Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 189: Trouble Shooting

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

For a lifetime, she has never seen real snow.

In the fall of the stars, the moon is particularly dazzling, and the white light shines on the ground, like a torrent of water, like a piece of white snow.

She stood at the top of the white tower and wore large robes. The wind rolled from the sky and blew her sleeves like two eagle-winging eagles, raising her wings and swaying her wings. The wind blows away, the flying behind it, like a thousand spider webs, the big palace is heavy and heavy, under the dark night, the black stone door in the distance stands a figure, can’t see the face, can only stand up from it. The back ridge speculates that it is a soldier and still very young.

She just stood still, it has been a long time.

Xuan Mo has not made a sound, he looked at her, the moonlight quietly took care of her body, with a white brilliance. The night was so quiet, everything around it disappeared, and there was silence between heaven and earth. Only the wind blew through her robes, and the sound of the singer, with the aroma of the white orchid, slowly lingered between his breath.

For a time, he seemed to have returned to many years ago. At that time, he was still a child. He followed his father to the field hunting field. He won the praise of the audience with a good hand and made his debut in the royal family. However, she was dressed in a bright yellow palace uniform and rushed into the racecourse. She repeatedly looked at her heart and then looked back at him. She looked at him proudly and said to him: “If you are not convinced, come out and make a plan?”

On that day, the emperor laughed on the throne and said that his daughter did not lose to the man!

The other princes and nobles also praised the princess’s skill. Only he stood quietly there, looking up and looking at the little girl sitting on the horse. The sun was warm that day and the wind was so gentle. The sun shines on her delicate face, her eyes are shining, the heat of his chest is hot, the arrow of the cuff is rubbing the skin of the wrist, and some itchy and itchy.

He said nothing, standing in front of her beautiful, he seems to have lost the ability of language since then. A blink of an eye, after so many years, he has long been used to looking up at the dazzling figure, watching her grow up from afar, watching her grow stronger, watching her fall, watching her climb, watching her step by step on the pinnacle of power.

Time flies so fast, the years are like the water of the fingertips, and it is easy to drown the young and stubborn, and the thoughts that have hidden in my heart for many years, have forever lost the opportunity to spit out, the yellow sand of destiny covered by forever buried in the wind and dust.

“Xuan Mo”

Nalan Hongye suddenly whispered, the white tower was too empty, her voice sounded a bit ethereal, she did not look back, her eyes still looked at the glory of the lights below, whispered: “I really did wrong. Yet?”

“There is nothing wrong with His Highness.”

Nalan smiled softly and shook his head indifferently: “I am afraid it is wrong. Cao Taifu may be right. I opened the door and hacked, and sooner or later I will ruin the foundation of Huai Song.”

“If the emperor is seriously ill, Nalan Hongye has no blood, and he has no power to pass on.”

“Who said that he could not pass on it?” Nalan Hongye’s mouth contained a hint of calm indifference. He stated: “Jinjiang Wang, Wang Anli, Jianghuai Wang, are not all eligible for succession?”

What Nalan said was true. When the imperial incense was unsustainable, the royal branch had the qualification to inherit the throne, but…

Xuan Mo did not speak anymore. The white tower was quiet. There was wind blowing in the ramp, with damp moisture, even in the summer, it was still a bit cold.

“In the end, it is my selfishness. In my heart, I always have a home before I have a country.”

Nalan seemed to be immersed in meditation. Her eyes were deep and ethereal. She had lived in high positions for many years and had already worn away the so-called innocence and purity of her bones.  Even if there is occasional impulse and willfulness, it is also an enemy. But the inner persistence and paranoia of the heart.

Recalling the recent generations of royal family members, their eyes and actions were involuntarily flashed by her eyes.

During the hundred years of Nalan’s founding, his ancestors used their blood to throw blood on the mountains and rivers, died in the battlefield, and defended the country. This country, it is their Nalan’s bone blood cast, she has been painstaking care for so many years, and those people, but some of them become a locust, why should they come to sit in this world?

“This country was established by my Nalan’s, and my father’s grandparents have used their blood to protect them from generation to generation. Even if they are to end, they can only end in the hands of my Nalan descendants. Others, they are unworthy.”

The low voice sounded slowly, and the moonlight was pale and sprinkled on her bright yellow clothes. It looked cold and awkward.

She quietly said: “I informed Yan Xun through official channels. I agree with his proposal. He also asked him to keep his promise and treat the people of Song Dynasty well.  In the future, he will inherit the Datong. It must be the son of me. Also, I want to be peaceful. The head of the king.”

A cloud drifts over, gently covering the full moon, revealing only a faint glory. The earth was trapped into the darkness. In silence, it seemed that something was broken in an instant, and then it was scattered over the ground. With the wind, the slightest touch went to the End of the World.

Xuan Mo nodded and said in the dark: “Subordinates obey.”

Nalan was silent for a moment and suddenly said: “Notify Sima Yang, reorganize the three armed forces, and be ready to cooperate with Yanbei and send troops to the summer.”

The dark man suddenly looked up, his eyes fixed on her, with a few shocks, and with a few lines of disbelief.

Nalan breathed calmly and seemed to have not noticed his emotional fluctuations at all. Instead, he calmly said: “Xuan Mo, the East China Sea has a rogue invasion. This time, it is up to you to defend Dongjiang for me.”

For a time, the white tower was silent and silent. Xuan Mo was tall and straight, like a poplar tree. He looked at her so much. His eyes passed through the past ten years, and finally, he became the silent silence at the moment.

As a young playmate, he made her personal guard with the respect of the king’s son and watched her young and childlike.

The emperor died and he squatted in front of his father for three days and three nights. He tried hard to persuade his father to give up the idea of ​​a rebellious ascendant, and to assist young immigrants and her as the princess.

For so many years, he has been standing behind her, obeying all her orders, being her most loyal courtier and most trustworthy men, even if she is married to the powerful minister’s daughter, she has not refuted this.

Now that the emperor is in danger, the great state of the Song Dynasty is worried, and Yanbei’s iron cavalry strikes. At this time, she must release him in the East China Sea.

However, just for a moment, he figured out the joints. His gaze gradually calmed down, and he resumed his usual appearance. Calm and calm, he bent down and said, “The minister is obeying.”

For a moment, Nalan’s heart was hovering until he was quietly kneeling until he said in his consistently calm voice that “the micro minister obeyed”, and she suddenly let go of the clenched fist, she returned. Come, the unparalleled face is beautiful and picturesque, the corners of the eyes are painted with gold powder, with dazzling and dignified people who dare not look at it. She felt it necessary to explain one sentence and said: “There must be a fierce battle between Yanbei and Daxia. The battlefield is so fierce. You are the only person I can believe. I don’t want to see you have three lengths and two shorts.”

Xuan ink still bowed his head and said calmly: “Weichen understands.”

Nalan took a deep breath and chuckled and said, “Okay, get up, you and me don’t have to be polite.”

Xuan Mo did not get up, he squatted there, the moonlight like silver, the faint crow flapped his wings and flew over the silent sky, the night wind blew his robes, and the embroidered dragons pattern is like a knife with a cold face. It can hurt people and hurt others.

He slowly took out a few things from his arms. On the white jade steps, Nalan saw a wrinkle and wanted to talk, but he listened to Xuan Mo quietly saying: “We are going to go, I don’t know what day. Return, the military power of the Gyeonggi Army and the Xuanzi Army will be returned to His Royal Highness.”

Nalan wanted to quit, but when she touched the two tokens, she had a slight whistle. This Gyeonggi Army originally belonged to the Ministry of War. When she and Xuan Mo jointly defeated the Ministry of Military Affairs, they won the Gyeonggi Army in the sac. They have been led by Xuan Mo over the years. As for the Xuan Zijun, it is the pro-armor of Xuan Mo. It is extremely powerful and can be regarded as the first-class army of Huai Song. Ghost makes God worse, she actually came forward, smiled and raised Xuan Mo, said: “Well, I will collect it for you first, and when you come back, I will return it to you.”

Xuan Mo was tall and straight, standing in front of Nalan, he is taller than her. His slender eyes are like a cold lake, so she looks at her quietly, no disrespect, but she is also somewhat bold.

Nalan looked up, his pointed chin with soft curvature, and she looked at him with a slight smile.

“Although the Taiping King has defected, King Jinjiang and others are not easy to follow. After the Honorable Minister has gone, his Royal Highness must also treasure himself.”

Nalan smiled and said: “How many years have you known me? Why are you not sure about me?”

Xuan Mo sighed: “Your Majesty is a genius, and the minister has lost his words.”

“Well, I don’t have to be delinquent, you and I have known each other for many years, supported all the way, and you are also good friends. I promise you, no matter what destiny he will bring to Huai Song, as long as I still have one day’s right to talk, you will be granted your Xuan Wang Fu Man Rong. Pets.”

The fingertips were cool, the night dew slowly climbed into the clothes corner, and the dragon’s claws were wet. Xuan Mo said, “I would like to thank your Highness. At night, if nothing happened, Wei Chen left.”

Nalan wanted to whisper a few words to him, but when the words came, he did not know what to say. She nodded and said, “It’s dark at night and tells people to play more lanterns.”

“Yes, Minister remembers.”

To sum up, Xuan Mo cast a ceremony on Nalan and turned to go to the ramparts. Moonlight through the channel or on the grid, sprinkled with a trace of white marks, black ink back upright, steady pace, step by step looming in the spotlight. After a long time, he finally got off the White Tower and walked on the vast square. The darkness was like a thick fog. He wrapped his figure in it. Nalan stood on the tower and could only see a vague shadow.

The night breeze was strong, and when Nalan’s hair was blown, she stood still, like a white jade statue. She hadn’t moved half a minute for a long time.

She remembered when the pirates in the East China Sea had disturbed the edge when she was very young. Her father Emperor personally led the army to go out. At that time, the imperial power was strong, the troops were adequate, and the four seas were rich. She did not understand how to guard such an army. Why did her father emperor go personally on the battlefield? When she was young, she took up her father’s sleeve and asked him confusingly, “Father, why do you want to go on your own?”

At that moment, the eyes of the father were like vast oceans, and people could not see the margin at a glance. He patted her head in a pampering manner and said quietly: “There is no reason, because there are things that you don’t bear, no one will bear it.”

At that time, she did not understand the words of the father, but now she suddenly understood.

In this world, everyone has their own helplessness, and everyone has their own compulsion.

Her carelessness allowed Taiping Wang’s party to get a hand and poisoned the deaf little emperor. This poor child is not only a blind man, so he has not had much time. Once the emperor died, Huai Song must be in chaos, and Jinjiang Wang, Huai’an Wang and others were all eager to move. At that time, her Nalan pulse would have to be between heaven and earth.

She cannot be reconciled. Over the years, she has worked hard to deal with the affairs of the imperial court. She has been diligently assisting the young owners, and the royal clan members are expecting her to die every single day. Her ancestors are fighting on the battlefield to help others. She has been working hard for so many years. How can she let Jiangshan leave in the hands of those people?

The tendency of Yanbei to dominate has become a foregone conclusion. The civil strife in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the chaos in Huai and Song Dynasties, and the great summer were a mess. At this time, instead of waiting until Qing Er died, the country was handed over to the imperial family. In exchange for the peace of the people of Huai-Song and the preservation of her Nalan ancestors. After all, she also had a seriously ill mother. She had three young daughters and a loyal old lady, loyal to the royal family…

It is better to agree with his proposal. In this way, Nalan’s honor is not diminished. The two countries form an alliance and plan for a great cause. They can fulfill her heart’s ambition. Moreover, this wish is not what she expected for many years?

The heavy palace door opened, and the shadow of Xuan Mo gradually disappeared from the boundless darkness.

She suddenly felt a little flustered, as if something had left, dissipated in the night, quietly disappeared.

For Xuan Mo to go to the east, she is also helpless. The army’s opposition to this war is too much. If the power of the Thunder is not used, it is hard to shock, and Xuan Mo’s pawn is generous and it is difficult to complete this task. With him, he would only slap Simayan, so that he could not clean up the whole army and cooperate with Yanbei.

Moreover, the rebellion of the Taiping King also made her see the importance of military power. The prestige of Xuan Mo armies is far from what she can compare. In the world of peace, she can still control him by relying on the power of the ruling and opposition. Now the situation is so chaotic, she has to guard against it.

I hope he will not blame her.

On the empty Imperial Road, Xuan Mo walked quietly. His body was carefully followed by Jiang Wu from the side, and the carriage went behind and there was a snoring sound.

The princess trusts Xuan Wang. Xuan Wangfu is very close to the palace. Before he came to the government, he saw a few lanterns in front of the door. It was all red and warm, so people could see it.

“The prince is back.”

Wang Shuyu, dressed in a moon-white Ru (means beautiful) skirt, looked elegant and dim under the lights. She took the lantern from Xuan Mo and asked strangely, “Why did the princes carry a lantern that was not lit?”

Xuan Mo slightly bowed, looked down and saw that the white jade lantern did not ignite, and the thin jade skull looked like a glass under the other lights, as if it were touched, it would be broken.

He whispered: “Forget it.”

After that, I will go to the palace first. Yushu took a cloak and wanted to wear his shoulder. He accidentally touched his hand and could not help but exclaimed: “How is the hand of Wang Ye is so like ice?”

Xuan Mo did not care: “Nothing.”

Say, go straight in the direction of the study.

Yushu stood there and watched his backs disappear into the garden after a few turns. The soft, white cloak was in his hand, like a kite. He was blown by the wind and lifted up.


Standing close to him, the squatter was slightly awkward and whispered, “If the wind is big at night, return to the room first.”

Yushu nodded, and she nodded slowly, then turned back, and it was a gentle look. She smiled shallowly and said: “The prince is so hungry to come back so late, and you go to the kitchen and tell the cook to do something light. The side dishes.”

He reluctantly nodded and said, “Yeah, this is where the slaves go. Wang Hao will go to rest early. Your body is not good. You can no longer stay up late.”

Yushu does not answer, but urges: “You’re going.”

After the trip, Yushu looked back and saw the candlelight lit in the study hall across the corridor. A very lean figure stood in front of the window, and the light and shadow flickered and the dust escaped.

Yushu looked at it and suddenly smiled. She pursed her lips and took a few nieces to the tea room. There were a few boxes of good tea in there, and they could be brewed for him to taste.

In the study room, Xuan Mo spread a good Lanling rice paper, filled the ink with ink, and the brush strokes were suspended, but there was no pen writing for a long time.

With a bang, a drop of ink fell, and the rice paper fainted a big ink point, but he didn’t feel it, he seemed to think about it.

Jiang Wu stood aside and said carefully: “Wang Ye, is it for you to change a piece of paper?”

Xuan ink looked down and looked at the paper, and the paper was piled up and thrown on the ground.

Jiang Wu couldn’t help but shrink his neck. He has been waiting for Xuan Mo for seven or eight years. He knows the temper of the boy who is indifferent to the color. Seeing him like this, he knows that his mood at the moment must be very very Not good.

When Xuan Mo threw the paper, he pulled another piece of paper and stared at the blank rice paper for a long while. He lowered his head and began to write.

He wrote very fast, just for a moment, he wrote a large piece of paper, and then handed it over to Jiang Wu, saying: “Ming was sent to the Ministry of Rites in the morning and handed it to the adults, let him send people to Bailuguan. Hand it over to Yan Xun.”

Jiang Wu Yi Yi, under the heart of a drum, then nodded: “Subordinate to obey.”

After all, seeing that the master has nothing to do, he quietly retired.

The envelope was sealed. Of course, he did not dare to open it. While walking, I think that it is not true that the royal family intends to marry Yanbei. If this is the case, then this Huai-Song, is the surname Nalan, or surnamed Yan? Is it true that King Taiping was successful in the previous few days?

The minds of those great people are certainly not people like him who can guess freely. Jiang Wu thought for a moment and he did not want to. He was attracted by the aroma of the kitchen and ran away to be lazy.

Xuan Mo sat in the study room and leaned against the back of the Nangmu chair in the Kowloon pattern and slowly closed his eyes.

The news of Yanbei and Huai-Song and their relatives quickly spread throughout the land of Ximeng. At this time of trouble, the marriage clearly marked an alliance between the two countries. Soon, the Huai-Song army, Chen Bing Huang military, the Bohei Sea military, and the imperial conspiracy, made great efforts for the summer. A gesture of retreat and retreat from Yanbei at any time.

This evening, the entire Baijiguan was immersed in a cold and dead silence. Since the Yanbei Army took over the gate, there has never been a bustling place here.

At two o’clock, a group of black camouflage uniforms, the oil-painted army on the face slowly appeared under the gate.

Chu Qiao station team, once again repeated the rules of this action.

First, there is no difference between killing and killing anyone who may pose a threat or may raise an alarm. Second, the first team created chaos in the city. The second team drove the horses in the northeast direction, causing panic in the city’s defenders and creating the illusion of a large-scale Xia army attack. Third, other people, including horses, are outside the city and are ready to meet their peers at any time.

As time went by, the third time the drum was ringing, the He Qi with the first team members was a group of ghosts, and quickly went to the Bailuguan Pass.

At the same time, the second team also set off, and the horse team that had already prepared for the Northeast had gone.

In the darkness, He Qi took the elite soldiers of the beautiful army and marched forward, and soon disappeared. Chu Qiao took a few guards and other secrets, and she sat quietly, repeatedly rethinking the whole plan, looking for flaws and loopholes.

Once, twice, three times.

Ok, no problem. She took a deep breath and waited quietly for the echo.

About half an hour later, the northeast suddenly sounded a thunderous horseshoe, the horseshoe was like thunder, mixed with the anger of the soldiers, and the smoke raised by the branches tied to the ponytail covered the moon in the sky. At first glance, it seems that hundreds of thousands of people are roaring. The city of Bailuguan suddenly became awkward, and everyone’s attention was drawn to the northeast.

Soon, the northeastern side of Bailuguan opened the gates and the two teams of scouts quietly rushed out, but before they had even approached, the beauty forces outside the gates had quickly lost their results.

After another half hour, the fire in the city picked up, Chu Jo suddenly stood up and said, “The time is up, go!”

On the bank of the Chishui River, the pontoon that had already been prepared was pushed to the surface. Chu Qiao took a group of people down the raft and went all the way along the waterway to the Sui and Tang dynasties.

The Yanbei Army is composed of cavalry and heavy armored forces. There is no half-water army. In a hurry to indirectly control the white shackles, it is certainly impossible to completely defend such vast waters, and there are enemies inside and outside. At this moment, this Chishui waterway is a good passage to the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

However, when I just walked away from a fragrant time, I heard the sound of the water in front of me. Chu Qiao pulled up the strong bow and immediately filled it. I only heard a bang, and a scream suddenly sounded dark, followed by Several fires suddenly lit up, and about five warships came out in the dark night.

A series of rushes, dozens of rifles stabbed in all directions, a Yanbei military officer station bow, holding a knife and shouting: “The traitor is dead!”

Tens rows of sharp arrows were wounded, and the arrow of Senran was aimed at Chu Qiao and others. The officers slammed the sword and the soldiers pulled off the trigger of the machine. The rows of bows suddenly spurred.


He Xiao suddenly slammed, and in the next second, the beauty army collectively jumped into the vast red water, smashing arrows, densely tying those small boat pontoons, but did not leave a trace of blood.

“Command, they jumped over the river!”

Someone yelled, but soon, there were soldiers yelling: “General! The ship is leaking!”

Immediately afterwards, countless voices came and went, many bilges were smashed, and the river screamed in. In the blink of an eye, three small ships sank, and those Yanbei warriors who could not drink were struggling with the driftwood. The fierce screams echoed on the river, the torch creaked, and there was chaos in the four.

“They are below!”

The general was furious and shouted: “Use stone machines, use spears, kill them! Kill them!”

“General, no, there are our people in the river.”


The pro-military soldier was reprimanded and wanted to shout, but he was pulled aside by his peers. The man said indignantly: “But the majesty said to live!”

Others were busy and said: “Even if you live  or die, you won’t be able to catch it, and if you catch it, will you be still alive?”

The torch is reflected in the sky and the boulder is empty.

The general screamed, and the men quickly loaded the stone machine, and the rows of spearmen ran up. The next second, listening to the rumble sounded through the ears, a huge stone into the water, a spear like an arrow rain, sharply inserted into the red water, the river suddenly appeared a wave of red fog, bloody rolling, there are red clouds.

After a round of attacks, the river calmed down. The rafts of Chu Qiao and others were all smashed. The debris of nearly a thousand rafts formed a floating pontoon that rushed under the ship of the Yanbei warship and piled up together. .

The screaming killing gradually stopped, and the Yanbei soldiers who had rushed into the water army looked at the calm river with doubts. They frowned: “Is it dead? Why it doesn’t still float?”


Do not know who suddenly shouted, the people looked down at that voice, only to see in their own rear, very far on the river, countless people floating densely. I saw those people floating on the water while taking off his coat, a few people surrounded together, a moment later, everyone even floated, follow the water, quickly go.

The general’s wide-eyed, wide-eyed anger rang and asked: “What is that?”

An experienced veteran doubted: “It seems to be a sheepskin louse.”

“Fast recovery!”

“General, those pieces of wood are blocking the road, and the ship will not be able to walk for a while.”

The generals stayed in their place. He did not expect that he would take advantage of such a fight. The ship was able to take advantage of the arrow and take advantage of the defensive position. In the end, these people were allowed to grow under their own eyes. Nearly 60,000 water troops of the Yanbei Army stood on a huge battleship and watched the shadows of those people disappear into the thick darkness.

After meeting with the He Qi and others, Chu Qiao counted the number of people and found that more than 3,000 people died in the just-in-time battle. Among them, 2,000 were dead in the stone machine and Yanbei. Under the spear.

However, at such a price, it is an unimaginable victory for all the members to pass the White Gate. However, this is not the end. Although they left Bailuguan, they also succeeded in attracting the attention of the Yanbei Army. The large territory after the Bailuguan is still under the control of the Yanbei Army.

Chu Qiao took the initiative and led the army into the forest. Two days later, she encountered the first blockade of the enemy. Within two days, the two sides fought more than 20 times, mostly ending with the victory of the beauty army. After all, compared to the method of fighting the cavalry. Yanbei Army said that the beauty army is good at field and close-knit attacks. Under the leadership of Chu Qiao’s military theory, their team ran and ran, and quickly approached the area under the jurisdiction of the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

However, as soon as they were about to leave the mountain forest and enter the realm of drowning, Yanbei suddenly set fire to the mountain. The fire burned for four days and spread throughout the autumn and mountainous areas. Many villages with surnames in the mountain area were affected, and countless deaths and injuries…

Chu Qiao had no choice but to take the army out of the mountain in advance. Because the forest was on fire, they lost their way. When they came out, they deviated from the road more than three miles. There are veterans of the wolf army who are familiar with the terrain, but the next morning, they once again meet the Yanbei Army.

In the battle of Li Kang, both sides suffered heavy casualties. Chu Qiao took three thousand soldiers to attack the enemy camp. The enemy’s coach was unfortunately hit by a stream of arrows, life and death. However, the Yanbei Army is not the first-class iron army in the mainland. When the coach is injured, he still has no chaos, and the war is retreating. The resistance is very tenacious.

The large units have poor mobility. Fortunately, they seized a large number of war horses in several battles. After the battle of Li Kang, Chu Qiao divided the army into ten small teams of 4,000 people each with less than two teams. In the area, it is fan-shaped and goes to Shandong (surabaya county).

However, just arrived in the south from the county, Chu Qiao suddenly fell ill. In fact, as early as five days ago, she noticed the physical discomfort, she did not say if she had abdominal pain, she was still hot, dizzy and retching, and her hands and feet were weak… Only because of the urgency of the war, she stubbornly persisted with tenacious perseverance. But now, temporarily getting rid of the Yanbei army’s hunt, her spirit becomes even worse. He Xiao ignored her objections and placed her subordinates outside the city to take her to the south and leave the city.

Although the Sui and Tang Dynasties initiated a civil war, Yanbei also took the road here, but the degree of domestic destruction is far worse than the tragic summer. Some large cities still maintain their original prosperity. In addition to the influence of the fighting, some prices have been lifted high, and the rest has almost no effect.

He Xiao sent people out to find a doctor. The originally sleepy Chu Qiao could not sleep at the moment. She was lying on a clean bed and stared at her in a daze. Her thoughts were like the clouds in the sky, and her drift was long.

When the Yanbei soldiers hunted them, they clamored for the rebels. That is, they knew her identity. Indeed, with the wisdom of Yan Xun, it should be guessed that at this time, the only one who could lead to death was the beauty king whom she had secretly sealed.

That is to say, Yan Xun was killing her.

Yeah, now Yan Xun and Jing’an Wang Zhen form an alliance. She wants to bring troops to help Li Xiuyi. As the leader of the Baiyuguan, he naturally has to help her allies shut her up at the crossing point. There is no father or son on the battlefield, let alone them.

These, she understands.

Yan Xun has more and more overbearing power, and he is determined to be bold and ambitious. Today, he is no longer the child who was trapped in the Golden Palace more than ten years ago. He does not have to look at anyone’s face anymore. Now.

The doctor soon came, He Xiao stood behind the doctor, nervously watching the doctor diagnosed for her.

The white-bearded old man was stunned for a long while, and suddenly smiled and said: “Congratulations to this husband, your wife is happy.”

When He Xiao was suddenly stunned, he immediately turned red and quickly said to the doctor: “Do not talk nonsense, she is not my wife, I am just her chief guard.”

The doctor immediately apologized and smiled and said that he was so nervous that he had mistaken him as the child’s father. He also hoped to forgive him.

When He Xiao and the doctor spoke to you on the side, Chu Qiao was astonished by the whole person, as if he had been stabbed in the bone marrow. She opened her mouth slightly and could not say a word for a long time.

What did he say? Are you happy? She is pregnant?

She looked at the old doctor incredibly and dared to ask: “What do you say? Do you say it again?”

“This lady, you are too careless. You have been pregnant for almost three months. How can you not know it at all? And your body is very poor, the pulse is very chaotic. If you can’t rest assured, you have this baby. It can be dangerously tight.”

Three months?

Chu Qiao looked down and looked at his still flat stomach, how could it be? Was she pregnant? When she was waiting to get married when she moved to the north and the south, when she soaked up the river and wore bullets, she had a child in her stomach.

“I will open a prescription for your blood and nourish your stomach. You have to take it well, and then you can rest assured that you will not be able to travel long distances.”

The old doctor comforted her a few words and went out with He Xiao. Chu Qiao sat still on the bed. He was still stunned. The news was frequently heard on these days. The battles were up and down. Everything was like a huge wave. He waved to her. But did not expect that in this environment, she was actually pregnant.

She stretched out her trembling hand and gently licked her lower abdomen. It seemed to be able to hear the child’s weak heartbeat.

A line of tears suddenly slipped down from the corner of the eye. She bit her lower lip, and there was a trace of phlegm in her throat, and she fell silently into tears.

Zhuge Yue, I have pregnant with your child.

I have children.

As the night fell on, He Xiao lit candlelight in the room. He called some bloody food and soup and went to Chu Qiao’s bedside. Quietly asked, “Adult, do we still go to Tang Jing? Not as good as a direct transfer to Qinghai?”

Chu Qiao looked up at him, his eyes straightened, and he did not speak.

“Adults, your body, is not suitable for continuing to lead soldiers. You do not think for yourself, but also for the fourth young master, and the baby inside you.”

Chu Qiao heard a shock, she looked down at her stomach and continued to be silent. After a long time, she looked up and whispered: “He Xiao, I have lied to him once.”

He Xiao, wondering who she was talking about, asked, “What do you say to an adult?”

“I have fooled him once.” Chu Qiao’s eyes were quiet and ethereal. He looked at the candlelight silently. “I told him that I would stay by his side to protect him from letting others bully him. But I I can’t do it. He has no parents. I think of my children. Who will think of him?”

He Xiao was shocked to know that she was referring to Emperor of Tang and Li Xiuyi. He frowned and said: “Adults, nowadays, the situation is not your power to reverse. Even if you stay in Sui and Tang, you may not be able to prevent today’s events. Ah, you are not in good health. Don’t think too much about it and don’t put everything on yourself.”

Chu Qiao looked up and took a deep breath.

“He Xiao, there are some responsibilities in this world that cannot escape.”

Her mouth widened and said quietly: “I’ve had Li Ce’s great grace, and I have been treated well by the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Now it is time to repay. I think if I put the child in danger, I will look down on my child in the future of mine.”

She got up and went down to wear shoes. She went to the table to start eating. After eating the meal, she drank medicine honestly.

Under the lights, she looks thin and weak. Where can I see it as a pregnant mother in March?

“You can rest assured that nothing will happen.”

He Xiao looked at her, and for a time she didn’t know who she was talking about, she was herself, or the child in her stomach, or the Tang Emperor.

The wind in the night was a bit cold, blowing the willow branches outside the window.

The landscape of the Sui and Tang dynasties is still the same, but the pace of the war is approaching.

At the same time, in the Bailuguan big account, Yan Xun was wearing black robes and sitting on the couch. Below are more than a dozen young beautiful businessmen who have just sent them. They are all dressed in gauze, half-naked, and look tender and attractive. people.

From time to time, the daring girl looked up and secretly glanced at the man who had the right to the world. Unfortunately, his gaze has never been bet on this side for a while.

“Your Majesty, we have already deployed our troops, and we must make a beautiful net.”

“Come on!”

Yan Xun suddenly raised his head and waved outside, and the pro-god came in.

“Take him down and hit the 20th Army with the Stick!”

The subordinates’ guards suddenly set up the staff officer and went out. The man didn’t know where he was wrong, and he immediately pleaded guilty, but he did not dare to ask for mercy. After a while, the screams rang and those screams The girl on the ground was scared, and no one dared to look up again.

“One night fight…”

Yan Xun faintly repeated these three words and couldn’t hear any anger and anger. The candlelight shined on his face like a light golden paper.

He lazily lay on the couch, just lying on his side and letting him sleep underneath so many charming and charming women. After a moment, he fell asleep.

This night, they were thousands of miles apart, but they said the same thing at the same time.

“I hope, I don’t meet her.”

Indifferently, many years ago, under the shabby roof, the girl was dressed in a pale pink folder, blushed with a red face, and sewed her clothes under the lights, sew back and said to the boy, “There is no father or son on the battlefield. Everything is for the benefit of the country, that is, if you have brothers on the battlefield, you can’t shrink back. I’m not talking about Sui and Tang Kingdoms.I’m talking about Tang History. It’s a play. This is a formal history. Listen carefully to you. ”

“What kind of history? How can I not hear it?”

“Anyway, you’re right and you’re learning.”

“If you changed Li Shimin, would you kill your older brother?”

“Of course kill, don’t you keep him to kill me? Didn’t you tell you, they didn’t have any feelings later. Right, then you, don’t you kill?”

The young man meditated for a moment and suddenly said: “If it is me, when I fight Liu Wuzhou, I will kill him.”

The girl glanced and gave a thumbs up: “You are very cattle.”


The night of the funeral stalks the heavens and the earth, and even the waves of water with memories are all backed up together, without a half-filament sound.

On the second day, there were secretly exiting customs in Bailuguan, and they went all the way to Zhashui. They are now stationed with 100,000 troops. They are all elite troops of Yanbei. They are the first to assist Wang Jing in Jing’an and the second guards the other’s lifeline. Your own way.

On the same day, Chu Qiao came to the county to wait for the other soldiers of the Militia Army and the Wolf Army. Forty thousand people gathered outside the wilderness. The dark and pressured swords were lifted up, like a forest of publicity.

“Xui Xui Pass is the only way for Tang Jing to go to the northwest. Without breaking the water, it is impossible to solve the danger of Tang Jing being trapped.”

Chu Qiao’s white finger points on the map and draws a circle at the sweat crossing. Shen Sheng said: “A war that decides on life and death is coming.”


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