Epilogue 8: Chapter II – Desert City, Prison

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and arranged by Angel Chua

Edited by AC 05 May 2019

The night is cold and the water is cold, and the moon is full of shadows. It shines on the ground, like a white face.

Guan Baibai was in the corner of the cell. The moonlight came in from the narrow skylight, and it shined on her cheek. It was pale and gray. Her white robe was stained with blood, and the clothes on the back were broken. The whip marks were the scariest\. The humerus is pierced by a thin chain, and a little blood moves out of the purple blood. The chain was very delicate, the thickness of the thumb was thick, and the complex pattern was engraved on it, and the silver bell fell on it. When the bell was slightly moved, the bell rang and the bell rang, and the crisp echoed in this dead silence. In the cell.

Gu Jinan has been in for a long time, although it is raining outside, after all, it is in August, cold, but he is wearing a black big scorpion, buckskin rolling boots, if not the face is too pale, but also handsome and good skin.

He stood there like this, silently watching the Guan Zi, and the door was wide open. He was only a few steps away from her. It seems that as long as he reaches out, he can touch her clothes. For more than 20 years in this life, he has never approached her like this at the moment. The night wind blows in, with the unique moisture of the prison, and the hair is picked up, and more and more of his face is white and demon.

“It hurts?”

Guan Baibai didn’t look at him and didn’t talk. He took off his coat and walked slowly to her, draped over her shoulder, saw the chain at her cheekbone, a very light smile, gently squatting “On the day when Gu was destroyed, I was also chained like a dog. I climbed Changxing (county in Huzhou) and men like a dog and watched my family die under the knife. I know that it is very painful.”

Gu Jinan saw that Bai Bai refused to speak, smiled lightly, and hugged her gently, saying: “White, I don’t want to hurt you, but you are too stubborn, I can’t help.”

“I won’t give you the soldiers.” Guan Baibai was weak and sneer, faintly said: “You will die this heart.”

“Who said that I came to want that thing?”

Gu Jinan raised his eyebrows slightly, his fingers rubbed his lips and cracked his lips. He whispered, “I remember that when you were a child, you were most afraid of thunderstorms. Now it is thundering and raining outside. I am here to accompany you.”

He said, he bowed his head and kissed the white neck of the Guan Zi. He took the white and disgusting palm and went to hit him. Gu Jinan grabbed the chain on her cheekbone and gently pulled it. The pain is soft and screaming, and the sweat from the front of the forehead slides down. Gu Jinan kissed her lips and swallowed her pains. She pulled the chain with one hand and untied her clothes with her hand. She grasped her white chest and smiled and said: “Guan Baibai, is he kissing you like this?”


The Guan Zi was shouting and shouting, and the pain almost fainted, and the eyes were red, but still stubbornly refused to fall into tears.

Gu Jinan’s fingers twirled around her lower abdomen, finally gently picking up her skirt and looking down.

“He has so many women, how can you care for you? Who will hold you in such a thunderstorm night?”

When the cloth was broken, Gu Jinan chuckled and covered the soft, white body of the Guan Zi.

The lights flashed, the darkness of the dim, Gu Jinan eyes blood red, like a fierce beast, in the Guan Zi white body whip to ask for, the Guan Zi white is biting the lip, refused to make a sound, hands, and feet are dead The struggle, but how to break free, can only let more blood rush out, purple and black, like the crushed rose juice.

Like a nightmare, can’t describe, the sound of physical collisions screams in the air, and then, as soon as the lingering breaks the senses of the people, the resistance of the white is becoming weaker and the eyes begin to become hollow. Her long hair was smashed into the dirty soil, and the blood was stained with a salty taste.

I don’t know how long it took, Gu Jin’an’s mouth finally sounded happy. He kissed the white bloody lips in the ultimate happiness and smiled lowly: “Xiaobai, you are finally mine. Are you happy?”

Gu Jinan met her and kissed her. She took out a bottle of wound medicine and carefully placed her on the wound. She dressed her clothes and put the big man on her body. Then she sat down and chatted with her.

He said a lot, most of them were things when they were young. He talked about the weather at that time. At that time, friends at that time, some mischievous things were so cheerful, like a young man of seventeen or eight years old. Finally, he put her on the ground, pinched her nose, a petting look, said with a smile: “You wait for a second, wait for me to kill him, come to bring you home.”

Then he left, and finally left, the footsteps sounded farther than the sound, so far, and gradually could not hear, as if never will come again.

Guan Baibai still lay there quietly, did not move, did not speak, no response. It was so quiet in the four places, only the sound of the bells at the shoulder blades, the fluttering resounding, and the more and more seemingly empty.

She lay there as if she could not hear all the voices of the outside world. She only thought that this night was so long, and it seemed like a long time. She knew that there would be this day, as early as the day when the rebels broke the palace gate. Do you feel shame? Disgusting? Or is it dirty to die?

“Ha ha……”

Guan Yanbai sneered, but the voice was hoarse and horrible, like the eighty old men.

It was really dirty and dirty in the mud.

She closed her eyes, her eyes were burning, hot and hot, dry, and even tears could not flow. Just want to lie here like this, die here, let this dirty, disgusting, despicable and low-lying everything, buried in this muddy night!

She bit her lip, so hard, almost bite,

What if I changed someone else? Crying? Grief? Breaking the mouth? Still killing on the stone, like the Queen’s Empress, the death and death are clean and neat?

But she still can’t die.

He is still waiting for her. If she is dead, what should he do?

She moved the numb hand, and the wrist turned over. The cover of the hay was actually an unsheathed dagger. Looking at the moonlight, we could see a small “An” on the handle.

She sat up and took the dagger and sneered.

Guan Baibai walked to the front of the prison door, and the knife was cut on the chain. The door lock was broken and the end was cut iron.

Outside the door, the prison room was full of guards, and it was obviously a drug. How can a person like him be able to see his own scandals, sneering and sneering, and walked over, and no one woke up.

She leaned pale in front of the prison door and gasped, her throat sour, and her strong bloody smell made her sick and sick. She held her lower abdomen, and her face could not help but be gentle. When he just left, she found that she was pregnant. The battle in the palace was too much. She had already lost a child. This time, she became more careful, not to mention that he was not in the palace. In the same way as the empress, in order to protect herself and protect the child, she concealed all the news. Apart from a few confidants in her palace, she did not let anyone know, but she did not want to fall into this situation.

“Don’t be afraid,” she whispered. “The mother will protect you.”

The night wind blew, raising the black hair of the Guan Zi, she took a deep breath: “I will protect you.”


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