Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 173: Da Tang Fox Change

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Unpredictable turmoil, like a pot of icy water, was abruptly heated to the point where it was hot, and people in the water had not yet reacted and had been cooked.

When it was time to visit Lu Shui, the war had expanded. After a few road rides, the city was destroyed, the homes were burned, and the old fertile fields were turned into decadent black ash. The Jurassic Faire was floating in the muddy yellow soup. It can be seen in the people of Limin who died in the turmoil of the war. The bustling dynasty destroyed everything. Blood and flesh punished pungent odors on summer nights.

Prince Luo raised troops in Meishan. He did not want to become a chaotic thief. The people drove home eastward. However, when they arrived in Lu Shui, they discovered that Xu Su, who was the commander of Luo Shui, was a family member of Prince Luo. The waterway ferry in the east was firmly blocked, and the Sui and Bian Tang dynasty soldiers west of the Lu Shui Pass were unable to care about each other. In the battle of Hong Cheng, Prince Luo was defeated by King Luo and the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties were shaken.

The journey of Chu Qiao and others was delayed. In the war, even with her power, it is difficult to compete with such a situation.

The drowning generation, the surnames gather, when the summer is over, the disease is prevalent, and within half a month, the city begins to spread the plague. The big giants all closed their doors and sent a large number of guards to guard the patrols. The hotel wine cellar was closed for business. If you want to buy a grain of rice, you can’t do it. Chu Qiao and others had to go to the suburbs. Before they got ready for the journey, the food tents were ready.

As the days went by, a variety of gossips followed, and it was Duiji’s safety and other people who ventured into the city to inquire and could not find any useful information.

Rumors vary, and some say that Li Ce has rehabilitated 800,000 iron riders in the East. It was also said that Prince Luo had spent the first few days in Jun shan with the fall of Nan Huaijun. The generations of Jiangzhe, Fei Cheng, Nanwang, Heijun, and Xizhao Mountain were successively slain. Imperial soldiers were mostly killed and injured. The rest surrendered and there were no more than five days. The army of Prince Luo was stationed in Lu Shui. Others said that the large Southwestern minority household donated money, donated food, responded to the Prince Luo’s uprising, and played the banner of a dying monarch. He dispatched the family’s pro branch soldiers into the Meishan Army, and the number of Prince Luo’s troops reached millions. It is even more ridiculous to say that Li Ce was no longer in Tang Jing at this moment. Instead, he took a harem house and hid in Daxia. The East China Sea Huai Song was helping him build a sea boat. He would have to flee to the sea.

Although the rumors were not entirely true, the army of Prince Luo was still close to drowning day after day.

Because fewer and fewer refugees have appeared in recent days, this shows that the encirclement of Prince Luo is getting closer and closer, and he will join forces with the army in Lu Shui.

After another seven days, Prince Luo’s army finally drove to Chebi, which was more than eighty miles away from Lu Shui. However, unexpectedly it stopped and did not have to meet with General Xu Su. Acting, but drowning, there is no clear-cut notion of loyalty to Prince Luo.

The war, suddenly stagnant.

At this time, the Imperial West Army was aware of the unusual events. General Xu Su was the general of the Empire. He had followed the old general of Murong in his early years. If he was willing to stand by Li Yi and stood on Li Ce’s side, t then the Sui and Tang dynasties would win.

In this way, after watching it for four days, Xi Shujun led Lu Bing to the 30,000-strong terracotta warriors and rushed to Chebi, and the Prince Luo army had a fierce battle. Although the war was fierce, the Xishuo army suffered heavy casualties, but they bravely broke away the defense line of Prince Luo and rushed to the General of Xu Su, who was in Lu Shui. It was self-evident that it was to defend the Sui and Tang Dynasties with the Lishui army of the Emperor.

However, at this moment, the horrific massacre that shocked the whole of Ximeng mainland began without any warning.

Xu Su overnight killed 13,000 soldiers from Lu Bing Guan (means mountain). The blood was stained by the Qinghui River. Even if the river is thirty miles away, the red river can still be seen. The corpses are piled up and almost formed. A large high dike.

The drowning generation circling all day long, and in the night, it was a fierce cicada and a whistling sound. The fierce bird beast biting the rancid body, like a terrible nightmare.

After three days, he finally believed that Prince Luo Xu, who had sincerely committed General Xu Su, had entered the Lu Shui camp with 150,000 troops. And on the second day, in the support of the military, the yellow robe was added, and the ancestors bowed to the throne, and they immediately took the throne.

Two days later, the Meishan army rushed to Lu Shui 200,000, together with the 180,000 defenders of Xu Su, Prince Luo’s strength has been almost equal to 600,000 people.

In this regard, Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties appeared in a bizarre situation where the two emperors were tied up and ruled by the river.

Ten days later, it seems that the Tang Emperor Li Ce, who could no longer tolerate such insults and disgrace, finally issued an exhortation document. His words were fierce and he personally took the initiative to lead the army. He led the Central Army 90,000, the Southeast Army 110,000, and the Wolf Soldier 200,000. To Tai Shan, rushed to Lu Shui.

The war is imminent.

At the beginning of August, Luo Wang ascended the ancestor to the balcony, burned the incense banner, and then, with his army, there were 150,000 Meishan troops crossing the river, leaving 50,000 Meishan Army and General Xu Su guarding the water. However, Li Ce’s army was slow to squash and battalion and did not dare to fight. For five days, there were only a few battles of the Masters. It was said that the military was fighting, rather than being a group of people. For a time, Li Ce’s name was in the Sui and Tang dynasties. The earth is a laughingstock. Tang Huang was afraid of Prince Luo. He did not dare to play in the camp. The spread of the world was well known.

However, when everyone believed that Li Ce was about to lose his country, Chu Qiao suddenly ordered Mei Xiang to pack up and prepare for Beijing.

Mei Xiang did not understand what she meant and asked bluntly.

Chu Qiao looked at the General Xu Su camp in the east, her eyes became a little blurred. She remembered the night when the Xi Shujun was massacred on the same day. The screams rang out in the ear, all night long.

“This battle is going to end.”

On August 17th, the Da Tang army finally swept away the previous suffocation, and the army was dispatched to fight the battle between Hu Linxun and Prince Luo.

The soldiers fought bravely and the war lasted for one day and one night. No one had any concessions. They all know that this is a battle for imperial power. The winner will definitely be Jinyu, the future will be beautiful, and the losing party will have to copy the door, one will not stay.

At the crucial moment of the battle, General Xu Su suddenly appeared on the battlefield.

Prince Luo army cheered loudly, but before their laughter disappeared, General Xu Su’s army suddenly came to the back of the Prince Luo’s army with a saber!

On August 20, Prince Luo defeated and killed more than 40,000 people, while the rest fell.

Prince Luo fled all the way to Lu Shui under the guardianship of two thousand-strong Guardians but found that all the 50,000 officers and men under his subordinate had died. Li Shui is like a soup, no boat can be crossed. Prince Luo was cornered. He was not with them when he sighed on the banks of the river. Then he pulled himself up.

At this point, the bright handsome Emperor, who had only been enthroned for only eleven days, left the history book of Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties, and everything disappeared invisibly as if he had never appeared before. 

On August 21st, the emperor’s army chased after the Prince Lou’s Party and killed more than 300 families of Southwestern ethnicity along the way. The woman became a bureaucrat, and all men who had crossed the whip were beheaded. Almost overnight, the entire southwestern clan was uprooted, and the hurricane passed by and was in turmoil.

On August 27th, the Tang Emperor’s class returned to Korea. General Xu Su, who made great contributions to the rebellion, continued to lead the troops to destroy the rebel party. The blood was centered on the southwestern Meishan Mountain, and all the way through the entire Sui and Bian Tang Dynasties land.

On the fourth day of September, the emperor issued a will to divide the materials collected from the southwest clan in half and divide it equally among the various provinces and counties that were persecuted during the war and exempted the southwest five years from paying taxes. The place recuperated. At one time, Li Ce’s popularity climbed to the top. The surnames of those who lost their homes and lost their loved ones suddenly knew that they could still live. They were all grateful to the zeros and thanked the emperor for their grace.

In the first nine months of September, Chu Qiao took Ping’An Duoji and other people on the road again and took a boat to Lu Shui to Tang Jing.

The Sui and Tang Dynasties are still Sui and Tang Dynasties. The sky is blue and white, and the smoke is still the same. Only the soldiers who once died on the battlefield can no longer see it.


On the 15th of the month, the round of the moon outside the window is like a good jade plate. Between the phoenix trees outside the temple, there are countless streams of fireflies, sparkling with a slight blue light, gently circling back and forth.

The whole palace was cold and empty. Suspended from above and below by pure white urns. White candles replaced the old lanterns and gave off a halo.

She walked behind the guards and slowly walked. Jinwu Palace was still as big as this, but she lost her soft songs and pink arms. It suddenly appeared empty now.

The arrow marks on the cuffs wiped across the clothes on both sides and made a buzzing noise. The night was too quiet. The crow flew over his head and raised his head, but he could only see the town beast resting on the high room. The vastness of the sky spread like a fog, and under the gloomy pines and cypresses, Chu Qiao looked down, and secretly heard the chanting verses of the monks, as if they were coming from the other side of the sky, making people feel empty.

There has been no change in Yanju Residence. Indus has been rolling, and the lotus ponds have become darker and longer. The pale moonlight came through the window of white cotton, and the first few windows of the west were very smooth. The humid wind was blowing in from the outside, and with the damp vapors, the blue and white billows of the temple flew. Only the already worn wind chimes were hung in front of the window, and the sound of jingle bells was still being made from time to time. It was still crispy, like the song of ice-breaking.

Li Ce sat between the blue and white tabernacle, one small ebony, two small futons, a green jade pot, and two white wine bottles.

The crimson curtains danced with the wind, and from time to time swept past the empty and silent hall. Li Ce made a break, a dark purple robes, embroidered with green and blue moire, circled and layered, with royal features. The stitches were finely stitched, faced with white jade and sat quietly against the moonlight, like a still painting.

Chu Qiao stood in the doorway, holding a green pillar, and for a moment, he did not even know how to walk forward.

The night wind blew on the gauze, and Li Ce turned away in the moonlight. He looked relaxed and his eyes slightly lifted. He was still the laughing fox and smiled at her softly. “You are here.”

This voice was very calm, but Chu Qiao’s heart was sour. She looked at him and only thought that he was still the same as the one he had left. He was smiling with a hippie and was playing with a joke, but he could see everything thoroughly.

As the years rushed away, so many things happened one after another. It was getting too fast for her to return to God. She looked at him at the moment and felt faintly strange but somewhat distressed.

Stepped forward, kneeling beside Li Ce, tightening the corners of the mouth, eyes sour and astringent.

Li Ce rubbed her hair with a smile, still as usual, deliberately messed up her neat hair, and said with a smile: “Why do you cry? I have not yet died.”

The more he smiled like this, the more Chu said he felt sad, and she forced herself to make a smile and nodded her head and said, “Nothing is fine.”

The window opened for a long time, hidden behind the window of the last pool filled with clean.

Li Ce bowed his head, quietly groping the complicated pattern of wine.

“He is a thief chaos, can not enter the imperial mausoleum, I buried him on the Luo Fu Mountain.”

A breeze came in and the wind chimes on the window made a series of noises. Looking up, I saw the bells carved with dense and elaborate designs. The corners were also decorated with hollow silk flowers, depicting fine gold powder, even though Years of wind and sun, the color is still bright.

Li Ce gave a shallow drink. His eyes were calm and his tone was calm and quiet: “The child is buried there.”

He looked up, his mouth was light, his face was confusing, but his eyes were lightly bright.

“You can’t live with the same life and die with the same points, and you don’t expect him to end up with a fight.”

After all, the hall was quiet, and Chu Qiao sat beside Li Ce and quietly stayed with him for a drink. She did not sit in the opposite position because she knew it was not for her.

Lonely light, he is waiting for someone who will never come again.

“I know he will be against.”

Li Ce said to himself, Chu Qiao did not say anything. She knew that he did not need anyone to answer. All he needed was a quiet person to listen.

“I waited for him for many years, but I also have a little hope, I hope he does not want to reverse the whim.”

Li Ce laughed himself, looked up and drank a glass of wine, and turned to smile at Chu Qiao: “You know, Li Luo He (Prince Luo) was not as smart as I was when I was young. My martial arts skills are not as good as me, but poetry is better than me. When he was a kid, he said that he hoped he could grow up and learn about Confucianism, find a place with beautiful scenery and establish a government house, and compile a most detailed historical history of Ximeng.”

His eyebrows were slightly curled, and the moonlight leaked from the veiled panes and sprinkled on his handsome cheek. He said quietly, “In fact, he didn’t know that I was on the day when I was enthroned as Prince. Since then, An’Qing has built a history hall for him. Unfortunately, after A’Fu’s death, she never had the opportunity to speak with him again.”

His brow furrowed tightly and his voice shivered. He squeezed out a few words from his teeth:

“You said him, why must you oppose it?”

The wine smashed in two, sharp jade punctures his mouth and bright red blood splattered like a gorgeous sea otter.

Chu Qiao suddenly remembered many years ago, just under this palace, under the autumn parasol, the man dressed in a green shirt stood silently and said softly to her: “I am Prince Luo.”

Dirty, in the dust-covered corner, the wind gently blew the waves of years, many years ago, three young children used to run around in this deserted hall. Their Laughter, like the smoke of June, blew through the thick fog of this cold, secluded palace, and blew out the specter of the imperial family.


“AFu’er, I said that I am a wife today, I was him the day before yesterday. It is my turn today.”

“I do not want!”

“Why? You don’t want!”

“I don’t want it!”

“Oh, I told my father, I will take you through the door now.”

“I don’t want me! Not to want me!”

“Ah! Dead girl, how do you bite?”

“Well, you two don’t bother, you should go to the study room.”

“Luo He, the prince bullied me.”

“What older brother? To call the king uncle! Uncle Huang, AFu’er got sick, biting people, I have to go to the medical center to find a doctor, I can’t go to class today.”


As the night cools like water, the flashlight and shadow of the old days fade away, leaving only a shallow clear glow. The cold moon is like a frost, and the ground is picking up a cool chill. In this hot summer, the skin arouses a slender numbness and smoothness. As the back climbed up, he was entrenched in the mind and spread a luxury.

Li Ce drinks more wine, a lean back slumped out of the door of the home.

He seemed to be thin, disappearing a little bit in the moonlight, and Chu Qiao stood at the window and watched him leave. He only felt that he was empty, like a broken ice lake.

The struggle for imperial power has always been cruel and bloody. It was not you who died. It was me who died.

As between Yanbei and Daxia, it is impossible to reconcile.

She suddenly remembered Yan Xun, and remembered his feelings when he killed Mr. Wu and others.

Perhaps the situation is slightly different, but after all it is a battle of power. Today’s Li Ce will be sad and sad for the death of Prince Luo. At this moment, Yan Xun may feel sorry for the actions of the day.

The desperate roar before death and the final screams of the Xishu Army beside the Zhashui River were a little bit mingling together, like a sharp roar and a tumbling overturn in the mind.

The building of power rises up a little bit. After all, only one person can embark on the journey. Before that, there are millions of people who fall down and build up the cornerstone of progress.

There are a few drops of faint water stains on the ebony and there is no wine, under the reflection of the moonlight, sparkling crystal color.

“There is a string of wind chimes out there that is covered in dust. If the girl has time, let the palace person clean it. The cool autumn winds, the bells are crisp, it is very sweet.”

A light voice sounded in my mind.

Chu Qiao walked slowly, reaching out and gently touching the wind chimes. Just listening to the bang, the wire hanging from the wind chime suddenly broke, the whole wind chime suddenly fell, and then fell into the Taiqing pool below, pulled out a white splash, and a circle of rolling cymbals.


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