Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 164: Pulses

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

The weather that first stopped after the snow was cold and intolerable. The wind blew with wormwood and the ground was a red ochre.

Clouds were thick, and the cold winds were fierce. The white snow on the ground was rolled up, and the flutter fell on the newly completed Palace.

Today is the day of the winter hunting in Yanbei. The fighting in the east has temporarily stopped. The Northern barking dogs have also been repulsed. The soldiers have returned to the area and they seem to have prepared a rare New Year.

Early in the morning, the shops on both sides of Wuyi Street were all closed. The long streets were covered with fine yellow sand to prevent the palace horses from slipping. From afar, it was golden, like the red gold paving, and the sides of the road were erected high. With the high gold deposits, the civilians have retreated, the military officials on both sides, all kinds of ceremonies slowly, lined up clearly, for a time. Various ceremonial vessels move slowly, forming a clear array. For a time, Flower carriages are like a cloud that covers the sky.

Today is the day of the winter hunting in Yanbei. The old man with good memory recalls last winter hunting, which is already twelve years ago.

Qiusi is the hunting ground of the Yanbei Kings in the past. It is located in the heart of the setting sun, back to the south peak, a white wilderness, the land is reddish, I do not know whether this is the original color, or was soaked with blood.

Yan Xun sat heavily on the high throne, dressed in heavy shadow, and the shadows in front of the building were full of people, and the snow and snow filled the distance, like two black lacquered wings. Under the shackles of the warlords, the officials did not dare to look up. The knees were cold and painful. Only A’Jing quietly raised his face, but he could not see Yan Xin’s face.

“Zhuang Daren.” (Daren means Adults)

The cold voice came from above. A fifties old man suddenly shuddered, and his muscles trembled slightly. He slowly stood up and ran to the center. He said in a polite voice:  “What is your command?”

“Nothing just got a fun thing and wanted to invite Zhuang adults to enjoy it together.”

Yan Xun’s voice is clear with a hint of laughter, like an innocent child looking forward to some kind of mischief.

Zhuang adult squatted on the ground, his fingers were white, his eyebrows were tight, but he still kept his head down and said quietly: “Thank you for thinking about the old minister.”

Yan Xun smiled, looking with a hint of play, a lazy wave and said, “Take it.”

A rustling noise rang slowly. A carriage entered the field, and the carriage was covered with black rags. The subtle noises could be heard in it. Everyone turned to see the carriage in a strange silence. It is difficult to force people to breathe.

The sound of “bang” suddenly sounded, and the silent people were shocked. It turned out that Yan Xun is sitting on the throne boring, and hitting the golden seat with the whip handle.

“Hey, hey, he he…”

Everyone was content and no one dared to speak. A 30-year-old bodyguard walked in front of the first carriage, then raised his hand and slammed the black cloth on the carriage.


The low-pitched sound of exclamation was like a sea. The splashes of water spread across the court. Everyone looked a little panicked, but no one dared to question the sound.

When I saw the carriage above, it was a group of young girls of 16 or 17 years old. Everyone was very beautiful. It was only in such cold weather that they were actually leaning against one another, and everyone was pale. Arms are tied and there is nothing on the body.

Zhuang Daren only looked at it, and suddenly he was still there. Even though the weather was so cold, his forehead was still dripping with sweat.

Yan Xun’s laughter sounded behind him. He seemed to be talking about eating and drinking as usual. Lightly said, “Zhuang Daren is the cornerstone of Yanbei. He has met with Yan for many years. Today’s first arrow, Please adults start.”

The cage on the wagon was opened and the soldier walked rudely, kicking and kicking the young girls from the carriage. They are all bare feet, suddenly stepping on the icy snow, provoked a matte crimson.

“Run! Run!”

The soldiers slammed the whip, smashed, and the blood-red whip marks suddenly cut through the flesh and blood, and the sly marks were printed on the white as the back of the sheep’s fat, and the sounds of screaming heard. They were let go of their hands and feet, and they could only cover the scars on their bodies indiscriminately and flee.

The guards came to bow for the Zhuang Daren, and Yan Xun rushed behind him: “Zhuang Daren, fast.”

Zhuang’s face was blue and green, and his lips were bloodless. He slowly took the arrow, slowly bent his bow, and his fingers trembled with trepidation.

The girls run on the snowy captains, the young body has a bright light in the sun, they seem to feel the crisis, they panicked back and saw his figure holding the arrow, suddenly they stunned.


A sharp arrow suddenly shot, but there was no strength, only a short section of the road, it fell to the ground.

“Zhuang Daren, this is not like your ability.”

Yan Xun said slowly, the slender eye tip slightly provoked, and looked at Zhuang Daren’s body lightly, but it seemed to look into his heart through his skin.

Zhuang Daren stood in the same place and wanted to say something, but he couldn’t tell it after all. He was trembling slightly. Here are the officials who whispered: “In the past few days, I heard that there was a group of princes who had stabbed the emperor. Are these all?”

“Cheng Yuan, since Zhuang Daren is old, you come.”

“Thank you for the love.”

A general of Qingyi stepped forward and took a steady bow. He only heard a squeak. The arrow was like a long eye, and it was nailed firmly to the furthest girl who ran. Short bursts of screams rang in the wilderness. The girl’s heart burst with blood and spattered on the white snow.

The rest of the girls met and were shocked. A girl who had been sitting in tears burst into tears. When she was about to crawl to the throne, she scrambled and said, “Mr. save me! Mr. save. Save me! Mr. Zhuang, I am… ah!”

The harsh screams followed, and a young girl not far from her suddenly jumped forward. She grabbed her throat and took a mistake and broke the neck of the weeping girl.

“When death is dead, how can we pity the enemy, waste!”

The girl stood in the field, her cheeks were pale, her eyes were bright as stars, and she looked at it coldly at him, but she did not hide her vulgarity. The cold voice said: “We are believers in Datong, you villain. betrayed Datong, will die without a place of burial!”

To put it bluntly, on the stone steps under the shackles of the king, the body is stiff and the blood flow is like a note, that is, it does not move.

Suddenly, the people did not react. When the woman was seen, the rest of the soldiers rushed forward. A soldier explored his hand and went back and said: “The emperor, this person is still angry.”

Yan Xun sighed, did not say how to punish, he does not know why the girl’s eyes just made him feel very familiar, many memories of the daytime, he frowned and looked at the bloody man. Suddenly he lost his interest, just a wave his hands, the guards behind him went forward. For a time, Yan Xun listening to the whole scene screaming like thunder, not a moment of effort, and there is no one to call alive. there is no one living.

“The hunt begins, these people are dragging down to feed the dog.”

Yan Xun faintly told the guard, the guards gave a slight glimpse, and asked: “What about this living?”


Yan Xun’s eyes flashed slightly, and the picture flicked through his mind. The child’s reluctant eyes passed through his memory. It still seemed that he was still watching him straight from where he was. It made him feel a bit cold.

“His Majesty?”

Cheng Yuan gave a whispered cry and Yan Xun looked up and saw everyone in the audience staring at him. His brows couldn’t help but wrinkle and whispered: “Drag it together.”

Speaking of it, the humble and motivated stand up and leave.


Zhuang Daren suddenly shouted, and when he rushed down to the Emperor of Yan, he sat next to the girl who was hitting the head. The cries of the crash cried: “Child! It ‘ll harm you!”

Yan Xun back at him, the corner of his mouth overflowed with a cold smile, the guards rushed forward to take Zhuang adults, the rest of the people dragged the girl’s body to the wild dog room, the white snow was dragged with a long bloody mark.

“Yan Xun! You are a wolf! I will not let you go to be a ghost! You must not die!”

Behind the roar of the heartbreaking, the guards met, and flew up, smashing the mouthful of silver teeth of Zhuang adults.

Yan Xn walked quietly, and behind him were countless military officers who were still fighting on the ground. He disdainfully opened his mouth and slipped out a cold smile that could not be cold again.

Students should not be born, but also care about what is good?

The wind blew his ripples, like e two heavy wings, and screamed and stunned the eagle flying over the sky.

The north is empty and the sky is coming, and the Spring Festival is approaching. This winter seems to be extraordinarily long.


The wind blew outside, bringing the voice of the Northland squadron’s soldiers, and blew into the depths of the Palace along the Golden Purple Gate.

The empty water in the hall was dead, the pillars were like ink, the coffins were flying, the lights flickered, and the wind was blown out, but no one dared to step forward and ignite.

A man in robes sits in the shadow of the lights, holding his forehead with one hand, seems to have gone to sleep, the face is quiet, the outline is deep, looks very young, but under the light, the silk of the horns is slightly different. It is white, occasionally looking back, with a silvery luster.

The huge dining table is the size of a normal family’s bedroom, filled with delicacies. Eight treasures wild duck, phoenix shark’s fin, red plum beads, Gongbao hare, milk juice horn, Xianglong Shuangfei, fried fried pheasant, Gongbao Hare, Nai (means crab apple) jiaojiao( clear and bright), bergamot gold roll, golden silk freckle, fried guinea fowl, milk fillet, dry sea cucumber, raw roast meat, lotus tofu, straw mushroom broccoli.

The table full of dishes did not move a chopstick, even if the hot oil soup has become cold, butter solidified, the aroma cleared, leaving only the cold colors.

The two Donghu dancers wore light-colored silk-silk, silver bells on their ankles, and blue-eyed snow skin. They were surprisingly beautiful, but they shook their knees and shivered. Do not dare to lift, it has been more than three hours.

Today is the spring feast, which is also known as the folk New Year. Unlike the dazzling hustle and bustle of the Grand Summer Palace, the Imperial Palace is immersed in quiet silence. The chefs have tried their best to make the dishes without anyone’s taste. Only the night is. The wind occasionally took away aroma and drifted towards the cold night.

A’Jing came in with a little heavier footsteps and woke up the man sitting alone.

Yan Xun’s brow tipped gently and slowly opened her eyes. The light flashed in the main hall. The man’s face looked a little gray in the shadows, but it was even more dark with eyes and ink.

“Your Majesty,” Ah Jing said on the ground, divinely said: “Feng Mian’s letter.”

Yan Xun seems to have drunk the wine, the wine glass fell, and sprinkled on the clothes, a dripping wine.

He took the letter and looked quietly, his eyebrows wrinkled as always, his eyes calm.

There was a chair opposite Yan Xun, a set of tableware neat and tidy. A’Jing knew who he was waiting for. He also knew that the man might never return.

Even though the missing sand had dropped a star of powder, Yan Xun slowly raised his head. In short dozens of words, he looked very slow and slower. It seemed that every word should be deeply engraved in his heart.

After a long time, he placed the letter on the table, squeezed it with a jug, and held up a silver cricket, and began to eat slowly.

“Your Majesty,” A’Jing said with a frown. “The food is cold, and someone wants to give you a table.”

Yan Xun did not speak, but waved quietly and motioned for him to go on.

A’Jing continued to worry anxiously: “Your Majesty has not been in good health recently. The doctor said, and you should not eat cold food.”

Yan Xun did not look up. He took a little slow to eat. Each dish was very serious. The dancer, who was kneeling on the floor, stood up and took a trip and almost fell, but he hurried for her. The dishes changed over. The tears of the candles fell down, like the blood of the crickets. The bells outside the bells made a crisp sound, and the bells were very sweet.

He just sat there and quietly ate, and it was rare that the dishes handed down by the dancers were eaten clean. The candle illuminates his body, casting a long shadow on the smooth obsidian floor, a thin, slender one.

A’Jing suddenly felt a little sad, he remembered two moments ago, in the other courtyard in Yunbi City, the first meal that Chu Qiao waked up after eating, was also the same calm and cold, the same flavor with the wax. There is sorrow over sorrow for the death of a toast.

A’Jing’s eye, sour and sore. He didn’t understand why so many difficult days came over. So many hardships over hardships came over, but when the goal was reached, it was time to retreat. Why did it go to the situation like today?

But he did not dare to ask, he could only stand quietly, like a fool.

“Cough -“

The man on the main stage suddenly began to cough, but it was still very light at first, but gradually the voice grew louder and louder, echoing in the empty hall, with deep exhaustion.

The dancer was terrified, rushed out of the veil and handed it over. Another dancer, shaking her hands with water, looked at it carefully, but it was full of wine.

Yan Xun took the veil and coughed. His body bent down like a shrimp with a bow back.

A dancing girl suddenly called out “Ah,” Yan Xun turned his eyes to her eyes, and his eyes were extremely cold. The dancer’s neck narrowed and he lowered his head and never looked up again. He gave a look.

“Your Majesty, you are not caught in the cold, shall I bring a doctor?”

“No need.”

Yan’s voice was a little tired, but still his usual appearance, cold and clear, not even more than a word to say.

“Pour wine.”

He faintly told him that another little girl who was a little farther raised his head nervously, his voice almost trembled, but he still bravely said with enthusiasm: “The emperor was chilly, or still, do not drink.”

Yan Xun slightly turned his head, his eyes were very interesting to look at her, with two chills.

The dancers on the ground are afraid of her eyes, for fear that her boldness will be tired of herself.

The dancer was staring at him, but he still dared to say: “The emperor, drinking, drinking and hurting.”

“Drinking is hurtful, and it is also a mistake. Only those who are useless will use alcohol to eliminate it.”

A string of crisp voices suddenly echoed in my mind. Yan Xun slightly glimpsed and his thoughts drifted far and far. They traced back a long time and saw the white spray on the river. He thought about it. Nodded and said: “Well, then you go and drink tea.”

The dancer, who was only 16 or seven years old this year, nodded happily and her honey-colored waist was exposed outside, like a soft, sleek little fish, and she ran to the pantry.

Once again, the main hall sank, and Yan Xun said to A’Jing faintly, “You must go first.”

A’Jing slightly whispered: “Your Majesty really do not have to ask the doctor to come and see you?”

“No need.”

Yan Xun quietly shook his head, his face is calm as if nothing had happened.

A’Jings eye looked at the letter on the table, a few words jumped into the eye, he was slightly surprised, and quickly bent down, whispered: “Your kneeling early rest.”

No more voices came, A’Jing turned and went to the empty and empty hall. The yarn accounts on both sides fluttered gently. The black pillars were engraved with colorful auspicious birds. Two women were sitting on the backs of the birds. One person is fluttering, and the abdomen is convenient. It is obviously pregnant; the other person is armed with a battle axe and has a sharp eyebrow. It is actually the double god of Yanbei.

“The emperor, drink tea, right!”

Suddenly there came a voice of screaming of the girl behind her, and with a hint of weeping grief: “The slave is damned, the letter got wet, and the slave is damned.”

“It’s okay,” the deep voice murmured quietly. “Take it and throw it.”


“…into the other hospitals where Zhuge Yue was at Yin Xianyang…monitoring was not allowed, and he suffered a big loss…”

A silent thought of the words that were accidentally sighted, the cold taste of forest came from the distant Yinyang, all the way into the Yan Fang (means square) Palace in Yanbei.

The heavy door was pulled open by the inner chamber. He slowly walked out and was cold and quiet at night. The people of Yanbei lost their feelings for the festive season this year. Wars, taxes, military service, death, and blood almost filled the entire plateau. The departure of Mr. Wu and the general beauty has made this ironic regime even more icy. Death has paralyzed people’s nerves. They can only live cautiously and repress those expectations and ideas.

Until he reached the gate of the Jiuzhong Palace, he got his own sword.

The ground in front of the door was a little bloody, and several bodies were randomly slanted to the side of the palace door. The body was full of gun marks and was smashed by a mess.

The guards of the palace are carrying the other two bodies onto the car and said to the guards who drove the car: “Hurry and take it away, and the ministers will come to the office when the day is bright.”

“What happened?” asked A’Jing.

“It is the embers of Datong.” A soldier who had also been born in Datong said without hesitation: “It is already the second wave tonight. After Zhuang’s death, they will be more and more stunned. Rush in.”

A’Jing slowly wrinkled his eyebrows, but it must not be a jealousy, but a desperate suicide. Datong has a qualified leader who has been killed by a slap in the face, a few years of old-fashioned organizations, no one can really destroy them for so many years, I did not expect to end their own source.

“Be careful and guard.”

“The general is assured.”

One of the guards smiled and said: “When we were working in the Chu Dynasty, we were trained by our own brothers. A mosquito did not want to fly in without a sound.” ( In this statement, it is clear that Datong came from Chu Dynasty. I could conclude this is the dynasty where Chu Qiao came from a royal bloodline. I used this part to paint another story born in “The Secret Fanfiction I am currently working on.)

After the words were just finished, the man immediately realized that he had said something wrong. Chu Qiao had already rebelled from Yanbei. How can he still be called an adult of Yanbei?

“General, a small misunderstanding…”

AJing did not speak, turned away and quietly left, the moonlight shines on him, with a pale light.

The entire Yanbei misses her, and he is not alone.

The destiny is always like this, no way back, like an arrow from the string, shot out, really do not have room to look back.

A’Jing shook his head slightly and the thick shawl draped over his shoulders, getting warm and warmer.


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