Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 156: Long Live Freedom

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Dark clouds cover the sun, the sun haze, pale sunshine weak in the north wind whistling on the battlefield.

Time flies very long, early autumn wind with wrapping Yanbei in a unique chill, swept the vast wilderness. From midday to noon, from noon to dusk, the blood filled the whole piece of fire thunder, and the bright red fire cloud was released. The anger, the dance of the bloody petals, like a blossoming demon. Countless mornings are still alive and kicking, and now it is like a broken wheat, a large piece of lying on the cold land.

The land has lost its original color, the eagle circled in the sky, at any time dive down to enjoy this a rare feast, corpses filled the plains, the sick were lying on the hill as high as the cries of grief. The sound is like the loss of the home of the solitary wolf, issued a sad weeping roar, but even its screams have been called out, only like a dead dog lying on the ground, and occasionally looking for the wounded Medical guards kicked on the foot, will be issued soon as a hum, that he is still alive.

In the evening, there was light rain in the sky, drizzle like a cow’s hair, and the ice was cool and poured on the body. There was still a fire on the corpse of the trench, and the rain was hitting it, causing a white mist.

Cheng Yuan stepped on the corpse came over for many years to give him a slightly feminine face covered with a layer of bloody tough light, his thigh was injured by the arrows, with a white cloth tied, limping while walking.

Under the sunset, a not high on the slope of the slope, the man of the mysterious clothes standing directly under a poplar, Yanbei eagle flag in his head gently floating, withered hay flying at his feet. From time to time, I’m spinning. His eyes are empty and seem to be looking at something, but the look is like crossing the battlefield, crossing the blood, crossing the clouds in the sky…

Cheng Yuan suddenly had some embarrassment. He stood still in silence and did not go forward.

“Cheng Yuan? Come on.”

Yan Xun did not turn his head, his voice was very calm, with comfortable calmness, Cheng Yuan bowed and walked up, kneeling on the ground, divinely said: “Victorious Emperor, the beauty army has been from the southeast of the Hua Yu army’s defense line broke out. General Hua Yu was the second-line corps had just arrived. The squad who rushed could not stop attacking frontliners of Chu Adults. The cavalry of the Beauty Army bypassed the frontal attack of the Guards and directly attacked General Hua Yu. The Beauty army, when we want to block the time is already late, the army repaired from the left wing, and has now gone to the northwest direction.”

Yan Xun quietly nodded his head and did not say anything, Cheng Yuan licked his dry lip, continued: “The end will have already sent letters to the generals and generals, and they have to intercept the first leg. It will also be divided into 30,000 defenders, and southwestern China will be attacked in batches. Longyi Mountain is also ready to fight. The southern Xinjiang waterway leading to the Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties is also closely monitored and guarded. Even if the Beauty army has two wings, they can also shoot them down.”

Yan Xun still did not speak, he stood there, as if the eyes of all the ears have nothing to hear, Cheng Yuan some nervous, whispered tentatively asked: “Emperor?

“You were saying?”

“Our army suffered heavy casualties. The 7th regiment of the 3rd regiment was completely annihilated. The army commander of the 11th regiment of the 8th regiment of the 4th regiment was killed and the subordinate fighters were also killed and injured. The 13th Corps led by General Du Ruolin refused to fight. Nowadays The upper officers have been controlled by the custody, but the lower officers and men are still reluctant to listen to the deployment. They will not only play a role here, we have to separate the troops to guard them…”

Yan Xun heard the words slightly turned around, gently raised his eyebrows and said: “Refused to fight?”

“Yes, yes,” Cheng Yuan swallowed the original words and said a more moderate way: “The officers and men of the 13th Army are all from the Shang Shen Plateau.”

The cold wind blew, and the drizzle hit the nose of Yan Yan. He slowly nodded and stopped talking.

“The emperor, it’s only a matter of time to stop the beauty army again, but there will be a sentence at the end, I don’t know if it’s not said properly.”

Yan Xun no expression: “Say.”

“Yes, if our army succeeds in encircling the Chu people, then ask the emperor, what kind of way should we attack? Is it a full-blown assault, or is it to be a siege, is it a kill, or a capture? Please let the Emperor express…”

The wind on the side of the ear suddenly big up, he stood there quietly, the cold wind blowing through his body, blowing a strange surge of robe sleeves, the distant battlefield is still a small stock of flames, a day of fighting took the spirits of the soldiers.  At the moment, they are tired, rude, broken clothes. A full twenty thousand guards, as well as reinforcements after the three-way army, although there is a way out of the war, still in front of the Beauty army forced them to eat defeat. Chu Qiao led the nine thousand Beauty army, like a knife, it scratched his encirclement, 缳 缳 (Huan Huan) thirty thousand fire cloud army did not do things. It was easy for her to do these things. Yan Xun had to admit, in Military, A’Chu is a rare genius, her grasp of the war situation and control, her authority and status in the army, even their own knowledge are not comparable.

He slowly spit out a sigh of relief, and the heavy bottom of his heart covered it like a wave. At this moment, he did not know that he was fortunate that she finally escaped. in their own no emotional things without children love the long case to defeat their own,  herself escape from birth. Still sad, she finally left him completely, never going back?

There was a kind of ironic taste rising, which made him unconsciously want to sneer. He looked at Cheng Yuan faintly and suddenly said: “Cheng Yuan, you know why so many people persuade me that you are not good, but I still have to reuse you?”

Cheng Yuan heard suddenly surprised, quickly kneeling on both knees, kowtow: “The holy love, the end of the million dead enough to repay.

“Because you are like the former me.”

Cheng Yuan Meng raised his head and looked at Yan Xun with shock, but he stopped talking.

“I know that your parents all die in the war, your wife and sister by the big summer army to do prostitutes, your brother is Datong generals, but died in the internal assassination.

Cheng Yuan’s eyes gradually become red, and he slammed on the ground, not saying a word, his lips were blue and white.

“I know what you’re thinking, just like me, and I know what I’m thinking about.”

Yan Xun looked up and looked at the sunset blood red bed through the horizon of the clouds, shed a tragic red, his mouth gently bent, quietly said: “a person can have a lot of wishes, but always first live, if you are dead, then nothing is fulfilled.

Cheng Yuan’s eyes suddenly burst of hot, tears moisten his line of sight, was the whole Yanbei curse villain commander tightly holding the fist, deep down his head.

Sky flying over the pale bird, from Yan Xun’s line of sight, Yan Xun looked at it, eyes distant, like a long line, lost the goal of maintaining, and finally no longer find the focus of cohesion. He was silent for a long time before Chen Sheng said: “The beauty of the military is too strong, it is not appropriate to block its front, open the border, through the news to Zhao Yang and Wei Shu Ye, about to enter winter, let A’Chu come to open for us. This is stalemate Great Summer battlefield.

Cheng Yuan was slightly shocked. Even with his deepness, it was difficult to cover the shocking color on his face. For a long time, he whispered: “The big summer is now hoarding the squad, all the heavy armor, the Chu Daren led all its light cavalry, at the end will be afraid that the Great Summer rush cannot stop the Chu people’s way.”

“Hold the footsteps of her.”

Yan Xun turned and walked toward the winding city of Beibei, the dark horse with his side, the sunset shining on his body, pulling out a long shadow, a low voice slowly coming, like a grassland of the wind that lasted a year.

“Notify Beibei, Shang Shen, the returning surname, and say that their Beauty adults will leave Yanbei.”

The wind blows the corner of his flying clothes. The sword of the waist is reflected by the blood red light. The man’s footsteps are so heavy. Step by step, slowly walk into the dark and dark cage, and there seems to be gold. The shackles locked his whole person. The black smoke rises in the distance and the screams of sorrow are constantly coming, and the silence of death hangs over the thunder.

A’Chu, I have said that everyone can betray me, you cannot because you are my only light source, the sun shining on my dark sky.

Now, my sun goes out.

You can think of me when you are surrounded by the enemy, isolated and helpless, and you have no way to escape.

Achu, I am looking at you behind your back.


There was no warning in the battle. The army in Yanbei maintained a transparent state for their arrival. Chu Qiao began to hold the innocent fantasy, thinking that Yan Xun could not bear to start with her, and finally let her go. However, when the dragons were off the gate and saw the surnames carrying the children with their burdens, her heart suddenly fell into the waning ice pool, completely desperate and dead.

In the morning light, the dense stream of people is like a long dragon. Some people push big carts, filled with big boxes and small boxes, pots and pans are slamming, some people wave their whip and drive their own herd of sheep and sheep. Holding the crying child, sitting on the stone, revealing half of the chest, the cold wind feeding the child, and some people picking up the pole, which is filled with sweet potato and corn. Every time you walk, you have to sit down and have a meal.

Exhausted, hard, panic, a variety of different expressions continue to appear in the people’s faces, but when they see the banner of the Beauty army, all invariably cheering up. The people who rushed forward, facing the army shouted:  “Adults are coming! What about adults?”

An old man who was made white was crowded with his little grandson in front of him, and the little face of the child was flushed with red light. They cried out to Chu Qiao: “What are we going to do?”

“Yeah adults, where are we going?”

“No matter where you go, you are sure to follow the adults. You can’t let the adults go by themselves.”

“Adult, why don’t you say it in advance, the crops are still confiscated, but fortunately, you can’t catch up.”

The soldiers of the Beauty Army quietly stood in the open field, no one spoke, they turned their heads to look at Chu Qiao, the girl was wearing a blue cloak, sitting on the horse’s back, like a sharp Javelin. Her expression was very calm, and she was not shocked or panicked, so the soldiers all let go of their hearts: don’t worry, the adults must plan carefully.

“grown ups.”

He Xiao came to the horse, whispered in her ear.

Chu Qiao slowly turned his head, He Xiao was so close to her, so close to letting him notice the slyness and confusion of her eyes for a moment, his heart suddenly rose a little sad and deplored, for many years, let him no longer obsessed with the blind ability to believe in the power of this girl in the past, he saw so much in the past two years. He saw her depression, saw her crying, saw her weakness, saw her confusion, she was not Legend has it that the invincible myth, many times, she is just a young woman, stubborn and stupid to bear too much responsibility and pressure, even tears, have to hide in the corner of no one. But all this did not affect his loyalty to her, but instead gave him a complex feeling. Like a loved one, like a brother, like a subordinate, like a confidant.

He reached out and shook her shoulders lightly and without hesitation, and said in a deep voice: “Adult, He Xiao is here.”

Yes, He Xiao still has this, the beauty army still has this, she is not alone.

But soon, the direction of Yanmingguan raised the rise of smoke, and the scout rushed back. He hurriedly reported: “Adult, 20 miles ahead, Zhao Yang’s 100,000 armies is coming, as soon as possible. As long as we leave the Longyu (means Dragon) Pass, we will be ambushed.”

At this moment, Chu Qiao almost wants to laugh out loud.

Yan Xun, Yan Xun, your wiseness is a good means!

The switch gives way, no need for a soldier; delays with the surname, destroying the high-speed maneuver advantage of her cavalry; by the hands of the great summer, blocking her way. Even if Daxia has doubts about this news, he can’t let the Yanbei military leader like Chu Qiao enter the Daxia territory with the beauty army. Even if he knows that Yan Xun has another purpose, this war will be inevitable.

She accurately touched the Shang Shen back to the people’s minds, through her Chu Qiao’s mind, but also through the thought of Zhao Yang.

Perhaps in the small-scale battlefield, she can also use the tactical and clever command means to win him two games, but said to seek people’s mind, clever use of the parties forces, she is far less than Yan Xun’s machine heart.

The people also found the east of the fumes, there are low panic in the crowd spread, although we still full of confidence that “adults here, do not be afraid,” but think of the summer of the Jagged army, and Beauty army less than five thousand people for the preparation, they could not help but began to hesitate.

He Xiao has returned to Longji mountains, and some soldiers shouted: “The city guards the army, please open the gate, put the surnames in!”

Even shouting three times, only people took a long tune slowly said: “The emperor has ordered, if you want to enter the city, please let the beauty army soldiers advanced the city.

“Big summer army instantly, please let the people into the city!”

“The emperor has ordered, please let Beauty army soldiers advanced city!”

The monotonous echo sounded over and over again, and the wind blew and blew up, raising the dust and grass clippings everywhere. Chu Qiao looked up and looked at the black eagle flag that floated on the dragon’s shackles and held the fist tightly. .

“grown ups?”

There was a low voice called by the soldiers.

“grown ups!”

The voice is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more people are coming around.

“Adult, what should I do?”

The surname began to be scared, and the children that the cold breath of the air, panic cry, the countless voice in the ear noisy asked:

“Adult, what should I do?”

“Adult, the enemy is coming.”

“Adults, go into the city, avoid it.”

“Adults, go back and apologize to His Majesty, he will forgive you.”

“Adult, we swear to death, order!”

“Adult, adults, adults…”

Yan Xun, is this what you want?

Chu Qiao smiled coldly at the empty sky, and the softness of the bottom of his heart was also crushed by reality.

What do you want to see? Seeing that I am isolated? See me on all sides? Seeing that I became a dog of funeral family, but with helplessness, I fled back to Yanbei and fled to Yanbei.

Yan Xun, you look too much of me.

“Soldiers, all of you have seen these days.”

Chu Qiao sat right away, stretched out her hand, made a quiet gesture, with a slow voice slowly said:

“Our king, Yanbei emperor, he abandoned the oath once, abandoned our day facing the land of Yanbei, facing the promise back to the snow-capped mountains, Changqing people whose bones are not cold, loyal to the emperor’s knife stopped. On the neck of the Datong. Mr. Wu died, the feather girl died, 缳 缳 (Huan Huan) princess died, Xiao He and generals died, side positions General, General Rui Rui, A major general Xue, one died in the Great Empire fanatical dream. Today, the blade is hanging over our heads, the soldiers, in front of you, is the 100,000 army of the great summer. They are eager to make a fuss, waiting for us to send it to us. Behind us, we are already degenerating. The Northern Army, they are standing up, preparing for saliva, waiting to spit our heads, and then laughing at us as a useless coward. Our side is a father and abandons who was abandoned by the state, soldiers, where should we go?”

The cold echoes echoed quietly on the wasteland, and no one spoke. They all looked up and looked at Chu Qiao with a burning gaze.

Chu Qiao suddenly jumped off the horse, pointing to the soldiers shouted loudly, sharp, as if hell loose war hawk:

“Is it a sneak peek of the dictator’s running dog, a traitor who is betrayed by vows? Is it abandoning our loved ones and fleeing alone? Or is it rushing to the front twenty times our enemy to win the dignity and glory that a soldier should have? ”

Chu Qiao looked up and said: “Warriors! Do you want to survive?

“miss you!”

Both the military and the surname are all unanimous, and the sound penetrates the clouds and stuns the birds hovering above.

“Do you want to be a traitor?”

“Don’t want!”

“Death is the same as being a traitor. What do you choose?”

People loudly shouting: “swear not to betray Datong!”

Chu Qiao stood in the wind and shouted: “Warriors, folks, follow me, obey me, obey my command if you want to die, let us use our own blood to interpret Datong’s last glory! Head can be broken, Blood can flow, our faith will never go out! Long live Yanbei! Long live Datong! Long live our freedom!”

On the mountain, like an ocean shouted to call to drink, tens of millions of hands held in the air: “Long live adults!”



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