Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 172: Waiting for you to come back

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Chu Qiao sat on the stone steps and looked at the sea of ​​clouds on the horizon. The blossoms in the yard were extremely bright and red, yellow and red. They were very attractive.

The little one of the inn sat on a stool and was making tea very seriously. It was only a 13-year-old child. It was the young age of extrication. Duoji and Ping’An also sat side by side, chatting with him without a ride.

Chu Qiao listened to them talking about the scenery of Qiuqiu in Sichuan. She talked about the ancient path along the South of the hills in South China. Speaking of Daxia’s Tibetan ancestral hall, he talked about the Crow Mountain in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. At last he talked about the heavy snowfall in Yanbei, and the topic gradually became lively. When they got up, Jingjing also came out of the room, eating various kinds of candied fruit, and scouring his head chatting with several people.

Mei Xiang is sitting next to the citron tree. He is working on a pimple. His fingers are fluttering and his eyes are flexible and dazzling.

As the sky faded, the lights in the yard took off and the heat was gradually dissipating. Jing Jing asked the kitchen for several ice bowls filled with colored fruits, cool, and looked very nice.

At the end of the previous storm, the suspension bridge in front of the autumn city was washed away. The journey of Chu Qiao and others was delayed. It took two days in the autumn city to continue north.

Today, they live in a small inn in the mountains, the entire inn is built on the hillside, ups, and downs, patchwork, lush forests, from afar, like a forest.

Chu Qiao’s room is located on a high cliff, facing the west. The boss wants to come to be an elegant person. Because this place is adjacent to Xizhao Mountain, it is called the Xizhaoyuan. Every evening, the sunset here is extremely beautiful…

Zhuge Yue lived in the Guigui Building next to him. Yesterday afternoon, he dispatched his men’s guards to help the government build bridges and ferries. If you really want to come, you need to immediately go back.

When it rained in the daytime, it stopped in the afternoon, and the leaves were green, but they were even more charming.

Chu Qiao was wearing a beige hemp skirt with an ebony scorpion on his head. The black long pine smashed a shackle and looked very refreshing and comfortable.

The moon is very round tonight, Chu Qiao quietly watching the moon, suddenly remembered that it will soon be Mid-Autumn Festival, but this place is only the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The place where the Mid-Autumn Festival called the White Moon Festival comes from a song that Chu Qiao once heard in the army. In the song, a man sang on a horse and went out to fight. She played for many years and changed from a soldier to a soldier and from a soldier to a general. Finally, he returned home and found that his house had fallen. His wife was also taken away by others. His parents’ sons were starved to death and their bones were grayed out. They did not even have a grave.

She still remembers the last sentence in the song: Moonlight shines on my soul and urges you to return home early.

Since then, the White Moon Festival has become a reunion festival, advising people to cherish their families, not to ignore the family for the sake of the immediate gains and losses, and wait until irreparable.

Moonlight shines on my soul and urges you to return home early…

“sounds so good.”

Mei Xiang stopped his hand and turned to look at Chu Qiao. He smiled and said: “I have never heard of a lady singing yet.”

Chu Qiao slightly surprised, only to find that he even sang out of silence.

“This is really the first good song. Can Miss understand the meaning of this song now?”

Chu Qiao slightly sideways: “Mei Xiang recently likes to reason for others.”

“I haven’t read a book yet. What I know is the easiest truth. Where can we compare with Miss Wu’s school bus?” Mei Xiang smirked and said: “But sometimes, the more you know, the more chaotic your brain becomes. Instead, it will ignore some very simple truths.”

“One day after another, every year on the house beam, looking at the village head road, still do not see the husband.  Flang Bao’s frontier, outsiders’ walls, no clothes for their children, and their hungry mother-in-law’s. In the township and village, the evil village chief is the king of Tujia. The wind and rain are a trace of the wind, the cold snow piles broken the house, the moon is shining on my soul, reminding you to return home.”

The smile on Mei Xiang’s face was very quiet. She sang quietly on the tree. The petals fell down and hit the shackles on her hands. The white light of the moon fell on her fingers like a curved butterfly wing.

At this moment, there was a whistling sound in the distance. Separated too far, the sound of the flute is slightly ethereal, there is a kind of lingering, occasionally high, but it does not lose the clear, three turns, like a smoke, empty long, do not have a frank feeling.

Ping’An and others still chatted, and when they heard the sound of the flute suddenly stopped, Dorje sat up straight, eyes with a few sighs of sighs, even Jingjing, who had no melody, listened with his ears, very quiet. Look like that.

Mei Xiang stood up and turned around to return to the room. When she came out, she was holding a beige cloak and gently draped over Chu Qiao’s shoulders. She smiled and said: “The lady has been rushing for a few days and has been worried about it. It’s time to rest now. The backyard of this inn is in excellent condition. The moonlight is just tonight and the lady may wish to go out and walk.”

Chu Qiao turned his head, but he saw Mei Xiang smile and looked at her faintly, with a hint of embarrassment and encouragement in his eyes.

“Mei Xiang…”

What Chu Qiao wanted to say, but ultimately failed to speak.

Mei Xiang said: “Miss, Mei Xiang does not understand anything. I do not understand what faith in the world is. I only hope that Miss can be happy. You are a good woman. The song should not be sung to you.”

The moonlight shines on Chu Qiao’s face. She is slightly embarrassed and cannot help but think of the second half of the song:

A few cold and summer mountains, snow drifting, Jun I do not know the road, heaven and earth sky. The baby died of plague, and her mother had no rice soup, and she sold herself for food. The husband is interested in the chest and is not willing to live in a poor town. There are many things in the world. The years are full of water, not seeking for wealth and poverty.

“Mei Xiang, go get that light green one.”

Mei Xiang slightly surprised, hesitantly looked at her.

She suddenly smiled, and stood up and said: “The whole day is not white, it is black, and it is like going out.”

The moonlight shines all the way, and she quietly walks. All the years have slipped past in the minds of the past. It is like a flying white egret that flies through the world of ink painting. Those things that are intense or pale or full of color or gloomy, gradually sink in the bottom of my heart, become a water, and gradually freeze into ice.

Resentment, jealousy, hatred, entanglement, help, hand in hand, life and death, reunion, struggle, joy, separation, loss…

Every time she steps out, she will have a picture and a landscape in front of her eyes. Each picture carries too many heavy things. There are national hatreds, personal grudges, incompatibility, persistent obsessions, years of repression and impatience, and a desire to break through the fierceness and circling of the jealousy.

With so many emotions filling the bottom of my heart, she was finally smashed by the lyrics that lay on the floor. She was able to spread it out with a fierce fingertip.

She is a King of Bihu (means shield). She uses a sense of calm and calm to put a thin layer of ice on herself and suppress all the feelings that she feels wrong.

One year, two years, many years.

There was a small lagoon behind the mountain. The wooden pavilion had fallen a bit. The boss was kind enough to plant a few durians and wisteria under the pavilion. The tiny flower pan climbed up the vines. Winding the column in a circle, do not add a little quiet elegance.

The light of the moon shines in the deep blue pool in front of it, and a round moon shines in the center of the water wave, a white round.

Zhuge Yue, on his lavender gown, sat idly on the steps under the pavilion. One leg curled, one stretched, and the back was leaned against the stripped pillar. A few strands of ink slipped from the horns and fell to his face. His appearance is still extremely handsome, holding a green bamboo flute, blowing a very pleasant tune. There is no obsessiveness, no ambition, just like the juvenile winds of the country playing, sometimes light, sometimes soothing, naughty Du (pear leaf) Ruo (Skin of Bamboo) aromatic wandering around him, like a naughty child.

Chu Qiao stood silently, silently, the wind blew over her pale green cloak, floating gauze, like early spring willow.

She never seemed to have seen him so carefully. She had been frustrated with years. She had been guilty of misfortune for many years. But now she wanted to come and was at least a lot luckier than the general she sang. The house did not fall. His loved ones did not die, but those who loved were still standing there. As long as she was willing to turn back, she could reach his hand.

Even though there was a lot of water, the world could not tolerate it. He still walked steadily and steadily to the present day. With his rare willfulness and stubbornness, he broke through the imprisonment, again and again, propped up the clear skies for her.

At the bottom of her heart, she seemed to hear the sensible building dumping. She said to herself, “Maybe I can be just once.”

After all, she hasn’t had any pretensions for years.

The whistle stopped and the man slanted sideways, seeing the green woman standing quietly under the laurel tree, slightly lost.

“How did you come?”

“I’m not allowed to come when you come.”

Chu Qiao smiled and walked over, kicked Zhuge Yue’s leg and said, “Get off.”

The man retracted his leg, and she sat down with her hand. The white sparkle of the deep pool reflected in her face, like a broken pearl, jade.

“Zhuge Yue, the suspension bridge will be repaired tomorrow. Will you be back in summer?”

Zhuge Yue nodded, looking at her slightly surprised and said: “What’s wrong?”

“Then when will you come to me?”

A trace of surprise flashed over the man’s eyes. He was rather strange. He looked up and down as if she had any conspiracy.

“Is it that the Emperor Xia is dead? Or is it necessary to wait for Zhao Che to enter the throne? Will you be able to return afterwards?”

Chu Qiao kneeling on the stone steps, the cap behind the cloak draped over his back, swelled slightly, surrounded by her snowy neck. Her chin arrived on her lap and her eyes looked at the pool in front of her. She suddenly turned her head and said, “Zhuge Yue, I will sing for you.”

The woman’s eyes are extremely clear and bright. She was not once sad to see the world. She looked at him quietly and smiled quietly. Like many times in her dreams, there were no other impurities in her eyes, no one else’s shadow, only him alone.

He forgot how he nodded and saw her happy with her hands on her knees. The moonlight painted a beautiful arc on her face. Her voice is very soft, like the fine sand of the waves, a little penetrated the quiet of the night, leisurely, and walked into his heart.

——Before a long time ago, you owned me, and I owned you. Before long, long time ago, you left me and went far to soar. The outside world is wonderful. The outside world is very helpless. When you think the outside world is wonderful, I will sincerely wish you here. Whenever the sun sinks, I always look forward to seeing you here. Although the sky is floating, I still wait for your return.

——Before a long time ago, you owned me, and I owned you. Before long, long time ago, you left me and went far to soar. The outside world is very exciting. The outside world is very helpless. When you think the outside world is very helpless, I am still waiting patiently for you here. Whenever the sun sinks, I always look forward to seeing you here. Even though the sky is raining, I still wait for your return.

The song followed the winds of the night and quietly reverberated in the courtyard full of Du Ruo aromas. Chu Qiao turned his head and looked so clear. She held out her hand and carefully and carefully approached Zhuge Yue’s hand, unlike any previous time. Like the girl who was in her first love, the tense fingertips trembled a bit, a little bit, a little bit. Touch the back of the man’s hand, then, gently fingering his fingers, only to see so cool, like the water of the secluded pool.

Zhuge Yue turned to look at her, his face has been stunned. The night breeze between them, the flowers in the pavilion were fragrant, and they were sitting on the steps like children and pulling their hands. No one spoke first.

They have always been opposed to each other. Once they are in a straight line, they seem to be ignorant of their positions.

Zhuge Yue was a bit of a joke, but he also felt he could never laugh at this time. He was frowning seriously, and his face was very intriguing.

With his heart knotted, Chu Qiao became very natural. She took his hand and opened her eyes and asked: “Zhuge Yue, Qinghai?”

“Well?” The man froze a little, then said: “Okay.”

“Is that beautiful?”

Someone has no romantic cell back: “There are a few places that are not bad.”

“Is that Qinghai cold?”

“Summer is not cold, winter is cold.”

Chu Qiao said with hope: “The people there must be very simple.”

“You are stupid, how many bad guys are there? The world crow is generally black, who is not selfish?”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao finally frowned. “That’s not so good in Qinghai.”

“When did I say the place is good?”

Chu Qiao is speechless. Is this a man who wants to take a woman to run away?

“But there is one thing that is good in that place.”

Chu Qiao asked: “What happened?”

Zhuge Yue smiled proudly: “The place is my final say.”

Zhuge Yue laughed twice and found no one holding up his field, and some of the depression lived.

“When did Xinger did not hate me?”

Chu Qiao slightly bowed, turned and asked: “Did you just say something?”

Zhuge Yue was silent for a moment, but it seemed difficult to open his eyes. His eyebrows slowly wrinkled and he said for a long time: “From when did you not hate me?”

“Who said not hate?”

Chu Qiao gasping with her fists gestured to her own head and said: “I remember it all here.”

Zhuge Yue disdainfully glanced at her: “I feel bad.”

The moon shines light on everything below. In fact, many times, there are things that require only a few words. They only require a small movement. However, it takes so many years to get there.

The osmanthus swayed, and the man’s fingers held back naturally, holding the woman’s cold fingers in her palm.

So many years of hard work, so many years of dedication, it seems that only to wait for this action.

He turned his head and opened his mouth happily in a way that no one else could see.

On the second day, the suspension bridge was finally repaired. They went out of the autumn city and took a waterway through the Muling River. Then they went ashore to Qiusan County and they had to part ways.

The carriages of the two teams stopped at the same place. Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao stood at the forefront of the team. The weather was clear and clear and blue.

Zhuge Yue looked at the north very coolly and said, “I’m leaving.”

“Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded. “Let’s go.”

“Less fooling around with Li Ce, go back to your inn with nothing.”

“Who was fooling?” Chu Qiao frowned.


“Zhuge Yue, we have to be separated, all converge, and give the other side a good impression.”

Zhuge Yue’s awkward sigh: “I have never had a good impression of you.”

Chu Qiao went up and scolded him: “Are you still a human? Do you still have humanity? Who was crying and crying for me?”

Chu Qiao is very painful, Zhuge Yue is also angry: “Where is Xinger, when do I cry and cry for you?”

There’s none?

Chu Qiao thought for a moment and it seemed to be missing.

However, the action is similar, so why do you have such an indifferent attitude after succeeding? Besides, isn’t it a success now?

She gave him a sly glance: “You’re going to load it.”

The cold war took a little while, and they looked at each other with dismay. The original copy of the disengagement even gradually faded.

After all, it’s a step closer to that, isn’t it?

At the very least, it can already be a natural joke.

“I’m serious.” Zhuge Yue suddenly said very seriously: “Less Li Ce is mixed, and the state affairs of Sui and Tang Dynasties do not intervene. I am now a woman who is too much in love with nosy.”

Busy body?

Chu Qiao looked at him and said, unhappy, “I just wanted to remind him of it.”

“What is it now? What are you going to do?”

Chu Qiao angered: “I’m leaving.

Got to go? Where are you going?

Zhuge Yue’s mood was suddenly much better. He had some unnaturally cleared his throat and said: “Anyway if you pay attention, Li Ce’s mixed ball is not a good thing.”

Chu Qiao shook her head and said with emotion: “The so-called cross-river bridge, I am afraid that you are such a person.”

“what did you say?”

Zhuge Yue really wanted to be angry, and Chu Qiao raised her hand, a look she didn’t want to follow him: “You still don’t walk. You’ll be dark for a while. I’m leaving if you don’t leave. ”

Zhuge Yue smashed for a long time and suddenly pulled a white jade bell out of her arms. It looked rather flattering. He raised it to her mouth and said, “Let’s sing that song last night and sing it to me again.”

Chu Qiao said, “Why?”

Zhuge Yue’s face suddenly turned red and he was very cute. He frowned and said, “Why there are so many reasons, I told you to sing, you sing.”

“Singing is also in need of mood. I feel bad now and I don’t want to sing.”

Zhuge Yue looked at her with the murderous eyes she had trained for many years, but she did not take her eyes off for a long time.

Chu Qiao’s guilty conscience, which he saw, whispered: “So many people are watching it. When I sing, they listen to everything. I still can’t be human.”

Reluctantly accepted her explanation, Zhuge Yue said: “Then you say something to it.”

“Say what?”

The man is almost gnashing his teeth: “Whatever!”

Chu Qiao immediately shouted at the bell: “Zhuge Yue is a bastard!”

The sound of the loud, even the following many followers for their attention.

Zhuge Yue was furious and turned around to leave. Chu Qiao joked big time, quickly caught up with the previous step, grabbed his hand and said to the little bell: “Remember, I’m waiting for you.”

Just one sentence, the man’s anger was lowered. In fact, he was a particularly good person.

“What is this?”

Chu Qiao touched two times, only felt like a stone is not stone, like jade non-jade, work and fine, with a bell as the shape, but inside is a twist, like a human ear.

Zhuge Yue did not ignore her, but said: “Let’s go and grind.”

He still has reason?

The two men walked into the ranks and were finally leaving soon. Chu Qiao could not help but groaned seriously: “Be careful.”

Zhuge Yue looks like a very calm and slightly swinging hand, very calmly on the horse, looks lonely and proud, indifferent as water, a pair of high-looking appearance: “Remember what I said.”

After all, a large number of guards gathered in the crowd.

The figure gradually went away, and Chu Qiao still stood still and did not respond.

Jingjing came forward and looked obsessed. He murmured: “Sister, brother-in-law is so cold.”

Duoji frowned, very much like to hear, divinely said: “Jingjing, do not talk nonsense.”

“Say it!”

Jing Jing looked back at him and grimacing as he shouted, “You are mad at you!”

“Duo Ji, do you know what this is?” Chu Qiao asked with an eyebrow and described the appearance of Zhuge Yue’s little bell.

Duoji frowned slightly and meditated for a long while before saying: “Miss, if you read it correctly, it should be the legendary knowing bell. In the ancient book, it was one of the three treasures of the Southwestern language family. The wind-speaking people are exquisite in craftsmanship and proficient in mechanical secret arts, and this is known as the bell of the eighth-generation patriarch of the wind language family. It is said that if you speak loudly to the bell mouth, the voice will be preserved by the bell, once it is blown by the wind The sounds will be repeated and the tone will not change. It is just that the language family has always been whereabouts and secrets. For many years, no one has heard of their news, and the bells have long been lost. Where is Miss? Do you hear the bell when you come to this bell?”

Chu Qiao was slightly choked, and the horseshoe in the distance had long since disappeared, leaving only one line flying above the plank road.

“Do I know the bell?”

Zhuge Yue abandoned the carriage and rode the horse. Now it is close to the Daxia border, and the people who respond to it are in front of them. They are no longer carefully hiding.

The weather was warm and there was no trace of wind, but the horse ran up and there was a slight breeze blowing over the bell that was on his neck.

“Remember, I’m waiting for you.”

The woman’s muffled and gentle lingered and softly rang in her ear, like a clear lake, quietly covering the smoke. His mouth could not help but lift it up lightly, but the smile hasn’t slid to the bottom of the eye yet another voice suddenly rang:

Zhuge Yue is a bastard!

The voice was so loud. All the guards who were rushing to the horses were all startled. They stopped in surprise and the horse looked at him with a puzzled look. (LOL Chu Qiao said it twice, can you imagine how Zhuge Yue looks like?)

Zhuge Yue’s face, how ugly it is, how ugly it is. (LOL, I told you! hahaha)

On the eastward ramp, the Qingbu carriage, Chu Qiao also worked hard to meditate:

“Isn’t it like a tape recorder?”

“Sister, what is the recorder?”

Jingjing came together and asked with a squint. Since she saw Zhuge Yue, the little girl was in a good mood, and the relationship with Chu Qiao immediately returned to her intimacy.

Chu Qiao heard it very enthusiastically explaining to her: “This recorder…”

Mei Xiang sat on the other side of the carriage and looked at Chu Qiao, who was explaining the principles of the recorder to Jing Jing, and could not help but smile.

In fact, many times in life are like this. The authorities are obsessed with spectators and many things are not as complicated as they are imaginary, but because of some obsessions in their hearts, they stubbornly cling to it and waste great time. Even if they are smart people, as long as things are It will also be lost if it happens to you.

Sometimes, as long as we step out, everything will change dramatically.

“The road hasn’t gone yet. Maybe there will be other changes. Are you afraid?”

The wind blew over the clear water of the secluded pool and drew a shallow ripple.

Her head leaned back on his shoulder, and the fragrance of Du Ruo slowly drifted in. Her voice was low, as if she had broken through all the hesitant devils and gradually condensed into three short words: “I Not afraid.”

She smiled softly, reached over to her waist, and sat there until dawn.


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