Volume V, Yanbei War Songs, Chapter 137: Return of the King

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

“Listen to the wind assembled a thousand scouts and divided them into five teams to attack each other freely. They used their familiar terrain to launch guerrillas on follow-up units of the enemy. They tried their best to harass the advancing of the enemy’s food-grass team. They must block enemies on the Helan Mountainside, at least two. day.”

The young general who was dressed up nodded and said, “Yes!”

Mu Rong took the recruited militia two thousand, set up at the cliff, hoarding the meteorite and rolling wood, waiting for the grain grass army to break through the windy barrier after two days when the old wood will meet with you, instruct you to follow up.”

The two soldiers replied at the same time: “Follow!”

The map of “Yi” (as in th Book of Changes) splayed and the girl’s fingers were white and slender. She drew a line along the southeastern area and in a deep voice said: “Wu DanYu has an archer of five hundred and hides in the pine forest to guerilla the enemy’s flanks with bows and arrows. The enemy launched an offensive and immediately withdrew. He will not be able to drink the enemy’s positive opposition, you understand?”

The handsome young Wu DanYu is divine. He is not the original crew of the southwestern town government, but the soldiers recruited by He Xiao and others later, was once a famous thief of Helan Mountain.

“Adults, if you can, I can still find ways to lead the enemy to the thousand ice pools (other term glaciers). I am familiar with the terrain. Once they step in, they will have no return!”

Chu Qiao thought for a moment, looked up and said: “See the opportunity to act, if things are possible, I promise you full responsibility.”

Wu DanYu smiled: “Thank you!”

“Ge Qi with the third team sticking to the North Wall, the war team fully cooperate with the first team guarding the Chidu City, He Xiao will lead. I will hand over Chidu’s Red Knight to your brother, the entire Yan North will stand behind you.”

He Xiao eyes suddenly fell in line with a standard military ceremony and said with his younger brother, “I will not fail to live up to my expectations!”

“The focus of this war is not to destroy the enemy’s strength, but to continually attack small, to disrupt the enemy’s morale, to harass the rear grain, to fight the enemy’s fighting consciousness, so that the enemy has to be exhausted and suspend the attack. Time and You is important. Time and patience are our only weapons. As long as we have been dragged through seven days, our Royal Highness will come!”

Chu Qiao looked up, and the candlelight shone on her face. There was a kind of beauty that was not human but godly. The young soldiers looked tenacious and eagerly looked at the girl who was younger than them. The room was small and brightly lit. Chu Qiao slowly reached out and hung over her chest. Her voice was low and she said: “You, the war, you can’t allow me to wait and hesitate. When the country is in danger, people should be faithful, as soldiers. We must take the responsibility of defending the land and defending the people. Regardless of the victory and defeat, we are worthy of the world of Yanbei, worthy of our own conscience, and worthy of this flag on the top of the head! This is the life and death of the army. Each of you is very important!”

“Adults are precious!”

More than a dozen hands clasped together, the north wind whistled outside the room, the indoor fire and raging, not far from the city wall, the enemy has sharpened the knife. When Chu Qiao made an order, the soldiers turned to step out of the door and rushed to their respective battlefields. After this, they did not know who could turn and who could survive.

The delicate figure of Chu Qiao stood under the dim light. A huge map was placed in front of her. There were thousands of ditchings on the top, and the rivers and streams of the rivers and rivers were everywhere. It wasn’t the land of water and soil of Yanbei. Chu Qiao took a deep breath and then draped it. Daxia stepped out of the door. A short figure suddenly ran forward, and asked crisply: “Where are the adults going?”

Du Pingan carried a lantern and wore a military coat that was not well fitted. His face was frozen and red, and Chu Qiao silently glanced at him. He said, “Go to the military factory!”

Although Chidu City does not have much defensive, but because it occupies the geographical location of Chishui, the waterway traffic is convenient, the city is still prosperous, with a population of more than 100,000, and after the women and children were sent away, there are still more than 40,000 militias left in the city. Let these soldiers who have never seen blood go to the big summer confrontation is undoubtedly looking for death. Chu Qiao did not hope to rely on them to defend the Chidu City. Compared with the battlefield, she found some suitable places for them.

At this moment, the munitions factory was a hustle and bustle. Although it was late at night, countless torches were tied to the wall. The huge copper furnace was everywhere. The men were sweating and doing their jobs, pushing the cart back and forth. .

“Adult, what is this place?”

The child asked with wide eyes. Chu Qiao’s eyes were deep and his face was full of regret. He said slowly, “This is the hope of Yan Beixing. It’s a pity that our time is too hasty, or do we fear the Great Summer soldiers in the area?”

Someone saw Chu Qiao inside and quickly informed him. Soon after, a middle-aged man in his forties ran up and rushed forward. Two days earlier, this man was still an ordinary blacksmith in the city. Today, he has already become the chief commander of the Weaponry Forging Division of the Southwest Township Government.

“Adult, come over so late, are there any instructions?”

Chu Qiao shook his head: “I just came over and looked.”

“Is that adult going in?”

“No,” Chu Chiao shook her head and looked intently at the front. The blacksmith was sweating. His clothes were crumpled and he was burned. He looked at the young lady. Slightly worried.

The sergeant is different from what he has seen before. She is young, but looking at her eyes, he does not feel the impetuousness and shallowness of the young man. She seems to have seen too much and experienced too much, so it became calm and self-sufficient, and it was as deep as the sea. He thought that the sergeant must have suffered a lot, or how could he have such a pair of eyes.

The night’s wind blew on Chu Qiao’s face, cold and cold, she wore a navy blue coat, and the foxes on her collar wore bright white faces.

“You go, I’ll go first.”

“Ah? Oh, give it to an adult!”

The old blacksmith was still the one who had faced the officials at first. The lumbar curve was so low that he almost stuck his head to his knees. When he looked up, he discovered that people had gone far.

The war started on that night. The original garrison of Chiduo was frightened by two wars. However, the initial fighting was not as intense as they had imagined. The enemy’s reserve forces seemed to be contained, and they had to A large number of troops will be assisted in defense, and the rear ranks will be chaotic, and small-scale disturbances will appear from time to time.

Chu Qiao knows that it was the sniper near Feng Ting command post in Helan Mountain. The Xia Monarch was in an unfamiliar environment, and at this time, they did not get the news of Yan Xun and the Second Army. The cautiousness will certainly be taken care of, and the purpose of her dispatching the five-way guerrilla army is to give the other party false and practical scruples and containment.

However, Zhao Yang is indeed an excellent general. Although Feng Ting has already established a military order, Chu Qiao has also made careful plans and plans for the strategic offensive and defensive transfer, but the offensive of He Xiao will be shattered the next morning. The original two-day defense did not last for a day, but only one night, a thousand southwestern towns were completely annihilated, and even one did not come back alive.

Because of the defeat of Feng Ting, Murong and Amu suffered a full-scale attack in the early summer. The battle started from breakfast and gradually calmed down until noon. The brother of Amu escaped from the path and declared the end of the war. And failure, two thousand militiamen were killed and injured, and the rest were broken up and disappeared.

In the summer of the mighty summer, he swept away at the gates of the Red Cross. However, he encountered a sudden block near the pine leaf forest. A team of squatting troops was like knives inserted into the flank of the Xia Monarch, but the team of 500 people actually through the forest’s geography, he entered the no-man’s land and flew three rounds of back and forth in the flank of the Xia army. He also burned the central banner and ignited the Xia Monarchs large Chinese army account. The young generals led by him shot through. The military commander of the deputy commander’s temple, with a rope on the arrow, took back the summer army commander half of the head.

Xia Monarch brother-in-law, the commander-in-chief’s pro-military guards first chased out, and it was too late for Zhao Yang to stop. As a result, 8,000 elite guards were lost during the summer and all were drowned and frozen in the ice lake of Qianlantan (means blue indigo deep pool)

With 200,000 troops attacking, this defeat was defeated. Xia Monarch was furious. Even Zhao Yang could not control the voice of revenge of the army. He had to wait for the next step. He had to suspend the pace and first pointed the spear to the outside of the city. The guerrilla squadron, Naiwu Wudan Yu, the number of people, flexible mobility, deep understanding of the nearby terrain and environment, even with the five-person Xia Monarch carpet-style sweeping battle downstream for two days, still no loss of combat effectiveness, for the Chidu, the city defense won a rare time.

However, two days later, Zhao Yang suddenly converged all the offensive, and when the Yanbei Army was puzzled, Xia Monarch suddenly ordered the whole army to cut wood, and 200,000 troops marched in unison. All were cleared and Wu Danyu’s 500 guerrillas were thoroughly exposed under the enemy’s eyelids.

Chu Qiao stood on the high tower and watched Wu Danyu with five hundred figures like stones. He was swallowed by Xia Monarch’s ash, and the horseshoes rolled. It was just a shock, it will be a little splash but have calmed down.

“Fight for freedom!”

The sporadic impact of the sound came from far away. The whole city of Chidu was dead and quiet. The soldiers took off their helmets and looked at the comrades who fought outside the city. Many veterans quietly shed tears.

The sunset was like a fire, and it took three full days. Xia Jun finally completed the first round of the meeting in Chidu City. Situ Jing stood next to Zhao Yang and respectfully said: “The Highness of the Fourteen Commandments has been investigated from the captured people.” It is clear that the defenders of the city are the ruling empire of the southwestern towns of the empire. The generals who command them is a woman and a traitor of the empire, named Chu Qiao.”

These two words spit out from his mouth very calmly. Zhao Yang slowly narrowed his eyes. He suddenly remembered a long time ago, the rainy dusk, the bluestone red tile, the curved corridor, the unintentional collision, the scrolls scattered, The brothers ridiculed the insulting reluctant emperor straight down the porch, the distant book ink and fragrance, drifting away, the girl in Tsing Yi (bluish greenish in color) dress climbed the top of the gallery, made up the leaking tiles, the calm wind blew her thin back, skirt Flying, Wu (martial) Ru (means chemistry) mo (means model) -Wu Rumo, snow white embroidered shoes with shallow moss…

Obviously for a year, but Zhao Yang felt that it seemed that he had been gone for so long. He still remembered the words that Yan Xun, Zhao Che escaped from Zhen Huang that night, pointing at the figure. His seven brothers are full of splendid talents, but they do not understand the path of change and are not good at the technique of conspiracy. Such a person can create an indestructible foundation in troubled times. However, in the asylum, he never has a foothold, but he had to admit that Zhao Che’s eyesight was excellent. On that day, he became a proverb and he became the present situation.

“His Royal Highness? Highness?”

Situ Jing whispered: “Please send a military order.”

Difficult roads, many years of court career, no one is willing to give him a helping hand, even if it is only a brief moment, the world is cold and warm, inconstancy of human relationships, he has already seen too much, but also experienced too much.

The picture in memory faded away. Zhao Yan, with deep eyes, slowly said: “After the attack is over, the massacre will be sacrificed after the break.”

With a loud cry, the wind blew up the flag and fluttered in the cold.

Zhao Yang leaned against the camp of the Chinese Army, which was burnt in the corner, and remembered an oath before his departure:

“I swear, I don’t want to follow other people’s horses again in this life.”

All the things that stand in front of you all roll away! City, army, enemy, affection, weakness, hesitation, and… conscience!

Under the setting sun, Xia Monarch finally launched its first full-scale onslaught against Chidu City. The thousands of troops spread out across the plains. The heads are densely packed and the numbers are all countless. The horseshoe is like a thunderstorm, whistling, and cavalry. The uniforms were dressed in neatly, the spurs were shining, the knives were awe-inspiring, the armor was flashing with red blood in the setting sun, the eagles in the Yanbei shouted in the sky, the cold wind was like a cold knife, and the heavy snow was rolled up. Between the heavens and the earth, there is a diffuse, a strange white fog, a huge army hidden in the white mist, even more impressive!

“Kill the enemy!!!”

Suddenly, the raging sound of ranging through the heavens and earth blew up. The shoal of the Great Summer blew the horn of battle. The soldiers of the First Cavalry Regiment took out their swords and waved their heads above their heads. They rushed toward the low like a tiger. The walls of the city. After the heavy armored cavalry regiment followed, the infantry distributed on both sides, and the archers rushed under the guards of the shields and were able to attack under the trenches. All over the place, everywhere are the horseshoe and armor of the enemy, everywhere are engraved with the blade of the Great Summer Military Ministry forging the name. The soldiers roared and the earth could not stop shaking. The ground shakes and the shouts sound into a sea.

Compared to the roar of Xia Soldier, at the head of Chidu City, it was a grave-like death. The soldiers of the southwestern town government guarded the city, carrying their own weapons, quietly waiting for the command of the attack.

He Xiao, who was commanding an arrow, slowly opened his fists, staring at one eye, bowing like a full moon, and suddenly left his hand to shoot!

After listening to the sound of “squeaking,” the person in front of the Daxia Cavalry was suddenly turned by the person who shot the horse. The bow and arrow were very strong. The man immediately fell from the ground and pulled out four or five heads to stop.

When Xia Monarch saw them all at once, they were all shocked by the frightening force of He Xiao. However, they reacted instantaneously. None of this people had the courage to assault immediately.

“Prepare!” He Xiao coldly heard, raised his hand: “shot!”

The setting sun seemed to be suddenly covered, and the world was dark. The cavalrymen of the Great Summer suddenly seemed to be dreaming. In the air, the dense arrowheads and locusts swept over and overwhelmed the heavens. The speed was astonishing. The invincible Imperial Cavalry broke into a boundless nightmare. The soldiers in front were penetrated by random arrows. They also flew from the ground, flew all the way and crashed into the back of the three or four cavalrymen. Crashing and screaming, the cavalry became a veritable target and hedgehog. The blood was red on the ground and there was a dazzling bright red.

Zhao Yang frowned, an emergency commander, heavy armored cavalry and shield soldiers rushed forward to guard, however, before they had approached, another round of arrows rained. The soldiers of Daxia laughed loudly. Heavy armormen waved their heavy armor and arrogantly ridiculed the Yanbei army’s overconfidence. However, before the end of their laughter, the bow and arrow penetrated their armor with terrible intensity. In the fierce metal frenzy, they did not even shout a life-saving time. The flustered people trampled on each other. Death, screaming, blood, and dead bodies, no one dared to advance before such a terrible offensive, and the front ranks of the team suddenly rout. The officers of Daxia cut more than a dozen people by wielding a knife. They barely restrained the soldiers from retreating.

“Come on! Follow me!”

One of the generals rode on the horse and slammed his armor on the armor of his chest. However, he did not wait for the excitement of the slogan. A sharp arrow hit his head. The blood rushed down and flowed down like a stream creek on the shovel.

“The person who withdraws is dead! The person who withdraws is dead! There are only less than 10,000 people on the other side. Pass through the front of this post. You are all fighting heroes!”

The officers shouted and the soldiers were inspired by the blood. After all, they were regular empire forces. Under such a strong offensive, they continued to keep their frontiers. They continued to make a horse and they came in huge numbers and came out like a flash flood. Block.

He Xiao waved again and again, Governor of the battle: “Shoot! Shoot! Kill the gang of bastards!”

“General! General!”

The commander rushed forward and shouted: “The adults have orders! The stone machine is ready!”

A row of three-meter-high stone throwers was pushed onto the city. However, this was not an ordinary battlefield trebuchet. They were bigger, thicker, and more powerful. They added support for three more axles and were driven by mechanical springs. Rotation for up to 20 weeks, once launched, can be more than 400 steps, more than double the normal trebuchet.

The blacksmith stood on the head of the city. His forehead was full of sweat. His eyes were a little more fanatical. He took a short knife, and suddenly he shouted high and cut a knife on the rope.

The movement of the spring suddenly sounded, and the rock machine suddenly turned, and the sound of the cymbal slammed behind it. As soon as everyone was stunned, I saw a huge stone with a grinding disc size flying from the city, banging, Oh! The screams of the two cavalrymen rushed to the sky. Everyone panicked back and saw that not only the cavalry, but also the horses under them were also smashed and smashed into the blood.

“Hey! Long live Adults!

At the head of Chidu City, the crowd burst out with terrible cheers. Since they were under siege by the Xia Monarch, they still came up with the idea that we might win. Under such a terrible weapon, no one is not shy. Xia Monarch looked around and even forgot about the charge. However, at this moment, the real nightmare finally began. A large number of stone breakers were launched at the same time. Thousands of huge rocks fell from the sky.

The scene is terrible. The meteorites are not ordinary stones. They are the grinding discs at home, some are the beams on the roof, and some are thousands of broken tiles. Just now, more than ten The soldiers were defeated by a heavy object at the same time. The survivors on both sides looked carefully. It was a mighty stone lion in front of the big house!

No armor and shield can withstand such weapons, the sword is turned into an abandoned piece of iron, the spear becomes a firewood burning fire, flesh, and blood, brains splashing, Xia Monarch such as the autumn harvest of wheat, pieces of blood poured!

Zhao Yang’s eyes were red, and he grabbed the neck of the weapon supervisor and shouted: “What kind of weapon is that? What are the bow and arrow? Why can it shoot so far? Why is it so fast? Say!”

The director’s whitish-faced, pale skin, breathlessly cried: “His Highness forgives sin, His Highness forgives sin, and it is under the ignorance!”

“A group of waste!”

“His Royal Highness! Let the soldiers withdraw it so that they can’t just rely on it!” Situ Jing said, crying in front of his face.

“No retreat!” Zhao Yang’s eyes tough, coldly said: “Who dares to step back, I will kill!”

“Kill the enemy!!!”

Xia Monarch sent death-like crazy despair, near bow sharp, the distant sound of rolling stones, heaven and earth are full of death cruel, everywhere rolling stone and arrows, squally shower filled the entire battlefield!

Chu Qiao took the military headquarters, and the snowflake general report continued to come.

“The enemy has suffered heavy casualties, but the offensive is still non-stop. It is close to the city defense.”

“The first brigade has nearly 10,000 enemies, and the arrow is heavily consumed. There are less than three thousand bundles.”

“The stone has been sharply reduced, and the three-wheeled stone machine has been damaged. It has been broken.”

“The enemy also sent 40,000 cavalries, three reserve corps, and the left city defense will not be able to stand up.”

“The third team began to have casualties, and the West City defense enemy arrows were fierce.”


Chu Qiao looked calm, quietly flipped through all the battle reports and made a batch of complex.

“The Weapons Forging Division immediately sent all the stock arrows to support the first team.”

“The damaged stone breaker was quickly dismantled and refurbished and the second batch of stone breakers was shipped to the front.”

“The second team quickly supported Zuo Zhuo City, led by Xiao Ling, and commanded 3,000 troops.”

“The City Guards handed over to the third team, be sure to keep the West City defense, rather than die.”

“Family!” A sudden footfall of footsteps began. The blacksmith who had just been promoted to be Director Wang Dezi rushed in and asked, “Did you call me?”

Chu Qiao was slightly silent for a long while and finally looked up slowly. His eyes were calm and his countenance was solemn and solemn. He said slowly, “Use the zombies.”

(What she meant here was Use a stream of fire)

When the blacksmith at once looked up, he ran out and Chu Qiao slowly stood up and looked out, her eyes were dark and difficult to distinguish.

The people of later generations are always wondering why the beauty king of the year can fight against the Xia Monarch 200,000 elite army, and can still have an absolute superiority at the beginning, but only the senior military commanders inside the empire know the reason. Although the beauty of the king was young, the weapons used by the southwestern town government in that era were all epoch-making and powerful products, such as the Scorpio, the smashing machine, the rolling wolf gate, the thunderbolt, the firebomb and so on. These things were not cracked into the internal structure until many years later, and the firebombs were unveiled after the second technological revolution of more than 1300 years.

These mysterious weapons, the Red Cross Defence War, were born, and the Yanbei Army quickly spread, and several Northern Expeditions and later Ximeng Defence battles played an incalculable role. The southwestern town government, the name of Wang Dezi, was the director of the forging of the weapon. He won the reputation of the father of the gods, but it was this person. His life once said, “My wisdom is not as good as my highness.” The remarks and he was called “Long live the Highness!” before he died at the age of 107, and then he died.

The history of the future is still not coming, and the great people in the history of the future are still wading in the mud at this moment.

After paying more than 30,000 casualties, Xia Monarch finally managed to get under the city. However, at this moment, the arrowheads and huge stones in the city suddenly became stagnant. After a brief silence, they couldn’t count the whole body. The object crashed.

Xia Monarch looked closely and turned out to be a pile of ice cubes. The team immediately uttered a mockery.

The southwestern town government made a madness. Without arrows and stones, would you like to use a hailstone to kill people?

However, at this moment, only the sound of “Boom” suddenly sounded, and a piece of broken ice suddenly exploded. The strength of the explosion was not very big, but the ice was flying around, like a knife, inserted into the body of the soldiers. The soldiers who were stabbed into the vital spot died on the spot, and the injured people in other places suddenly lost their fighting power. Under the city of Chidu, a person turned upside down. The soldiers from the southwestern township of the city headed together and laughed. The structure of the firebomb was simple and numerous, but it was a terrible weapon for close-range attack. When the time was right, only the screams sounded loud and white. Smoke filled the fog, summer soldiers mourn everywhere, horses squeak, scarlet liquid rushed out, whether infantry or cavalry, they gathered in one place, like a pot of boiling water.

The sound of “哗”, (Hua, means crashing sound) the large bowl of boiling oil was poured down, just after the touch of the ground, it was ignited by the sparks of Mars, and immediately a fire broke down the city.

The snow melted. Above the fierce flames, the cold snow below, the soldiers of the Great Summer finally defeated, whistled and ran back!

The soldiers and civilians in the city of Chidu almost couldn’t believe their eyes. They watched the Xia Jun’s overwhelming rush, and the officers and men of the Chidu family and the southwestern town government were sobbing and cheering.

“Xia Soldiers retired! Xia Soldiers retired!”

A huge wave swept from the head of the city. Chu Qiao was sitting at the headquarters of the Chinese Army and was drafting an offensive order. Suddenly he heard the news from the front. The three-day-night unattractive girl suddenly stunned, and her back was sitting upright. There, the setting sun shone on the earth like a fire, and the red light shone on her face, making her look unreal.

“Adult! Adult! Xia Soldiers retreats! We have won!”

Ping An wearing the military uniform of the commander, waving his half-high sword and rushing in, but stunned when he entered the door, only to see the girl quietly sitting in front of the book, calm, a crystal tear, rolled down from her cheeks.

“Adult! Adult!”

After the officers and soldiers of the southwestern town government rushed to the station, Chu Qiao wiped away tears, stood up, and returned to the strong commanding military commander. She strode out of the door, and a burst of shouting cheers followed. Whether civilians or soldiers, all gathered around her, happy to report the situation.

She does not blame them for being so excited because such a record is indeed enough to make anyone proud. She has attacked 200,000 elite troops with tens of thousands of militias. In addition to the 3,500 previously sent, the army has fewer than 200 casualties. More than 50,000 enemies, defeated each other seventeen times.

In this regard, the southwestern town government will be listed as the mainland’s elite military trip, a red war, will go down in history, becoming the first great expedition in the Northern Expedition!

On the same night, the two armies temporarily suspended their truce. Chu Qiao was not as excited as middle-level officers. She knew that Zhao Yang was losing himself to her today because he was not familiar with her own combat methods and advanced attack techniques. Unprepared. Tomorrow’s battle, she will certainly adjust the strategy and then think so easy to win, it is impossible.

Moreover, Director Wang reported to her that in today’s World War I, the sky was damaged by three hundred aircraft, full three-quarters, and the arrow was also used for the most part. Although the rock breaker can be repaired, it is now a rubble in the city. Scorched earth, the boulder rolled wood are all warned, in addition to the flow of firebombs, attacking supplies have not left much.

Chu Qiao rubbed her temples, looked at the marching map with frowns, and repeated several defensive plans. She walked in quietly, changed pots and tea, and saw that the charcoal fire in the room had been extinguished, and she was busy trying to change a pot.

“Ping’an, what time is it now?”

The child looked up and replied: “It’s already two, adults, you should take a break. You haven’t slept for days.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes were red, and she felt that her eyes could not be opened. She said in the case of the book, “When it is three, wake me up.”

“Got it.”

It seemed as though I had just slept, and there was a password for the soldiers to have an urgent request to see the outside. Pingan impatiently whispered: “What did you guys do when you just slept? Can’t wait until dawn?”

“Ping’an, let them in.”

“The Adults of Chu!” The four young soldiers walked into the room under Ping’Ans guidance. The leading one said, “We are the subordinates of Feather Girl. The Feather Girl received an adult letter and we have a message to bring us.”

“Huan’er girl received my letter?” Chu Qiao was overjoyed. She stood up and said with a surprise: “What does the girl say? When can we meet us? Can there be detailed strategic deployment?”

“Adults, the girl did not give an account. She only said that adults should go to Blue City immediately and have something to discuss with the adults.”

Chu Qiao frowned and slowly said: “What did you say?”

“Adults, the girl said that adults should immediately go to Blue City and have important things to discuss with the adults.” The soldiers repeated it carefully.

Chu Qiao nodded and said: “Did the girl say nothing else?”

The soldier replied: “No, adults.”

“Oh, well, you wait a minute, I’ll pick up a bit of outfit.” Chu Qiao nodded and said to Ping: “Ping’An, you come over, take the big cockroach in the house and give it to me.”

Ping’An frowning slightly, the child was very clever, and did not say anything and turned to go inside.

At this moment, a soldier who had been squatting on the ground grabbed the child’s hand and looked up and said: “Adult, don’t bother, we are all ready, let’s go.”

The chilly wilderness said that when the time was fast, Chu Qiao’s hand swelled, and a piece of smashing suddenly flew away, and the slamming of the soldier’s wrist. A slamming sound, the soldier’s hand bone suddenly broke, it was difficult for the soldier to be a tough guy, and he was shocked by this. Peaceful and clever, when you roll on the spot, you can avoid the attacks of those people and jump out along the window!

“Catch her!”

The person who has been exposed has been exposed, her identity is no longer hidden, and several people are coming to Chu Qiao, all of whom are skilled combat masters.

Chu Qiao is not slow, her hands flashing in the cold, her arms startled, the dagger tied on her forearm slides down at once, a flash of cold flashes in the lights, a man stunned, but fortunately his skill, actually it was just Knife in the shoulder. Chu Qiao put his hands on the bookcase, thighs swept and kicked the belly of an assassin. The man ran backward and crashed into the bookshelf. The two vases were smashed to the ground and made a buzzing noise.

These people were all personal guards left by Chu Qiao while Yan Xun was away. They always served as close protection for Chu Qiao. The captain Song Xiaofeng’s bodyguards came forward and asked in a nervous voice: “Adult, how are you? Are there any? Injured?”

“I’m fine,” Chu Qiao shook her head and said quietly, “They didn’t kill.”

Chu Qiao stepped forward and looked at the assassin leader and asked, “Who sent you?”

The man bitterly smiled: “If we knew that adults were very good at it, today we saw it, and it really was extraordinary.”

“Frankly tell me that I will spare you.”

“Adults, what I say is true. If you don’t believe me. I have no way.”

Chu Qiao frowned slightly, some thoughts of confusion flashed in her mind, quickly letting her hold on, she went back and said to Song Xiaofeng: “Who put them into the city?”

Song Xiaofeng looked weird and whispered: “I don’t know.”

Chu Qiao took a look and then suddenly asked: “Ping’An?”

“Ping’An,” replied Song Xiaofeng: “I didn’t see it.”

“You didn’t see it?” Chu Qiao looked like a torch and fixedly looked at Song Xiaofeng. Suddenly she smiled softly and said, “Oh, he may be calling someone, it should be to the southwestern town government, and you missed, let’s go out and see.”

“唰” (Shua) bang, more than a dozen blazing blade suddenly stood in the neck of Chu Qiao, Song Yufeng said with a wry smile: “As adults have already guessed, I do not have to act.”

If Chu Qiao is chilly, see Song Xiaofeng loosen the ropes on the four people. His eyes look like cold arrows.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, the Sing Xiaofeng is obedient, and there are offensive places where adults are forgiven.”

Chu Qiao looked calm and cold and said: “Who are you working for? Great colleagues? Or Great Summer?”

Song Xiaofeng respectfully shouted: “When you get to the place, adults naturally know.”

The man stepped forward: “Understanding that adults are skilled, they have to resort to them, but also ask adults to cooperate.”

After all, Chu Qiao was tied up with strict, blindfolded eyes and mouth.


When Song Xiaofeng commanded, the crowd suddenly walked out of the room door and drove on a carriage for a while. Chu Qiao was moved onto the carriage and the carriage quickly sailed northwards.

“Stop! What people?”

Song Xiaofeng sat on the horse and said, “I’m the close guard of an adult. This is the messenger of the Blue City Lady. We must hurry to Blue City right now. This is an arrow for adults.”

When the soldier saw Song Xiaofeng, he said politely: “It was originally an old man of the Song Dynasty. You wait. The little one immediately opened the gate.”

The North Gate is not a battlefield. The gatekeeper is also the garrison of the original Chidu City. Song Xiaofeng asked: “Don’t you look at the arrow?”

“Song adults are the ones who come to you personally, but also check what the thing is.”

“Haha, thank you, brother.”

After Chu’s heart, a glimmer of hope was also shattered. The horses rushed and the wind outside the city was cold. Chu Qiao only felt that the bottom of his heart was desolate. It was like a knife that was inserted into the general pain. Without himself, what would happen to Chidu City? Will the officers and men of the southwestern town government think that they have been abandoned again? Where does the city trust its own surname, and where should we go?

The sky was gradually whitish, and the long night was about to pass. At dawn, Chu Qiao was taken off the carriage and brought into a tent sheltered from the wind. After unraveling the ropes, she pulled away from the black cloth in front of her eyes and suddenly she was shocked. The maiden girl stood before her gently and handed over one of the warm towels. She said lightly, “Wipe your face and hurry on the road overnight. Hard work.”

“Feather girl?” (Feather girl is the codename of Zhong Yu or Ms.Yu in the Tv series)

Feather girl dressed in a white cotton gown, thin face, deep eyes, eyes with a hint of a touch of crow’s feet: “It’s me.”

Chu Qiao’s eyes from shocked to unbelievable, she frowned and asked, “Why?”

“It is not a safe place here. Beibei has not had much time. Without you, it can be said that the Chidu City can hold up today. Let me go with you. I will explain it to you on the way.”

“You tell me first why?”

Chu Qiao eyes cold, she looked coldly at the Yanbei Armed Forces ace people, said with a word: “You already knew Beibei’s battle situation? Know how the people in there are nonsense?”

The Feather girl nodded and said quietly: “Yes, I know.”

“That’s the big summer splitting two ways, the strength of Helan Mountain, attacking Chidu City, you knowall of this?”

“I know.” The feather girl said calmly.

“In the city of Beibei, Cao Mengtong recruited soldiers from Daxia and used the militias as human shields to destroy Yanbei people.”

“I know.”

“The people of Chidu left their homes and headed to Castle Blue City, where they died of starvation.”

“I know.”

“Once the Grand Summer breaks through Chidu, it will be able to attack the northern foothills in two ways. The millions of soldiers and civilians in the north will die without burial ground! The entire eastern land of Yanbei will be in the control of the Great Summer, and the Great Summer Brigade will be directly in Yanbei. All civilians east of the Sundown Hill will be slaughtered by the Xia Monarch!”

“I know.”

From the beginning to the end, Yu girl’s face was so calm, she listened quietly as if they were talking about some small things in the daily weather, the expression was waveless, no horror and fluctuations.

Chu Qiao chest fluctuating, holding fists, frowning and asked: “Why? Since you all know why not stop? Why do you want to watch the good situation into a weak situation into the flames?”

Feather girl looked at Chu Qiao quietly, her eyes were gentle and wise, her tone was calm like a stream, and she said slowly: “A’Chu, do you still not understand?”

When Chu Qiao was in a hurry, a terrible thought rose slowly from the bottom of his heart, like a butcher knife slashing her fragile nerves.

Feather girl faint smile: “Blue City is currently not a pawn. The strength of the mountains in the sunset is shrinking and diverting. It is not only the blue city. At present, there is no military in the entire Yanbei inland. The inland is now a racetrack, just a summer. When the army attacked, they would win. I could not stop General Cao, and no one authorized me to do so. The task I left here was just to take you away. Besides, I did not receive any instructions for action.”

As if the whole person was suddenly thrown into the ice and snow, Chu Qiao at the foot of a quail, almost fell to the ground, her heart is tightly drawn as if surrounded by ice, each beat is a bloody pain. She breathes deeply, but she feels her chest is blocked. She opens her mouth, frowns her eyebrows, and all the clues are gradually joined together to form a terrible line.

“Yan Xun…”

“His Royal Highness is not in the Meilen Border Pass.”

In a short sentence, but on time, Chu Qiao’s entire beliefs were defeated. All the thoughts were turned into sharp arrows with barbed thorns, and the raw thorns into the flesh and blood, so that people could not open their mouths and did not speak. She shook her body and held the pillar of the tent. Her chest was fiercely bullied, and she gasped with a big mouth. She wanted to say something, but she couldn’t say a word.

Yu girl quietly said: “Your predecessor gave me a pass before leaving, I must take you away, I have waited for a long time to see you in the blue city, and later I learned that something happened on the road, and there is a Beibei army, I have to I have to ask you in this way, please don’t forgive me.”

“You are crazy!” The low voice slowly came, and there was a heavy beast like a beast. Chujo bent her waist and looked up. Her eyes were red and cold, watching the girl coldly, shaking his head and saying. : “This is crazy!”

“Although crazy, it is very effective. Your army has now broken through the Changting Province, and over 30 provinces and counties in the northwest have all bowed. The old Batu family has become history. Nowadays, the major forces in Daxia are all assembled in Yanbei. In the territory, several roadside defense forces gathered at the border of the Sui and Tang Dynasties and Huai-Song. The internal forces were astounding. Huai-Song was already working with us to carry out several large-scale military exercises on the Daxia border to attract Xia Bing’s attention and eyeballs. At this time, as long as the forces of Daxia are drawn into the territory of Yanbei, and with the aid of heavy snow and scouts to cut off their message channels, the soldiers will be able to enter the Zhenhuang city in less than half a month! Even afterward, etc. The Northern Expeditionary Army reacted and most of the summer has fallen into the hands of our army. At that time, if they wanted to fight back, they would also be blocked outside the Yanbei Pass!”

The girl came forward and gently smashed Chu Qiao to the forehead. He said quietly: “Achu, Your Highness knows that you will not agree with this proposal, so it will not look at you, but it does not mean that he does not trust you. The power of the great summer is coming, we can resist once, but we can’t resist it for the second time. The Yanbei area is bitterly cold, which greatly limits our exhibition. No matter how hard we try, we can’t compete with the great summer inland. Moreover, we still have a natural weakness, that is, the dog-stricken people who are constantly harassing the side. Therefore, only the unexpected counter-attack, the position will be exchanged, so that it can be invincible and completely reverse the situation! You are him. Intimate people should understand him.”

“Only for this thorough strategic shift, so we must let millions of Yanbei military and civilians do your bait and cannon fodder?”

Chu Qiao’s voice was cold and exhausted. She slowly lifted her head and her eyes were red, and the hardships and expectations of many days turned into rubble.

She once suspected that it was suspected that Yan Xun’s attack on the Meilin Border Pass was to kill the main force of the Second Army and stabilize its position in Yanbei. However, she did not think that Yan Zhi’s ambition was not Yanbei at all. He used the Yanbei North Army and the people as a bait. Beibei City laid a huge pie and attracted all the strength of Daxia. Then take the world’s big and the unconstrained with the first army and the blue city of the Japanese mountain generation of soldiers, with lightning speed and thunderously rolled into the summer of the hinterland, through the rapid force and wind and snow to block communication, strong attack inland in the summer, occupying the land of the Great Summer.

Hey, what a vain and crazy plan is equal to when the United States attacked Iraq, Iraq gave up the local army to occupy the United States. After the US Expeditionary Force announced its victory, it turned back, but the local land has completely fallen. Such a big bargain is really a rare disaster. (Chu Qiao looked back on the future where she came from past time travel and compared Yan Xun’s act through her future experience when she was still the modern military agent)

No wonder, he wants to force the division to attack the Meilen Border pass before the war. No wonder, he doesn’t take himself around. It is no wonder that he will arrange an idiot like Cao Mengtong to stay in Beibei, and support Cao Mengtong’s suicide-like squadron conscription, just because he wants to create a Yanbei full counterattack to attract the eyes of Daxia. It is no wonder that it is no wonder that the help-seeking stone that he sent out is sinking into the sea. His own guards are all the relatives of Yan Yan. The blue city has no objection to the noise of Beibei fools!

Such a deep mind, such a deep city, such a terrible and rigorous plan, he has arranged everything, no one omission, such a detailed and detailed operational plan, such an imaginative mind, layout is tight, interlocking step by step, the shot is hot, even her senior commander who has been educated by modern militarization can’t imagine it. Yan Xun is really amazing.

“Yu girl, do you remember what you said to me when we first met?”

The feathered girl looked languid, and her face was pale, but she slowly said, “I hope that one day, there will be no orphans like you.”

“Yes,” Chu Qiao grinned. “You do a good job. Once you win this battle, Yanbei will no longer be an orphan like me because people in Yanbei have all died.”

When the white woman’s eyes blinked, she meditated for a long time and finally whispered: “A nation wants to go to freedom and always pays a price.”

Chujo looked at her with disgust and said coldly: “Very good, this nation of Yanbei all died, and then you got rich and noble and went to the Supreme. This is the price that people in Yanbei want for freedom. !”

“A’Chu!” The feather girl grabbed Chu Qiao and said eagerly: “You don’t want to be so extreme. There is absolutely no problem with this strategy. This is a feat. Can’t you see it? The country gate will be opened, and the Golden Temple will tremble in front of the Yanbei iron ride!”

“Don’t touch me!” Chu Qiao slammed and looked sharp as a cold knife: “There is no problem in strategy, but you have abandoned the people who have championed you! Abandoned your unwavering determination in your most difficult circumstances.” Protect and support your people! You have failed people’s expectations, deceived the trust of thousands of people, and pushed them to the fire pit! For your own prosperity and selfishness, you must let tens of millions die. !”

Feather girl!” Chu Qiao’s eyes were red, and the two lines of tears ran down slowly. She clenched her lower lip and said slowly: “Why? What’s wrong with you? Have you forgotten everything you said before? These days, whether it is In any difficult environment, no matter what kind of difficult situation, I firmly believe that you will come to save me. The southwestern town government has made such rebel forces know that when they come back to protect the people, why do you want to abandon them? You know Everyone in Chidu City is enshrined in the longevity card of you and Mr. Wu. They are going to worship the three musks in the morning and evening. I hope that you will live long lives. They say that you are the protector of Yanbei. As long as you have them, Yanbei will still have Hope. They have left the homeland and fled to the Blue City. They can’t even bring food, but still remember to take your ranks. You can see how many incense candles are burning for you on this road. Can you afford them?”

Feather girl took a deep breath, and her delicate brows were tightly locked together. It was difficult to say: “I am for the greatness of the world.”

“Hey,” Chu Qiao sneered, turned away, her back tired and thin: “Even one can’t help, and said that for the sake of the world’s people? It’s so funny.”

Chu Qiao opened the curtain of the tent and turned and walked outwards. The feather girl frowned and quickly rushed out divinely said, “A’Chu, are you leaving?”

“Yanbei is not my hometown, but it has always been a belief in my life. You don’t want it. I want it. You abandon it. I will guard it and tell Yan Xun that if Chu Qiao is dead, don’t take revenge for her. She is not in the hands of others. She is dead in His (Yan Xun) hands.”

“Stop!” Feather girl said, “I won’t let you go!”

Chu Qiao looked back and smiled coldly: “You can kill me. In addition to the body, Chu Qiao will not step out of Yanbei.”

Pulling out the dagger in his boots and crossing his neck, A’Chu smiled, slowly heading towards the horses, then rolled over.

“The big mistake has not yet been cast. At this time, it is still too late to come back. It is still too late for the cliff to be drawn. Tell him that I am waiting for him at the head of Beibei! Driving!”

The girl’s big screaming and whistling, the horseshoes slammed into the snow, and it turned away.

Song Xiaofeng came forward and said anxiously: “How can Yu girl( Zhong Yu or feather girl) go to A’Chu?” His Royal Highness, don’t tell this adult…”

Feather girl smiled quietly and smiled indifferently. She slowly raised her head and the morning sun shined on her face. Her pale face was like a piece of paper.

I am deeply in love with Yanbei, and Zhong Yu is incompetent. The only thing I can do is to do it.

“The letter was sent to His Highness, and the North was in critical condition. The Chu people adhered to Chidu and assisted Beibei. If the five days are not met, Yanbei will die, no one will be spared.”


t this moment, Chidu City was dead, people rummaged through the city, still did not find the shadow of Chu Daren. Finally, the mouth of the North City Gate guards learned that the guards of the adults last night guarded a carriage leaving the city.

A desperate thought suddenly flashed through everyone’s minds. The ragged soldiers stood in the snow and said: “Is it an adult who abandoned us?”

When his words were not finished, they were stumbled by the officers and men of the southwestern town government! He Xiao’s younger brother, Ge Qi, said coldly: “The adults will not abandon us! In the Zhenhuang city, the adults did not give up on us. Now it will not!”

“Where did she go?” A red-armed city garrison shouted with a crying cry: “The officials are all the same!”

The militiamen in Chidu were also in a messy situation. Someone echoed with the voice: “It must be like this! She looked at us to lose, and sneaked away!”

“I have said that the official can’t believe, especially a woman!”

“God! Adults really abandoned us? What should we do?”

The crowd’s momentum became even greater. Someone began to cry desperately. Clouds curled up over the horizon. Strong winds lifted snow from the ground, like paper money from the grave of the dead.

“What are you doing here? The enemy is about to score in!”

He Xiao suddenly strode forward, sullenly shouted.

“He guides!” Someone ran up and said: “The adults left us to run!”

“Impossible!” He Xiao interrupted him coldly and divinely said: “I don’t believe that all soldiers in the southwest township will not believe that adults are not such people.”


“In this case, I only want to hear it once. If I let anyone hear about the fact that I have falsely condemned an adult and corrupted the reputation of an adult, it is the enemy of our southwestern town government!”

The man pulls out his waist knives, and the bright blade glows in the air.

“What are you doing? Upstairs!”

After a one-night rest, the troops of Daxia finally no longer crashed as they did yesterday, and the southwestern town government also lost the fierce offensive yesterday. Arrows and the Rolling Stones warned one after another. At midday, the Xia Soldiers successively broke the head of the city, and the troops of Daxia set up ladders and climbed up to death without fear of death. The archers shot intensively, covering their team, the arrows were empty, like a pouring rain, the walls were a mess, and the warriors fell from time to time.

A young soldier had more than ten arrows in his body. All his injuries were at the heart. His comrades wanted him to change. He leaned against the wall and smiled alone. His teeth were white and his eyes were bright. He waved his hand to his comrades and laughed. Said, “When the adults return, they bring words to her for me, and say that the soldiers in our entire battalion are secretly in love with her.” Afterward, he jumped down the ramparts and took the body as a rolling stone. Above, a scream is like a desperate battle song.

The melee was finally unfolding, and a large number of enemies boarded the tower. The first line of defense of the city wall collapsed. The bows and arrows were cluttered, the arrows flew, and there were screams and shouts everywhere. The walls were rushing, and the corpses were everywhere.

More and more Xia Monarch, blood stained the entire wall, dyed every brick, at this time, even those militiamen rushed to the city, they no longer flinch and tremble, death is in front of you, put down the butcher knife is dead, take The knife is also dead, but at least it can give the wife and children more time to escape. They cut with a knife, smashed with a sword, smashed with bricks, bite with their teeth, and do everything in their power. The tragic war is completely reflected. Situ Jing stood in the distance and looked at the city. Then he said to the subordinates with horror: Are you sure that there is only a group of militia?

On that day, the river in Chidu turned into a winter season, and the hot layer of blood covered the cold ice layer, which turned the surface of the river into the water, although they were quickly frozen.

The world is bloody, and everywhere is a messy corpse. A soldier is cut off his legs. He doesn’t even wrinkle his brows and pick up his broken leg and go to the city. One is about to climb up the city. The summer soldiers were stunned and frightened, fell straight and fell on the icy snow.

The southwestern town government made all the squadrons of the seventh squad to have died. There was only one messenger left. He actually stood on the head of the city and used the bodies of the brothers as mammoth to try to climb the wall. Xia Soldiers, the last dead body, he also stabbed several figures in his body, the young soldier shouted “Long live the adults!” and immediately hugged a Xia Soldiers to jump off the city.

The wall was attacked by the enemy several times, and he was robbed several times. He was in a number of knives but still tenacious. He stood on the head of the city and shouted, “Brothers! Don’t shame the adults! Even if we today is dead here, and adults will certainly revenge for us! Kill!”

The soldiers were provoked with blood, and they stood up fiercely, and the crumbling body suddenly filled with strength, wielding a sword and enemies to kill a place.

The heavens and the earth are yellow, the wind is rolling down the wind and the wind, the bloody taste permeates the entire battlefield, the army of the Great Summer is still increasing continuously, the war is from the early morning to noon, from noon to dusk, Zhao Yang stands on the high slope. Looking forward, I have to sigh: “The southwestern town government, really is the teacher of the tiger wolf!”

After the city’s head fell again, the city of Chidu finally filled with a desperate atmosphere. A young soldier slashed his knife at the enemy. He was already weak. This was purely a strike after death, but at this moment, a swordsman suddenly appeared in front of him, and a fierce figure suddenly rushed forward, a sword I went to the head of the Xia Monarch, splashed with blood, and spewed like a fountain.

The soldier seemed to have spent his eyes until the man in front looked back and yelled: “What are you doing stupid? Go with me!”

“Adult?” There was an incredible cry in the soldier’s voice: “Adult! The adult is back!”

All the weary and dying southwestern town government turned the officers and soldiers around and saw only a chaotic crowd. The young girl was armed with a sword. She was tall and straight, and her moves were sharp. Who was Chu Qiao?

“The adults have not abandoned us!”

I don’t know who shouted first. Immediately, the whole city of Chidu was full of joy. The soldiers who had been exhausted suddenly stood up in excitement. It seemed that there was more and more effort in the body.

Adults, we will not lose!

The concept of head portraits was swept by the tide. Xia Monarch panicked and saw these people seem to be reborn in an instant. The handheld sword whistled. Like a tiger, there was no more fatigue.

“Brothers! Kill me!” He Xiao shouted and cut off the head of a Xia army by one knife: “Long live the adults!”

“Long live the adults!”

“Long live the adults!!!”

The deafening cheers were overwhelming. They watched as the soldiers collapsed like water. Zhao Yang slowly looked up and finally had to admit this terrible fact.

“His Royal Highness,” Situ Jing frowned, and said, “If it’s impossible to attack here again, there’s no way to explain it down there.”

“Why don’t I want to take it?”

Zhao Yang sighed slowly. He looked at the low-lying Chidu City and suddenly felt that the city was so insurmountable.

“Chu Qiao…”

The night finally came. The strength of Da Xia continued to recede. Chu Qiao found the peace of being tied into a group in the grain and curry warehouse. The little guy (Ping’An) was already asleep. He woke up to see Chu Qiao happy and yelling.

In the First World War today, the loss of Chidu City was heavy. The main force of the southwestern township of the soldiers killed more than 2,000 people. In addition to the previous 1,500 people, the current southwestern town government has less than 3,000 preparations and less combat power. two thousand. The militia has a large number of casualties, and there are more than 20,000 people. The damage to the city wall is very serious. If the other party has a large siege weapon such as a trebuchet, it may take less than a day to smash the wall.

Blood was everywhere, and bodies were everywhere. The city had already warned that the wounded soldiers had only clear water and coarse cloth. At night, there were terrible screams and cries. A little farther on the side of the street, full of people who do not move and do not speak, the bodies are neatly lined up in a row, and yellow patches of sacks cover the faces of the young fighters.

Along the way, Chu Qiao’s footsteps are getting heavier and heavier. The top of his head is a dark sky. The crow’s north wind is screaming and her voice is touching.

Life has never been like this, such isolation is helpless, so unsupported, all her hopes and dreams are shattered, but she still has to stand up straight to the soldiers who are counting on her, tell them The adult is still sure, she is still strong, she will lead everyone and play a living path.

A cold wind blew over her thin body, and in the distance came the low-pitched tone of the soldiers. Like the wind blew over and shared the sadness, Chu Qiao walked along with the song and saw a broken corner at the corner. Legs of young soldier. It was a very handsome young man. He had no long beard. The handsome face looked like a scholar of reading. His leg was broken. He was empty under the knee and he sat there like that. Slightly smiling, his eyes are simple and bright, and he seems to think of some happy days. He sings softly while laughing:

“Farewell, my dear girl, I will pick up my gun and defend my hometown. The knife of the enemy has been hung over my head. I want to protect you and our heaven. Maybe you will never see your beautiful eyes again, maybe you will listen again. You can’t sing in my ear, but please trust me. I will always remember the place in my hometown. You stand under the shadow of mountains and hills, smiling and beckoning to me, whispering that you will return home early…”

Chu Qiao quietly stood for a long time, until the soldier’s voice gradually low, gradually disappeared, the snow slowly fell, fell on his face, but did not melt, but piled up little by little.

The wind blew on her dress, like a swaying old dream. The sky was desolated and vast, and the world was so big that they seemed to have been abandoned by the whole world. Chu Qiao remembered a lot of things, remembering those jealousies when she was young, those insisting, those warm expectations and hopes. She remembered that many years ago, in the cold and dark cell of the forest, her hand was stuffed in her arms by the youngster. It was warm and Yan Xun had bright eyes and told her a lot about Yanbei. The snow in here, the green grass here, the horses here, the thunder and fire, and the mountains here, the industrious people here, the good people here, there is no war, peace, peace, like a paradise. (I believe this is the hole in the dark prison where Chu Qiao and yan Xun was imprisoned.)

Yanbei, Yanbei…

Chu Qiao slowly raised his head, a line of tears shed from her eyes, her spine was as tall and straight, like a javelin, the snow fell on her shoulders.

No one guards you, then, for me to guard you, we wait together, waiting for them to come back.


No one thought that the collapse of Beibei City would have been so rapid and so catastrophic that it would take less than five days. Beibei was defeated by Zhao Yang’s fierce offense, believing that if there was no defense tool left by Chu Qiao, At the moment, the head of Yanbei must have been plugged into the Golden Dragon flag of Daxia.

At this moment, Cao Mengtong stood on the head of the city, watching the Xia army screaming like a locust, only to feel that heaven and earth seemed to tremble. How could he not understand why his million-strong army had gone? Why do you rout so thoroughly? But at this moment, he could not allow him to think about it. Lu rushed forward and shouted: “General, run! Don’t run Xia Monarch to attack!”

“Run?” Cao Mengtong turned his head and asked a little, “Run?”

“Yeah!” Lui Zhi shouted. “Xia An has fled with the Beibei Army. I heard that Chidu City has not fallen. The girl named Chu Qiao has been guarding. We can flee from there. Blue City. Adults, hurry up, it’s too late to leave!”

“Run?” Cao Mengtong’s reaction was very slow, but in a few days, his head was all white, and he murmured: “No, I can’t run.”

“General! Cheng Yuan old man ran away, he is the guardian general of Beibei, he ran, what are we still doing?”

Cao Mengtong sighed gloomily, his aging eyes looked straight and said: “He can run, but I can not, Lu Zhi, I was the presidential leader of the Northern Expedition against the Great Northern Xia Army. If I fled, Beibei City would be over. .”

“You don’t have to go north, too. General, don’t be stubborn!”

Cao Mengtong shook his head: “No, Lui Zhi, you want to go.”

Lui Xi immediately shouted: “Adults, do you really not go?”

Cao Mengtong affirmed: “I won’t.”

“Then I will not go!” the rude man shouted, “Isn’t it dead? Adults, you promote me and take care of me. Just like my biological father, to die, I will die with the adults!”

Cao Mengtong’s tears touched him, patted Lu Zhi’s shoulders and said: “I’m not worried about you because I have difficulty seeing people and being straightforward.”

“My Lord, please give me 20,000 troops. I will go out of the city and die with the enemy!”

“Good!” said Cao Mengtong, proudly saying, “I will give you my last pro-Guard. They are our most loyal and the most elite troops of the Second Army. We are straightforward and do not disappoint my hope!”

“I will live up to the generals!”

Half an hour later, the North Gate opened and Lu Zhi took Cao Mengtong’s last pro-Bandguard squad to roll up the city’s gold and silver jewels and fled in droves. Cao Mengtong stood on the tower and watched his love flow away from him. A blood spouted out and fell to the tower.

Xia Monarch offensive once again struck again. The whole city was in an uproar. Everyone was running around in panic. The North Gate was sealed off by Cao Mengtong’s military and law ministry officials and was not allowed to escape.

Rolling, roaring, screaming, blood filled the entire city, and the great summer army had rushed to the city two hundred paces. They took a ladder and began to climb again. The sun gradually set off and there was a red blood between heaven and earth. This was the last impact of today. The enemy sent out a horn for assault and mobilized soldiers to win the city of Beibei today!

“Send it! Surrenderers live!”

Daxia sent more than three hundred soldiers who were very large in the city to shout loudly throughout the city. From time to time someone in the city of Beibei wanted to open the gate and surrendered. They were all killed by the officers of the military law department. The screams and screams were more and more. The closer you came, the nearer it seemed that you could smell the bloody smell of Xia Soldier.

“General! General! The third division needs reinforcement!”

A bloody officer ran up and climbed. Cao Mengtong looked at him and slowly shook his head. The old general took out his sword and took the first two steps to kill him. For many years, he had not played the enemy for many years. For so many years, he has always been ridiculed. He told him that he was the general who fled, but the only time he wanted to be brave, but he made a big mistake. If in the beginning, he listened to the baby girl named Chu Qiao. At this time, he could not help but raised this idea. But he laughed and shook his head again. What is the use of this time to think about this? He bitterly smiled and slowly said: “I myself was the last reinforcement.”


The officer suddenly shed tears and cried, “Let the generals battle sixty to kill the enemy personally. It is subordinate incompetence!”

The old general shook his arm and slowly said: “Stop fighting!”


At this moment, suddenly there was a sharp sound outside the city, and the Xia Junjun rang a rush of drums. The Xia Jun under the city heard the sound glimpse and suddenly turned back, his face panicked.

Cao Mengtong and the officer of the third division also stunned and looked up. Only under the distant horizon, a black shadow suddenly appeared. Then, the black shadow became a stream, from one point to one. Face, gradually expanding, becoming bigger, suddenly, the Black House Army jumped out of the horizon, screaming like a thunder, and a red cloud banner on the white background to show their heads, like a burning fire!

“Aid to the military!”

The head of Beibei suddenly broke out with deafening cheers. The soldiers cried and cried with a loud voice.

“It’s our troops! It’s our reinforcements!”

“Southwest Town Government! It is an officer of the staff of Chu!”

“The Chu Adult people are here! We have saved!”

At the exact time, the black armored horsemen shouted: “For the sake of freedom!”

Neat military capacity, rapid impact speed, accompanied by faint sounds like the murky thunder of the sky, the team is getting bigger and bigger, and the number is increasing. There are actually 20,000 to 30,000 people, all of whom are high-speed cavalry. They Obliquely holding a sword, purely control the horse with two feet, the evening sunset, the soldiers have tens of thousands of gallops, to the formation of dense formations, the potential storm!

“Southwest Town Government! It’s a rebel of the southwestern town government!”

Compared to the cheers of Beibei City, Xia Monarch was a mourning in the end. They had large teams, and they encountered enemies in the rear. They had no time to switch back to their formations. Zhao yang’s southwestern army was far less capable of fighting than Northwestern Zhao led by Zhao Yang. The army, the southwestern town government, made it even more vociferous. For a time, the rear collapsed like water.

“Long live the Chu people!”

The soldiers at the head of Beibei City shouted loudly, and many people embraced their heads and shed their tears.

“Adult!” He Xiao came forward and shouted: “The enemy and the army are very different, and should not be touched!”

Chu Qiao shook her head coldly, divinely said: “Ours is a fresh force. Surprisingly, the momentum is rainbow. Xia Monarch can’t figure out our actual situation. This is a heaven-sent opportunity. If this battle is unsuccessful, we will no longer have the chance to win! ”

The army rushed in, and the momentum of the river was overwhelming. The military command of the Xia Monarch account had not yet reached the rear. The army of nearly 100,000 troops at the rear had been hit by the first shock of the other party. The formation was completely chaotic. Chu Qiao ordered, ignore the other scattered soldiers, the whole army shocked, defeated the Central Camp!

Xia Monarch nightmare began, but it was a team of tens of thousands of people, but they had a clear banner, high quality, very fast, fast-moving, flashing knives, incredible agility and speed when moving, and everywhere there was chaos. Panic.

“The whole army keeps the formation! Clash with me!”

He Xiao first took the lead, a flag officer held the red flag of Baidi behind him, Chu Qiao took part in the army, rushed wildly, and the soldiers were desperate. The silence and depression that had been suppressed for a long time finally broke out. The army whistled like a dragon and swept through the entire Xia army.

“Return! Reorganize the formation!” Zhao Yang rode at once, shouting hard, and he tried hard to stabilize the army. He disregarded the dissuasion of the guardian group behind him and came to the edge of the battlefield. At this moment, however, a bow and arrow like a long shot of the eye, a pro-guard rushed forward and leaned in front of him, but the arrow shot through his chest with a slip of blood. Zhao Qi was shocked and stunned. Fallen horse, wrestling escaped.

The army was extremely fast and quickly rushed over. Chu Qiao knew Zhao Yang. The girl’s eyes were fierce. She jumped off the horse, Jian Feng was fierce, and he leaned on the man’s back. Silver Mang flashed. He hadn’t waited for Zhao Yang to scream. At once, the man’s head was cut off at once!!!

“Zhao Qi is dead! Let’s just wait for you!”


It seems like a thundering blast, the guard of the 400,000 armies, even under the impact of the other side, Chu Qiao is slender, high on the back of the horse, holding Zhao Yang’s head, his eyes sharp, his back straight.

In the war, quiet, silent, like a wind, fierce as a wolf, rushing into the battle, straight through the enemy line, Zhao Yang, Prince of Daxia, take the enemy level, bold and daring, can be called the first place in the world!

Xia Monarch was in chaos, and Cao Mengtong on the city tower met. He shouted in a loud voice: “Open the city gate! Open the city gate! The whole army rushed!”

The northern city gate was finally opened, and the soldiers who had no war in battle rushed out. For a time, the defeat of the Xia army was a foregone conclusion!

On October 27th, Chu Qiao gave up Chidu City, and a fire burned the city. The fire stopped Zhao Yang’s footsteps. He could only watch Chu Qiao with less than 10,000 people. However, Chu Qiao met on the road and quickly rushed out of Beibei to rush to the general of Lu Zhi. He learned that the general had defected to Beibei, and the general guard of General Cao Mengtong was transformed into a squad, and the 20,000 guards were on the way. Joined the camp of the southwest town government.

Afterward, under the leadership of Chu Qiao, they made a sudden attack after rounding the enemy. On the fire thunderbolt in front of the Beibei City Gate, they gave an unimaginable Xia Monarch a heavy blow.

In this war, more than 70,000 people were killed, and most of the dead were trampled by horses and trampled to death when they ran away. They captured 30,000 prisoners. Chu Qiao, commander of the southwestern town government, personally killed the other coach. The powerful competitor of the Xia Emperor’s position, the 14th princes Zhao Yang, had an incalculable blow to Xia Monarch. (this is a short summary wrapped up Yuan Yang died in the hands of Chu Qiao but in the Tv series, it was Yuwen Huai who was killed)

At this time, it was exactly eight years before the fire and thunderstorm of the year. Under the witness of the entire Yanbei, Da Xia paid a devastating price for his move that day.

On the evening of the same day, Zhao Yang, the 14th Emperor of the Great Summer, led a rush to join forces to integrate the remnants of the Southwest Army and 500,000 soldiers, once again surrounded by Beibei City.

At this time, in the Inner Mongolian province of Menglai, Yan Xun finally received the flying eagle book of the girl. After reading the letter, he looked deeply at the ancient capital of the ancient city, which was no longer far away. He stood alone for a long time. For a long time, he returned to the military account and placed an order that shocked everyone.

“Let’s pull out the camp overnight, and return to Beibei!”


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