Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 169: The Iraqis go far

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

As the night fell, the banquet outside had not yet been withdrawn, and the feast had spread out. Even though the Sui and Tang Dynasties were warm, the winter months of the first lunar month were a bit chilly. The night winds blew on them. Even if they were covered in cloaks, they felt the slightest coldness hit them from under their feet. The cold spine was cold.

There was a light rain at noon, and it took until late in the evening to add a bit of chill to the dark night.

However, the people of the cloudless husband still calmly exposed the snow on the chest of the pile of snow, flirtatious, jade arms and legs, and occasionally a bold lady stepped forward to toast, accidentally, will reveal a small smooth and exquisite calf.

Li Ce drank many wines, squinting with his eyes on a soft chair, and the temple of soft blessings was wide open. In front of him was a beautiful lantern, and the musicians playing in the music played in the heart of the lake, soft and extravagant. The tunes blew into the hall all the way through the cold wind of the night.

A snake-like swaying waist dances in front of her eyes, a pair of slender legs dance from time to time to lingering and provocative dances. The honey-stained skin is covered with a little sweat. A bold dancer gently rotates and lays down. Into Li Ce’s arms, his eyes are slightly picky, with gold powder tracing the corner of the eye upwards to paint hovering moire, full lips, slender neck, round and crisp chest wrapped under a thin cloth, through the slightest cloth, you can even see the matte inside.

The dancer took a glass of wine with brilliant colors and bright colors. The white arm was lifted high, and then his wrists turned and suddenly poured out. Along her swan-like graceful neck, she slipped down the road and flowed into the greasy two hills.

“The emperor, are you drunk?”

Sure enough, it is a rare stunner. The lips are light and the voice is lingering. If the dance is soft and boneless, the shoulder of Li Xiang’s chest is gently slid, and he slides along his slightly open placket. A white tender hand goes all the way. Next, but the key moment stopped, the eye is picky, provocatively looking at him.

This is the daughter-in-law of the sage of the Jinwu Palace in the past year. Li Ce is very romantic. He rarely loves a woman for up to January, and the wife of the lonely aristocrat is very popular. In the year, it can be seen that it has a unique charm.

Li Ce’s drunken eyes looked faintly, a gorgeous blue-violet brocade with a black-black mane at the neckline, and the collar was slightly open, revealing a crack in the gap, and the man’s body-building body looked like a confused light. There was a bit of temptation. He habitually picked up his eyes, and there was faint scorn in his eyebrows. The quiet streamer swelled in the depths, like a fox thinking.

The young dancers in the temple still danced fiercely. They danced the dance of Donghu, bold and unrestrained. They only approved a piece of gauze on their body and sewed a few pieces of tiny leather in their private parts. The breasts and hips were scented and sweaty.

“The emperor, you have not entered the temple of Blessing for half a month. So fast, you forget the slaves?”

Mrs. Ziyi gently leaned up, her eyes waved like water, and she stared softly at Li Ce, like a greasy fairy.

Li Ce’s eyes are drunk, and it seems that he is drunk with his hands and feet, but his eyebrows are always awake and stopped.

The woman’s scarlet nails climbed from his lower abdomen, licking his eyebrows all the way, exhaling like a blue ear, and said in a long tone: “Is the emperor unhappy, who is it?”

Li Ce’s mouth was pulled in, and he smiled quietly, grabbed her waist, and touched the intoxicating creamy cheeks. He laughed, “You little goblin.”

“Will the emperor be so worried tonight, let the children stay alone?”

Li Ce’s look instantly appeared two traces of sorrow, a figure quietly emerged, his frowning annoyed, the state of mind can not maintain a consistent peace.

Has it been crazy for half a month, but will you continue to go crazy?

He turned his head and looked at the charming face of Mr. Ziyi’s wife. A filthy sigh rose from the bottom of my heart. It seems that I have suppressed anything. It seems to be bitter, and it seems to be a longing. There is no more mood and openness in my heart. It is only evil. The charm of the smile, restored his usual normal, sneer: “When isn’t it a pity?”


A calm voice suddenly sounded outside the hall. Li Ce looked up and saw the iron outside the station. He smiled and greeted him, and the escort of a leather armor led the sword to the temple, regardless of the expression of the women around him. Speaking in the ground, he said: “The emperor, Chu girl is back.”

Li Ce, the face is not moving, but the glass of wine is gently swayed, almost spilling out.

In the distance, there was a singing voice, and the tone was long, like a melodious song. The wind on the lake is cool, with a hint of astringent aroma. Li Ce is slender and thick, and the lights are brilliant and handsome.

“When did this happen?”


“Where is it?”

“It’s already back to the hustle and bustle.”


Li Ce stood up and walked out. Iron was asked, and he quickly asked: “Where is the emperor going?”

“宓荷居.” (Yi Heju, still a lotus resident)

Far away, Li Ce’s voice drifted into the night of gold powder. Tie Yuo quickly followed him with the guards.

Mrs. Ziyi slowly stood up and wrapped herself in a soft veil in the night breeze. However, she never looked back at the tens of thousands of styles. She looked faintly at Li Ce shadow and her eyes were cold and unhappy. No grief.


A maid came to her carelessly, and she took a cloak and put it on her shoulder. She waved her hand and quietly: “Dismiss it.”

As the palace man disappeared like water, among the scent and fragrance of the wine, the rest of the lake was still singing melodiously.

The flowers on the lotus pond have already been defeated. The phoenix tree in front of the door is also a twilight. The moon is just a hook of the bend, caged with glory, quietly sprinkled white stone steps.

The bead curtain touched together, and the sound of the shattered sound, the autumn spike of the outer house vigil was awakened, and Li Ce made a squeaking gesture. Qiu quickly dropped his head and slammed on the ground, no longer dare to make a sound.

The weather was cold, the window was closed, but there was still a faint moonlight shining through the white window paper. Chu Qiao is sleeping, the moon white brocade is covered, only a small head is exposed, the brow is very clear, and the look is also rare with a trace of serenity. Li Ce leans on the door frame, slightly tilting his head, for a time, then stand Then, it doesn’t move.

Presumably, that person is really her good choice.

There is not so much burden and responsibility, and there is not so much hatred and obsession. You can walk away and go.

He stared at her, eyes smooth, so quiet around him, thin light falling on the hair on her horns, with a bright and cool luster. As the wind passed through the outside, she watched the shadows of the trees swaying like a woman’s lingering hand and gently stroked the cold palace.

“When the girl came back to sleep, she seemed tired.”

Qiu close to another ear whispered to the Tie Yuo from outside, and his voice was fine, but they still reached Li Ce’s ears.

Li Ce stood there and seemed to understand something. The charcoal in Cape Point sent out a faint heat. The nightingale roaring out of the window gave a roar and the sound was crisp and sweet.

“Anyway, if you’re tired, just take a break.”

Then, the man turned and walked out of the main hall. His open footsteps echoed from the empty hall and were empty.

砰, 砰, 砰 – (means peng, peng, peng)

As the night cools off, Chu Qiao slowly opens her eyes. In the darkness, her eyes are like dark stones, and her bright fingers grasp the quilt, so hard.

Soon afterward, the song and dance of the Roufu Temple began to rise again, grander than it had just been.

When the night is cool, she slowly closes her eyes and is really tired.


Three days later, she decided to leave Tang Jing. She did not disturb anyone. She just took Mei Xiang and greeted Li Ce.

When Li Ce started, he did not say that he would send her. Just when her carriage drove out of the gate of Tang Jing, far away from the Indus (means Phoenix) forests, one party was clean and refreshed. Li Ce and others stood behind him. When she saw her, several people greeted each other with a smile.

The crowd dispersed, Li Ce and Chu Qiao were sitting in the tea pot and finally began their first dialogue after returning.

“Where to start?”

“do not know.”

Seeing Li’s skeptical eyes, Chu Qiao suddenly smiled: “Don’t look at me like this, I am not perfunctory, but I really don’t know where to go?”

“Is that still going?”

“I want to go out to see it.” Chu Qiao took a deep breath and looked at the beautiful scenery around him with a smile. The voice said crisply: “You see, the weather must be warm, Ximeng is so big, but I never If you don’t feel relaxed, this time, it’s time to give yourself a vacation.”

Li Ce was very serious about cooking tea and had a good command of the action. He asked, “How long does it take?”

“I don’t know, look at it. Maybe I’ll be destitute and down the next day. I’ll come back and find you cheating. So you have to be an emperor. Don’t wait for me to come home and lose.”

Li Ce heard that he quickly picked up an envelope on the table and took out a silver ticket. He took a large part and picked it up to his bosom. He muttered, “Is it too poor to come back? Can we give you more money? Otherwise, who knows? Was it a toothless old lady when I came back?”

Chu Qiao laughed dumbly: “Look at your virtue, where is it like an emperor?”

“Who prescribed that the emperor would not allow me to speak? You don’t know how hard my life is. I want to spend a little more money. The old man cries poorly all day long with me. He said that the east side of the east side was starving to death and waited. I haven’t got a good thing every day, and I haven’t got a good thing, but I saved it from my teeth. You don’t know about Thanksgiving. Still laughing at me here?”

The sky in the Sui and Tang Dynasties is extremely sunny, cloudless, and the sun shines on the eyes of the foxes and looks like a crown.

She sighed instead of the Sui and Tang dynasties: “I met you like an emperor, and I don’t know if they have fallen for a few years.”

Li Ce sighed and shook his head: “JoJo is so jealous, you are leaving without a word,  and He Xiao will fight hard with me.”

When he mentioned He Xiao, Chu Qiao suddenly stopped some. After thinking for a long time, she slowly said: “Li Ce, the soldiers of the Beauty Army, will be entrusted to you.”

“They are all men. What are you entrusted to me?” (LOL, Li Ce does not like men, as an escort always choose women)

Chu Qiao ignored his nonsense and continued: “In the past few months, I have been wondering if I was wrong. I was so naive. I thought I could change this society and build a relatively civilized society. The social system is not the same as what the big counterparts said is the world. I just want the poor to have a meal and not have to be a slave. I hope that you, the authorities, can make a set of laws for those people in the lower classes. No matter what People do not kill people casually.I know that society will not leapfrog ahead, but there are always people trying to steer it to a small step, as long as you walk in small steps, sooner or later you will cross a big step.

When I first started, there was no such great idea. I just wanted to escape and live my life well. But I met Yan Xun and listened to him talking about Yanbei. My heart gradually came to life. I think that I came to this world, perhaps it is also valuable. Perhaps it is also my own God. However, my wish was still dashed because I was too arrogant. I thought my strength was so great that I could change a lot and protect a lot of people. But in the end, I discovered that my strength was very small. My loved ones and my friends left me one by one. I could not only protect them but also killed many people. ”

Li Ce frowned and wanted to talk, but was stopped by Chu Qiao. She looked at him and said quietly: “Li Ce, I’m not a good leader. The warriors of the Beauty Army have no faith. Their belief is that the Believe me, but my existence made them fall into danger and war again and again, causing them to bleed and die. The kind of system and life I promised could not be realized. I just saved them once and I shouldn’t be so selfish and let them crash into battle with me. I now think that if I obey Yanbei and dissolve the beauty forces, then perhaps many of them will not die, they will get married and have children, they will live well. .”

Chu Qiao’s voice was a little sobbing. She licked her lips and her eyes were slightly red, but she smiled and said: “If you are alive, you don’t have to make any big business. Let’s have a wife, have a baby, be happy. It’s a way to get old. It’s a pity that I’m too late to wake up. They’re dead. Anyway, they’ll never be able to survive. I’m full of blood and can’t be cleaned.”

“Jojo?” Li Ce’s eyebrows are tight and he said: “These are not your fault.”

“But I have the responsibility to shirk.”

Chu Qiao whispered: “They believe me, follow me, and I cannot protect them. They die one by one, and I cannot even bury their dead bodies in the capital. Do you know? Every night, I can listen. When they cried in the cold, they said they wanted to go home and wanted to meet their aging parents. They were still young. Some were only fifteen or six. They should have been spoiled by their parents. But they did. For me, I die on the absurd ice.”

There was no more joke on Li Ce’s face. He looked at her worriedly and his heart hurt.

“Li Ce, help me, take good care of them. If you do not trust, but break them up, give them some free time, let them have a wife and children on your land, live a good life. Do not go to the battlefield. For soldiers, there are no victories on the battlefield. Victories belong to the generals. They belong to the soldiers, but they kill and die.”

Li Ce nodded hard. He looked at the pale and thin woman, and whispered, “What about you? Do you still hate Yan Xun? Will you come back to him?”

“I don’t hate it.”

Chu Qiao shook her head slightly and smiled calmly, like the breeze on the lake in March.

“Actually, you don’t know. He’s the bitterest person. I have witnessed his hatred and pain. I’ve seen the humiliations he’s suffered. Those things are not what the bystanders can realize. In his heart, How much hate I can’t measure. Now that he has come to this step, despite the wrong way, it is also the fate that forced him to this step. Everyone has the right to choose the way they want to go, that is his way, I Although I can’t agree with him, I respect his choice. In this world, who can really be right and who can say who is completely wrong? It’s just that we all have our own persistence and bottom line. We can’t walk, but also It does not mean that we must revenge.”

“What about Zhuge Yue? Why are you not with him, he is so much for you? Don’t you love him?”

“Love? Maybe.”

Chu Qiao said with a chuckle: “In fact, I do not know what is considered true love, but love does not necessarily have to be together, and sometimes, letting go is a kind of love.”

Chu Qiao slightly tilted her head and the wind blew on her smooth forehead. At that moment, Li Ce seemed to see a magnificent light flashing over her calm eyes, so dazzling and fascinating.

“He is, after all, the elders of the great summer, Sima, ah, it is equivalent to the Minister of Defense. How can I be with people like me?”

She mumbled and said, “I know that if I want to, he will abandon all these honors for me. But Li Ce, if so, is it really okay? He suffered all the hardship, tried hard, and finally broke those imposing shame on his head has got everything today. He is different from me. Even if the country is corrupt and the family is cold, he always has a family and a country. I understand the sense of responsibility that is above the freedom of love. If it is only for me now, let him abandon all this, and follow me on the horizon, do you think that his future will really be happy? No, he is a man, a man should have his own sky. When he Gradually mature and getting old, he will understand this and feel fortunate for today’s choice.”

“In addition, I am also tired.”

Chu Qiao looked down and smiled and looked at Li Ce. “I have been working hard for more than a decade. I have no courage to continue on a path I cannot see. I am also a woman and I want to rest.”


Li Ce sighed and said helplessly: “I can’t stop you, is it? You are determined to leave, right?”


Chu Qiao said very seriously: “Don’t worry about me, I will live well. This world is not only the royal family and the nobles who are in power. I will be a civilian and live without any burden and responsibility. The days will be easy, I want to do what I can do, where I want to go, and I have been looking forward to this kind of life for many years.”

“Then you will come back? Come back to see me occasionally?”

“Of course.” Chu Qiao laughed and took it for granted: “You are my most important friend.”

Li Ce bitterly smiled and rubbed her hair out of random hands and smiled. “You guys made me sad.”

Chu Qiao stood up and walked to Li Ce’s side. Li Ce also stood up. Chu Qiao embraced him with open arms and said softly: “Li Ce, I’m gone, Ximeng’s situation is getting messier and you have to be good. Don’t worry me.”

Li Ce is very blocked, but still said in a tone of voice: “What can I do? I am a great handsome monk in the Tang Dynasty. Who can take me? How can I be so handsome and handsome? Who dares to violently bully? I, you are not aware of the goods all over the world.” I, you will not be able to understand the goods all day.”

Chu Qiao could not help but smile: “Fortunately, you great handsome monk, if Leonardo sees you will be ashamed to commit suicide.”

“Who is Leonardo? A strange name, a fan?”

Li Ce asked with a frown.

Chu Qiao could not help but laugh: “Fan, very handsome Fan people.”

“Comparing with me, taking the Fan people, you are simply not in the system.”

Chu Qiao ha ha smiled, laughter echoed in the chest, echoing back and forth.

“It’s not early, I am leaving.”

Chu Qiao no longer rides horses, but rents a carriage with Mei Xiang.

Li Ce, standing under the plane tree with a smile and a red robe, looked as if he had said it himself. A different kind of Fengshen Yulang (means great monk) is handsome.

“Jo Jo, be careful on the way. You can come back to me before you get married before you are 30.”

Chu Qiao got into the carriage and opened the curtain and waved to him: “Be your best, I must marry myself before the age of thirty.”

As the carriage drifted further and further away, the curtains of the green cloth finally closed and gradually disappeared at the end of a dying road at Indus.

“Is the emperor needed to send someone to protect Chu girl?”

Sun Di sank aside for a long while, only then asked in a quiet voice.

“no need.”

Li Ce shook his head slowly and turned to walk in the direction of the city gate.

Everyone has the right to choose the life they want. Jo Jo, let’s go.


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