Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 176: Bian Tang’s Glory

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

The black urn in the palace was replaced, and a white cotton yarn was hung. From time to time, the emperor died and the imperial empress followed. For seven or seventy-four days, the palace mourning bell rang, and the world mourned.

When Li Ce was buried on the imperial tomb, Chu Qiao moved out of the Jin Wu Palace. Autumn leaves were still and empty. She wore a cotton-white soft skirt and stood on the high tower of the Westland Gate. The burial team that was watching the lingering groans disappeared at the end of the ramp.

The golden sunset was poured over the ground, and the tall wormwood was growing on the wasteland of the wilderness outside Tang Jing. It swayed like a golden wave with the bleak autumn wind. The twilight of the hustle and bustle, the birds fly south, and the sky is burning like a cloud of fire. Her figure is dragged by the old, thin one, and it reflects on the ups and downs of Tang Jing, a century-old storm.

Li Ce, forgive me for not being able to send you. This time I went to Lu Yao and you took care of it all the way.

The sun was gradually falling down the mountain. A month later, the moon climbed up the mountain. The cold moonlight fell on her coat. The sky was as empty as it could be. One star climbed up to her pale cheeks and covered her snow with frost.  The air in the autumn night sucked into the nose like a thin blade, and a trace of sourness rose from the bottom of my heart. A curved climb climbed up to the back, and my heart was like a white snow, and the endless coldness.

Mei Xiang came forward and whispered: “Miss, let’s go.”

She finally glanced at the stupefied dust and finally turned away in an inch. The shadow of the tower shook like a beast of fierce tigers and opened an immense giant mouth that would sweep away the freedom she had left.

The dust flew gently under her feet, and the big bird in the sky opened his black wings. She walked like this step by step, and she walked into the deep quagmire cave. Behind her, there is an absurd wilderness. Further afield, there are the mountains and the bustling markets of the Sui and Tang dynasties, and then the continuous borders of the city. That end is the land of the great summer.

Thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, beautiful homeland, she could not escape the barriers of the world, like a squatter.

A carriage quietly stopped in the city, Sun Di wearing his green shirt, still on his handsome mourn ash, respectfully stood aside. Seeing her over and whispered: “Please get in the carriage.”

“I want to walk alone.”

Chu Qiao said quietly, her expression was calm and he couldn’t see the slightest ripples.

Mei Xiang was about to speak, but Sun Di took a lantern and delivered it to her. She said in a deep voice, “The night is hard, and the girl should go back early.”

The white paper on the good palace wrapped the lanterns and sent out the miserable light. Chu Qiao nodded lightly, and took the lantern and turned away. Mei Xiang was anxious to keep up, but she was pulled by Sun Di. The young man shook his head slightly. The sky was full of moonlight. He quietly shone on the woman who was gone, as if she had gathered a layer of smoke. It’s night.

Today, Li Ce was absent. There was no one on the road. Only the sea otters on both sides of the road swayed with the wind. From time to time, they shed a light petal.

“Jojo Jojo…”

In spite of this, she seemed to hear a series of cries again. The man scowled with a pair of eyes like a sly fox and stared at her with a smile.

The water mirror is an illusion and sparkling. The cloud covers the eyebrows of the man. It gradually becomes pale and quiet. Finally, he relies on the wicker chair to smile at her frailness and opens his arms gently:

“Jo Jo, let me hug you.”

A tear rushed from the woman’s eyes. She didn’t wipe it. She just walked quietly. The white light in the lantern is like the moon in the sky.

After more than a decade of life and death, with a half-hearted wandering, she fell like a duckweed in the rain. After all, she went to the dead end of today. Once she was trapped by the situation, how many embarrassed, passive, helpless, stubborn, fragile, and devastated, and now, the incompetent woman finally died with this much fate.

The tears fell into the lantern, and a gust of wind blew out. The candle went out and only the blue smoke swirled all the way up.

She took a deep breath, threw the lantern to the ground, straightened her back and walked forward.

She vowed that this was the last drop of tears in her life. From then on, even if the last drop of blood flowed out, she would no longer be unable to sob. (aw.. I feel yah Xinger…)

The light in front of the towering sky is far away, and from afar, a splendid mansion house is located among the flowers and willows, brilliantly lit and beautiful.

Sun Di lightly bows down, standing in front of the door, holding a lantern, is waiting for her return.

“The girl can think clearly?”

Chu Qiao looked at him, and the moonlight was pouring like silver and she sprinkled silver. She silently nodded, and said quietly, “It is clear enough.”

Sun Di  smiled, handing over the lantern in his hand, and said with a smile: “The night is difficult, and this lantern will give the girl a light.”

“Candlelight can be extinguished by the wind, but the heart cannot.”

Chu Qiao crossed him and walked straight into the hustle and bustle of the mansion and said quietly: “Since then, my eyes are my lanterns, and my heart is the candle in the lamp.”

As soon as he stepped into Zhumen (means cinnabar gateway), the oncoming lights were so fierce, and her eyes were almost burned in an instant. The front door was connected to a white marble road before the front hall. The pools carved on both sides were as clear as mirrors, and several pavilions were carved. Color, fragrant painted wall, koi bead curtain, warm jade paving, gold inlaid for the bar, a thick fragrance like the March breeze, the face of the intrigue people.

Qiu Sui came forward and said in a respectful voice: “When the girl left, the Majesty started repairing the mansion. After repairing it for more than two years, it was finally great.”

More than two or more servants were lying on the ground, and they saw Chu Qiao walking together and chanting.

Chu Qiao walked all the way, only to see the sandalwood in the temple as the top, the crystal is the lamp, the jade is agar, the sea is like a sea, and a huge night pearl is set on the lamp holder, sparkling, like a bright moon. The ostrich is engraved on the pillar of the temple, decorated with gold powder, and the candlelight shines.

On the red paper of the gilded hollow, a few lean magnolia flowers were painted. The aroma hit, and on the night of many years ago, he kidnapped the maiden’s headdress and inserted a magnolia in her thick hair on the hair.

“Guoer Chu’s, Xiu’s famous door, Xiang Zhong Shide, Zhishu Xiaoli, Gongshun Qianhe. Bing Deyou and Wen Shi Shu, know the ancient and modern sex, especially this metaphor, Jin Xirong Feng (), Hou Yi Yongfu.” In ACs version translation means….

“Consulting maiden Chu’s name, therefore, the elegant palace will become a famous family house, prosperous and auspicious in lifetime show virtue; goodness; morality; ethics. To know as daybreak comes and pay attention to respect, modesty and maintain kindness; favor; character. To protect as well as being tender to clear away obstruction in respect to the memorial of the Emperor. To be aware of the ancient and modern character and quality, especially under all of this metaphor and allegories. May you be pleased and enjoy to all the days of this life. I bestow and grant these, in the name of Da Tang Emperor Li Ce. All the glory and honor sealed in the Empress blank surname. 

Below is Li Ce’s inkstone, but the title behind Empress surname has not been filled in.

Sun Di came forward and said, Shen Sheng said: “Your Majesty has not yet thought of the title of the county owner to enter the seal, and negotiated for a long time, the Secretary of the Court also drafted several titles, but his Majesty is not satisfied, so it has been I was vacant. I originally wanted to wait until later on, and I didn’t want to delay it. I had no chance.”

Chu Qiao quietly stood up, the lights were like a charm, faintly sprinkled on her pale cheeks, the lips were red, and the fingers pressed hard against the imperial decree, the force of death, the knuckles were white.

I saw a glimpse of the glory and a variety of rare treasures. They were the dowries he had prepared for her and she had been here for many years.

Her eyes were a little hot, and her eyebrows couldn’t help but wrinkle tightly. The sound was as deep as Bihu, and she said succinctly: “Since it has not been declared, the name of the county owner does not need to be mentioned.”

Sun Di nodded. “The girl said that it was late at night and the girl had to rest and leave.”

After saying it she turned away.

Reaching the Zhumen (gateway made of cinnabar) slowly walked away, heavy voices thunderous thunder, and secretly rolled over the ground.

Mei Xiang took a letter and came to me. His eyebrows were slightly whispered and said softly: “Miss, Master Zhuge Yue has sent another letter.”

The look of Chu Qiao’s eyes moved slightly. She took the letter and took it in her hand, but she did not take it apart. The sweat in her palm broke into the letter paper with a hint of a touch.

Mei Xiang frowned and said: “Miss, this is already the ninth, and you will not reply. Master Zhuge Yue will be anxious.” (oh come on, this is the 9th letter and Xinger is brushing it off, Can you imagine’s Zhuge Yue’s brows? LOL)

Chu Qiao sitting and not talking, her eyes fixed on the candlelight in front of the window, but she couldn’t return to God.

Yanbei and Daxia have fought again. Yanming has already played four games and the front line has expanded to the southern end of the Batuha territory. Zhao Yang and Lingnan Mu Shi and Prince Jing Xiao, Ye Jing Tong colluded with one another, and they mastered the southwestern soldiers and horses. They opposed the northern male soldiers of Zhuge Yue and Zhao Che. They were in a crisis.

The emperor had been sick for a long time. He had not been on the morning and the court for a year. Wei Guang said he was ill and did not hold government officials. No one knew what the old fox was playing. The situation in Daxia has already become a pot of boiling water. As long as a large amount of salary is thrown in, it will immediately boil up. At this time, no one can have the slightest ideas and rash actions.

This point, she understands, and how can she not understand?

Mei Xiang could not help but ask, “Miss, what are we doing now?”

Chu Qiao’s eyes slowly looked over, her eyebrows were frosty and silent, and her voice was low and slowly said: “Wait.”

New Emperor to ascend on the second day.

In the main hall of the country, a magnificent young man with a magnificent dragon chair sits behind a seat and hangs a curtain. Two women dressed in beautiful dark clothes sit behind him. They are the mother-in-law of the eldest son of Empress Yuan and Tai Hui, the late Emperor.

On the spacious hall, Zhan Ziyu took the respect of the king of the regents and sat quietly in his royal highness. He wore a dark black robe and embroidered six dragons. He was crowned with a high crown, and his lips contained a hint of laughter. It was like a cold moon shining on the water. He is not scared.

After being left floating for many years in the back of the harem, Li Ce has no sisters and brothers. He is now dead and the Queen Mother is no longer. For a time, the minister can only follow Li Ce’s widow, and the emperor’s eldest son, Li Xiuyi, to become the Emperor. It was born at the end of the court, and it is not qualified for the curtain to listen to politics and government. So the highest in the harem, the princely and noble, became the emperor’s adoptive mother and accompanied the assistant.

The emperor was only six years old, and the Empress Dowager was too embarrassed to listen to politics, and the imperial power naturally fell. However, Yuan’s less time was not admitted to the palace. Li Xuiyi was born in the palace, and there was no family and relatives. It was the time of the Tang Dynasty’s dynasty, and he immediately took control of the brothers and sisters of Zhan Ziyu’s who had been expelled from the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

The change of the situation in the ruling and the wild is like the darkness flowing under the icy lake. It can’t see the slightest edge, but it is like a tidal wave. It can kill people invisible in the breath.

The former princes and grandsons who were led by Sun Di were all suppressed. They were put into Shangsi Hospital for investigation. On the same day, when all Li Ce’s ministers went, all the palacemen who were accompanying the beggars were beheaded. All the ladies danced low. When he was driven out of the palace, he was sent to Foshan Anhua Temple to become a monk… When they were all driven out of the palace, they were left to go to Foshan Anhua Temple.

The new administration of the new emperor is vigorous and resolute, sweeping the entire Sui and Bian Tang dynasties like autumn leaves, and the icy sword hangs over the entire Tang Dynasty. Any unwilling voice will be ruthlessly eradicated.

Under such high-pressure politics, the old veterans who were hesitant have also turned their backs. Every day after the morning, they gathered in front of the government gate of Zhan Ziyu, the regent, and the sharks were like a group of scavengers.

However, contrary to Chu Qiao’s anticipation, under such circumstances, the first person who stood up against the object was the old Liu Ge who used to be against Li Ce.

On the first day of September, in front of the Jinwu Palace, Liu Ge’s old man in front of Zhan Ziyu’s car angered Zhan’s brother and sister as a chaotic thief, and also said that the Emperor was torn in the Roufu Temple for a sinister affair. It was from the hands of Zhan’s brother and sister. This hand of Zhan Ziyu, Zhanzi, tried to stab the emperor and sinned. Then he crashed on the tip of Zhan Ziyu’s guard at the end of his life. Before he died, he called Li Ze’s king, and his blood splashed three feet and died on the spot.

At the time, Zhan Ziyu sat in the carriage and did not show his face from beginning to end. Until Liu Ge’s body was carried away, he took off his car and dropped off the three hundred and two gold beads. Liu Jiazi, who had collected the corpses, asked them to bury his father.

When Chu Qiao was eating at the time of the news, Duoji told her about this matter carefully. Her hand was slightly stagnant, and the lotus soup in the spoon spilled out for a long time. She thought for a long time.

In the evening, the lights in front of Chu Chuo’s window did not go out for a long time. Duoji sat on the slate in the yard and hung a sheepskin sac around his waist and sat with him all night.

After the spread of the Tang Dynasty, Liu Ge’s old story caused a wave of chaos. Students from all over the country gathered in Tangjing. The angered students wrote tens of thousands of articles, and they were passed into the courts by people on the avenues. The three divisions, and the military, severely punished the killer and returned to the Qing Dynasty.

However, two days later, Zhan Ziyu dispatched the Central Army to launch a harsh crackdown on the students. For a time, the Shangli-Ren Academy of Heaven was full of overcrowding, filled with raging voices. The House of the Shangli Academy judged with grief and grief to ask Zhan Ziyu. The young regent, Prince Emei Gao Guan, said in a subtle sentence: “Is there a place in Huangquanpo in the suburbs”

The three-chamber courts with white hair suddenly became cold, and Huangquanpo in the suburbs was a mass grave. The regent king said that the meaning of the words was self-evident.

In the afternoon of the same day, Shangliyuan prison cell burned inadvertently, and most of the prison cells were burned. Most of the prisoners were dead or wounded. A young body was thrown into Huang Quanpo indiscriminately, and even the vice Zhangmu was not exposed. Next, it became a day and night for the wolf and leopard. However, the Shangli Academy merely surrendered its two drinking dereliction duties and shrugged off.

September 27, strong winds, deep autumn.

Today’s early morning peace day is slightly different. It was entirely governed by the regent Prince Zhan Ziyu. After the curtain, only Zhan Ziming was alone. The doctor said that the emperor had suffered from the cold, and he could not go to the court today. The Empress was also taking care of the Emperor and was presided over by the emperor today.

Not yet waiting for the reaction of the group of ministers, the insider was carried by a magnificent throne in the back of the temple, and the tail of the yellow dragon will be carved, and at first glance, it is almost exactly the same as the dragon’s throne.

The purpose of the predecessor was to give a tribute to Zhan Ziyu, and then to take out the emperor’s imperial edict, saying that this seat was created by the emperor himself, and pity the body of Zhan Ziyu, who can sit on it later. In addition, the King’s Palace in the Imperial Palace was given to the Regent King to save him from the pain of day and day.

Zhan Ziyu took off some time and finally sat down under the advice of the crowd. The group of ministers worshipped him and looked upwards, only to feel that the regent’s throne was almost equal to the throne, and the golden light was extremely harsh.

On the evening of the same day, Chu Qiao put down the letter of the briefing and deeply vomited. She said to the Tie Yuo: “Go back to the palace to look good to the emperor, it is near.”

Three nights later, a huge embarrassment suddenly came from within Jinwu Palace. All those who were awake or asleep were alarmed. Senior officials and people ran out of the house one after another and stood in each courtyard, raising their heads. Look toward the origin of the sound. I saw the direction of the Jinwu Palace. It was full of lights, and the red shadows filled the air. It seemed that there was a fire, and there was a constant screaming of killings.

All of a sudden, everyone was shocked. The timid man rushed into the house with his wife and children and kept the doors and windows closed tightly, fearing that he would suffer the sins of the fish. Only some high-ranking officials in the rushing and stunned look at the palace gate, muttering: “I am afraid that it will be changed again.”

At the third time, the palace gate was attacked. Lu Yunxi’s robes were full of blood, and the sword rushed out, followed by three thousand scorpion soldiers, and said to Chu Qiao in front of Tai’ans door: “Girl, already captured Ling Xiao in the Temple.”

Under the dark canopy, Chu Qiao was in a black robe and embroidered with gold and green strokes. His face was white jade and his beauty was Ling Rui. Behind him was a 10,000-strong beauty soldier. He Xiao looked cool, he sat on the battlefield, tightly. Guards are on her side. The red cloud flag on the white background was raised on everyone’s heads. The night was dark and the clouds were overcast. There were no stars and no moons, and bloody fires reflected in Chu Qiao’s face. It was like a sturdy sword with no expression at all.

“Enter the palace.”

A faint sound resounded like a knife sliding over the matte, sharply piercing the eardrum of everyone.

A strong wind blew on the corner of Chu Qiao. She raised a thin chin, her eyes slightly lifted, her feet tapping on the horse’s belly, and drove the horse into the majestic palace.

When a guard fell behind the Lingxiao Temple, the fire of the West Hall was extinguished. Du Ping’an rushed forward with a group of soldiers. The young children’s eyes shone with a tough light as if they had grown up overnight.

Behind the tens of thousands of guards standing Chu Qiao, the bright torches illuminate the sky, reflecting the messy body.

Chu Qiao scolded them all the way and boarded on the white jade stone steps, the people of the Palace of Heaven are still afraid to look up at the Regency Palace and was thrown to the ground, horseshoe trampled up and made a sound of a broken voice.

A court chamber official who was good at watching things hurriedly ran up and kneeled down on the floor and said loudly that the general was dismissed. Chu Qiao glanced at him with cold eyes, then he actually stepped on his back and stepped down to the majestic palace gate.

The gate of the palace gate was opened, and the cold wind with the sandal scented road came face to face. The black cloak of Chu Qiao was screamed, and the saber on the waist side was like the cold ice of the forest. The chilly pierced the deep bottom of the heart. On the empty and empty hall, Zhan Ziyu sat alone, faintly like the river bow of many years ago, the Tsing Yi man sat alone on a wooden wheelchair, facing the Lijiang River, caged with a clear moon, eyes clear and cold springs. The voice is mellow and quiet: “Who is there?”

The wind entered the carved window, and the rice paper that blows off a bright yellow dragon pattern is actually the royal object of the emperor’s drafting of the imperial edict.

Chu Qiao stepped into the hall, stepped on the sacred decree, looked at the shadows in the deep layers of indifferent eyes, and quietly said: “I will take your life.”

Zhan Ziyu smiled a little and said lightly: “I don’t think it will be you.”

“Those who are wise are bound to have one loss. It is not easy for you to climb into such a high position in five years.

Chu Qiao said calmly, her expression was calm and he couldn’t see the slightest ripples.

Zhan Ziyu laughed: “You are comforting me? Not bad. It can be praised by a beautiful general who is famous all over the world. It is not easy.”

Chu Qiao faintly said: “What are your wishes?”

A trace of despondency suddenly slipped past Zhan Ziyu’s face, and he frowned slightly. Then he seemed very reluctant to say, “I couldn’t get on my eight-time riding horse and I was always unwilling.”

Chu Qiao heard a slight glimpse of the mind, she could not help but think of the joke that Zhan Ziyu opened that year. At the time, the two chatted, Zhan Ziyu said that he couldn’t ride horses again. Chu Qiao, in order to solve him, laughed and said that he could raise eight peerless horse-drawn carriages. At that time, Zhan Ziyu smiled slightly and said that she was confused. Only the emperor could ride eight horses. If he is sitting, isn’t he going to rebel?

Time is like flowing water. In an instant, everything is like a mirror of water, and it will never be the same.

“General Chu, why can Li family sit on this river, and I can’t? Isn’t this the world that Li family took from the front? Why are they orthodox in the world, I am a chaotic thief?”

Zhan Ziyu loomed over the color of his eyes. He looked up slightly and looked at the high roof. There was no lack of brilliance in the color: “Moreover, what the Li family owes me, I get it back, what’s wrong? ?”

Chu Qiao was unmoved and said quietly: “It is a grudge between you and it has nothing to do with me.”

She stepped forward slowly, stepping like a leaking drum, echoing through the hall with an echo.

“You killed my cherished man and I will kill you for revenge.”

The sharp sword pulled out of the scabbard inch by inch. The cold light flashed on the Moonlight’s Hanmang (sharp and brilliant), like a stark fire, shining coldly on his face and drawing a white light.

“What else can you say?”

“Let my sister go, she is just a woman. Everything she does is for me.”

Chu Qiao looked at him, a long time without words, her heart was slightly sour slowly rising, the wind blowing from the far outside, blowing the clothes of the two, like a black ink.

“Sorry, I cannot do it.”

She spits out a few words coldly, and then suddenly flicks out her sword. When she thinks of her many years ago, she smiled and said to her, “You are not too bad, but you are always watching. If you don’t get through, chances are, you just can’t help but try.”

Try it on a try…

A handful of blood sprang out suddenly, splashing on Chu Qiao’s black ink coat, and quickly infiltrated into a cloud of darkness.

Chu Qiao bent over to pick up the head of the ground, the man’s ink hair combed meticulously, his face was white as jade, his eyebrows were mild, just like he was asleep, but his neck was bloody and bloody.

“噗” (Pop), Chu Qiao threw the head into the arms of a guard, and said in a deep voice: “Hang the head on the palace gate and look at the Central Army who attacked the door.”

After that, he walked out of Ling Xiao Temple, turned upright, and said to the left and right, “Go to the temple of Roufu.”

The moon didn’t know when to drill out of the clouds and sprinkled a bleak Qinghui. The Lingxiao Temple gradually fell silent. The soldiers in armor rushed away, leaving a dead body, and the crows in the sky shouted. Black wings are like the coffin of death. On the empty hall, the headless body still sits quietly on the dragon’s golden seat, which looks horrible.

The Battle of Roufu temple was over at this time. The Tie Yuo was accompanied by Sun Di and both was seen bloody. It showed how fierce the fighting was.

Chu Qiao jumped out of the horse and said to Sun Di: “Grieved you.”

Sun Di smiled and said, “It’s all right.  “No problem, just the food in the prison is too bad, I am so hungry.”

“Girl, Zhan Ziming has been taken.”

Tie Yuo said by divinely, Chu Qiao slightly raised his eyebrows: “Is the emperor good?”

Tie Yuo slightly bowed his brow: “No, it was only slightly scared.”

“That’s good.” Chu Qiao relieved, and asked, “Why is it sad?”

“Mr. Yuan was embarrassed. When we rushed in, she thought it was Zhan Ziming. Before she spoke, she was killed.”

Chu Qiao immediately frowned, and I did not expect Yuan to come here even as far as possible, and that she had exhausted her mother and son to lay down this path of birth, she even so silent death.

“Girl,” Sun Di  stepped forward and divinely said: “The Zhan brothers and sisters assassinated the first emperor, joined the party to pursue private business, and tried to assassinate the emperor. All the criminals who wanted to embrace the reigning king were invetigated here. Tomorrow, the world will know their crimes.”

Chu Qiao took it slowly, but a few sheets of paper, but she felt that it was more than a thousand pounds.

“Let me go out! You are a group of slaves! Let me go out!”

A shrill scream suddenly came, and the magnificent Supreme Court was now in decline, the fire was burning, there was rubble dust everywhere, Zhan Ziyu wearing the red robes, and he was struggling with two court women. Beaten, trying to run out of the temple, eyes red, and there is a trace of grace and glamour on the face.

When she saw Chu and Sun and others, she suddenly squatted down and stared at her with both eyes. It suddenly appeared as if she had come to recognize her. She laughed wildly: “It turned out to be you!”

Chu Qiao did not speak. She just watched her quietly. She did not want to reunite here today. In that year, the long-awaited woman who had followed her brother had already died. Now standing in front of him is nothing more than a madman.

“What about my third brother?”

She asked suddenly and sternly.

Chu Qiao said slowly, “I’m dead.”

Zhan Ziming suddenly stopped, as if it was expected that there would be this day. After a long time, she suddenly smiled and screamed, like a night eagle on the sky, her eyes were gray and full of death. Looking at Chu Qiao, she asked: “You killed him?”


“Okay, okay, the person he looks at is really good. It’s no wonder that the palace has three thousand fat powders. He is only really sincere to you.”

Chu Qiao looked at this beautiful and crazy woman with cold eyes and pity. She seemed to see the depths of her heart through her beautiful skin.

“How are you going to deal with Rong’er?”

“She is not only your child but also a child of Li Ce. I will treat him kindly.”

Zhan Ziming nodded and smiled bitterly: “Well, I am full of blood, even he is hurt. If it is not for the third brother, I have already lost my life, you do.”

At that moment, Chu Qiao suddenly saw her heart pierced through her sly smile. Because of childhood admiration for his brother, so she is duty-bound to obey Zhan Ziyu all the arrangements. However, after the palace, she cannot help but gradually fell in love with Li Ce, perhaps even the love she did not realize until after she planned the assassination Only let her know her heart. Outside the palace of honor, her grief was not like falsification. Unfortunately, the two men she loved in her life, one never loved her and one could not love her, she became a joke of fate.

“Give Zhan Ziming the poison wine.”

Chu Qiao turned around and strode away from the temple. The outside wind blew, and the night was like a thick tide that spread her whole. Jinwu’s main entrance was brightly lit, but the sound of shouting was gradually reduced. A sharp sound of gold blew through the cold night sky, slowly collecting dust. The taste, the taste of thousands of killings, the taste of countless souls, and the instantaneous rains and clouds, surrounded her from all sides.

She had a silver sword in her hand, an ink robe dyed blood, and behind her was a glaring fire. Black soldiers stood beside her. Her eyes were so cold and she stared at the end of the world. On the other side, far away in the north, with a chilly silence, her eyes did not appear instantaneously. It seemed that people were watching, but in the end, they fell into a ruined market with no traces.

“Zhan Ziyu”

The eunuch hangs a long scorpion and shouts a string of swaying rituals.

The sun pierced the dark clouds in this instant. The sky will be clear. This long night will finally pass. But what will be needed to disperse the darkness in the heart?

Destiny is like a ridiculous fire, and it burns her apart. Those good wishes and hopes for the future will eventually go along with the fire. In this regard, she will be stripped of all weakness, grief, kindness, and goodness, and that longing for good things will be really strong, guarding everything she cherishes.

Anyone who dares to infringe on one inch will pay a terrible price for it.


A childish voice suddenly came, and the child’s small figure suddenly rushed into Chu Qiao. The emperor cried and painted his face, his little face was red, and he cried and said: “Mother died! Aunt, instrumental Mother died!”

The child is still so small, his handsome eyebrows, but full of Li Ce’s shadow.

She crouched down and held the child tightly in her arms. The whole body was cold, but there was a warm warmth in her heart.

This is Li Ce’s child. This is Li Jiang’s country. This is Li Ce’s home. He guarded her for so many years, now, for her to guard him.

“I’m not afraid, you still have my aunt.”


Mei Xiang faintly stood on one side, holding a child in his hand, Chu Qiao stood up and slowly walked past, I saw Li Qingrong, the son of Zhan Ziming.

The child who had been crowned as the King of Reverence since birth was sleeping well at the moment, and he did not know what kind of bloody turmoil this world had already caused because of his birth. His father and mother died one after another, leaving behind this devastated land and a stormy country.

“Miss, you see how good it is to sleep under His Highness.”

Mei Xiang likes children and smiles and shows Prince Li Rong’er to Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao reached for it, the child was awakened, impatiently yawned, and looked at Chu Qiao half anxiously, that looks like a full replica of Li Ce.

Chu Qiao’s eyes were hot and almost fell into tears. She held her child in her arms, his cheeks with his little face, and his heart was empty.

“Adult, Liu Yuan, the son of Liu Ge’s eldest son, took the Minister of Civil and Military Affairs in front of the Tai’an Gate and asked what happened. Is the Emperor still safe?”

Chu Qiao looked up and his eyes cooled down. He said to He Xiao in a deep voice: “Tell everyone, the regent Prince Zhan Ziyu and the Zhan Ziming murdered the emperor together, and plotted to marry the emperor. The emperor died in the chaos. The emperor was innocent and the evil was already in the air. Adults don’t have to worry.”

He Xiao went, and after a while, a long-lived sound of singing and singing was heard outside the palace gate. The guards came to report: Liu Yuanzong first expressed loyalty, and the dynasty of Wu dynasty surrendered. The wars of the South Gate, the North Gate, and the Qianguangmen had been stopped. The rebel army officers had already been captured, waiting for the adults to fall.

The palace gate opened wide, under the jade steps, Manchu military forces and thousands of marshals were standing. The sky was soaring in the red sky. According to the singularity, Chu Qiao held the glory and took the emperor and stepped onto the Baiyu Royal Road step by step.

The long-lived sound of my emperor resounded through the palace, the rising sun with a touch of gold, sprinkling her black ink on the plaque, the white and red clouds on the flag, there are two watermark characters “beautiful”, the wind blows, the sky and the sky are lonely. It is a vast sky.

“The aunt,”

The emperor’s brittle cries, pointing to the gold dragon chair opposite, slightly flinching, frowning and said: “I do not want to sit there.”

Chu Qiao squatted down, gently touched his face, whispered: “Yi’Er, that is the seat of thousands of people with blood and white bones, is your land of fate, your father and mother. All died for it, and the mountains of Datang were on your shoulders. All the patriarch’s eyes were watching you in heaven. This is your responsibility, and you cannot allow you to retreat.”

The emperor was scared by her words, and she pulled her and asked, “What about the aunt? Doesn’t my aunt want me?”

Chu Qiao put him on the throne and said quietly: “Aunt will not leave, my aunt will always be with you.”

Chu Qiao turned around, the military officer and all the soldiers had time to bow down, the long-lived sound resounded through the ears, and shocked the birds in the sky.

The officials did not know. They did not know who he was worshipping at the moment. It was the young child of the throne and the young woman who held the two army powers of the wolf army and the beauty army. All kinds of speculative mentalities are turbulent in the ruling and opposition fields. Like thousands of years, there is no moment of peace and tranquility.

Dust returns to the market, and dust is settled. Chess has already been shot and there is no room for repentance.

Li Ce, don’t worry.


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