Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 179: Openness

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

Chu Qiao had never seen Zhuge Yue slept like this. When he boarded a ship from Zhangzhou, he slept, and he didn’t blink for a day or night. Even Chu Qiao didn’t know when he entered the door. Yue Qi said that since the day of Zhenhuang’s departure, he did not have good night’s sleep. After the road to the dry road from Xianyang, he did not even have eyes together. At this moment, he must have been tired.

Zhuge Yue body is not very good. They have been on the way these days. She has seen him eat a black and white pill in private. She went privately to ask on the Yue Qi, but he vaguely explained that Duoji gave him some medicines.  Later, he said to Chu Qiao that Zhuge Yue must have been working hard, lack of energy, and suffering from cold.

Excessive labor, caused by cold –

Chu Qiao is sitting on a chair with his chin. The boat is very stable, the weather is good, there is no wind and no waves, the window is closed, but you can still see the green mountains and green waters that have gone outside through the window paper.

She remembered the time when she was forced to escape from the Sui and Tang Dynasties by Zhao Yu’er. She and Liang Shaoqing were bought by the Zhan family as slaves. At that time, she was injured and Liang Shaoqing went out and played for her. She was lying alone in a cramped cabin and looking through the only window to the outside scenery. It rained one day. She heard the cries of meteors in her sleep. She rushed out, but she was taken by the ship. Farther and farther, the rainy lingering Jiangnan spring shore can no longer be seen.

At that time, Zhan Ziyu’s brothers and sisters were still unknown, and Li Ce was still alive. Datang was his slut, and Mr. Wu’s girl and other people still struggled for their ideals. Yan He is also a close friend and lover who grew up with her, and she is full of confidence in the future. She is deeply convinced that she can rely on her own strength and the help of a group of like-minded friends to contribute to the world’s devastated people…

Unfortunately, time is still the ruthless killing weapon in this world. Li Ce can’t, Mr. Wu was killed, Yu girl died in her arms, Zhan Ziyu killed all her loved ones with her own ambitions. The like-minded friends she thought were actually not imagining such loyalty. Before the rights and the emperor, many people gradually left her, and Yan Yan also went farther and farther with her, and eventually went beyond.

The mountains and rivers fell, and the tyrants rested, and the ideals became gray with the weather. Like the rushes of grass in the late autumn, they shook the poor yellow leaves and laughed at the past vows.

Yeah, who can be the same? Even if she is today, is it as good as ever?

She gently turned her head back and Zhuge Yue was still sleeping quietly. He is really an awkward and stubborn person. Even when he is asleep, his brows are wrinkled. A sharp eye in both directions is covered by eyelids. His features are more prominent, his nose is tall, his lips are thin, and his outline is clear…

Heard that people with such a face have always been sympathetic, only he, but it is so persistent, so sharp, stubborn people feel bad.

Zhuge Yue asked her if she had such an idea from the beginning, or did she eventually find out that she had changed her mind? In fact, up till now, she has been very hard to answer this question. The people’s mind is a very complicated thing. In the face of one thing, you may have dozens or hundreds of ideas, and you may plan to do so at this moment. At the moment it changed its mind.

She thinks that she has also changed. If it was once Chu Qiao, it would have been to stay in Tang Jing. Even if she could not really marry Li Ce, she would stay in the Jinwu Palace to protect Li Ce’s children as adults.

However, after so much experience, she still has her own greed, and she can’t let go of things she can’t afford.

The Sui and Tang dynasties rushed into the wild, and the dynasty under the precipitation of thousands of years was dark. It was not the sharp and sharp edge on the surface of the Great Summer and Yanbei, but a cold arrow that could not be seen, wrapped in layers and beautifully warmed and smoked, inadvertently you can kill people invisible.

She later learned from the main entrance of the Sui and Tang Tai Hospital that the death of Li Ce’s father was also due to Li Ce’s mother.

For so many years, she has been trying to kill Tang emperors. Poisons and assassinations are extremely plentiful, and they have almost succeeded on several occasions. However, the old emperor has always maintained her and does not publicize it. He also had anger and dark hate, with the King of Luo, as a hostage, daring to favor other sisters, forbidden, even three times into the cold. However, in the end, he was still invincible to his heart. In his later years, he completely dismissed the imperial concubine and left her alone. She loved her passport, and she seemed to be inspired by him and gave him happy days for a few years.

However, he still died on her hand, because he gave her a mistake when he fed her medicine and died of this poison.

At this time, he realized that she had already had a death record. Every meal she had eaten for many years was poisoned. She took precious drugs and used her various toxins to break her body. Just waiting for him to go to the West with a careless soul.

After all, Tang emperor died and died in the hands of a woman he loved the most in her life. Although he guarded against her for a lifetime, she did not endure her perseverance and patience. However, he still couldn’t bear to kill her, but left a will and forced her to go out of the palace to worship the Buddha. This life would not be allowed to step into the palace anymore. Outsiders are only guilty of emperors and empresses, but they do not know that the emperor just wanted to protect his only son before he died.

However, the secret of such a court was still known by Zhan Ziyu through Zhan Guiyu. After Zhan Zikai’s assassination of Li Ce’s unsuccessful results, he privately took the Queen Mother out of the temple and secretly sent it to the palace. With the help of a woman who could not prevent it, he killed Li Ce and also killed him in a good opportunity.

After hearing the death of Li Ce, Mrs. Yao still committed suicide. Chu Qiao did not know what kind of mood she was at that time. Was it the joy and relief of the great hatred, or the great mistakes and helplessness? This is a stubborn and extreme woman. She has been obsessed with the blood debt of the year. She killed two men who love her in this world. After the moment of life, she will be free from laughter.

Perhaps it will not be, after all, while she was reporting a grudge for her husband and son, but also killed another husband and son, for a period of hatred and enmity, ruined a woman from Suihua ( a place from northeast China) to vicissitudes of life.

After the death of Queen Yao, Yu Meishan was buried with Emperor Zong Zong. During their lives, they were dissident, fighting, plotting, assassination, hatred, and entanglement for a whole life. In the cold and deep underground mausoleum, they only got to each other. Accompanied by, there is no person, no power, and the two can be separated.

Chu Qiao did not know what was born in the past, nor did he understand why a person’s hatred was so terrible. However, sometimes she still secretly thought, maybe the Queen of Yao should have such a motherly love for Li Ce. She still remembers that on a sunny afternoon, the gentle-faced woman frowned and said to her: “He I want to worship the Buddha in the palace. Oh, I am really… If you have time, you will persuade him. He is the Prince of Datang, and he can’t be too noisy.”

However, the death of Prince Luo eventually destroyed the only remaining love. After all, she was swallowed up by the devil of the heart and was killed in this imperial family.

After Li Ce’s death, the Sui and Tang Dynasties were unstable, and the internal authorities had a chaos. At that time, Chu Qiao could also eliminate the central army with the power of the Gyeonggi garrison and the beauty army, and remove the brothers and sisters of Zhan Ziyu.

However, if that is the case, King Jing’an and others will never raise troops and keep this group of princes who are self-respecting, and sooner or later they will be raising tigers. The new emperor ascended the throne. Therefore, Chu Qiao will take care of the plan, first allow Zhan Ziyu to exercise his power, and then remove it by the thunderbolt. Through the thunderous and active thunderhead, under the support of Sun Di and other people, he will make a position to ascend to the king. Only through the arrangement of Li Ce before death could many rebel forces win in one fell swoop and solve once and for all the internal crisis in Da Tang within 20 years. Twenty years later, Yi’er has grown up and has enough power to deal with the ups and downs ahead.

However, at the time, she did not necessarily have the idea of ​​remaining in Sui and Tang after the disturbance.

That night, Jing Jing baked two Zhuge Yue’s sweet melon coming from Qinghai. She tasted very fragrant and was like a cloud of gas. She was swept by her heart.

Jingjing was sitting on a small stool outside, carefully plucking a skinned melon, and muttered, “The Qinghai must be very cold, how thick the skin is.”

Her heart suddenly burst into pain, and her mind once again reminded me of that cold ice lake on that day. Zhuge Yue’s pale face, and he wrote over and over again in her hand, said: Live… Live…

People’s hearts are such complicated things, but no matter how many hundred thousand thoughts you may have, there is only one final decision that can be made. Whether or not the future will regret it, but at the very least, she finally obeys her own heart.

A sudden burst of sound came, the window was gently pushed open by the wind, and the curtains of the river wind swayed gently, and Chu Qiao was awakened from his meditation. She turned her head back, but she saw that Zhuge Yue didn’t know when she was awake. She was leaning against the bed, a white gown, and she was refreshed. She didn’t have the usual coldness on her face, but she changed her mind to a few safe and harmonious. .

Seeing her look, he gently waved and gestured to her.

She walked over and poured a cup of tea for him and asked, “Is it a good night’s sleep?”

“Well.” He took a tea and said, “If no one sneaks into my room and sighs, it must be better.”

Chu Qiao looked red as he looked up at him and asked, “Hungry?”

He nodded and said, “A bit earlier, it will be much better.”

Chu Qiao stood up and said, “You have been sleeping all day and night. You haven’t eaten. You will certainly be hungry. I told the kitchen to prepare food for you.”

“No.” Zhuge Yue suddenly reached for her hand and took her to sit down by the bed and said, “You will sit with me for a while.”

Chu Qiao smiled and sat down.

“Look at you for a long time, what did you just think?” Zhuge Yue naturally held her hand and warmed her palm and did not release it.

Chu Qiao shook her head and said: “A few irrelevant old things.”

Zhuge Yue’s mouth was full of laughter, and it was a light look. Leaning on the bedside and staring at her, she said lightly: “If you are idle, you have nothing to do. Just listen to your irrelevant old things.”

Chu Qiao looked at him with a hint of mischievousness and a slight frown. He stared directly at him and slowly said, “I have done many wrong things. I have repeatedly neglected to owe a person. Now I think, I feel sorry for him.”

Zhuge Yue was surprised to see Chu Qiao would say such a thing at this time, eyes staring at her eyes, a look a bit serious.

Chu Qiao continued: “He has always been very good to me, but I have taken this kind of goodness as a reason, selfishly occupying the warmth and help he gave me. He saved me several times in life and death, for many years. What kind of predicament I am in, I will never give up on me, desperate to give me hope, I have gone through so many difficult days without asking me, and I never thought about what to give him, then, again and again, I ignored him.”

Zhuge Yue looked at her, and the corner of his mouth gradually overflowed with a smile. His palm had an old man, and he rubbed Chu Qiao’s finger.

“Since we now know that we regret it, we can only return in time.”

Chu Qiao looked at him with misty eyes and murmured, “But I’m afraid he will blame me.”

Zhuge Yue gradually released her hand and slowly moved upward. Her eyes were touching and touched. The palm of her hand stroking her cheek and laughing, said: “Who would blame you?”

“Is it true?” Chu Qiao said with a wide-eyed look. He asked slyly: “Do you think He Xiao will not blame me? He has followed me for so many years. I have also thrown him away. He was almost thirty. There isn’t even a room for wives…”

Chu Qiao said that the more she wanted to laugh, the more she finally laughed out, and Zhuge Yu knew that she had gotten it. She pulled her into her arms and took her chin and said fiercely: “Dare to make it worse?” ”

Chu Qiao smiled: “Who makes you feel passionate.”

Zhuge Yue slanted her to her eyes, her eyes were dark and black, with a few dangerous feelings of a wolf, and the evil spirits smiled: “Which is the woman who is trained, is there such a rule?”

“Who is it? Isn’t it the Qingshan courtyard fourth young master Zhuge Yue?” Chu Qiao said with a smile: “Have you forgotten that you volunteered to teach me to write?”

“Oh?” Zhuge Yue deliberately extended his voice and nodded. “I have forgotten it. It seems that I will set a rule for you, lest you are not big or small in the future.”

As soon as he had finished, Zhuge Yue suddenly approached, and a hot kiss suddenly overlaid her lips, with a trace of depressing hotness, relentlessly twirling on her lips, and her arms widening across her waist. Tight, cold lips gradually heated up, licking her lips, a force that could not be resisted slipped into her mouth, as clear as the water, but it was as hot as a charcoal.

He stared at her with a half-eyed eye, hiding invisible glimmers deep in his eyes. Zhuge Yue suddenly pushed her up and pressed it onto the bed. Chu Qiao’s “ah” shouted and the tail was swallowed. Between lips and teeth.

“do you understand?”

Chu Qiao looked at him, rubbed his already swollen lips, and said, “This is your family law?”

“Not all.” Zhuge Yue faint smile, with a touch of arrogance, said chin: “More intense, do you want to try?”

Chu Qiao narrowed her eyes and looked at the incomprehensible man in front of him. She suddenly went forward, her eyes hooked on him, and suddenly she put out his tongue and licked his lips. Zhuge was suddenly stunned and had not reacted. The woman had already bitten, took a bite on his chin like a little beast.

Zhuge Yue suddenly stunned, the exploration hand touched, although no bloodshed, but there has been a row of small teeth marks.

“Oh, don’t think I’m afraid of you!”

Chu Qiao wielding a fist is very arrogant.

Zhuge Yue made a few moves and said, “Dead girl, these years are getting more wilder. I really need to pick up and pack up.”

Just about to start, Chu Qiao took a quick step. The good-natured man jumped from his side and ran to the door a few steps. He laughed,  “I am a fool? Bye, don’t send it!”

Say it, open the door.

At this moment, only a few sounds of “哎呦” (means buzz sound) suddenly came, and a few people of Jingjing fell in and fell in, and even climbed up and crawled up, his face was red for a while, and he greeted the two.

Chu Qiao, the commander-in-chief who commanded over a million troops, was flushed and looked at Jing Jing and Ping An. She did not expect to follow Yue Qi after another. She yelled: “Yue Qi, they were both fools, and you followed. Join in the fun!”

“Oh, that, I’m passing by. I’ll let you have dinner, hehe…”

Yue Qi, and Chu Qiao got up and made a look that he was honest. He nodded and walked out. He smiled and said, “Let’s continue, continue.”

After that, he turned and ran out. Before leaving, he raised his fist and called out: “Master! Come on!”

Go away.

Jing Jing hippie smile running over, sweetly called a “brother,” Zhuge Yue good mood, readily withdraw a well-made small dagger, which is also inlaid with a few rubies, it is easy to appreciate this knowledge of the small sister-in-law.

At a glance, there was a kind of learning, and there was nothing around Zhuge Yue. After agreeing to get to Zhenhuang, the good horses in the stables let him choose.

The two people happily whispered “Long live the brother-in-law”. Chu Qiao’s eyes were full of fire and secretly. Whoever said that Zhuge Yue’s people were old-fashioned and did not defy the wind of the officialdom. It was very skillful to buy the hearts of the people. (really, sweet Zhuge Yue! lol)

The meal was soon completed. Because it was outside, there were young children, so it was a very casual table and everyone sat together to eat. Yue Qi and others are bound to be bound. Jing Jing Ping Mei Xiang and others are active members. He Xiao has been very familiar with Yue Qi and others in the past few days. Only Duoji, is still a cold heart that is not in his heart. Saying ten sentences, he could not answer one sentence.

After the meal, the sky darkened. Yue Qi said, that this place is Cangling. In two days, it will be docked in Shanghai. Chu Qiao heard a little bit awkward, Shanghai County, it is very close to Zhenhuang.

The wind in the evening was somewhat large. She sat on the stern, and the setting sun was set to fall. Half of the face was exposed between the heavens and the earth, and the whole river was dyed with red.

Time flies so fast. In the blink of an eye, she has already had fourteen heatstrokes here. Many times she recalls her past life. She does not know whether she is a modern person who travels through time and space or an ancient person with modern memories. The old things are like a dream, rushing in and rushing away.

She remembered that she could be reborn here after she died. Then after Li Ce died, would he go to other places to continue his life? Also, Mr. Wu and Yu girl and Xiao He. When they die, will they still meet each other and will they remember each other? There is also Jing Zhi Su, hoping that she can live in the age of the legal system and live a happy and comfortable life.

She sat there thinking indefinitely, and she gradually became open in her heart. She looked up at the setting sun and seemed to see Li Ce staring at her. She smiled and said,”To eat more meat, the body is too bad. It is.”

“What do you want?”

Zhuge Yue’s voice suddenly came from behind. Chu Qiao looked back and saw him in a purple robe. The embroidered regimen was blessed with dark lines. It was ordinary clothes worn on him that had a unique temperament and seemed to be unique. A monarch army straight.

Chu Qiao stared at him, Zhuge Yue frowned slowly, quite uncomfortably, said: “Look at what? Fool!”

After that, he sat down beside her.

The white waves swirled around the stern and the birds flew over the sky. The setting sun was blood red. The river breeze blew up the clothes of the two men and the cuffs were like a big butterfly ready to fly.

“Xinger, why did you change your name to Chu Qiao?”

Zhuge Yue asked, Chu Qiao, turned around, smiled and said: “Because I am not Jing Yue Er. My real name was Chu Qiao. Later, because one thing died, then, um, how to say it, that is. As you said, it was the ghost that was attached to the body is Jing Yuer. So I escaped and I changed my name back.”

Zhuge Yue did not expect that she would answer him like this, and suddenly she was shocked. Her expression was very strange. After a while, he murmured: “Then I met you for the first time?”

“At that time, I just had a few days of possession and I was planning to run away.”

Zhuge Yue nodded his head and then lowered his head, seeming to be fully thinking about the true credibility of the matter.

“Hey, you don’t really believe it?”

This time it was Chu Qiao turn to worry about it. If this strange power goes wild, no one will believe it. She remembered that she had once said to Yan Xun when she was a child. At that time, Yan Xun was a young man with pimples. He thought that she had a fever, and he gave her a bowl of decoction. She never regained her power, he said before:

“I believe.”


Zhuge Yue looked at her strangely, and her eyebrows whispered: “Why don’t you believe? I have investigated you. People say that since the time the person hunted back, you changed your temperament. I thought you were scared. Now, it seems that your explanation is more reasonable.”

Master Zhuge Yue was very unpredictable and accepted this reason for being inscrutable. He nodded and said: “It turns out that I am strange. Even when I was seven or eight years old, it was impossible for you to have your heart and mind. It turns out that you are not a child of seven or eight years old. Right, you will not be old and old before you die?”

Chu Qiao couldn’t keep up with his leaping thinking, and he said with some drowsiness: “I was there 2 or 27.”

“27??” Zhuge Yue  frowned, and some said unhappily: “It is already very old, get married, can have a child?”

“No,” answered Chu Qiao’s honest reply: “We are not very old at twenty-seven. We all advocate late marriage and childbearing.”

“Where is your hometown? Sui Tang? Daxia? You have so much affection for Yanbei. You wouldn’t be Yanbei people?” When it comes to this, Zhuge Yue’s face suddenly changes, he is very nervous to ask: “You wouldn’t be Yan Xun’s mother? It is not right. Time is a bit off, she seems to be a little older.”

Chu Qiao wants to cry without tears: “We are another world, and you, this is not a time and space, it is a parallel space, it does not intersect, there is a distance in space, there is also a distance in time, it is impossible to reach, that, do you understand?”

She explained hard to Zhuge Yue, hoping that in a way he could understand, and he wanted to give him a metaphor for the stroke, but could not find the right words. However, she apparently lost the understanding of Master Zhuge. The man frowned slightly and asked: “That is, like an apple tree, we are the leaves of spring, are you the fruits of autumn?”

Chu Qiao, I did not expect him to think of this layer, and quickly said happily: “There are half, but not all, because we are not only the distance of time, there is space, you understand? Space is…”


Zhuge Yue nodded and said very casually: “We are the apple leaves in the spring. You are the oranges in the fall, right.”

Chu Qiao gorgeous, she stayed for a long time, only then silly nodded: “Yes.”

Then Zhuge Yue turned his head and continued to look at the Tang Jing River, silent. The sunset sprinkled his face, the golden beauty.

Chu Qiao couldn’t help but feel the emotions. If you look at people’s strength, you must have seen people who have great wisdom in the world. How calm and curious it is, and it is not unlike the usual old caps in the novel. “What kind of people do you guys have?” “What kind of eyes do you guys have?” “Isn’t your guy like a wild animal with a mane?” People in their world are equipped with two eyes and one nose. People outside are bound to be full of tusks and teeth to demonstrate their psychological superiority. This is the real calm and calmness. This is the real Taishan collapse in front of her face, this is the real thing, not to be happy and not to be sad, this is the real humiliation, the heart if the moon … …

“What do you guys look like?”

Chu Qiao:…

“What kind of eyes do you guys have?”

After a long period of silence, someone finally calmed down, and he was very interested in asking: “Isn’t your people like wild animals, who are all covered in fur? I have seen such people in southern Xinjiang. It’s strange, isn’t your distant relative?”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath, started his spirit, and began the education of basic knowledge of the New World.

The mouth is dry, the sun has already fallen, and a round of moon climbs up the mountain, and the bright light is sprinkled over the blue waves of mercury.

Jiang Feng learned, Chu Qiao went by boat, and suddenly gave birth to a poetic feeling, she said with deep affection: “The sea is bright and the moon, like the end of the world.”

Zhuge Yue said coldly: “It’s a little bit bleak, this is Jiang, not the sea.”

Chu Qiao frowned: “There will be a bright moon on the river.”

Zhuge Yue looked at her in confusion and asked: “It should not be what you did, what your people did, and what did you steal?”

Chu Qiao once again cry no tears, suddenly shouted, cheeks red, see it, this kind of thing is not good to say … …


The two silent for a long time, Zhuge Yue suddenly called her name, she responded with a stressful response, and heard Zhuge Yue headless and said: “I do not care who you are.”

Chu Qiao did not understand it at first, but when she thought about it, she immediately understood what she meant. She nodded with a smile and said: “I know. I am always your Xinger.”

Zhuge Yue’s body made a slight start. He lowered his head and looked at her both eyes. Chu Qiao herself had some regrets when he finished talking. The two silk flushes climbed her cheeks trying to bow her head. But she saw Zhuge Yue’s two fingers stretched out. It was a skillful provocation of her chin with a trace of the fundus. Laugh and say: “Say it again.”

Chu Qiao dodged his eyes, little embarrassed vague words: “What?”

“Say what you just said.”

Zhuge Yue said very firmly that his eyes were accompanied by two groups of warm and warm fires, not particularly hot, but they were devout.

“I am yours, and you are mine.” (aw looks like they were practicing wedding vows!lol)

Chu Qiao plucked her courage and said: “I can sacrifice anything and sacrifice anything in my life. But there are only two things. Under no circumstances can I be used as a bargaining chip. The first is my beliefs and principles. The second is my marriage and body. If you want all of me, give me all of you.” (this Chu Qiao, she won’t share Zhuge Yue at all!lol)

Zhuge Yue’s eyebrows, full of evil, stared at her, and asked: “All?”

“Go to you,” Chu Qiao pushed his shoulder, and don’t go too far: “No serious point.”

“Xinger,” Zhuge Yue suddenly puts his arms around her, warm masculine atmosphere surrounded her, arms around her shoulders, so close and tight.

“I’m very happy.” He whispered, “I’m really happy.”

Chu Qiao leaned in his arms and also felt that she had never felt peace in the past few years. She turned to cling to him and whispered, “We won’t be apart.”

Zhuge Yue asked, “Are you afraid to go to Zhenhuang with me?”

“I’m more afraid of being separated from you. Every time I’m separated, there will be many things. Just like this time, I almost never see you again.”

Tang Jing situation was confusing on the day. She was backsliding and was on a thin line of ice. If she wasn’t careful, she would fall into the hands of the enemy. When Zhan Ziyu was in power, Zhang Qiang, and the bloody chaos of the Taianmen Battle, the murderer who rushed into the Imperial City every night after the news of the canonization went on and on, and finally, there was a battle of hundreds of thousands of people. How, but now I think of it, but I am scared and scared.

Zhuge Yue embraced her in her arms and said in a low tone: “Do not be afraid later.”

Moonlight is good, they have been sitting for a long time.

After returning to the room, Zhuge Yue sat in bed and frowned for a long time. He thought Chu Qiao was right. He should think about finding an appropriate time for the two people to hand over all of them to each other.

Yes, this idea is really good. If you think of it too much for many nights, you will inevitably encounter ghosts. If you sleep too much, you will inevitably be dreaming. You must be clean and neat, and you should go straight to the key point. It is time to be open and honest… All… Thorough….

Most of the night, he suddenly stood up and turned around in the house for two laps. He felt it was a good time today.



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