Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 183: Life and Death

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

After a night’s snowfall, the entire city of Zhenhuang was shrouded in a vast white sky. The door was opened early in the morning, and the snow was more than a foot thick. It was not on the knees, and the plain snow drifted, and the white wind was blowing. No eyes open. The soldiers of the defending city yawned and opened the massive gates before the sun had risen. It seemed that vague light had a vague shadow in the vagueness. When they wanted to keep their eyes open to see clearly, they had been People waiting to enter the city at the gate of the city have swarmed.

A simple green buggy, an ebony door, a rut, rolling up the snow on the ground, rolling a deep rut on a long street. The carriage looked simple and unadorned, and there was no complaint behind the people standing in line. The defenders of the gates thought that this was by no means the elite of the real city, but also received a lot of money for the ride. And he sang and drank a few imposing manners.

After waiting for more than an hour, the carriage was out of the city of Zhenhuang. The sun rises lazily, and the white light comes out through the fog in the morning. The migratory birds have already flown away. The rest are cold-resistant hawks, shouting through the sky, their wings are white and occasionally fly into the clouds. It was hidden from the shadow, and it was only heard on its long whistling clear snow.

The carriage arrived at the Ximaling outside the city and saw a girl standing quietly on the Yangguan Bridge. She wore a white coat, a suede-colored little riding boots, and she looked like a cold wind. Her cheeks were red, and she was a little bit harsh and cold, and she had a rare warmth. When she saw the carriage coming, she smiled and stepped forward. The horse was cleverly behind, and the snow on the ground was squeaky.

The coachman was also a young man who was not a big boy. At most, he was only seventeen years old. When she saw her, she seemed a little surprised. She turned back and said something to the people in the carriage. A thin hand stretched out and slightly picked up the curtain of the carriage, revealing the man’s beautiful eyes and a pair of eyebrows that wrinkled tightly.

“How did you come?”

Zhao Song’s voice is no longer clear and sunny and has become slightly low. For many years, it has always been like a pool of stagnant water, not shocking.

But that is nothing. After all, when she first met him, he was like this, calm, gentle, and had no interest in everything. So he gradually retired from the political stage of the great summer, from an infinite royal scorpion to an embarrassment that today, even if it is equipped with a distant journey, no one is sent.

Perhaps, in addition to her, in the entire imperial city, no one will remember him anymore.

The Xiao Ba smiled quietly, and the corner of the mouth was still a bit of inertia. She took a step forward and it was natural to hand the horse to the boy in the car and said, “A’ Jiang, go and put the horse on.”

Zhao Song frowned slightly, divinely said: “What are you doing?”

Xiao Ba smiled at him, his eyes clear and Ling Ling (means tinkling), it is natural to say: “I naturally want to go with you.”

Zhao Song is still frowning, his face is slightly gloomy, and rare is a bit of impatience: “No heart, don’t mess around.”

Xiaoba nowadays is famous for its lack of heart and heartlessness.

There are countless different names in her life. When she was a child, she did not remember the days of the Jing family. Her impression of her loved ones was only a few regrets because she was young and she was not the child of Mrs. Jing Jiazhen. She was even young. Brothers and sisters have forgotten their names. They can only be sorted according to their ages after death. They are called small sevens and nines, just like other children. Like other children, they are called small seven small and eight small, like animals, just some cold numbers, not even as pure as a bloodline of War horse.

Later, she was rescued by Zhuge Yue. Together with him, he lived under Mr. Wolong’s life for almost seven years. In those years, she also had a name. This name was just another name that Zhuge Yue took in order to fear that people around her knew her identity. The purpose is nothing more than to protect the sister who lives in the Golden Palace.

At the moment when she heard of the death of Zhuge Yue, she actually cried. This is the most unforgivable thing she has done so many years.

She actually cried, for a man who killed her brother and sister, and imprisoned her for more than a decade.

She still clearly remembers that morning, the bad news passed into Zhugefu, and the 13th was dusty and rushed into the gate of Qingshanyuan. Followed by the people in the main courtyard, they had not had time to react. At that time, I will check the entire Qingshanyuan. Then, it is the official judge of the Shangluyuan. It is the inspector of the Great Temple. It is the inspector of the Old Shrine temple. Various crimes have detained the head of the man who has always been proud of the glory, dereliction of duty, enemies, delays in military affairs, and corruption causing major military mistakes in the military and even treason.

The Qingshan Academy, which once stood detached from the entire Zhuge government, has been turned into mud, and it has been thrown into a bottomless abyss. The guards rushed around and appealed to Zhuge Yue’s former gatekeepers, brothers and sisters, begging them to clean up their wrongs, asking them to send Yanbei, and ask them to continue to search for the Lord, even if it was just a dead body. However, in the face of the failure of the war, in the face of the attack and opposition of the whole country, in addition to the prince Zhao Che, who was also losing power because of this battle, no one is willing to extend a helping hand to them, even to Wei Shu You. Wei Shu Ye also hang a thank-you card for them and no longer see these old loyalists, loyal to Zhuge Yue.

At last, even Zhao Che was sent to the Northland. Zhuge Yue’s body was repulsed by Yanbei. Although a large amount of ransom was paid, Zhuge Valve expelled him from the house. Zhuge Muqing personally performed the ceremony in the Old Shrine temple in front of the city gate. Judgment, whipping up the dead body of his son, to show his determination to break with his son. After the death of Zhuge Yue, he was still unable to enter the ancestral temple and was thrown to death on the grave. He was thrown into the burial gang and was reviled by thousands of people and was removed from the army. And these former Qingshan courtyard female slaves were also driven out of the house, and they were sold to several rebellious sales, they finally fell into the dust.

Even if it had been so long, she could still remember the first days of laughter every night. Because of her impatience, the brothel’s boss found two strong men to open up for her. In the tattered woodshed, the two men giggled and pulled her pants. They were close to her, she could see their yellow teeth, and they could smell their mouth full of alcohol, their strength was so great, their palms were full of dark painters, and as soon as they stepped into the room they can’t wait to untie his trousers, so he pulls on his feet and lets out the ugly things.

All struggling and asking for help are superfluous, even though she had studied horseback riding martial arts with Zhuge Zeng. However, the few strokes learned under the full-hearted circumstances did not work. She could only watch them smashing her clothes and looking at their faces closer and closer. She was next door to Lan’er in the Qingshan Yard. She was next door to the daughter of Zhuge Yue’s mother, and all the cries were heard. The laughter is echoed. She thought that she had been numb and strong enough after so many changes that she thought she had enough courage and patience not to ask these shameless scum, but when the lower body was punctured, when the pain swept through the body. At that moment, when the tears of shame spread out of her eyes, she was still the same as the other servants of Castle Peak, crying and crying out the man’s name. (So sad story out there, this is unfortunate fate out of Yuwen Yue’s control and fall from the leadership..)

She cried and called Zhuge Yue to save her. She frantically cursed the two men and said that the master would take revenge for her. All of you would have to die.

However, those people just do not care laughing, and then cruelly told her that Zhuge Yue had long died in Yanbei. Now his body has been filled with a hound.

At that moment, she really desperately cried. She suddenly remembered a lot of past. He taught her to learn Chinese characters. He taught her to ride horses. He taught her to push the art of war. He taught her to practice self-defense. Sometimes he just called her to sit by her side. Nothing to do, no matter how ridiculous she was next to him, he wouldn’t ignore it. He would just drink quietly and occasionally impatiently glance at her.

He killed the plight. He killed the little seven. He imprisoned her for ten years. He beat her and beat her. He and she had no common hatred. However, he never insulted her. He rescued her several times from the brink of death, giving her a place to live in, even though her identity was so embarrassing, even though she knew who it was supposed to belong to. He really was protecting her. At her youngest age, in this dark year, when she was a child with nothing, he protected her for so many years.

When she suffered all the most shameful things in life, she instinctively called his name, and she hoped that he would come to save her.

However, he could not, he died, died for her sister, died in the ice and snow of Yanbei, and died under the iron hooves of the Yanbei army.

That night, she desperately burst into tears, like a cub that had lost a female wolf, lying on dirty ground, and breaking her voice like a bellows, which was chilling.

However, it was just that night, after that night, unlike the knowing of the self-denial, unlike the depressing end of Laner, she seemed to suddenly open the shackles, began to learn the chess and painting, learn how to seduce men, learn this and that. Everything you need to master in the local area. Since you can’t count on others, you can only rely on yourself. Since you are destined to live this life, you must find a way to make yourself better. If you want to do it, she will be a red girl.

So, two months later, she personally designed and framed the two men who had violated her. She watched them die in front of her eyes, and she couldn’t tell the happiness and madness.

She thought that her life would continue like this, like stinking sewage, it would continue to be dirty and dirty. However, she saw him.

On the day that Zhao Song was seen, she was escorting a wealthy business person to visit the lake. The fat man in his fifties was full of madness. He was tearing open her clothes under the eyes of the public on a flower boat. He accidentally scratched his face. In his fury, he actually threw her into the lake on the spot.

Zhen Huang is still very cold in May, the lake has just been opened, and the lake is extremely cold. She was dressed in heavy clothes, her hands and legs were cold, she couldn’t swim, and she just threw herself a few times. She let herself sink a little bit, and the sun gradually moved away from her. The world was dark and depressed, and I couldn’t see the sky. Cannot see the clouds, cold water from all directions, her breath getting slower, slower and slower, the moment she will die, she suddenly thought, do not know when Zhuge Yue died, is it right? Feeling, the surrounding is so cold, only the heart has a trace of heat, but now, even the slightest heat will gradually disperse.

However, just as she was about to die, someone hugged her waist. She was pulled up all the way up, all the way up, do not know how long, she suddenly broke the surface of the water, the sun shone on her body, she coughed with a big mouth and mouth, and the resurgence of death made her happy to cry. Zhao Song stood by her side and was talking to his drenched little book-boy. When she saw her, she just turned her head and looked at her with a very quiet look. She seemed to be a bit surprised and frowned slightly. Then she was surprised. The smile said: “It was a coincidence. You are very similar to a deceased person I know.”

At that time, he clearly said with a smile, but she clearly felt the lingering and sadness of his tone. It was like a goose who could not fly south due to illness in the winter season. His eyes were calm, but it seemed to grow a large ridiculously large area. Weeds, cool, sad.

She was thus taken away by him, even though it was a desolate prince, but in the end it  is still a royal family. She had a clear-cut identity and had liberty that she had been jealous for more than a decade. But in the end, she voluntarily entered the royal palace. After he knew it, he did not stop her. She just gave her a faint look and respected her choice.

It’s been so long, it’s been so many years.

She may not be able to tell her feelings for Zhuge Yue. Under the accumulation of years and months, under the friction of hatred and attachment, the emotions that have become deformed and broken which became too complicated. She does not understand, and she does not want to see it or even understand. However, she clearly knows her feelings for Zhao Song. It doesn’t matter how much she gratitudes. She just wants to be with him. She hopes that his eyes will see her and hopes that his heart will remember her. However, even this small wish cannot be satisfied.

She fell in love with two men in her life, but both men love another woman, and the woman is a sister who has had great favors for her.

Fate is really funny.

So, she will only stay there for a long time. There are so many complicated emotions in that memory that she is always strong, brave, and always has a tough shadow. So that at the moment she sees her, she can barely control herself or be at her reasonable mind.

However, those are all indifferent, everything has passed, she will follow him away, everything else has vanished.

What is the disparity in status? What about the lost flowers? What is his heart? She is going to follow him. Anybody can stop her from anything, but she cannot eliminate her determination to work hard.

She raised her head and, for the first time in four years, wore decent women clothes in front of him. For the first time, she used a well-prepared makeup to face the noble but already desolate prince. Her eyes are bright, her facial features are exquisite and beautiful, she opens her mouth and shines in the sun. She laughs and says: “I’m not upset. I just want to follow you.”

Zhao Song was sternly refused: “What are you doing with me? Go back quickly.”

Xiao Ba looked at him without a glance. He straightened the knife and gave him a knife. He said, “You kill me.”

Zhao Song frowned and told the book boy: “A’Jiang, drive her off.”

“Just casual.” Xiao Ba turned her head very simply and raised her hand. The voice was very hearty: “I have a full set of customs clearance anyway, I already have a legal walking bid, I have not then the slaves with limited mobility, I have the wrap and the horses and the grass, you can drive me away, but you can’t stop me from following you. I will follow you all the way to the hustle, you don’t want me, I will be around you. Looking for a place to live, although you are the emperor of Daxia, you can’t stop a law-abiding old man from going out to play.”

She looked at him calmly and looked very comfortable. She did not show any cramps and anxiety, nor did she feel any panic or helplessness. She just looked back at him and looked at him with a clear chin, a slight chin, with a bit of stubbornness, and a bit of negative pressure, like a pissed off child, but also like a wayward gambler.

Zhao Song suddenly felt a little sad, he looked at her, for so many years, it seems that for the first time the shadow of that person was lost, and actually saw the same stubborn and stubborn girl. His voice was a bit low, like an autumn breeze sweeping through dead leaves, with a faint depression and cold defeat, and said quietly: “I wonder if you know it or not. I’m not once a great Prince of the Great.”

Xiao Ba’s heart seemed to be suddenly cut by a knife, and she was looking at Zhao Song’s lovely face. There seemed to be a group of fire hunting in the chest. However, she did not show it, but it did not matter how cold, and said nothing: “Who is your relationship with me? Don’t let it fall, I will leave now, big deal, I will follow.” ”

Say, turn over and get off.

At this time, a slender hand suddenly grabbed her delicate white wrist. The man’s palms were clear, the fingers were long and powerful, slightly white, and the palm was full of scorpions. Although it was left-handed, it was exceptionally dexterous.

“Forget it.”

A deep voice quietly sounded, Zhao Song waved helplessly: “A’Jiang, go.”

A’Jiang suddenly paused and spoke for a long time. Xiao Ba hit a forehead and knocked on his forehead. He scorned, “Aren’t you going to leave? Wait for your master to repent of me?”

A’Jiang immediately smiled and whipped a whip on the horse. The carriage slowly began to move. The morning sun was golden, like a huge round, hung high above the sky.

Out of the real city, from the Great Xia State, he is no longer the Prince of the Great Summer. She is no longer a famous name of the capital, dust, dust, soil, thank God, in the storm. The moment before the advent gave them a chance and a new life.

Between a dense forest of Populus euphratica, a woman wearing a navy blue cloak made her horses. He Xiao stood behind her, and after several darts’ darts passed, a large amount of dust was raised on the ramp. She did not seem to see the same, still quietly looking at the carriage away, a long time without a word.

Goodbye, her friend. Goodbye, her sister. Goodbye, the two most sorry people in her life.

The sun rises gradually, and the north wind is still raging. Chu Qiao’s sight retracted from a distance and looked up silently.

This is Daxia. It is the taste of Daxia. It is the style of the summer. It is the past of Daxia and the deceased people of Daxia. The people who have left have left and the people left behind must continue to face the next life. Whether it is a difficult situation or an adversity, whether it is a rough or a twist, each of them has their own responsibilities and they need to wait and guard.

She turned away, facing the distant towering momentum thick walls, where there are numerous waterside pavilions, there are numerous temples Golden Palace, there are countless rights and ambitions, there are countless conspiracy and traps.

Once upon a time, she was so disgusted with everything here, but now, she willingly walked into this huge cage, just as her sister voluntarily became a slave. This is the path they chose for themselves. It was her battlefield, but she was not alone, because there was a man in the middle of the cage waiting for her.

No matter how long the world is, it will not be life or death.


Chu Qiao slammed a cold call and rushed towards the horse. The cold wind blew in from his ear and evaporated into the passing smoke cloud.



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