Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 185: Yan Yizhuang

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

On the Shangyuan Festival, there was a big feast in the Holy Palace. Perhaps it was to dilute the turmoil of the year before. The dinner tonight was especially luxurious. Even the sinners who had thought about it like Zhuge Yue also got invitations. If it is normal, he can also find some pretexts that he can’t get sick. However, if he does this, it will inevitably be attacked by the people. n the evening, Zhuge Yue was dressed in a costume and entered the palace. He was riding a light carriage and was very low-key.

Chu Qiao stayed in the room. In the most recent period, she was always sleepy. Her appetite was not very good. She slept and fell a little bit.

Suddenly there was a buzzing sound in the doorway, and then the door was pushed open. Ink walked in three steps back and walked around to Chu Qiao. He was slightly nervous and his nose was red.

“Mo Er, what are you doing?”

Mo Er hesitated for a moment, turned his head and looked at the door again. After a long time, he whispered, “Mother, can’t we go out today?”

Counting, Chu Qiao is only a little older than this child. In the beginning, he listened to his mother’s call all day, and he would not. But then she got used to it, and there was nothing.

She sat up straight and frowned and asked, “Go out? Where are you going?”

“Today is the Shangyuan Festival. There are temple fairs and lanterns outside.”

There was a flash of excitement in Mo’s eyes, and Chu Qiao turned his head and saw several probes in the door.

These days, Zhuge was forbidden, and the people in the house rarely went out. She took a look at Mo Er’s face and smiled and said, “Okay, let’s go.”

The size of Simon is very large. According to the modern counting method, there are more than 40 million square kilometers, which is equivalent to the size of five countries. This land has been inherited for many years, even though the war is chaotic, but the population has always flourished. As a national capital of the great summer, the city of Zhenghuang is also very dense.

Chu Qiao and other people walked down the street, only to see the surrounding lights bright, all kinds of lanterns vying for the glory, eye-catching. The surname of Zhenhuang City is not limited to men, women, and children, high and low, and all come together to celebrate the festive season. The play is the same, the orchestra is humming, and a bustling scene is bustling.

This year’s Shangyuan Festival is more lively than in previous years, and the voices are full of people.

The children were very happy, but it was just over an hour and suddenly the snow fell. When the north wind whistling, the white wind was blowing on the ground, and a colorful lantern was blown apart. A few of the Jingjing was squatting on the carriage, and the guards rushed to the house with a whip. However, the wind is getting bigger and bigger. Even the horse is not willing to go forward. When he walks to a quiet place, a horse suddenly loses control and breaks away from the horse.

In the thirteenth run, the snow is too big, or it is better to find a place to hide.

Chu Qiao nodded and agreed to see just a large mansion in front of the Yingyingdongdong building. He ran up and knocked on the door. However, when he came close to him, he discovered that it was actually the temple of the Lion King of Yanbei.

Although Yan Shicheng was born in the royal family, because the imperial country was detained by the name of the rebels, the corpse was not allowed to enter the temple. This mansion is nominally called Anshen Temple. It is actually a Yizhuang, not only the Yancheng City and its children’s coffins but also the coffins of some ordinary people in the vicinity. In the beginning, Daxia also sent troops to guard against it. However, since Yan Xun returned to Yanbei, no dying corps who had ever had a great fellow meeting tried to snatch it. Gradually, it became increasingly desolate and the empire was no longer willing to A pile of white bones took the trouble to send troops.

Chu Qiao and others entered the partial house, the guards found a candlestick and a torch, and the room gradually brightened. I saw a gloomy spirit on the gloomy hall, and there were more than twenty coffins, which were covered with pale white candlelight and looked horrible.

Jingjing face is white, seems a little scared, tightly hiding behind Douji, pulling his sleeves, no longer the usual embarrassment.

Mei Xiang laughed and said: “I didn’t expect Miss Jingjing to have something to fear. I thought you were a super-devil. No one in this world is afraid.”

Everyone listened to her and laughed at her. The atmosphere was a lot easier.

Now, Rong Er is about to turn one year old. He learns his teeth all the time and walks up and down, like a newborn duck. He was dressed in a big red blessing jacket and yawned with a fat little hand. He shrank in Chujo’s arms and changed to a comfortable posture to continue sleeping.

Chu Qiao stood up and handed Rong to Mei Xiang, whispering, “I am going out.”

“Miss, this cold day, where are you going?”

Chu Qiao mentioned the food box brought by Mei Xiang and said, “I will go next door and look at it, you don’t have to follow.”

As soon as it was said, it was out of the house.

The wind outside was amazing, Chu Qiao lived in Ximeng for fifteen years and has never seen such a big wind. The call of the lantern in his hand was blown, and Chu Qiao’s big sister was also picked up by the wind. The cold snow hit his face, and the pain of life was like a stone. Chu Qiao clung to the big collar of the sister-in-law, and walked hard. After walking for a while, he walked to a broken house, then reached out and slammed, slowly pushing open the door…

At that time, the long wind suddenly poured in, raising the thick dust everywhere. Chu Qiao coughed a few times and quickly closed the door and pulled a stool to hold the door.

Quiet and dead in the room seemed to be colder than outside, and several parts of the roof had been broken, and the wind blew inside. There were blacks that couldn’t reach out, but she seemed to be particularly familiar with the terrain here. She took out the flames and tried several times. Finally, she ignited all the candles around.

The faint candlelight ignited quietly and slowly illuminated the room. Four dark oaks were placed in it. There was no spiritual place, no candle, and even no signs. It was so freely placed there, weeds and rubbish all over the place, and a few chilly skulls. It can be seen that this place has long been occupied by wandering mobs.

Chu Qiao put the food box aside and started cleaning by picking up his sleeves. Her movements were quick. Although she had no handy tools, she quickly cleared the garbage on the ground. She used a straw to form a simple broom, sweeping the spider webs on the surface, and watching in the room. It’s clean and tidy. Then she took out the food in the food box one by one and placed it on the ground. Then she knelt down and worshipped several times.

Yes, in these four coffins, it is the father of Yan Xi, the two elder brothers and a sister. In those years, every day when the King of Yan died, she would secretly come and worship with Yan Yan. At that time, there were soldiers and guards. They wanted to spend a great amount of effort on coming. Today, even here, it is already desolate.

Since she returned to Zhenhuang, she has never thought of going to come here to worship. However, she did not expect that she would come to this place by mistake. This may be considered a fate.

If there is no incense, it will be replaced by incense, and if there is no paper money, it will be replaced by a cloth instead of a good wine. Only a pot of goat’s milk and two teas will be left.

My Royal Highness, I am coming to see you again.

She stood up and had a few stars of dust on her knees, slightly dirty. The snow fell from the roof and covered the lid of the coffin. She looked at the coffins quietly and tried to recall the fleshy heads she saw a long time ago. The heart was a desolation.

Before the snow disaster of the first generation of the West, Yanbei had already entered the disaster. The home of Li Min’s surname was destroyed, and the snow disaster of the Blue City generation was particularly serious. The thousands of cattle and sheep in the Shangshen area were frozen to death. The surname was not enough, and Yanbei was in danger.

However, when the Daxia Baiguan clapping and celebrating, Yanbei secretly mobilized 100,000 dragons and defenders. They leaped past the Lanhe plateau on foot and entered the Tang dynasty from an altitude of more than 6,000 meters. The Tang Hu pass was bypassed, suddenly attacked the Datang checkpoint, snatched more than 200,000 deniers of grain, and then returned to Yanbei with lightning speed. The entire operation took no more than four days. When Datang’s frontier battlefield was reported to Tang Jing, the Dragons’s garrison had already returned to the pass and had to fight with Xia armies, who wanted to take advantage of Yanbei’s catastrophic disaster…

When this happened, it was like a drop of water falling into the boiling oil, setting off a fierce wave of waves.

Daxia and the Sui and Tang Dynasties were furious, but they did not have a way to get Yan Xun. Daxia’s Yu Shi’s pen strokes were written with impatience. Da Yan’s (same as through Da Xia and Da Tang) YanBei was a robber and was born to be robbed and robbed. This is contrary to the way of saints. The old scholars of the Sui and Tang dynasties were even more suffocating and screaming at the world. They told the eight generations of Yan Shi Zi’s ancestors that they had made a rash of blood.

However, all they can do is only this way. The Dragons are solid and the Yanbei Army is like a tiger-wolf. The current situation, as long as they do not come out and provoke slogans, then they must burn high and fragrant. Who dares to come to provoke them?

When Chu Qiao heard this news, he couldn’t help but sneer. The so-called soft fear is hard, hard is not afraid of life, that is the case.

However, Zhuge Yue still looks displeased and ignores the voice of the unanimous war on the government. Everyone knows that Da Xia is now taking care of himself. Several princes have reached a stage of the fierce competition. At this time, there is time for anyone to go to war with the outside world. However, when he talks about it, if he really points Qi soldiers and horses to Yanming, those who are old The guys were afraid that they would be like the words of their memorials. Blood spattered three feet to death.

When he knew the news, he was only a little surprised and said that he did not expect Yan Xun to do such a thing.

In fact, it is more than him, I am afraid that the entire Simon, no one will think of this.

After all, once upon a time, he also used the whole Yanbei as a bet, with the Wanjun people as a bait, and led the Xia armies to enter the customs. And shortly afterward, eradicating dissidents and completely destroying the big peers who helped him to come on stage, even the head of his own teacher, also fell down.

In the face of such a person, I am afraid that no one will think that he will take such a big risk for the surname of Yanbei.

Even Chu Qiao did not figure out the joints in it.

However, the good keeper of Tanghuguan is the righteous son of King Tang of the Tang Dynasty. Although Jingan Wang’s timely loyalty after his death, he holds the military power and guards the important level of the empire. After all, it is still difficult to make people completely reassured. This time Yan Xun removed him, not a loss of Datang.

As for the grain and grass that Datang lost.

Chu Qiao’s eyebrows rose slightly, and my mind once again remembered living for many years. Shangshen Plateau returned to the snow-capped mountains, and there were simple herdsmen and surnames there.

Yan Xun means have become more and more powerful. He has ridden thousands of miles away and has acted swiftly. Tens of thousands of troops have been mobilized without ever losing a trace of the wind. The quasi-approach, the benefit of vision, and the courage of the world will be the only ones in the world. As long as he is on the same day, Da Xia does not want to break through the dragons and priests. Even if Zhao Che has personally shot and does not have a chance to win, he may be able to win tactics, military strength, intelligence, weapons, and logistic supplies. In terms of the enthusiasm of the means and the perseverance of the mind, there is absolutely no possibility of surpassing Yan Hao.

The terrible aspect of Yan Xun’s battlefield is that he can perfectly use everything that can be used around him as an aid to the victory of the war. And his thoughts about the human heart have also reached a stage where he has achieved ultimate success.

In this world, one can be short with him, perhaps only the best. Yan’s advantage lies in his embarrassment. Zhuge Yue’s advantage lies in his embarrassment. If two people can have a battlefield with no worries, they may really create a legend in war history.

She shook her head slightly, although she was tired of that kind of life, when she was idle, her mind could not help thinking about these things. Repeatedly splicing the heard message, a little bit of the general situation, and then deducting, calculating, and arranging, like a chess player who loves to play chess, even if he no longer plays chess, he will imagine various chess games in his mind. .

Only this time, she did not know which side she wished to win this game.

In fact, even if she and Yan Xun are not guilty, she does not want to see him fall.

Therefore, after knowing that Tang Huguan was successfully attacked by him, there would still be a little bit of sneak peek, completely disregarding her is the identity of Datang Beauty King.

She laughed at herself, even her, it is hard to avoid. The so-called grievances and hatreds, under the precipitation of time, there is only a vague back and a pair of cold eyes, and a powerful hand.

Who can live up to who, who is owed, can you really be clear?

Even if they can’t work together, they don’t have to be separated.

The wind suddenly rose outside, and the door made a snapping noise and pushed the stool against the door a little. She thought that it was the wind and she turned back to want to close the door. She knew that she had just walked to the door and the door was suddenly opened. A man dressed in a black cloak stood among the heavy snow, and there was only one Tsing Yi (means Bluish green color) worker behind him.

She couldn’t see his face. For a moment, she could only see a pair of black eyes that looked like abyss and shot straight on her.



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