Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 158: King of Qinghai

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

On the 25th of the month, the wind was rushing and the snow was like cotton

Inside and outside the palace are covered with snow, exposed on the ground dry mausoleum also hung up early white lanterns. The walking maids were dressed in burlap white, flying, white yarn, and gently sweeping the dust on the ground…

There is no palm lamp in the temple. Only a row of white candles burns quietly, and the pale white light merges into a deep candle shadow.

On the big mourning hall, a slender figure sits quietly in the shadows. The lights are like the darkness on his side, leaving only a faint aperture, not seeing the eyebrows, only seeing the little ones next to them. The cup is half-tilted and the wine is overflowing.

He never likes to drink alcohol, but now he has been in a dry mausoleum for three days.

Three days, the dry mausoleum was filled with empty wine, but why didn’t you have a hint of drunkenness?

Outside the wind, the wind swept away, the candle in the hall was deep and quiet, and he quietly sat alone, but his ears seemed to hear the rumble drums of the border and heard the soldiers rushing into the cold wind with a saber to kill the slash and hear the last name. In the cold wind, they called for the screams of their hometown, the bloody and sorrowful, flooded the walls of Longyuguan, flooded the very small pastures in Yanbei, and drowned the warmth between them.

Yes, he was not drunk, he has been so clear, sober to see their own sinking and fall.

In the meantime, he suddenly remembered the summer nights many years ago. In the small house of the Holy Palace, the mosquitoes hovered and the sultry people could not stand it. One night, Achu came back very late. In those days, the people in the dining room always liked to call her. He stood at the door of the singer’s courtyard and draped his clothes. The moon in the night was so round, and the bright yellow round, the mosquito hovered over his head, but he felt that his heart was calm. When he was tired, he sat on the threshold, holding a copper branch in his hand and polishing it on the stone.

A’Chu has grown up, and he wants to be jealous. He makes a blind man for her.

She came back very late, did not teach as usual why he did not sleep early, but the mysterious secret from the back out of a beautiful crystal put into his hands, this is a large piece of ice. Carved into a bowl-like small bowl, both sides of the complex pattern of glass, the middle was shredded and colored fruits, cooler, like Yanbei winter snow.

He was holding an ice bowl at the time, and when he remembered his parents’ parents, his mother always carved such an ice bowl for them in the summer. He always liked it, and he held it hard. Not down. But the more the grip of the tight, the faster the ice bowl, and soon became a pool of nothing of the water.

He looked up and looked through the ice bowl looking at the girl opposite him, when A’Chu only ten years old, very short, she looked up at him smiling, wearing a blue rag and a small coat. The eyebrows such as the big summer maiden hairpin of red flowers, her face is very thin, but floating a hint of red flush in her cheeks. Because she has been holding the ice bowl, her hands were frozen and red, hard holding a small fist. Her Eyes are so bright, the sky cannot match the moon, instantly penetrated all his sadness and memory, straightly pierced his heart and disperses all the clouds in the sky.

Yan Xun then swear that he must succeed, must have this life are good for this girl, never let others bully her, he wants her like the princess’s life, every wish, every thought, should be realized.

Time flies, years like ruthless hands, easily drowned those memories and vows they had. He sometimes felt that his life may be the melting of the ice bowl, home, parents, brother, sister, mentor, comrades, love, because of this reason gradually away from him, the more he want to grasp force to live, the faster they leave. After all, such as the share of ice water, sprinkled on the ground, disappeared.

He raised his head, in front of his parents and relatives of the cemetery, high mourning, towering mausoleum, covers an area of ​​thousands of animals, which is buried only a few pieces of life relics and clothes, their skull, still in the big summer temple Of the sin of the temple shelved, and the body, has long been in the chaos of the war to the wild wolf belly.

He picked up the wine cellar, and the spicy spirits slid down his throat, like hot carbon. There was a low wind blowing into the wide hall, swaying gently, like a woman’s light dancing sleeves on the stage. Entangled. Yan Yan’s line of sight is still clear. He is handsome, with a slight tinge, his cheeks are thin, and his eyes are like a heavy smog. Look carefully, there seem to be a few silvers and faint candles between the two eyes. Under the fire, the gleam is a little bit vicissitudes.

But it is two years, he is already so tired, and his life seems to have been walking in a way wrong, every step has an endless fork in the road, gradually, the people around their own way, although at the same time with the departure. But they have their own direction.


In the heart of the water stop, suddenly these two words, like a stone, gently shattered the calm lake.

“Father, you deceived me.”

Yan Yan looked up and looked at the portrait above the Lingtai. His father’s face was as vivid as he was. He looked at his loved ones when he was a child, and quietly said:

You said that Yanbei is a paradise on earth. It is a place of freedom and prosperity throughout the whole world. You said that everything you have done is to open up a thousand years of unsuccessful achievements for future generations, but you are wrong, you are wrong. You destroyed Yanbei, destroyed yourself, and destroyed Yan’s veins. In the eight years of Zhenhuang, I was immersed in your trust and fantasy to survive, but when I died, I returned. When I am in Yanbei, you don’t know how disappointed I am.”

Yan Xun no expression, the hall deep silence, he quietly looked at his father, Chen Sheng said: “There are cliffs on all sides, cold and cold frost everywhere, but father you are a slap in the face to build your own imagination of the paradise. You know how naive this is? So the emperor can’t let you, the world can’t let you, even your subordinates betray you, just because you don’t have such power, you can’t do things that even the emperor can’t do. ”

“Father, I killed Mr. Wu and the Miss Yu, the feather girl, because they are still adhering to your legacy, has become a stumbling block on my way forward, I gave them a chance, but unfortunately they do not want to cherish. I killed, only because Datong wants to support her, as long as she’s still, Datong will never die. I killed those old men who killed you, because they are short-sighted, but also occupy the heavy right. I killed a lot of people, but I’m closer to my dream.”

Yan Xun looked up and drank a glass of spirits, and poured a cup, flat before the body poured on the ground, the word slowly said: “Father, I will not be like you.”

Yan Xun long body standing, turned away, clothes hem swept the small dust on the hall, his every step is so firm, vigorous pace, calm, candle fire on his back, pulled on the ground so long shadow, behind him, is the history of Yanbei loyalty of the spirit, there are his parents brother, but also his ancestors were more ancestors, but also to contribute to the north of the loyalty of the generals, Mr. Wu, Yu girl , Xiao He and, 缳 缳 (Huan Huan), side positions, Rui Rui, A’Du, and even for the protection of the North Bei Shuo and the death of the generals, Wu Dan Yu, Feng Mian… …

So many eyes, looked at him calmly in the depths of the candlelight, watching him little by little out of the hall, little by little to leave the sleeping place of the dead.

His pace is so steady, without a trace of hesitation and regret.

The wind of the wind blowing cold, Yan Xun’s eyes dark as ink, he remembered the day away from the ZhenHuang, A’Chu right back to the rescue was besieged in the town of the southwest of the town government to all officers and men, perhaps from at that moment, he had foreseen today’s ending. They have their own different ideals and beliefs, cannot be reconciled, so it will gradually drift away, took a different path.

Any dream is achieved, it is a price to pay.

And the price he paid was no longer the one she remembered.

The powerless feeling spreads a little, but he does not sway all the shackles.

A’Chu, when you turn around and leave the moment, I know that your life is doomed to follow me, you are destined to walk in the light, and I cannot escape this dead blood, I cannot accompany you to fly high, so I want to break your wings to keep you on the side of the body, and now, I finally have to fail.

“A’Chu … …”

The low voice of the empty hall slowly rang, like a cold white wind blowing the white air, the man stood at the door of the hall, the cold moon shines on his face, with a strange pale, he slowly closes his eyes. The expression is so calm, but the eyebrows are faintly picked up, and the bulge is like a smoggy silence.

“Achu… are you still coming back…”

Cold moon like frost, clouds floating cover the half, back to the high, the difficulty of the birds, he stood on top of the mountain, eyes misty swept the whole piece of Yanbei earth, he quietly thought: perhaps, she is not coming back.

“His Majesty!”

A’Jing pushed open the guards and stopped. He rushed to the ground and said excitedly: “Your Majesty, save the girl, the dragon and the snow have closed the door, and the summer has been in the siege for many days, the girl is almost unable to hold it.”

Yan Xun did not speak, he looked at the towering mountains, seems to fall into a long meditation.

“Your Majesty, the girl to follow you for many years, born into death, perseverance, her merits, all of us are looking in the eyes, your majesty, you really have the heart to kill her? You forgot what you have said it? “

A’Jing’s eyes were red, and he kept humming his head. He said in a deep voice: “Your Majesty, beg you, open your grace, beg you…”

“A’Jing,” Yan Xun suddenly asked, it seems that at this time only to find his presence in general, puzzled frowned: “How can I save her?”

A’ Jing heard the words suddenly overjoyed, quickly said: “open Longyi (means Dragons) gates, send troops out of the city to help … …”

A’Jing not finished, Yan Xun slightly frowned: “Do you think, even if the opening of the Longyi (means Dragon) gate, she will come back?

A’Jing suddenly surprised a moment, meditation for a long while, was murmured: “That, then cancel the South Xinjiang waterway defense line leading to Sui and Tang Dynasties, open Tang Shuiguan, and let the girl go south.”

“South?” Yan Xun’s voice is very calm, calm cannot hear half of the waves, he gently asked: “that she is not coming back?”

A ‘Jing stunned, no longer speechless, Yan Xun mouth pulled, even smiled, softly said: “Did you just say, that I will always lose her forever?”

The night was so cold, A’Jing just feels the whole body is braving the cold. After thinking for a long time, he suddenly jumped up from the original place, turned and ran, and yelled and yelled: “I will advise the girl to come back!”

Yan Xun did not stop him, did not even see him, he still quietly standing there, dark clouds cover the moon, but also snow, and A’Chu she does not insist silly girl, why not come back? He frowned, like a simple young man, his self-deception to throw away all the political factors, reminding them of a child when the quarrel of the same trouble, angry, why not come back? Outside is cold.

If life is only first seen, Achu, will you still choose to entangle with me? Can you expect your situation today? How deep is your hate for me?

“Your Majesty,” a low voice sounded behind, Cheng Yuan kneeling there, is still a consistent humility: “open waterway mark, put Chu adults go south.”

Yan Xun glimpsed a little, turned his head and looked at Cheng Yuandao: “What? You come to plead for her?”

“The subordinates are not asking for the Chu people.”

Cheng Yuan said calmly: “The subordinate is to plead for the majesty.”

He was deeply squatting on the ground, and his tone was low and he said slowly: “Your Majesty, let yourself have a way of life.”

The heart of Yan Xun seems to have been stabbed suddenly, and the pain of life.

“If the Chu people are in the hands of death, they will not be happy in their lives. You have said that no matter what dreams you have, you must live first. Only if you live, everything will have hope. If you die, then It’s too late.”

Yan Xun silence for a long time, the wind blowing his clothes, so cold, he did not wear big fur, standing on the high mountain, like wings to fly.

“Cheng Yuan, why do you have to say these words, are you not having a festival with Achu?”

“There are no festivals with the Chu people. Before they belonged to the sinful adult, they just lost their heart. Later, they wanted to die in her life. They also wanted to protect themselves. Now Chu people have not threatened their subordinates. I do not want to watch her die.”

“The important thing is,” Cheng Yuan looked up and looked at Yan Yan with his eyes closed. He said: “I don’t want my heart to be dragged. In this world, only the next person can make me fulfill my wish. Only the next person can let me really follow and surrender. I will never change my loyalty to my Majesty. Even if His Highness left behind by the heavens and the earth, I am willing to follow the majesty until his blood turns to gray, and the people who want to kill the whole world, I will lift the sword first, and I will use my body to fill the East China Sea. I will cut off my head for the first time. I have lost my life for a long time because I can’t find anything that really deserves my faith. Now that I have found, my hope of His Majesty is my faith, so I do not want His Majesty to live in remorse.

“Your Majesty, let her go.”

Yan Yan’s thoughts suddenly became so vast. In a short moment, he remembered all the past years of the past ten years, but they all gathered into a picture. The young children climbed from the blood and looked at the young with hateful eyes. He, his heart was slightly hurt at the moment, then his fingers were lightly biased, along with the child’s neck, and the wind blew the child’s forehead chaos. In this way, he always remembered the unyielding eye.

after all……

after all……

He slowly closed his eyes, one word, and one word to withdraw himself from that memory, all the love was cut off by him, bloody pain.

“Transfer General Qiu, open the waterways of southern Xinjiang, let them…”

“His Majesty!”

Suddenly the screams came, and the messenger staggered down the stone steps and climbed the mountain, and shouted, “the frontier!

Yan Xun and Cheng Yuan turned their heads at the same time. They saw the communication soldier panicking and screaming on the floor. They opened the letter and reported loudly: “Southern China Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) Deputy General Qiu Shao reported: On the 10th, South Xinjiang Tang. The water gate was attacked by unknown enemies. The enemy’s origins were unknown. Suddenly appeared in Yanbei territory, blocking the news, and repeatedly attacked 13 counties. Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) General Qiu Shao was killed and Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) was the rank of Major General. In addition to all the ministers, the officials were killed and killed more than 30,000. Yesterday afternoon, Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) was attacked. We started a street battle with the enemy. This is the next messenger after the next one. I hope I can rush out. The news is reported to the next. The ministers will stick to their posts, even if they die, they will not blame me for Yanbei Junwei. Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) 50,000 soldiers will be responsible for this.

“What happened? Tang Shui (means mountain)was attacked on the 10th. Why don’t we know anything?”

Cheng Yuan stood up and asked with anger.

The messenger was afraid of the return: “All the officers and men were trapped inside, the enemy was fierce, and the surrounding counties and counties were broken together. We didn’t have time to report.”

“The officials and surnames of other counties near the southwest will not be ignorant. How can the war report be delayed to this point?”

The Messenger carefully raised his eyes and quietly looked at Yan Xun. After a long time, he whispered: “The southwestern part is Shang Shen Plateau. Let’s not say that there are ten rooms, and they are following the Chu people. Even if the people left behind, I heard that the enemy outside is to save the Chu adults, it is not bad to receive a hidden help. No one has reported it. The local officials have been tied up by the surnames. ”

“What?” Cheng Yuan said with great anger: “What do they want to do? Rebel? Army? Soldiers? Are you dead? Seeing that their chiefs are tied up by fools?”

“This, this, subordinates have heard that the local army has secretly assisted the enemy to attack Tang Shuiguan, and also provided detailed insider and war reports. Otherwise, the straits like Tang Shui will not be easily broken.”

“There is no reason!”

“How is it now?” The low voice suddenly sounded, and Cheng Yuan quickly turned his head, but he saw Yan Xun’s faceless expression slowly: “Tang Shui Guan (means mountain) was broken, what happened now?”

The communications soldier was sweating and trembled on the ground. “When I received the news, I heard that the Sui and Tang Shui Monarch did not know why they got the news. They had already been outside Tangshui Guan (means mountain). When they opened the city gate, they abandoned the ship. Going ashore, I have already gone to the Longyi Guan (means mountain).”

“Who’s the soldiers?”

“Yes, it is Bian Tang emperor.”

How many are they?

“No less than 200,000.”

So close, Yan Xun can even hear Cheng Yuan shocked pumping sound, his eyes slowly narrowed, and restored the emperor’s dignity, as if before the mountain at night looking at the night sky is not the same as him.

“Li Ce? Personally come?”

“Immediately the whole army, the first army of the Second Army all assembled, as I went to Longyi Guan (means mountain) Pass!”

After three hours, the army quickly returned to the integration of the mountain, and the return was the edge of Shang Shen. It was only half a day away from Tang Shuiguan. It was not far from Longyuguan. Yan Xun  rode on the horse, and a black coat hunted the wind. Fei, Cheng Yuan and his side, whispered: “Your Majesty, the 10th attack on the gate is the people of Sui and Bian Tang dynasties?”


Yan Yan shook his head and looked deep. He said with a deep voice: “The Sui and Tang Dynasties are far away from Yanbei Road. Even if Achu and I fired on the thunder, Li Ce got the news, and it was impossible to rush to Tang on the 10th. Water, presumably, there is another group of forces who got the news in time, secretly informed the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and took the lead in attacking Tang Shuiguan, so as to open the way to the later Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties.”

Cheng Yuan frown said: “Who would be it? Big summer? Impossible.”

“Who?” Yan Yan’s eyes were cold and he spoke slowly: “Who can easily appear in my Yanbei territory?”

Cheng Yuan suddenly became shocked and shouted: “The king of Qinghai?

“The king of Qinghai.” ” Swallowing these three short words between the lips and lips, faintly said: “I have to meet.”

Morningstar at first glance, daylight bright.

“His Majesty!” The long news came, a soldier cursed, loudly reported: “in front of ten miles, found an unknown enemy.

“how many people?”

“The enemy from south to north, blocked the front of our army, meandering up to ten miles, infantry thirteen division, cavalry eight division, heavy armor seventeen army array, and another archer knight ax unidentified, the estimated number of about 150,000 or more.

For a time, everyone could not help but exclaim, such a huge strength, even quietly appeared in the territory of Yanbei, if today is not for them to hit, it will be terrible scenes?

Yan Yan did not have such worries. He knew that the other side appeared here to block his army so that Li Ce would leave a way back. Vaguely, he seems to have guessed the identity of the other party. Although he was unwilling and surprised, he still felt a little pleasure. Well, for a while, he has already counted that there will be this step today. It is an enemy. He should stand out with a knife and a gun. His people, he should save it, but he can’t allow others to save! (My gad, Yan Xun should save his people but can’t allow anyone to save Chu Qiao? How cruel!! LOL)

Morning mist confused, slowly covered with this piece of dark soil, a group of fog, the towering army quietly reveal a head angle, hideous, as a black ocean.

Yan Xun’s black robe screamed, his eyebrows were silent, and he slowly rode forward from the army. Seeing each other’s military array, there is also a slender Qingjun figure coming out.

The pipe was so far away that he recognized the identity of the other party for the first time. In an instant, the two men’s eyes slammed in one place, and Yan Yan smiled lightly and raised his eyebrows. Divinely said: “I haven’t seen you for a long time.


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