Volume IV, Bian Tang Fertile Land, Chapter 121: Men Fight for Women

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

The sky was dark and dark, the clouds were very low, and the air was very boring. The wind blew the leaves and stones and rolled over the ground. It sent wild beasts and the trees shook violently as if they were to be blown. Broken, obviously noon, but cannot see the sun. Only the light of grayness envelopes the entire city of Tang.

A downpour of heavy rain is brewing.

The carriage ran fast, and the people who drove the car screamed hard. The soldiers rode on horseback and guarded the carriage with a thunderbolt. They walked along the driveway near the wall and rushed to the mighty Imperial City.

The wind blew the sand and whipped in the carriage, giving a rustling sound. Chu Qiao was full of blood, covering the big half face with white enamel. She quietly looked around and waited for a good escape.

She must find Yan Xun immediately, he should have not entered the city yet, or he will appear today, he may be outside the city. But once this incident reached his ears, she could not imagine what would happen. Although Zhao Chun’er is stupid, one thing she is right, she and Yan Yan, not only each other’s arms but also each other’s death

As for Li Ce, she did not believe that someone would count him so easily. It was a fox. He didn’t count the others. The man should be blessed. Even if there are conditions, she also believes that Li Ce has the ability to easily turn things around.

Horseshoe smashed the silence of the long street, and the autumn winds rustled, and the sand flew away, even more chilling.

Seeing that the carriage was about to turn into the main road and enter the imperial city, Chu Qiao took the opportunity to make a decision. If she does not leave at this time, it will be difficult to find a good opportunity. She gritted her teeth a little, and her hand touched the dagger on her calf, waiting for a good opportunity.

However, at this time, a clear whistle suddenly cut through the regular hoofs, squeaking, and the moment arrived!

The screams of the horses suddenly sounded. When the time came, the soldiers and horses of the great summers turned over and screamed, and the situation was extremely chaotic. On both sides of the high trees and the fence, the horrible comet leaps, the flying swords, and arrows, the curved bow, the force is accurate, impeccable. This Xia cold as ice, who has just been changed, have no chance to resist. Half of them are injured and fall into the horse. The team of more than three hundred people will not be able to survive!

“God helps me too!”

Chu Qiao rejoicing under the heart, it seems that Zhao Chun’er family is really a lot of enemies, so a godsend opportunity, and then do not know how to grasp it is not a fool.

She jumped agilely from the carriage, and she was about to slip away. A cold sharp shot had already been pushed to her eyes. Two black masked men were propped up and left. Chu Qiao silver teeth bite. It seems that these goals are the unlucky one of Zhao Yuer. Princess.

Twisting body, a darting step rushed forward, hard hit hard to see who is faster than who!

“Clam” sounded two muffled, Chu Qiao flying two feet, kicking the two men’s lower body, screaming screams suddenly sounded, in this strange long streets show extravagance.  Chu Qiao didn’t have time to look back and admire the results. She ran away when she pulled her legs. She saw that the other party was also a part of Zhao Chuner’s enemies. She didn’t have a squat, but she couldn’t be a man in the future, so she didn’t think about it within.

The murderous churns are full of swords and shadows, and the black people are extremely aggressive. It seems that they are not planning to stay alive. Everyone who follows them is armed with a steel axe and meets the living people to fall in their pockets. The bloodstained and white brains of the brain, the average person may have a glance at the vomiting immediately.

Get started!

Chu Qiao’s eyes lifted slightly, mobilizing the strength of the whole body, running all at once, and the speed was amazing. At this time, as long as they rushed out of this street and entered the main street, even if it was done, she did not believe that this group had the courage to act in a flagrant manner.

The other party seems to have seen through her purpose. Suddenly, a black shadow came up behind him. The movement was extremely fast. He was very sensitive and not close to Joe. He was close to her, but she was five steps away from her, running side by side. While running, he pulled out his bow and ran, and ran a bow, and slammed it!

Chu Qiao wrapped his head on the white, his face covered in blood, and his hair was messy and scattered in front of his forehead like a madman. But all this did not hinder her movements and eyesight. She saw the other’s bow and the arrow hit her on her thigh. She grabbed the bulge of the wall and the whole person took advantage of it.

When I heard only a cry, the arrow hit the wall and it was broken. It was clear how great the man’s strength was.

Good means!

Chu Qiao squinted, but saw the other side not hit but not discouraged, but pulled out a sharp arrow.

How can I let him do it every time? Chu Qiao snorted and took a sigh of relief in his arms. He then shouted: “The hidden weapon!”

After a match against the Central Army, Chu Qiao was already at the very end of the game. He was forced to pull himself out. At this moment, he was forced to a critical moment, and he finally burst out to his final potential. Although the voice was already hoarse enough to discriminate the original sound, he was in such a life-and-death battle. At the moment, the man still heard it. She saw the dark shadow reaction extremely agile, a different stature toss and dodge, but everywhere, where hidden weapon?

Looking back, Chu Qiao had already run away, and the man was unconvincingly cold and hurried back again.

Here is a remote place, all the streets, and alleys. Chu Qiao ignored the shadowy path behind him and hurried to choose between the roads.

However, she soon felt that she was not right and the other person’s response was too fast. She is fast. He is also fast. She is slow. He is also slow. She turns and the other person doesn’t even need a short reaction time. He has the same pace, consistent speed, consistent movements, and goes from beginning to end.

What kind of person did the idiot Zhao Chun’er get?

Chu Qiao was extremely hot, and her mind was switched between electricity. A big Banyan tree appeared, she stopped in the middle of the road. Chu Qiao saw his eyes and quickly ran towards the Banyan tree. Then he suddenly slammed into an emergency stop and the figure flashed, hiding on the side of the Banyan tree. . According to normal reasoning, no one can suddenly stop suddenly without being prepared. Even if that person is quick-acting, when he stops, he will surely be ahead of Chu Qiao. Hit the dagger.

However, at this moment, a sharp sense of crisis suddenly hit the heart. Chujo almost squatted without hesitation. Then, she felt the other side of the banyan tree, and a knife cut from her scalp, even There are a few strands of hair falling from both sides!


Chu Qiao almost couldn’t help but want to make a big noise. The other party seems to be sure that she will have this trick. The speed of the footsteps is just right. When she vows to wait for the calculations, the people have already made arrangements for the post!

Really depressed by his fork!

Between the electric and the stone fire, Chu Qiao has mobilized all the fighting nerves in his mind, adjusted his posture, and prepared for the good battle.

Without killing him, she is simply sorry for his own modern instructors, and he has smashed the reputation of modern agents.

However, at this moment, a burst of whistling sound suddenly sounded at the top of the head, and it was raging with a large wind. Chu Qiao was shocked, but he still didn’t respond to what was going on. He had already suffered a pain in his back, and he was smashed down by a dead man. The huge pain almost caused her to bleed!

But what happened next is really going to make her vomit blood.

Followed by, a high-pitched cry came suddenly, a seven-eight-year-old child riding on Chu’s back, wiping the bells and whistles, bursting into tears!

It turned out that before they ran over, there was a child playing in the tree. She claimed to be the super commander of the military department. Even the people hiding in the tree did not know, and the process of their fighting, the child’s scared handshake, just like this, fell to Chu Qiao’s body!

Is there anything more bloody than this?

When Chu Qiao pushes the child away, and is holding the lucky one to plan a counterattack, a sword has already reached her neck.

The cluttered footsteps quickly approached, and immediately surrounded her, and several swords were placed on it. Chu Qiao looked up and glanced at the crying child. Just listen to someone whispering behind: “I didn’t expect the princess to be so good.”

Another person said: “Zhao Chuner’s bow and horse started, it would be ugly, but I didn’t expect the princess’s skill to be so good.”

What do they call Zhao Chuner?

A Princess? Is it a Great Summer?

A horse came from a distance, and immediately the man jumped off the horse, wrapped his head in a black towel and stepped forward and said, “Our people are dragging and we have time.”

He nodded with the black man in the battle against Chu Qiao. The other person beside him said, “Catch her and go to the Rose square.”

A black man who stopped Chu Qiao said: “Let’s put down arms.”

People have to bow their heads under the roof and listen to these words.

With a slamming cry, Chuo Qiao is considering whether he or she should reveal his identity in front of an unknown group of people and tells them that he is not Zhao Chun’er. At this time, that skillful black man suddenly came forward, stretched out a long and strong hand, and pinched Chu Qiao’s chin.

Chu Qiao snorted, stunned, slammed her head, fiercely shakes one’s head, opens the mouth to bite in the man’s tiger’s mouth!

She can almost hear the sound of broken flesh and blood. The blood suddenly ran down to the wounds of men. Chu Qiao’s small face was white and slender, his eyes were wide and his eyes were squatting with a line of blood on his chin. His eyes looked like unyielding wolves. Looking at the man.


The loud whisper sounded at the same time, but no one came forward to respond a little bit to the action of Chu Qiao’s big revenge.

The man looked at Chu qiao and seemed to be stunned. Then she let her bite and she did not speak or move. The black cloth pocket was over his head, only showing a pair of eyeballs that had covered his eyes, but his eyes, with the exception of the initial shock, had a slight smile.

Chu Qiao also stunned, these eyes are too familiar, she slowly stuttered like a stupid, staring up and looking up.


The man suddenly laughed, pulled off his hood, pulled up Chu Qiao, then opened his arms and held her tightly in his arms.

“I know you are not so easy to die!”

 Zhuge Yue is like a happy child, laughing loudly.His eyes were so joyful, his face was still pale, his chin was blue, and his voice sounded too pleasant, but his arms were so tight and tight, as if he had to break Chu Qiao into his body!

Chu’s head was pressed against him by his chest, through his strong chest, and he heard a powerful heartbeat. He remembered everything that had happened before. Chu Qiao’s sight was suddenly blurred, and after his escape, he had some emotions. Run in the chest raged, let her forget about some time. She even opened her arms and clung to Zhuge Yue’s waist, burying her head in his arms, allowing her tears to flow freely.


The audience is silent, the wind is waving the banner, and the sound is buzzing.

All the people looked up and looked at the Rose Square. Three years ago, this square was famous for the first time in the world. On the high copper platform, the first sinister traitor, the empire, was burned to death.

As the high-ranking officer of the Hongchuan Plateau, he personally sat on the Hongchuan Plateau and was occupied by the Zhao family. He did not make any effective counterattacks. Even when Zhao’s wolf attacked Zhenhuang, he took a young man’s night. Abandoning the city and fleeing, lost the northern barrier of Datang, and discarded tens of thousands of kilometers of land, allowing Datang to retreat to the plains, let the only ruler of the mainland become history, and open the prelude to the fall of Datang, even have to Under the threat of the Xia and Song dynasties, they changed their name to the Sui and Tang Dynasties and wrote a great shame in the history books.

Starting from him, the copper terrace on the Rose Square became a place for execution of criminals. At this moment, the bloody woman was tied to the high bronze table. Her clothes were broken, her ink was flying, and her face was full of blood. She could not see clearly what she was.

Under her feet were piles of firewood, and soldiers stood on one side with torches. It has been a long time, there has been a small commotion, some people try to save people, those people seem ordinary people, but people who are keen but keen to discover that these people are hidden weapons.

The noise is getting louder and louder, and countless people are waving their arms and shouting loudly. Zhao Chuner opened her weak eyes, and she struggled and howled several times but only changed a few loud slaps. Those rude soldiers had rough old hands. They had severe pains on their faces, and they said no. The humiliation and anger that have been exhausted almost drown her whole body.

The chin breaks away so she can’t shout a word. Her lashes were stuck in blood and could only be looked down through the bloody eyes. Excited crowds were everywhere. There were strange faces everywhere, and irritated expressions everywhere.

She was suddenly scared, and she was afraid to shake.

Is it dead? Want to be burned?

At this time, a name suddenly flashed into the mind, the woman’s fierce eyes, the cold words, the disdainful expression, like a fire that swept her heart.

Chu Qiao! Chu Qiao! Chu Qiao!!!

The expression gradually smashed up, so hate, ruin the earth, ruin everything, and the poor blue sky cannot be reduced by half.

She took away her lover, took away her own happiness, subverted her own country, violated her own dignity, and caused her to be displaced, suffering, and even more despicable and degrading. Disgusting people insulted!

Nowadays, it is her that she is going to die here!

Can’t let her go!

Even if it is a ghost, even if it falls into the 18th-floor hell, even if it turns into a ghost, it will never let her go!

Zhao Chuner’s teeth are like a sly devil, must kill her, must kill her, must!


A loud cry suddenly sounded, but at this moment, a sudden burst of turmoil in the crowd, it was just a bunch of people!

Zhao Chuner’s heart suddenly rose with a desire to survive. His eyes looked hot, but another strange thought suddenly appeared.

At this time, someone who dared to escort the court would be to save Chu Qiao!

She suddenly changed her mind and didn’t want someone to come. She couldn’t help but sneer. The voice was like a nightingale, full of self-deprecation. Isn’t it, even if it is saved today, is it the happiness of Chu Qiao?

The following people looked at her crazy laughter and thought she was crazy, and there were lots of arguments.

The gale whistled and brought all the sounds far away. The crowded Central Street was crowded with water like one after another. It seemed that someone was intentionally leading the chaos here so that people outside could not come in.

Situ Yu Chen (Wu Danyu in the TV series) looked at the confusing Central Street, his brow furrowed, and more than a dozen young Yanbei warriors quickly approached. Zuo Ting Ling (Ge Qi in the TV series) said with a deep voice: “We have a lot of troops in the Central Army, so we can’t even go in, even if There was no way to rescue the girl when she rushed in.”

He Xiao frowned and said: “I have sent a pigeon pass to inform the Lord.”

“It is too late to inform the Shaozhu.” Situ Yu Chen (Wu Danyu in the TV series) said quietly: “Who is the person who has procrastinated the time?”

Zuo Ting Ling (Ge Qi in the TV series) said: “No, they are very secretive, but it seems to me that among the girl’s friends are the fourth young masters of the Zhuge family who were able to give aid at this time is Prince Li Ce of Bian Tang.”

“It should be Zhuge’s family,” Situ Yu (Wu Danyu in the TV series) nodded. “The Prince of Bian Tang is still outside Central Street.”

“Then what do we do now? Since the people of the Zhuge family are procrastinating, they will certainly act.”

“I can’t just count on them,” Situ Yu shook his head and looked at Central Street. Suddenly he raised his finger and said, “Let’s go there!”

“Central Street?”

“Yes!” Situ Yu nodded. “We’ll clear the way for Prince Li Ce of Bian Tang!”

However, when the Yanbei soldiers rushed into the chaotic crowd, there was a sudden and terrified yell in the crowd. Then immediately, everyone raised their heads and immediately revealed an incredible panic!

I saw underneath the dark clouds. Above the tall roof, a horse with a completely white body galloped above the roof and leaped up and down, handsome not like mortals!

The horse was a god, and a cloth was placed on his feet. The place where it passed, the roof collapsed, and the dust was everywhere. In the dust, the man’s form is like a ghost, and when he sees a few disappointments, he sees that the horse suddenly rises up and grows up, slams and leaps from the sky and falls on the grand square. Rising, numerous voices shouted in unison. Thousands of outlying central commanders hurried forward and took the spears in unison to the man who was alone!

“Who dares to stop me?”

The man brows lightly, and his eyes are cold and indifferent, and his body is slid over one by one, and the sound of coldness is not as high as it is.

“Yes… is your Highness Prince…”

In the crowd, I did not know who shook, and then, like a plague, everyone panicked and booed. The front row of spearmen shook their hands and shook their heads. They did not know who took the head. , throw away the rifle and squat on the floor!

“His Royal Highness Prince!”

“It is His Royal Highness Prince!”

“The temple is down!”

Huge cries shouted and the Central Military officers were bold again and did not dare to face up with Prince Li Ce. As soon as the psychological defenses collapsed, these people suddenly fell like sheep in the arms of Li Ce.  They saw the white rose above the square, and countless people were stunned on the ground. Before that, the righteous words of justice and justice finally fell down, and they wanted to bury their heads in the earth!

Li Ce was dressed in a gown and his eyes were indifferent. He did not look at these people.

He held his head high and looked at the copper bird finch, then lifted his foot and stepped forward steadily.

The close relatives of Zhao Chun’er couldn’t bear to see that everything had fallen short. He even tried to stop. However, even if they didn’t say anything, the crowd did not even see Li Ce’s actions and saw a silver man scratch his man’s throat in an instant. In the moment when Li Ce’s figure was staggered, the man’s eyes collapsed.

“Boom” sounds, raised a large amount of smoke.

Li Ce took out a white Jinpao (handkerchief), casually wiped his blood-stained wrist and discarded it.

The white Jinpao (handkerchief) was a little red and suddenly went off with the wind and drove violently in mid-air.

No one dared to speak, no one dared to look up, and no one even dared to make the slightest sound, even the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

Always unfamiliar, the unruly and cursed Prince Li Ce suddenly appeared shining in such a way under the eye of the crowd, encrusted with immense thunder and fury, and the suffocation of his body was enough to allow the savage beasts far and away to retreat.

Faced with such people, even soldiers who are unrestrained, such as the Central Army, can hardly produce the courage to fight against it.

“All spread!”

The road in Central Street was finally cleared, and Li Ce’s followers rushed from a distance like tides. Everyone wore wolf knives. People only have a glance and they feel the ridges are cold.

Those are the first rapiers who are known throughout the continent. They have a name of prestige. Even the fight in the Qinglou will lose to the Imperial Weaponry of the Central Army, which belongs exclusively to Li Ce’s private legion. At this moment, they look serious, they have uniform military abilities, they hold razors, and they rush into the crowd with determination, like a sharp knife!

Li Ce stood on a copper finch stand and slapped the central military commander holding a torch. He said lightly and said coldly: “Roll!”

The man was surprised and the foot suddenly softened, and he actually rolled down the copper bird platform.

“Sorry, I am late.”

The long wind blew, Li Ce’s expression was not apologetic. He locked his eyebrows and looked at the woman with blood and a shock in front of him. He only felt that the heart seemed to be being late, cut one by one. See the blood. (Aw…So sweet…Li Ce saving Zhao Chun’er here… She does not deserve it. But here we can see Li Ce is saving her? I don’t think so.)

He untied the rope from the woman and held her in her arms.

Through the misty blood and chaos,  Zhao Chun’er watched Li Ce as if the like a god, and the ecstasy of escape, escaped into her heart.

This person is the one you want to marry?

She was confused for a moment, and her mind was unclear. She only knew that she was going to die. Now she is going to marry and come to save her.

Her tears suddenly poured out and cried sadly.

Li Ce frowned and he lifted her to her waist and walked to the stage.

Zhao Chun’er lost his imprisonment and was free. He was as tight as a wounded beast clinging tightly to Li Ce’s waist and shivering.

However, in the next second, the man who had passed through the wind and moon field stopped. He looked at her and seemed to be awkward. Immediately, he squatted down and held her half arms in her arms. He held out her finger and gently bowed. Open her black hair, but there is so much blood.

He was so gentle that he seemed afraid of scaring anyone. The tone was like a lake in March. He asked softly, “You? Who are you?”

Zhao Chun’er gave a voice, but she couldn’t speak.

Li Ce then discovered that her chin was dislocated. I do not know what method he used. He only heard a bang. Zhao Chun’er lower jaw immediately returned to his place. The woman’s tears are like a spring flood. Huge grief rises from the bottom of her heart. She cries and says: “I am the princess of Daxia. I am Zhao Chun’er.”

Li Ce was stunned by the whole person. He looked up and looked down. The wolf soldiers were holding the Central Army. Some people were ready to start working. The people shivered and shook on the ground and panicked. Looking at him, the dark clouds in the sky are full of raging winds.

Li Ce suddenly smiled. He smiled so tenderly. He looked down and looked at Zhao Chun’er, and then said something Zhao Chun’er  couldn’t understand:

“I knew who could bully her.”

Then, just listening to a bang, the Prince of Datang stood up and disregarded his own princess in the arms and looked like a flower princess. Zhao Chun’er was like a ball rolling on the ground.

He even jumped directly from Zhao Chun’er body and stalked into the two opposing forces. Exaggeratingly waving his arms, he shouted at the soldiers of the Central Army: “Don’t be too excited and we’ll all be calm down.”

In a blink of an eye, he became the bastard prince who was speaking upside down. He stood in front of the wolf soldiers and laughed: “I heard you had a big event, and I came to join you for fun. By the way, I called them to see you. Do not care, continue, continue!”

The 50,000 wolf soldiers behind him saw the changes in the expression of the Master and relaxed momentarily, and he immediately restored the virtues of the weekdays. One by one, it’s an overwhelming shoulder-to-shoulder, where there is still a little bit of formation as if everyone just saw the illusion.

They walked up happily, patted the shoulders of the Central Army, and squinted and said: “How about buddies, we have just been energetic and trained for several months, haha, are you still going?”

The audience was stunned, and there were soldiers who rushed to Zhao Chun’er, who fell to the ground.

The woman raised her head and cried indignation: “I am the Great Summer Princess!”

Daxia officials suddenly heard the voice of the princess, suddenly surprised, rushed forward to run, a moment later, the whole chaos.

Zhao Chun’er was helped by the officials of Daxia. Through the layers of people, she only saw the happy mix of Li Ce and the soldiers. There was no exaggeration and laughter in the image, and there was no such thing as a prince. .

Remembering what he had just done, there was that sentence. Everything was like a sharp arrow shot into Zhao Chuner’s mind. She had her subordinates wrap her blankets in her arms, and the teeth of the bejeweled clenched on the lower lip, almost biting and bleeding.

Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao, how can you let me not hate you?

The grief in her chest nearly defeated her for a time. Tears had already dried up. She slowly raised her head and looked at the dark clouds in the sky. She did not even have the strength to scream.

Zhao Chun’er swears here today, this life will see with your own eyes that you are deceived, watching you with nothing, watching you tremble to death, I, promise!

The wind whistling, this farce finally came to a close, the chaotic crowds gradually drifted away, and who else projected a trace of the unclean princess?

“The weather is fair.”

On the way back, Li Ce riding on top of the warhorse, said with a touch of laughter: “Everyone who counts is also considered to be the final winner. Who can determine?”

“His Royal Highness,”

Sun Di stepped forward and said, “I have found Tie Yuo.”

“how is he?”

“After being seriously injured, but not fatal, the soldiers of the Central Army have not yet passed out.”

Li Ce nodded and said, “Fortunately, they saved themselves once more.”

“Zhao Chun’er…”

“Do not bother,” Li Ce sneered: “She has caused such a big mess, we are waiting to see how the summer will end.”

Sun Di nodded: “What do we do now?”

A cold man suddenly flashed from Li Ce’s eyes, like a sharp knife. He looked like a casual low head and smiled softly: “Someone sent me such a big gift, not to be indecent, I have always been not willing to accept this kind of nameless kindness.”

As the wind blew, the man’s voice was so soft, but it looked so cold.

“It’s my turn.”


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