Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 175: Sea Bream Still

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Afternoon sunshine came in from the doorway of the Chang’an, shining brightly, stinging people’s eyes with a graying, chaotic surrounding, some people were screaming, some people were screaming, and some people rushed out to declare the imperial doctor and the guards rushed forward. The bright knife glittered with silver awns and painted a white light on the ground.

She stood in the spot where her eyes seemed to be unable to withstand such bright light and shadows. The sun was made of ice, and it was cold and cold as if it were immersed in cold water. The cold began to rise from the tip of the finger, and the slightest hit her hands and legs, her waist, and gradually covered her chest, her heartbeat. It was terribly powerful. It seemed to jump out of the chamber. The throat was sour and awkward, and even the breathing was no longer smooth.

The Empress clothes have been stained with blood, and her pale face is climbing with two morbid madness. Her eyes are bright and sly, and she is not struggling after being restrained. She just said coldly with a hateful voice: You are all beasts, damn it, I killed him, and now kill you again, I will avenge my husband and son.”

At that moment, Chu Qiao saw his eyes.

For the first time in her life, she felt that she had seen his heart through his eyes. It was not the same as the past. st. It was not like the turbulence of the past. It was not as unpredictable as it used to be. At that moment, she clearly saw the joys, sorrows, and griefs through the two secluded pools. She saw the sorrows, depression, and the bleakness of the snowy fields of the vast snow..

He lay there like that, and the blood at the wound was like a swift spring that stained his pale cyan clothes. He looked at his mother quietly. His eyes were not shocked. There was no hatred. Only the tiredness of the bones swept over the sea, completely submerging his handsome face.

There was a whirring wind outside the window, shaking the thin window paper. Bloody flow on the ground, crowded figures rushed forward to heal the wounds for him, and the palace’s panic-stricken voice rang out again.  Everything was like a silent mime. Chu Qiao saw nothing. No, she couldn’t hear anything. She just stared blankly at his eyes. The cold touch crept past one inch on her skin until her heart is bottomed out.

She suddenly remembered a hunting on the Yanbei Plateau many years ago. The snow was closed, and a female wolf was extremely hungry. She finally caught an elk and was screaming. Its children shrank and sneaked away. In the past, the venison took a bite and the wolf suddenly became angry. He waved his paw and caught the little wolf. The little wolf was scratched, and the distant shrinking tree looked at the mother, screaming, but did not dare to go forward again. Its eyes were so sad, like an abandoned child.

Someone came to pull her, but she stubbornly refused to go. Her feet seemed to have taken root and she refused to move one step.

She was suddenly so scared, her blood was cold, her fingers trembling, she didn’t want to go out, the blood stung her eyes, and she was afraid she wouldn’t come in after she had gone out.

More and more people came together and there was someone saying loudly in her ear. The thin silk could not be pulled like this and made a buzzing sound. She suddenly gave a loud and loud cry, and once she flounced, she ran to the inner palace. (Its something deep, Chu Qiao never cried like this before, this is the first she cried so loud…the end is unforgivable for me…it hurts so deep)

“Catch her!”

There were guards shouting that more and more palace people ran to her and she backed up nervously. Every inch of her skin was cold and cold.

“Let her go -“

The deep voice suddenly sounded, and it was husky, like a turbid wind blowing over the broken bellows. Li Ce half propped himself up. His chest was dripping with blood, his fingers blue and white, pointing her remotely.

“Your Majesty! You can’t move under your knees!”

A series of screams followed, his figure leaned forward on the bed, and the big blood splattered out of his mouth like a fierce koi was torn open by birth. She fell like an ice gorge, so deep cold climbed up from the back, the door closed, the sun was isolated, the light passed through the window paper, was screened into a mottled shadow, she stood outside the crowd and could not see him. The facial features of the eyebrows, only a pale hand fell from the quilt, white miserable, there is no trace of blood.

The sun gradually rose to the middle, and gradually it fell to the west. A crescent moon climbed up the treetops, shed a white light mark outside the palace of the gracious heart, and leaked the slightest trace of sand as if it were the body. His life is slowly being pulled out.

A trace of cries suddenly overflowed from the mouth of a gray-haired old doctor. After the misty credit, the woman’s body image was a row of smoke, suddenly fell, separated by a thick tent, her eyes were not muddy clear, you can only see the swaying red candle in vagueness.

When she woke up, she was still awkward. She thought she was dreaming. However, when she saw Mei Xiang’s surprise face, her heart suddenly hurt and her shoes didn’t wear. She opened the quilt and jumped out of bed.

“What about Chu girl?”

There was a man’s rushing noise outside. She ran out barefoot and looked like a ghost.

Sun Di looked at her, and her look suddenly became awkward. He quietly lowered his head and whispered, “Your Majesty wants to see you.”

The temple of gratitude had become silent for a long time, silent and silent. She walked in and walked through the layers of curtains and walked up to his bed of dragons before vaguely feeling that he seemed to be in harmony with this deserted sanctuary…

She crouched under the couch, her fingers cold, and slowly stretched out. When the fingertips touched his arm, she slightly shrank. It only felt that his body was colder than himself. It was like a year on the Yanbei Plateau. The snow, the eternal glaciers.

Her breath was so light, her voice was like a butterfly wing that would fly away in a flash, and she quietly rang in the temple:

“Li Ce, I came to see you.”

His eyelashes moved slightly, then he opened his eyes and his eyes faintly gathered. He looked at her quietly and his eyes were so quiet. There seemed to be so much faintness. He reached out with difficulty and took a trick against her, a faint smile, whispered: “Jo Jo…”

Chu Qiao’s tears burst into tears and slowly grabbed his hand. Just a few days later, he was so thin that he was gnawing. Her throat was thick and sour, and her voice could not make a sound. The tears rolled down.

His eyebrows slightly lifted, stretched out his fingers, gently brushed her cold cheek, smiled and said: “Don’t cry –“

“Blame me.”

Her tears fell down in a row, and her fingertips were cold and desolate: “I promised to stay with you. I shouldn’t go out.”

Li Ce smiled abruptly. He lay flat on the bed and looked at the complicated pattern on the top of the bed, embroidered with long lifeless golden urns, densely covered with dragon beds. His voice was calm and calm, without any resentment, and said quietly, “How can I blame you? That’s my mother, who?”

Suddenly, he panted violently and his voice was fragile and powerless. Chu Qiao was shocked to find an imperial doctor, but he was firmly grasped by him. The power on his wrist was so large that he could hardly imagine that it was a seriously wounded person.

“Who and who can think of it?”

Yeah, who can think of it?

The wind in the night passed through the eaves and blew through the ears of the beast inside the horns. Very far away, the women in the palace squeaked their voices and whined.

“I wouldn’t have been able to send you to marry me now…. Li Ce is now asking Chu Qiao to marry him..why only now? Spell torture.:( This is not a love story…

“No.” Chu Qiao suddenly said stubbornly, the sound is so big, echoed in the empty hall, like a circle of floating leaves, she energetically took hold of his hand, it seems that with whom to compete for The same: “You will not have anything!”

Li Ce looked at her and suddenly smiled weakly. That smile suddenly seemed to be like an awl. He was in the heart of Chu Qiao. She was so scared, tears spread over her cheeks, and she fell into her mouth, bitter and unbearable.

“Li Ce, don’t go, don’t go yet!”

She slapped his arm slightly, like a lonely child: “If You are gone, what am I to do? I am out of work, who will help me? I have no place to live, who will let me eat? No one…”

Li Ce’s eyes flashed a strange smile, and he pretended to be angry and muttered: “It’s about me, this big head.”

How many years have passed, and the past years are like a clear spring, and the slightest moment of rolling through the air of loneliness and coldness, she looked at him powerlessly, and she felt pain like a knife. His voice was as light as the lake, and said quietly, “I have sent someone to inform Zhuge Yue. Yes, someone will send you to see him. You will go with him.”

Chu Qiao bit her lower lip, Li Ce still said intermittently: “In the future, don’t be reluctant, don’t make a child’s temper.”

The night is like the water of Taiqingchi, so cold, his eyebrows are locked, like a flame that is shocked by the wind, his eyes are invisible, and he is gazing at her. Suddenly, he said: “Jojo, help me up.”

Chu Qiao was shocked and shook his head quickly. However, if he hadn’t spoken it yet, he saw his stubborn look and firmness.

Her heart hurts, and he carefully lifted him up and sat on the rattan chair in front of the window. He put on a coat, bright red color, embroidered on the dragon, horizontal warp, vertical latitude, open the solar calendar with decadent desolation,  just like their first encounter.

“Jo Jo, I have a messy hair.”

Chu Qiao hummed and picked up the white jade comb and comb his hair. The comb teeth glided through the hair, pale hands crossed his horns, and a trace of silk seemed to have passed them for so many years. Her acquaintance, her hands trembling gradually, but he did not seem to know, never looked back.

After combing his head, he leaned over and smiled and said to her, “Is it spiritual?”

His eyes were deep and silent, and the moonlight shattered through the window of the gauze, and shone in his face, shimmering. He is still so handsome, slender eyes, high nose, like jade cheeks, faintly revealing the wind of the Heavenly King. Only the eyebrows huddled in a dying mood, gradually spread out, pale face, like a dusty white jade.

Chu Qiao smiled and smiled: “Strange.”

Li Ce frowned and asked, “Do you boast?”

See Chu Qiao nodded, he just smiled happily, like it was the same.

“Li Ce,” Chu Qiao resisted the sadness in his heart and asked softly: “What are your wishes?”


Li Ce frowned, thoughtfully, for a long time before he chuckled: “No.”

Suddenly, his breathing was hasty and he reached out to her, reaching out in the distance and whispering: “Jo Jo, let me hug you.”

The wind suddenly rose from the window and opened the small window. The moon shone on the empty hall and the ground was pale. The wind blew from the distant Taiqingchi, bringing with it the wind of Qing dynasty. Chu Qiao’s throat seemed to be bitten and painful. She squatted on the ground, halfway up in his arms, tears sliding down, sinking his clothes.

The breath on the top of the head disappeared a little, like the cherry blossoms that breeze away and there was no more noise. The moonlight slantingly shines on them, and it seems that it was a young and frivolous year that many years ago. The sinister man came in from the sky and breathed out behind her ear: “Not stopping yet. Next?”

The years are like a great dream, the prosperity is unloading, and the rest is just a thick pale.

Chu Qiao’s eyes are like burning ash, cold and cold, her eyes empty, a little bit of standing up. Looking back, Li Ce still sat quietly, covering his head, and seemed to fall into a good dream.

The fragments of memory were torn and scattered. The magnificent men detached the disguised skin layer by layer. The formerly beautiful green Cui Liu (means pure willow) and splendid luxury finally turned into today’s turbidity and loneliness. It reflected the afterglow of the sunset, blending into this funeral. late at night.

Huo Ran opened the palace gate, the cold moonlight sprinkled her body without any cover, and there was a thick ink in the distance. The front door of the temple was densely smashed by the harem of the high court.

Sun Di looked at her with a trembling question in her eyes.

She looked at him with disorientation, and her body was numb. After all, she was still slow, slow, and nodded.

“The emperor died -“

The great sorrows rang at the same time as the Nine Dragons, and there were mournful cries everywhere. The long death knell penetrating through the haze of night.

Chu Qiao raised her face, and the wind blew up her thin clothes. On the empty sky, she seemed to see a clear face, high nose and thin lips, and light eyes, like a laughing fox…

A palace man ran along the deep palace lane and came to the whispered report in front of Sun Di. They were too far away and their voices were shattered by the wind. But there were still words falling into her ears.

“The death knell sounded… She hit the corner of the table… The blood was full, it was not alive… After all, it was the Queen Mother…”

If the moon is frosty, the blood is almost frozen, tears are shed, and finally, it slides silently again, and is immersed in the deep palace of blood that is not contaminated with any number of people.


Tang Jing’s streets still have beautiful scenery. There is a cool wind blowing slowly from the lake with the fresh aroma of the lotus. The willows on both sides of the road sway with the wind and branches, like the dancer’s soft waist.

Under the twilight of the setting sun, the tired bird returns to the forest, the red river red shadow, such as the blood-stained sky.

Sui and Bian Tang dying, everyone dressed in plain singles, even the hanging lanterns are covered with white cloth, walking down the street, smelling depression and cold everywhere.

The sky is gradually darkening, and the round of the moon rises from the treetops, and the bright sky hangs.

Today is the White Moon Festival. It has been a month since Li Ce passed away.

Zhuge Yue has repeatedly sent his men to take her away, but she stubbornly stayed, and there was an idea supporting her so that she could not leave comfortably. After midnight dreaming, the forehead was cold and sweaty. Li Ce walked away and took away all the songs and dances in the Jinwu Palace. The big palace fell into a long dead, walked in a long lane and could even hear her own heartbeat. Reminds her of the moment, some people are not who they are, some are still alive. There are some things that she has not yet done.

This road was once she and Li Ce walked together. That night, she woke up in a coma. Like a big child, he took her hand and ran wildly through the palace, passing through the palace. Passing through the flower gardens, through the rockery and stone forest, and out of the palace gate, they took a ride together. He sat in front of his body, laughing and pointing her way from time to time. But also going back to laugh at the guards who are like ants on the hot pot.

In a blink of an eye, things are wrong, everything is already different, and it is gone.

Today’s market is no longer the same day, a depression, the only few shops are also deserted. In the funeral of the country, all the festivals were canceled, and the people were no longer leaving the house. There was no passenger flow, and stall vendors did not come out. The originally crowded market is now empty, with yellow leaves swirling around and occasionally playing in all white mourning dress.

After a long walk, she came to the stall where they had noodles last time. I didn’t think they were still there, but there were no guests. The man’s master sat in a chair and was lethargic. Seeing her come in, suddenly slammed, jumped up, looked at her carefully, then wiped the stool for her, oh, arranged for her to sit down.

She was still the boss, and the years did not seem to leave a trace on her face. She was still a pure and clean temperament. She walked in front of Chu Qiao. She looked with no focus but smiled and said, “The girl hasn’t seen her for a long time coming into the restaurant.”

Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse and asked: “Do you remember me?”

“It was he who recognized it. Father ran to tell me.”

The woman smiled and pointed at her husband behind her. The man’s face was red and he smiled awkwardly, revealing a row of white teeth.

“What about Da Gongzi (means big son)? I haven’t seen him for a while.”

The woman suddenly asked this way, her eyes bent like two curved moons. The wind blew from the end of the long street, and suddenly the flagpole outside the stall was picked up. The man quickly stepped forward and blocked the sand for his wife. The movement was so natural.

Chu Qiao looked a little embarrassed, just listened to the woman asked: “Girl? Girl?”

Chu Qiao returned to God and gently pulled out a smile and said: “He went out.”

“Oh.” The lady boss nodded. “When is it coming back?”

As the leaves fall and the autumn wind blows, Chu Qiao’s heart is getting colder, her face is getting paler, and there is a lot of embarrassment in the throat. She thought for a moment and said softly, “He has moved and may not come back.”

The lady boss couldn’t see Chu Qiao’s expression. She wanted to continue asking but was pulled by her husband. The smart woman immediately knew what to do and turned away. Soon after, the hot noodles were brought up. There was also a plate of beef, half a dish of shrimp dumplings, and the smell of acetic acid was heard far away.

Pick up the chopsticks, rub the handkerchief around the waist and gently wipe it twice, then start eating bit by bit.

The noodles are hot, with scallion and chopped green onion, which is very fragrant. Chu Qiao was slow to eat. She hadn’t eaten for a long time. The stomach was constantly looking back at the acid, and she wanted to spit it out.

“Shrimp dumplings cool for a while.”

A very crisp voice suddenly sounded next to him. Chu Qiao turned around and looked like a little girl in her teens. Her facial features were very familiar. She looked up at the lady boss over there, and immediately remembered the child, said tentatively. : “Qian Er?”

The child’s little brow furrowed and asked very seriously: “Do you know me?”

Chu Qiao smiled and did not speak. The child sat on one side of the chair and said, “You used to come to my house to eat?”

“Well.” Chu Qiao nodded.

The child said, “Are you telling me a story?”

Chu Qiao couldn’t help but smile, reached out and licked the child’s head and said, “You still like to hear stories.”

“Then I will tell you one.”

“I have heard your story.”

“It’s a story.” The child counted his fingers and said, “I am greatly older than last month. I just learned.”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Then tell me the story.”

The child still pulled out two small clay dolls from his pocket, but no more than before, these two dolls were very delicate, with eyebrows visible, colorful and lifelike, comparable to the fine embroidered craftsmanship in the court. The child picked up a clay doll and said solemnly: “He is the great emperor.”

The same opening remarks, but now the big emperor has changed his face, a bright yellow silk cut into small clothes, gold crown hair, handsome eyes, like real people.

The child picked up another clay doll and said: “This is a little girl.”

A woman’s clay dress in a white cotton dress was held by her. The child said very seriously, “On one occasion, the emperor sent a foreigner to meet another girl and met the little girl. The little girl is good with her martial arts, and the grand emperor invited her to attend the banquet. He smashed the banquet, he is very angry and wanted to marry her at first. Later, when he had everything done, the emperor still liked her.”

After a few years, the level of children’s storytelling has obviously improved. She raises her head to laugh and ask Chu Qiao: “Do you want to know what happened?”

Chu Qiao’s hand holding a pair of chopsticks was cold and she nodded. The children said triumphantly: “On one occasion they met a bad person. The little girl was very kind and saved the emperor several times. The great emperor thought that this little girl was righteous. He would like to take her home and live a good life.”

“Unfortunately, the little girl doesn’t like the big emperor. She likes another person. Later, she followed the man.”

The child again took out a clay doll. She was still a clay figurine she used to tell stories. She was tattered. Even the rags around her waist were gone, and she stood there naked with a hand in her hand. Small stick, silly look.

“But that person is not good, he is overbearing, he is ugly, he is poor, and he loves to bully people. It is not a good thing anyway. Then the little girl suddenly wakes up and she has left this man.”

At this time, the child again took out a muddy couple, still, the previous villain riding a broom.

“The little girl likes this person again, but this person is not good. It is also proud, self-righteous, and deceptive, and very ugly and ugly, secretly telling you that he may still have broken sleeves, he and A prince of the country is closely pursuing, and it may be a madman anyway.”

The little girl breathed a sigh of relief and said, “In the end, the little girl grows into a big girl. She finally realizes her mistake. So she decided to leave behind this man and came back to find the great emperor, the great emperor and the handsome man. When there is money, people still have demeanor, but also good and dedicated, the big girl will not regret it, crying and shouting to marry the emperor, blocking the door of the emperor’s house every day, life and death to give others a wife. The emperor had pity on her and he agreed to it.

Two other clay dolls were put into the pockets and two well-crafted clay dolls were left on the table. The children said with a smile: “Later, they got married and happily lived together and gave birth to a big son. The male children are as handsome as the great emperors, and the female are as beautiful as the great empress. They are happy until their hair is white, their teeth are lost, and finally, the gods in the sky know, let them. They became immortals and said that they should be born together and never be separated.”

Layers of sorrow poured over her heart, like a curved countercurrent, a pulse slipping, her eyes sore and painful, and the voice seemed not to be her own. I asked, “This story is for you.”

“It’s a big son who often comes to my house to eat and talk to me. How do you like it?”

Suddenly the wind started, Chu Qiao covered his sleeves and turned his head slightly. The child asked with enthusiasm: “Have you lost your eyes?”

Chu Qiao did not say anything, the child thought that he really lost his eyes and quickly said: “You wait, I will give you vegetable oil.

Say it, turn and jump and run away.

When she returned, there was no one in her seat and a bag of golden strains stood on the table and she sank.

The road was very bleak. There were no pedestrians, no juggling, no hawkers, no singer. The lake was quiet and not even a painting. On the empty street, there was only one person, like a touch of soul, walking lightly.

Passing through a candy shop, she limped a little for a moment, then walked in and bought a lot of snacks, which Li Ce once bought for her. She had honey cubes, jujube, osmanthus cake and chestnuts inside the bag. They were eating while walking.

She mechanically chewed and repeatedly recalled the story the child had just said. Tears flowed down line by line and flowed into their mouths. They swallowed together with the candy. They tasted bitter and not tasty at all.

Memories are like flying fragments, and they echo in to our minds.

“Then you really should thank me very much, the life-saving grace is extraordinary, or you should not leave, leaving the Tang would not accept you to the other body.”

Once upon a time, he used to stand in front of her and talk to her with a joke. (aww..it hurts to be this way…)

She was besieged by Zhao Yang. He came at a critical juncture. He was carrying a dusty wind and his armor was hard. The brow was locked and she was in her arms. Over and over again said: Nothing, nothing.

When she was desperate, he came with a basket of pomegranate and slowly comforted her: Jojo, why not let him go?

Deep in the cold of the night, he came drunk, swayed and hugged her in an unforgettable manner. In the end, he still laughed at the fact: A’Fu was taller than you.


She has always been unaware that it is like a forbidden zone in the bottom of her  heart that she never touches. She does not know whether she really is unaware of it or whether she just does not want to know that she is deceiving her own self?

The cold moon in the sky splattered the clear water of the next place, and the sea breams on the roadside were still bright, and the rouge that was as red as blazing, the wind passing over, and the rushing fall, were sprinkled on Chu Qiao’s clothes and hair.

“Lee Fox, did you like to be someone else?”

In the gloomy sunshine and dwelling yard, they sat side by side under the sea breeze trees that had once moved back from the street into the palace. She frowned and looked at Li Ce who was actively picking the portrait of this showgirl and asked in doubt.

“of course!”

Li Ce, with a brow, said very seriously: “I was very fond of the rain that left the palace last night. The skin is like silk, especially a pair of long legs, which is comparable to…”

“Shut up and shut up!” Chu Qiao interrupted him with a frown: “I mean, it’s kind of like, like, it’s like…”

Li Ce looked at her with a squinted eye and said, “You want to say that like the Zhuge Fourth Master bastard likes you?”

Chu Qiao’s pretty face is red, and she said with anger: “Yes! That’s it! How?”

“How can I treat you?”

Li Ce gave a whisper and bowed his head to continue drawing. After a while, he suddenly “hmm”.

Chu Qiao asked, “What are you talking about?”

Li Ce impatiently said: “Aren’t you asking me if I like someone like Zhuge Yue? I’m answering you.”

“Ah? You like him. Why don’t I know?”

Li Ce said hello to the sky and laughed, very arrogant and said: “The Emperor’s mind can be easily seen by you. If it is easily seen by you, is this emperor not should be embarrassed?”

Chu Qiao likes to gossip and continues to ask, “What kind of person do you like?”

“Not very good.” Li Ce said: “The body is also general, the temper is not good, but also like to drill the horns, the main thing is that she has someone else in my heart, did not look at me.”

“Ah?” Chu Qiao gave a slight glimpse and asked subconsciously: “Why don’t you tell her?”

Li Ce is very chic: “I like people, I want to be relieved, what do you say? And…”

He spoke in a tone, a slight delay, the wind blowing from the lake of Taiqingchi, blowing a burst of hair on his horns, he looked up and looked at the distant lake, the eyes have a moment of blurred.

“In addition, I may not have the opportunity to say to her in my life.” (aw… Li Ce is a torpe boy! An Emperor with a Torpe heart in front of his crush!!! lol)

Chu Qiao looked at him quietly at that time and seemed to see far and wide through his eyes. At that time, the first person she thought of was the princess of A’Fu who hanged on a planted tree and died for Prince Luo. On the day of Li Ce’s wedding, A’Fu died. 

She thought with mercy: Perhaps, if there isn’t one, this guy will be a decent person.

The corners of the eyes are hot and humid, and they flow down the cheeks. The wind blows, so cold and so cold, the red and bright sea otter petals fall down, and the sky is floating, like a flower rain, the wind blew through the city. Under the sky, raise a red blood like thin clouds.


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