Volume V, Yanbei War Songs, Chapter 138 The end of the Northern Expedition

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Chu Qiao was treated like a hero after returning to the city of Beibei. In addition to the necessary defense, the entire military and civilian population of Beibei City gathered at the gate of the city. The crowded people were full of enthusiasm and the whole nation was full of enthusiasm. It was as if the Beibei battle had been won… When Chu Qiao came to the city gate with the army queue of the southwestern town government, the welcome crowd almost flushed the team. Lu Zhi, the deputy head of the second army, died. The new deputy head Yin Liangyu rushed in with the troops. The order of rectification at the front was quickly rushed into a piece of sand.

Chu Qiao looked calmly. Although the soldiers of the Second Army had made some preparations to welcome their friendly forces, the army had mostly waned compared to the time they left. The remaining soldiers were injured, their clothes were rags, they were full of blood, and they were exhausted. , timid, scared, confused, and deferred, all the restless emotions flashed clearly in their eyes. The dust concealed their paleness. Many people’s swords and knives lost their scabbards. At the waist, the action can hear a crisp collision, sounding jingo, but no war, just panic.

Compared to these second army fighters panicking like rabbits, the officers and men of the southwestern town government made a sharp contrast with them. Although the armor was also bloodied and dusty, they were confident, calm, and maintained a distinct formation and lineup. They were strict and disciplined and steadily riding on their horses. They followed Cujo’s behind and walked steadily on Long Street. The north wind blew on and blew in the large salamanders they beckoned. The black ink cloak was full of blood, chilling, and desolate. After seeing them, the people suddenly sounded like thunderous cheers. Under the condition that millions of troops were defeated by water, under the circumstances that the Yanbei sergeants had fled, only they were reluctant to join in the dead and resolutely shouldered responsibility. The responsibility of protecting the country and defending the country.

Yin Liangyu stalked forward and the chaotic crowd squeezed his helmet. He couldn’t time his hat. The young man hurriedly said: “The icing on the cake is easy, and it is difficult to send charcoal in the snow. The adults of Chu come to the danger and save the North in desperation. The second army commemorates the compassion of adults!”

Chu Qiao jumped out of the horse and smiled quietly. He said: “General Yoon was very heavy, and he played for Yanbei. The southwest town government made the second army join forces.”

The girl took off her hood at her head. Even after such a fierce suffocation, she was still tidy and clean. She was dressed in a military uniform and her figure was upright and beautiful, full of soldiers’ coquetry and women’s coquettish appearance. Beauty, white skin, stare between eyes, stare on starry spirits, full of confidence, peace, and friendliness, full of sincerity.

There was an incredible sound of exclamation in the crowd. There were no comments from her soldiers and people. The praises came from the tide, from the change of the true colors to the battlefields of the northwest, from the mutiny of the Sui and Tang dynasties to the battle of Chidu. It is natural for people to automatically ignore her age and appearance. But at this moment, on this precarious battlefield, the beauty of the girl shines like a shining lamp. People can’t help but exclaim:

“This is Chu Qiao? So young?”

“Yes! It’s unbelievable, so beautiful!”

The Southwest Field Army and Batuha Family Army led by Zhao Yang had just been defeated, but Chu Qiao knew that the first battle had not moved its roots. The reason why Xia Monarch was defeated was that Xia Monarch had just launched a bid for Beibei City. In the final strength attack, the Frontier Corps and the Cavalry Regiment were all sent to the battlefield. In order to complete the battle before dark, out of absolutely no worries about their own rear, let them send their own several reserve services to the rear. The troops are emptied of strength and all are heavy squads and riders. The nearest cavalry group is separated from itself by two heavyweight divisions. The southwestern town government makes all the cavalry, which is extremely fast. Under the impact, it is like a cheetah from the rear. The team that ran into the wild horses, together with Zhao Qi’s death, died in their own hands.

However, the names of hundreds of thousands of troops in the Great Summer are not called white. Zhao Che will arrive later. Chu Qiao is anxious but she is inconvenienced. He said to Yin Liangyu: “Where is General Cao? I have an emergency military situation. To report it immediately.”

Yin Liangyu divinely said: “General, please come with me to the conference hall.”

Still is the city guardian general of Beibei City. The black obsidian is laid neatly on the ground. The tower stands erect, the torch is faint, and footsteps sound in the hallway. The sound is loud, heavy and exhausted.

Finally came to the door of the conference hall, two young guards met Yin Liangyu immediately stood up straight, performed a standard military ceremony, replied: “General Yoon!”

Yin Liangyu nodded, letting the open body point to Chujo and said: “This is the Chu staff of the General Staff.”

The two guards apparently had seen Chu Qiao. They immediately smiled and said, “Let’s meet Chu adults!”

Chu Qiao nodded back: “It’s hard work.”

“Is the general inside?”

“The general has been waiting for two and a half days.”

Yin Liangyu nodded and said, “Please inform us two.”

One of the bodyguards nodded and gently knocked at the door and immediately said in a loud voice: “Report on Grand General, General Yin and the General Staff of Chu. See what happened!”

The hallway wind blew across the corridor and made a squeaky noise like an injured puppy. The corridor was quiet. No one spoke. Only the young voices of the guards echoed around the corners and wafted back and forth with the wind.

Yin Liangyu frowned and stepped forward, Shen Sheng said: “General Cao, the General Staff of Chu Qiao has something to ask for.”

There is still no one to answer. Yin Liangyu’s brow tightens and he continues to say, “General, are you inside?”

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows were picked up and said: “Not good.” Immediately, the door of the conference room was pushed hard.

“Squeaking”, the door slowly opened, the wind inside was very loud, and the hula blew out, the window facing the door was not closed, the material on the conference table was blown all over the floor, like A group of white flapped butterflies, constantly flipping under their feet. The large conference hall was very empty, the tables and chairs were placed in the same position. Cao Mengtong was sitting on his usual seat with his back facing him. He did not move, and he did not speak. On the back of the chair, he seemed to be looking at the map hanging on the wall.

Yin Liangyu took a deep breath and went up two steps. He respectfully said: “General, Cao Daren is here. She said that there is something to report to you.”

Cao Mengtong did not seem to hear the same, even the sitting posture did not change, Chu Qiao frowned, suddenly went forward, surprised with the guard behind her, quickly chased and called: “Chu Daren (means Adult)…”

However, before he finished speaking, the voice of the guards suddenly stopped. He opened his eyes in horror, his mouth was slightly open, but he could not spit out a word.

Cao Mengtong wore a sly uniform, and the cuffs slightly pulled up, revealing a half-arm, and there was a clear knife on the left hand. It seemed to have been left many years ago. It is not clear without careful reading. The clothes were very flat, and there was no crease. There was a half-white handkerchief in the left pocket of the placket. The placket was neatly folded. The black placket was embroidered with gold eagle on both sides, and there was a thumb-sized pattern. Shows the noble status of the general of the old army. He is not young anymore. In the year of the armor, the wrinkles covered his face, the muscles were slack, the corners of his eyes and the corners of his mouth were hanging down, his head was white, the tube was meticulous, but he still couldn’t conceal his old age. .

A piece of his mouth, bloody, condensed, the house is very cold, the red-black blood is frozen, and it is frozen into a cold one. Life has already left this body, leaving only a lonely one. The shadow, the moonlight shines old and desolate

The huge map of Yanbei hung in front of him. The tops of the mountain were undulating and the mountains were winding down. A thin line connected the names on the map. From the northernmost point of Merrill Lynch, all the way back to the mountains, Shangshen plateau, and four. The Qiulan Mausoleum, the Sunset Mountain Range, the Blue City, the Chidu, the Northern Pei, and then painted a large arrow with bright red cinnabar, pointing to the vast east land.

Yin Liangyu and the guards were all stunned. In the face of the sudden death of the coach, they were completely clumsy and did not know what to do.

Chu Qiao slowly walked forward, reached out his hand and gently brushed through the eyes of Cao Mengtong’s death, together with his own indignation, hatred, and wrath of the general in his place. The cold water was covered by the cold snow and frozen, leaving only a large area of ​​cold and bleak.

In order to be selfish, set aside millions of soldiers and civilians, ignoring people, ignoring the enemy, stupid and arrogant, arrogant, is this man, precisely because of his incompetence and pride, will completely drag the favorable situation, let the army Having suffered immeasurable costs, his guilty defiance, hardships, and incomprehensible crimes, before coming here, Chu Qiao thought of so many ways and tricks, and in any case also won him and recaptured Beibei City. The commanding military power even wanted a lot of sharp words and wanted the anger in the heart of a book.

But at this moment, looking at the old man in the cold, sitting in the cold wind, all her anger suddenly vanished.

This is a cruel war, and everyone has paid a cruel price for it, whether it is alive or dead.

“General, take a look!” The guards pointed their eyes and picked up a piece of paper on the table and handed it to Yin Liangyu.

Yin Liangyu quickly took it, looked at it quickly, then raised his head and gently handed him in front of Chu Qiao and said: “Chu Daren, now, you are the highest commander of the Second Army, and finally Yin Liangyu, you check in!”

Chu Qiao took the piece of paper and saw that the command of the Second Army and the Beibei Army was simply handed over with a completely official tone, and he wrote a few words to hope that Chu Qiao’s heroic struggle was for Yanbei. The class is like an ordinary handover ceremony that cannot be repeated.

Chu Qiao solved the sword and laid it aside. Then he slowly stepped back and straightened his body to a neat military ceremony. “General Cao fights for the country, resists the Xia army, and fights to the last moment of his life without retreating. It is the example of the entire army. It will not fail the hope of the general, and will be tenacious and loyal, and will never retreat!”

On the evening of the night, the barracks wrote down a copy of this: In the Battle of Beibei, General Cao Mengtong took the lead and took a decisive battle in Beibei City in the first year of Lijia(means legal holiday), refusing to retreat, and stubbornly resisting the Xia Jun. He was seriously wounded and died. He died in the conference hall on the evening of October 27. Before his death, he gave command of the Second Army to the general staff of the General Staff of the General Staff of the General Staff of the General Staff of the South. General Cao’s life was loyal and courageous. He devoted his efforts to Yanbei’s efforts. He kept the country at his doorstep and went out to commemorate the social crisis. He was a model for Yanbei soldiers.

After three hours, Zhao Che, who was delayed because of the red fire, rushed to gather the Northwest Army and the broken Southwest Field Army. The 500,000 people attacked from both sides!

In the conference hall, Cao Mengtong’s position has changed hands, and the young girl is in a black uniform. She is sitting upright and looking dazed. Familiar faces have mostly disappeared. More than a dozen tribal leaders are not good enough to go with the clan soldiers and fled in droves. The high-level generals of the second army can hardly see it at the moment. The third army supports the leader of the armed forces in the period. The 50,000 soldiers and soldiers under their subordinates surrendered to the great summer. Beibei defended Xia’an (Great Summer dynasty) and saw the collapse of Beibei. At the end of the two days, he punished the deserter’s banner and led the original Beibei city defense force to flee to the Yanbei inland.

Now sitting below, almost all the lower and middle ranks of the original military, the position of the seventh brigade of the Eighth Division of the Second Army actually sat an obese cook. The captain of their brigade led the 5,000 soldiers and soldiers He ran away on the battlefield. As he refused to go, he also tried to persuade other comrades to stay and defend the Beibei. He was beaten up by the people and almost died. Now the seventh battalion exists in name only, leaving him alone. When Chu Qiao notified the representatives of the military departments to come to the meeting, because no one else could be elected, the chef’s apron was hurriedly coming to a close.

When the country is in danger, when it comes to life and death, the most loyal ones are not the leaders and officials who enjoy senior officials and officials. They are too busy to rush to surrender and sell their compatriots busy trying to find a way out for survival. This time, it is the most common The disrespected little person dares to stand up and use his thin shoulders and simple mind to pick up the task of defending the country. The bizarre and ridiculous things of the world are simply hilarious.

“General, what should we do?”

Yin Liangyu used to be a book in the Quartermaster’s office. The supervisor only recorded the past and influx of grain. When his boss fled, he handed the work to him. He said that he would like to raise his official and put his own The seat was given to him, and before he had objected, the man fled without a trace. Because of this encounter, Yin Liangyu rose more than 20 levels in two days, all the way to become the deputy head of the Second Army, and now the second person in Beibei City.

Chu Qiao turned around and said quietly: “You can talk about your own opinion.”

The people kept silent and watched each other carefully. They were small people before and they were all in front. If there was any idea of ​​their own, after a while, a very honest militia representative suddenly stood up. He wore a rough cloth to wear, and his clothes were stained with blood. He did not know whether he was his own or someone else’s. He was seen by all the people. He was a bit shy, hesitated for a long time, and he finally took up the courage. He whispered, “”When you are a militia in the village of Xitao (means West Tao) village. If the heads of villages were injured, let us come. Why would he ask the general to retreat? Will he leave us alone?”

“Yeah!” Someone echoed: “Will the generals bring troops to chase deserters like General Cheng Yuan? Then they will not come back?”

Chu Qiao calmly said: “Everybody can rest assured that even if we retreat, I will be the last one to step out of Beibei.”

“That’s good!”

Suddenly, people suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that everyone is worried about this. A big man with a full face and hustle and bustle suddenly said: “If you don’t understand so many principles, the generals say how to fight, and how to fight.”


“Well, let’s listen to the generals!”

Chu Qiao thought for a long while and slowly stood up divinely said: “In that case, please go back and count the troops immediately. After dawn, we will fight with Xia Monarch!”

The public slammed their promises. They seemed to be more willing to accept orders than to raise their opinions. As soon as they met in the conference hall, they quieted down. Yin Liangyu was still sitting in the spot and seemed to have something to ask.

“General Yoon, just say something.” (Chu Qiao call General Yin Linagyu as General Yoon)

Yin Liangyu thought for a long time and finally said: “General, I don’t really understand military affairs, but three days ago when the generals of the Third Army defected to the Generals, they burned most of the grain silos. At present, there are combat garrisons in the city. Up to 40,000 or less, even if the 30,000 people brought back by the generals are only 70,000, and most of them are militiamen. The Great Summer power is so strong that we can fight with them hard, but can we beat it? ”

Chu Qiao brows gently wrinkled, just want to talk, Yin Liangyu hurriedly explained: “The end will not want to escape, just, just a little worried.”

Chu Qiao smiled and said: “I know that General Yoon is not trying to escape, but you can also not be so pessimistic, I will stay, it is sure.”

Yin Liangyu stood up and stood up, excitedly said: “Is there a way for adults to win?”

“I don’t have a way to win, but there is a message that you may be willing to listen.”

“what news?”

“The First Army led by Your Highness and the Fallen Army led by a feather girl are stepping up reinforcements. As long as we can survive for ten days, the reinforcements must come.”

Yin Liangyu was overjoyed and said with a fresh smile: “Really? Really, adults?”

“Really,” Chu Qiao smiled. “Go tell everyone about this good news.”

Yin Liangyu almost ran out of the door and watched as his back disappeared at the end of the conference room corridor. Chu Qiao’s face gradually disappeared and he solidified.

Yan Xun took the first army and the forces of the Falling Mountain Blue City generation to attack the inland of the big summer. No one knows yet. She was afraid of the army and the traitors. Once the matter was passed outside Zhao Yang’s in the ear, although it can solve the encirclement of Beibei, it will inevitably make the back road of Yan Xun be wrapped up, and it is dangerous for her to be trapped in the danger. This is what she is currently worried about.

Second, once the matter leaked out, everyone would suddenly know that Yanbei was betrayed by Yan Xun, and the military heart suddenly moved, and this war did not have to be played anymore. Before she guarded the Blue City, it was to protect the Yanbei inland. If the Beibei army lost, there could be a retreat. However, the inland forces are vacant, and the sunset mountain generation is unguarded. It has no meaning to escape. It will only introduce the enemy into the interior and let them perceive the situation of internal forces. That is to say, at present, the entire armed forces of Yanbei are all assembled in Beibei City. If the North is lost, Yanbei will die, so she will give up the Red Cross and move to Beibei.

And Yan Xun, will he come back? Will you give up the grand plan of the near-footed, and give up the great opportunity to revenge?

There was a lot of snow outside the door, the mountain dance silver snake, Chu Qiao sitting on the chair, the moonlight illuminating her smooth forehead, she was so thin, the chin was sharply pointed, and a belief suddenly rose from the heart, burning like a fire. Her five internal organs.

“Yes, he will definitely come back.”


Under the horizon in the distance, facing the morning sun, you can see the Xia Monarch’s team gradually approaching, there is a list of them, and they continue to raise their flags.

Indiscriminate battles took place day after day. Today’s battlefield is full of corps and lances, despite the night of snowfall. However, at this time, the city of Bbie is still a bloody bright red, and those fabulous flowers are not afraid of the cold and snow. The more splendid opening, the vast sea, the rising sun is also a layer of a dark red cast with this blood, in the vast battlefield with a monster light.

The war came so fast. The loss of the past day caused Zhao Song to lose his patience. He was unwilling to plan the planning and was not willing to test cautiously. Hundreds of thousands of troops rushed up and shouted. Like mountains, raging with fury, half a million troops lined the plains, issued a neat charge number, and the soldiers on the walls of Beibei took advantage of one another for a time. It seemed that the walls under their feet shivered in the roar of their opponents. It will fall like the same.

The Beibei officers and men are visibly bleak. Compared to the Southwest Army, Zhao Yang’s victory, Zhao Che Northwest Army is indeed a team of fierce tiger wolf. They can’t even imagine Chu’s leading a southwest town of less than 10,000. How the government’s ambassadors were fighting such an army for so long, but they could not allow them to think about it. The horses were galloping and the army was overwhelming, like a flood of the monstrous sky.

“Kill the enemy!”

The summertime of the army in Daxia was like an eruption of a volcano. In contrast, the north tower’s tower was a dead silence.

“Get ready!” He Xiaowei’s body stood on the tower. Too many wars made this young officer quickly gain experience. He held a sword and said in silence: “Prepare!”

“The first team is ready to attack!”

“The second team is ready for attack!”

“The third team is ready to attack!”

“The fourth team is ready for attack!”

“The 17th team is ready for attack!”


The loud slogans rang in succession. There were only less than 3,000 soldiers remaining in the southwestern town government. The remaining 7,000 people were selected from the Red Cross militias to enrich the army. After Cao Mengtong’s death, the strong guards of the Second Army became Chujo’s personal guards, adding up to a total of 30,000 people. They formed the main force of this battle. At the moment, in front of them, there was a handful of people. How tall the large wingmen quietly stood there. It was Chu Qiao’s drawings that were handed over to the military factory. However, after she left, no one would assemble it. So now, all 3,000 aircraft are fully intact. Saved it.

Bows and arrows are pressed into the box of arrows in a row. This kind of archery is a super-era weapon modified by modern science and technology. After being pushed by the axles, it can simultaneously launch 28 roots, and every three rounds is a shooting mission. And it has a four-dimensional calibration direction, that is, under breathing, this arrow can continuously fire 84 arrows in four different directions. The power is so large that it is hard to imagine, if not bullet-free. Almost comparable to submachine guns.

The harsh strings of the bowstrings continued to come. The enemy was getting closer and closer. The cavalry quickly crossed the ranks of the infantry and rushed to the front. The officer led by the Xia Bing shouted: “Kill the Northern Barbarian!” The soldiers suddenly If the tide surges, the “killing enemy” sound mountain tsunami.

He Xiao looked the same, after a while. Finally said in a loud tone: “attack!”

In a flash, only a sudden sound of buzz came, and the sky was full of darkness, like a huge black cloth on top of the head. Three thousand bows were fired at the same time. It was like 80,000 archers pulling bows at the same time. same.

No flesh and blood body can withstand such a terrible arrow storm, escape and escape. The scene under Red Rock City is once again staged. The huge cavalry corps crashes and falls like a giant’s heavy fist. No one can hide, and after the arrow has passed, within four hundred steps, there is no more standing creature.

All of a sudden, everyone’s eyes were swelled, and the Xia Soldiers rushing behind seemed to be smashed by the chin. No one dared to go further, especially those Southwesters who had never seen before. Zhao Che almost hated the sword and rushed up. He came in the night and rushed to rectify the troops and began to attack. He was afraid that Chu Qiao would make sharp attack weapons before the guards in the Chidu, but he did not expect to be a step too late… Where he knew that such a weapon was already in the city of Beibei, of course, not only him, but many people would not have thought of it. After all, if there was such a thing, how could Cao Mengtong lose so much in the previous campaign?

“Chong! The retreat is dead!”

The Xia Monarch military battalion once again sounded a sharp charge. The heavy armor and the shield were the first, and the attack began again.

On the high tower of Chu Qiao Station, the whole Beibei City was full of joy. People saw victory and hopefully, rushing to the city one by one, erecting a simple trebuchet, tenacious and determined defense.

The dark pressure of the arrow shot one by one, the enemy fell like wormwood, Chu Qiao a white big sister, young girl face expressionless, thousands of people died in front of her, as long as she waved a hand, there will be thousands of heads fell to the ground, and the blood merged into streams, merged into rivers, merged into lakes, and merged into bursts of floodwaters. Human lives like ants and, such as worthless money, the war was like a cannibalism. The devil opened a bloody mouth and swallowed it from the front.

She gradually lost her senses. She did not feel frightened or disgusted. She did not even feel exhausted. She was just numb, and her hands and feet were stiff and cold.

The war was cruel. Two days later, the arrows in the city warned. After one day, the rolling stone and the coffins were all consumed. The Xia army paid for nearly 70,000 people. The vast battlefield was full of bloody corpses. Filled with the entire land, dense arrows and arrows have spread to the horizon. The military and civilians in the north are exhausted. But at night, they have not eaten a meal. The shadow of dark pressure rushes up again.

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed, although they had thrown away the last stone and fired the last sharp arrow, giving the enemy such a big blow, the enemy still rushed back with so much momentum. Both Zhao Yun and she knew that the war was an endurance race in many cases. Whoever persisted for a long time was the last winner. The Northern Expedition of the Xia Jun suffered such a serious loss. Today, Zhao Che is desperate…

“Adults, what should I do?”

His subordinates rushed in and rushed in and looked at her with a look of anticipation. In the days before, the female general was always able to use the powerful secret weapon to save the battle situation in an emergency. The entire second-army warrior We all love her. But now, Chu Qiao shook his head, lightly said: “There is no way, fighting it.”

The close siege warfare finally unfolded. The heavens and the earth were mourning with dreary grief. The earth shook violently at the feet. The ears were full of the mourning of war horses. The Great Xia Bing Corps resembled a towering mountain and fiercely beat the walls of Beibei. The next wave of waves rushed forward, the number of people was the disparity, and the fighting became more tragic in the later period. The city wall fell several times, and several times it was taken back by the soldiers with blood. The officers and men of the southwestern town government displayed terrific and amazing fighting power. They did not adhere to half the walls of the city with 3,000 people. There were more than 60,000 defenders in the other half. However, despite this, the southwestern town government has repeatedly made Give them a helping hand.

Two days later, Zhao Che sent people to dig trenches under the east side of the city to create a small area of ​​landslides. The small size of the city wall collapsed. Although Chu Qiao quickly made protection, he still rushed more than two thousand people into the city. These people are all elite troops in the summer. The fight continued for more than two hours and the body was built into a hill.

“General! The third brigade was completely destroyed. The fourth division of the bows and militiamen under the leadership of the generals attacked the city and forced the Xia Soldiers under the city to dig trenches. All of them were killed and Xiao Lin camp was completely killed. All eleven teams were killed in the east of the city…”

“General, can’t stand it, there are two more hours, retreat!”

He Xiao also came forward. The young man was bruised and bloody, and the hoarse voice of the voice said: “Adults, the southwest town government has asked all the officers and men to ask the adults to retreat. We will kill you from Xicheng.” Come.”

Yin Liangyu was pale, and the official who danced with ink was dressed in an armor and frowned. He said, “General, the reinforcements will not be available. We have no time. Please lead the southwestern town government and the women in the city to kill. Going out, as long as you arrive in the Blue City, and there is a chance to come back to the Han girl, we will be willing to stay and live together with Beibei.”

Chu Qiao slowly shook his head, Blue City? There are still half-length figures. Even if they fled there, it was only the Xia Soldiers who slammed into the interior of Yanbei. She whispered: “I will not retreat.”

“Please take the generals as a priority! This is not an emotional time!”

Chu Qiao looked up and looked at the distance with a firm look. He slowly said, “The reinforcements will arrive.”

“Adults!” He Xiao was slightly agitated and said, “We can’t wait. There’s not much time. It’s too late to leave.”

Chu Qiao is still saying that, full of confidence, and even crazy and paranoid: “The reinforcements will arrive.”

The crowd resigned helplessly and then ordered the whole army to cling to the command. For a moment, the whole city shouted a crazy roar. Chu Qiao couldn’t hear the emotions, anger, sadness, panic, bloodiness, fear, hatred, etc. Desperation, perhaps nothing, maybe just a cry before dying.

The sky is gradually dim, the sunset is blood red, the soldiers are fierce to the extreme, the captain and the cook of the seventh division of the eighth division take the big knife of killing the pigs and screaming to the summer army that climbed the city, more than ten summer military platoons. In a row, the fat cook rushed over and threw more than a dozen people into the fire. The fire quickly burned on their bodies. Xia army panicked and slammed the flames of the body. The cook did not care. Regardless of the continued pounce on other people, the momentum is so embarrassing, as if I don’t mind the fire on my body. Xia armies panicked, wherever he went, no one did not evade, after that, the cook grabbed the summer army climbing the rope ladder of the city, and slid all the way down, more than 20 people climb.  The soldier who climbed fell with him on the stone under the wall. The blood splattered and the brain was chapped. On this day, the tens of thousands of people on both sides of the enemy and the enemy witnessed the loyalty of a cooking ground.

“Adult! The eighth team has been wiped out!”

“The reinforcements will arrive.”

“Adults, the East Wall has collapsed, more than three enemies rushed in, and the brigade and the top ten teams went to block.”

“The reinforcements will arrive.”

“Adult, go, the three reserve forces after Xia armies are also in battle!”

“The reinforcements will arrive.”

“Adults, no longer have time to go, the reinforcements will not arrive, and the next order is to retreat!”

“The reinforcements will arrive.”

“grown ups……”


Everyone is desperate. They all think that Chu Qiao is making a decision to coexist with Beibei. The more fierce the war, the screams of frenzied everywhere, the soldiers of Yanbei are crazy, and the roar of desperation, waving the sword and rushing to fight with the enemy.

The military commander should not participate in the war, but at this moment, Chu Qiao slowly pulled out the sword of the waist, even at this moment, there is a belief that the madness of the mind is still mad, more than one moment is a moment, she slowly walked out of the military camp Come to the heights of the tower, the sword is sharp, and if it is silver.

He Xiao suddenly rushed forward and looked shocked. He couldn’t say the emotions and shouted: “Adult,”

“Don’t say it again!” Chu Qiao interrupted him, and said in a deep voice: “I will not retreat, and the reinforcements will definitely arrive.”

“Adult,” He Xiao licked his white lips and said slowly: “The reinforcements have arrived.”

Chu Qiao Jiao body shocked, followed by He Xiao’s fingers and turned sharply. I saw a black and black thin line under the ray of fire and thunder. The dust was flying over the top of the thin line. The piercing horn sound, the sound is fierce, it is not the posture of victory. The soldiers are rushing back and forth. The officers are screaming and screaming, but they are not clear, panic, and very confused. The army of the great summer retreats like a tide. The Great Summer soldier suddenly ran back with the sound of the horn but did not know what happened.

The earth is shaking, bang! Bang! Bang!

All the people stopped their actions. The Beibei Guards, who were ready to be killed in battle, raised their heads and looked at the distant East. On a crimson fire thunder, narrow and narrow lines gradually converged into a black one. The river, then, looks like a black goshawk leaping from the end of the sky. Its wings are large, majestic, and transform into endless black oceans!

Overwhelming! Like a storm! The black battle flags fluttered over the black ocean, and the Eagles were almost annihilated. The soldiers controlled their horses with their legs and pulled out their swords and stood in front of them. They made a thunderous roar: “Fight for freedom!” ”

The deafening Rush Hour suddenly reverberates through the earth, and there is a huge cheer from the head of the North Face!

“Black Hawk Flag! It’s a black flag! Your Highness! It’s a house!”

“Our reinforcements are coming!”

The soldiers cheered and many people blew tears through the city walls. In a short span of several days, the ancient city had survived several deaths. Today, in the face of unexpected hopes, people huddled together and embraced each other with enthusiasm.

In contrast to the cheers of Beibei City, it was the panic of Big Summer that Zhao Yang could not believe. “How could this be? How could they go around the back road?”

“His Royal Highness! Highness!”

An emissary rushed forward and dressed in the military uniforms of the real city. They were dusted with dust and shouted loudly: “The emperor had ordered, and you ordered your help to the locals immediately. The Yanzi’s thief led the army to 500,000. Inside the empire, the northwest generation is a scorched earth. Now, he has come back out of the Northern Expedition!”

With a bang, Zhao Che kicked the preacher against the horse and shouted, “Why don’t you wait for him to kill my army and report it again?”

“The small ones have been starry nights, and all the brothers of the order have been cut off and killed by the Yanbei Army. Only the next one is left, and the subordinates have to be careful…”

The man hurriedly argued that if he hadn’t spoken yet, Zhao Yang’s foot had been kicked. The 14th prince of Daxia hurriedly said: “All the legions are on the ground and must not flee; they must hold their position to fight with the enemy…”

However, his words have not been finished yet, and the remaining troops of the Southwest Army, the Northern Alliance, and the Batuha family have all fled without rules, leaving only the Northwest Army in place to resist the increasingly close Yan. North Army.

Zhao Yan is desperate to close his eyes. Is it really a great day to die?

The defeat of Xia armies is like a tidal wave. All the resistances are torn apart by the Yanbei Army. The advantages of the number, the superiority of the combat power, the morale of the troops, and the sudden assaults have all determined the conditions for the Yanbei Army to win. After two hours, Xia Monarch had escaped from the fire thunder and fled to the direction of Helan Mountain. The Yanbei Army sent 100,000 troops and chased after the title!

On this day, it was the White Clan calendar on November 1st, 1975. The Black Hawk Army, which went deep into the hinterland of the Great Summer, suddenly returned to Yanbei. The Swallows sealed the news on the road, and the horse rushed to eat and drink. After that, there was no rest and time to enter the battle. Zhao Yang did not check and was attacked by both Yan Yan and Chu Qiao. The southwestern army, the Northern Alliance, and the Batu Army were defeated in front of the water. Zhao Yang was difficult to support, but he retired to Helan Mountain. Yan Xun was chasing after the end of the battle, killing more than 200,000 enemies along the way. In addition to Zhao Yang’s northwestern army, the main forces of other Sanlu troops were almost all disabled. Yan Yan led the soldiers all the way to the northwest of the Great Summer until Yan Ming Guancai stopped. Subsequently, the Black Hawk Army of Yan camped in the north, Zhao Yang looked across the river, see the northwestern part of the empire has been occupied by the Yanbei Army, the northwestern official’s aristocrats all surrendered, rushing to attack, a bloody frozen ice on the Chishui River.

In this regard, the first Northern Expedition was declared to be over. The Yanbei Army had lost as many as 400,000 troops in Beibei and Chidu. The city of Chidu turned into a white place. Countless migrants died of migration and Yanbei was not rich. The finances are even more difficult.

Compared to Yanbei, the damage of Daxia is difficult to estimate. Not only the Northern Expeditionary Army’s losses are severe, but also the emperor’s front row is paralyzed and half of the Northwest’s nationalities fall into the enemy’s hands. If not, the Blades turn back and rescue the Beibei. Even the emperors were won by the people. The eyes of the whole of Simon’s mainland condense on it. The northwest sky, a magnificent red day slowly descended, and the glory and dream of the Great Summer Empire for 300 years began to unstoppable. The decline.

After Zhao Yang returned to the Imperial Capital, the Daxia Royal Family was furious. The Elder from the Shrine quickly passed the resolution of Zhao Yang’s imprisonment with the unanimous vote. Three days later, the empire quickly deployed 300,000 troops from the Southeast Army, the Northeast Army, and the families of major families, led by the seventh prince Zhao Che, once again cast to the northwest battlefield.

Zhuge Huai, the younger brother of Zhuge, served as the general reserve officer of the reserve during the first Northern Expedition and was also burdened by the defeat. Zhuge Huai was excluded and impeached by the Shrine Elders. In desperation, Zhuge Muqing (this is Yuwen Gao or Yuwen Zhuo in the Tv series) had to once again, Zhu Ziji, the fourth son Zhuge Yue of the army, was set to serve as the general reserve and military commander for the army. He immediately followed Zhao Che’s footsteps and quickly rushed to the northwest.

It can be imagined that another war is about to unfold and there will be a quiet period before this storm.

In this regard, the first Northern Expedition War was over. The Yanbei Army lost two hundred thousand troops under the two cities of Beibei and Chidu. Chidu City became a white land. Numerous people died in migration. Yanbei was not rich. The financial plus is difficult.




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