let go of the paddle and sit on the bow. He didn’t talk. He just looked at her silently. The lantern in the distance reflected the pool water. The clear water surface floated a large piece of red and yellow, and the rainbow was like a rain.

Chu Qiao turned around and smiled at Li Ce. He said: “Li Ce, thank you very much.”

“Thank you? Thank you for what?”

The man’s eyes are bent, picking up slightly, with a few men’s unique deep and awkward. His eyes were half squinting and faint, seemingly hiding a lot of things and covering up many things.

“Thank you for taking care of me this time. If it weren’t for you, I might have died.”

Li Ce smiled: “Then you really should thank me very much. The help of life is not unusual. If you don’t want to go then don’t leave him in Sui and Bian Tang.”

Flow Shu Shu (means anyway), a touch of sound, together with their sporadic discourse hidden in the wind. Chu Qiao looked up and said with bright eyes: “The beauty of the lotus is not stained in the mud, it is clear and not demon. I think that I can talk with you in the normal way for a long time. It is the lotus spirit.”

Li Ce sighed and said: “Jojo is so poetic, it really made me more infatuated.”

Chu Qiao looked up at the light moonlight: “There are so many things that you are obsessed with. It’s not a good thing to be too greedy.”( ilove these lines)

Li Ce stood up. The light gown sleeves fluttered in the wind and said lightly and casually. “Some things, but in any case, can not be demanded, so I have to work hard to see more.” ( ilove these lines)

Chu Qiao was a little shocked and said quietly: “The lotus can be re-opened, and you have to leave them a pool. It is rare.”

Li Ce nodded with a sigh: “Yes, it will be reopened next year.”

The boat swayed, and the duckweed was divided and swayed, gently as a feather, slowly wandering with the waves.

“Yanbei is very cold,” Li Ce suddenly sighed softly: “It is said that there is snow all year round, it is difficult to see flowers, it is a place of ice and snow.”

Chu Qiao looked up and looked at his slender back. The tone was light and he said: “Chu Qiao has her own game. Yanbei is like snow, and the iceberg is a rare scene. If you see it one day, you are tired of Jiangnan. In the misty rain, you may also wish to put a horse-side plug and snow back. The beautiful people on the Yanbei plateau will surely give you as much as you wish.

Li Ce looked at it with a flash of disappointment. He immediately laughed and said, “You still know me best and know when to think for me.”

At this time, I heard only a bang, the boat touched the shore, this pool is not big, so for a while, even to the end.

The two got off the boat and then slowly walked toward the residence. The moonlight shines on them. It’s white and desolated. It’s a bit bleak. The shadows of the two fall on the ground, shadows and shadows, and they continue to overlap. Then they separate, overlap, and then separate. Far, after all, it was two shadows, and never involved in one.

In a blink of an eye, I have already arrived at the front door of the house. The two stood there, and there was a moment of embarrassment. Li Ce was lazy on a pomegranate tree. The red petals were like rouge. He was full of his body, and his forehead and day were light. Blush, the light in the distance is shining, the more you have a moment.

Li Ce seemingly lazily yawned and said: “It’s too late. I can’t get up tomorrow morning.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “You are lazy, this morning, listening to Qiu Sui said that you have not put on your boots early, and the Tang Emperor has fired for this.”

Those who do,” Li Ce waved and said: “I really don’t want to get up early. I can’t move to the afternoon to open it again. It’s trouble. So, tomorrow morning, I will send someone to you to go out, then you will go out.” I am not going to send you any more.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “I will not bother you.”

Li Ce said with a smile: “Well, this trip is far away. You must take care of yourself, if it is…”

When I got here, suddenly there was a little more embarrassing jealousy. Li Ce laughed at himself and then turned around. The corner of his mouth had a faint texture: “If one day, you feel that Yanbei is too cold, you can also consider going back to Jiangnan. Although there is no desert in this area, there is no grassland, but it is also warm and suitable for living.”

Chu Qi mouth bitter, gently smiled: “People have joys and sorrows, there is a lack of moon and shade, the world’s thing, is the chance.”

Li Ce shook his head and whispered: “I hope you will never have that day. You, let it be.”

Suddenly there was a grief at the bottom of my heart. Li Ce’s figure drifted further away. Chu Qiao slowly turned around and the moonlight shined between them. The unlit white light gradually spread and finally shrouded. The entire lonely court.


Afterthoughts – I love Li Ce throughout these chapters. Can I persuade Chu Qiao to stay in Bian Tang…but Li Ce got married for the sake of peace and protecting the ones he loves. Obviously, there is more to this punch prince Li Ce. He made peace with himself but do not forget he sealed it this qoute: “Some things, but in any case, can not be demanded, so I have to work hard to see more.”

Hopeful for a better tomorrow with his punch girl drifting beautifully in the pool of lotuses.. what a nice view, such uplifting and sorrowful as well.

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