Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 170: Back Home

by Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

“The Dujiang (means crossing the river) Campaign lasted for 42 days and captured major cities such as Nanjing, Shanghai and Wuhan, as well as Jiangsu and Anhui provinces and most of Zhejiang Province, Jiangxi Province, Hubei Province, and Fujian Province. It then liberated the whole of East China. It has created important conditions for entering the south and southwest regions.”

The evening sun shines in the yard, and the sky is burning red, and the ground is red, and even the old banyan tree has been put on a layer of red light.

It is already June and the weather is getting hotter. Even if this house is next to Jialing Lake, it is still difficult to eliminate the heat of the day.

“Well, let’s talk dry, you guys, you know the entangled lady.”

Mei Xiang walked out with a blue and white porcelain bowl, dressed in a cool dress, rolled his arms to the arm and walked and said, “Why should you drink in the iced sour plum soup?”

Jingjing heard the words, and suddenly patted her hands and cheered, “Oh! There is sour plum soup!” After that, he rushed to the kitchen to help the spoon.

“Miss, I used the ice in the clam to get through. It’s very refreshing, you can taste it.”

After Tang Jing came out, Chu Qiao would not allow Mei Xiang to call her grown-up again. Originally she wanted to match her sisters, but Mei Xiang did not agree with her life and she called the young lady to be neither fish nor fowl.

The evening sun is very warm, and Chu Qiao is not as afraid of heat as Mei Xiang and others. Compared to the summer of the 21st century, this place is considered to be nothing but spring and autumn. However, Mei Xiang’s sour plum soup is indeed a good thing.

“Sister, isn’t there a plane in that place? Why don’t you just fly over? Would you like to drive a boat across the river?”

A butterfly flew over and circling around the Clivia in the small garden. Chu Qiao was sitting under a Banyan (willow) tree. It was a light blue floral pipa. The following is a beige dress that was very elegant and casual. She said while she was eating soup: “Duoji, explain to Ping An.”

Duoji frowned and thought, and then put down the bowl, it was very old and said: “I think that the plane should be a rare thing, very precious.  Marshal Jiang has the support of Western powers, there is the Air Force, and Marshal Mao is neither the support of foreign forces is a year-long battle. It is normal that there is no fixed big city as a base area and that military equipment is underdeveloped. Therefore, there should be no aircraft and no own air force.”

Chu Qiao drank the bowl of plum juice, a cool feeling into the heart and lungs, it is cool. She smiled and said: “Duoji was quite right. At that time, the social productivity was underdeveloped. Mao Marshal did not have his own air force. This was also an important cause of the greater casualties in the early stages of the war.”

Ping An suddenly shook his head and sighed: “Sister, the country you said is really amazing, just like the mythology. You can fly to the sky, and you can blow up the cannon of a house. If they come to beat us, maybe As long as an artillery unit is dispatched, we can all defeat us. What the big summer iron armies and the Yanbei Black Hawks are all not opponents.”

“My sister said that it was a story,” Jingjing said with a small mouth and red soup. “When is there such a terrible thing in the world?”

Chu Qiao did not speak, just smiled quietly, Mei Xiang gave her a bowl, but she couldn’t drink it, but she was holding it in her hand. The feeling of cool silk spread through the fingertips, it was very comfortable.

“That’s not necessarily.”

However, Duoji shook his head and said with some doubt: “Three hundred years ago, we in Ximeng did not have a big ship. There was no sea battle in the land of Hainan. But now, our caravans can sail to the far-flung country far away. Besides ironware, f five years ago, our ancestors used bronze wares to fight, and the sword was very fragile. The sword was very fragile. When did the people think that we could forge a three-foot-long iron sword today? Others did not say, say paper. In the past, people used stone carving to use bamboo sticks to make books and use animal skins to make clothes. But now it is? Therefore, technology is constantly evolving. Maybe in a few hundred years or thousands of years, the lady will really appear. It is not known that the aircraft that can fly up to the sky can blow up the cannon of a house.”

Chu Qiao heard a moment of joy, praised and looked at Duoji, and said with a smile: “It’s still a lot of good thinking.”

Duoji is like a little adult, but when faced with Chu Qiao, it is a bit embarrassing. He scratched his head and smiled and said, “Miss, there are several places, I am a bit confused.”

Chu Qiao looked at him with interest: “Let’s talk about it.”

“First of all, I think the principle of the cannon is similar to that of the fireball made by your sister when you were in Yanbei. It is similar to the artillery and bamboo that we bought on the market. I don’t know if there is any relationship between them.”

Chu Qiao felt more and more pleasantly surprised. She nodded and smiled and said: “Duoji is very eager. There is indeed something in common. Cannon and firecrackers are the lowest gunpowder devices. The same is true of the fireball. It is only due to explosions and cracks. The power of crushed ice will be greater, and if it is to achieve the level of artillery, more advanced and more sophisticated technologies are needed. With current iron forging techniques, it is also difficult to achieve.”

Ping An and Jing Jing are plausible listeners. Obviously, they do not understand, and they nod along. But Dorje silently thought for a moment, and then frowned and said: “The Miss said these weapons, I do not think it is like a story, all should be reasonable, but I still do not want to understand how to return thing.”

He frowned a bitter and deep hatred, like a little old man.

Suddenly asked: “Miss, you asked us to go back yesterday, marshal Jiang and marshal Mao failed and won the reason, I thought about it, I don’t know if it is right?”

Chu Qiao encouraged him: “You said it to me.”

Duoji thought very much for a long time. He seemed to be very hesitant and had great courage before he began to say, “I think that the main reason that Marshal Mao will win will depend on the support of the people.”

When the voice just fell, Ping An immediately objected: “Is not right, I think that the Chiang Kai-shek is too stupid, and all the people under his heart are worried. So many of their own troops have been torn apart, and all have been rebellious, or else.” Will not lose.”

Chu Qiao turned to look at the peace and quietly asked: “Have you ever wondered why Marshal Jiang men will be betrayed?”

“Because,” Ping’An said slightly, he wanted to say that Marshal Jiang was too stupid, but he didn’t think right. He muttered for a long time before he said: “Because Marshal Mao’s strength is great, they are afraid and will be rebelled.”

“Why is the strength of Marshal Mao’s strength soaring? We must know that at the beginning of the war, the ratio of their numbers and their armaments was very disparate.”

Peaceful and silent, he scratched his head for a long time, and he did not show any reason.

Duoji joined the way: “I think Marshal Mao has a few things and is very wise.”

He analyzed very seriously: “This Marshal Mao’s fighting ideology is very brilliant. In the early stages of the fighting, he gave up the city, entered the countryside, and implemented land reforms to distribute the land to the people. In doing so, the people naturally embraced it. He hoped that he would become an emperor and all ran to join the army. His army was getting more and more, but Marshal Jiang was less and less. Even if his weaponry was backward, but many people were powerful and long time, naturally. In addition, Marshal Mao’s army is strictly disciplined and disciplined, and he does not commit any crimes against the people in the fall, and the unity of the army is united in a concerted effort to achieve success. On the other hand, Jiang Xiaoshuai’s men are representatives of great corrupt officials, and are not strict in discipline, are under chaos, and have internal conflicts. The situation may be turbulent, and their armed forces may rely on advanced armaments and military forces to occupy certain advantages in the early stages of the war. However, as the war deepens, they will fail sooner or later.”

After Duoji finished speaking, he saw Chu Qiao did not speak. He suddenly felt a little worried and thought he was wrong. He quickly said, “I think that the confrontation between the two armies is a confrontation between two kinds of ideas and is also a confrontation between the two forces. One is an aristocratic official class, one is an ordinary people class, and the same will be the same as that of the Great War.

As soon as he finished talking, he suddenly realized that he had made a mistake and said that Mei Xiang was peeling lotus seeds and he quickly turned to hint at him.

However, the peace on the side did not hear it, but the interface also asked: “Why did Mr. Wu lose?”

Chu Qiao looked at Duoji, slightly a bit stunned, she always knew that the child was smart, but did not expect him to be so smart to the point that she just told a story to him, but he could see through the essence of war. She nodded in surprise and said to Duoji: “Although it is not comprehensive, it is not easy for you to think about this layer on the head.”

She did not care about Yan Xun but Duoji, she seriously explained: “All kinds of different tactics and fighting ideologies are also necessary to adapt to the times and productivity. The big counterparts will not be better than Mao’s military regime. The firm leadership organization does not have a sound internal system, political ideology is not clear, superb military skills and war strategies are lacking, and Yanbei is different from Huaxia, it does not speak of low productivity, nor has it experienced a war of complete aggression by aliens. The social system has not been completely disintegrated, it is still under the original social system, and the people’s wisdom is not open. The people do not know what the revolution is, and they do not know how to stand up against the oppression on the top of the head. Naturally, they will not make complete plans for the military. Supported, Dorje said very well, and the war in the story was ostensibly a battle between the two parties to fight for leadership. In reality, it was a confrontation between two kinds of ideas. If you ask Yanbei, the idea of ​​freedom is not even It can be conveyed to the people’s ears, so how does Datong use the power of the people to fight against the king of Yan? Therefore, the outcome of defeat is already doomed… “

The three people repeatedly nodded, although Jing Jing and Ping An may not understand what she is saying at all.

Duoji thought for a long time and seemed to remember Chu’s words in his heart. After a long time, he suddenly felt a little frustrated and said: “Miss, like you said, the system is simply not suitable for our present society?”


“Then I think of these, it’s a matter of months.”

Seeing the child’s frustration, Chu Qiao smiled and said very mildly: “Not all of it, the passing of thoughts is not an overnight event. Everything needs a guide, and today you may not be able to mobilize people from all over the world. You can get up together to complete this matter, but you can try to influence some people and slowly pass this kind of thought out, like a kind of fire, a bit of dissemination, and one day it will become a trend.”

Duoji gave a brief glimpse and said suddenly: “Miss, what are you talking about, can you write a book?”

Chu Qiao smiled and took a picture of the child’s head and said, “They can teach.”

Duoji was very happy and cheered. He very excitedly said: “I understand that a thorough war is based on thought. The revolution needs the soil of the theory. If the society wants to progress, it needs to be passed first. Thinking people.”

Mei Xiang stepped forward and told him to give him a bowl of sour plum soup. He said, frowning, “Look at you happy and sweat a lot. Don’t try to pass on thoughts before. Let’s drink my soup first, and it will be hot and in vain. I have a lot of effort.”

Everyone heard the sound of laughter and laughter. Duoji’s handsome face was slightly red and she was embarrassed to sit down.

The sky was getting late, Chu Qiao returned to the room, a few children stunned for a while and went back to bed.

The rain began to patter at night. Chu Qiao squatted by the window and looked at the continuous rain. When he saw the light of Duoji’s room, he could not help but smile.

In an instant, it has been a year and a half.

After leaving Tang Jing that day, how far did they go, they were caught up by these same children who lived in the House of Habitat. They had to take them with them.

Because of the children around him, Chu Qiao gave up her dream of drifting everywhere. He came to the south of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties and found a small town with a relatively quiet and beautiful scenery. The climate here is mild and the life is quiet because it is close to the imperial crown of the Sui and Tang dynasties. Therefore, law and order have always been very good and there are few bandits.

And this place is the hometown of Mr. Silent White of Sui and Tang Dynasties. The ancestral home of Mr. Shen is also here. The academic atmosphere is very strong. Students who are going to take the test often come to see Mr. Shen and take a tour of the landscapes of this small town.

For a long time, this city is known as the academic city.

After Chu Qiao came in with a few people, he bought a hotel in Linhu.

In order to hide from searching eyes, after all, a single woman who lives with a child with three children doing nothing is really dazzling. Secondly, she really wants to find something for himself. If she eats and sleeps all day long, It’s boring enough.

Although not enough to make money, but because of Chu Qiao’s novel management system and excellent health conditions, coupled with the superior geographical location, this “student Inn” even gradually became famous in the local. However, all visitors who come here will use this Inn as their first choice. Every spring and fall exam is always full of people and business is booming.

Time flies, and when she gets up early, Chu Qiao suddenly discovers that there is more silver hair in the temple. Mei Xiang mumbled that because she did not eat well and did not sleep seriously, Chu Qiao smiled, turned around, but see the other side of the hair, but also a few silver light.

This is the body’s irrepressible aging. Although she is only twenty-one years old, her many years of running and fighting, her repeated drifting in the ice and snow, and the pain she suffered when she was young, have caused her young body to prematurely stain her. There are many illnesses. Those aged old wounds will be painful in rainy weather. Knees and other joints will be filled with snow. They are always cold. The eyes begin to have thin crow’s feet and the spirit is getting worse and worse. Tired to sleep.

She turned out to be a jar of medicine as if all parts of her body had problems, and her typhoid fever had visited her almost every month. Many times she was lying in bed and endured the illness. She even suspected that the body was still not her. She felt like a puppet that had been torn apart, and she would have to leave.

Fortunately, life has finally calmed down, there is no longer a bloody war, there is no cruel death, there is no longer a strange and unpredictable game plan, her heart finally calmed down, like a lake, placid.

This year, she seldom asked about the situation outside. But because of the opening of the inn, people coming and going, plus children interested, she will always hear a variety of news.

For example, the marriage of the four sons of the Zhuge family and the long princess of Huai Song Nalan Hongye. It is said that after Zhuge Yue returned to the summer, he readily agreed to the marriage. However, when the great summer champs celebrated, Master Zhuge took out a party and posted a message, claiming that he had passed through his wife’s door in Qinghai, claiming that he has a wife in the Qinghai village, and adhering to the ancestral training of the spoiled wife, the Princess Nalan Hongye can only marry. If you have a baby, you may have the possibility to help your wife.

It was a stone that stirred a thousand layers of waves, and the Huai Song messengers sputtered in time. This event, which would have triggered a huge wave in Ximeng, was also sinking into the water like a stone beneath Zhuge Yue’s brilliant political wrist. Even if the blisters did not excite them, they passed calmly.

Then, the seventh princes, Zhao Che, returned from the northern Xinjiang with the full support of Sima Zhuge Yue, and brought back more than half a million Northern Qijiang cavalrymen. They opened up vast borders and settled the frontier rebellion. The mutual support of Zhuge Yue’s sing and leaps and breaks Zhao Yang’s unique political model, and the court resists the Daxia dynasty.

The Yanbei days were not so good. The Sui and Bian Tang dynasties closed the Nanjiang Waterway. The economic exchange between Yanbei and Huai-Song was interrupted. However, Yanbei was temporarily unable to compete with the Sui and Tang dynasties. After all, Qinghai and Great Summer are two sides of the attack that have already made Yan Bei miserable.

Fortunately, nowadays Zhao Yang is busy competing with Zhao Che, and the military investment in Yanming Guan(mountain) is much lower than it used to be. In a year and a half, the larger-scale attack campaign was organized only once, but it only stayed at Longyi (means Dragon) Guan (mountain). In two days, he quitted the gold and withdrew. It was obviously a show full of water.

The situation is unpredictable and has been devastated.

Presumably Zhao Hao also understands that if there is no threat of Yanbei, Zhuge Yue’s Qinghai army will directly cross the Dragons Pass to kill the Queen of the Great Summer. At that time, his Southwest Army alone could not and Zhao Jie’s Zhuge Ge’s. The two will be in deep confrontation.

So, to a certain extent, Zhao Yang even became an ally with Yan Xun.

Things in the world are really incredible.

However, the most literary and poetry relished, but it is still a luxury marriage of the King Yanbei Yan Xun. 

One year ago, on the occasion of the New Year, Yan Xun held a grand wedding ceremony in the Palatine Palace. He had a total of 18 female ministers, and all of them married in a position of honor. They built a large building after the palace and enriched the harem. The wedding banquet was held on the 18th, and the entire Yanbei people moved to the side to pay homage to the whole party. It was an amazing event.

On the second day of the wedding, the Nada Palace on the sunset was finally completed. Those who had the privilege to visit the palace in Yanbei would describe the spectacle they had seen hundreds of times. The literati and poets also wrote poems and lyrics that were full of sweat cows to praise the beautiful palace.

It is said that the Nada Palace on the Mount of Sunset is built in mid-air and is set on top of a cliff with warm water from the fountain up and down, a colorful garden floating in the air, and a river of wine in the sky. The sun’s gold-carved silver walls. It is a miraculous building. Even the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties, which have thousands of years of history, can’t be compared.

People all over the world know that this palace was once built by King of Yanbei for the beauty General, his only lover. However, since the beautiful general and King Yan Xun broke up on the fire thunder four years ago, this one got up from a slave and repeatedly caused. The legendary woman of the king, the great summer army of Sima, the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and the Three Kingdoms battle completely lost the news and withdrew from Ximeng’s political map.

Some people say that she was married to the royal family in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. She changed her name and changed her name to stay with the emperor. Some people also said that she is the wife of Daxia’s Sima Zhuge Yue. He is currently leading troops in Qinghai. Others said that she had returned to Yanbei and now lived in the magnificent Nada Palace.

However, all the rumors are just speculations. No one will know that the legendary woman now runs a small inn in the small town on the southern tip of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. Every morning and evening, she will go for a walk along the shore of Lake Jialing and chat with some old people who are playing chess.

Suddenly, life suddenly became simple. In many cases, she was reluctant to think about it again. However, sometimes she still remembered the story told to the teenager many years ago in that dilapidated courtyard.

“The king built an air penthouse for his beloved woman, where there is a fountain of warm water flowing from the bottom up, a colorful garden floating in the air, a river of mellow blue wine, and a golden silver wall of the sun. The Sky Garden finally became a world heritage attraction, symbolizing the king’s never-changing love for the lover.”

Halfway through life, someone stopped and someone passed by. Someone forgot their own way. Some people couldn’t find the direction of advancement. Even if there were occasional reminiscences in the memories, how could they recover the feeling that had passed away?

It’s a sleepless night when the rain hits the plantain in front of the window.

Chu Qiao was only asleep when the sky was very bright, and he had already gone up three times when he woke up. Mei Xiang is now the instinct of the inn, and she is always busy. Today’s son Wu’s wife is not in the yard.

When we opened the window, we saw the sky was clear, and there was no cloud in the blue sky. Two yellow baboons stood on the banyan tree in the yard, and the screaming was cheerful.

Chu Qiao wore a white, moon-white pair of blouses. Below was a lavender flowering dress. Her hair was loose and she looked refreshed and elegant. When she opened the door, she saw that Duoji was sitting on the stone desk in the yard and wrote something. Jingjing fanned on the side of him and was lethargic. His eyes were still open and he kept insisting. As always, Ping’Ans is not at home, nor does he know where to go and play.

Duoji is 18 years old this year. He is tall and handsome and looks different from the grasslands of Yanbei. He looks like a scholar with a very heavy book in Jiangnan. This age is already old enough to have a wife and children.

Jingjing has also been fifteen years old. The little girl is very clear-minded and follows the back of other people’s buttocks like a little heeler.


When he heard the sound, Jingjing opened his eyes and cried with joy.

“Miss woke up.”

Duoji stood up and quickly took things off the stone table, a bit embarrassed to step back.

Chu Qiao knew what he was doing, and he did not say anything. He just came and arranged for him some disorganized clothes. She frowned and said: “Learning is not a matter of two days. What time did you sleep last night? So early?”

Duoji is a bit embarrassed. The 18-year-old young man is head down like a child. The lack of enough sleep gives birth to black eyes like a giant panda.

“It is!”

Jing Jing followed the complaint afterwards: “Every day he sat writing and writing, he  would not go out to play with me.”

“Jingjing Duoji!”

Ping’An rushed to the city while yelling, and saw Chu Qiao hurriedly and cheerfully: “My sister, today is the Lotus Festival. The outside is lively. The lotus pond is open all night long. Don’t you go and see it?”

Jingjing heard a happy moment, the color of the excited face, but turned to look at Duoji, but see Duoji not too concerned about the appearance, obviously not very much want to go.

Chu Qiao met and chuckled: “Okay, let’s go and join in the fun.”

Dorje listened, frowning said: “There must be a lot of people on the street, and the lady is not good.”

“Dorge! It’s rare for my sister to go out and distract, don’t disappoint.”

Jingjing pushed his arm and said with a pout.

Duoji said with no help: “Miss wait a minute, I will change clothes and go with you.”

Jingjing and Ping An’s happy high-five, also like two children who did not grow up.

Four people soon out of the door, Duoji put on a white student gown, looks handsome, very handsome.

He covered a bamboo umbrella over the top of Chu Qiao to prevent the sun from hurting her. The two walked together as if they were people in the painting. Jingjing carrying a small basket filled with herbal tea and cakes, like a small bowl.

She frowned at Doji and Chu Qiao and suddenly said loudly, “Sister, I don’t have to comb my eyes again.”

A few people are walking and suddenly heard her say this suddenly.

“As a child, I am fifteen and I should grow up.”

Chu Qiao could not help but smile, which would not know her thoughts, smiled slightly: “Yes ah, Jingjing grew up, you can marry.”

He retched with a fork, squeezing his face with his index finger, and said: “It is not harmful.”

The two children suddenly ran in one place and ran up insanely.

At the time of the day, the Lotus on the spring lotus pond was all open. The green and white patches of pink and white were everywhere. The breeze passed away, the fragrance was sweet, the sweet smells and the ten winds and lotuses were hidden under the blue sky and clear water. The wind and fog towers, the shadows of Hongjuan (means great and beautiful), and the gorgeous blue waters…

Chu Qiao is in a good mood today and simply rents a boat. Of course, Jingjing is very happy, and Duoji can’t bear to sweep Chu’s interest. The four people got on the boat, and the Duoji Station stood on the stern, and the boat slowly left the shore, and went to the lotus leaf that took over the sky.

Flowing water swaying, Jing Jing sitting on the bow happy to separate the lotus leaves by hand, boat passing, duckweed floating, the boat over, complex and close together, the water picked up from shallow to shallow, several people’s sporadic floating into the breeze, with a burst of flying hair, it swept her earlobe lightly.

He has a lot of picking lotuses. He doesn’t like to eat lotus seeds. He is as busy as stealing money. After a while, the boat is full of lotus and green.

Chu Qiao’s mood widened, taking a deep breath, only feeling that the lungs in the lungs were spit out with breathing, and the body was lighter.

“Ah! There are fish!”

Jing Jing suddenly called out loudly, and Ping’An quickly probed to see the past, only to hear a bang, a red koi jumped out of the water, slipped through a curved arc, splashed a large number of splashes in the face of several people.

Duoji returned and watched the two laughing and joking in the bow. Slowly paddling oars, slender figure reflected in the lake, clothes fluttering, the plains and wide sleeves, relaxed posture, is already a handsome chic son.

Chu Qiao looked at him and smiled softly.

They are all grown up, and only they always treat them as children.

“Duoji, you have been out for almost two years, don’t want to go back to the country to see?”

Duoji heard a slight glimpse, and then some unnatural smiles: “After a while.”

Chu Qiao nodded, thoughtfully: “Yes, now that the border battles are complicated, walking is indeed inconvenient.”

“Ye.” Duoji nodded. “There is no war in the northern part of Yanbei. They lived back to the mountains for several decades. They have been safe and sound. He was very relieved. It was only the young lady who lived here with her peace. If I were After leaving, how can I put my heart down?”

Chu Qiao suddenly stunned, could not help but smile: “Do you have anything to worry about us?”

Douji shook his head, not to mention the reason, but murmured: “I don’t worry.”

“Haha, grab it!”

Suddenly, only Jingjing laughed loudly and picked up a pink lotus flower bowl and stood up. He turned to Chu Qiao and said, “Sister, is it beautiful?”

Saying, we must run here.

Chu Qiao was shocked and quickly shouted: “Be careful!”

However, the voice just fell and the boat suddenly turned.

“Jing jing sit down!”

Ping’An shouted, the hull shook more and more powerful, Jing Jing panicked and cried. At this time, I saw the hull suddenly fall to the side. Dodge opened the paddle and rushed toward Chu Qiao. One pulled her and listened to the other, and Jing Jing finally fell into the lake.


The snow-white water splashed into the sky, and the safety jumped into the lake immediately afterwards.

“Ping’An, swim over.”

Duoji reached out and pulled the white Jingjing with the peace. The little girl was scared and white, and she leaned into Chu’s arms and bit her lip for a while.

“so stupid!”

Duoji shouts.

Jingjing listened and cried with a grin.

“Duoji, don’t say it.”

Duoji reprimanded him: “Jingjing is still young.”

Chu Qiao patted Jing Jing’s back and said with a smile: “Silly girl, can’t I swim? Why are you still crying?”

Jingjing heard the words immediately and even cried and forgot, and after a while, suddenly embarrassed smile, said: “I forgot.”

Ping’An can not stand shouting: “Stupidly dead stupid death!

Fortunately, the clothes she wore in the summer were thin, and even after doing a round trip on the lake, they were almost all dry. However, when this happened, several people lost their interest and went to shore. They planned to go home.

Who knows that he just walked ashore, and the man in his 20s and more than 20 years old suddenly faced him, and when he passed by Chu Qiao, one person suddenly ate an ambitious leopard and reached out and reached out to Chu Qiao’s cheek.

What kind of skill Chu Qiao, how can easily be his wish, a quick flash of a body, let the man rushed empty.

“Huh?” The man was dressed in a white and pink robe of students and said that the discourse was frivolous. He smiled and said to some other people, “The little lady is slippery enough!”

Everyone heard it and shouted with laughter.

Chu Qiao’s brow furrowed slightly, and he saw Jing Jing suddenly stepping forward and said in angrily: “Shameless! You’re looking for death!”

The man hadn’t noticed Jing Jing before. At the moment, he saw a younger girl who was younger. Happy, he laughed and said, “This is a good figure. Although it’s tender, it’s enough.”


Ping’Ans little face flushed and turned to look at her.

Chu Qiao reluctantly sighed and said, “Come on, don’t make trouble.”

The cheers rang out in peace, and then they did not wait for the other people to respond. It was like a tiger.

Just listened to the sound of a bang and the pain struck. The young man suddenly felt like a sandbag. His chest was hit hard and the entire man flew out.

Jing Jing met with his brother and moved his hand to throw away the small basket in his hand and rushed forward. Several men also followed more than a dozen guards and saw that the master was hurriedly rushed forward under the bully. Jing Jing swung in and swept one by one and knocked them over. The wrong hands, a man holding a man’s arms, clasped, and then turned over a shoulder fell, the moment the arm dislocated, the pig-like screams sounded.

He kicked a man’s waist on his back, and walked up the mountaineering step and jumped up. His feet locked a man’s chin and snorted. He saw the whole person flying and fell to the ground like a dead dog…

More and more people, after all, Jingjing is the first time to really start with people, and gradually become somewhat stretched, so that they are safe and healthy, they are invincible, and they are hit and kicked. After a while, five people have already fallen, and all have lost their fighting power.

At this time, some people noticed that Chu Qiao and DuoJi, who stood by and watched the battle, sneaked in with a cheap psychology. However, before they got close, they saw a shadow disappearing suddenly!

Shot! Buckle! Take the wrist!

Duoji squatted, standing quietly, even if the standing position did not change, the sound of the wrong bones suddenly sounded. The wrists were pushed and pushed, and the strong man suddenly screamed, his hands and bones were twisted and twisted, and the heartbreaking screams shouted.


A squeaky sound, Jingjing a standard vacant sidekick, a man who was attacking Ping’an was kicked, and suddenly slammed on the ground, can no longer climb.

With the fall of the latter person, I saw only a small street, a dozen people fell to the ground, no one could climb up intact.

Jingjing proudly clap his hands and shouted: “Live it! Give you a long-term lesson, and see if you dare not do bad things in the future.”

The onlookers’ surnames immediately praised the cheers, and the peace was very good. However, in the blink of an eye, Chu Qiao had already turned away with the company’s company, and he quickly caught up with Jingjing.

People looked at the figure of a few people, leaving amazement.

Under the lake willow tree, a 27-year-old young man was wearing a white gown and quietly looked at the direction of several people leaving. His eyes were far-reaching and he had not left for a long time.

After returning home, I saw Mei Xiangzheng standing at the door, anxiously watching and watching, and saw a few of them, and quickly ran up and ran up, but also a series of long beggars.

Dorje told her to report to her today’s record, scared Mei Xiang Qiao face white and bursts of red, straight to the Ping’An and Jingjing is to blame.

Dinner four dishes and one soup, there are a lot of people, sitting together. Wu mother does not, Mei Xiang is rare to cook, Chu Qiao was forced to eat a bowl of rice before doing the number.

In the evening, a few people sat down under the tree to cool down. Chu Qiao was a little tired today, and there was a ride that didn’t take a ride.

Mei Xiang said while embroidering: “There is a miracle today. The flower mother-in-law of Dongjie ran to me to talk about the media, saying that it was necessary to protect the media for Mr. Song’s only son in Nancheng. I gave it a pass.”

Jingjing heard a smile and said: “Haha, I want to eat swan meat, what is their family, and dare to call my sister’s idea.”

Mei Xiang looked up at her strangely and said, “When did I say that they came to ask Miss?”

“Ah? Did they see Mei sister?”

Mei Xiang reached out and took a look at the head of Jingjing, saying: “Little fool, people are watching you, to give you a match.”

The voice just fell, Jingjing’s face suddenly red, and quickly shouted: “Bastard bastard! Look at the next time I met Song Laotou’s son, do not interrupt his legs!”

“People can look good on you, and they are still hypocritical.”

Ping An is eating an apple and said mumblingly.

Mei Xiang shook his head and said: “In fact, Mr. Song’s son is also good, but also a meritorious person, ordinary gentle, I heard that this fall will participate in the entrance examination. However, it is not enough to think of Jing Jingjing, Dodge this year also eighteen If you wait until next year, you will have a happy event.”

When this statement came out, everyone suddenly saw a glimpse of the face of Jingjing, but it was just a low head, but there was no refutation as before.

Duoji frowned slightly, and some said uncomfortably: “Mei Xiang, who said that I want to get married with Jingjing?”

Mei Xiang’s eyebrows sighed and said, “Is this still used? Who doesn’t know?”

Duoji got up and said unpleasantly: “I don’t know.”

Say, turn and return to the room.

Several people are all scolded and do not know what to say, and even Ping’An is silly.

Jing Jing eyes red, suddenly stood up and ran into his room.

“I, what am I saying wrong?”

Mei Xiang was stunned and quickly stood up and went to Jing Jing’s room.

“What’s the matter with my sister?”

Chu Qiao opened her eyes and looked at the empty courtyard lightly. She did not speak.

The night wind was warm, and the cry of the cries sounded, and the calling people were so upset.

In the evening, when suddenly someone knocked on the door of Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao had not slept. She put on his clothes to open the door, but Jing Jing stood in the doorway with tears on his face.

When I saw Chu Qiao, the little girl suddenly cried and threw herself into Chu Qiao’s arms, so she was not sad.

Chu Qiao took her into the room, so that a comfort, Jingjing has been crying and not talking. After about an hour or so, I finally stopped and took a ride.

“Okay, don’t cry, Duoji is just a joke.”

Jing Jing stood up and wiped his head and shook his head: “It’s not a joke.”

Chu Qiao naturally understands but does not bear to hurt her heart, still comforted her: “Do not think too much.”

“I actually knew it.”

Jing Jing lowered his head and muttered, “Duoji does not like me, and Duoji likes her sister.”

Chu Qiao heard a sudden embarrassment and frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“I didn’t talk nonsense.” Jing Jing raised his head and his little face was a big one. He looked very pathetic. She said obstinately: “I saw Duoji secretly painting the portrait of her sister and hiding under the pillow.”

Chu Qiao’s brow wrinkled deeper and he did not speak for a long time.

“But I also know that my elder sister is not fond of the odds. The elder sister likes people and is the person who sent her sister Yu Pei.”

The little girl finished her tears and walked out of the room. The moon outside the window was big and round. She came in through the window and was bright.

A whole body of white Yupei quietly placed next to the pillow, bright, bright jade.

Sleepless nights, on the second day, someone knocked on the door of the small courtyard. The Tsing Yi book boy respectfully and politely stood in the doorway and said politely: “Is there someone at home? My son has something to ask for.”



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