Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 168: Feng Qingping

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Perhaps any storm will begin with an unusually quiet way.

On the seventh day of the first lunar month, the New Year just left. The whole city of Zhenhuang was also immersed in a joyous laughter. A heavy snow shrouded the city with silver decoration. Under a thousand miles of ice, a team of horses quickly ran into the city gate. The and the heavily guarded city guards stood guarding the army until the horseshoe disappeared into the head of the street.

Zhuge Yue entered the government from the back door. All the people who came to listen to the news blocked the drive. The slaves at Green Hills Courtyard were ready many days in advance, and Zhuge Yue entered the yard without changing his face and tossed the big mob behind him. In the hands of the Zhi Zi, divinely said: “What about people?”

“Inside, I have waited for the Master for a long time.”

The door was pushed open, and there was a fine sandalwood drifting out. The man in an ink robe stood upright, with a handsome face and a tough, sharp look. His eyes were as sharp as the sword, but the power was restrained, yet he was graceful.

The eyes of the two people converged, and they made a slight pause. Zhuge Yue’s indifferent frosty mouth suddenly overflowed with a faint smile. Stepping forward, the two men patted each other’s shoulders, so hard, then came a man room. Hug.

Is the road going smoothly?”

Zhuge Yue took off his waist sword and sat on the chair. He took a sip on the man’s teacup and asked.

Zhao Cheyi smiled, and many years of experience in the border customs, a few ups and downs, has made him a little bit of the cool, temperament, deep eyes, not the original imperial empire.

Fortunately, it is not suitable for the fat powder of Zhenhuang. Just after picking up the flower garden, I even hit a few sneezes.”

Zhuge Yu smiled and said: “This is what I listen to, change someone else, I want to slap you for a meal.”

Zhao Che grabbed his teacup and looked at him with his squinting eyes. He said faintly: “At this time, you can talk and laugh like this. It seems that you really don’t worry about Yanbei’s this time.”

Zhuge is drinking tea and raising his eyebrows slightly: “Do you think it is doing something over there?”

“It is clear.”

Zhao Che sneered: “For the first time in the Northern Expedition, Huai-Song secretly supported the military requirements of the Yanbei Food and used the Nanjiang waterway of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties to bypass the Northwest. The second time the Northern Expedition, Huai-Song repeatedly cooperated with Yanbei in our country. The military exercises in the east have attracted our attention, and YanBei and Huai Song have absolutely unknown secret links, but I don’t know exactly who can say that Princess Nalan Hongye came forward to cooperate with YanBei to play this double. ”

“You don’t need to know who you are. If you know their true intentions, it will be easier.”

Zhuge Yue said faintly, but he didn’t seem to want to waste time on this topic. He turned his head and asked: “How is the situation in the northeast? How is your preparation?”

Speaking of the situation in the northeast, Zhao Che’s face could not help but take a look of pride. He said bluntly: “You don’t have to worry. The Northeast is now under my jurisdiction and it is a piece of iron. The Roulan Business Road has been opened. The generation, the fertile field, the numerous fields, the simple people, the folk customs. We have been secretly building for two years, and now we have a large area of ​​Donghu under my command. With your business support, it has begun to take off. I believe there will be another three. The achievements of the year, the Donghu generation, will not be inferior to my native land.”

“You secretly transferred your surname, did you not see it?”

“Thanks to Wei Shu Ye, he has been working for me in the ruling field. In addition to Donghu is too far away, and there is a barrier at Baicang Mountain, where the people are all mixed ethnic groups, so it has not caused the above attention.”

Zhuge Yue nodded and said, “That’s good.”

Zhao Che sighed and patted him on the shoulder. There were quite a few vicissitudes in his eyes. He smiled and said, “You can do your best to Donghu. If you have time, you may wish to go and have a look. You and Arou, I haven’t seen it for a long time.”

Zhuge Yue heard a few smiles in his mouth and quipped him: “That depends on your skill. If she meets me and yells and kills me, and she seeks me to take revenge, then I will not touch this. Moldy head.”

Zhao Che heard that with a smile, he said: “You have a lot of wickedness and you deserve to have retribution.”

Charcoal fire, room warmth, time, such as water pouring, two years time passing quickly, once had nothing, suffered the world’s cold-eyed two people once again gathered here, could not help but give birth to a dream of life.

When the Zhao Yang Northern Expedition lost, Zhao Qi died. Zhuge Yue and Zhao Che were resolutely thrown onto the battlefield when the imperial army was dethroned. With the remnants who had just defeated, they rushed to Yanmingguan for the second time. The Northern Expedition responded.

In a year’s time, let them look at each other’s political enemies who do not look pleasing to the eye, and gradually develop into intimate and close-knit alliance comrades, bloody battles one after another, watering the solid steel-like relationship between men. Friendship also eventually forged the most solid alliance of interests on Ximeng continent. It is easy to reach a consensus between two men and women who have experienced careers. From the beginning of temptation, speculation, and preparedness, we gradually became surprised, appreciative, and trustful. This has led to too many reigns and tragedies, as well as too many deaths.

Until Zhuge Yue defeated Yuegong, life and death were unknown, Zhao Che was cut back to from the military power, and they temporarily broke contact.

After returning to Zhenhuang, Zhao Che did not immediately clean up the relationship with Zhuge Yue. Instead, he managed to conduct his own search and rescue operations in Yanbei, and he tried his best to name him in the government and restore his reputation. However, all of this, in the end, angered the Manchus and the civil and military forces. Under the circumstances where the entire front and back were unanimously beaten and drowned, Zhao Che was also brutally affected. He was sent to the northeastern region with bitter cold and barren land and guarded the frontier.

With fleeting warmth, Zhao Che was once again allowed to see the filthy face hidden under the decadent dynasty of Daxia. Both his parents and brothers were able to abandon him and kill him. He became disillusioned, but when he was about to reach his destination, he met the brothers who were chasing after him.

The two aristocrats, who also lost everything, made a vow to save the nation through the ice and snow of the north wind.

In this regard, they traveled north and west and actively ran away in unattended corners. They supported each other and struggled for the enthusiasm of the country. However, Zhao Che knows that Zhuge Yue has always supported Daxia in this way, and he often helped Da Xia overcome obstacles in the battles of Yanbei and Da Xia, mainly because of his kindness to him. (Zhuge Yue’s main strength was that kindness wrapped in coldness…loving his actions here)

He is a cold in the outside, even if he has received a little blessing from others, he will remember it.

“What happened to the emperor’s illness?”

Zhao Che couldn’t help but pick it up lightly. He said faintly: “Still sick and I want to come and support it soon.”

Zhuge Yue frowned slightly and said: “We still need some time.”

Zhao Che nodded and then said with a chuckle: “But it can’t be said. Many years ago, the imperial doctor said that he was ill. There wasn’t much time. But after so many years, it wasn’t living longer than anyone else. The Old King will not die so easily.”

Zhuge Yue turned his head and frowned and said: “He is your father after all.”

“Forget it, I am afraid that it is only the father and son, the love of the monarch and the minister. If it wasn’t for Wei She Ye’s pleading at the beginning, maybe I didn’t even have the chance to be matched. I was directly stunned on the sill. It is disgusting to know what to do and what to worry about.

Two years of wind outside the sand, so that Zhao Che’s body was a little more prominent. He looked at Zhuge Yue quietly: “You, this time, how to deal with this matter?”

Zhuge looked up at him: “What did you say?”

“If I want to say, you should directly agree with the Princess Huai-Song to see how they react. They are not expecting that you will refuse to marry. They are not as good as they are.”

Zhuge Yue slightly frowned, this is indeed the best way to change without change, but his lips smiled slightly, his look faint, but did not answer.

“The so-called children’s love, heroic shortness, I am afraid that you are like this. Now, you still do not give up?”

Zhuge Yue evaded and refused to answer, saying: “It is not the only way. If they want to play, I will accompany them to have fun, just to attract attention and create an opportunity for you.”

Zhao Che replied: “They are coming aggressively. Do you have time to drill?”

“Is there no loopholes?” Zhuge Yue swears and chuckles. “Then create a loophole.”

Zhao Che nodded, huffed and stood up, holding a hilt. An ink-colored robe with great pressure and mighty power. He slowly lowered his tone and said: “The intrigue of the intrigue is meaningless, and finally, it still has to rely on the sword to speak. The fourth, we are not before, if things can’t be done, don’t have to endure, show strength, no one dares to force you.”

Zhuge Yue smiled and said: “I said that I was like a weak woman forced by others. Your kindness I received. If you go to the city regardless of your disregard for this time, you must be careful.”

Zhao Che said: “I have to come to see you.”

Someone knocked carefully outside the door and said Yue Qi: “Master, the old man knows that you are back, and the palace also sent someone to recruit you into the palace.”

Zhao Che took up the big awkward dress and put on a black hood. He couldn’t see his face at all. He said quietly, “I should go. You must be careful.”

“You too, walk from the secret road and take care of everything.”

The two nodded and Zhao Che opened the door, accompanied by a few children, and went into the sky of snow.


Yue Qi came in and saw Zhuge Yue standing in the room. It was slender and quiet, and they didn’t know what he was thinking for a while.

It feels good to have friends.

Zhuge is so lonely, even with family brothers, there is no feeling.

Nowadays, Zhao Qing can still take the risk to see him. In this case, he can’t help but move him.

“Young master? It is late.”

Reminder from Yue Qi.

Zhuge Yue smiled and divinely said, “Carriage is available.”

Yue Qi asked, he said: “Where is the young master going?”

“Upper court.”

“Upward?” asked the seven-year-old: “Do you need a bathing suit for the young master? Besides, the young master is Sima, the military commander cannot take the carriage, and should ride a horse.”

Zhuge Yue bowed his head and the cold Hanmang slowly came out of his slender eyes. He said with disdain: “I am not only Sima General of the great summer, but also a Qinghai nobility who is armed with half a million troops. This, I think they are almost forgotten.”

The sun punctured the clouds in the sky. Zhuge Yue strode out of the door, and Fang Hao followed him. Eighteen doors of Zhuge House opened at the same time. Such as crown jade, red lips, back straight up and out of Zhuge home. An official gathered at the door saw him out, and immediately swarmed forward, but was opened by the Yue guards, separating the one from the side of Zhuge.

Zhu Ge’s eyes did not look squinted and stepped onto the majestic eight-wheeled riding cart on the gallop stone and quietly said, “Go.”

“Where is the young master going?”

The driver turned and asked.

The square face is sinking, and the sound is calm and returning: “Holy Golden Palace.”

The cold wind blows into the car, and Zhuge Yue’s face is quiet and slowly rests on the soft chair.

He never lacked the ability to stir up the water. In that case, it made the situation even more confusing. No one would want to be alone. No one would want to see the fire across the shore.





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