Epilogue 4: Purple Magnolia · Four

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and arranged by Angel Chua

Edited by AC 05 May 2019

I have always been stupid and don’t care about your indifference to me, but is it because of this that you are more disappointed and more indifferent to me?

Hehe, Prince Luo Er, in your eyes, perhaps he is only your son. Then, have you really missed me? I don’t know, in the eyes of your mother, I am just a killer who killed your son. In the end, I still can’t win your smiling face.

Prince Li Luo’Er, how lucky you are, Fu’er regards you as a life, and so does the mother. They must be laughing and yelling at you on the banks of the Lishui River. I am finally worse than you.

Why is God so so sweet to me, how the people I love always worry about me. The heart is as gray as it is, but it is just me.

The mother’s shirt has been stained with blood, the pale face is full of madness, the eyes are bright and sly, and they are not struggling after being restrained. Then I heard the hateful voice echoing coldly: “You are all beasts, damn it, I killed him, kill you now, I will avenge my husband and son.”

It turns out that we are all beasts. Oh, why are you so obsessed with your father? After the mother, only they are the sons of your husband. We are all animals. Animals and beasts. Then I am as good as your wish, and it is also filial piety. The life of the child is given by you, you regret it, you can take it back. I am Li Ce, always, very generous.

The color of blood climbed on my cousin, and my mother and I were like two blood-colored crape myrtle flowers that bloomed in this sunny afternoon.

Just as I turned around, you slid into my eyes like a spring breeze. You look pale and look at me fixedly, I think, you are scared. It’s a little girl, and I’m not on the battlefield. I’m so quick to teach me that I can’t recognize it. There are countless figures in front of my eyes, but I still can’t stop the deepest eyes you cast on me.

You screamed, and flew back, and flew to me like a healthy pony. “Catch her!” There are guards and palace people trying to block, really do not know the current affairs, disturbing such a romantic moment, look back and pick you up.

“Let her go.” When I opened my lips, I only made such a low voice, my mouth was dry, my lips were sticky, and I suddenly opened my mouth, and there was a slight tear. I heard my voice sullen like dilapidated bellows blew by the wind. But this does not affect my half-lifting, pointing your finger at you. I pointed so seriously, but it was so laborious, I can’t let people stop you from rushing to me.

However, just with such a gentle movement, my body is unconsciously dumping forward, and blood splatters out of my mouth, like a koi (fish) being torn open, from there. What blooms in the crack is the flower of the death of a bloody red fairy. I suddenly felt that there was a deep cold that climbed up from the back, and I couldn’t help myself if I fell into an ice cave. The door is closed and the sun is screened through the panes into a mottled shadow. Finally, the darkness swallowed the brilliance, and I couldn’t see your face for a while.

The Yixin Temple was so quiet. After Sun Di retired, I lay quietly and calmly. I feel my heavy breathing, a light heartbeat, and a blank in my head. I seem to have merged with this dead hall.

A gust of wind blew, I can guess that at this time of the moon and night, the tree shadow of the mother-in-law must be like a ghostly dance. The layers of curtains are rubbing against each other, I know that you are here. There is a cold touch that touches my arm, and a layer of warmth is like the hot spring that was extradited in the lotus pond that year. Your breathing is so light, and the sound is like a butterfly wing that flies away in a blink of an eye. “Li Ce, I am coming to see you.” Yes, I know, you come to see me. I know, you will definitely come to see me.

I slowly opened my eyes and I didn’t know how to answer. Then, I mobilized all my conscious minds and tried my best to make it easy to use an action to prove that I am good. Don’t worry about me. I reached out with a hard hand and made a move for you. I smacked an ugly smile, “Jojo”. At this moment, only the two words that make me feel warm are echoed in my head. However, I think that I must be too emotional, your tears will come out, and fall like autumn leaves will accumulate in my heart. I put out my fingers and wiped your cold cheeks, sorry and smiled dimly: “Don’t cry, blame me.” But this pale comfort obviously didn’t work, because I saw your tears still lingering, getting more and more urgent. : “I promised that I will stay with you all the time. I shouldn’t go out.” Oh, silly girl, I still can’t change the bad habit of taking responsibility for yourself.


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