Volume V, Yanbei War Songs, Chapter 136: Light in the Field

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

In the afternoon, it began to snow, and the north wind curled up against her face with snowflakes. It cuts like a knife.

Thousands of troops and horses emerged from the blizzard, and the shadows were crowded. The sharp blades of the horse flashed with sharp brilliance in the darkness. The war horse scampered and the speed was astonishing. Chu’s face was cold and numb with the wind blowing. The big sisters wrapped her whole body in it. The nine hours of continuous raids made everyone’s hands and feet stiff and cold. In the eyes of the red and the hurricane, the seven-thousand people standing in the wilderness are like houses without the main beam, and they may be engulfed at any time by unexpected incidents.

A scout rushed back and the soldier was still very young. His face was clear and he looked no more than 18 years old. His horse was extremely fast. He quickly ran to Chu Qiao and pointed to the eastern Helan Mountain. His lips shivered because of the coldness and almost can’t speak.

“Is the Summer army near?”

The scout did not speak but silently nodded. His neck was stiff and he nodded in a strange position, like a puppet pulling a line.

“How far is it? Fifty miles?”

The other party did not nod, Chu Qiao continued to ask: “Thirty miles?”

There is still no response. The girl is left with a cold heart. Her voice is a little deeper and weary, and she says, “Twenty miles?”

Scolding silently nodded, Chu Qiao took off his hood and immediately gave him a deep look: “Hard work for you.”

With a bang, the soldier crashed and the soldiers around him quickly jumped to help him, but the tentacles touched it. It was cold, breathless, and already extinguished. The weather was chilly, and the scouts needed to bury their bodies in the snow to find out about the enemy and then copy the path back. He could hold on to this moment and it was already dead.

Although it is a narrow mountain road on 20 Mile Road, the quality of cavalry in Daxia is enough for a quarter of an hour to arrive here. And in half a minute, can they score in Red Rock City?

Chu Qiao’s eyes are like a sharp knife. She looks deep ahead, not far from the front, is the Chidu City guarding the Chiyuan Ferry. She has sent two people to negotiate under the city. A fragrant time, but there is still no news from the opposite side.

Her hands were cold and sweaty, and the grip of the sword was cold. Hope was small. They did not have Yan’s handwriting and orders, no documents issued by the base camp, no handcuffs signed by the same team, and at that time out of town was too impatient. She even There isn’t even a single item that proves that he is a member of the General Staff. In other words, they did not have any way to win the trust of the other party. They could convince the other party that they were also members of the Yanbei Army. They came here to defend the safety of Chidu City.

And if the Yanbei Army of Chidu City does not believe in their identity and refuses to accept them into the city, then once the Daxia troops arrive, the 7,000 light cavalries on the wilderness plains will confront the other tens of thousands of troops, waiting for them only A dead end!

This point, Chu Qiao must understand more than anyone!

“Adults,” said He Xiao deputy general,  Ge Qi, a 20-year-old young general. Like most of the officers and men of the southwestern Zhenhuang, his father was once also a member of the Empire’s Yan Beijun. He’s small. The time was to grow up on this land. Today, he returns with the dream of washing his parents’ shame, with perseverance and courage.

“Adults, Xia Monarch is near.”

Chu Qiao did not speak, and the deputy will continue: “The Chidu City gate will not be opened. Let’s go.”

Chu Qiao looked the same, her eyes always staring at the gates of the Red Gate, and she did not even turn her eyes. The voice was calm and said: “Wait a minute.”

A little bit of time passed, the wind was like a mad beast and it was buzzing. The eardrum was all in the wind. It was like silence between the heavens and the earth, but it was so loud that the eagles in the heavens were fiercely circling and the white wings were almost open. Can cover half of the sky.

Ge Qi frowned and he could even hear the hoofing of the Daxia army. He stepped forward again: “My dear, now it’s too late.”

“Wait a little longer.”

“Adults, the summer power is too strong to meet on the plains. We cannot resist it.”

“Wait a little longer.”

Chu Qiao said calmly, the wind blew up her hood to reveal the beautiful face below. The horseshoe moved in a restless way, emitting a crisp sound, waiting for it to be so long, the lingering wind swept across the earth, rolled up the grass under the snow, the heart was hot, and the blood was pulsing violently. One, two, three…

“grown ups!”

Suddenly, a cry suddenly came, and the crest of the tawny clothes rushed back and ran and yelled: “The Xia Jun has turned over Helan Mountain and is heading towards Chiyuan Ferry at full speed. Twenty thousand light riders have fought forward, followed by a large number of The heavy armored cavalry and the infantry regiment couldn’t tell how many people there were. In adults, they killed dozens of Yanbei troops at the line guarding the Red Cross City Guardian. They also discovered our scouts. Now they are accelerating their speed. They have already passed. Gone is the line!”

The team suddenly sounded a panic, and the speed of the other party was so fast? 20,000 light rides, countless heavy armored cavalry, nearly 100,000 infantry regiments, such a terrible military capacity, if the collision here, the southwestern town government may not even have a scream.

“Adult,” Ge Qi frowned and said: “Leave a green hill…”

“Adult! Look!”

A little Wu Danyu  suddenly exclaimed, and looked at the Chidu Castle building with a shocked face. Everyone turned around and saw the high-rise tower. The red cloud flag fluttering on the white background, and the thick and simple red. At the gate of the city, the eyes of the people were horrified and slowly lowered.

Chidu City, opened!


The soldiers were overjoyed and shouted in unison. Chu Qiao swelled for a long time. She whipped her whiplash and immediately called in front of her. She said, “Enter the city!”

Almost at the moment the gate was closed, a black line suddenly appeared on the plain. At the far end of the earth, on the snowy Chishui River, there was a deep, thunderous sound that slowly rang through the ears.

“Who are you? A cough, I am the guardian of Yanbei’ bright Chidu city, I am the princes personal servant of Yan Shizi, cough, personally issued the handcuffs of the three members of the book, I am the first year of the year in 748 I have been kissed by the front of the temple. Under the broad daylight, how can you be so mad, so humiliating, coughing and coughing…”

A 60-year-old man’s protagonist shouted loudly, yelling and coughing as he shook his neck. His official robe was wrinkled and wrinkled by the soldiers. The hat was also worn. The boots only wore one. The other was dragging under the soles of his feet, and the officers and men of the two southwestern town governments pressed him so that he could not act rashly. Chu Qiao was disappointed that he was surrounded by dozens of gatekeepers. However, from the beginning to the present, these people did not even move together. They cringed and could not wait to pull out their uniforms. There is obviously no fighting power at all.

Putting such a strategically important city into such a group of rice pods, Chu Qiao only felt the fire in his heart arch. Although she also knows that if this is not the case, she will not be able to walk into this Chidu City at the moment.

“Adult, fortunately, not to be insulted!”

He Xiao came forward and fell on his knees in front of Chu Qiao. The man’s deep blue military uniform had large blood stains. It was obvious that they were not completely unimpeded.

Chu Qiao’s sister-in-law was a bit blocked. She reached out and raised He Shao to help him slowly and silently: “If He leads, if Yanbei is able to escape this incident, you should be a good man.”

“I, I am the forty-eighth seat of the Great Peer Group President’s seat, Coughs, I am the backbone of Yanbei. I have more than 30 years of qualifications. Nowadays, many of the generals in the military are my students. You are so to me, surely…”

“To shut up!”

The cold female voice suddenly came in. Chu Qiao slowly stepped forward and looked coldly at the name of the Chidu City. She was still young, but her eyes were filled with majesty and impatience. The aged city guardian looked down at her eyes and the voice gradually went down. He felt guilty about his lack of confidence. He bravely muttered, “The big colleagues will judge you, you anti-thieves!”

Seven thousand soldiers, like wolves, entered the city and alerted this small city. Men, women, and children all walked out of the house, standing on the snow, and looking far away.

Chu Qiao sneered and pulled the old man’s collar and turned to walk upstairs.

“Ah! What are you doing?” The old city guard has pulled awkwardly, almost falling to the ground, killing pigs and shouting loudly: “Bold madman! You dare to be so rude to me! I am the elders’ seat.” Forty-eighth seat, I have been in the league for 33 years. The military and military leaders are all my students… Coughs… I’m a First Class Bachelors, I have the right to hold 12 votes in the Datong Court of Appeal. You are self-respecting and deceive your colleagues. I will judge you on behalf of the Great Colleagues. I will sentence you to exile, deprive you of your military power, and I will sentence you to make a copy. I want to…”

The noisy sound suddenly came to an abrupt end, like a dumb jealousy, and suddenly it blew.

On the tall towers, the girl’s upright figure and the old man’s slightly sinuous waist plate look like that. The wind blows, blowing up their uniform Yanbei military uniforms, blowing their black, or black The horns are broken. None of them spoke, but stood high on the gates of the city and looked out into the distance.

The officers and soldiers of the Chidu City and the people were surprised that some were brave enough to climb up to the tower and their expressions were suddenly lost and they lost their language skills. Gradually, more and more people climbed up, one, two, three, ten, one hundred, and one thousand. The towers were crowded with people. Their eyes were sluggish, their faces were horrified, desperation was in the crowd. In passing back and forth, the taste of death has never been so close to this moment.

The setting sun is like a fire, and the blood-red light is projected on the heads of the people. The mottled light and shadows, like the fire clouds on the fire thunder, are filled with the whole white snowfield. The wind blows, the sky is full of snow, and the clouds are scattered and confused. The white fog, the iron-gray army is like a silent flood, covering the entire snowfield, towering rifles, snowy knives, black-pressed heads everywhere, strong horseshoes everywhere, flag waving, a glance Can’t see the head. It’s like suddenly breaking into a boundless nightmare. Everywhere is the arrow light that flashes bloodthirsty and cold, and it stretches more than ten miles before and after. The vigorous cavalry regiment, the majestic heavy armor, such as Lin The archers, the hard shields, and the infantry regiments with countless numbers in the rear, the reserve regiment, the logistics regiment, the caravan regiment…

Like a grand military exercise, all of the elite elites of the major summers were all brought together. The officers and soldiers of the Red Cross City stayed stunned, and the people were stunned. Even the southwestern township, which had been mentally prepared for a long time. They also stayed until they were suddenly aware of what a terrible enemy they were standing on. During the three hundred years of the Daxia Panchuan Hongchuan mainland and three hundred years of the deterrence of Simon, three hundred years of suppression in the Sui and Tang dynasties, Huai-Song, and Nanqui of the East China Sea for a three-year show, how can the accumulated powers be shaken by a real change?

Nowadays, they are slowing their lives, emptying their hands, moving their legs and feet, and finally eradicating those who once questioned their authority!

“After this, if you are still alive,” Chucho looked calm and faintly turned to look at the elderly old man, with a smooth tone and no waves: “So, I will accept your trial.

“砰” (means Peng) the old man sat down on the ground. Chu Qiao did not look at him. He turned and walked toward the square in the city. Along the way, everyone consciously set aside the road for her and the wind blew her long. Hair and Daxu, like a sharp war eagle, the young girl’s upright posture, British pressure, she heads up to the center of the square, eyes shot to the dense crowd under the square.

Their eyes were anxious, like irritated rabbits, and they looked around, wondering where to go. This kind of look, Chu Qiao has seen too many times, once in the Middle East, in Africa, in the chaotic Golden Triangle, in the war-torn country, she has seen too many people displaced in the war, and now stands here She does not know how to define for herself, is the liberator of the Holy Incarnation? Or bring disaster destroyer? However, she has no way to return, for the present plan, only fighting!

“The soldiers, the people of the Chidu City, I am Chu Qiao. I am the subordinate of His Majesty the Highness Yan Xun. I am the combat adviser of the military staff of the North Beibei Base Camp. Now I am talking to you!”

The girl’s voice was loud and her tone was tenacious. She stood on the square in the tall and straight position and faced everyone’s speech. People suddenly became shocked and looked up at her. At this time, what people need is a firm commander to rely on, and Chu Qiao, who is currently the person who meets this status.

“The officers, surnames, as you can see, the army of Daxia bypassed the Helan Mountains range and attacked us from the Chiyuan Ferry. Now, under the city, there are at least 200,000 Daxia officers and men. The soldiers are strong and strong, they are fully equipped, they are the elite field troops of the great summer. They come from all over the world and worship the king of the Great Summer. There is only one purpose: that is to kill us!”

The “bang” sounded like a bomb-throwing the crowd, the noise screamed, people panicked and watched, and the cry of the woman rang loudly, the children did not know what was born, but the keen feeling made them Feeling scared, there are worries of worries everywhere, desperate emotions everywhere, the sky is overcast, the fiery sunset is covered by clouds, and the cold, biting cold wind is blowing, as if to blow people away. A hope for survival. The soldiers picked up the torch, but the torch did not dispel the fog of death and could not shine into people’s hearts.

“But! We are not alone!”

The fierce voice suddenly sounded high, and all the noise was stagnant. People looked up to see the tall and erect girl. She was dressed in a black military uniform and she was dressed in a large coat and looked sharp. And full of wisdom, she raised her head and said in a deep voice: “Besides the hundred miles away, we are the strongest castle north of Yanbei. It’s where there are nearly one million Yanbei troops with the most elite weapons and war horses. In our rear, the Blue City Fortress, the Yucai girl leads 100,000 and is always ready to support us. Our King, Yanyan’s Highness, currently brings 300,000 troops to us from the Meilin Border Pass. The difficulties are Only temporary, as long as we tenacious survive, the victory will inevitably belong to us!”

In the silence of the audience, no one should agree, but no one opposes it. The wind blows Chu Qiao’s face. Snow flutters in front of her. It makes her look misty and vague. She firmly raises her fist and says in a loud voice: “Eight years ago, Da Xia’s horseshoe trampled our homes, burned our houses, insulted our wives and daughters, cut off the heads of our fathers and brothers, and fired a battle. Yanbei lost its elite. This was Yanbei’s. The people were enslaved for eight years, and the nobles were free to kill us, and they were free to steal our horses and food. We worked hard to work hard for a lifetime, but we did not put a copper plate! Now, our Highness revived Yanbei. The only thing is for the poor to wear clothing, live in rooms and have food, but Daxia will not agree. They cannot sit and watch their own dignity and be trampled on. Therefore, they send troops to enslave us again and use blood. Let us give in. People! We are not rebellious, we just want to live! Are we standing still? Are we still dead? Are we to bow to the toes of others, or pick up the swords and guns to defend ourselves? Home? “

“We want to live!”

In the crowd, a voice suddenly sounded. Immediately afterward, it was like a prairie burned with raging fire. Tens of thousands of voices merged into a huge stream.

“We want to live! Kill the dog!”

“I came to rescue you on behalf of the Beibei Base Camp. Now, I will formally take over the right to the Red Cross. All the Red Cross officers and soldiers must listen to my deployment. Women and children immediately leave Ximen and quickly rush to Blue City. The men under the age of 50 are all left and join me in defending the Red Cross and defending Yanbei!

“Defend Chidu! Protect Yanbei!”

The screams slammed through the human eardrum, and Chu Cho stood on the square. The small fists seemed to have great power. Her eyes are clear and tenacious, but the corners of the mouth, but slowly brought a touch of grief.

She knows that after tomorrow, there will be countless tragedies here. Numerous families will be broken and countless relatives will never see each other again. However, she has no other way. She slowly raised her head and she did not want to look at faces full of confidence and hope.

Yan Xun, where are you from and when are you coming back? End of the earth, I fight side by side with you!

With 200,000 troops to snatch such a small town with only three thousand soldiers, in the eyes of Daxia, this is simply a matter of stability. However, after arriving at Chidu City, Zhao Yang did not immediately make an order to attack the city. He looked at Chidu City and put on a firm attitude, smiling slyly, but his heart was a little bit darker. Since the garrison of Chidu wants to stick to it, he has reason to drag on for a while. The later he rushed to the back road of Beibei, the better he is, the first to let Zhao Qi take the Batuha’s fool. Hard fight with Yanbei.

Therefore, Zhao Yang immediately ordered the troops to start digging trenches, building fortifications, setting up Hummers, inserting the Spurs, and making a firm look.

On behalf of the three emperors Zhao Qi troops to urge the officers several times to Zhao Yang’s military account, urged him to immediately confront the enemy, including the North Road. However, Zhao Yang always looked at him with a strange expression, and asked strangely: “Don’t I attack now?”

“The subordinates said that they are a positive offensive method.” In the face of the rise of the fourteenth emperor of the great summer, the superintendent was flushed with his face, his forehead was cold and sweaty, and he said: “The army of the three halls He has already played against Yanbei Army. The sooner the fourteenth priests rushed to Beibei, the smaller the casualties of the Southwest Army.”

“How about the casualties of the Northwest Army?”

Zhao Yang looked cold and the sword eyebrows rose. Da Yi said sharply: “As the chief commander of a legion, my big responsibility is to exchange for a big victory at a small price. I need to cherish every one of my ministries. The soldier’s life, therefore, I feel that our military’s current strategic plan is very suitable for the current situation. If I rashly rushed into the enemy’s ambush, causing heavy casualties in the Northwest Army, and delaying the failure of the overall strategic goal, who can shoulder this responsibility, War Lord, is it you?”

The Warlord almost cried out. He climbed the horse with a snot and a tear, and ran away and ran back to report with Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang sneered, leaning on the back of the chair, and painted a few thin lines on the military strategy map. The young prince was slightly stunned, and his mouth slowly read: Beibei, Chidu, Lancheng (means three parallel rivers), bright and dazzling Yaoshui (near North Korea), Meilin Mountain…

I don’t know why Zhao Yang’s suspension of the attack, but it seems that every minute is a godsend gift for Chu Qiao. She actively rushed, busy reorganizing the tools and defense system of defending the city, arranging the retreat of civilians, enlisting soldiers, and coordinating the advancement and retreat between the various armies.

After the nightfall was completely over, the crying in the city had gradually become tiny. Chucho walked on the empty street, and the cold wind blew over. She suddenly felt a little cold. Ge Qi stepped forward and put on her big coat. The thick clothes covered the cold wind. Chu Qiao nodded and thanked him. Just listening to the slamming, the shops on both sides of the street were all open to the door, and a wooden tub in front of the door was blown up by the wind, and the ground was turned and the sound of the sound was heard.

A piece of sorrow, a piece of desolate, full of bleak and bleak taste.

“Adult, we won’t win, right?”

Chu Qiao looked back and saw Ge Qi’s young eyes on her. She smiled very politely: “If adults are really confident, they will not let all the civilians retreat.”

Chu Qiao didn’t speak. She just quietly turned her head. No one has such arrogant courage. She is a senior commander who has received a modern military education. Clearly knowing the true meaning of war is not a matter of turning into a miraculous thing. However, it also requires the minimum amount of capital. Even if it does not require a close match and even match, it should at least have the ability to have a war.

With less than 10,000 troops, guarding a small, tattered and small town against 200,000 empire elites, and the other party’s troops and horses will continue to come one after another. Such a war, no one will have the determination to win.

However, she cannot reveal these emotions. She is their leader. It is the hope of everyone here. If she does not even have confidence, how can other people persist? When they are despondent and despondent, they can still count on her. Who should she turn to?

Chu Qiao faintly sighed, suddenly a small shadow in front of the ring, Chu Qiao brow wrinkled, behind him Ge Qi has been carefully stepping forward in front of Chu Qiao, screaming shout: “What people? ”

The light flashed and the soldiers stepped forward. I saw the opposite. It was a 12-year-old child. Wearing a small folder and carrying a small bag, his face was red, his eyes were clear, his neck was tight, very stubborn look.

Chu Qiao frowned and said, “Who are you child? Why didn’t you leave with the team?”

The child does not speak, but just bow their heads. Chu Qiao looked at him. Eighty percent had just returned from Xicheng men. When you do not speak at the moment, even if you don’t care about him, you have to turn around.

“Hey! Don’t you care about me?”

The child saw Chu Qiao not pay attention to him, and sure enough to catch up with a few steps, asked doubtfully: “You do not drive me out of the city?

Chu Qiao said lightly: “If you want to die to live, what does it have to do with me? I have enough things and I have no time to manage you.”

The child suddenly appeared as if he had been insulted, and then said in a loud voice: “I am 15 years old this year! I can stay as a soldier!”

Chu Qiao glanced up and down at him with a faint expression. The child also knew that he had been utterly outrageous, but he insisted on saying, “You don’t look at the small size of my child, but I have great strength.”

Chu Qiao still ignored him. The child was eager to run over and was stopped by Ge Qi. The child had to jump up and down, and he also raised his sleeves to give Chu Qiao a look at his stout arm muscles.

“Why don’t you go?”

Chu Qiao suddenly asked in a deep voice. As soon as the child lingered, he stood still and stood for a moment. After a long thought, he murmured, “My sister is sick and I can’t walk.”

Chu Qiao’s heart suddenly became tight, these years, this way, she has seen too many such things. She thinks that even if it is to build more and more killings, it may be worth it. It is necessary to pay a price for a nation that wants to move toward independence. Maybe many years later, the world will change because of what she has done recently. At that time, the children may not have to be displaced as they are now. At that time, the people may not have to be as precarious as they are now. enough.

“What is your name?”

“My name is Douzi.”

Chu Qiao frowned, so delicate a child, how to play such a name?

“This name is not good, I will give you another one.”

The child thought for a moment and said: “That line, but you still have to surname Du.”

Chu Qiao stood up and looked into the distance: “Just call it safe.”

Du Pingan hope that the Yanbei Earth will have a peaceful day.

Half an hour later, on a small military square in the west of the city, all the officers and men from the southwestern town government gathered together. The bright torches shone in the night sky. Chu Qiao was in a military uniform and stood on a temporary wooden stand. She looked deep into the eyes. The group of soldiers who swear to follow him said in low tone: “You, thank you for your trust in me, in the ancient capital of the great summer dynasty, in the northwestern land of the Hongchuan Plain, at the gates of the west gate of Beibei. Outside, we fight side by side, both fortune, and fortune. Thank you for always trusting me, following me, and following me today into this desperation. I’m sorry about this.”

Chu Qiao slowly squatted, and then straightened up and continued: “I don’t want to deceive you, so before the decisive battle, I want to tell you that I lied before and we wouldn’t have any reinforcements. Chidu City wouldn’t have with any support, we are fighting alone. No one will give us any help.”

The team suddenly burst into a panic, but quickly gained control. They stared at Chu Qiao tightly and said nothing.

“The Great Xia soldiers divides two routes. The North Gate’s east gate has a frontal attack. Its main force is as many as 400,000. It is not yet a reserve army and a logistics man. In addition, it is the 200,000 elite soldiers under our city. They read the Helan Mountain. The surprise attack on the Chidu City was to break through the Chiyuan ferry and enter it into the inland hinterland of Yanbei, attacking Beibei Town from both sides of the east, west, and west, and creating chaos in front of the army in the rear. Millions of soldiers and civilians will have no way to escape. They will surely fall into the massacre of the Xia army. Yanbei’s elite strength will be damaged. Half of the eastern side will fall into the hands of the Big Summer and the blue city behind it will serve as Yanbei. The second inland line of defense is also impossible to send reinforcements to us, and they have less than 100,000 defenders, guarding the long hot wind line of the Sunset Mountains, and they are unable to go east. The second legion, led by His Highness, is still present. In the distant Meilin Pass, within five days, it is impossible to return to us.”

The fire light shines on the woman’s little face. She has a high back, a tall figure, and long legs. Her eyes are bright like a star. She said in a deep voice: “So, this is a difficult battle, you are going to face enemies, It is 20 times that of yours, and it will increase in the future.But, we cannot back down. Once we back down, the retreat of soldiers and civilians in Beibei will be sealed, and even if they escape, they will have no way to go. After the flight, we are behind the generation of people in the Sundown Mountain. Without us, the iron-hoofs of Daxia will trample on their heads mercilessly. Civilians, women, and children will all be faced with disasters, and no one can escape. Yanbei will face a life and death catastrophe!”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were red, and she looked a little excited and said in a heavy tone: “You are the soldiers of the southwestern town government! You have always been called a rebel army. Your parents have betrayed Yanbei and betrayed their own blood and In your hometown, in the past eight years, no one in the entire mainland has looked at you. You have suffered countless reprimands and blind eyes, even if you once helped Yan Xi to escape from the real world, even if you personally created a shocking change in the world, even if you The once tenacious repulsed dozens of times of the Northwest Corps! But the name of the traitor has always been on your head. No one believes you and nobody wants to accept you. But today, everything will be different. A chance will be placed in front of you. As long as you are in the past, you are the hero of Yanbei and the heroes that all people admire!”

The soldiers’ eyes began to heat up. The wind blew and the sky was snowing. Under the dark sky, the girl’s figure was like a hard war gun. Her voice was vehement: “The soldiers! Pick up you guys! The swords and guns, follow me, defend the Yanbei, defend the unarmed women and children of the elderly, use blood to wash away the shame, defend our military flags, and polish the name of the southwestern town government! Of course, someone will die, someone will. You will not see the snow of next year, but the people will be grateful to you. Yanbei will remember you. Your name will be engraved on the military ranks of Yanbei. It will be admired and worshipped by generations from generation to generation! Warriors, I Will be with you, life and death and common, we will never leave!”

“Life, death and commonness! Never stop!”

The soldiers suddenly issued a sensational roar. They held their hands high and their eyes were red. Some even shed their tears with excitement. Many years of shame came out like magma pouring out. They shouted: “Defend the Yanbei!” Long live the adults!”

The sound stirred up heaven and rolled up with the roaring wind!

The voice was so loud that even when it reached the snowfield outside the city, Zhao Yang was dressed in a white fox coat, slightly squinting and smirking with a disdain.

The time is almost the same, and then delays. Zhao Yang is afraid that he will turn his face.

His cold gaze projected onto the low walls of the city, and he bent his fingers to explore the snow on the big blind. In his eyes, it was not even a city. He just glanced at the darkness in the darkness. When crossing, he told the generals beside him freely: “Go and push me down the obnoxious wall.”


The generals responded in unison and turned to leave. The soldiers received instructions to fight and immediately swung their swords and guns into array.

boom! boom! boom!

The earth shook slowly under the feet and the soldiers shouted in a shouting voice: “Kill the enemy!”

The loud charge suddenly sounded, stunned the flying eagle above the sky, stricken the world, cut trees and trees, and a heavy snowfall, darkness, welcome!


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