Epilogue 10: Chapter IV – Desert City, Broken jade

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

A voice rang quietly, at the far-reaching palace gate, where the lights were too strong and the eyes were dizzy. But the tube is white, but seems to instantly point of the hole, looked tightly, hidden in the big robe sleeves wrist trembling violently, like the death of the patient in general, no longer the slightest effort.

A glimpse of the yellow figure is more luxurious under the heavy lights. Dozens of palace guards are carefully waiting on both sides. The stars are surrounded by him, and they are straight and straight. On his side, a light pink figure stretched out, his fingers were white, and he was stunned and squinting at his sleeve.

It is like drowning to pull a floating wood, racking their brains, make every effort, finally held in the hand, but found that driftwood was actually a highly toxic water snake.

The fish is gurgling from the throat, but the consciousness is clear.

This woman, she is not ignorant, it seems that since the day of entering the palace, this person has already lived in the palace. The name is Meng Suxin. I heard that she is only a rough maid. It was a coincidence that she was a pet. It was just a very low position, and there was no more. Over the years, you have fought for me in the harem, and you have never noticed that this is a quiet woman who has no children, no title, no strong background, and no emperor.

There was a large piece of black lingering in front of me, but I couldn’t laugh.

Okay! good calculations!

The guards had been removed, leaving only one of them standing there, behind the dark palace wall, like a pinnacle of mountains, standing on it, like a sickle cut off all the thoughts of this life. She had already been stained with blood in her white coat, and her blood was smashed into a bundle of purple and black ink. It was the fetus she had been in June, and she finally left her on such a funny night. Her pale face is like a piece of paper, but her cheeks are sickly red, and the wounds at the cheekbones are cracked again, and blood is coming out. As if I couldn’t bear to look at this unbearable thing in front of her eyes, she extended her left hand to block her eyes, but there were big drops of tears rolling down between the fingers.

The love of these years lingering, after all, became a joke. All the vows, but also accurate to the ultimate calculation and use.

Pretty woman, pretty woman, these things in the present still not clear?

She sneered, a face pale and ghost, her eyes had a sultry light, and the smile of her lips gradually expanded. After all, she laughed loudly, her tears fell with laughter, laughing at her self-deception, laughing at her infatuation. Laughing at her stupidity!

“Yan Xun, how do I believe you?”

She was cold, her lips still laughed, voice dumb mourning like a ghost word: “how do I believe you?”

The emperor stood there, a pair of eyes like obsidian, deep as water, like transparent, but all the emotions are convergence, and even the slightest fluctuations are not clear. Once she was so obsessed with this pair of eyes, but now look, but only feel the bones of the cold, almost to the blood also frozen together. This handsome and beautiful man, she loved him for so many years in faith, so many years from all men!

“Life is like a chess, never falling without regret, if there is a pretty woman, you lose.”

The light and gentle sound are like the calm autumn water of a lake, so it quietly sounds on the night of this cold chill. Yan Xun stood there, watching the woman who was in the blood, said faintly.

If you are familiar with it, he will be happy with the game, whether it is the power of the court or the play in the boudoir. She learned hard, and when she was in her spare time, she always lost. She often lost when she lost. He always said to her gently, “No regrets, you lose.”

This is such a sweet memory, but at this moment, I have a knife-like pain. Guan Baibai looked at him with death, his eyes were red and bloody, biting his teeth and whispering: “Why?”

Yan Xun said: “The time is right, the location is right, and people are suitable.”

It is like a sickle that smashes all the vitality. At this moment, all the memories of the past are shattered and turned into thousands of sharp arrows, which will pierce the last stubborn moment. There is blood in the chest, and the sullen vomiting is not as good as a sledgehammer in the internal organs, so deep and deep dull pain.

It turned out to be the case, there was no reason, no conspiracy, but she appeared in front of him at the right place at the right time, and happened to make this suitable piece. Help the emperor to raise his shackles, balance the harem, let the outside think that he is stunned by the beauty, take it lightly, and attract all hostile eyes, protect his true beloved from the harem dispute, and safely wait for him to control the overall situation.

But this is the case, but it is.

“Why is it me?”

He was silent for a moment, faintly said: “The pipe is too big, and it is enough to check and balance with the family.”

Yes, before she entered the palace, the most favored part of the palace was Gu Jinan’s sister Gu Lanjin, who was the opposite sex king and had a heartless heart. After she entered the palace, she fought with Gu Lanjin. After all, she overturned her. Her father also helped him pull out the eyes of Gu.

It was a long time ago, and she would never remember it until she was a long time.

She clutching his chest, abdominal pain has been numb, it is her child, her heart obsessed with how many days and nights to drink the number of bitter medicine to wait for the child. She still remembers that her first child was also lost like this. It was the family who had lost. He did not kill Gu Lanjin, but only dropped her position. The woman was not reconciled. She pushed her down from the high steps at a small feast. She was very panicked, holding her stomach hard, rolling down from such a high step, her head smashed, blood Long flowing, she did not care. The sun on that day was very hot, and it was shining on the face. It was so warm, but she felt cold and trembled, surrounded by so many people, but no one could save her child.

The child was still dead after all, she woke up in the rainy night, crying desperately. At that time, Gu Lanjin was pregnant, and the belly was about to come. The Queen Mother did not dispose of her but placed her in the cold palace. She knew that she was furious and took out her knife to go all the way to the cold palace. She had a knife. In this case, in addition to the escaped Gu Jinan, Gu’s door was slaughtered and one did not survive. The Queen Mother was furious after she knew that she was arrogant and arrogantly murdered the Emperor, and she was sent to the Clan House to be disposed of according to law. After receiving the news, he came from the court and took her out of the clan palace. He frowned at the time, tightened his lips, and hugged her, saying over and over again: we will have children. of.

We will have children too!

Yes, I finally got it, but he was left as bait and killed by himself!

Now I want to come, everything in the past is just an established drama. Gu Jia has been defeated, Gu Lanjin cannot stay, the child in her stomach can not stay, even if the child is also carrying his blood.

After she was born, she was weak and she went to the cold palace all the way. No one blocked it. Didn’t he borrow her hand to eradicate the evils in Gu Lanjin and her belly?

He is so embarrassed, even if it is against his wife’s own children.

Yes, after all, he has so many wives, and there are so many people who want to have children for him.

He spent five years setting up this bureau, first of all, except for the family, and then Guan Cun. In today’s shack, she is a chess piece. Gu Jin’an, the fish of the net, was also a chess piece. Located in the king. After this battle, the five kings of the world have gone to the third, and it is imperative to cut them. No one can stop his footsteps.

Heartache is numb, can you feel no pain? But why she still feels pain, hurts to want to learn the Queen, and can’t wait to crash into it.

She looked up and only thought that this life was very funny. Everything that she was obsessed with and everything she insisted on was actually wrong.

She crouched down and picked up the knife. The knife was too heavy. She staggered several times without success. The guards looked at her on alert, as if they were afraid that the woman who had only one breath would suddenly violently hurt their king.

With a gentle movement, more blood came out of her body, and the tip of the knife stroked on the ground to make a sharp scream. The guards came around nervously, separated her from the emperor, surrounded by red torches, as if to ignite the day, Mori’s cold blade lined up at her, as long as she The change can puncture her.

Meng Suxin was a little uneasy, his eyebrows were tight, his eyes were full of light, and he looked at her with a slight unbearable look. His fingers were slender and white, like the beautiful jade, gently rubbing the emperor’s sleeves, his fingertips trembled, and touched the emperor’s slenderness. Wrist.

The emperor turned his head and comforted and patted the back of her hand, then held her hand in the palm of her hand and stepped forward to keep her behind.

It was only a tiny movement, and it almost smashed the smashing of the white ones. It only felt that the large black shadows in front of the eyes flashed, and the dizziness almost fell. She bit her tongue, almost biting her tongue, stepping forward with blood and stepping forward, watching the swallows, and muttered, “I only ask you, all these years, Every day and night in the past, are all fake?”

Yan Xun’s eyebrows are slightly stunned, but his face is still calm. He stands there, behind the lights, the radiance is like a god, and the nobleness is as if everyone is in front of him. The end of the micro.

He was silent for a long time, finally nodded slightly, and spit out a word very lightly: “Yes.”

The white throat was sweet, and the blood rushed up. She tried to suppress it and swallowed the blood. It turned out to be fake. In the past five years of love and love, there has been no trace of sincerity. Wan Jian’s heart is just like this. Guan Baibai doesn’t want to say anything more. She looks up at the sky and only thinks that the night is cold.

“Xiaobai, if you want, you can still stay with you, you will not treat you because of your father’s business. You are still the master of this palace. It is a nobleman, you can still enter your position.” As long as you like.”

Yan Xun looked at her, looked a little slower, raised her wrist, slightly revealing a thin and slender phalanx, and stretched out to her, faintly with a glimmer of hope, and sneered at him, only that he was so funny. Her brows were lightly picked, and she pulled out a touch of Fanghua’s smile: “Into the position, what do the emperor want to give me? Huang Guigui? Or the Queen? If I am a queen, how should the emperor be on his own?”

“If you don’t want to stay in the palace, let’s go.” Yan Xun was deep and faint, and the neighbors seemed to be wrong. He wanted to persuade him but he was stopped: “You said that you don’t like the palace.” Hey, let’s go now.”

After Yan Xun said, he no longer looked after the white, turned and walked away and said: “Chang Xi, send her out of the palace.”

Chang Xi nodded and took people to come forward. Guan Baibai’s eyes were cold, and the knife greeted him. It was completely suicidal. He often told the guards not to hurt her, but she couldn’t help her.

The voices of the people are boiling, the knives of the soldiers are screaming, and the swords are like the forests under the cold moon. They are aligned with the most expensive woman. Meng Suxin looked back in horror, only to see that Guan Baibai was like crazy. Although she has been living in a simple way over the years, she has heard of her rumors. The legend is that she is savvy and clever, and she is so smart. road? She turned her head to see the emperor, only to see Yan Xun’s cold eyes, straight looking at the road ahead as if to turn a deaf ear to everything behind him, but he held her hand but it was so powerful, almost pinching her phalanx broken. This is what she is not familiar with, which makes her feel flustered and afraid. She gently calls him. He seems to be completely inaudible. He just takes her step by step and walks step by step onto the white marble barrier. The icy jade steps.

“God’s emblem! Don’t let yourself go!”

Chang Xi shouted, but she still heard where she was, she took the death slogan, the move became more and more fierce, the blade was like snow, and a few guards were injured under her knife in a moment. The guards were in a hurry, pulled out the knife and greeted them, and the blood suddenly splashed out.

I was so surprised that I was about to stop, and I heard a screaming behind me. Some people roared: “Yan Xun! Come to life!”

Chang Xi turned his head and saw a blue shadow jumping out of the inner servant group. The sword light swallowed, like a dragon, going straight to the emperor’s door!


“Protect the emperor!”

Meng Tong’s collar was as earthy, and he rushed to the ground with a scream. Yan Brow’s brow wrinkled, and he fled to avoid the sharp edge. He explored the claws and pinched the Jianfeng. When he slammed, he broke the sharp blade and put the broken sword into the assassin’s chest. The assassin was also strong, and he did not scream, waving the half-cut sword and swooping in. This time, instead of taking Yan Xun, he went straight to Meng Suxin!

“Ah!” Meng Su was afraid of covering his eyes and fell to the ground, shouting: “The emperor saved me!”


Yan Xun was furious, and he was blocked by Meng Suxin.

At this moment, a few people in the inner-serving group jumped out, and none of them were clever and high-ranking, standing on the jade steps, blocking Meng Tongling and others. Guan Yan’s white eyes lit up, and he rushed to the jade steps with a few steps of chaos and slashed his knife to Yan Xun.

Another assassin rushed out and attacked Meng Suxin. Yan Xun couldn’t take care of it. He had suffered a knife wound on his arm. He was not afraid of it. He still sneered at the man who was headed. The assassin sneered and slammed into it. For a time, he did not evade the tricks of Yan Xun. He held a broken sword and stabbed him. He shouted: “Yan Xun! Go to hell!”


“His Majesty!”

“God’s emblem!”

For a time, all the sounds seemed to solidify. The Yanzi five fingers were like sharp edges, and the sly sneaked into the heart of the assassin, and he opened a big hole in his chest! The assassin seemed to feel no pain at all. He didn’t look at him. He just widened his eyes and looked at the woman in front of the emperor. His broken sword was inserted into the heart of the woman, and the blood poured out. The hot drops dripped on his wrist.

The lights illuminate the assassin’s face, and it is the escaped Gu Jinan. At this moment, his face was full of blood, his eyebrows were tight, his chest was flesh and blood, and he could almost see the beating heart. He took a step back and laughed without ridicule. The bloody hand pointed straight to the swallow, dumb channel. “You are doing this to you, are you going to save him?”

After all, the sky fell and there was no breath.

The broken sword was pulled out from the chest of the tube, and a spurt of blood. When her body was soft, she fell to the ground. Yan Xun grabbed her and held her into her arms.


His eyes were almost black into the night, and there was no trace of light. The white is also awkward. She is not a weak person. Although she reported her death, she also wished to kill him and vent his anger. When I rushed to him, the moment she lifted the knife, she even reported such an idea. However, when she saw Gu Jinan’s sword welcoming him, the body seemed to react before the mind. She was kneeling there, her hands and feet trembling, her pale face like a ghost, remorse, shame, anger, all kinds of emotions like the ghost’s claws clenching her neck tightly, she stayed for a long time, her eyes were red, want to say What, but fierce cough up, blood spray, smudge a face, if the hair is said, “You are like this… bullying… I lie to me, how can I let you die… other people’s hands on?”

The narrow eyes of Yan Xun picked up as if something had to jump out from the inside, but he was suppressed by his death. He was breathing heavily, his voice was even lower, and he was no longer indifferent to the sun. He was cold to the extreme: If you hate me, come kill me.”

Guan Baibai took a deep breath and punched his fist on his shoulder, but she was so badly injured, where there is a strength, the fist is light like cotton, the blood in her wounds is with her strength, however, she did not care, but she was still beating. It seemed that she finally realized that it was useless. She tried her best to prop up her body, climbed onto his shoulder, and opened his mouth and bit it on his left neck.

She bites so sly, so hard, a row of blood beads from his neck down, falling into her hair like a cloud.

Finally, she let go of her mouth, it seems that even this strength is gone.

“I am going to die… Yan Yan, I can’t kill you.”

Her voice whispered softly in his ear, her lips pale, and it squirmed slowly, just like the fine kisses of every day and night in the past five years. A very light smile was bitterly left on the lips, her wrists were weak. Hanging down, falling on the cold jade steps.

There was no silence in the square. For a long time, no one dared to say a word. Meng Suxin climbed up from the ground and walked to the emperor. His fingers trembled to touch his sleeves and shouted: “Imperial?”

“I am fine.”

He whispered that he used “I” to claim that Meng Suxin bowed his head and stepped back.

The clouds over the sky are scattered, and the moon is white, like a layer of cold frost, and the cold cover is on the palace door full of blood. Final article:

On the empty hall, the window is wide open, and the night is like the big dark wings of the Dapeng bird (means a giant mythological bird that transforms into a big fish). It slowly descends from the west. There is a clear pool in front of the temple. The pool reflects a lantern and forms a beautiful rainbow. More and more, the light in the depths of the hall is dim, and almost even the faces of people are unclear. The emperor sat there alone and was burying the first batch of eclipses. The temple burned Su Hexiang, and the aroma was faint. At this time, it was necessary to burn gold and musk, but the emperor said that Kim was difficult to make a few days ago. It took a long time and he told the House of Government to eliminate the offering of this incense. The Adult Yan Xun had frequent wars during this time. The three kings of Huai Song had made a reversal. Although they had calmed down, they were hurt, and the court was financially nervous. Even the emperor was harsh on his own food.

There was a palace lady who came in to worship the tea. Seeing that the emperor finally straightened up and licked his neck, he often whispered to the side: “The night is deep, the emperor should rest, and the queen’s niece’s niece said that the maiden blew the wind last night. It’s not so good to get up in the morning, I haven’t eaten a few mouthfuls of food all day, and you have to look over the emperor.”

The emperor silenced for a moment and said: “There are still some memorials to be dealt with. You call the doctor to give the queen a good sigh, and then tell the empress, let her rest well, and go to see her when she is free.”

“Yes.” Chang Xi promised, and then there was no more voice. The temple is a silent silence for a long time, as if there is no one, only to hear the cold wind blowing through the red maple leaves outside the temple, making a rustling sound. The emperor still buried himself in front of the case and did not want to rest and sleep. Changxi was the person who had served the former dynasty. From this point of view, the only thought that the emperor was like the emperor, and after the heavy lights, even the eyebrows is vague.

The temple door was slightly opened, and the little eunuch Fuzi cat ran in with a waist and whispered a few words in Changxi’s ear. Chang Xi waved him back, and stepped forward, whispering: “The emperor, the empress of the Queen sent a doctor to ask for help.”

The emperor didn’t even lift his head. It seemed that he didn’t hear it at all. Changxi said with boldness: “The wound on the neck of the emperor should be treated, and then he will die. I am afraid that it will fall scars.”

The moonlight leaked from the panes of the plain yarn, and Yiyi took the cold, the tea was gradually cold, and the palace lady went forward and changed a cup. Chang Xi out of the Yang Xin Dian, He Tai doctor is still in the gallery, this old doctor is serving the first emperor, very a bit tempered, it is often the leader of the Yang Xin Temple, the eunuch did not dare to offend, sent him It’s already three, and the darkness is like thick ink. The emperor finally got up and said that he was going to the Queen’s Palace. He often wanted to say that it was too late, and the Queen was afraid that he had already slept. But I thought that even if I was awakened, the Queen would like to see the emperor, and she received the sound.

The car squats through the narrow alley, the palace lanterns sway, and a swaying light and shadow are seen. The shadows on both sides are faintly awkward, and the jackdaws at night are stunned and fluttering. The night was deep, four times quieter, on the halfway of the road, the emperor suddenly stopped, the guards of the eunuchs were brushing the station, but did not hear anything in the car. Chang Xi looked up and saw that there was only a northwest side of the palace wall. It was a large palace complex. The pavilions were scattered and magnificent. Unfortunately, there was no light, and the quiet was like a huge mausoleum. There was no popularity.

It was the Cui Xin shop. It was called the Chu Temple in the former dynasty. It was the palace of the Emperor’s favorite pet, Chu Shuzhen, and in the present, only Ronggui lived. Both Chu Shuzhen and Ronggui were once the emperor’s favorite, but unfortunately the end is not very good, the new nephews feel that there is no temper, no one wants to live, the emperor and the queen did not say how to deal with it, the palace people I had to temporarily seal it up. I didn’t expect it to be so two months. It was already ruined.

“Imperial, still go to the Queen’s Palace?”

Chang Xi asked, half a sigh, the emperor whispered: “Don’t go, come back.”

The moonlight was drilled from the clouds and the white faint halo. There was a floating song in the far-reaching Yangge’s courtyard, like fireworks, softly echoing on the lake.


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