Epilogue 1: Purple Magnolia · One

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and arranged by Angel Chua

Edited by AC 28 April 2019

That little cold moon night, I thought I was drunk.

The autumn moon is fascinating, and the pool of lotus ponds has long lost its vitality. This year, I lost the leisure time of the extradition hot springs. The dilapidated wind chime that has been hanging over the window for more than a decade has disappeared, and my heart is only a faint slap. Those hoarse ringtones, those smiles that have never bloomed for me are so in my heart.

You sleep peacefully on the bed, and I gently put the short jade finger in your forehead. Then, stare at you in the same quiet gesture. I suddenly thought of the dragon’s face, the fact that you slept in my arms, in this night. You are such a heartfelt woman. Oh, if you are awake at the moment, and I am so emotional, I must blame me for how ruthless it is. However, isn’t it? Even in such a quiet night, you are slightly wrinkled with these delicate eyebrows in your sleep. The moon’s white eyes are gently turning under the eyelids. It must be a dream. Jojo, what did you dream of? Is the dead kid Yan Xun, or the mad boy Zhuge Yue, or is it the great emperor of Yushu? Jojo, you must not know, in fact, you are beautiful, very beautiful, let me feel that every moment you appear in front of my eyes is so unreal. In fact, I hope that you dream of me, I am no better than the two stinky boys, isn’t it? At least, I won’t bother you. Maybe it is, my existence is like the air. However, I can always be at your side to support you wherever you go. So, it is really a pleasure.

Just when I was thinking about it, you suddenly woke up, and when you were alert, you sat up and did not change. Just so good, falling into my arms. And I, so instinctively, or in my heart, have been holding you tightly for a long time. Fortunately, you are not struggling, and I am so pleased that I feel a bit sad. Only for a moment, I seem to see the thin clouds hanging over the crescent moon. You gently reach out and shoot my back, I think I am hurting you. For a time, I finally realized my gaffe and slowly released my hand. The night is fascinating, your moon-like face faintly glaring at the moisture in my eyes. The wine is pouring up, and the breath is full of intoxicating and sultry gas.

You look at the moon-like blurred eyes, and the words that whispered out loud made me unable to help myself: “Lee, do you regard me like her?” The tone is a little pressing. At that moment, I stumbled, and almost did not respond to what you said. I looked at you fixedly, saw that you suddenly felt uneasy, and heard you carefully and whispered: “I heard what people said. In the past, Princess Fu lived here.” When I finally slowed down, when I was in front of the situation, I just laughed weakly. “Oh-“, “Fu’er’s figure is much better than you.” At this moment, I finally returned to reality and played the role of Lee Cecilia the fox prince in your eyes.

It turned out that I was so awake. I am so drunk but so awake.

After thinking about it, I really felt my own urgency and my words said such a sentence. It’s a tragedy. I really haven’t studied it alone, you and her body. My heart bleeds, a shyness that has been discovered by bad things, so I hurried away from the hustle and bustle, and escaped from this incredibly repressed home filled with the grand memories of you and her. Just out of the hall, I heard you shouting at the window: “Li Fox! Your finger!” Fool, that is what I sent to you. I turned around and smiled at you with a smile: “Spring is worth a thousand dollars, I will come back tomorrow!” The quick answer from the mouth added me another repression.

The moonlight is so fascinating, and the annoying smog once again obscures the winding moon, which is smirking, and the world is dark. A trace of chill was born from the soles of the feet. I looked back and looked at the palace in the haze, and my heart was filled with sadness.

Jojo, I am so drunk but so awake, how can I treat you like her? Stupid JoJo, you really don’t have a little hope or realize that now I live in my heart is not the old man who died. I always thought that the thing I care about most is Fu’er, but under your whispering question, I once again dumbfounded that I was no longer determined. Oh, I never knew myself. It turned out to be such a thin person. Or, as you said, installing a stupid costume for a long time will really become a fool. I have a lot of fun, and it has really become a lover. In this way, it is considered to be a favored person.


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