Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 178: Jiangshan gamble

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

The message that the beautiful general Chu Qiao was to be crowned as a monk spread overnight to the entire territory of the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. The collective opposition of Shennan, Jixi, Yuelin, and Yunmo and other places opposed the sound of the Southland. An Wang, Duanqing Wang, and Grand Duke Huayang successively attacked.

These Luowang soldiers changed their fashions to be able to stand up. When the Zhan brothers and sisters were dictatorial and run dictatorship, the royal clans who were able to keep their eyes ignited were thunderous, and they were led by the QingMonarch side and the demon woman. They led the 180,000 South Field Army. Swinging toward Kyoto, all the way to the official county and to send them to the gate. No one dared to come forward to block.

Sun Di had long expected that there would be such a thing. The 200,000 Eastern troops were transferred in advance and blocked by General Xu Su at the bank of the  Lishui River. One hundred thousand wolf troops defended the capital and all the checkpoints were strictly guarded. The Imperial City is like an iron barrel, a sword, a gun, a sword, and a glistening snow, waiting for the Southland Tiger Division.

Everything is ready, only the east wind, everything is ready to stop, only wait for the three-day policy.

The autumn chill was chilling because the preparations for the Feng Youtai (means Phoenix platform terrace) ceremony were held. The entire Tang Jing had imposed a curfew since the previous day. At this moment, the long street is empty and empty. The autumn wind sweeps over the black trees that hang the black cypress, like a group of yellow butterflies flying around the night.

At Sun Di’s Forest House, a court-dressed man kneeled down on the ground and spoke in a peculiarly detailed voice of the resident servant: “The Chu adults had an argument with the Mei Xiang girl last night and alerted the younger sister-in-law and the princess Mei, and later the slave. We listened to the adults and promised that they would not leave Da Tang.”

Sun Di slightly picked and asked: “Can you hear clearly?”

“Clearly and clearly, Mei Xiang girl cried a lot, and the younger man also pulled out the sword. The Chu people also burned the letters of the Great Xia Sima (this is Yuwen Yue).”

“When did Mei Xiang leave this morning?”

“When the sky was still dark, the young man named Douji took her away. Chu adults said that she had returned to school.”

Sun Di nodded. After a long time, in a deep voice said quietly, “If she walks or stays here, it always gets in the way.”

The man was long and his eyes were cold. He took out two gold bars and put them on the table: “Go back and do a good job, I will not treat you badly.”

“Thank you for father!”

After the internal service retired, Sun Di recruited a relative and thought for a long while, and then slowly said: “You immediately took people out of the city and search for the whereabouts of Mei Xiang, a female servant of Chu. If she returned to Xuefu, you would escort her back all the way. If she goes the other way, you know what to do.”

The man’s voice was low and answered immediately: “Subordinates follow.”

As soon as he turned around, he left the door and soon afterward, a sound of a horse was heard outside the door, and he disappeared into Long Street.

Sun Di pushed open the window and saw the moon’s curve, just like the girl’s forehead.

“I hope… all goes well.”

After two days of calm, the civil and military officials were silent at the same time. In addition to the fierce opposition from several Hanlin Academy scholars and more than two dozens of imperial court officials, the rest was silent. Instead of succumbing to Sun Di’s official authority, he is afraid of Chu Qiao, who is now holding a military power. For those stubborn and veteran ministers, Sun Di would have wanted to personally bring them into custody. He knew that the beauty forces had taken the first step and put those people and locked them in prison.

Sun Di was slightly worried when he knew it. Although these people were stubborn, they were truly loyal officials to Da Tang. The beauty forces are reverent to Chu Qiao and do not know what crimes these people will suffer.

He had privately entered the palace for this purpose, hoping to persuade the future prisoner to be too embarrassed. He knew that what had been done before might have been known by Chu Qiao. He did not dare to be too radical. He could only secretly entrust officials of the Shangli school to take care of those veterans.

This evening is destined to be a sleepless night because tomorrow is Chu Qiao’s grand ceremony and the first royal concubine since Da Tang was founded. It is the Ministry of Rites who has been working all night and is still working hard to perfect the construction of Feng Youtai (means Phoenix platform terrace). While other officials are sitting at home with their arms and ears. No one knows what kind of trend Da Tang will be after tomorrow. This woman, who is inextricably linked to the powers of various countries, will lead Da Tang to one. How is she going to be a faithful minister or a thief who steals the country? Does she have to maintain the original social system, or should she follow the example of establishing a new Datong regime in Yanbei? Nobody knows.

Will Da Tang surnamed Li after tomorrow?

This evening, countless people are thinking this way.

The beauty military camp was quiet. The soldiers did not have the slightest suspicion and vacillation because of the sounds of the outside world. The cold moon’s radiance was sprinkled in the vast barracks, and the open air drilled on weekdays was silent.

He Xiao’s big account curtain slightly moved, a figure wearing a black cloak, the hood completely covered his head came in.

He Xiao was drinking wine in before the scene. He wore unusual brown clothes and his hair spread out. He was slightly open in the front and exposed half of his bronze skin. He had a rare and unpredictable fall on weekdays. When He Xiao saw someone, his brow was slightly crumpled but he didn’t say anything.

One of the visitors took off his hood and revealed a beautiful face. He smiled and said: “Drinking in the barracks late at night? I remember it is a strict military rule.”

He Xiao met her and did not speak. She just lowered her head to continue drinking.

Chu Qiao stepped forward and sat down cross-legged on his face. He looked up slightly and said, “Didn’t you ask me for a drink?”

“桄榔” (means guang lang means sugar palm), He Xiao lost a bowl of wine and did not give her a fall. Chu Qiao was not annoyed, calmly poured a bowl, looked up and drank, only felt that the entrance was spicy, like a fire of charcoal into the scorpion.

She frowned slightly and said: “Good wine.”

When he saw He Xiao, she still said nothing. She said, “I am not here to see you. This is my last and will never come to see you again.”

He Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at her face in a circle. Suddenly the voice said lowly: “I am really surprised, can you still laugh?”

“What is there, isn’t it better than we were defending Beibei?”

He Xiao decided to look at her, suddenly a sun, turned his head and said: “Yes, a lot of good, big power grip, once in the upper position, really good.”

Chu Qiao leaned forward, looking like a dark star, and said coldly, “He Xiao, do you miss me?”

Although the heart knows what it is, but the fire can not keep going.  He Xiao and she gazed to each other. The face is very cold, with a bit angry, but a bit angry and indisputable distressed.

Chu Qiao squinted up, leaned over the little one in front of him, plunged into the man’s ear, and said something softly.

He Xiao didn’t care too much at first, but in a flash, his face suddenly changed, and he fiercely looked up and looked at the bold woman in shock.

“He Xiao,” Chu Qiao looked at him with a light smile. The sound was unprecedented and calm.

“Are you willing to help me?”

The young general was silent for a long time. At last the mouth gradually revealed a touch of laughter and reached out. Like so many times in many years, the two clap their hands together, and then they clenched one fist tightly.

The night was cold, and on the desolate ramp outside Tangjing, a team of troops was running wildly. Suddenly there was a ride in front of a ride and it seemed that it was coming to one’s own side.

The purple man headed by rein of the horse immediately saw the horse speeding forward. The man immediately rushed forward. Suddenly he saw him. He suddenly changed his face, surprised, delighted, unbelievable, and so on. Jumped from horseback and cried on the floor crying: “Fourth young master!”


This evening, it was not destined to be a night for sleeping. Numerous games of planning were in the dark at night and you were waiting for the grand ceremony of tomorrow.

The night is so long.

The rooster breaks into the sky, and the sky rises in the red on the first day, taking pictures of heaven and earth.

On the main hall of the country, the gray-haired king of the southern Yunnan trembled and read the remains of the emperor, and shivered down on the jade stairs of the hall.

Chu Qiao wore a gold-plated durian flower and a golden phoenix. The head was inserted with eighteen red gold phoenix crowns, and the waist was wrapped around the gold and purple jasper belt. Because it was a marriage, the kimono was dominated by black, and the colors were all black and white, dark purple, dark green, iron red, black gold, sandalwood, dark blue, cold orange, silver for the embroidery thread, the embroidered ink color phoenix, the grain pattern of the golden pattern of the sea, the enamel is also made of pink stone, sapphire, moonstone, Hetian jade for the main decoration. The whole person looks solemn and quaint, and it is a bit heavy and oppressive, which makes people dare not look at it.

The custom carriage drove off from the National Palace Hall, and all the way out was Zhang Yu Square, the Tourbillon (means whirlwind, flurry, swirl, eddy, swirl, whirl, whirlpool) rooftops, the main road of Rose, Anwar Gate, Qionghua Gate, Taiqing Gate, Tai’an Gate, and the Jinwu Palace went out into the Inner City. Qingyun Road, then on the Tianqi Street around Tang Jing, all the way to the Fengyou Tai in front of the Temple.

People along the way squatted to the ground and saw all the driving and shouting over a thousand years old. Those foreheads were buried deep on the ground, and the dust splashed like a grey storm.

Autumn leaves are still and lonely. The black dragonfly wraps around Tang Jing. The sky is tall and blue. The sun is vast and distant. Everything is like a thick landscape. The prosperity of the world is like dust and earth, and the layers of the past are covered with blood…

The carriage stopped and Feng Youtai (means Phoenix platform terrace) was cast from the 366 white jade stairs. Standing nearly 100 feet high, he stood on the top and could overlook the entire Tang Jing City. Together with that majestic Jin Wu Palace, it seemed to step on foot.

“咨尔楚氏,秀毓名门,祥钟世德,知书晓理,恭顺谦和。秉德佑而温恭疏,知古今而性喜善,淑惠安和,进度有则,特下此喻,晋锡荣封太皇贵妃,辅政监国,后绥永福。”  In ACs version translation means….

“Consulting maiden Chu’s name, therefore, the elegant palace will become a famous family house, prosperous and auspicious in lifetime show virtue; goodness; morality; ethics. To know as daybreak comes and pay attention to respect, modesty and maintain kindness; favor; character. To protect as well as being tender to clear away obstruction in respect to the memorial of the Emperor. To be aware of the ancient and modern character and quality, especially under all of this metaphor and allegories. May you be pleased and enjoy to all the days of this life. I bestow and grant these, in the name of Da Tang Emperor Li Ce. All the glory and honor sealed in the Empress blank surname. 

The solemn voice echoed in the blue sky, and a golden phoenix crown made of barefoot real gold was placed on the square of the front ancestral temple. The Phoenix seal, Zhu pen, jade and other things were placed one by one, which is what the world looks up to. The golden jade authority, as long as the step forward, holding the palm of the hand, no one can easily hurt her in this heaven and earth.

She stood on the high Phoenix platform. Below is the tens of thousands of crouching figures. Those who look up have hatred, hatred, fear, fear, hesitation, guilt, and a hint of glory. Hope, but, there is nothing that makes her feel warm.

The jade steps at the foot are so cold, and the sun in the sky is also cold.

The ritual Shangshu (means ceremonial book) squatted in front of her, with gold seals in her hands, and the seven-year-old minister lowered her head and her old knees shook slightly.

The long wind whistled past and the sky flew over the hordes of eagles. She looked up and saw the towering gates of Tang Jing, the red iron walls, the towering towers, and the ancient cities that had been through thousands of years of wind and rain. It seems to be looking at her, waiting for this historic scene.

As long as I have taken over, as long as I have taken over, a quarter of this world will be in her hands.

At that moment, she suddenly saw the eyes again, cold, but still hot, his pen is clear and handsome, with a sharp light, the flamboyant wrote: Cut to wait for me!

Cut it! wait for me!

The king’s crown was suddenly played in concert, like thousands of rhinos shouting at the same time.

Outside Tangjing North City, a horse riding away from the distant bridge, the autumn grass dripping with the wind swaying, the rising sun, thousands of golden light shine on the wasteland.

He was in a purple robe, with a jasper haircut and a clear-looking look. His eyes were like deep lakes, and he couldn’t see the slightest waves and waves.

A gust of wind blew through, and a small wind blew into a string of bells hanging on the neck, slamming, raising a small, twirling voice.

“Remember, I am waiting for you.”

I am waiting for you… I am waiting for you..

As the sun bursts through the clouds, thousands of rays suddenly shine, and Vientiane (wàn xiàng gēng xīn means a Chinese idiom; in the spring, nature takes on a new look)


A loud noise suddenly came from the south gate, and even the temple was shaken for a moment.

Thousands of faint yellow dust came from the south sky, almost covering the rising sun in the sky, the sound of the golden horn was spread throughout the king’s division, and the horse rushed to the ancestral temple to worship the stage, and immediately the soldier rushed to the throne and shouted: “The King of Jing’an came to rule over! Soldiers at the city walls General Xu Su slowly came to change side politically! King of Jing’an is under the city! General Xu Su turned into an enemy to change the course of the ceremony!”

In a flash, the whole city was in a hurry, and all the people were noisy. Sun Di was standing under the stage and his face turned pale.

The book of rites fell to the ground and the phoenix printed in the hands fell on the stone steps of the white marble, sending out a bright golden glow.

Chu Qiao walked down step by step, standing in front of Sun Di, Sun Di looked up and fixedly looked at her, her eyes looked like a deep cold pool, with indescribable coldness, but with inexplicable fear…

“Sun Di Daren(means adult),” Chu Qiao took out a letter, all of which were written in the name of the Chaos.

This is the list of rebellious Kyoto ministers who secretly confessed to Jing Anwang during this time. Please also deal with it immediately.”

Chu Qiao’s voice just fell, and several ministers of the field suddenly became as earthy. Sun Hao’s takeover and looked at her doubtfully. It seems that until this moment, he really saw the woman in front of him.

“I will immediately lead the army out to meet the safety of King Jing’an, the city and the emperor, and entrust it to you.”

“The defending troops in Gyeonggi are only 150,000, but the number of enemies…”

Chu Qiao interrupted him: “We also have General Xu Su.”

“General Xu Su is not…”

“General Xu Su did not do this kind of thing for the first time.”

Sun Di suddenly stopped, and he looked at Chu Qiao and tore off his magnificent costume, revealing a silver-white body armor, and the whole head of Zhu Cui was also picked up by her, with a blue turban. Wrapped three thousand green silk, and immediately went to a horse brought by He Xiao, with the soldiers of the beautiful army roaring away.

The 150,000 defenders inside and outside the imperial city were already ready to be seen. The girl was dressed up, and there was no such silence and indifference on the face. The flying brilliance was like a reborn phoenix. She walked in the sword, stood proudly under the city, cold shouted: “Open the city gate!”

At that moment, if you were the first light that opened in heaven and earth, the beautiful people would have tears.

Sun Hao looked at the towering city gate and slowly opened it. Thousands of horseshoe set off thousands of smoke and dust, and went toward the battlefield ten miles away.

Heaven and earth are melting pots, everything is a salary carbon, and the world is long before the British, and she is the sword of all people.

The cold wind continued to pass through her ears, and she once again remembered what she said in her ear before her death:

“After I die, the court will be in chaos, the Zhan brothers and sisters are just paper tigers, and the royal clan is a real wolf. Sun Di is extremely aggressive. If you have any changes, you must not obey. Take me to your finger and head for  Luo Shui. General Xu Su will listen to you after he sees you, and the wolf army of Iron will listen to you.”

“Jojo, how long have you been in your life, if it is because of my death, once again holding your footsteps, then under my living spring, I will not close my eyes with peace of mind.”

“You, don’t let me down.”


Slightly sour eyes, Chu Qiao tight mouth, hit the horse stocks. I saw the two forces in the wilderness have already confronted each other, General Xu Su was the first to take the lead, and one armored outfit was like a god of war. He had a large knife in his hand and a flag behind him: killing the rebels and swearing to tie the traitors.


The wolf army made a deafening scream, and the first turmoil after the reign of Emperor Tang of the Tang Dynasty finally began.


“Every year in the eighth year of October,  the king was willing to take the position, and induced Jingan, Duanqing, Huayang Dagong, and other people to take up the army, and the soldiers were 180,000 to the Shushui Pass. All the way from the gathering, Shennan banned the camp. Huaihai, the Western Army Admiral Tian Yujia, Xizhao Deputy Commander Liu Yubai, Huaicheng Ginseng Zhu Xi, and Lishui General Xu Su successively belonged to His Majesty, and the force expanded to more than 400,000, all the way is like a broken bamboo, killing the capital. Wang Hearing the news, taking off the clothes, wearing armor, and opening Nanchang Gate, led the army to meet the enemy.

Fang Huaihai, Tian Yijia, Liu Kuangbai, Zhu Xi, General Xu Su and others met Emperor Qi and immediately erected a flag of rampant gangsters. The king controlled the sword and led the army to fight and kill the enemy for more than 30,000. King of Jing’an died under the sword of General Xu Su, at fifty-seven years old.

Two days later, Wang Wang hangs the phoenix in the palace gate, so that he does not dare to take the name of the woman’s body, and ask the emperor to recover his life before the temple. Before the temple, please take the king back to life. On the second day, Emperor Yong Zheng arrived and felt the graciousness of the King and Li Tang. They were given special permission to go to the emperor’s royal family. They were granted a first-class hereditary seal to the king, and gave the jade book, Jinbao (means aspiration) and Yipin (means superb) robe. The title was beautiful. ”

————”Book of Tang * Beauty Emperor Chu Chuan * One hundred twenty-seven volumes”

Before the palace gate, Chu Qiao was in a white cloak and stood quietly under the shadow of the palace gate. The sky was bright and the birds flew at dusk. Her whole body was shrouded in a faint blush. It looked quiet and peaceful, without any slightest battle. The sharp and sharp edges.

Sun Di’s carriage and the horse just left the palace and saw Chu Qiao, and suddenly stopped. He slowly walked out of the car, and for a time, he did not know where to open. The title has been thought for a long time, looking at her fascinating look, finally sighed: “Chu Daren.”

“The beauty army is settled in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and it is no longer my private army. I will entrust them to Sun Daren. I am no longer the commander of the Beauty Army. Mention it again”

Chu Qiao said faintly, the voice was very mild, but Sun Di, who had seen her powerful but no longer dared to despise it, as usual, nodded: “What adults say is.”

Chu Qiao smiled lightly and said: “On the same day, several adults who openly oppose my candidacy should be released, and it is a good time to buy people’s hearts when they are young and young. I will not leave this book on behalf of me. After I left, Sun Daren  must not forget the loyal ministers in the Great Prison of Shangli.”

Sun Di replied: “The officer remembers teaching adults.”

Sun Di suddenly looked up, slowly raised his head and saw the woman’s beautiful face, his face showing a hint of unbelievable brilliance, involuntarily nodded his head: “Please speak.”

“You also know that the road of the emperor will never tolerate the woman’s benevolence. So whether I am the Emperor of Datang or the Prince of Datang, it will not affect the political inclination of Yanbei and Daxia, once the time is ripe. The war will inevitably be inevitable, and no one will be able to eliminate the process of reunification because of his personal affair. Although all the rebel forces have been eliminated in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, you still can’t be careless, the battle between Daxia and Yanbei will It is inevitable that the future trend of the world is going, you and I can’t speculate, we can only turn around the situation, protect Li Ce’s child blood and the Tang Dynasty’s foundation.”

Sun Hao looked at Chu Qiao, his eyebrows slightly picking up, with a touch of silk, and whispered, “Chu adults, I count you so, why do you hand over to my hands the responsibility of supervising the country?”

Chu Qiao smiled, indifferently said: “There are three reasons: First, Tie Yuo is in charge of the wolf army and the Gyeongbokgung army (these are Korean foreign troops). General Xu Su is in charge of the troops outside Beijing. They are all faithful officials. You are only a civil official, even if you have a political aid. Right, but there is no ability to transfer soldiers, but no identity of the royal family. If you want to rebel, there will be no real name points, and if you have no military power, it will not succeed.”

The setting sun shines on Chu Qiao’s cheeks as if she is covered in a layer of red satin sand. She continues: “Second, Tang Jing has just gone through several battles. The people need to rest and recuperate. Prince Luo Wang and King of Jing’an have fallen down one after another. There is no popular expectation, no chance of sensationalizing the people’s revolution, lack of time and public opinion.”

“As for the third,” Chu Qiao smiled a little, his eyes shrewd and his eyes were bright, and he smiled and said, “I believe in you.”

Sun Di’s heart stopped suddenly. He looked at Chu Qiao and seemed to doubt his ears.

“I believe you, Li Ce also believes you, although you are acting in isolation and extreme, but you are the most loyal to Datang on the Li family. Li Ce said before death that you are the first candidate for reconciliation, I deeply feel that .”

She took out two letters from her arms and sent them to Sun Di: “This is a handwritten letter written by Zhao Qi, the great prince of the summer, and Zhuge Yue, the king of Qinghai. He expresses his willingness to become an ally with Tang, and your political status will receive two parties. The absolute support of the forces does not have to guard against the threat of domestic media to you. I will also fully support you. I believe that you will be able to raise the Emperor properly.”

Sun Di’s fingers trembled slightly and slowly took over the two letters, only to feel that they were in the mountains. Suddenly, he squatted in front of Chu Qiao and said in a deep voice: “The adults are assured that Sun Di must have pledged allegiance to Li Tang. If there is a mistake in Tang Dynasty, I would like to apologize for death.”

“Sun Daren must not do this.”

Chu Qiao picked him up and looked at him sincerely. Quietly said, “You are a friend of Li Ce and you are my friend. He believes in you and I believe in you.”

The sunset is like blood, and the primordial water is like iron. Sun Di is standing on top of the wall and watching Chu Qiao go out of the city under the escort of He Xiao  and others. A long shadow appeared on the golden wasteland. The beautiful young girl leaped up and whipped like a hawk out of the bounds. White robes fluttered like a pair of huge wings.

It was an eagle. No one could cut off her wings. No one but her could force her to stay.

At this moment, Sun Di suddenly understood the stubbornness of that friend for many years. There are such figures in the world, and it really makes heaven and earth more colorful.

He looked up and took a deep breath. He seemed to see the smile of his friend, and he looked at his ear in a wretched manner. He said with a smile: “You guess the skin of Miss San’s family has no face. White?”

The autumn wind is blowing, everything is falling, this is a year of chill, but it is also a season of harvest.


At the bridgehead, Zhuge Yue’s was a robes, and the high ride was sitting on the horse.

Fang Hao said with a deep voice: “Master, Chu girl is coming.”

As soon as the voice just fell, a team suddenly appeared under the horizon. The young girl led by her was wearing a white cloak. She was smiling and coming from the wind.


Mei Xiang originally sat on the stone, and when he saw Chu Qiao happy and jumped up, Duoji was also happy to go up a few steps. Chu Qiao and others immediately came to the front of her eyes. She jumped off the horse and joined Mei Xiang. Mei Xiang cried while crying: “I miss you, Miss, I thought you lied to me. I thought you really didn’t come.”

Jing Jing and Ping’an and others also happily ran to one place with Duoji and asked about other experiences. Peace is a vivid description of the battle that day. He Xiao had no family members and was unwilling to stay in the Sui and Bian Tang dynasties. He came along with Chu Qiao. Although he and Yue Qi and other people never met each other, they already heard each other’s names and they became familiar with each other after a short while.

Only Zhuge Yue’s face is full of iron and green. Standing in the cold, he looks at the warm and cold Chu Qiao, and the two rows of teeth are almost crunchy.

Finally, the inhuman eyes shattered someone’s long-awaited reunion. She smiled and stepped forward. Zhuge Yue just moved. She immediately raised her two hands and shouted: “Send it! The last time! I promise !”

Zhuge Yue reached out and tried to beat her to give her some lessons, but he did not know where to start when he gestured for a long time. Looking at her eyes narrowed and her eyes closed, some awkward anger said: “Why don’t you fight?”

Chu Qiao opened his eyes and pouted, looking very pathetic: “I’m admitting the mistake.”

“Do you still know that you have a mistake?” Zhuge Yue looked at her with her eyes crossed, and regardless of the lively eyes of the surrounding subordinates, he was unnaturally reaching out and holding Chu Qiao’s cheek, which had not been flesh-meat, and said quietly: “Don’t give me a reply, I’m strong enough, isn’t it?”

“I’m not free!” Chu Qiao said with a hard face.

“There is no empty reply but there is time to burn my letter?”

Chu Qiao looked back and defended himself: “If I do not make a bitter experience, Sun Di will not believe it. He does not believe and that King Jing’an will not even believe it.”

“So you even lied to Mei Xiang?” Zhuge Yue looked at her, and she continued to ask, “Are you sure that you really didn’t think so at the time? Are you sure that you weren’t the last moment of conscience and you changed your mind?”

“how come?”

Chu Qiao’s grievance shouted: “I am a person who is not so determined?”

After all, she turned her head and looked around, but now her subordinates are all betrayed her by the dog’s legs, nodding their heads, meaning: Do not doubt, you are!

Chu Qiao looked at them with contempt, quickly turned his head and said to himself: “Don’t believe them, my revolutionary will is the most resolute in the entire army.”

 “I count your knowledge, otherwise I will bring the soldiers to the end of Li Ce, I see who you are the emperor.”

You blow it.

Chu Qiao whispered in her heart, but said on the surface but still very knowledgeable: “That is, how can I do it? I say count, no regret.”

Zhuge Yue is stinking his head and the big man’s self-esteem has been greatly satisfied.


The loud cries of a child suddenly came out in a carriage that came with Chu Qiao. Zhuge Yue and others saw it. Chu Qiao hurried over and opened the curtain of the carriage. She saw two nursing mothers holding a five-month-old baby, the child apparently just woke up and was doing a daily required course: crying.

Chu Qiao quickly took the child in his arms and was very skilled.

“what is this?” (LOL can you just imagine his face. For goodness sake, it is not a what but who lol)

Zhuge Yue looked gloomy and asked coldly.

Chu Qiao looked at him strangely, very honest answer: “Children.”

“I know,” said Zhuge Yue’s discomfort and anger, “Who is this child?”

Chu Qiao remembered not to explain it to everyone and said: “This is Li Ce’s third son, Li Qingrong, but we may need to change his name to his later. His mother is Zhan Ziyu’s sister and Li Ce entrusted him before his death. Give me, saying that I am afraid that this child will be persecuted in the palace, so he is entrusted with taking him out of the palace.”

“Li Ce’s son?”

Zhuge Yue frowned on her eyebrows, and saw the child’s lips and teeth white, a pair of dark eyes, is covering his mouth is very aggrieved to play with the heads of Chu Qiao windbreaker, small eyes in the roar of the roar, really like the deceased foxy emperor.

His heart was a bit desolate, and when he was about to speak, the child suddenly saw him. His dark eyes turned around, and he suddenly let go and screamed with tears and cries. Unpleasant to the extreme.

“What’s wrong? What about crying?”

Chu Qiao nastily said, Mei Xiang also ran forward and asked the milk mother: “Is the child hungry?”

The nurse suddenly shook her head and said that she had just finished eating. Mei Xiang has turned over the child’s embarrassment, but also did not see the urine wet, Chu Qiao suddenly blessed to the soul, turned and said to Zhuge Yue: “The child may hate you.”

Zhuge Yue’s face was green and he was angry: “Why hate me?”

“You try to go further. It may be like this.”

Someone really couldn’t accept it. He said with a pair of frowns: “What on earth? Didn’t I beat him?”

“Some people are very unpopular. Maybe you are like this.”

“Yeah, brother-in-law, you’ll go a little further. Maybe Rong looks at you and is afraid.” Jing Jing added oil to the side.

“Why?” Yue Qi was very weakly rebuttal with a small voice, and it was very loyal to its own master: “In fact, the young master seems to be approachable this days…”

Unfortunately, he himself lacks confidence and the smaller the voice.

Finally, Zhuge Yue went far away in the crowd and Li Qingrong suddenly stopped cry. Although he had just cried too hard, he still couldn’t get back at the slightest moment. He sobbed in a low voice, but already there were shallow laugh lines.

A moment later, a burst of laughter broke out from a group of people. It turned out that the little guy was playing with his hilt on Yue Qi and his head was snarling and biting the shoulder of the Yue Qi

Zhuge Yue sat on a large rock far away and looked at the people in the distance. He groaned in his heart and said: Death Scorpio, look like you.

Chu Qiao did not know when to run, sitting next to him.

Yue Qi and group of people who would tremble and tremble in the world is still rushing around for a baby. Soon after, they listen to Mei Xiang pointing to the dumbfounded cockroach and cried: “Oh, kid pulls, you hold first, then I let you hug you!”

Chu Qiao clings to Zhuge Yue’s arm and puts his face on his shoulders, leaning on his head and leaning on him, saying: “It’s over.”


“Fortunately.” Chu Qiao closed his eyes, golden red light sprinkled on her face, with a layer of sly light: “Just fear that you are worried, always keep up with yourself and say faster.”

Zhuge Yue still resented him and continued to ask, “Why not read my letter?”

“I don’t know whether I can succeed or not,” she said, tilting her head slightly and laughing at Zhuge Yue. “I didn’t have confidence at the time, I was afraid I would fail, I would die, I was afraid I would read your letter and I would never continue.” The courage to stick to it.”

Chu Qiao smiled like a flower. She rarely seemed to smile in her life. She did not have any care or burden. She smiled and said: “You are my weakness and will make me unwilling to be strong.”

Zhuge Yue looked at her and his complexion gradually softened. He reached out and grabbed her waist. His voice was low and light: “You must not be strong with me.”

Say it, bow his head and kiss her lips.

“Oops! Shame people!”

Jing jing screamed suddenly.

The world is vast, and the seasons of late autumn are bright and beautiful.

The wind blew from the distance, blowing the bells, and the little voice whispered: Remember, I am waiting for you.

I am waiting for you. I am waiting for you. I am waiting for you forever.

“Zhuge Yue, why didn’t you go to the city, and the clothes I was wearing when I was working out were pretty!”

“Wait, wait till I give you more beautiful in the future.”

“Say it.”


“Ya! ya!”



Translation in progress . . .

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