Volume VI, Qinghai Sky, Chapter 190: Reuniting Again

by Xiao Xiang Dong’er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua


Gray sky, heavy rain continued.

The height of the sedge near the drowning water was more than one person high. The thunder rumbling across the river surface, from west to east, followed by a squat, cut off a hundred-year eucalyptus tree in the Xui Xui Pass, two on duty. Yanbei military guards were injured and a house in the east of the city was cut off. The seven people in the family were all drowned in their sleep. The blood and brains were splashed.

This was the first bloodshed in the battle of Xui Xui Pass. Even if there is no killing, there is no slashing, but it is enough to push the atmosphere of solidification to the brink of collapse. The surnames in Quishui Mountain have been hiding from home all day. Even during the day, no one dares to go out. The heavy rain is pouring over the empty streets, and there is no half-personal smoke. Only some yellow grass is blown by the wind, and the wet fly does not fly. Far, just looking up, it was smashed by the rain.

The heavy rain has been underway for eleven days. The water level in Shandong (Surabaya county) has risen madly. The weather is unusual. The flock of birds flies north. Every night they can vaguely hear the lone wolf roar on the wilderness, like a death knell. The well-informed old man said that in the summer of the 7th year of the Emperor Xiaozong the same torrential rain continued to thunder. In that year, Sui and Tang generals Xue Li attacked Daxia with an army of 400,000. It was in such weather. After surviving to drown, all the way to the north, the situation is like a crack, breaking the Baiyuguan, has hit the hinterland of the Great Summer. However, when the whole of the Sui and Tang dynasty was waiting to be considered and Datang was about to regain its lost ground, the Lion King of Yanbei suddenly sent troops and defeated Tang armies, and killed the permanent general Xue Li, and shattered it again. Datang’s dominant ambition.

In that year, the blood became red with Chishui, and all the way along this river flowed into the drowning water. The corpses that floated on the river stretched for tens of miles. The wild dog leaped into the river and stood on top of the layers of dead bodies and did not sink down showing red eyes.

Decades have passed, but the tragic battle has so far echoed in the minds of the old people. Nowadays, the Lion King of Yanbei has already died for many years. General Xue Li’s tomb is also covered with moss and grass. The Sui and Tang Dynasties are weak, and during the summer, there are endless disputes. Floating in the sky over the sky, and all the way, plugged in the city of Shandong (Surabaya County).

In the seventh month of May, Yan Xun asked Emperor Jing, the king of the Tang Dynasty, to personally lead troops to take a seat in Shandong (Surabaya County), resisting the beautiful troops that had been aided by thousands of miles, and protecting the superior situation in the east of Qinshui Mountain. Just one day later, Chu Qiao’s beautiful army appeared in Wei Liao County on the west side of Quishui, and Wei Liao County, a small town that had not been concerned about in the past, quickly became famous, condensing the eyes of the entire Sui and Tang Dynasties and even the entire Ximeng, and erected on the dwarf tower. On the white background, a red cloud battle flag was erected. Chu Qiao personally put on his armor and read the army’s vows. Tang Jun’s news scattered all over the west of Qinshui Pass came. All the princes loyal to the royal family escorted the forages. No more than three days to help the military, the troops of the beauty forces were expanded to 90,000, and they are still growing.

This is the first rebellion flag in the Sui and Tang Dynasties since Jingan Wang’s revolt with lightning speed and is still facing such a powerful ally of Jing’an Wang’s army – the Yanbei Army.

A war of unprecedented magnitude and strength was in sight. All of them held their breath and waited for the coming of a bloody storm.

On May 14th, the rainstorm stopped, and the water level of the Qishui River stopped on a very amazing scale. The confrontation of the day continued so that the patience of both sides reached a dangerous critical point. The generals of both sides knew this pair. The necessity of holding, but sitting hundreds of thousands of troops in such a close distance, but always do not move, they all know that this is very dangerous behavior, the tense atmosphere echoes the sky above the military camps, a little careless, there is the possibility of transformation.

Although both Chu Qiao and Yan Xun were fully prepared and the two sides scolded the expedition for the smooth flow of the horses, various operational plans were changed and changed, and they eventually set the direction and location of operations invariably. However, the arrival of the first battle still made them have a moment of panic.

On the afternoon of the 14th, Wuling County Taishou Moxu had just crossed the Heyuan Plain. He escorted 50,000 hectares of grain and grass, over the mountains and over the mountains, carefully crossed the layers of the fire line, and came to Chu Qiao’s Wei Liao Base Camp.

He was born and raised in the Tang Dynasty. His ancestors had followed the first generation of the Tang Dynasty and were awarded high positions. The ancestors also had great figures who had worshipped Hou worship, but they were passed down from generation to generation. Today, the Mo family has no longer seen the past. However, at this moment, facing the dangers of the country, Mo Taishou, who is over 70 years old, personally took the troops to escort the grain and wanted to give a heart to the Guangfu Army led by Chu Qiao.

However, just before the arrival of the Xianwei River, they accidentally encountered a small road in Yanbei to build dike workers. The Wei Xian River is a tributary of Quishui, and the dam is unstable. It was Yan Xun who sent 3,000 infantrymen. Repair the dams in this area so as not to wash down the main camp downstream. I didn’t expect Mutsh to be cautious, but he crashed into the gang’s guns. The war quickly hit the target and shouted a few words of reproach and excitement about the killings. In less than half an hour, the nearby armies came one after another and the war was chaotic…

When Chu Qiao received the news, she was planning a plan to plan tomorrow’s strategic route. When she received this message, even if she was as calm as her, she could not help but have a moment of scorn.

A general of the Tang army frowned: “His Royal Highness, or immediately sent people to accept them to withdraw, we did not make any preparations, the Iron Line River is also close to the Yanbei Army Base Camp, and has to be prevented.”

Chu Qiao shook her head but she said with a shrill voice: “We haven’t prepared. Is Yanbei ready? From an intelligence point of view, this battle is absolutely an emergency. No matter we or Yanbei, none of the other side is ready.”


“He Qi, you will immediately bring 20,000 infantry soldiers to the Iron River. The first battle of our army depends on you.”

He Qi suddenly asked and asked: “Twenty thousand infantry?”

Chu Qiao nodded: “Yes.”

“But it is an adult. Most of our men and women are cavalry and heavy armor. There is less than 8,000 infantry.”

“Then discard the horse. Remember that each person must have at least three or more knives, take off the heavy armor, and wear only light armor.”

He Qi frowned, but to see Chu Qiao did not joke, or nodded should be, smashed on the knife and went out.

When the Tang army general met with the He Qi, he asked, “Is Your Highness enough to be 20,000 people? Why don’t you send more troops? The Iron River is close to the Yanbei Army Camp after all, and they’ve added more troops than we do…”

Chu Qiao slowly shook his head, eyes deep and sharp, quietly said: “No, 20,000 is enough.”

The thunderous hoofs came, and the earth was trembling slightly. A huge array of squares was assembled in an instant. It was not yet clear to see that it had already drawn out like a wolf.

A few days of torrential rain poured a mess on the bumpy land. Silt greatly limited the action of the warhorse. Both sides were rushing in one place. The soldiers in front were noisy, the swords were raging, and the sound of slams went on like a flat ground like thunder.

At the end of the seventy-year-old, Mo Tai was on the horse’s back, his face was red, and he was holding a sword. His pro-brother took his stable and shouted “too fast,” but he was beaten by a fist. . The old lady is holding a big knife and shouting “killing the enemy to serve the country”, rushing to the horse, taking the lead, and still not retreating more than ten arrows. His men are behind him, and this has his son, he is thirty. His grandson, who is over a year old, has a grandson who is less than ten years old.

When He Qi brought people to come, the war was nearing the end. The officers and men of Wuling County were motivated by the courage of their generals. With thousands of people in the area resisting the tens of thousands of cavalry, it was already the end of the battle. He Qi said nothing, and he took it in. After the previous battle, the railway line has become a half-mud, and the horses are deeply immersed in it. The heavy cavalry of Yanbei can only jump off the horse and congratulate. The infantry led by the flag fights the sword. However, the advantage of the heavy armor is that the horses are rushed on the plains so that the mud on the ground is cut, and the heavy armor of the body greatly limits their flexibility.

People turned horses, shouted screams of killings and screams. The scene was like a pot of porridge that had been boiled. The knife was bright and sleek, murderous, and dark, the bird was wailing, and there was a red light between heaven and earth.

Yan Bei army finally realized his own limitations. There are smart soldiers who want to take off their heavy armor. How can they be distracted when they are so urgent? Before he can take off his cloak, the terrible blade his neck has already been cut off. 

Yan Xun sat in the Chinese Grand Army because the Iron River was very close to his large camp. His men were the first to receive news of the Battle of the Iron River. However, it was precisely because of this that during the battle of Yan Biao, some of the guards of the Great Battalion outside heard smashing and thought it was someone attacking the camp and had quickly sent troops to support it.

When he wanted to recover those cavalries, both men and women had already fought to one place.

At the beginning of the camp, the generals also ridiculed the incommensurate force of the beauty forces. But soon, with the return of the battle reports one by one, their faces became increasingly ugly. Some people sent troops to fight with the support of the light infantry corps. Yan Xun shook his head coldly.

It’s already late. The Iridian River is a small river alluvial. There is only one place, but now there are nearly 50,000 people. It’s already crowded, and now it’s more troops. It’s just a sacrifice.

However, this cannot be the case. This battle is the first battle of Lishui. If it is lost, the impact on morale will be extremely serious and will have a direct impact on the future situation.

Yan Xun immediately issued an order, and the entire army prepared and sent Wei Liao to prepare for a frontal attack.

Late at night, a red moon rose from behind a bare hillside. The misty water vapor shrouded in muddy water. A young Yan Beijun staff made several incursions and said that he was on the defensive side as long as he was stationed. Water can be off, it should not take the initiative and consume military power.

When Yan Xun did not pay attention to him when he started, he immediately commanded the subordinate guards to tie him up and locked it in the cellar. Without this annoying voice, he finally calmed down and looked at it quietly. The seat is not a majestic pass.

The name of the staff officer did not understand. Many people did not understand that even a lot of generals who followed him to the north might not understand his current intentions.

Indeed, the beauty forces came under the banner of defending the imperial capital. They wanted to arrive at Tang Jing and beat Wang Jing, the besieged priest in Kyoto, to pass through. It also shows that as long as they guard the Shushui Pass, it is bound to have the opportunity to battle with the beauty forces. As a side of the defense, the price paid is far less than that of the attacker.

But now he led the army to take the initiative and become a part of the offensive. This point, many people may find it difficult to understand.

However, only he himself understands the current situation. Yushui Gate is the most important city in the Sui and Tang dynasties. It is the most populous city in the western part of mainland China. It occupies a vast area and has as many as one million people in the city. There was no resistance, first because the horse thief was allowed to enter the summer and the reputation for brutal and indiscriminate killing came out. Second, because the Yanbei Army has not yet tasted a defeat so far, and they have personally taken up the town, they will only be able to Shocked down. He knew that with the power of him and the king of Jing’an, it was impossible to completely defeat the Sui and Tang dynasties’ armed forces. In the beginning, Meishan Luowang had planned for more than a decade and lost to Li Ce. Now that he is alone, how can he destroy one thousand? Old country. He clearly understands that there are still dozens of roads in the west of Shandong (Surabaya County). They are watching quietly. They are all waiting for the duel between themselves and the beauty forces. Once they are tired, they will surely swarm.

Therefore, the Battle of Iron River became a crucial battle. Although it was not large in size, it was an uncontested failure. At this time, only with a greater campaign to cover up, and their own initiative to go against the customs can also show the strength of the Yanbei Army.

“A’Chu, the Battle of the Iron River, although it is unintentional, in the end, it is your skill.”

Under the night, Yan Xun sat on top of the chariot of the Emperor. In front of eight pure black Yanbei horses, he was dressed in an ink robe and raised his chin slightly. He stared at the watchtower hidden in the darkness… A glamorous dancer with a skin like honey squatted on the rim of a rut. The clean back was like a white lamb. She looked up with a good glass of wine in her hand and lifted it high. With a smile, he said: “I wish the king will win the victory, put the mortals in that city in pieces, and raise my reputation in the north.”

Yan Xun looked down, looked at her quietly, and raised a touch of laughter at the corner of her mouth. I casually said, “You are the people of Yanbei.”

The dancer was surprised and said: “The slave family was a drowning man, but he respected the king for a long time. Now, besides the king, he is the king’s man. Naturally, he is Yanbei’s man.”

Yan Xun smiled deeper and said: “Your country was taken by me. My compatriots were murdered by me. You said you were my person. It seems that you are really loyal to me.”

When the dancers saw him happy, they immediately rejoiced and quickly rushed to the railroad: “The slave is naturally the king’s person, as long as the king is willing, the slave is willing to do anything for the king.”

“Anything?” Yan Xun raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Yes.” The dance eyes are like water, and the lips are full. It seems to be able to pull out the honey. The legs of the full breasts and swallows twitch the waist of the water snake, bite the lower lip, and gently sigh. : “anything.”

Yan Yan laughed and said to the guards on both sides: “She said that she can do anything for me, then she will fulfill her, and will attack Wei Liaocheng and let her rush ahead.”

To sum up, the guards on both sides immediately set up the dancers. The woman’s face paled and she hurriedly shouted: “The king! The king is merciful! The slave is a weak woman. How can she fight the enemy! The king will spare his life!”

The dancer, struggling to be pulled away, leaned against the back of the chair and quietly shaken the wine in his hand and said to himself: “Anything?”

He could not help but sneer.

At this moment, in the city of Wei Liao, there is also a weak woman, dressed in armor, standing on a high tower overlooking the rolling military array below. A band of light shines under the horizon. Tens of torches will shine like nights.

She knew that Yan Xun was among the thousands of fire torches. It was the first time that they were reunited.

Maybe, it is expected that there will be today, fate is like a naughty child like to set a variety of dog blood collision.

She stood on the high tower and slowly tilted her head up. The night wind blew over her body and lifted the hair from her horns. The torch turned the sky into a red glow. Like many years ago, they shouldered shoulder to shoulder. In the hand, the knife was brushed and beaten, breaking the prison cage and killing a bloody road.

If you expect to have today, will they join hands on that day?

She slowly closed her eyes, her face was tough, her eyes were like frost, and the world was like a tumbling tide. Who wouldn’t expect the next wave to come?

She clenched the sword, and the man with the wolf-like eyes came out of the memory of the retreat. Standing in front of her in front of the Golden Ge knife, the wind raged, the night was smashing, and the pomegranate was like a rocket. Yaru Lin’s chilling season.

A loud bang came suddenly, and the flaming light, a shirtless big man standing on the high platform, was gongs and drums. The drums were drilled into the man’s cavity as if the earth was shaking with the drums.

He shook up his strength, pulled up the bow and tossed his hands away. The arrow suddenly went off like a meteor. However, at this moment, there was also a sharp arrow coming from the other side of the military. The arrow came faster. And He Xiao’s arrows quickly hit one place, and then he smashed He Qi’s arrows and shattered them, still whizzing.

Chu Qiao met with a hand-painted flying knife and threw it away. The knife hit the arrow and both fell.

There was a burst of cheers in both armies.

Yan Xun put down the bow and slowly lifted his head among the 10,000 soldiers.




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