Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 161: Lights

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

After the completion of the Bailu Guan (Bailu means White Dew and Guan means mountain) Pass, it was the land of Daxia. Although this time it is winter, Xianyang was located in the southwest and had a mild climate. When Chu Qiao left the country, it was still raining.

The light blue mountains cover the white rain and the fog, the distant river is like a chain, the ripples flow, the dusk on the wilderness is beautiful, the Wujin is heavy, the earth is paved with gold, the cold moon has already risen slightly, the grass is flourishing, and the grass is high. Swaying, flush with the horse’s back, between the strong winds, the hidden grass, such as the red gold microwave, rushed from the vast sky.

The initial excitement gradually disappeared, and the cooling mind was fiercely collided. If it was true, what kind of identity is he and how can he have something to do with her, she has been killed several times. Now, do you have to destroy all of this in your eyes? And if she thinks everything is wrong, Li Ce said, but Yan Xun compassionately let her go, then, what should she do?

And now she has no courage to open her mouth.

She lived in the city of Xianyang, renting a small house, a single-family house, located in a remote place, with two weeping willows in front of the door, at this time bare and yellow.

In the twinkling of an eye, after seven or eight days, the year has passed, and the lights in the city of Xianyang are full of joy. The neighbor next door sees her as a single young woman living alone here, and she invites her to celebrate the New Year twice. She refused.

After another three days, the first year of the Shangyuan (means Ghost) Lantern Festival, there was a clear snow in the early morning, but the snow had melted before it landed. Instead, the tree was covered with a thin layer, which looked far away. In the distance, the mountains are vast and white, clear and green, and the city is full of many trees.

The landlord is a fat woman in her thirties. She is very kind and has a pair of sons and daughters at her knees. Her husband is a private school teacher. She is also a well-to-do family. The girl seemed to like Chu Qiao. When she passed by the door, she would stretch her neck to look inside. Her brother saw her curiosity. Sometimes she held her underneath and asked her to kneel down on the green wall.

In the evening, Chu Qiao feared that the landlord would get out of her house and would call her to eat.

It’s not dark yet, and the city hasn’t opened yet, but the street is already very lively. There are bustling crowds everywhere. Various food stalls are placed around the street in a row. The merchants selling roasted boiled tobacco and play rouge objects. While the Xianyang street is full, Chu Qiao seems to avoid it by making herself busy.

Because it is a festival, the ladies of the big family who do not go out on weekdays have also come out of the house. There are several people in the street wearing a soft chair carriage, and a carriage passed by Chu Qiao’s house. Occasionally there are few waves of laughter heard. The warm and smoked wind blowing from the far lake brings a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Compared to the bright red green eyes, Chu Qiao is very plain. However, after all, it was the Sui and Bian Tang Imperial Palace. In the end, it was more beautiful than the ordinary folk costumes. It was made of thin and long silk, light blue and white. It was embroidered with a very pale silk thread, a faint magnolia flower. In addition, she calmed the temperament of Qing Wen (means gentle culture) and walked alone on the long and quiet streets of the Wutong (means Chinese parasol tree). The scholars of the past were all attracted to her attention. Some occasions they wanted to come walked forward to talk to her but were slightly awkward. She felt that her cold and soothing temper is not like the usual ordinary women insistence. But she did not put this heavy figure in her eyes. She was already far away when she was hesitant.

The sky is getting darker, the twilight is closed, the heavens are beautiful, and the moon is round tonight, the stars are falling, the faint moonlight is sifted by the leaves of the trees or the sparse, broken into a small light, and falls on her shoulders…

This is not the first time she has come to Xianyang City. Three years ago, she took the soldiers out of the city of Zhenhuang. On the way, Zhao Yu’s brother-in-law and sister, who was killed and chased after Zhao’s escort. Together with Liang Shaoqing, she is disguised as a boy. She was captured as a slave and then sold to Zhan Ziyu Family, where she found her three Jing sisters.

After the years of the embarrassment, such as the fleeting like that of a whitewater, there is a news blackout for Zhao Yu’er for many years. Then the king of heaven and earth announced that, presumably because of the hidden body disease, Zhao Yu’er fades out of the Great Summer game. Zhao Yu’er is now a piece of mud, step by step drifting into the grimy area of ​​the dirty and quiet place, it is scattered. I do not know where she is. While Jing Zhi Su is the soul of returning to Huangquan (means the equivalent of Hades or Hell, the Yellow Springs the underworld of Chinese mythology), and has become a ghost of no one’s compassion in troubled times.

Chu Qiao pulled her mouth then a faint smile, that smile is so thin, did not even reach her entire face then disappeared. She looks like she inside a cage with a cloud of light smoke, sad and scattered in the cold wind.

Perhaps, only Liang Shaoqing can really live a few days. If this world is clear, you may say that people are always unhappy.

In the distance, there was a huge floodlight, red and green, golden and dark powder, seen through the glasses. The sound of firecrackers and bamboos, the jubilant laughter of children, the shouting of merchants, and the shyness of the girls, from the lakeshore. From her listening ears, sounds like cold fire, warm and bright. But in reality, there is no warmth, as if it came from another world.

Shangyuan Lantern Festival has been a long absence.

She looked up and looking through her eyes, faintly penetrated time. On the first day, Zhu Hong pony, a white child, carrying a white rabbit lamp, behind the boy, the man turned back. The eyes are cool and calm. She always thought that it was cold and ruthless cruel. It was cold without temperature. Like there is a mirror was set up in the eyes. No matter what eyes looked at, it was a cold reflection, never looking down. But when it looks down, there is always such contempt for the mortal beings below.

However, once again she recalls that at the very beginning, she seemed to be able to clearly see his eyes. She saw a hint of potential and longevity in the pair of long sleeves and bright eyes, but she was held back to death and could not be captured.

If there were no lanterns on the day, and the child’s pony has not been shocked with a piece of bamboo, she should have not been allowed to run outside the city where she wanders around and found the youngster Yan Xun. Then should have not trekked in the snow overnight. Will there be the slightest change?

Maybe not. Perhaps the clasped hand is still clinging. The raised sword is still being lifted. The betrayal vows are still betrayed. Everything will move slowly in accordance with the process laid down by God. No one can jump out of this Reincarnation of fate.

However, at least, if there is no such loss, then today I think of the Shangyuan Lantern Festival about him, not only a blurred back but also warm candlelight.

Unconsciously, they have gone very far. A large Banyan tree stands thick and tall on the edge of the lake. It is estimated that it is thirty or forty years old. It is covered with red cloth and various paper-cuts in the countryside. There is a superstition that people believe, there are immortals in it. The more sturdy and long-lasting the trees, the more they can pass through the gods. Through the passage of time, people who have encountered difficulties often come to worship and pray for a smooth mind and peace.

Chu Qiao stood under the tree. An inexplicable emotion rose from the bottom of her heart. She did not know what was on the tree. She just looked back silently, staring long, half-eyed, unhappy, and sad. Lines of sight penetrate the dusty days, like a clear lake.

She didn’t know that when she was bought by Zhan Ziyu family in the place three years ago, there was also a man riding a horse here. The sun was shining on that day. His clothes were bleak and he stood silently under the tree. He passed by.

Reaching out his arms, but only touched one side of the jade, Chu Qiao holding the jade, suddenly lost it.

This was when she was arrested at the backyard of Pengcheng City, together with Zhuge Yue, and she was robbed at night. Afterward, she pretended to be a family member. He also asked her for help. She was still angry and said: Throw it to the lake. It became a busy night for the servants of Tian Cheng, digging the lake to divert water, but in the end, did not found it.

On the day she left Yanbei, she did not bring anything, only the ghost whom she brought it to God.

When the photoelectric transfer, memories such as a cold jade posted in the heart, looking up, is bitter water.

After all, it is the face that separates people from each other. Even though mountains and rivers are not there, the years are twists and turns, and yin and yang are not separated. But there is still entanglement between the family and enmity to block them. Moreover, she is so physically and mentally, how come close to the qualifications and courage.

Closed her eyes and wave her hand to giving respect, it is only a moment. There are thousands of thoughts pouring into her mind, playing with her, she and him, after all, nothing.

Turning to leave, behind the ear, it suddenly heard a “beep,” a cry, like a slender finger gently pick up the strings of the guqin, the sound is long and sweet, instantly penetrates through the backbone. In a hurry, she looked back when two brightly shining jade fell from the Banyan tree, fell into both of her hands without hesitation.

Clear and white, warm and smooth, both style and fineness are exactly the same, actually a pair of twin jade.

Suddenly, Chu Qiao was stunned. Her heart suddenly filled with blood. The thoughts came rushing, climbed from the backbone with a bit of bitterness lingered in the throat. If the lava was hot, there was a gap, and she wanted to spray it out. She closed her eyes feel exhausted. With all her strength, she would swallow the sour and strong Chu Qiao.

Vaguely, her thoughts went back, remembered the shadows of the mountains and rivers with her silky memories. The man’s clothes fluttered, and the eyebrows were eye-catching. What kind of thoughts, a man thrown up the jade, and then the horse turned back. One step at a time left the tree, full of wish and peace.

The eyes were sour, but there were no tears. She stood silently. I don’t know how long it took. A row of lights burned here. There were countless flower boats floating on the lake, and the children laughed and passed her side. She is not aware of it. It was not until a peddler selling lanterns passed by. Now, she was sober.

The lantern is still pleasing, and it looks like it was the one she once had. She watched quietly and could barely move her eyes. The peddler was in a hurry, frowning and asked, “Girl, do you like to buy it?”

With her money, she bought the lantern. Carrying the lantern on the road, her back is thin, like a child.

The flow of people gradually came over, and she walked with the crowd, and all the way was warm and cheerful laughter. The drums were loud as if it screamed at the sky. There were big families who were setting fireworks. The five colors in the sky were full of colors, and the fragrance was strong everywhere. The aroma of the barbecue, the fragrance of the lady’s body, the fragrant scent of the body, the fragrant plum blossoms, the lanterns, the riddles, the people drinking, the people eating, the people watching juggling, some singing songs, this evening. Everything seems to be alive, happy and resounding around, she looks straight ahead, and walks silently alone, carefully carrying the lanterns in her hands, careful not to be hurt.

The bright lights are shining on her face. It looks so thin. The back is so lonely and solitary. It is out of tune with the surrounding enthusiasm.

Some people saw her, but some did not pay attention. She just walked quietly through many people’s attention and ignorance. She went forward alone and did not know where to go.

Finally, the candle gradually burned, only the faint light came out, she went to the lake, carefully picked up the lantern. Her skirt was somewhat soaked in the green lake but did not mind. The branches of the weeping willow on the shore is bright yellow. On her side tickles and entangles, like a fatal lock, gently sweeping her shoulders.

Zhuge Yue, I owe you a lifetime. If the next life, if we meet again, we will meet each other at the right time.

The pale fingers gently pushed and the rabbit lantern fluttered away. The lake was rippling. The lanterns were like small ships. Floated lightly in the surface of the lake. As the wave slowly melted into the funeral night, they were blazed. A gentle cruising on the lake.

Chu Qiao stood up and kept looking at it all the way. The night breeze blew on her face. In coldness, she trembled. It was like a razor-sharp arrow. It fluttered across her heart, the world was full of light and colors, her heart was like the lamp that was getting far away, fluttering anytime can go. She made the decision and crushed her own hope. The world silently collapsed on her hand, and the radiantly decorated building was rotted into ash, green and white, and her life had long been abandoned by her. What she had left was only the pale grayness. An endless dimness.

Suddenly, a star of fine waves strikes the small lantern, and a dragon boat appeared that leads the way. The water splashed from its paddle and splashes on the rabbit lantern. The lantern light flashes and almost goes off. The lamp body is turned sideways. Almost sinking into the lake.

Not knowing why Chu Qiao cooled this numb heart but suddenly tightened. She unconsciously stepped forward, slightly frowning, seems to worry about the small lantern that follows the tide.

At this moment, a larger lantern floated. The silk thread on the top was tangled with Chu Qiao’s filament and he took a few spins in place. However, she accidentally saved the thread, lest the small lantern would be overwhelmed. Took off most of the flowers scattered around and the flower boat drifted slowly to the side of the quiet waters cruising with the small rabbit lantern. With the white jade rabbit pattern, one large and one small bonded together. It was actually a different kind of gentle harmony. With the block of the larger rabbit lantern, the lights of the small rabbit lantern lit up again. gradually becoming gentle, warm and shining in the surrounding waters. 

Chu Qiao slightly relieved, although it will always be extinguished, it will always be good to shine again.

She slowly loosened her eyebrows, she lifted her breath and inadvertently lifted her eyes. On the other side of Bihu (means gecko) lake, an awkward figure that had been asleep for a long time appeared in front of her face!

Her whole body was shocked, quietly lingered there. She seemed to gaze at him again. It was just like the Runya (in Chinese it means artificial Bamboo flower sticks) style instrument, a white shirt with a bleak, pale silk cloak, a half-masked covering, and a lip like Zhu (means like God), an eye like a cold lake, just a quiet glimpse, has taken away thousands of lights in her world to the beautiful Guanghua (means magnificence, splendor, brilliance)

The dragon boat sailed past the lake and the shadows blocked their sight. The red satin and happy crowd were like many dots in the night. Through the thinly dispersed gap, two pairs of eyes finally crossed the barriers of thousands of miles. In a flash, time passed. Rotation, overturning the water, the memory of the cold lake and the silent eyes of the woman, a  lonely man standing in front of her overlapped, like a shadow, like a flower, like a fog.

He also looked at her quietly, holding a crossbar of a lantern in his hands like hers. While her distant eyes penetrated time, joys and sorrows. It was also shocked and turned to a complicated and incomprehensible situation. The lake solidified in this gorgeous moment.

In an instant, the two people ignited thousands of beautiful fireworks behind them, and the bright fire reflected their entangled eyes.

Chu Qiao looked at him. It was a kind of look that he had never seen before. He didn’t even know what to say. It is as if a traveler in the desert is looking at a mirage, like a kid who has been abandoned, finally found the homeland of his dreams. If he can’t believe the illusion, he cannot bear to look away and long for it. He knows that he can’t get it anyway. It was the promise of more than six hundred nights, but it hoped to break it all at the moment of dawn. (See I am quiet, i promise not to write any reactions on this chapters, like I am watching the part 2 of Princess Agents. I think I cannot hold it anymore to feel the happiness and the all the love inside this two lovebirds. LOL)

Her mouth formed a half-opened her lips and seemed to want to say something, but she couldn’t open her mouth at all. Her lips were trembling, a little bit enlarged, spurred, stunned, and a bit broken, but after all, she burst into a smile, and she still had no smile. To the bottom of the eyes, the two lines of tears have fallen, followed by trembling smiles, followed by a trembling smile, rolling a pointed face, and the brilliance of alternation shift of things.

When the dragon boat dissipated, she suddenly ran wildly. She avoided it all her life. She retired, stayed away, pushed away. After the death of her heart, she suddenly collapses in a confused state. Will it be just an instant illusion and light and shadow? As long as you touch it, it will collapse like a broken dream?

Suddenly she saw herself in a trance, a young girl was running so eagerly, and the pedestrians along the way cast a strange glimpse of her, but she did not care so much. The clothes were like the distant lotus, flying with her running, her knees were weak, her ears banged, crossed the lake, crossed Meilin, crossed the stone bridge, crossed the weeping willow branches, and finally panted. Going back to the real moment, she is standing there, she felt that everything is like a cloud, and she is not in a confused state.

Zhuge Yue still looks at her, his eyes are still, his eyes are intertwined, and there is a hint of hidden pity.

The bustling crowd suddenly came and rushed to them.

Suddenly, Chu Qiao was so scared. Unlike death, unlike life, she was strong in her life and had a firm mind. For only a dozen years, she was only twice afraid. The first time was when he fell into the deep lake. The second time was now. 

She desperately reached out and grabbed his clothes, letting the crowd around surround him, but he did not let go.

The back of the hand was covered with a layer of warmth, and one hand held her tightly.

The lights diffused and she leaned over to him. He used his arms to open up a quiet space for her. The figure was floating and the waves were horizontal. She was as close to him as she could smell his breath. Looking at him with his eyes, he seemed to want to dig out two holes from his face. (LOL, I want to dig out two holes in Zhuge Yue’s face!)

The tears overflowed, and she was calm, but she couldn’t help but stretch out her trembling hand, as if to touch his figure, she is dying inside with happiness and fear.

This is an eyebrow, slender, slightly picking, but never the real eye above the top without watching the fireworks, this is the eye, cold and quiet, but never let her in the water without going back, this is the mouth, fewer words, indescribable. However, he has never been so arrogant and indifferent as he was before.

The answer she had been pursuing was in front of her eyes. She felt that her knee was sore and weak, and her throat was covered with a depressing sound, and her body was soft and she fell to one side.

His hands scowled at her waist, and the moment he touched the body, if there were a large number of years of altered shift of things, they could only pass by them. Her long-suppressed cries could no longer endure, finally spits it out. He surrounded her and her tears fell on his chest, moistening his clothes and breaking into his heart and lungs layer by layer. (This is wow! layer by layer is the killer here)

“Why deceive me? Why don’t you come to see me? I thought you were dead–“

She groaned and cried, her body shook slightly, and said over and over again: “I thought you were dead–“

Zhuge Yue did not speak with his lips in the immediately became tight. He did not come to see her from a thousand miles but hopes to be closer to her without being bothered.

The ancient city of Xianyang is the last city in Daxia is close to the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties.

He opened his lips a few times. After all, he didn’t know how to deal with this kind of woman. The hands and feet were almost helpless. After all, he pressed down those complicated thoughts., stroke her back to maintain his consistent appearance, and a sound of a clear voice, pretending to be impatient, Zhuge Yue said: “Don’t cry, I did not die yet.” (This is so funny response! Why are you crying? Did I die?LOL)

“If you are not dead, then why do you not know how to come to me!”

Chu Qiao pushed him away, eyes full of tears: “You do not know how to send a letter?”

She never cried so much in front of him and seemed to have stood still. Suddenly, her past lives and dying days became faint, and those who were chased and killed were desperately faded away. In the past two years, the escape of several deaths over the past two years seems to be insignificant.

He held out his hand and yelled at her: “Come here.”

She wiped away her tears and for the first time in her life, she no longer wanted to confront him. She put himself into his arms and cried, crying, “You are a madman!”

Thousands of miles away from the mountains and rivers, block the barrier between home and country, enmity and opposition, across life and death, suddenly look back, but the two people are in dim lights.



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