Volume V, Yanbei War Songs, Chapter 130: Awakening of Yanbei

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

On the 13th of October, the first heavy winter snow fell on the plateau of the Yanbei Plateau. The heavy snow lasted for three days and nights. It was more than a foot deep. The north wind whistled and the cold stream quickly swept through the entire northwestern land. The world was freezing cold and water dripping into ice. The squally wind was like a hail of snow, and it was clearly at midday. When he looked up, he couldn’t see the sun above. Only a line that was dim, and the cold wind was stabbing, it was difficult.

This rare blizzard killed all the countless cattle and sheep on the Yanbei plateau, knocked down countless tent houses, and left countless Yanbei people lost their homes. The Daxia Regiment that will come will have to stop and set up a camp in Bailin Province in the northwest inland, waiting for the wind and snow to pass. The two-armed army, which has been cautious enough to prepare for the game, has thus fallen into the cold war.

In the heavy snowfall, a team of more than 20 horsemen rushed on snow on the ramp outside Beibei. Their horses were fat and healthy, their heads covered with furs, and they did not fear snow and coldness. Dance, run fast. Soon, the team came close to the city and a team of scouts came forward and shouted, “What people?”

No one in the team made a sound, and the headed flag officer held up a red flag. The team scolded him immediately. Then he stepped back and let his way out.

The team continued to run and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Xun Ge, who is that team, ah?”

A young scout asked, with a bearskin hat, his face was frozen and red.

“Don’t say it,” the scouts suddenly reprimanded, carefully glanced around, as if they were afraid that the people in front would turn to hear their conversation: “That was the bloody flag of the Second Army.”

The voice of the scouts was very low, but the people in the team could hear clearly. All of a sudden the crowd felt only a sudden cold in the back of the ridge. The crowd turned to see the direction of the Second Army disappearing. There, Beibei City Lights everywhere, through the heavy snow, faint shot.

In view of the fact that the Daxia Front was too strong, seven days ago, the newly appointed Yan Xun of Yanbei issued a rallying order in Beibei. Now, even the last team far from Meilin Pass had arrived.

In the war, there were a large number of refugees gathered in front of Beibei City. A blizzard blew the houses and cattle and sheep of the surname. In just three days, several people were already starved to death. At this moment, they all In front of the gatekeeper, I hope to enter the city and escape this sudden disaster. However, it is necessary to start a war with the Great Summer. Beibei City has already entered the state of preparation for the first level. The refugees in front of the city gate have gathered more and more, but Yan Xun still ordered to strictly guard the city gate, in order to prevent the rape from entering the city, and thousands of officers and men took turns to defend. A scream of civilians and a cry of women and children in front of the hustle and bustle of the North Gate.

“Step aside!”

A sudden hurry of horseshoe sounded suddenly, and there were people whipping the whip between the people on both sides. The advance team of the 2nd squad swiftly rushed under the gate of Beibei, and the general of the dark red scorpion waved blood red. The military flag shouted: “We are the advance team of the Second Army. I am Xue Zhiyuan and open the door!”

Within a short while, a long row of torches quickly went up to the tower and one of them shouted: “General Xue can have a letter from General Cui?”

Xue Zhiyuan said: “The letter is here!”

A bamboo basket was slowly lowered from the tower. Xue Zhiyuan had a cavalryman immediately before the letter. He placed the letter in a bamboo basket. A moment later, the torch of the tower rose brightly and creaked. The gate was so unguarded. Slowly open.

“Ah! The door is open!”

A sudden burst of cheering began. Thousands of refugees suddenly rejoiced and shouted in unison. They moved their hands and feet, which had already frozen, and rushed to the gate of the city gate. It was like a flood of boiling water. Advance team rushed.

“Idiot!” In the crowd, the dark red shouted generals roared and suddenly jumped.

“Fast! Stop them!” General Cui defender realized that something was going on. He hurriedly shouted and the soldiers under his command rushed out of the gate and shouted, “Dare it! Shoot dead! Retreat!” All back!”

The northerly wind whistled. The soldiers’ voices were very delicate among the crowds. They stayed outside the city and it was a dead end. The refugees had long blinked their eyes. Seeing hope at the moment, who would like to die outside? They suddenly rushed forward with no fear of death, and shouted, “Let’s go in! We are the people of Yanbei! Let’s go in!”

“General Xue! General Xue!” General Cui feared that the friendly would be in trouble and shouted in panic.

At this time, a bloodline sky-rocketed and saw a young military officer stabbing a knife and stabbed at the back of a refugee’s shoulder. The knife was fierce, and it was very hot. Turned over, large pieces of blood spilled and fell on the white snow, forming a small red swirl. These are some poor people. He had seen such scenes. Facing the bloody butchers of the soldiers, all of them suddenly shouted in horror, and they retreated and were far away from him.

General Cui did not expect that even if someone dared to really use force, he was about to speak, and saw the young officer looking cold and indifference from the crowd, and said quietly: “I’m Xue Zhiyuan.”

General Cui was shocked and was about to speak. He suddenly heard a whisper from the people. The woman cried and cried: “You’re home! You wake up!”

“Kill it! Kill it! Army kill it!”

One stone provoked thousands of layers of waves, and the people suddenly rioted. The people who were forced to desperately shouted. A seventy-year-old man shouted in front and shouted, “What are you killing? Why? My three sons are in the army. The Chinese soldiers are all following you to fight the dogs. Now you don’t let me go to the city? I want to go to town? We want to live!”

“Let us enter the city! We must live!”

Despite the cold weather, General Cui’s forehead was cold and sweaty, and he knew what to do.

Xue Zhiyuan’s young brow wrinkled slightly and said quietly, “Time is running out, and your army will make a decision early.”

“Ah?” General Cui asked a foolish man. He used to be a blacksmith who used to fight iron because he was brave in fighting and killed more than a dozen people. He became a small soldier and took his team to duty just tonight. There was no strategy. I saw him looking at the young man in front of him in a silly way and asked, “What did you say?”

Seeing that the refugees had already rushed forward, the city guards in Beibei simply stupidly to a certain extent, and more than a dozen defenders were actually sheltered by refugees and were taken to the gates. Xue Zhiyuan looked cold, Shen Sheng said: “Archer, ready!”

In an order, more than 20th Second Army members immediately jumped out of the warhorse and neatly picked up bows and arrows. They hadn’t waited until General Cui squawked eyes blinked. Those razor-sharp arrows went off and they took their feet and did not take their heads. In time, only to hear a scream of mourning suddenly sounded, refugees were shocked and screamed.

“Give me!”

The young man’s voice is like a low leopard. The soldiers shoot down one, deterring far-off civilians, throwing their bows and arrows backhand, and rushing forward with their swords. The shots are hot and spicy. When they saw blood, heavy cold iron sheaths greeted and shouted, and soon afterward, more than a dozen people fell to the ground.

“All flashed off!”

The soldiers and the refugees were fighting in one place. The Yanbei Army met in the city wall and hurriedly blew the horn. A large number of troops rushed over from the city, but they were crowded by the chaotic crowd at the entrance and could not come out.

At this time, only a short hurry of hoofing sounds was heard in the remote snowfields of the snowfields, as if there were a large number of troops approaching. The horses were extremely fast and they saw a small black soldier from the top of the horse. Jumped off, the voice was slightly feminine, but she shouted in an alarming voice: “Who is in trouble?”

More than a hundred soldiers then jumped off and the small man led by him immediately rushed forward. He glanced sharply at his eyes and pulled out a knife across his waist. The cold voice said: “Shang! !”

This group of fresh force means extremely smart, smooth action, quick shot, and both are powerful masters. They rushed into the crowd like tigers and surrounded them with the second army commanders who swarmed their swords and cut the people. Three or five sieges one, and they subdued them. When the people saw that someone had come out for themselves and shouted in unison, the scene was immediately under control.

There are three or forty wounded people on the ground, and several people have stopped moving. They do not know whether they live or die. The little man’s brows were locked and his body wrapped in iron-grey blemishes. He turned his head and said in a deep voice, “Stop the doctor immediately and heal the wounded.”

“What are you? How dare you…”

Xue Zhiyuan was furious and he stepped forward. The small generals didn’t wait for him to finish. A slap in the face of a slap in the face of a man’s face. Xue Zhiyuan had not responded. The man was backhanded. Another one!

“You are a warrior of Yanbei! Your knife should be facing the summer, not the people of Yanbei!”

The crisp sound was like a broken stone, and the small generals shouted hard, and Xue Zhiyuan was furious. His eyes suddenly seemed to be blazing. He roared, and he rushed forward with a punch, and he knew that the little general was suddenly a fast leopard suddenly jumped up and saw a swift scabbard. He threw a bang on his shoulder and kicked him sideways. The young general was knocked to the ground.

“Tie him! Send it to your Highness!”

A sudden burst of cheers arose among the refugees, and the little man turned around and shouted at the people: “The people, the Beibei is going to go to war. You are too dangerous here. Our Highness has set up a tent for you under the sunset over the west. Houses sheltering from blizzards have food and cotton coats. Please immediately follow me.”

As the crowd fluctuates, several soldiers and small men went to the crowds to get through the crowd. Orders were fixed. Soon after, a few military doctors ran out of the city hurriedly, and the small generals stepped forward and carefully examined. Look, even though 13 people died in the turmoil just now, he frowned slightly and looked ugly.

After about half an hour, the people finally led westward under the leadership of the soldiers, and the small generals went into the city. The gate slowly closed and all the outside ripples were blocked. It seemed that even the snow was no longer there. violent. The frightened General Cui said two words and went to the carriage that detained several people of Xue Zhiyuan.

“General Xue, I’m sorry, just offended.”

The small captain picked off the hood and revealed a squeaky face. His eyebrows were clear and his eyes were bright. He turned out to be a very beautiful young girl.

“Who are you?” Xue Zhiyuan still had some cheeks on his cheeks. The place where she had kicked her was still in pain. She did not want to speak to her and she was surprised at the sight of her.

“This is the Chu people at the staff office.” The general Cui quickly introduced: “Adults, this is the leader of the friendly vanguard of the Second Army who came to support Beibei, General Xue Zhiyuan Xue.”

Chu Qiao’s cheeks were red and her lips were a little cracked. She nodded and said kindly: “General Xue was miles away, and he was on the road in such bad weather. He worked hard.”

Xue Zhiyuan frowned and didn’t know where to find out such a Chu adult. He stared at Chu Qiao fiercely and suddenly said coldly: “Today’s business will not be such a thing.”

“That is, of course, more than 40 people were injured before a dozen people died in the city gates. Naturally, such things would not have been so easy.”

Chu Qiao smiled, but there was no slightest smile in her eyes, and said lightly: “But General Xue has just been eager to protect the city. The war is on the way. I will not report it to the Military Academy for the time being, and I will pursue your responsibilities.”


“General Xue, if you are in a hurry, should you have something to do? If you are very busy, I have to go first.”

Xue Zhiyuan took a deep breath, and then he looked at Chu Qiao, and gave a cold cry, with her own hands and angrily left.

General Cui wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and said to Chu Qiao: “Adult, are you okay?”

Chu Qiao frowned slowly, helpless sigh, said lightly: “If you knew that he was the second army man, he wouldn’t fight his two slaps. This is trouble.”

“Ah?” Chu was a general.

“What ah!” Chu Qiao turned around and snarled, “If the people of the Second Army were not in the city, the city gates were nearly lost. Do you know what would happen if the spies were allowed to enter the city at this time? The army must die without burial! You are so neglected by Beibei’s Yanbei portal. Xue Zhiyuan has just slaughtered civilians at random. Although wrong, but you are joking about the fate of Quan Yan North!”

The General Cui face was pale and scared. His eyes flickered and looked around, like a thief who had been caught by a thief. He suddenly yelled to the ground and shouted: “Adult, little damn, The biggest one is the biggest death. Please ask the adults to spare a small one.”

Chu Qiao slowly frowned, such a person was even he was mixed into the defender of the Wuchang, she did not know who to investigate who’s responsible, this time, she just felt deeply weak.

“Go to the Military Academy to report it.”

To put aside a light sentence, Chu Qiao turned away, the snow fluttering, there is still no way to stop the look.

Open the door, a surge of heat blowing, Chu Qiao take off the big sister, looked at left and right, but did not see the shadow of Yan Xun, she turned to the study, halfway to meet rushed back Ah Seung, not open He listened to Ah-Jing and said in a gruff voice: “Girl, your Highness calls you to go.”

Chu Qiao brow pick: “Where is he? What happened?”

“The representative of the Second Army came and your Highness is waiting for your meeting.”

Before they entered the house, they heard a duck-like voice shouting: “We have millions of troops. Why should we fear the great summer? We can strike them on the plains!”

Hearing, Chu Qiao’s brow wrinkled immediately, and this time her most common expression may be to frown.

“Yes! We Yanbei is a teacher of justice. We are not afraid of Xiagou!”

“Report!” exclaimed the soldier outside the door. “The Chu staff at the staff arrived.”

“Come in.”

Chu Qiao entered the room and said hello to everyone present. I saw a lot more people attending the meeting today than last time, except for the last time, the military representatives of the 2nd Army of the 1st Army, and 3rd Army. The military deputy generals, the unassuming deacons of the major peer conferences, the de facto elders of the major peer-to-peer associations, and representatives of the other side-army, militia group, and self-defense army representatives, the patriarchs of small tribes on the Yanbei plateau, and a house of black pressure. People are almost full of conference halls. Chu Qiao knew that almost all of Yanbei’s armed forces had arrived today. She walked in with confidence and went straight to sit down next to Yan Xun. She smiled and said to everyone: “I’m sorry, I’m late. .”

“How is it?” Yan Xun is not very well-looking, obviously not popular with this group of gangs, he looked at Chu Qiao, asked quietly.

“Everything went well and the dwellings were built well enough to escape this time.”

“I am against it!” a sharp voice suddenly sounded. Beilu’s military chief, Liu Ou, will stand up and look ugly and say: “Why take our military materials to supply those refugees? These things can clearly be used as walls. Raising the height of ten feet will have an effect on resisting the great summer. And why do we need to distribute our food and grain to the refugees? The Chu Qiao know whether or not we are now under what circumstances. When the great summer forces are under pressure, the war will begin. The army It is not easy to say whether the supply of grain can be supplied, but do you get food and grass to help the refugees?”

“If I remember correctly, deputy Liu Ou, you didn’t give me a shred of support when I started to make bricks ten days ago. The entire Beifang Army did not send a soldier, but instead, the nearby people actively helped, otherwise, now, Your city wall will not be increased by 20 feet. In addition, I would like to remind you that the height of the city wall is stipulated, and our city wall is already high enough. If we go further, there will be no accuracy for the soldiers to shoot. The advantage of our defense will drastically decrease sharply. Therefore, I would ask those who do not understand the military to speak with caution on military issues.”

Chu Qiao looked cold and no longer a good temper on the day. She looked coldly at the quartermaster and said coldly: “And, I still want to say that we liberated the Yanbei for the freedom of Yanbei people. In the war, if the common people are dead, then the war is meaningless.”

Liu Ou looks at Tie Qing and argues, “In the past, this was all the way. Every year is a snowstorm. Daxia has never deducted support for the people from the military. It hasn’t seen people starve to death for thousands of years.”

“You said it right, so Daxia was expelled from Yanbei.” The girl said with both hands and shrugged: “The soldiers stationed in Yanbei in the summer were all transferred from the Mainland. They all led the army to send soldiers. Vice President Liu Ou, when did you send your army subordinates? What are your subordinates to follow you for free? Are you trying to let your subordinates follow your life and forget their deaths, and then let their parents and wives? Did you starve to death at home?

The meeting room suddenly fell into a humiliating silence. No one spoke, only to hear the windblown like wild animals.

Yan Xun’s voice was cold and he said slowly: “Who is just talking, who just said?”

“It’s me.” Lu Jie, the head of the Third Army, said with a deep voice that he was not very old, he was in his thirties, his beard was heavy, his authentic plateau looked, his face was very red, and he said with a sigh of relief: “I I don’t understand why we want to hide in the east. Why do we want to shrink like a tortoise in the city? We have tens of thousands of troops. There are only 300,000 troops in the early summer. Can we lose if we hit one?

Chen Hao, head of the Second Cavalry Regiment of Beibei City, also echoed: “This is the plan of who made it. It is an insult to our glorious Yanbei warriors. We need war. We need a decisive battle with the enemy!”

“Yes!” The tribal chiefs also exclaimed with excitement: “Yanbei is a good man, there is no such thing as the East!”

Chu Qiao suddenly felt a sense of disgust and remembered the horrors she had just seen outside the city. She only felt that these people were as annoying as a goshawk. She looked up and looked like a sharp eagle. She said quietly, “The combat plan is mine. Do you have any opinion?”

The crowd suddenly calmed down. Ten days later, no one dared to despise this young girl as much as she once did. However, for a few days, she not only reorganized the army’s organizational structure, co-ordinated the management system of the base camp, greatly improved the efficiency of the work, but also miraculously practiced the creation of a kind of red stone called the brick. Although it was not rock-solid, the efficiency of building the city was extremely fast. In order to increase the firmness of the city wall, she also had a large amount of ice from the nearby Chishui River. There was a rapid accumulation of three blocks outside the city wall. More than a dozen feet high of the double city wall, so that not only the city wall is more sturdy, but also can effectively prevent the enemy from climbing to attack the city.

She used her superior military means to set up a large number of pits and traps outside the city. Nowadays, Beibei has become a strong, strong city, and it is not like the wind that once fell like a puff. 

Therefore, even if she was dissatisfied with her, but no one dared to say it for a time. Especially after she had just made another great effort to complete the resettlement of the refugees, her prestige in the military was no better than it was at the time.

“I have opinions.” A low voice slowly sounded, and everyone looked at him and turned to look like a second-team forward.

Xue Zhiyuan looked coldly at Chu Qiao and said in a low tone: “For this war, we have prepared for eight years. In the past eight years, we have actively run away, and we have conquered manpower and material resources, secretly trained troops, and integrated the strength of the army. We will not forget. The flames of shame and humiliation, the fire clouds of the ancestors growing on the flesh and blood are still open, and they are waiting for us to be a shame for them. However, we silently waited for eight years, what was the exchange, was hiding and Do you wince?”

His eyes were gloomy and cold, and his eyes even looked faintly and looked at the Yanzi who was sitting in the main position. In a cold tone, he said: “Yan Shizi’s spirit of not dying, where did he go? The prosperity of Huangdu has already burnt His Royal Highness bones?”

When the speech just fell, the conference room suddenly fell into a terrible silence. Yan Xun was dressed in a black robe and had a long eyebrow. He always sat on the back of the chair. At the moment, he heard a slightly raised eyebrow and swept his eyes over Xue Zhiyuan. A pull of the mouth, actually indifferent chuckle, but the sound is like the snow and ice of the twelfth lunar month generally cool bone marrow, it is back chilling.

The second army commander who sat with him at the same time, Yu Xin, got up quickly and quickly said, “Xue Zhiyuan has a reckless character, but please ask Your Highness to forgive him for worrying about Yanbei.

Cheng Yuan the owner of Beibei City, also got up and said: “General Xue did not think it proper, but everything was for Yanbei’s war situation and victory. His Highness said that he had been born and died for many years. He’s been playing heroically for the independence of Yanbei. Thanks for all the work, spare him once.”

Other generals also got up and heard and pleaded with Xue Zhiyuan. Only the military representatives of the First Corps did not move. The facial expression was gloomy and seemed to be uncertain.

“General Xue is very quick and I like it very much.” Yan Xun’s narrow eyes slightly picked up and said faintly: “You are invited, everyone is the hero of Yanbei, I can help you with each other, it is my blessing.” Bless, how can you blame the sinful people? And General Xue is only expounding his own ideas, and there is no disrespect for me. What is sin? Xue General, are you saying?”

Yan Xun’s voice is extremely indifferent, his eyes are cold, and he has a restrained edge. Xue Zhiyuan had to stand up and whispered, “His Royal Highness said that at the end of the day, he will be blunt and will not express himself. He does not have the meaning to clash with His Highness. He also asks His Highness to forgive me.”

Everyone heard the words and called His Royal Highness, and got up in battle. He sat back in his seat.

At this time, I saw that Xue Zhiyuan did not sit down, but turned to face Chu Qiao, in a deep voice said: “The next question, please ask the Chu Qiao to answer a little.”

As soon as this statement came out, even the rest of the Second Army frowned. Just as he spoke to Yan Xun, but he did not care. After all, Yan Xun is now the nominal leader of Yanbei. If this continues, it will be greatly unfavorable to the Second Army.

Before he could stand up and have around field, he saw Chu Qiao slowly looking cold and stood up, watching Xue Zhiyuan coldly, said in a subtle way: “General Xue, I did not expect that you raised this naive question, I really regret.”

Xue Zhiyuan looked a cold and was about to speak. He saw Chu Qiao looking cold at the beginning of time. Shen Sheng said: “War is not an arithmetic problem. In the course of regular operations, the comparison between the two sides is not simply a comparison of the number of people! It depends on the victory. There are many factors, the number is only one advantage, the morale of the two sides, the combat effectiveness of the soldiers, the overall level of strength, the comparison of weapons, the accuracy of intelligence, the speed of information transmission, the personal ability of the generals, and the actual combat of the soldiers. Experience, the terrain of the battlefield, and the supply of logistics, all of which are enough to form an important influence on the overall situation of the strategy, simply relying on the number of people to win or lose, striving to convince several to play a few superficial issues, and it is all about the war. A low-level mistake that a layman would never know!”

The girl disdainfully dismissed her as if she had poured a cold water on the head of the crowd. Her words almost covered everyone. Chen Hao, a deputy general, said with a cold voice: “We are all outsiders of war. Only Chu Qiao is a strategic master? I have been fighting Yanbei for more than ten years and have never met a madman like you.”

“History has long told us that people who are always thinking about their hard work in the past have no future exhibitions. What’s more, some people’s past things are not necessarily worth remembering.”

Chu Qiao said with no mercy: “I ask you to recognize the situation facing us. We are not just facing a war. The victory or defeat of a war is of no use to the overall situation. For Daxia, we are nothing but At a local rebellion on the border, they are sitting in the Red River, and they can send hundreds of thousands or even millions of troops at any time to encircle us. The conscription of Zhenhuang can only get 100,000 troops in less than two days. We, we are holding the entire life and death and the decisive battle in the Great Summer. What path is placed in front of us? To overcome is to continue to survive, fail, we must all die. We are not afraid of death, but we cannot die without value. Partial victory has no effect on the overall situation. In the battle of Beibei City, what we want to achieve is not a tactical victory. What we want is a chance to open the war situation!”

Chu Qiao clenched his fist and waved in front of him. His eyes were tenacious and said: “What we want is not to defeat the Xia Army in one or two wars. What we want is to drag them, drag them, and then hit them. And, destroy them all.”

The crowd suddenly whispered, and Yan Xun stood up and looked down at the crowd. He wore a black robe and an ink band. His eyes were like an eagle on a high altitude. His tone was low, and there seemed to be a depression in the inside. The atmosphere, the man said slowly:

“You, since ancient times, Yanbei has been suffering from purgatory, snowstorms, famines, wars, plagues, barbarian barbarians in the north, and scrambling in the north. There are heavy taxation and oppression in the east. We are suffering. In the state of blood and tears, we have been trying to find a way for a hundred years until my father, who introduced the sacred radiance of Datong’s thoughts, ignited the hopeful fire on the Yanbei land, and wanted to lead everyone out of this catastrophe, but he In the defeat, Yanbei suffered great losses, and we suffered a great price. Our fighters fought bravely, but in the end they could not escape the fate of war.

However, we will not compromise. If a nation wants to move toward freedom, it must pay a corresponding price! We have waited for eight years. We don’t care about the last few days. The fate of the whole Yanbei is on our shoulders. The entire Ximeng’s land is staring and waiting for us. The hope of Yanbei is on us. We Long way to go. Now, just as the people of Yanbei are looking forward to, I am back. I will inherit my father’s wishes and lead you to continue fighting. Please support me like you supported my father. Follow me and trust me! The war is about to begin. Daxia has placed the butcher’s knife on our heads. Is it because of internal quarrels? Is it actively preparing for war? Is it busy trying to seize power? Is it prepared to meet the enemy? I believe that you will have a firm belief. ”

Yan Xun looked calm and he looked at the people sitting here. His eyes looked like a deep sea. There was a fierce wave of waves inside, but he could not see the obvious waves. His voice was peaceful, but in the peaceful voice, it seemed to contain Huge force: “Yanbei’s life and death are in your hands. We are behind Yanbei. It is our loved ones, our parents and wives, our fathers and widows, and our men and women. ”

Facing the crowd, Yan Xun stooped down and deeply blew a groan. The crowd suddenly lost their breath. Immediately after listening to the buzzing sound, Yanbei famously drove the red to the ground with tears in his eyes. Said: “Long live the Yanbei! Free Hooray!”

Immediately afterward, the representatives of the First Corps squatted in front of Yan Xun and shouted in unison, “Swear to follow His Highness!”

It was like the autumn wind blew past the fields, the generals of the Third Corps, the militias, the self-defense groups, the chiefs of the tribal people, the officers of Beibei City, and even the generals of the Second Corps, all lingering at the foot of Yan Xun. They shouted in unison: ” Long live Yanbei, long live the freedom!”

At this moment, there was no factional struggle and no vanity comparison. Before life and death, in front of the national righteousness, the armed forces of the entire Yanbei Plateau were subordinated to Yan Xi’s feet. Chu Qiao was also lying on the ground listening to her ears. As the voices of generals clamored for freedom from the generals, she suddenly felt hot and fierce.

The northerly wind whistled. This day, October 16th, in a small, small meeting room in Beibei, Yanbei Plateau, a group of farmers, peddlers, robbers, businessmen, anti-government sects, and minor clans. The leaders of the group gathered together and issued allegiance to the new generation of kings of Yanbei wanted by the Great Summer. At that time, no one knew how much power this voice would have, but in the years to come, this force shocked Yanbei, shocked the Great Summer, and shook the entire land of Ximeng.

History may have changed at this moment, and those who have witnessed this are destined to rise up with that glorious name and stubbornly stand up.

Let history remember this moment because, from this moment, Yanbei’s blood and strength that slept for eight years finally awakened.


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