Volume V, Yanbei War Songs, Chapter 142: Under the moon

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

On the day of seeing Miss Helian’s family, it was the first day after Chu Qiao’s illness, and a faint moonlight shone through the window. After a round moon and a faint light shining through the window, the pale moonlight spilled over the ground. The candlelight flickered, flickering, the candle tears drop by drop fell. On the falling candlestick, the red is like blood, the golden account in front of the bed is full of dust, faded and faded, the thick red and the red, the shadow of the tree outside the window is shaking, the sound of the screaming from time to time, the jackdaws fly over, A sad tweet.

Miss Helian was lying on the side of the cotton quilt, and the silhouette looked at the line, thin and thin, and there was still a bloody smell in the room, which was a bit of a mess, which seemed to make people feel sad.

Jing Zhi Su sat beside her, stroking her tears while secretly wiping her tears, and turned to Chu Qiao: “After so many years in the past, I did not expect to see each other again, but Helian’s family is in a prominent position. How did you come to such an end?”

Chu Qiao wore a red fox cloak. This was sent by Yan Xun. Her hair was bright and vivid. She stood there and looked at the three sisters of the Jing family and cried. There was also a bit of sourness and sorrow. The soft voice comforted: “My elder sister must not be too sad, and people will meet again. This is a happy event.”

When leaving, Yan Xun’s attendant came forward to explain: “This woman was rescued from the temple. She had already given her a sum of money to let her go. I didn’t expect her to keep walking and not to walk. When the temple went down to see Princess Nalan Hongye, she came back to meet her again. The young lady asked her Highness to take care of her house. Her Highness saw her pity, and she brought her back with a soft heart. At that time, you are still a girl. Later, she found a place for her in Beibei City. These things were all done by the minions. However, after Beibei started the war, I forgot her for a while.”

The wind was still lingering. Chu Qiao did not pay attention. It was already seven days and the east side was going to open. She had no time to pay attention to these details.

In the evening, Yan Xun came back and the two ate together. When Feng Zhi and A’jing were busy and busy picking things up for Yan Xun, Chu Qiao casually asked, “Are we going somewhere?”

Yan Xun took a look at the letter to the east while eating, and nodded lightly. “Come with me.”

“I will go with you.”

Yan Xun heard the words and raised his letter. He said, “The war in the east is flying, the military in the Great Summer is strong, and your body is not good. I can’t bear you to follow me for a long journey and take risks. Now in Yanbei. No war, you still stay here.”

Chu Qiao brows gently, and quite eagerly said: “My body is no longer in trouble, you let me go with you, I can help you, I can…”

“A’Chu, I never doubted your ability, but you should also rest.”

Yan Yan said this very powerful, low tone, eyes looked at her: “You have done enough, the rest will be handed over to me, don’t you believe me?”

For a time, I didn’t know what kind of emotions were flowing in my heart. Chu Qiao sighed slightly, and the hand holding the chopsticks suddenly shook. She took a deep breath and slowly said: “I am just worried about you.”

Yan Xun looked at her face slowly and held out her hand across the table. She smiled and said, “Take it easy.”

Chu Qiao smiled slightly, but did not know how to reply, she suddenly remembered that since Yan Xun came back, she did not asked about the condition of the army for a long time, even the current army of the big summer, she is ignorant…

“The one of Helian, I took her to the west side courtyard in the house.”

Yan Xun asked while he was reading the letter: “Which Helian Ling?”

“Don’t you remember? It was you who saved it, Miss Huaiyin Helian’s Long House.”

Yan Xun’s eyes did not fluctuate a bit, just quietly: “A bit of an impression.”

The candle buds, the wind outside the window suddenly began, Chu Qiao whispered: “When you left, I forgot her, and did not ask me to take care of it. When I was fighting, she was dragged into the army by Cao Mengtong’s army and was tortured. It’s not working.”

The voice of Yan Xun has not changed. Chu Qiao even suspects that he has not heard his own words. Seeing his expression is focused, his eyes are slightly tired, and he is not good to say. Put down the tableware and walk into the inner room, telling them to make a bed for him to boil water.

Outside the cold wind, even if the fire in the house, but still feel a bit cold. Yan Xun likes to eat chestnuts. When there is nothing to do in the daytime, Chu Qiao is sitting on the bed and peeling one by one. It is often sitting for half a day. The sweetness of chestnut meat is filled with mist, silently lingering between the snore. People are fascinated. On the bedside desk, the tea is on the spot, and the peeled chestnuts are placed at your fingertips. The room is gradually getting together.

The quilt was thick and soft, with a gold thread depicting the pattern of Xiangyun (means magic clouds) Tenglong (vassal state of Zhou in Shandong dragon). The bed is huge and sleeps for seven or eight people. Chu Qiao stretches out his hand for a layer of paving, but he feels a little calm. Maybe, only when she does something for him can she feel the peace of mind.

Suddenly there was a footstep sound behind him, Chu Qiao did not look back, just casually said: “The water has been burned, you first…”

Suddenly her waist was surrounded by a man, the gentle breath of the man sprayed her white neck, Chu Qiao was forced to stand up straight, gently ridiculed to push him: “Don’t make trouble, I make a bed.”

“Well would outsiders would think that Chu Qiao,, who clung to Beibei’s marvellous military exploits, would also do these trivial things.”

Knowing that he is making fun of himself, Chu Qiao laughed and said: “Well, there is no conscience. People have been taking care of you for nearly ten years. I said that I am like a mother-in-law, and nothing can be done except for fighting.”

Yan Xun smiled: “Where, I am feeling good about my blessing.”

Chu Qiao heard, suddenly turned: “Then let me follow you, you can also take care of you.”

Yan Xun looked at her and his smile suddenly disappeared. He saw Chu Qiao for a long time and slowly asked, “A’Chu, do you know what my biggest wish for these years is?”

Chu Qiao slightly raised an eyebrow, but did not answer.

Yan Xun also did not want her to answer. She said to herself: “The years I looked at you every time I was running and you are aslso running for me, I secretly vowed that one day, I have a on the day of my departure, I will not let you suffer from half the grievances and half hurt, I will make you live a happy and joyful life and enjoy all the glory that a woman can enjoy. A’Chu, I am a man, compared to you to charge for me I would also like to see you make bedclothes for me.”

Yan Xun’s expression was very calm. His eyes were very serious. Chu Qiao looked at him and could not tell his feelings for a time. She lowered her head and many emotions flashed in her heart. Finally, she slowly reached out her hand. He embraced Yan Xun’s thin waist: “I know. I will stay here and wait for you. You must come back in peace.”

Chu Qiao voice is gentle, Yan Xun heard the words immediately moved, cannot help himself, he stretched out long fingers, slowly picked Chu Qiao’s sharp chin. His eyes looked deep into her eyes. Then, the kiss fell gently and finely. Falling her horns, the lips of the sakura, the arms are so tight, the shackles of her waist, the friction between the lips and the teeth, a slight whistling sound, so tempting, as if to tear the human reason, Yan His breathing was a little chaotic, a fire was raised in the lower abdomen, and her back was moved upside down. It was not enough, but an urgent desire to rise from the depths of the body, the touch of the lips and teeth has been unable to satisfy him. Now, he seems to want more and more.

The huge bed was hidden in a heavy gauze. Compared with weekdays, it had a different temptation to seduce. Yan Xun leaned back and picked Chu Qiao’s soft body, then he put her down on the bed.

When the body touched the bed, Chu Qiao panicked, suddenly felt a slight cold body, her eyes wide open, but was suddenly covered by suffocating breathing. The symbolic shoving did not stop the sudden rise of desire. The man pressed against her, and her body was rubbing against the crumbs. The blouse she wore in the room could not cover her skin. The skin was hot and hot.

“Yan Xun…hey…”

The breathless voice sounded, such as the influx of water waves, and I couldn’t hear the emotions inside. I couldn’t tell if I was refusing or welcoming. The hand holding the sword all the year rounded the placket on the chest and slowly slipped in. When he touched the slippery piece on the chest, Chu Qiao’s exclamation in her ear could not stop him, and the breath suddenly became incomparable. In a hurry, the beautiful touch instantly ignited the sensibility of his mind. His hoarse voice echoed A’Chu’s ear, and his dreams were: “A’Chu, I am afraid I can’t help it.”

Chu Qiao has lost the ability to speak. The small mouth of the micro-small is contained, and the voice can only be heard. The teeth of the beak are gently rubbed by the tip of the tongue. There are squeaky electric touches, and the skin is shuddering. The brocade is smooth, the weight of the body is so heavy, but it is also so safe. The clothes slipped off the shoulders, revealing the white shoulders, travelling down the good ceramics under the lights.

Suddenly flashed a thought in my mind, the ghost made a difference, Chu Qiao liberated her mouth, the voice was hoarse like water, murmured and asked: “Yan Xun, Jing Yue’er how old?”

Yan Xun slightly glimpsed, she said that Jing Yue’er is a few years old, not Chu Qiao, but what is the difference? The man who is not aware of the facts has some resentment and looks at her complaint: “A’Chu, you tempted me!”

Chu Qiao pitiful look shook her head: “Where am I?”

“You are so beautiful in front of me, that is to seduce me!” Yan Xun took a deep breath and kissed her tender white ear lobe: “And you are not responsible for every temptation.”

As soon as the body suddenly grew up with a small, tiny chestnut, Chu Qiao couldn’t help but bow herself, but Yan Xun’s mouth was still intermittent: “You… don’t say… reason…”

“I just said so well. There will be no way for you.” Yan Xun silently sighed: “A’Chu, I really want to marry you right away.”

“That’s good.”

Suddenly someone whispered in silence, and when the words were just finished, her face was red. Chu Qiao once buried her head in the quilt. After listening to Yan Xun, she suddenly burst into laughter. The voice was extremely refreshed. Chu Qiao felt that he fainted. How could he look even more impatient than her?

“That can’t be done,” Yan Xun forced her out and hugged her on the leg: “The current Yan Yan is only a thief who is partial to Yanbei. Yanbei is ridiculous and awkward. The Yanbei is ridiculous and unprepossessed. How can I? In the bedroom to welcome my wife? Waited for the war in the east. Yanbei was stable. I would like to build a gold palace to welcome you. I will use the Northwest granary of Daxia as my dedication. My A’Chu must be the whole the most honorable bride on the mainland of Ximeng. It is my unique love of my life.”

Although he had long known his thoughts, but suddenly heard him, Chu Qiao was shocked, Yan Xun’s eyes are red, almost falling to tears. She slowly lowered her head and leaned against his shoulder, whispering: “I don’t want anything. I only need to be fine and safe.”

“If You don’t want me, but I can’t help.” Yan Xun smiled and kissed her forehead: “I know how you have been through these years. This is my dream. I have been dreaming for many years. I owe you.” Too much, only for the rest of your life to compensate.”

The heart was like being put in warm water, and the candlelight was gently shrouded. Chu Qiao whispered softly: “Do you still have a deficit between you and me?”

Yan Xun’s face was slightly stunned, his arm was slightly used, and his voice was slightly lower: “You have suffered a lot, I know.”

The fire of the candle slammed, the heavy yarn gauze swayed, the figure was dependent, and the clothes were wandering.

After bathing, Yan Xun did not wear a nightgown but instead wore a casual dress. Chu-Qiao asked with wonder: “What are you going to do?”

Yan Xun picks up a cloak and picks it up on her. She smiles and says, “Send you back to the house.”

“Back to the house?” Chu Qiao, she has been sleeping with Yan Yan in the past few days. In fact, this is nothing. When they were young, they have been sleeping together for many years. They have been sick these days. Staying up late, and often sleeping with her, it is so late today, how can I send her back?

“What? Can’t I?” Yan Xun quipped her, but she said with a sullen expression for a moment: “A ‘Chu, we are not children. These days I can’t sleep at night. awful.”

Chu Qiao’s pretty face was red, and the little ones who saw the left and right all snickered and sneered, and quickly said, “What are you talking about!”

“Don’t laugh, don’t you see A’Chu is shy?” Yan Xun suddenly turned his head and faked the little sisters, but they saw their laughter loudly, and they could only helplessly face Chu Qiao: “Well, they are all. Don’t listen to me.”

“Nonsense, ignore you.”

Chu Qiao turned around to go out to her room, but she listened to Yan Xun’s smile and picked up her from behind. She laughed and said, “Say I’m going to send you back. If you dare to disobey the military order, you really should fight! ”

After Yan Xun left, the room seemed to have cooled. She stayed in his room. Chu Qiao was not sleepy. She remembered the various colors of Fang (means fragrance), and could not help but turn red and could not sleep. He had to sit up and lean against the book. Take out of gods.

When Yan Xun returned, there seemed to be something different. Their relationship became more intimate, but some things changed gradually.

Thinking of Yan Xun’s words, Chu Qiao smiled a little, forget it, maybe she is so hearty, men are like this, no one likes her own woman to fight in the battlefield, he is strong, so he wants to protect himself. She should understand that he is. He hopes that her peaceful and happy life, like the average woman she would drink tea and flowers, wear silk and satin, enjoy the service of people, and lead a life of food and clothing, just to make up for the suffering she had suffered.

Although such a life is not what she wants, she should satisfy his wish and understand his original intention. He is not excluding himself. He just wants to protect himself.

After thinking about it for a while, my heart suddenly became a lot more comfortable. I wanted to sleep. I heard the sound of footsteps outside and pushed open the window. The cold air outside suddenly came, and the rows of lanterns went to the room of Yanyan. Walking very urgently.

“Green Willow!” (means Xiao Liu)

Summoned, Xiao Liu suddenly sneaked into the eyes: “Girl, what?”

“What happened to the outside? So late, how come so many people?”

“Oh, girl, you don’t know. Your Highness wants to call the generals tonight to discuss the military situation overnight. It seems that it is going to formulate an eastern battle plan. The generals of the generals have waited under the porter for quite a while.”

Suddenly, Chu Qiao heard that the wind was blowing out of the window, and she flew up the clothes on her shoulders. Her long hair fluttered in the wind and looked messy and thin.

“Oh, girl, you are just sick, how can you blow it?” Xiao Liu rushed over and closed the window, eagerly said: “Girl? Girl?”

“Ah?” Chu Qia ostunned and said, “Oh, it’s okay, are you going first?”

Xiao Liu has some doubts: “Is the girl really okay?”

“Nothing, you go to sleep.”

“Oh,” Xiao Liu will promise: “The girl also went to bed early.”

The study was brightly lit, and Chu Qiao looked at it for a while, then she opened the quilt and went to bed. Before going to sleep, she thought, Yan Xun was tonight to discuss his military situation and let him come back to sleep? After thinking about it, she feel that she can go back to sleep. They are so noisy there, they must not sleep.

Stupidly caught between half-sleeping and half-awake, suddenly there was an unknown and horrible fear coming from a dream, the heart was like a pontoon, bumping between the waves, ups and downs, but after all, it calmed down a little and calmed down…

When she woke up early in the morning and my head filled with things, she couldn’t fall asleep. On the third day, Yan Xun was leaving. She felt guilty and always felt uneasy. She looked up and washed up in the morning. In Yan’s room, she was told that he had gone to the sunset barracks overnight and had not yet returned.

After returning to the front, he found himself walking in the wrong direction. When he saw the west side of the courtyard where the ice had frozen, he was standing by the pool with a white, unlined, shaggy hair. With a white cheek like a ghost, I heard someone come in a faint turn and there was blood on the forehead, frowning and wondering: “What is this pool of water? Why is it flooded?”

Chu Qiao quickly ran up and pulled her back and angered: “What are you doing?”

“Who are you?” Miss Helian frowned and asked, “Are you from my father?”

Yesterday, I listened to the doctor and said she was irritated and had a problem in her brain. I did not expect it to be so serious. Chuchao was a bit vacant under her heart and had to use her to deceive her: “I am, you went to the house with me, and it was too cold outside.”

“Great!” The only remaining Miss Helian laughed happily, purely pure, like a child: “My father finally came to pick me up, my mother, okay? Brother, okay? I am good.” I want to go home!”

Here is not far from the room, said not nearly close, Chu Qiao took off the big drapes draped over her shoulder and said: “They are all good, just waiting for you, so you have to maintain good health.”

“Well, I listen to you.” Miss Helian replied with a smile.

The two quickly entered the house. With Chu Qiao’s care, it was re-cleaned here yesterday. It is now clean and warm and comfortable. Miss Helian seems to be really stupid. She did not know how to undress when entering the house. Instead, she sat on the couch with a thick coat. She said, “I can listen to you and you can take me home. ?”

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed, took off the big scorpion, smiled and said: “Not yet, the outside is too cold, you can wait until spring.

“Oh.” Miss Helin nodded silently, obviously frustrated, thinking for a long time, or politely raised her head: “I know, you are right, it is snowing outside, and the horse is afraid of cold.” Pull the car.”

She was really skinny. She remembered what she was like when she came in yesterday. Chu Qiao could not help but feel sad.

“You have to take good care of your body. If you are sick, you can go home. Do you know?”

“Well,” Miss Helian promised, and suddenly leaned over and licked her ear, very mysteriously said: “I see you are good, I tell you a secret.”

Chu Qiao stunned and said: “What secret?”

“Actually, this is all wicked outside.”

Chu Qiao said: “Well?”

“Well, it’s all.” Miss Helian lowered her head and looked around carefully. It seemed that she was standing around with people. He said: “The soldiers who wear iron pieces are bad people.”

However, in an instant, He Lian straightened her waist and said with great courage. “But you don’t have to be scared. The gods will protect me. You are good to me. Then I will protect you.”

There was no logic in talking to her. Chu Qiao felt like she was crazy, but she still asked, “God?”

“Yeah!” He Lian Ling smiled and said proudly: “You haven’t seen it before. Heavenly soldiers will, I have seen it, but I can’t tell others that if I want to be condemned, I can only secretly talk to you. Said, that day will like me, he still hugged me, when I go home, he will come to mention, I can marry him.”

When she finished, she yawned and cleverly climbed into the bed and said, “I am going to sleep. I can see him as soon as I sleep.”

Chu Qiao stood up and looked at her with sympathy. The elder lady who was standing tall in the past fell down to this point. Who would have thought of it? Just listening to her muttering, “You bully me, Heavenly Soldiers will kill you all” and so on, while slowly falling asleep, Chu Qiao shook her head and turned to leave the room.

After the meal, Yan Xun still didn’t come back. She had nothing to do with his free time. She sat down before the book case, and his mind began to analyze the distribution of the strength of Daxia after the battle of the Northern Expedition. The intelligence logistic weapons of the two parties were many. In contrast, a combat map naturally begins in the mind.

The last time the Northern Expedition was fought, Yan Xun would use the cavalry to cross the blockade line for the Great Summer. Until now, Chu Qiao has only scratched the surface.

In terms of overall strength, Yanbei’s Empire versus Great Summer is far inferior. Whether it is from troop strength, from weapons, from the supply of grain, from the generals, or from intelligence, from the regime system, from the stability of the rear, Yanbei is the impoverished field of ruins.. If it is a positive collision, even if Yan Xun attacks the Meilin Pass in accordance with the original strategic approach, Yu Xie defends the second line of defense in Lancheng City, and Beibei has also replaced the wise generals. The result may only be the number of nothing. At least for three or five months, it will never be as it is now, but it will end the war in half a month. From this point of view, Yanbei is a great blessing.

The only negligence in Daxia may have been the sending of the Quartet and the coalition at the same time. They intended to be good. They hoped to use a powerful force to defeat Yanbei in one fell swoop, deter the Northwestern princes, and rebuild the imperial majesty. However, as a result, in addition to logistical supplies, the army did not have a second rear line, and the four army formations were all in power. They did not have unified coaches, and they braved the fact that their own soldiers were more likely to be more widespread. Dare to step out of the city and take the initiative to approach, is based on a full range of offensive mode, blockade is not strict. Yan Hao, relying on near-perfect strategic intelligence, took the army from the blockade gap between the four army regiments and entered the Greater Xia inland quietly. He not only played in the chaos but also occupied the northwestern provinces. . And to think about it, when Prince Yan Xun’s army was killed from the east and Zhao Qi’s army was cut off, Xia Monarch was a kind of panic, and suddenly saw such a ferocious force, they did not know what happened in the country. This kind of fear is the biggest flaw in marching and it suddenly appears in an army that can absolutely cause the transformation of the entire army. In particular, Yan Xun  also cleverly did not seal the escape route of their escape. In this way, they did not have to fight against each other. Without the resolve to fight deadly, the soldiers fled for their lives and gave Yan Xun the opportunity to pursue the massacre at a very small cost. Otherwise, more than 400,000 troops will fight together to resist and Yanbei may not have good food.

Of course, if one of these rings does not do well, it is possible to destroy the entire Yanbei.

First, if Yan Xun enters the Great summer, as long as he is being scouted by a scout team, then he will suddenly fall into a lonely and embarrassed situation. Without a city and a foothold, he will fall into the mad smash of the Daxia Army and send it off. Hundreds of thousands of lives of the First Army and the Japanese Army.

Second, if Chu Qiao first occupied Chidu City, and transferred the surname of Yanbei in the northwest to the northwest, and defended the city, then Zhao Yang would break the Chidu, split the army into two, and all the way to cooperate with Zhao Qi to attack Beibei. Into the encirclement, all the way into the Yanbei inland. And if Zhao Yang really enters the Yanbei inland, it will be the emptiness of Yanbei troops, then he will most likely quickly suspect the whereabouts of Yan Xun and the First Army, and the lonely army of Yan Yan will also fall into The embarrassing situation, but also the entire Yanbei as a price. However, after Chu Qiao shunned the Red Cross for many days, Zhao Yang also knew that Zhao Qi would be difficult for him, so he had to take the whole army to support Zhao Qi, and he could no longer have the power to divide the power.

Third, if Yan Xun did not return to Yanbei, or came back late, then Yanbei naturally does not protect, of course, if so, Yan Yan may also occupy the city of Zhenhuang.

The truth is so wonderful.

For Yan Xun to easily occupy the northwestern continent of the great summer, Chu Qiao has always been suspicious. Let’s not say that the officials in the northwest are all appointed by the summer. They say that the tens of millions of northwestern surnames and hundreds of thousands of northwestern local troops can let others occupy their homes. But then she thought about it and she was relieved.

The northwest area is a grassland. Only one of the thirty-one cities, located in the Helan Mountain, except for a plain near the East River, is basically the territory of the Batuha family. This place has been a place of war and chaos since ancient times. In the past few years, people were still cautious and civilized. The Helan Mountain generation still responded with a lot of enthusiasm. It can be seen that the Batuha family is not properly governing. Moreover, Yancheng City had a very high prestige that year and spread throughout the northwest China. Later she listened to Yan Xie and said that they actually played only four games, and they had not even visited several cities. It was the local people and the volunteers who initiated the concept of righteousness and then surrendered. This really made Chu Qiao unprepared. It seems that the slavery system in Daxia really reached the end. Even if there is no war with Yan Hao, the people will sooner or later get up. Rebellious.

Thinking about it, Xiao Liu and the wind rushed in while smiling, and Lu Liu, holding a sign in his hand, met Chu Qiao and smiled and said, “Girl, look at what this is?”

When Chu Qiao looked at him, she looked up and saw that it was a plate of a longevity. The name and her position in the army were engraved on her face. The following are numerous small words, all of which are blessings for longevity.

“My longevity card?” Chu Qiao said with a smile: “Who are you doing? Are you happy?”

Xiao Liu: “What, it is Feng Mian to buy.”

“Buy? How can someone sell this thing?”

“You don’t know this,” said the age of the wind is still small. After Feng Mian’s departure, Yan Xun retired and said: “Now the girl is a savior from Beibei, and the people are almost family members. The rank of the hand of a girl was enshrined in the morning and evening. The loyalty church in the south of the city fell, and a large number of people recently voluntarily paid for the building. But the statue of the girl was placed on it, and it was right next to the Yan old prince, and this was the first time. People are loyal to righteousness, and small business hawkers are seeing profitability. They have made the girl’s longevity tablets and Ping’an Yupei outside selling. Even the army’s people bought Yupei to carry it with them.”

Chu Qiao heard a slight glimpse, but there was no happiness in the imagination of Lu ZhiLu and Xiao Liu, but gradually frowned. After a long time, she only asked in a deep voice: “In addition to my qualifying position, they still sold. Sell ​​someone else?”

The wind saw her look serious and a little anxious. He whispered: “There are also, but the clay figurines of Lu Zhilu adults who sell the Second Army. The surnames are taken home and burned in the stove, or thrown into the pit.”

“Girl, are you okay?” Xiao Liu whispered.

Chu Qiao shook his head: “It’s okay, you go down first, that thing, burned or thrown, don’t let it go.”

“Well.” The two agreed, and turned and went out.

Chu Qiao has some uneasiness in his heart. This time, Yan Xun came to trick Zhao Che to save Zhao Qi and save the North from the fire. She had no idea when he wanted to give up Yanbei’s move. It is reasonable to say that the people should be grateful to him. Why does Yanbei’s surname not appreciate it?

There is a problem here. It seems that we need to study it.

Chu Qiao frowned, his reputation was so high, Yan Xun was better, it should not be more than heart, but others may not be.

It seems that there is a need to do more things for Yan Xun to create momentum. She thinks that it is right not to intervene in the military. Thinking about it, she suddenly felt a hint of cold. Do you know these things? If he knows, will he be removed from the military? Will there be other considerations? However, when she thought of this, she immediately dismissed the idea, shook her head and laughing ridiculously. It seemed that she really had more to talk to Helian.

At dinner time, Yan Yan finally came back. Chu Qiao hurriedly ran out after hearing it. He looked at him from the side of the gallery, smiling and warm, a white fox, looking gorgeous.

Yan Xun strode over and was about to take her hand. Suddenly, she stepped back and slammed her hand and said, “The hand is cold, don’t let you catch cold.”

Chu Qiao smiled and took his hand, helped him to lick it, and let his mouth sigh, then smiled and asked: “How come back so early?”

“I am leaving soon, I want to spend more time with you.”

Chu Qiao looked up and smiled, accompanied him to the main room, and said, “Hungry?”

“have you eaten?”

“No, just waiting for you?”

Yan Xun raised his eyebrows: “Why don’t you eat first, don’t tell you not to wait for me?”

Chu Qiao rarely sprinkled a little Jiao: “I don’t eat well.”

The two of them went to gossip and left. At this moment, they suddenly screamed at someone in the northwest. Then a figure rushed forward.

“God! It is a god! Are you coming to see me?”

Miss Helian rushed up and was stopped by the guards. She was in a mess and she tried to rush in and shouted, “It’s me! It’s me!”

She is now leaned off like a girl, Yan Xun slightly puzzled, looked at her with a frown, did not actually speak for a moment.

“She is Miss Helian, she is sick, her head is not clear, you let them not hurt her.”

Chu Qiao said quickly, Yan Xun nodded: “You send her back, don’t hurt her.”

After that, he turned and left. Chu Qiao followed him. He could hear Miss Helian screaming when he was still far away. She was not a little bit of a taste, nor did she know what it meant and was sympathetic? Mercy? Or is there a hint of jealousy? Really terrible, she actually ate vinegar to such a person.

Yan Xun did not sleep the night before and looked very tired. After dinner, Chu Qiao laid a bed for him and returned to the room. In the middle of the night, when someone suddenly heard someone shouting outside, it was a woman’s voice.

Xiao Liu also heard and ran out in a suit and went back and said: “The girl, the lady who was mad at the Westlake House, ran out to the court of His Royal Highness and shouted. Her Highness woke up and told me. Let you not worry, sleep well, he will deal with.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded, and her heart was slightly uneasy. This Miss He Lian was also a poor man. She did not know if the soldiers would hurt her, but she did not plan to go out and think about it. Or do you care more about the phrase “He still hugged me?”

Chu Qiao secretly ridiculed his own careful eyes, right: “In the morning, please bring the doctor, give the lady a look, a good person, can not always be so crazy.”

Turned over and fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Yan Xun left the house as usual. For so many years, Chu Qiao was so carefree for the first time that he had so much free time. She felt that she had a lot of fat. When he looked in the mirror, she had to grow her double chin. I couldn’t help but feel depressed. After thinking about it, I still went out and walked around. I didn’t call it Xiao Liu but I walked alone.

The weather is fine, although it is cold, but it is not afraid to wear it. When I walk to the Meiyuan in the west, the sky begins to float with light snow, and piles up on the ground floor, and the foot is stepping on it, making a creaking sound. Everything is quiet, the snow is mixed with white, the heavy flower trees compete for beauty, and there is a miscellaneous place. Chu Qiao walks in the snow, and a white scorpion hides the white plum, which seems to be hidden from the shadows.

The weather is good, and my mood is relieved. Such days are actually very good. If there is no war in the east, I would like to be more satisfied.

I don’t know how HeLian is going. Xiao Liu will find a doctor in the morning and don’t know how to say it. It’s still good to have a look in the past. After all, she and the Jing family sisters still have some friendship, and in the end it is also a poor woman.

As I was thinking, a short sound suddenly came from the west door, and it was quite remote. The door was followed by the house’s stables. In order to prevent the beasts from disturbing the owner’s sleep at night, the horses were quite far away from the main house. Yan Xun is now not in the government. Who will use the horse?

Looking forward to seeing it, I suddenly saw three little beggars coming out. They carried a mat and the other guarded it. A few of them did not see Chu Qiao.

One-person: “It’s a pity that it’s so pretty to be so cold. It’s so cold.”

Another person said: “What a pity, you didn’t hear her screaming in front of the house next night. I heard that the girl was alarmed. The girl just got sick, with the temper of His Royal Highness, it was not good to cut it on the spot. Besides, even if it is closed, she will not have a fire, and she should die.”

The person walking on one side was rather old and over fifty years old. He heard a sigh. “I heard that this girl was crazy after being arrested by General Cao Dajun’s barracks. People are crazy. Where is the fire, oh, poor see.”

“You are the only uncle. If you give her money to bury her, it will be her good fortune.

The old man shook his head and said: “It can’t be said either. His Highness was in a hurry in the morning, and he never gave orders.”

“Well, your Highness knows who she is. Except for the girl, other women’s orders are in the eyes of His Royal Highness. That is not life.”

“Well, this matter will stop there. No one will say anything out of it, especially the girl’s sisters.”


As the crowd moved further and further away, Chu Qiao stood there and shivered slightly. Farther away, he could see the hair from under the mat, black and black.

The snow is getting bigger and bigger. After a short while, there is half a foot deep. Chu Qiao stands there. I just feel that the weather is cold and the blood is almost frozen. She remembered the mysterious look of God when Helian Ling spoke to her yesterday. Suddenly she felt as if she had been pinned for a moment, and she was living in pain.

“I can only secretly tell you that that day will love me. He still holds me. When I get home, he will come to mention his family and I will marry him.”

“It’s crazy.”

Chu Qiao murmured, the voice was cold and clear, I do not know why, she suddenly remembered in the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties encountered the little girl called the Xing’er. The child was fat, with two small braids, her eyes were black and round, and she smiled. There are also two small dimples.

When she returned to the room, she was almost frozen, and Xiao Liu was looking for her everywhere. She was mad. When she came back to tears, she fell and ran and cried: “Girl, where are you going? Did you die?”

Chu Qiao shook her head and her lips were almost rigid and would not move.

“Let me sleep.”

When she wakes up, her throat hurts. With her experience, she immediately knew that she was sick again. Yan Xun was dressed up and looked like a servant. He was mad at the Xiao Liu people. He was very angry and said: “Is one of them dead?”

We all shuddered on the floor and trembled, so scared that we were all white and sobbing, but we didn’t dare to cry.

Chu Qiao opened her mouth and tried to call his name. However, he did not call out for a moment, but only made a husky voice. Yan Xun listened quickly and turned back to see her awake and approached her hand and frowned. : “You wake up, do you feel better, hungry?”

Chu Qiao tried several times and finally could make a sound, but it was ugly: “It’s none of their business.”

Yan Xun turned to look at us coldly and calmly: “Not yet get out!”

They suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“A’Chu, how are you doing this time? How can I go with confidence?”

Yan Hao reluctantly sighed, looking a little pale, he is also injured in the body, before the knife by Zhao Che, hurt the vitality, overwork will commit, but he is tough, but always repulsed. Now that he had just experienced wars and had gone through an acute march, these days he worked so hard and saw him go to the front to direct his operations. If it weren’t for air, there would have been a long time ago.

Chu Qiao felt a little distressed, reached out and stroking his thin outline, and said in a mute voice, “You have lost a lot.”

Yan Xun smiled mildly: “I don’t care.”

He picked up a bowl of soup on a warm fire, and the child said in general: “Achu, drink the medicine, and after I am sick, I will take you to the fire thunder and hunt the wild horse.”

Chu Qiao frowned: “The medicine is very bitter.”


Chu Qiao helplessly opened his mouth, Yan Xun a spoonful of a spoonful of feeding, bitter and unbearable, it is better to drink it with a head. The snow outside the window is big again. The weather in Yanbei is really like the child’s face. It says that it will change, and it will be a little storm.

After drinking the medicine, Chu Qiao ate two candied fruit and looked up and asked, “How are you prepared? Are you leaving?”

Yan Xun nodded: “Well, almost, Mr. Wu and Zhong Yu have arrived.”

“Do not worry, you should take care of your illness, don’t worry about me.”

Chu Qiao still does not trust: “Be careful, don’t get hurt.”

Yan Xun smiled helplessly: “Achu, how good.”

“Right, last night was the lady of the Helian family. It was a lot of noise.”

The girl looked unintentionally, and frowned slightly, seemingly angry at being awakened last night. Yan Xun is still gentle, and his face is not changed. He gently pulls the quilt for Chu Qiao, calmly said: “She is a sick person, don’t be angry with such people, I have sent The person sent her out, and you won’t see her again in the future.”

Chu Qiao suddenly gave birth to a glimmer of hope, but deliberately asked: “Are you finding a doctor to cure this disease?”

“It doesn’t necessarily cure, but it’s always good to try.”

Yan Xun stood up and put the warm tea in a place where Chu Qiao could reach out and said, “I have something to do with you tonight and I will not stay with you. You will have a good night’s sleep.”

Chu Qiao nodded his head and said, with a small mouth, and said with a smile: “You are also resting early.”


The figure of the man disappeared in the room, the candle was burning, and there was warm and dry air everywhere. Chu Qiao lay there, her heart was cold, and the footsteps outside came toward her room. Her eyes were blurred. The nose was blocked and the footsteps were getting closer. Chu Qiao was covered with a quilt, covering his mouth little by little, covering his nose, covering his eyes and burying his entire head.

“Girl?” Xiao Liu came over, strangely called: “How do you cover your head to sleep? There are charcoal fire in the house, you are so easy to spoil.”

See Chu Qiao did not respond, Xiao Liu reached out and tried to rip the quilt down, but found there was a great deal of strength in the squatting, and Xiao Liu suddenly stunned, carefully asked: “Girl? What’s wrong with you?” 

The people inside didn’t speak. After a long time, we quit one by one, and the night gradually deepened. Tonight there is no moon, only the blazing candlelight, silently shining in this huge room, the soft light cast in the fire on the quilt, shone a shallow light.


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